161 - We Got Gifts!

Thursday, November 9th

For someone else’s birthday!


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Or darken your days oh will live my starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. And done. It fell and worse. Common than not true real tough real lots. It was a real hot from the old axiom high chains are hot and light rail funds hot. Do you realize that he can sit there in your cozy just kind of like zone and Alison you've had cancer. And you get out. I'll swear I didn't notice the steam yeah this is crazy or night. If we don't have sometimes or whatever I'm not that big mistake if we don't air out. And mile walk around for the next hour kind of petty. I locked I news the other day and it was real cold I went Scarlett the scarf route for the first time this year me home Interpol to thank you thank you really you know I was city rather you know I'm very Capitol Hill as you know. With my at its field and mechanics jacket he's didn't scarf and the worst. The South Africa but I give thanks again like. I give up here I take everything off and it's like. I have like back sweat and it was like on. Rose. And president buzz I was like I shot yes it was Greg your show in this particular particular future social group publisher OK if the if that's a listen Ed Murray settled around. You know. Foothold to cover my ass allegedly. Large very much there there there are allegedly. That's the thing you have to say the cover there's still a quiz of the doesn't he can't be like I'm here he blew five brought the male prostitute allegedly like you can't. And give this guy credit very often because he doesn't deserve it but I do you know Jim Rome the sportscast guy please McCain I think Chris Everett nice he's that nice that he's the king of that he does or like IOS once the bit that he does I think is really funny and as well. Talk about like you gossip. And he'll go in and any there's the positive allegedly. Pay because job out loud I've got the guys of his trash. Unless you say if I don't think he's actually literally a piece of trash though. Now allegedly allegedly allegedly allegedly got SO love migrants candidate John Miller making a comeback just for the high command and you know there's certain things and look forward to every week now surprisingly this is one thing it's therapeutic fitted in really did bush have a post odd Todd because like that's where the tour really comes oh yeah likely glued to speak that happens after app. Afterward it's really with a brother cassettes like the Walking Dead has the talking dad we can have. Are dumb podcasts and end crap cast talking down you're talking dump another delta. I was we're gonna be joined by guests here in a little while Lama speaking with suggested beforehand. Com in our office about how like we really should just have microphone is look at the worst idea moving us in here together because in our office if you put the two of us and every to accomplish anything at all we do is is rift. Constantly yet. And look at the stuff that you're not being reported seeds go for a little bit more Isaak terrible things and office is very funny but if week if we had microphones and Erica actually be an even better pond and like you get people debatable we met in the background like. It will make a cat I showed off the well I'll come back around the the showed off the sound proof quality of our studios also have a benefit can really get. I think that. With a little look at that so. Della that's going on anything shaken moon migrated sitting. What is going down how does it take for you did it take for you. When you start like sleeping with somebody else in the bed how long does it take for you to generally. Get comfortable. Oh. The 31 efforts take a break I ask you a quiz judge asked that question and so he's sleeping with somebody got a all of with the usually. Busy take for you to get comfortable. By getting good sleep. Well I guess that's a complicated question you ask Jesse because I have space sped mining space age technology banned from mattress firm save money sleep happy he trashed. And what I got into the morning show game mean that they that's part of the thing is that you become an endorser for a bad maker and they say okay Walters do whatever bad you want and how much of a giant dude. Are what really what more space some day I was assumed at time of the sometime and like hopefully settle down sort of myself a California king that's it is massive it to the point where it's myself and that we bought the slick. Thing to put the baby between a symbolic roll over on him and he liked becomes the pancake. But it all it's like a pool tool wrapped around the Mexican upside and you and so protects him from us rolling and he kind of has wedged in the middle so he can't roll so and the mob who's tougher for the three of us all have our own space in the spent. But when you first start dating somebody I didn't has been how bigger volume that is are all over the person but I also. Fourteen minutes into an after the fallen asleep at her like I got to roll over in your arms stuck on an economic team now. Harvard Kennedy and his fingers they saw it on some show came up with a where you need to cut a hole in the match to see your arm can like Hank through. Slowey can like still be up next to somebody you sir have that possibility so a few like to be arm in front of you kind of although toward Dubai. In the you have a grab him for the asked could be OK I I grab my grab then goes to boot licking up over the overhead all glued to the because. Like if you we can point to the ground. As very purview of the it's very good I like it is very gift for. Go to this again you do right I thought I thought I think pretty Laurie it's. What we'll put us on our Sanchez letters he can get the digestive the proper emotions yes you have a subpoena to probably about his. Not problems and just it's guilty it's just Yang and the and the adjustment period you know you know I mean. And it says is that we're both pretty get a teaching tour corners which I let that school you know but there's times and like. You just kind of laying there and and also make you not enough and they're not nothing and we can connect. And that. I learned my hand go. Gamut you try to be the nice guys who can trying to get out of there without lake. You know when you're back at some of the captain does that when he wants to eat them all night he doesn't flaunt yeah all he goes. The public. The subtle shanties. Stopping. Hole. That's about it too like if I get up at 4:30 in the morning. Well. Liked the show don't you write out. I too want to push through theft. I hit third party FF. This project eat lunch today. There's a question I'll Lance in this regard as totally read today I damn you. It's been a running joke for like the last week I believe but it's so true this is for all the times you pepper ordered through without me. Who like good Duluth so we're back on just one wall away. Revenge is a dish best served cold may oppose mates for free you know and re heated Danone. He's delicate a gold options on the way home and like I've really just only ever walnut taco time with which is I was just let's say the answer is always taco time. No but it's not. Because there's just see it there's sushi train from zero and germs do it. Then there's Wendy's is not too far away I say that really is rated gas like that the gas station to Costco gas to the silver lake branch is right next door when these low low flu argument ago put out Luke is a guesstimate gutter guesstimate self Brett no rapid debt that was debt you may have taken eight. No I just don't think that's like in the name of that food you do you shouldn't eat you shouldn't want to eat little and not only your arteries there's days on the all new bacon and Jeremiah Lleyton who. Everybody hates dumb. Parents are very generic. Also Tron 5000 is try to attack could make editor is here. Is that I should work as a hand cholesterol prime vs the bacon and iron. Mean their home is good for him just like no matter what you lose yeah I think artery wall art through this artery not to. Okay well I want to Wendy's glibly come back we'll have a guest in studio with us we'll have package man for real joining us part of podcast. There. And were back. OK. Welcome to the show a man who has been listening since almost day will run its nickel our package may have for real on Twitter hello there thank you thank literally analog. I think tomorrow on the car that as is every gifts that stroll. You know that voters is that is the way to the studio I think I didn't bring food bits you it's almost to Cisco global get there now arm when you first got here to do we did and experiment like. There's a lot of bush is complaining about things aren't umpire Catholic thing that we do a lot of things are gonna have as it's a solid 90% of the content of our strong points and so we've been complaining for a long time now about how the studio here really sucks. Yeah I can tell that his. That sound proofing is not just on another room and I'm like. Hey nick can you hear what I'm saying right now and I'm Mike yeah I can hear every single clear board clearly I mean it is still in the other room that's how bad it is. Other duplicate this professional work. Studio now it's public does superiors are aware of this select I'm not trying to crap on them because they know it's there there doing some things. I think they're waiting till the merger. Thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers are ours out of room for literature could still Elijah half. Yes so that's not what if somehow he was even talk and rallied a nice normal talk yeah. And the people go than you'd need a wink got in there just a wing nuts of Delhi who gets to shout out to our two love mentions and one chill a little doing a feature part of the cats actually get a mid year. Do we don't have a wing nut come and deliver on our umpiring have sometimes I think Philly things could get bananas if that happened I mean that's the segment to get winged ordinarily that's not so we're doing now that allotment Thursday that seven. And I. You'll learns that the broad political employs. And. There ago. I got to move the croc sound effects of that way its own be. Published results and it and it oh it's child brings into the city besides us pack is man for real. Yeah I don't know what it is a low speed do you wanna now you know why are you here I I certainly not the and I know that's why now they're like when and how bright in the city. To do you guys in to spend my Brittany out of my house pet. And I'm not an African inside my house on medication that makes a lot of sense here unless you had a PlayStation Florida and I would totally suggest staying at home and playing beating and he didian body massage after the still. She. Had to go on Nadia massage shall we all know we audiences as I say it's my birthday I'm yeah correct usually. Guy that comes two days dissident the only thing work area couldn't. Is that usually the takes a day off of work comes into the podcast and brings gifts for us it's like reverse birthday relevant allied reversed birthdays or my favorite your mom probably wouldn't like her first birthday because it involves low key he had it easy ES TV and your momma. If I would be kind of difficult now I'm kind of big beaten at the new segment on what I we're gonna. We quickly changing topic expert. So we've if you want to segue into what the hell are you. I literally don't know where else and I and I have got to get us I Lara for years and I had to stop and think they're this is good this is old as you guys hey are out of olds mentally you piece of the time. I'd leave you can still get hostile here you so what are you know quite a they are laughing. Like tear my Steve Mather office 00 team. Okay so he didn't hear until I mean until it kills me is not building idea that we know that we know and a tonight's best not to get the tests also if you're a gamer you have been announced if you're gonna like I can do all the other geek thinks they just came dvd against the Cornish and learn yet after breach past three buttons up the Sega Genesis I was lost I have the sense has delivered the money one year on the joystick Sega Genesis one rule said that possesses joystick the I didn't know that. The parent of the Nintendo line just there was the disadvantage yes double awesome and then once or to Genesis came out took away from my birthday Christmas not this. Not as bad as yours it's more like yours actually knew it would come like a month away from Christmas right and so I would get Christmas subvert the money what within a month of each other and Sasha but altogether Obama's soft. The Sega. What a joystick control and Bruce hall now and noticing had a chance to everybody that had the term lows by the big achievement. Doesn't intend a controller that clicked on top of the comptroller economic and add up maybe the top ten and no in the regular and then like I regularly attending one. Yeah I think he's click the button structural and the power glove that looks cool but was like what are you adding he getting your what is this can be used for. Tap and stuff and here it's virtually it's just admit and it's not even done anything do anything that does not make a he turned enemy into you Gerri yeah you like trying to grab Mario and move them across the screen and doesn't work in a split the stupid leaving. Mu senior. That's 200 bucks yeah you're like no mom is totally cool cat do you play it in Mumbai is hitting your closet. I saw it on a movie. He's given it to QB if we in dirty must give literate don't check a but for the. Or are. Ramon Jim cut this record when the hook. Of course I had coffee this morning Florio a man I am I'm on the way for fourteen minutes let's you know it's a good and refresh. I can't find the an advertisement for us I found a review for the salute. The big gaming pad here I don't know what it's called. And you historical document a power pad the power pad now Comanche got you beat him animate you have a ground using your hands coach earlier no one's running faster than she does not even Marshawn Lynch could get on the maybe that's good segment. There's no shows on YouTube show that he started to under filter on speaker did there's certainly things on good news is what it is now. Off as he talks it's usually edited down that they can get it from like fourteen minutes then about six it would be really give ethic. Yeah I mean I enjoy a emotionally she's funny yeah small doses live like a full thirty minute shook her easy Conan O'Brien talks. Yeah that's just like two minutes three minutes perfect path you get it. So. And you as Mir question and can ask you question not. I again. What's in the bag. Let's end up I had thought I had box which it's so much money I thought I separated one item from the bag too wrapped both. And hundreds of home on a heightened. This is a good day like rap rapidly wrapped in the back OK okay yes again I get about leaving it open at the same time deal or you want to one at time. Followed. I guess limited is the same things ish inch oak yours first aside as senior also I senate pitchers like does this like yup he's like oh my god entities like one little thing. Privilege umbrella do we have a drum roll up to now going to give you loved math forget now. Now they're gonna close and hard upon guess herbal. Legends series are down the holy smokes. Will this is where you need you to lead as the holy crap on the action figures due to a pickup. OK so mail is holding a packaged box but I used to the back as your face Ole overloaded his buddy and is action custom Anglo big whereas I told the plastic who featuring John manly aren't they among the side Smith on the side of the law and the back and oh I mean middle. Neither of fat but like the who view menaces are and you had to work with we had to work with so that's really think that that's Jake did this is only. OK so it's an old wrestling toys we'll ask don't and I remember collecting these I was at the BCW guy when I was a kid in so you'd find these in this new go to the target trying to by the cool face paint staying not otherwise there was what that was like wild to understand but you wanted you out you won the house. Who finished paying out the move. I got the red light Saber to do that orange light savory that aren't package. I'll put food reads these to his caddie here yeah TL BI custom packaging it has Norodom podcast sticker on there two bigger hands which is hilarious. No lie there a karate is totally choked up. Tata actually put those on your little pinky oh my and I yet the cut it open now for the kind of sealed its. Can't pull I don't know if I wanna even open it got a little token of our writers there's so I'm guessing I also got an action figure out lawsuits. Of course. Hello relative at the holy cow that they are dumb podcast legend that Syria is McGregor. We are. Includes blue light Saber route X Cuba and the cosmic cube a Little League Q duplicate that seems dangerous. There's this break media there I think that's an. Mean you can tell it. Does not play these like little babies in the Clinton Bloomington isn't phone first and my GB why do you have little babies. All of you know all about the fact that you'll that we met viewing your live at the Mariners. Gave all that time ago I genetic acknowledges that he says oh. So did this is while I'm humbled for a nominee John budget could make you put yourself on your own gift for me. And celery and as I've yet to stare at me like figure front. You get the blue Jersey just really use a likely cut Ellen Taylor out of this one that you could affection for Ryan flyers tired on this side and I mean and oh yeah illness. Nice about this is really. Besides trying to find pitchers and some of them. Now while. I'll more difficult to find how this is the U and is this approach perfectly can come on and on a plane and in my head is turn after the sudden thought occur part of the packaging. They had a packaging an affront kind doesn't really stick too much to. So like. I disagree glucose the network to cosmic cube with the blue lightning coming off of it okay so what you did as you found a much more masculine version of the phone me and he's got a beard that spot on it looks just right yes somehow. They got moved over in the packaging whenever our liquor no let's go like that he's the Kenedy Denon. And a runner up on my notepad Hollywood you know yesterday I ways with a rather than days or shall make it can't tell us at tiger innings I mean your heads tilted in. There's a picture from Marat tomorrow laptop that we did the one to left putt I did against someday yeah. Well the dumbest think dumbest Kevin yeah Sylvia what do they should do little jobs aren't. It was fun I thought that they laser type one was so good because they gave us such a huge space to work with in the bronze peoples like that was awesome. That was really enough to top that and I lost the but I get a free pass to go to. Well listen because like you're just on the tracks me and that there are laser tag train was coming through and you just round trip as the boy oh boy I ran over we were aired. Cut consolation price we were very efficient Taylor's death I don't I don't like out of the very competitive as the U. And so you people be and even into a fund scenario anomaly which is when he is like it was like how does the B grant us that he Larry is follow line might re different things as like. Are you ready for what we're doing this was killed after all they kind of idea and make greatness it simply as we can not least our listeners to understand better and you wonder why. I'll do it on the same team or give to each other. You're not on the same team OK got you got you mean and cookies he's out of the cookie is a dummy gaffe. Yeah see not so much and I. Be terrible you were him. Marriage story you won't hear this though because he doesn't listen ever again that'd like lace our broadcast media gets their big terrible big big area little terrible mixed Eric Holder. Big terrible yeah. Please please there was a lot of action wander between the villains collection we only after a villain series yeah talks Mac because we know that Melissa yet. Do you have nick would you do me a favor please and would you hold up the packaging for each of these recent picture of you that are posted on the this is really incredible man. Now I not I need a photo of you guys with them. Happy to oblige absolutely after the car yet that will not supremacist accused lol and activity via their cell it's so cool man that is according to tell us about a mile why are you doing. It's just sort of got. It's my voodoo dominant now experiment later no solid there's only one. And so I've got like so many figures Mike who insists look like half the time they make it figures it doesn't look like actual rest check for this looks more like manly than it does to. I mean clearly Jim it's supposed to be I do. Yeah but it's kind of like it and knowing that okay great guy that can keep some kind of secrets that you make she collects or wrestling figurines. Right yeah as a very hit and and then trying to move the hands around but you're clearly bigger Hanson's if Seattle little hands Friday chop action hands. I'm a bigger hands and about the separate I recognize that prisoners JFK. So. This is they like the original packaging. It's a packaging for marvel legends figures but Keisler really all I did was apply art him podcast logo on the top but where would be at different logo. And and I have to cover up all the old stuff down obviously yeah tis I can't vote here. Here's the war on a background but you're not really for right right side after Alipay pitchers up for debate still the committee thought he might ask Graham like anyone can comment back I'm like he doesn't have any photos T. A it's got to make nugget on the fact that equipment total worked yet is my ligament giving nugget in their bro I was thinking about that but the boot yeah yet. Distill it all up and back and rice did not have done yet but then I see you don't. In particular book is our love of bitch that's kind. There he does. Third and can the SO agree had a blue light Saber you can't really see X canola and it's also I mean there's like a lot going on and I love it whenever I was a fight with these. I'm not a human of the package and keep this forever and you can't get into early could exact Americans. Yours actions there John actually messed up. Somehow I got black paint on the hands it. Because I had a reopening after a sealed it and take the black enough. Send it back cook for someone I'm recall are returning this is just modify the packaging on the inside than Dimitri is narrowing on fifth as he tellers like certain spaces. Okay oh yeah I guess and that's kind inserts stuff on this basis and found little room excuse what's this fantastical of the routes you don't want to teaching. Perfect as one not a key tenth it was a key chain and and I tried to turn the little critics give it broke surgeries and teaching part broke off their babies could. I had a unicorn horn but I think it and he kind of weird if I did you pay your unicorn horn on it what it means that made no weirder than let's be honest in my grid you're guarding their men and I think. Father so destruction from the other work he's done us a one for Steve Nicosia angling can and read the rev I didn't like his son made him another one now actually looks more like him. Then move I've got. Miles and thrill I'm working on theirs. Miles I think we're grade daughter rule is black community and again that can get an important there's only so many black action figures to the it's really difficult and particularly awkward if you hit the wrong though is like. If I can imagine being a being a black kid not having action figures total with the total output with a white ones like him OG game is the same way we're like Italy added. Blocked him OG is like that was like. Almost blaming us yellow is like generic cartoon colors and that Simpson's of Sarah but also not really. You know means skin tone is tired but like Braun isn't in Canada they can damage from the start via wealth that America. New chassis question. You question nice. Horse racing. We about it exciting or super extra creepy in borderline Mike brook. But little racist. Moon. So I was watching clips of it today somebody posts something like there was the unborn shut up on board shot of the jockey that won the Breeders' Cup and I was like this would reduce people to whipping horses in front of a run faster horse OK great good so I kept watching go another rabbit hole. And it was like. All these like a rich old creepy looking white guys and young fresh air do it's there one is Michael White in super rich and molecular plays together like making horses run fast horses on the nexus creatures and might I thought the whole thing was super weird account a reflection of like a past that could be is like not go. Good to kind of courses are the best pitchers that announcement here I'll analyze what what are my neighbors is a kid got a hole that is ear bitten off by a war. Like a horse neighbor now all I had a friend who was attacked by a horse and he did it wouldn't be booted deserve that had it headed that pet. Hello I'm at a particular episode padding your face when she kissed you know I do like c'mon big guy get ripping him any area I get in there I'm gonna put up with a theory to test here later when you're not expecting it'll see how he reacts. I'm not gonna buy your off track or at the puma ha ha ha ha ha aha. Medicare ready. Investor that's our apple who Wear sugar cube. Now all the things OK gonna carry all clubs that are fixed in a Patrick excuse. You feed your for an exclusive most sugar river that the accessory is the Cody. If we did horse action figure please let me grace bring I have to wonder in the girl's section of the action figures as I had really creepy I thought that I. I'll venture there again drama now Walken and act. And get a trial no little kid. Are there are no like. You can borrow money it's like both of them would do you really doesn't like it go to girl and appears to baby sit next to the Bruni that listens to this show somewhere out there just aren't just throwing on the podcast. Traders think anybody got near horses we're doing is it some will retrieve it yeah some some don't some have soldiers to do giant dog customizing UT. Yeah perfect perfect. I don't know what to say for the show's really divide Alan I got one yet who the button. You a question and don't ask me questions I ask you question anything else for both you guys know where your favorite action figures as a can't. This loser goes here so if safari staying who. Transformers. Yeah I definitely I had I had one of the dime robots the earlier from a source one which has not been able to more than into the brackets or. We kill for the U Rex. Pretty much but their parents were like well he wants that little I know which one is cool air like because they can elect and seat until I obviously Detroit had a Taurus is what I want is still what was sharp teeth does. Come on Moammar IP providers together had to go to the dinosaur museum a lot both selection and it bounced out whenever there's a really cool. It at our dinosaur museum in Wisconsin. Think there's a really close play at the T Rex eating a triceratops. I mean like guts out and every athlete is like for like physical as you have a pursuit of all of those dinosaurs did not exist in the same like. Period of giant doors of the display Greg it was at a museum think it's a Dresser park seeing happen fast facts. Hard fact. The bush says yes and who do you want to rule US soccer. Can going all over the place of business is on a cable Alexi Wallace no no no old I would like to ozone hole on harsh repair. Gave him but I couldn't think straight up hate the guy do you hate to go low here for on the field shorter off. Who are the options right now. Idiots you I was gonna happen. They are when all those who is when all the and then Kyle Martino isn't one of the guests of the NBC coverage every Saturday. I hope he doesn't get it could I enjoy his broadcast guys rooted so if if it gets other side of the Booth. Partly Steve intentional and give it to those can get to a twelve in a mountain due amount all of again. To us now. Code book club took her first that there. Past tiger hawks yeah. I don't know why aren't you turn and Atlanta basketball team go chairs opposite happened. And that's a tough. How how are the Atlanta Hawks not a good. To me there there's the Chicago Blackhawks. I jettison Jeremy Roenick. There's an a football out out so he's Jeremy Roenick. Some dummy also comic con ligaments listen though it's the one thing we do with the Pacific at a multitasking good thank you Jeff. I mean got a forfeit whatever hash tag. There's nothing worse than any kind you take did you techie kind of college oh a week out so boring. It was terrible. Roy Moore he's a Republican got big group of students who Reynolds. Louie CK. Us there another Democrat guy being a real creep. Or oh. There's a middle are. Rumors swirling around about this guy be in a creek creek comedienne creepy dude evidently and he cancels his movie premiere in advance of reported New York Times story. Now he's being dead and know their exact not. To get it there. Pastel NCA vs agency. They see as as I see this as. Got to see this as Steve's. Steve sands waited paused pan out he had 280 characters now liking you just had to take Seattle see dogs or is Arizona Cardinals. In a game of football on Thursday night. Why is it Arizona Cardinals but the Phoenix cardinals and with the Seattle Seahawks like it should be a city not the state is used to be the Phoenix cardinals. Now I understand that but I keep why click. Because it's the states. Can't help Washington DC is what about state what about the Golden State Warriors that is a Golden State at the tour. That's the nation tour that's the slogan of the the cynical political I I know that they're like where but like. Okay. Where is the Golden State whereas Golden State where is it I don't know uncle Warren and evergreen Seahawks do oh dollars apiece sick that be cool him right. Oakland Raiders record oil when the raiders bail why you just take the logo holy. Analysts craziest fans. Thursday thoughts aspect there's a thought here's that there is it tough for you when the raiders do you move to Las Vegas. There will be blood in that's in those stands there's so many like deaths and makes so much violence. It's gonna be like the Terry Donald. For real. Pass tag make me angry in five words. Las Vegas. Raiders' season tickets. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought she died he had vacated. Thursday the seven and now has gone through Europe. Thanks nick since this thing you're all right you're real cookie.