162 - Thanksgiving Stew

Monday, November 20th

Let us ruin Thanksgiving for you!


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Well you too. The water lakes forty Beers and the time is it cold clinical water machine starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It fell and works. Get a bit of a conundrum what loan covenant. Conundrum away. I'm getting interviewed by a local publication. About your radio. Field and I love all wanna talk about a click super inappropriate. Today huddle like that like to thank the people do the that goes assumes. Good or bad or whatever and different metal detector at some of the other stuff from the neck oh my god he's a monster look to murder him so when he went to keep his son above the belt and I wanted to start coloring like it was like. When I say the road machine is now. Wonderful accusers again hooters are and an inaugural quarks and promotions like a standing there don't like I got to immigrate you idiot. If you're gonna go and right now there's going to be a thing we're like it's misdirected and have also sensitive mention school like. I just I can just see that that would be my luck collectively try to fly straight narrow my whole life for the I like him yelling at a machine that is probably the truth. And I was going to be like. I. I. Didn't do in question. How much of your time have you spent being like. If you're good dude obviously but how much of your time have you spent being like. What person from my past is going to be like you harassed him here and it's gonna come out on FaceBook in life is gonna be over. For about a minute they have every time that topic comes up right I'm like oh my god of the bigger person place. Purse. Very hard now Erich O'Donnell a diminished little here's the thing now. I have never once in my life sexually harassed anybody for real yes but. If you take us. The approach to you. Hitting on people or dating her every wanna say from. Twenty years ago and put it to today. We now run a slippery slope no standards of just changing right but so you if you. If you retroactively go well hold on the second that was an appropriate. At the time. It was in I'm not trying to justify anything and I've still never gonna creep like I'm so that Roy Moore guys look. Right you know you and I wouldn't be a pretty sure fourteen girls are still off the table back in the ninety's Joseph dog. We're not OK let's take video that's okay that's not okay statement teenagers like a high school student that's not look at it okay thank you FF FF. Let's and if you're. I had an action I can even get into this because I don't know what the laws actually aren't and I would like boo a club. If you are over the age of corny and you're getting some out there to maintain not okay. Completely not okay. Sounds really pretty simple it's pretty easy to. It's historically speaking throughout time I'm sure this is the world like a blip on the radar of like that not being OK but it's not okay. While speaking hopes of gaining significantly younger people can you. I am God's at some questions for you could I am going to. My girlfriend's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Noble. And I got some questions if that's the some concern gaps all right now. As you a question. And asking a question the senate could wreck. It's things get my early on Thanksgiving I try to eat my weight in Turkey. Now the question I have is for there appears pretty cool failing school share. I know I can't make. Go all in on this Turkey but. What's a fair amount of like us. Let me. How many go back to the to the to the buffet line can I do before it's inappropriate or like frightening listen man I just this is. What I meant when this is that you go and you build plate. Yeah everything you would because it's Thanksgiving and Yucca pool to punt to discuss your around some people but you don't know furlough right scope for right but also like if the XP. It depends on how much is there for everybody right but if it's ample we. Proportions. Just dole fortitude that afterwards conduct while I sure did a thing to myself and make. There's got to be someone else there who's there that's like paying get I was sort of a myself now I have to drive an hour have only use the bathroom for frequent. Doug Cameron Akbar. Yeah man it's just be yourself do you just go for now. When you bruising I have different advice to prove it right remedy available at a lot more fun even then bins it's over John. But Gaza in pretty good not only did they did and to say that like equipment. You don't want over loosen up Iraq's treasures cracked cracked never get idea could then. I just I'm really love you know other things who doesn't let things I liked. How does the Wendy's gorge yourself have to go for a high and I can't I might. A once you plates that sit Tampa that's totally reasonable. If you don't that's one thing feel big on your first play. The economic a modest second plate or you like you I almost have to go for a sec you have. All right second play and how it's enthusiasm for the cooking right's rhythm so good now. As he questioned why the cooking is tarot closes Opel zoo as they keep me up at night Greg lake I and we GA. He's all right so I have done. I've got the point now I can make bad knock out Thanksgiving spread know all that all of the exits I all of it for one new. And I happen to one mall Santa. I can do the whole thing I can make that Turkey again like I can bang it out it's good he can bang a Turkey that's correct. Hash tag meet you gobble gobble Hulk at stake calico. So at this point it's not like beggars can't beach users can think is an early a beggar anymore now. So it's like I kinda has this attitude like this. Think there's. The ultimate. What if there's cranberries stuffing knocked it out a year I hope he's due you block and you figure out who made that's stopping you slap the crap out of yeah find out if it's. If it if it's mom or dad. Kerry or girl I've ripped like be like. Mean. Did you wait next year you original moment when there's this is being done into walked up to the behind the person to go. If that's that's a by Avis if it's like. It till the I can be like it did days. Who is this move made this initiative that guy did it and yet I get out of here the putting cranberry is that I'm gonna be a little gender specific you're putting cranberries and the stuffing is a very due to move. It's like you know things combined flavors to let you know better. All no no I disagree completely IDF and I think you get opposite. I think it's it's huge go here's the budget bread crumbs shove them up the turkeys as an off you go down. I think I think to some and if anything it's more of gallons in a Levy thing is just that they don't period like trying to go out. If a pentagon news in the news liberty and good duplicate what newspaper you can be in this is getting elected to sleep about just now my hands are off top off a. I. Yeah. Yeah all right man that is. Trouble in trouble. I don't think I am 'cause I built a pretty decent reputation and if and you can call me a shill I think that's about the worst you can give me at this because I had my represented because some clothes ran the attic. The toe to toe like all publications are run on money given to somebody with the strings attached Rex. Right so. Yeah you gotta watch out here you would like I feel like key. You already probably have a sense for whether a blue dinner will be sufficient. Feel like it's I mean. I think it takes a lot to like just ruined Thanksgiving you know I mean like if I'm gonna get if there's Turkey and they're stepping without varies and it. If it's Christmas vacation comes to mind Clark yes I think I wish. Sega so they can regardless Betty you can have a whole thing he's serious trip. And the that it. Yeah it's. If there's got to be one of the well look at the saves Thanksgiving assault could connect cracks until like it. It's something just has some salty flavor to it if the stopping at least a little soft feel like it'll be okay or at least if there's like. Gravy now you know and there's gonna be great people like if it's bad. Expect grain elevators ruined I have to agree to hand so work or should bring a can of just like big cheeks different just in case you know. Justin case who. You gotta go to whole foods and do it like actual. Byrd made great feat for a backup punter gravy dude oh my god I'm so you'll pick up rejected. Why is the cat clawing at you I don't know mystic blows me did you just pulled right. Another you're talking carefully are much McKinney. You I know I know mystic. FF. Look for real yes that's for real regrettable and I know I don't know if that was a made up thing you know came out robots Corey fifth. I. In a hotel by yes that really set for Thursday so we're going to. The entire Atlanta and contingent in my family in town and we're going to Friday harbor. Not that president goods and once so who Lopez island and try to harbor than I think orcas island after that grew at a Friday harbor. We have derby and be out there on the island. A big gas guest house is what an ism but there is a couple things and I'm worried about again. No hot tub with up to three days being in the wilderness that wilderness but like on an island apartment in October some. Know that there's no bus cell reception that's great. It's been awesome until assessment tax now to the better than I'd I'd rather die as part of the spoken legacy then as actual footage. Those who believe. I don't that's the best part I want to be like you're well that's what I also ask what's eating you aren't public now you didn't know you can't tell the Jersey so though the no I meant to happen they commute your fake news consulting with them than like a while but know that it's like. Fake it's fake tooth clears and the custom in house. But with that Terry from Anderson's. Greek precious time with a mask on you know fooling anyone. He's a might do back at. Still real mad at him stealth I wore out I'm for Y real man and a because it's rose bud willow I guess if you think I can pick he's a real were put as. Sort on film Friday harbor and you're gonna take a ferry there and it's like the second stop on the ferry in the muscle this video of the car to smash my way of welfare has Axel Busch. My wife gets super motion sick and everything we're taking a baby who's getting sick today gaelic cool. Oh what were the one thing that we did is there's like a butcher shop there and the guy smokes Turkey's. Pearl Thanksgiving and so we we ordered a smoked Turkey of a month ago whenever an indelible long before our. No dude c'mon bong is so old how old are you know for the Cleveland down the Turkey announced that the gift compressed gravy. So all Arab and well arteries I heard anything yesterday is on the glint. And it. As they can go it's like it the most halo glow filled with Wheaties no good looks like though it looks like in a one hitter it's thanks to its like a patriotic Muslim and yeah. The fact it's like man has bad marketing. Wish we call this thing. The good lines put it near. Now for no I don't I don't wanna smoke got a there's no fewer to a regular new blunt and melt with you permit it to them. Go to a three day Grimes will news yet. It's okay. Open. That kid. Say it was a trick you ask that you have smoked regular below the best part is we have to do anything and be prepared already so we have to make all the sides and stuff and that's the past society and it's that I'm comic. Anything with your top three sets. Whom we must pass what are you must hats all incredible number one. I'm not counting gravy is aside because if you don't have gravy could get the out of here bright correct. Okay sorry and a passionate about like and plentiful gravy OK don't skimp on one interview sent tech. Or should never be a moment where you're at the lobbying on going like I should save some for the other I hope no and I don't care little bag here whatever it doesn't I almost what like Thanksgiving dinner to be served in a bowl that's what grave realities here as the pigs do you have got a ticket policy. Yeah that's good it's OK so putting over gravy is out Thanksgiving still that's warned. Great because without such as Turkey and gravy obviously dot. Those are it tanked so sourcing side because Turkey is right right right. Why. Look like it's the ladies that was as Greg butcher must have for Thanksgiving Turkey do dumb as they get. Death of so. Which is kind of cover what some of the sun what are you okay so you got mashed potatoes. Get stuffing yet whenever monster put all of their stuff again Adam talk about the piano it's treatment. Would you rather has now fruit. In the but just. Guy so. Admits they concluded so what is it again color look for yours isn't removing follows from one side of the table the other they fell really well crap cluster of them broke we'll. So you others that I guess so mashed potatoes and stuffing you know. Then people love like yams sweet potatoes whatever yup. Green being cancer visiting the stupid earning him I think just the name when I think there is technically a difference but they're the same thing OK but to put different I don't know if it's different writings Apple's attempt at thing you know lecture. Caiso yams people love grieving category generally that the taste of vengeance against Mina. Amid the forward green bean casserole yeah. What else my receive. Slow vegetables of some sort we can get into the meteor it eases particulars like Brussels sprouts sprouts are like. When I was younger it was like cheesy broccoli was a big one that we always had pretty salad. My Riley's past me and apparently is just as he practically all day now. I can be broccoli in any an in any like roasted bird Wheeler worst Thai food yesterday it was just like so poorly done argument has in my house. No well it was clearance Gentex. Well that was terrible terrible they do a great underground comedy though so hype of props to them for that but as noted that there's so many more options that is not the. Turn the conditioning. Dammit so called. And iron church teacher I don't know we are at it took us what your home would be on Friday inappropriate backing them. It stopped up up up a I heard you yell at it from the other and with the premise that through the walls that don't have some terrific. But anyway it's okay. We throw deserting your eyes a dessert is off this no I was alluding to separate insert. So for me if I had have three things that had to be on how to beyond that mashed potato OK I have to have mashed potatoes guy. Now are you like creamy and it is slate fluffy is possible ordeal like a little bit a chunk connect. But I'm not here to judge who can this have to do well salted OK but all I care about is our real salt water just. Yes I do enjoy salt yeah. But specifically a savory holiday yeah that the bland rest until all eat up pound and a half full I don't care but like if they can if they can check the have a little flavor to jets cradle garlic and their maybe Mughelli Toxics parent the blotter in it like it tried to do you the wicks Collie flower once had a mashed calling for hours which. I do not have the proper food processor I was like eight dollar calendars you can get parent RO but as the base that noise is sort of like the and hoping as you have TU. You have to. Will. Mashed cauliflower and we have to at a budget garlic in there but. My blender so not for that and it's kind of like you're just I'm just throwing stuff in there until plans pouring out bring annexing in their blending at port and then now. And I over an epic this is possible. But I blew Jeter over garlic the daylights and listening to the point where it was like. It's quits. Garlic and it can't do it I just want eat it and it's so bad decrepit house where my mom is 26 super midwest stern it's super just white person left and so she didn't it was a meat potatoes no we didn't do much more than salt pepper and yet for food there was like a lot of but at the Hungarian so he used La Republica can and stuff and I can never understood that is either as a kid because I like we didn't use many spices so what is life do you Ellen Edwards pretty boy talks with the fact that she uses things like I still can't wrap my head around time and it doesn't compute to me and Rosemary OK it's pretty go public but these things that I never had a kid that just weren't utilized which is bananas. I guess. Salt and pepper was kind of the basics. Says they saw peppers all you need those people are idiots but. Yeah really I need you also one of the things that we never had as we can start but my mom never cookie if Karl. RH so we're right and so I think we go to Italian food all the time like now all the time actually not very often at all. Which goes triple triple a can be knows Erica I've seen dumb and I would I was decked out like any of this and does that garlic and it wasn't closet door I was like oh this is the flavor that I don't lie a like. These still not like colonel Rick. I'm Bob Hope that one of those. I thought that's what those things as a kid I guess and the effect that I had but that's one of those things as a kid like a flavor that that kids like I don't eat mushrooms or whatever you're researchers generally could become an adult you realize like that and aunts still open to people to elect mushrooms onions are what it that's fine I'm not golf yet it's where those flavors that you can grow like all of that of adults and I was a kid but then as an adult love all the answer that was one of garlic. But it's. We didn't grow up that's who was never garlic mashed potatoes and I think now all. Some guy at that that sounds good so yeah Medicare's for sure and then om I probably want aid. Either a creamy or a regular green bean casserole via a sometime because you need those. Reggie greens and there. And then I just stuffing his world would round that out because I don't placate cranberries or sweet potatoes and rice so I'm out almost two yeah. That's like us those fights have to have Turkey plus three the total would be new. Well I hate to do this he is very similar bent I would go stuffing of course they have to. I hit it's nothing as a kid that's a Regis all of this yet and I do. Why would you how do we can't. Pro tip kids by the way if you make in the stepping this year and a killer breakfast sausage and Jimmy dean's now. Ground that up could get up and put it in the stuff think who we not then changing you're not at that game changer well you're ready at the Alison and is. If you can't to any flavor profiles like a sausage is tough for me men accused the physical kid as I can put sauces and Pizza Hut. And I agree and I believe unit I'm sure it smells unbelievable but given the worst harper manages Canucks have also do we have fennel sausage. Yeah yep and out. To a shall come another off make. Yes so I delegates and like a sausage that you connect you pour the middle part outcomes of that well this makes up a little loose stop. Bomb OK so stopping obviously that's suspect goes without saying I think that's how we shall take that out of the picture tube but. That's the main compartment number one saddest thing obviously I I'll also go green bean casserole. Or green beans of some sort like beans onions you for Thanksgiving. Do broccoli and Brussels sprouts but. Beans has a little bit sweep you know it's kind of a good teacher. Side piece to that to the Dick fresh beans canned beans Ali be wise. We'll decide agreements are like in the kids are really commit. My house with the fact a snapple and do all that stuff like I am a push either way but like if someone else does that I read expression media discusses. Fresh vegetables richer picture. And in my numbers fool me. You know it. Be rolls a good role. Bread man yeah that grabbed me. So you're in new mashed potatoes or to make the cut I'm not a big mashed potatoes guy. I never happen never really. There's there. Their life. New potatoes I know I know I've got too many are like this that that the shocker for a lot of people an assembly listen as like how would put a monster and a they're good. If they've like. If you're saying Ramesh for desert twice dictators twist because all day pitch all right I mean I'm not I'm not would you but I love to twist it potato you know that's the one that I give. Lou before half time toxic Ali you know the eagerly steak houses like a host of you know vote twice ticket has I'll go in on that. And be like a monster mash potatoes it's like opera plop on there here's the other question. So July if at this dinner and I'm going to do I gotta get over to have to take a little bit of everything. Feel like I have to take a little bit of everything we had a black man. No you over think and feel like something don't take it you want excellence as like the drought that don't like that. But isn't that the is of that flying in the face of the entire premise of Thanksgiving. People come together to give gifts to each other men. I don't know no no no no the entire premise of Thanksgiving is Indians ten. And take all the stuff that's about to spoil your storage and make it into a big feast a ten. OK okay CN green beans stuffing and rolls from. And Twitter let's do it. OK I. Has staggered total news who cares what Rebecca at. They're one of our sponsors so like I love Cologne is there and learned a great I'll sit down there actually turning in Seattle but that's another topic for a well salutes. They each and every morning or dad into their morning news we do that and and that got my buddy kill cops is just kill Thompson is that Delhi. He's. He's rooted for some tweets and warns there. All right to hash tag TDO audits transgender. Day of remembrance. That's got to be the worst man if you count it up like taking your life persona that because he's like don't fit in a culture that's X Dennis okay. Let's see here hash tag Monday motivation. As usual we have nine. I think you might want to motivation this week is short week Ali I've I need to get motivated so that we cannot assure speak. The next thing it's trending and also how relevant to that our bodies condolence to sub domain and it shows us subtle sign up Demi. Thank you my bad fellow man hole on. Yeah speaking of dummies in. Our favorite domain now cookies assets cooking it. A school in pretty bad in video into this weekend I think we may not be friends anymore shout outs to cool Keith sub domain IQ yeah. He says sir what did you school meant everything battlefront to note. Pop a shot what I would. Got an honest much at you know learning here I am pretty damn good pop shot Frankie close election. Super high level as a kid man I'm surprised for a won four games to one home man. Both figures I don't out of on the podcasts but I just it's wish I could still hang out how to tackle anymore. Well we were inside Justice League before that knows you're glad you're in contrast. Has tech world children's day hey kids I go to those things what what a great gift to children that man out of Maryland has spent I. Apple from a one of the Manson's died today so that's good natives and have to have nightmares about it and getting out of jail and mirroring it on eight Charles Manson burn in hell that there is and how. Do you. Pressing Thanksgiving week covered bridge. Hash tag Marshawn Lynch and that guy is hilarious piece. It. First of all I couldn't figure out what admit I watched literally no football yesterday yeah like not even. 12 football crafts together this morning their own talking about Marshawn Lynch. Sit in during the US National Anthem and then standing there in the Mexican anthem of the took all the Mexican hit them in America he was a Mexican and not see a figure that out after hours of being confused by that I did not tweet because like you probably about to be ignorant. And turns other ones did whittled that and it's good trying to blow again. But here's the thing you know you've done something good to win it the president touched angrily tweets about it here. So as far as I'm concerned good job Marshawn Lynch I could read this book it's all about to slick house statistics Ehrlich measured throughout history doesn't matter married. Chair. And like I've gotten like two thirds of its record is the way through it and I'm like hold on wait a second. There were about to give the climate change chapter and I'm ready to hear about how like the scientists are telling you the whole story. That earth is flat figure I'd like. Like a lot of but I do like what did you apply to flies in the face of echo what Monica mention is interest in a pickle who were wrong in the like. I still like looking at the people that have recommended it to me and I'm like hold on 12 here. In my Iowa's dig it up ten and a half hours of my life listening to a public about it right wing science because that could have been a thing that happened with FF a though about the Butler right let's see here. Diller race. I heard that Manchester City here in design and unfortunately. Hillary's has gosh. That's I mean the society. Speaking of its past tag Terry Glenn not a tennis dad and debit card so that yeah I don't know anything about it. Giants on receiver nope he was a wide receiver at Ohio State tournaments that no. And then he played for the New England Patriots and he started to get good these particular to England. Yes. It. In LL news has staggered keystone XL. Boy if only someone live. You said something sooner to try to prevent such a possible disaster from happening and by someone if only an entire cold you would have spoken up having Thanksgiving guys. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Mean like email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter not aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Karate universe that day. Hey.