159 - Squid People

Monday, October 30th

So much sports.


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About the porn sucker who Lula. Why does starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. And done. And worst. I. Welcome to. Far from podcasts. After the final of the stuff that's north sorry I'm not going to remember to close to its. Inside behind the field are no non cash items like growth. Q your website for the feeling. Now. TV give a couple of days of practice and see Raegan commits no deal. From the will be trying to cleanse Waldrop quick for a bit and we figured that now look who you're begala bill. No I can't because they can't Mexican identity out if it is true trouble. Yeah so the gig there if you push you're going to be a question and if anybody and the soccer field for the Seattle sounder that worries you more than knew who. Food. He's so feisty eighty so hungry for him any runs disaster off the dealer tries really hard but my god I feel like at any time. Studs up two legged tackled to the ribs this components company. The bat well look. They all worry me when they decide not to play. And that was last night. On a night when sports wise I think. Also. Yeah that was an easy tune out moment for this founders and the white cast now takes two to tango so both teams have limits come out and just drop hoops all over the field like. It was so we re and because the first all the MLS playoff schedule has got to change hears it to sum it up for everybody. At this level there's a knock out of which is one game like baseball and they shall we not cut came right and then there's. Thanks Jeff Sachs and then they do. They do d.s split. Yup a series where you do one home one away and then the best of those two in points including road goals county there's no way to describe this to people who don't give a crap right. To get them interested right away there's nothing on the line nobody played to win last night news played not to lose specifically Vancouver. Tried to play not to give up a goal because a road gold worth double. Makes sense that they feel confident that goes seek a goal is Seattle which isn't necessarily impossible. Whether those donors and to really get only sheer Billick still all you have to do now is a link to rest do now is score a goal the senators have to win to the senate have to scored two goals then in order to type correct. Correct so now is which of those they went as a they would because I went to one so they would know their rubles worth two. But the sound is what have wine and drawn they have a win not a drop so dishonest to seek. The first the first tiebreaker is who's got the most wins do you see them this in my power ga app for sure sure about ducks let me just aggregate goal now. It's if you won and you Jew you win you've advanced camera you have a win and they don't. Now passed the first tiebreaker. Unless they're like ridiculously not. Doing it that way every other major soccer tournament doesn't which I mean I guess that's in the realm possibly because even the season the regular season it's the most. One there's a tie it's the endless number of wins not bold differential. As the first tiebreaker. Know every other league though its goal differential not wins. No rhetoric. Don't be very ironic given the class it's hit if it prefers that that's for a particular sense hawks' home stupid dude. Anyways who cares okay Russian World Series the conference semi finals the conference finals are conducted and home and away aggregate goal format the team that scores the most goals in the home and away series advances in the two game total goal conference finals. Or single game LS cup final it is goals. It is not if you win if they win at home to the one on Thursday. It's attacked and they have to keep playing in stoppage time because one goal here. Sure did have a look at your address. No one wants this I still don't think you're right though. I mean it's the analysts cup playoffs would compete right bit like why would one road go come for two goals. Moguls just another. That accounts for two balls because you have to score more than one gulp now accounts for two gold because it's harder to score on the road so. Yeah did this is for real. We're at a map out this is ridiculous isn't in. It so stupid public the NFL the biggest. Professional sports league in the country I guess it was probably in the world until recently like. They do single nomination being on the road as a punishment having a better record is better. Look like for the the play offs right. Absolute bananas so you're may have I had I was under venturing yesterday and I and I can get home in time to watch yet. African. Playoff games are still few heard a roots it'd go to watch it and within like twenty minutes. Quote assault what you're talking about yes that's. Bora Phillip the beginning of podcast it was like. Two teams kind of half passing it trying not to give up a goal but also pushing the the sooners weren't completing passes. Until twelve and historic twenty minutes is like a prudent strategy that they have here they're letting Vancouver do what they don't like to do which is possessed the ball. But that's not a strategy like Nikola there'll not completing passes is not the strategy Niko what you get out there complete 50% of your passes we wanna keep these guys in the game. It's very Chelsea of them it's like they take the body can't score ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha got you now. It was terrible. I think my hatred for Taylor Twellman on the microphone has long been documented on this very podcasts all the so to sit there and listen to that. And watch that I was out pretty early and then of course somebody got on John McCain's and the dynamic. I knew I was tied met the World Series is oh by the way there's a great game that's going on anthems like. You're watching the baseball instead of soccer and I'm like yeah the soccer sucks. OK it is what it is it's okay. Pakistanis understandably like that's a bad game. When I realized my team and I try to score you're the real Taylor Twellman of this conversation yeah that is if he completed. Alec because he calls it the way he suggested and he's. And apologetic about it must he's actually a 100% negative all the he comes amending it we've we've talked to this. Ad nauseam I becomes from a negative plays all the time that our speakers. And there's nothing fun about someone nit picking he's not wrong. But it's all negative always negative step mean. Exactly I get it I get it over that this thing called life. Some of articulating in the do that hotel. You did bad. Morning I was sleepy I was trying to I know right so we're I was trying to prepare for an interview with the editor of car driver magazine pretty cool and I like looked out the window I can a pensive like. How would you all. Mims movies and hustle. Is that like. You do Brenner went up feeding and realize that they subconsciously you do renders like. We pick pick pick pick pick pick it typically see me. I. Cool hey how did I know to look to my right. So it's okay if it's got to. And now the running tally for me is I've seen one winner duke and once at a boot eight so. I have seen nothing I don't spend a lot of time staring in those windows. I don't either but when there's someone and they're like being weird it like for some reason that stands out because it's so uniform but then when there's something there than a personal command and accents. And since city Georgia and heroes series last night. I watched yeah I watched some of bit it was early and. The Dodgers got out too early lead and I was like well there's no way they're gonna keep L two bit down. And they didn't. And then like a pop back in when my phone blowup could be like nobody else is unbelievable. But I didn't I am I committed to the African founders 'cause I thought there's gonna be so well there accidents Karzai's death. And there was nothing there oh Chad marshals are great it's gonna be even harder next week or blue on Thursday cool but Dempsey will be back so. There you know get back to underwhelmed. With the a Walt all of I actually do I think this is the topic this is when damn sexy rises to occasion he's gonna in the US men's national team he's looking good for the playoffs is that he's got the economy. Takes care of himself during the season. Somebody had said this. During the broadcast that this could possibly be dead seas last season so he might have. Extra motivation and love him or hate him are simply want to like be motivated Clinton as he is still pretty damn awesome dude it's cold feet. Like he hit the ball more often because it's although it on the ball stuff or he's looking a different direction. And his footwork is. I mean it's world class it's there's he's you can people that. Don't even need like need to be due to possible like it's crazy how good he has he's still the best player on this team may be even in the league for share in the like. Thank you broke late Dempsey is awesome. But wants to be us GAAP 27 year at Tennessee that probably a little bit better because you're a course have to improve employee could still it's like the level of skill that he possesses that other people don't. Now it's. Fulham Dempsey was she happy Dempsey peak Dempsey. Peak Demps gets a little baseball game it's incredible. I'm so happy that the Jews the bulls as you said. A gum render revolves I'm so glad to do that they have left overs and what do you do about these I get an idea is that is that for real to the suitable fluent urban. She of course that I mean that's not is that the published fact you're okay now but it we need to make the spectacle. You guys go. Even and already every deeds should be like 500 for bonds. On the regular like oh yes they do when their hats when they do that they'll tighten up to blows my mind I have to give you the power like I thoughts. I thoughts as exceed that. But yet I'm convinced the balls are Jews. They're slippery there's a whole thing about this you that think they're slippery here slip more slippery you know no probably about it but either way I talked with Papa hum. These days so that that pitchers have parents Hendrick in the balls like thrown sliders and stuff has really hard because it's slips out of hand more. I feel terrible for pitchers because in the she would really love baseball pitching isn't very impressive to people. Ya compared to hitting home runs and 9000 feet. Yeah it's like it's like a great goaltending gamer its like yeah. Cool no goals were scored on was like dude awesome job by Stafford tried to keep all the balls out it's like. Pants like it's it's more like. Home runs hit how I guess it goes around and I'm sorry or enter a so prevalent stats just like so. Of well what is hooked on a Formula One in this year than may the back tires wider and they gave the car is better. Aerodynamics. Ahead. At every week these. Morons at NB CS and leader if he is the chief broadcaster can he must be the nicest guy on the planet the Bordeaux I just wanna. Folk but at every week at every track he's like. And settled could have smashed the previous track record by over two seconds cities like Seoul blown away by the us. At every track they're two seconds faster because the cars are two seconds faster right and yet he sells and it's and it's the most amazing accomplishment ever like yeah. You put me into a car that's ten seconds faster than that maybe I can beat the record you know like. Beth I couldn't put you know the right idea that like of course it's faster a moron. Every week. And so but then. Once they get bring that want to bring that home back into oh yeah my man yep it's gonna be fifty years before the cars are allowed to be that fast again to break that I record and so. I want there to be home run balls I wanted to be juice with that is there just crushed I mean if two vacant hit 48 home runs the post season and something's going home and I mean it's better than the players using a suppose now you know likes and because you could pretend like music now we have donated baseball's yes you have. They don't ever minute elected come just ridiculous that tight Brady like. They've already think is scheme it was game five yesterday in the RD smashed the record for most home runs hit in the World Series are never like. Also like the highest ratings ever I mean this isn't seeing it because all the prisoners are taking immediately football games that's what say you re directed to do right well to the right right right right exactly exactly NFL's dye eggs everyone's going to baseball well okay. That's the request judge. Who do you want to win the World Series. Bomb Enola is kind of fun to not have a dog in the race I was just talking to my friend is a Dodgers fan. Ina said this is bandit movies unanswerable glaring sub Delhi to close. Senator Gary Harmon. Beer is cold there. Also sub Demi you. And he he's going in sixth tomorrow. And I was like this is the second most exciting groceries I've ever seen. And as an impartial I am loving every second of it as. If I was a fed and these teams I'd of died three games ago chair hump I see the game and liked I was what kind of sort of live tweeting began last night at the end literally dead. Six times now like that's it I'm dead. Two out two innings later are dead again do you freeway traffic this morning was half of what it normally is it like that think captivated. Audiences. Because it's. We says odds on sports is the greatest drama it's it's. Unscripted real drama the looser telling soccer. Truth from active and not currently but yet there was definitely a time that was the thing. On so I don't I guess if I had to chip I had to choose have a lot of friends in California and so. And I got nothing at the Dodgers. Erin editing and the Astros either exit there in the bruise division for a long time selector is a little bit of a man quoted telling them there in the mariners' division. You have that don't have like strong. Mariners ties like I support them panel of which are on. For me I want the people of Houston who have all been forgotten for share yeah are at odds what could be a feel good story about the team bringing some sort of like attention to. I Purdue is that adds up said Saturday he lived in Houston for until like two weeks ago and I text them to be like man I can't believe how are things there 'cause I can't believe how. The entire news media has completely stop talking about Houston music it's weird everyone here on the media stopped talking about it too. Sources told his people to struggling there yet with no attention to trumps not tweet about it or whatever because these sources sort of fight with trump over except for Republican governor out there but I so wanted to do that like Puerto Rico or laughter. Hundred dollars. Winnipeg. But so what's its own little liberty gets a look at French emperor yet so if I'm rooting for Houston specifically. This is just a silly little thing but you know it done shuts Brett. So Devin we all three of us went to a baseball game we said diamond club which we did legit and we watched the free post season Astros at their finest yeah. To beat the (%expletive) out of the mariners' not relive that's a pretty close until springer I think you know is that camera uneven uneven got a guy who's got everyone at taco yet with this summer shoes and a nanny at the shoes were sold. Like we got a preview all these guys from like right up close and what he bit up and global and it's all right just the condensed set up of me how you do that too but do me a couple. Easy big gaffe and if just thought I'm I'm appears to me and I'll. I grew up in Albuquerque in the Duke's worthy farm club for the Dodgers yes or group watching the Dodgers. And so they went fine effect that just like shares of public old yes Yelp we. Yeah not a big fan of some of the guys on the put Chris Taylor the east play for the America has been killed it and what's his name's brother. Kris feeder. He's he's doing pretty good Cal's brother. To be fair trials court. Yet I don't know man I like it I think. The Dodgers I I was kind of outside of the Yankees a kind of root for history. And make that team is historically. The Dodgers and make. There what is he I guess the one of the few big market teams that I don't really have a beef with you know like. As the Yankees of course like this is real and screw the giants beat the lakers can go to howl like big market teams I'm not I'm not that dude. Cowboys get out of here. It's always got an arsenal match in the crowd it's wearing a hat from the biggest liquor also a New York Yankees that I outlined guy right it's it's like your friend that goes be like it's baseball season and he's a Blackhawks fan and then as baseball season and it's easy yankees guy in and basketball whirls around and he's like. I really disparate isn't like Jesus Christ. Of these things fit together whom we get them. So you like to front run a man of these teams for her forever it's a different game we were kids. I didn't live somewhere that had pro sports and so you had to watch what was showed. And it and so that meant that only the two big name teams are showed until I get it where if you live in like a small market and only get to see is especially in the eighties before everything's on the Internet chair I get to see was what they showed you what can have that many options that's why it was talked before about why everyone to their cubs or braves stranded doesn't have a home baseball team right because the two teams if you had access to cables. Two baseball teams a concealed and that's why there's. Always fans and yankees fans and that's it's like you know it's like if you watched ESPN. The only games they show for basketball of the cavs. And the Celtics. Baseball is the Red Sox and and the Yankees and the cardinals. And the cubs and the Dodgers that's it you'll never you'll never see a partly universe is OKC game on is get it's not gonna happen. You know and I mean like that's not. How this works I watch some sports on her last night after the baseball game. I was will be put this morning for our budget. And I didn't think that a professional. Sound studio could sound worse than our studios here it sounds like. YouTube Burres who do their video in their bedroom that don't have that sound treated. Like Kenny may and raise his voice and suddenly you can hear it is reverberating around in this big stupid via plow room. How much he's pianist. Is in trouble now is fair and has Formula One next year and boy am I excited to get rid of and leaked every. But if he comes with today at doe plus today on NBC sports and shut up an adult that's their qualifying just your face move. Hot take hot sports steak I always want to tweet the stuff I was on a tweet at him and be like please stop but like. I get so upset when people do that to me that I just don't and I don't excel between by not mentioning him or whatever I just like it's I just don't do it. But I'm not part of the solution either so luckily economics is part of the solution and ESPN a dying. Sports network is trying to do anything they can't define a hot property. I take somewhat of a morbid delight in the fact that they spent like billions of dollars to get the SEC. For football Picasso ball and the SEC's got a crap. I kind of delight in that because. That's a dangerous thing mideast and got involved in any kind of ruins it because. You have to question all of their motives when they talk about anything because they have skin in the game. It's like this thing it's like the NFL stuff. They're very careful. How they frame all of that because. The NFL broadcasts with them and that that can go away and it's it's interesting and I think it's a dangerous thing that they've. I think we suffer for it because we can all go uh oh they're not really X like so the concussion thing. Okay how ESPN hasn't essentially taking out the NFL. Because of this like all the date but all of the horrible things that the NFL's done to. Not give players the MB error at old guys pensions not cover insurance cannot deny the concussion protocol for years and years and years. Steroid use riser like why how come that's not a thing like. Painkiller addiction is all of these things. Well politics in my sports Jon sorry. I'll stand I'm sorry am taken any sorry also how can any Claire the Texans yesterday not have taken any. That duty the beating in the locker room. How do you not side with your teammates and that. Like oh my god. I guess a photos they. Anthony you don't like America not like my American flag Austin memorial this year for Nash threat. Is bad news Soria who he was subbing for Pacifica. Dude. Yet some. That's what he is the answer the answer and a basketball. Beat. It's I think about that all the time with us talk about founders. Even to that level like we departed zones phobic to goof off chair the computer to get on the radio deck lid. I said this morning and said what do garbage game last night. Yeah I'm founders and white caps mainly because the white caps were just playing to I had not give up a goal. So I put the blame on the way cast because that it wanna Billick and the sound of a terrible everything true yet also the senators were down a bunch of there and starters Joseph and nick. But excuses aside that was just play by everybody yet no. Yes and as a makes it hard and it's that's like. I have thoughts about a couple things of that that happened last thing with the game it's like I'm not gonna Sam because there's it's like the guy was bugging me about like him and what are you watching the signers. Why should I went ahead of it's crap game path I can I can still likely team to not watch that game it's terrible. It is weird how in fan culture it's competitive phantom that's only how will I watch all of the pregame show and post game show to. Oh yeah will I've watched all the commercials Aaliyah I went back out the elect a fan of the year stuff because it's fun like the disparity Ecuador's like crazy and suffered but it's really like who's but the most of the workshop or whatever it is that they ought not exactly a politically totally totally and luckily recognize the people that like are the biggest fans but. Then some people are like ready to fist fight each other because they're starting crap between each other over phantom Beimel is like. Let's let's finish out two cookies subnet and how he doesn't like join any of the groups or anything like that because they all facility each other and that's infant like exposed to be yelling at the white caps and could not at each other Herrera. Well since we're going down the sports rat hole apparently is podcast Gregor. Are you a question and had asked me that question your favorite sports team of all time now like on the Pakistan but like. The 2004. Yeah arsenal governors or whatever the clear favorite teams ever. Certainly I couldn't give you a year but I think you'll know what month talking about the the mid eighties cubs share. Because the Groupon sitting in my. Yeah I am very you I had all the volatility picture you're brought up against the back of the couch than you hang your head off Aaliyah project I spent a political blow Russia spent like many after zoo in this aren't really those watching the cubs games on the ground ball on her furniture TP sent. He doesn't amount. To be able to furniture and hysteria like that extends like this is. This is like offensively being put out there a tape player who might have a fake. They can house like a 38 inch subwoofer but it wasn't in there if this like. It's test. So that's probably. But it's a Clifton Ryan Sam Barry it's. An accent was guy Mitch. Pitcher Mitch Williams yeah wild thing. That eighty's and ninety's that's coming ninety's but it was right on the line it was grace the and and Brett chambers whatever baseball player of all time I don't know anything about him but like I just from accuse my favorite every time is up about a check the weather player Jeff. So every midwest kids top five per share turn it has to be like even if you hit the cubs who still think you could still root for rent AMBER Alert deploying a team. And there and us here at Saint Louis fan I guess that's probably. Even the man like I could still root for Freddy Montero on the we're on the white caps share. You know it all depends how heat of a rivalry is as opposed cuts current that's tough that'll be tough. I have this ability to outside of the context of the actual heat of the moment via that I can appreciate players from whatever team share. Diego moved Valeri for the Portland Timbers I can think is a really good player. I hate the timbers with like if I see them on TV and I hit thirteen threat but the key to isolated out of one guys play a like kind of putting it yeah it makes it hard to be like that. The sellers are really the only team I have that are like my team yes where I grew up with them. Every other teams always were far slick and an arsenal fan in the PL but. There's like a few guys that put the problem that I think also may not odds say. Disposed to hate condom and everything but I don't like Alec for tong and I think he's a really good to her right. And so. The place he says were taught. Yeah then another crazy. Jewelry is like a look at guys and they isn't. There ever want to let you don't acceptable it like a hopeful that they can acts but they don't like. My favorite team is the Dodgers who declare player could middle reliever what a commitment ethical Clark oh yeah I bet that let it 95 yeah. Understand what effect if it. Yes so a a big fan of their punter. Highlight the raiders 'cause the Sebastian genachowski but let's let its that would have a it's not valid it's the kicker. And and your committee schools I think he smokes and the ban those bands and stuff like that so that's awesome with the Pacific got the cigarette hanging around mount olive like in the orange fingers Ian thanks best. I don't have to ask you to move the ball it's my hands and it just proved she could. Eight. It's like if they slides. Barbara read out between like this the padding his helmet hit it. Who hey it's not a lighter. It's back to figure its role at witness they're. You click like a chicken with a photo mother brought to meet with pads totally. As commercial was for a lightning when he talked about dog New Orleans torch and a group you got to let Braff. Well we'll look at even Marshawn Lynch yeah they're great yeah I like why him it was hard. People the Christopher Walken just talks acute you don't expect him to look. While surge here. And yet. You wait to normal as this freaky you know so it lets them on MD Mary now what little little odd it's the third court of a football game and I have to lie and how did you kick the ball 81 yards I kicked the ball anywhere yarder with the fact that the cubs would never gotten to be yet but that's. Amazing. You favorite player with the raiders messier I mean these are the tiny market do you judge your parent with equipment I apologize. And. Also the. Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith. Share. All the harper cowboys yeah. That was oh that was my team and I was a kid. It was a 92. And three yes imminent. Early ninety's gas and then the 87. And 87 Notre Dame football team. Tim Brown. Thanks. What was what was his name all men attempt to drum the rocket. A rocket ish round recognition guy yeah now it goes off some as a Michigan fan and as a kid through a Olelo Laura. Well I don't think. And I hate them because like I would like every other Big Ten school but Michigan so. It could fake news. He did not do that we recognize the perfect. There are Lloyd Clinton. Well I yeah I mean I don't have a claim with I could ever be denied other university very well studied. I still haven't measures you can you know I think we all understand that future but the if participation reporters that are good for anything close to a premier teams I think we get to like the to the red wings of the mid ninety's and early on struggled to Detroit's Wright flap aren't going to mean again we'll. Some mental squid the octopus I know I asked outsold roles very atmospheric there was occupier rule but also very Smart and like. Up man it's like if if they through our babies into the I don't know squid ink well and win. And overlord from the come down into like our ever hit the reset button you're out you're out undone not to put people at the effects of their work on networking Johnson gets some limbs everybody is getting customer anything. Yeah and I think of those strings attached here I go who'll rules now you know suction cups didn't know. I can hang from stuff I 89 C starts today that counts and there's still growth to pick up. Please give his debate also you just got to take the sea cucumbers and pick Colombia has some really didn't severe Keisel from. Who for comply. Tonight at very ornate style its attack of this wave of people. All the scored to move could tell the united Arab. Plot to as their octave posts and tonight it irons and I loves. Love the Packers in the ninety's of course. You don't like of course you have to eat security born into a debate even more so now the winning come on yet. And I didn't like the knicks team after the cowboys it was dominoes are too good struggle like the years of it is a beat becoming a steeper than the team has been struggle bath but you have to watch a team so like. I loves to notice of super fans of the Mariners one better yet now I'm gonna selling from America's like I love the Packers the ninety's. Above the bulls because WGN a regatta the bulls games and of course they had Michael Jordan has. Seven years old so lake duck. Of course and loved the street and scary Scottie Pippen like that he's my favorite player of all time terrifies love's got to check out these great. He was like you've never got the same credit that. That. Obviously Jordan dot Miller remembers this but he. The bulls went like 55 games without Michael Jordan the are you tired because of him as a Scotty can now and it almost at the and because of Luc Longley. That goes without saying so doesn't that Longley clo eggs this epidemic of sub make it fit back and so like some of those bulls teams to the Scottie pippin non. Always love the rumors. Are. You know I. I might like it. The Liverpool team that won the champions league might be my favorite team members sure I love that because there weren't that good. I mean they were the champs so yet anywhere but like scrapped it meant anything like that look like if you look at the playlist. It's not that Great Lakes carriers great Gerrard obviously tiger lows those pretty awesome but like. So defensively it's have to put his squad was all right like. Jerzy Dudek was their goalie in. Europe indeed in Oman played Sammy regulate these are always look for us. Luis Garcia. Because you're Spanish he is hilarious. Those before Torres that's before a Suarez like. I don't even like it's hard to remember 'cause there were so notable. Lake there's the that's the thing. It's real C said. From he was up there. And he's insane his grades of really great name that is a great in neck as bonkers with the couple putts he's the original becoming aren't dead yet he's the 00. But that would be my favorite team ever because. I'd like we learned a sport with them you know they mean Charlie of course. Which I guess is are your favorite teams that can rethink our learning about baseball I like the cubs. Our unity Munich and coming into my own with basketball I like the bucks in the bulls because that's how you learn because he watched those teams I asked and but it is interesting is like a soccer hater. For the majority of my life like getting through sport later on in life and god and Jesus team and have them kind of as I got more into it they got better. Pulled my mind that I grew up playing soccer and it's still blows my mind that we even. But it's even a thing like there were talking the way we are about soccer though like everyone so mad about I mean not blue. Major media are journalists share. If you website is sold mad about the US men's national team now offline in like the fact that even a conversation now except for every four years Ortiz to come on to it all like soccer because Budweiser commercials whoever was you know yes now and actually. Have but dialogue it's underground but can I dial in the technology it is pretty cool really pew usage and get endorsements and America and that's. A big step guns. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcasts brought you by a check of this swayed people love.