160 - Pizza

Thursday, November 2nd

Best chain pizza, go!


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Why does start to. All right always aren't. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. Trade call your now about sugar or not that sugar without heat cream Monday night no I don't know do we get them it's like I could fill. NASA logo don't podcast. We'll be talking about it. Sports from politics. I air glory whereas the other guy. Epidemic that is no matter what you never no matter who's in the share it's that whereas the other guy I didn't hear a ticket jungle before by the crock. Taking a blood at the buy you love it twenties. They occur. A little more time with the picnic. Particularly to work there. We're excited but what a. The double shot doubled did we cared readjust to win double the cash. It'll provide a crack. It's do you data that means it's poker gay judge filed a day holiday and ahead though the blood that's Super Tuesday Fogarty dale but not a crock at. Take it game by setting your afternoon just ahead. But they can do I don't know red carpet. Out oh for almost three hours of my show today we just weren't on the cool locals are right. That's that's fine I was off the airlines and government ministers and a torn yesterday morning for. Omar about who 5:50 in the morning to about two to team and then no I mean it religious exposes the awful flavor of coffee. If critic of pretty Laurie has the ability to make like the best black coffee like it's it's pretty and then I make Obama was I drinking after it was like. What battery did this come from it's like I try to convince people they in the copies could make it into it it's really good at and then they like iced drink it myself and I'm like this is not good poison bickering back. Had its drugs it snowed jittery and pumped up for no reason you know what it's like it's like cocaine. And. And without cream it's just. Death you know I know that you get under the needed noted every day let's don't do too gross about all right but I used in the studio and our co worker we know wasn't at his desk and it was like man that's. And I was like well. The thing I'm conducting a public affairs interview right now with the we're talking about national alzheimer's awareness well then. I seem to be fair to everyone in this building I proudly give it out as much is that take it no. He's I don't know man the computer in my office pisses me off pretty bad. Listen who fare OK I get a. The question. Yes you mention your Papa John's for lunch hall I do wanted to Papa John's your lunch and broad and. And it took our flag I would like twelve inch with cheese pepperoni and racism played a little. But also to. The depicts this. I love I love when companies find controversy in the use of the excuse to back up of a deal yet Tiger Woods is good via womanizing drug used area says. Companies that support him but I won't name the fact honesty this is as old and he's run by a womanizing. To to pass all the guys move overlooked opportunity. To know little things that we do that I thought I am totally. Got your cars I had the. On yet and then. When our exit. You know I thought I was like you like way. Way to escape goat like way to. Used fake controversy to break like Ricky will put a really sturdy person also a shot that's feud like 70%. Of but says she pouring in this that are using the picture of all Papa John. Where he's at a Louisville Cardinals game loaded loaded at the like half cocked one eye open when I close I. Now listen kids like us now listen. I am a Papa John's end. Mentally don't awesome. But garlic dipping sauce you can get paid to note how we sales may be is have given way a teaspoon of the guy dipping sauce just poured over the peace moment. Just serve it. Eat it's not trying to be like our seasonal are like healthy go the other way men that's at this world means it needs balance. This question as being questioned. Top. That category pizza trio. A move. On the map pencil office on the world in a sort this now. Now what do you tell that category peace within chain pizza is typically I didn't I didn't wanna use a code. Wicca yet chain pizza is the way that I I guess so let's get let's get him on the table Pizza Hut ya. Okay dominoes down little Caesars. Little sees. Man. In Providence. Pathogens Papa Jimmy's. Get credit for much at do you consider like CC is. So we're not gonna say like Karachi is an advocate of big Mario as a relic of the children of your continent are talking yeah like cast repeats like -- listeners on the East Coast that a like I got you. Hey hey Karl epidemic. Our East Coast guy at all helicopters come ran out of steam there be a problem. There is a medevac can you hear it. Now you can hear it I'm saying you can hear read literally just through windows of ours soundproof studio. Can do to tell you that are patriots really do well this probably dying person there I know no I just I don't know it's weird that it was if food out of turn around. We X missile landed. That's cool. That's the time and I'm like amazed by the by the ingenuity of humans yet and then my come like over the spokeswoman did Mac definitely the clearly it's sad but also book that's cool. Stratford not that the reason it's there is not cool like the fact that back and do that so what we flew drones out in the office here the other day. Yup I learned how impossible to just play helicopter Imus kept crashing the drone and put a wall plant to be. Open the roof like. It's hot rhetoric surprisingly bad that I Nokia which other great untruth and if a food through three hoops if it did you go yeah okay. Okay he pantomime to meet cap payment. Let's talk people through we know of by it so. I think there's an Emmy for. Really I'm really other grand scheme of things about what we're talking about the the the the major fast food battles to. Like what is it like Taco Bell burger gaining McDonald's. Is that'll be the war has been on Taco Bell wit. How men of opening a burger outcome all we need to man Wendy's is delicious and Wendy's Brooke by the com story gas that implements the north and and Bork and two for one day. Failed drive home your castle might well below right here and I could definitely the new moon single Bluetooth and a very long running inside joke with Miley and about Wendy's and it's very funny and certainly here and I can head. Anyway it's okay so. Pizza dominoes little sees packages should of had this oh. All right. No one from me is Pizza Hut. Wow. Yet to not see that coming pizza at the jammed in IPS still like pizza that Madonna and clear order pizza right now you'd be like is people close yes I kind of would. They kind of it's like a beard or this or science simulate what we have to choose when and try to I go there now I like there pan crusts cut. And they don't connect there at hand tosses trash. The thing crest is tolerable. All the places do pretty reasonable thing cross I think I can I can beat that Greta we're very good edit my hometown as it was before I was podcast my hometown makes the best. Thin cracker crust pizza at another criminal. It's so good in the attic look in there if you know the way back way back finale. Please don't. Don't waste whatever you do it's done it's not that the payoff is really not given to Michael last week about. But a couple weeks ago that farmers. For Steve that is. That a farmer twelve our twelve area go back doesn't look at. We just vetoes it just was so this guy has his jackets. And he's gonna choke one for real I don't think Kim wears thick coat. We just do maneuvers. I'm sorry I am very distracted by the helicopter. Maybe it's. They took the bird's gonna poop on traffic. I'm a missile plot Todd would get two draft all right Pete sat on its. Pizza so to pigeons well I think and judging by the car in my in the front of my apartment hates that thing. Are all right so Pete's one for mean. Publisher of this problem and number two I'd like Papa John's pizza carry on that's not sure I like the currently depicts this. Okay so it's a superior driver forget your garlic dipping sauce worst pop Toronto kid out you're going back do you go back to publish a conservative and to give Dawson first to redo this pizza. Puts a more different cells in there is like a dip a mobile and resolves to the locker pizza or whatever. Is on the there's extra weight do you share of due may escape a lot of second. So romance get in the early yesterday was very off putting. Man I feel bad for the people to just leave a trail of freak and crunch everywhere they go if it's bad and as a hairy dude like castle like a hairy dude. I did assured of right now yeah out now nice to call hold. You know pull telephone on the ground like a true. You have a great upside pepperoni GW cut it is Glasser. Expect a midget Tom Cruise are way out of the south from the studio give me one thing to be thirty seconds and people who took them. Yeah that's a really growth stake and it's. I've ever at like I don't know I can walk away from that being like a feel okay about this quick a medalist 73 Q zero in the go to the journal. I was getting really. Freaked out inflates the cleaning crews around. And I know I know I'm the last person mused about from a formula in there oh I know and then there's like there's RD something wrong with the bathroom that I walked into and it's like spoke for the guys wits about him just looking to predict the door of a. Forgot about that. Included blood. Oh my leg no I really panic among giving TB to achieve the but I. I night and a please just go back and hide your eyes like oh killings and what. That was the worst. Of me and dramatic exit and posttraumatic stress goes for Hilton who flew. Typically about if you are. Likely about to manage. Now I get a good look at yours. It what you gonna have to be in their number till OK number two is probably Jay's. Number three it would be it. Little Caesars for convenience purposes now. Yet Domino's as my four. Never like dominoes. I have kind of I think I think I have a biased were from as a kid I think having a bad down as experience as a kid. Man we used to go by Domino's of the cat card thief meal plan at the University of Arizona and and as a public Jay's always be. Went there for me that was our CIA but we would order. A pizza every single night maybe two sometimes who knows like it was like who is a real plants he could just get bread sticks to a whatever Jeff you married skill everyone there was like. Always made it like quickest amount of time with the least amount of equality ever in the with the same Russian guy delivered it regretted his sick new you have that's a disaster. But then I could never read dominoes again because it was serious in actual problem correctly and then. They reinvented their Formula One over the did the right right let's go back and looked at it and Mike dot. I can't stop thinking about I don't Domino's right now really does not want okay on the chain pizza game. Thumb. Little Caesars is. Not good but you're also paying like five dollar and five bucks man and it's like you can walk in and get it can walk right out gathers no like Q means alone takes that that makes it really hard to put at the bottom of attitude that like Emmitt get a bigs I'm Michael Acosta and get some samples were going to be ex wife's from there like for the same kind of like effort. Can't count customs and kept that 99 over I get a public really breaking it down like in terms of a convenience for pizza. Like I might. Just forgo. Little Caesars that puts good Domino's. Then we're probably Pizza Hut pizza I was little too greasy for me always gives me the heartburn yeah. But I haven't started happening at pizza huts and the switched leading veggie pizzas and you don't see any of pizza credit for is like they have like. There varieties of pretty good like their personal pan pizzas pretty good data bread six are some like they have like. Pizza that is the Mexican food of pizza is also to have like five things and religiously keep reinventing how they deliver those same five think steel. I'll imagine that this owns yeah share houses or are the type of the just full repeal. How often looked they go to cal vote now given that then finally that I'm okay with the to tell me more yes I could Domino's Pizza. Just pop in jail after that and then little Caesars in terms of infrastructure quality man like. Well a little Caesars just moved. I live in peace to triangle that we talk about no. Is a wonderful place the intersection that I lived nearest to padded under pepperoni boulevard and that had. Little Caesars on one corner dominoes on another and Pizza Hut on the other Pizza Hut Taco Bell also notes not that it's a Pizza Hut literally next console well. And so what you like habit a one time lump. Just BT suddenly he came over to collect on the beer that we simply Bob Papa I'm just kidding he's never listened before you. And he came over and probably assemble some furniture and so like I wouldn't bought some. Some pizzas for upper body has to do I think and I was according to what he does want to I want dominoes and visible I want bread sticks from. It's part of like cooking we can do from George drove cross street both a like a moment we had everything we didn't want. So. But now little Caesars. All right pepper. Egon bit move. About a mile left on the roads like if they'll go for any tube before really got to use that before it was like on the way home when I needed to get some link that you're taking a space maybe or whatever it was that. Regular Q are there I didn't get a chance to relive that build a couple of appetite for and so I was and it has only had one little Caesars. Is still Flickr really went through a huge decline like I thought it was gone and then I moved somehow I don't think it's backed up like yeah I think now but like. There was only one little Caesars. And it did with your kid did they give it he could buy it was it too from once places as a whole thing pizza pizza gas and electric what pizzas for awhile. Right Regis what that. People who tooling. Once was marijuana Eliot has that nope we're change your no no not at that we you know we want this on back and doubles these are guys just like picked up. Oh let me go if you Kiki. Just like awkward looking backwards off your screen without a pizza. Men and that just yesterday someone posted a picture of the fund's size Eminem's the F probably that looked like it. It was the the rapper was more than a condom wrapper resignation just come those ands played pathetic. To put two Wiener in the package really kept the policy to do with it does one just assumes they're so we over the Halloween candy man there's like down. So. Our house we got. It was my job you get a Halloween candy guys to even like think of it looks a little like Jay if probably got a backed us up a second we'll get to walk back bucket that. I live in name brand new complex 44 units OK it's like a 44 town homes and we have. Hands. Which the first into a meeting in there ever been to my life okay that is some weird stuff leave it and I walked in I was the first verse America the Mike. Mind it's at 6 o'clock with the meaning but McAllen early look at it's at 630 so it was it was like I'm too old school like will Tony pizza place like where there's like games for kids to play in the there's a back room for like having meetings and meetings like if you're having your like. Post basketball season and PS are there what do you credit credit. On its so we're back I go back there to sit by myself. And there's like about a little tables little bunch of big blow to able to do a twelve people peace. At some point I was like doing show prep for the next day I looked up in my neighborhood. Like. I am one of five white people it was their and the rest for the majority was all from like the India Pakistan region. Lou my mind to look up a bit of economic and. Immediately such a crazy minority and the like all the people look route that I've did you run homes are going offense immediately and please I used bricks to make this wall of smarts to. I felt like. Ultra budget that have been brave enough to interact with may have been very nicely groomed then there's like one Japanese family that they're 20 and like the rest of it is just like it's very disproportionate effect. Awesome to be on the other side of that but also when it comes a two way tie but they all have a good team like there's no way in my vote matters and its organization it. So politics one ally and yet at the fact that you don't matter. I know you don't. But then so poll liberals around and it's my dumped by the candy. Tell me rip to now. Just from my house okay. Or some spin out Richard your bag of candy great it's I just grabbed. We talked about candy and stuff dividends grabbed a two Tootsie Roll back the mixed variety of stuff the comes in that there's like Dotson higher in the annals of I scrambled those look at the big like an even honey pound the three or five pound bags Arafat about fifteen that you're trying to press anybody to candies does unite ams get whatever is around and don't work it's like or what it liberal like it's stood out of the there's the big Barrett grabbed that five. I love to tools it's great whenever a community about a home lord hates chocolate and she was like cool thanks. Like Tom Anderson stupid. So that one out and bought. Another bag of candy that was all like sweet tarts and yes three and Laffy tap be and who left after news legit Yan. Today we have 25 pound bags of candy OK and then I thought to myself to Indian people and Pakistan to people. That are here in this country but are not from here to day two tickets trick or treat. No idea. They like silver to Wally because man my neighborhood went off for that instead of cool it all the houses roll decorated Christmas like throws like a it's a little early for Christmas. Oh I haven't astle yeah sorry. They'll have this holiday winner. After like a crazy like that really kept me up with all this car parking everywhere and everything and I woke up the next morning on like multiple different ways and little complex. There was smallish lines. And the bulls looked like from. Race everywhere it was like there's a dead lives all over like it was like a lime murder in the neighborhood. Look to adopt confided having no idea what the coupons trade. So the public so did this kid stricker triple well we've got candy this'll be great and then no there's no global action at all. I'm like I'll make a good whipped him though the candidates would nightmare yet. Doorbell rings dogs ballistic door to the door open it up compared to like to do with the kept all of the kitchen the neighborhood are all there at the same time. It is to pray at the most overwhelming I don't ever remember one costume comment because it was too much of their all knowing just like little kids they're all look like popped up on sugar together and it's just like this cacophony of giggling and yelling and impatience to get their candy. And I just kept her parents coaches won't please just one please and unlike. That that's what happened here and you're asking one piece of candy for me stupid. Handfuls of candy to all the kids because obvious and as a brooding. Some in my inner Cokie shuts who do you set them because like I would not skimp and just give one piece of cow. Stupid one to zero allowed to carry out there how dare you and cinema but after that we're wiped out and now I'm just stuck with. Eight pounds the pin hit Tia whatever I think Lori 83 pieces of candy from. So I didn't the rest of it okay aluminum one doorbell ringing with all of that just like. That's disappointing it was great to see that the that the Indian kids got a chance to celebrate the very American holiday where it's like hey look at me I put I've covered materialistic now let me fat. Chara looked very nice to see that that's true that they have adopted the out of our culture bump but obstacles candy I actually had to text or this morning object okay. Did you get rid of the can people don't connect. I think you said to me earlier liked to bring an end yet known but not doing that everybody to their retirement walked into the kitchen there's another bag of candy had its reserves this morning. Somebody some vessel here though because somebody brought in there left over candies yes and it was all just the Hershey bars and one crackle correct it's like no none none none none none don't do that. Earlier in the day there was a few more crackles do I was surprised to see the number of crackles boot to be honest it was and enjoy crackle I was under the macros can afflict the wool looks like the fancy French fired you know I was just to clench fire from a different company. It's kind of like when it's you put rice and her chocolate explain. I. Found something. On the car sticker who mile dogs with Smart move can you for your promoted to look into a costly charts here it is I. Oh man that I got he's got the black lung from an ailing too much sugar powdered. Crystallized sugar for her. I just got blown into it here's a delicious could. You're Wallach who knows but that has actually dots are known to decide if we'll snot rockets. Sugar factory worker for the hello dot amazing that's going to be your movements are or. Waxed paper ahead a little like dots of candy the hard candies and those things is responsible for that and then like. And then that's you know your you hit adolescence when that went from. The roles of those little dots were candy to roles as a little dots about honesty that was like I Allman chemical. I'm a teenager now this is the problem no comments yet write about it. Just not if you don't I'm talking about okay FF. Good to just say no beef fresh OK so. I got a load driven machine the other day I can because I need obviously need sugar Kazaa much of the biggest addict ever get out of the senate and I got to get. Oh pop tarts little pop started both of its grip pop tarts I notices yesterday too and you're gonna go with this and continue. Hold brain pop tarts it's like the brown rice of the love show our world and I'm here. In buck fifty boats load pretty standard. Give muscles popped it open up what pop tart. It's called pop tart obviously if it helped hearts right you Jack guess this is it labeled pop tart now. And recheck this because I was looking at the machine. And I'm trying to get off the sugar myself you know Oxford to an extent down there and arraigned and in a little bit. It's. If his trap. And am looking Mike. Like I'm content and what they can do between exit Wendy Snickers I usually go for the peanut M and ends we have home because I pretend to have those are full of its pants had three quarters nuts that's pretty good if you look at. Paused a but I sewed the pop tarts and ethnic. Moved do you have it'll all trance is a kind of popped to second says one pop tart Brit the corner. This fits this year's election to bring it to you itself so I gotta go that he meant to you must have been furious. Holder in pop tarts yet and wishes. Next level good third like so much better than a standard pop tart and flavor it's unbelievable. So much better that it negates the fact that you got screwed no I'm still OK. I was even more mad that I only got one to put us so much better but there's still blow and it. I couldn't believe it I was so pleasantly surprised by how good it once was it so good if given the option you would choose it over a toaster street oh. Boom mood you know how to get to me me and me and move her. Who. Okay just toaster struggles to put on the for complete yourself. Really I'm betting chemicals community movement and you know sugar chemicals we'll. Other drawl to grab all that being quoted an open totally. Ha. What's the best breakfast. Pastry I guess you'd say when I was a kid it was a Pepperidge Farm turn over to Terri turn over my momma put it into the toe stroke and it's a cycle the click. History the bread would have it whatever pastry turnover yet turn over Burleson. And in threes and yet the turbulence for a minute from my coach shoot super buttery pastry bread yeah okay and then filled with like hot. Yeah Terry do yet. Men amongst by the occasion and shipman were those in the public that we for that we've been real good for the hello we it was just me because I was right at port effectively which I rates primus favor it would be. The tools Barry cinnamon cinnamon rolls. Get out of here mantle of best. Even a grand cinnamon roll on talent yeah man. But as far as like Steffi can make yourself at the by the age of eight toast history has abused like that topped it that is again that's what's up like the toasters or through 'cause there's a little bit of like. Effort involving had a that you work on your Europe improper at best way to spread the did you go like ups and downs every that you want to do and actually get the right amount players and everybody. Or you went digging like a minute I'm gonna load it. The middle up a little bit more than outside so I get to the minerals can be so worth it is so good. I went to a struggles right now. What are OK. We have a IC global with buttoned wrong button. I see is similar to other men eyes CF 2017. I couldn't afford. Footwear. Toys seventeenth. These Seth Curry's story. I can't. Static ICA vs VAN. It's supposed to be raining and cold an awful tonight at the C band. Sounds like some sort of like cool scientific like marine biology to get rather watch the game at home they're probably about a month after you know. Not that I've gone any this year but it. Mostly games at the weather's been very did this soccer season just because we haven't been most likely met the first year like it. It's just like when an affair my favorite pictures as like a things the first game I ever went to it like the photographer data rate is now somebody's word overlooked. It's. Jimmie losing our minds we are so too awful for a I think if I ever bought season tickets of like again I would get them covered and just pay extra thick. That's got to be so nice to see it. Up a little higher be covered elect him I would I would ms. seats if I was to do it again just to get a better view of the games behind us the they get super I'd love or reset because you get the atmosphere half and that's all you're really there like. Dissecting Alice soccer who not the best you know not the best and in the senators do it play better football then. Just about anybody else in the league win or lose they still played. Creating. Good tactically over the years have gotten better for sure I like a year testing for Opel yet like I always. My friends that are analyst haters we always argue that this now is kind of like when you listen to get to watch T America civics and homer and kind of you know do stuff with and the like they actually. Really do try to play good soccer not just punted down in death although you could one could argue may be may be a little bit more of that with dents of their men happy about it you. But whatever what do we should not robot toys. Hash tag happy just five word sentence. Please keep touching my Wiener. Can't I get a beach. Astec Pokemon ultra sun moon can I get a PG Meredith. City Hall but people that were sitting in City Hall arguing that they need to stop missed doing the sweeps of the homeless people homeless camps. And in the City Hall people being like well when people are getting killed there we have to do with the they can agree on anything and it's. A very Seattle issue. Let's like Amazon fix it. 'cause most DV. I don't know what that is I don't know what any of this is today man cosmos DB. Sounds fun though. Microsoft globally distributed massively scalable multi model database. Full blown me okay arm by the way I cut that isn't there's no way that is what's training in Seattle that is totally cater to you. So stupid dude. Our. When I see the new mutants. I CAF international atomic. For the atomic society legal when your notes football might Guidant. Donna Brazil. Related to you cameras though they're fining them to your pet to the its rebuke. Andrew Luck. I think is I think he's dead he's dead. Robert Mercer. You'll. He's the goodies the guy that made the Mercer mess here on top of Amazon that son of a bitch. I hope he's finally getting with comment on the descendant of the Mercer I think it was Thomas Mercer that. First settled Seattle it was a real terror. Or James Mercer who is leasing of V passions and a child. Moon. We need. Who moved this into the cellular changes life. Boom boom. Behind by. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child when. Good thing for our young podcast is brought to you by. Greg you're on as the naked girl window shut up pat her. It. I did there was somebody in the window though.