163 - Dinner with Stranger

Monday, November 27th

Best and worst from a long weekend.


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Already know I'm in no mood. It. It all right always starting. It is not very good. And done. It fell and worse oh. I think all my Turkey leftovers have gone to wasted. You know I. I got the leftovers. So here's the deal. We have just delicious smoked Turkey from. Generic named persons here. Butcher shop in front of Harvard club that plays its community Turkey was freaking delicious yet it was good. But it's. We got way too much Yahoo! which is going to be a problem to have a little dried smoked Turkey and bank can then get through include at and then like that was Thursday left overs Friday and maybe breakfast sandwich on Saturday and we're left. And then like suddenly it's Monday already and like how long is fridge Turkey good for. I think feature is good for at least a week a week Sher were back in calm and but I did do good for you to win it. We UN's win if fried Turkey but it was a loyalist Fryer isn't air friar governess who don't Blair house of let's nice pitch well. But I tell you close freaking awesome and really get you know invest. No no I mean eighty yards he's an analyst friars have I guess I don't think you do that man illustrate that they can also. You've seen my kitchen is not quite room for a friar an OK you can do that and that's not that's stored germs get a window of homeland. He Aetna here and he's a lawyer for her. Like don't touch my hallway friar yeah to execute out there guys there my Turkey. Got medals at address on it to ruin your specific. Question as a request sent you into dark meat. You know. No no no more than Mika. The let me always is like so beautiful it looks like it takes a pristine and it's just like all ma'am be so good in the Milliken dark mean it's like oh man I got to work through that looks got a Griese in my womb room. But I always afraid to get like this glad that stuff but then a lot of those were dark meat at the end has like that little chunk of federal Meehan event in I'm talking about. And that's the face I make and that's what I don't wanna eat. Here's the deal is that the dark meat is too late shifts yet. But it's did your plane you're walking through a minefield look at eight year old Syrian girl it's like you run and risk man saw that was and I test. The played. Yeah are you dark we got no I love them unlikely gala types but like so I was eating. On Thanksgiving dinner next to move but Mike hoses and a long OK this guy Dan Johnson bands of them. The mine. There next to him and he came back and he had I think it literally a tablespoon of everything on his plate. But it looked like the worst clock ever. It was like a tablespoon of master who who are you. Yet the desired establishing or mashed potatoes but like there's nothing on that applies I don't. This like mashed potatoes it's just such thick bright don't they just don't need of more than eight teaspoons tablespoons olive right yeah boy yeah of course. C public it. Teaspoon or tablespoon worth of everything on his plate and I was like the vote to Michael and I was like oh you pig but it. Good I was like yeah look the public there will go on here and he was like hello and good man I'm good I'm good my candidate a threat element call. Then after her first round of food is done he gets up to get more moment to thank god god go into obviously press I'm a monster. He comes back with the wind. Big Turkey wings had already and he proceeds to use the carving knife and his hands to work at that thing for the next hour. I was a little worried for his sick chickens we have been drinking in the yeah yeah yeah yeah we'll marijuana involved but. I want to tell that thing and I was like pretty jealous of it he's not a very good carver so they're not looking like a massacre but it was like still healing. That's pretty good dark enough benefit both the front wings are white meat. There's a leg I don't know to be honest with you I was that there is a lot of bones on in the meat was dark yet OK okay what does it matter it was some sort of carcass. I am going at it I mean that if that circulate that range is get in there to just go for and and it you're asking the guy that had a table spoonful of everything now affair at a table spoonful of sweet potatoes to hate them and Malia I wasn't going to charities he's going to get disrespect to Gerson who made them and that I just didn't implement this kind of stir them around although both of those that don't want to micro whatever Geneva. My hours that McCain sure you. While second worst nightmare percent to and is now. Where's that ruby fruit in that stuff that was not the case that things got second worst song no worst stuff and there's multiple. Could cut back there is multiple Grammy dishes. Multiple I get treated like I was a second class at a similar to what I liked cranberries. My mother alone amid the dish was like how dare you it's so rude and I was like I don't know. Wasn't rude to not like something. A question for the world for millionaires oldest and below that like. It's rude if no road right by forcing year YE forcing your tastes I mean yeah it's silica was like cattle by reflect gross you put on a tour can. Right but like. Thank you can't cook for. But I think that that plays as far as I'm concerned Venice secret. There is nothing outrageous and another was there but without a title a candidate gets around and sure sure sure sure sure. And yes Blake. You actually did them a service because your not gonna like it. I taste in Dayton. And it's like that your play amid some and in its inevitable death somewhat spying goes I know grim Toyota drivers does. But both drivers specifically this cranberry is dead no generally I love them but. Here's the deal for me there's like certain foods that when you get them in a different generation there OK like I like a creek is in okay I'm in I'm not like going to the sort of like reasons. The other cranberries in the trail mix who. Doug yeah and if I pray they use them if they don't make sure I am like. I don't know why that doesn't it must be the dehydration process or something like makes it better it's I think I hit that. I hate salon throw so much right now but if you bake it like I had a it neutralizes that runs fine that's a slick green thing on American carriers it's the motif okay. Fifth with that but I told like rivers sausages don't like cranberry. Anything yeah. On so I said the camera shots. Rest and a good. We happen to have satisfying Thanksgiving dinner after her my mother in law and equal more crappy comment about the wife being begin who actually made all the stuffing all the potatoes and you don't have to put. Dairy in there and there were off some. BM doesn't mean gross like oh this is good for being begin now I can just be good. Kind of a it's all week Elijah I dislike all that was hold the baby and we try not to like pop off of people because yes. The most part yes I get it again it. I mean these are my beat these are my family these are strangers to me effectively yet to from another loss here every day as of right right a little promote political people like I know. It's like still weird and so. I'm sure they love bees to tell the story. I get there. They've been there a day longer than us try to harbors yet and when I get there. This guy Danny was at our wedding and an even really talk to me is like family night and even my comes by an elegant K. You don't even like nice to meet everything but it was just like that's his weird guy and that's fine is great great dude yeah. Jetta sedan this upcoming. It's so. And make a point when I first and assume a much I'm just gonna go all in with this guy and just try and like just we're just. We're not gonna be weird we're just gonna make this happen yeah OK great so a similar deal on fire in the we go out a day later than they did to the cabin we get to the cabin and Dan now we're friends is like comments praise don't think you could have. Accidentally booked a cabin that's closer to a weed store. Members like what. At close to a kind of there was like some family drama my side that I won't get into prestook kebab doubts president decide to go for a walk on. Thursday morning and I got to be a star depth and there it that's a good handle inject with a speech Sorrell about it integrates the ever. OK so tell us that the blood hunt and try to harbor I thought Denny is totally weird man so. But there's the first set I got there I won't get an Everett secure and comfortable with the people that I know Owens yes and Mike how these strangers is people. And I looked over one dude is just like rubbing his head just like. The and I was like. Oh it's been about a half hour but I give it now everyone is super high. Good they're not under the or not this is a weird did you get a check it right now. Yes right. At one point during playing apples to apples or cards against humanity or whenever okay. Somebody says all man. But peanut butter captain worked and it's kind of sucks in whatever I was like set the timer my. Much to this twenty minutes a half hour literally fool. Coleman and the pure comes kick him I don't act act. Anyway it's. It's followed me out to be out with strangers like that is just like you disperse stuck together that's a tough gonna be in everyone's gonna be cool river would once yeah. That's cool. We have some we are related stuff going on and at my dinner to one of the people I sat next to. I can't David know. Back. It's got it. City farmer wolf city former twelfth. On the sits next to me television Dolan for it to come back to that and of course this is how it goes or I go oh it's an enemies like this and I think that's cool what do you do. All arrived a few probable blow live in Oregon and I'm murder radio people quite well that's cool approach down there and he's like as I'm Janus and they say that I get the Al well under the table. From via the from the girlfriend like. New line of questioning GAAP and he's like a little we went down for something it never left that's really cool what you do. He's like that you attacked and a and the budding weed farmer and has less cute I its silly like pulled up my notes and has like over Tellme morals. OKMR green globe welcome to conversations filling in very good day Thomas Gregor whatever I could affect that at. And most of David Jonathan have moved into effect at. Talking about we browser. It's John David M is what got at least a mile and threaten us with that. So. That's awesome and so like that has been like. The ultimate talk to zero I OA's questions I want to know how you get this business. Hundreds daddy was like boy why you singing that as a chance Jude seeking a pentagon isn't about can all sing it again get her to sit back and Emmitt that's not rooting Thanksgiving it. We heard. So like I wanna ask him with questions and then I Catholic through the interview because at that point that's what it was. I'm like I'm spending way too much time talking about pot right now because like now it's getting thank. I was looking at legal like no greater and he found a nerves. Yeah and when you find a nerd. Jackson to talk about they're saying yeah but it was optimum it was cool like it was it was really interesting to hear him talk about it -- about the love of the Joseph Rogan podcast big mistake. With a I want to organ find what he had to say if they were like you finds that from a loves a woman who like the one on yet and went. I don't really like mashed potatoes and look at some more help the under the go drown myself in gravy. And then the disappointing part is you've got samples which was. Think. May he's about like being nervous and locking Ike is maybe find this to be okay this thing you be so bad biblical art attached to this blood BA yet but I feel like he brought some treats in the pullen in my pocket. And it melted. Citing any to enjoy it and then though some of them like like ginger anyway and I got an Celtic punk moment aura melts in your pocket the high through your pants yet we really awesome calls she'd Bassett played or do you can't write and pathetic. That's what. A little willow. Who the Lola snake who has routed they're really funny considering the things that he brought called blue balls which are familiar with that offense has been so meta. Took and then it sounds like my kind of my trial but I'm not contain him can't that. I don't like an hour later like when revenues they hide his mind a couple of total list that total this bonding opportunity rated at an imperfect to have you both to submit rove when your head with. He checks nicks Mick and Jim watching music video the. Of footballs don't. She yeah Steve did FMX seventeen minutes of conversation you don't actually say out loud the boy to sit there like. The QB and you cool. What is critically dead yet dues randomly flipped that why couldn't I did some good book said well I think if you didn't see it I didn't at widow levels it's. Big time can be used discretion in. About to those who drops yes I love Z did you get the CBB ones on purpose. What is C. d.s CBD is capital and oil again and that is what the medical marijuana industry is based on its not to get too high. It's two. 2.5 21 with the ratio of everybody to THC. And so ever woman with bombs all the little old people the broken bone yeah I'll rights including myself and I was like here's just yes squeeze another drink or whatever. Universally the next morning afterwards and reflect how much it's much better than Mike. Even if it's like systematic even if it's just that I manager works it works. My mother in law who like if she's on Ers got a problems man and like she was like a home in Houston so much better than McNabb right. To say anything to dislike take a load off to to bring to disconnect from the area look yourself heal a little bit of off site a bad thing. Really it's them a hug the best I can't ever done in my life but. It was. The wrong address thank you are doing your life would be out affair with the fact that I won't finish stepping you know or I'm going to have dropped. On. But this hike was the best family hike have ever done it was three quarters of a mile one direction. Sure it up to the slick super scenic view of the public you know 26 minutes worth of hiking Jennifer's slows the pace of my little like. Little space baby tucked into a little show parents and he's com. Yes can't delicate spin stimulate. The market going great good get a good idea but it was. The baskets like after early Hewitt spent forty minutes up there and the micro were down and ten minutes after the fact McDonald's or templates overload to the group dude that's awesome. And then try to harbor would recommend a nice. Two hour long ferry ride to book reservation in advance because otherwise you crazy ex. And the Tooth Fairy through this and wants to the San Juan island and hello Richard visit to get there and won our two or are ferry and ninety minutes at a at a traffic from here to and a chorus so tune up our country. Generally when he Poland Friday harbor it's. I've never been to a psychiatrist but ever as a topic Portsmouth like you pull into the cove and then there's like on a hill all these houses who looks a little rich people's Novella. On let's Brazilian yet slum housing. Yet under. But you pull and there's like all that beautiful. Like condos and houses and cute colors and boats everywhere it's up in this tiny little space support and there's a flip pocket cost some. And then drive five minutes and there's nothing. You're just like. Out driving long arms and stuff to have the largest lavender farm in the world or in the U that's one of the two humor. I was just like it's just it's you feel like you're in a different country because you're so remote. But you're really not that you're far before the you don't get the radio station. Okay but your close enough that like when we packed up to leave we were at home and four hours ago it's like. I was it's I've totally recommend. Two Q we can trip up there'd every main house. Typical cool. I've give shout outs to cookies so none. Because. I have to keep this really veg. If there was AM Thanksgiving. Food item. That we had joked about. In evolves pretzels if he's listening nine hours in talking about. And remained mute he would talk to podcast inside joke right now we are just text him. Because I'm talking right now man can get it never mind no punishment. Chief we had its you that's I wanna say. I'm good but her. Pictured above microphone. I don't know what you're talking about like. But grudgingly opened cocaine epidemic today on and he enjoyed it hidden stories with and even John mammal I just I just made 65%. Of our listeners happy so IRA if I think they got the joke with Keith is this. He's two thirds of growth the picnic effort yet. I'm tournament. Jack knew you sit in timeout for a mask you think about what you've just done. Well I don't know what. I want to know what floods a day later. Yeah. It's big. There. Sales up north there right. OK so yeah there is is that you have to be very vague because it's just. It's just like an indirect sort of funny yeah permanent but yeah make people's too scared by it. Whatever there's no attention to them no don't receive it wrong of course cap value is that was really funny. So. Yeah I was really get. So I had a little bit of a problem dude not I think I and an animal grim reaper at this point cool. My girlfriend's cat died oh. So no. Select few deaths ha your pet deaths in leg. Two weeks. Sound like a wave and I'm off the pets man and unseemly from animals relies shall tweet from mirror of your girlfriend saying that she was bawling her eyes out of here port yes. I figured usually drop her off you'll get your way home bitch that dropped her off here here's betraying who took. And let the computer off at the airport stationary for a yourself. If you I really got three dollars up to my card and a duty to work today. No man it was really set us and all day Thanksgiving. Popped up on Bennett Jolie talking got him Benadryl is like crazy because this was like oh yeah idealist caveat and then. We came home because I was engram who so rallied on the backhand. Which is I'm always announcing an hourly but Leon there's been Thanksgiving is great time palpable blonde come back Friday night. Saturday. Saturday prime whatever doesn't matter I get a phone call the night yes an apparent effect who. Perfect gentleman because you asked did you hypothetical and I did not. With the fact that the pickle stayed in the jar I guess if they act at a. No no of course not inclined lines but no way. I was too stuff if you took effect at. A I've yet to make the next day. I get a phone call and she's like freaking out as they we have to go back and I was like what happened. Yet and she's like cats. Kenneth in trouble and I'm like are you kidding me is like I had to go through the whole process again. Like to the vet the whole thing ruling yet only brought in like that medicines and I was like I gotta go. I can't watch this again so it the idea that total bummer man and it likes. Just have to do it twice and twice was the day different on the I mean I yours. Up and CE up and sell the again with like a bit so they brought in the drugs. As fine like I mean. How find can you be when you got a whole family crying like your girlfriends like on the floor bawling her eyes out now like I mean here's fine as you can be it. I can handle those things pretty well I kind of just. But Miley can get through it and I kind of pretty. Stoked about it I don't know sir as Diana the threat can handle it. Does do a really good job no problems there but then like that happens like I'm in an excuse as I got ago with the I gotta ago too soon and yet no kidding right like Jesus what to Carey's name mystic. Well I remember that support domestic yet so anyway is if you have animals keep them far away from me for the moment. Noted I do have those you do so be careful. I would isn't Rome offer anything. Other that the Thanksgiving is going at a good time. Meg grandma she's cool she's funny. Though is the best of people found him and yes it. Is funny is is that you get to the old lady where it's like. And this is the coast of ninety. So she's trying to tally because Johns aids day a puppet. She's like she's telling these stories. You know I realize like being doing what we do for a living are really makes those so there's a little bit easier 'cause he can just are asking questions can not just like ask things and a some is asking her stuff and probably and then like she's topic in the four ladies thank. As you get to push can remember the words she's trainees with the learn was that and you sit there which is and I'm all of it sucks and ethically pure awesome lady. Highlights you my Thanksgiving the word was anal beads well because aunt Connie. Has played targets humanity be forcibly closed the most awkward when anal beads as the college kid and I'm like a way to she was the senate every time someone dishes like. Scientists she's like a very used to very cool sweet as can be. But the every time anyone who would like leave an opening for a good for someone to say something she would like interject it'll be it's sort of like. Every time it may be uncomfortable and every time it was funny especially to the people on the weekend it. Oh and there was little pencil but little quick second proprietor lord gave me a really good complement pretty lower pay rerouted compliment when we were. She was upstairs of the baby. If she was like you got answers you just have fun just like keep you go what it's like you should be down there and like bond with them they'll like it if you do I have to step or get yet. I Willits is like also just so you know to be noticed that since you can upstairs no one's laughing anymore. No but. Is that you content and I was like. And I was like allegedly bombed a separate public and if they admit it I was like other hot. Knew you meet. It's funny honest it was appropriate for. Mr. question as the aggressor a little worried about the devices and or houses listening to us. Of course Sam. Not enough to give manager though likes of them aren't llamas are internally is about myself Wikipedia Alexa played hard on podcasts. They discern who is to its food more commitment. And networks that I mean if you're posting under like I don't know do you think if anyone think art a podcast a loudspeaker epidemic. Actually here's the but still I don't apologize. Yeah men of course I'm nervous about that I think it's funny I. We're both the regular phone to get out of us listening to us right now we're talking into a recording device a ripple into the Internet forever yet I mean I've. I just assume everyone hears everything we say all the time which is awkward but well you know and this is some pretty terrible sane sane Dallas and I'm saying like. On somebody like you ask somebody today text and instant like Black Friday the most number of background checks and bird. In with single day happened 200000 plus background text by new guns on front divert to record from last time it was also Black Friday in the time before that the record was also Black Friday it's what text and said as soon as people hear the word black they run for their dogs I was like oh my god. That's really funny but also or is it because you read it as a joke it's amongst texting in a quick look at somebody who Blake. Is a racist that's texting NN. I thought I tried to respond to this person like ten times to be like. Your whole areas for making fun of white people but that I was like also like what that person is like. Part of the that problem. Yet lightly let I mean I just I was gonna smoke that's funny but that's a good joke. So. I just I'm looking at piston and help them on Twitter. And hashed iGoogle home is here and I'm like it's promoted it's at the top it's like. I get hacked a what one insurer so that'll do a light of Google is out the door thing right now okay because that got hacked. I guarantee you I believe you. Are you mean the you mean the end for Amazon drivers to come into your house yet. There were worried about the about the securities and executed at the cameras that were already have to the people can get to right right right right. Here it like. But if you Google areas are getting advertises region the heat. You know emulating the if there is that LA chant like seventy and it's like here's an ad for old navy's bettors put the lives in town IMAX online shopping for those different. Plastic Cyber Monday the used to mean something different in the ninety's. Pete Carroll. The CI excellent gap so reason given today and operate them and weren't. Last second loss for old. That was just that was just bull and to like put this into that scenario where it's like I walked in that game expecting it. Destroyed now and then they you find yourself in the fourth quarter Kerry and I like I'll make yeah I was are you turn this off like twenty minutes or DO two hours ago is that it would like. Do we just hold will only can only now we've lost anyways. Prince Harry. I don't I still understand why everyone it is there is hidden and head. Hairs stood to. To hash tag Megan Markel we are as American. Ya this is Britain's plan to get back America. If they're gonna make America British again she so. She's American so. What if he runs can he run for president then no. They share now I'm I am sure yes you have to be born in America killed a run for president so what is she runs for president. That he can happen than he is the defender of the queen and these first husband hadn't. Pastor giving Tuesday may donations tomorrow with excellent matching Emerson that like after all the shopping we've done for the last few days felt really good on Black Friday. To get outside the that was a thing the deported to do like. We're literally in the middle lowers we want yes hiking and took it to be outside law everyone else was. Shopping online and arrows I was posting a picture for much of mountain it was like. A country. And so part of the problem. Past a defender CF PB. You've got to defend those people if you don't who will and you gotta if you don't have a good secondary you're never gonna be able to win the Super Bowl no. Senator Al Franken and I handed him what it was on SNL I still don't like him now also like all of us have to elect a good riddance I'm fine with that. Well I had to societies throughout the at that beckon and I will miss his skating it burns on people at ten hearings. That was some of his finest work it's what on the comedian that has like been put through getting like if you hang with comedians all the time it's a sick burned all the time man yet to be able to food dish it out it to people who are prepared for is live like him does just. Destroying Jeff Sessions is a highlight of 2007. Also a low light in hindsight that the fact that we even have to have a combo who you rate. Ty Detmer you know without this yeah I would see Dillon quarterback coach is a winner Dakota just somewhere his his old quarterback for BYU. Coach and OK okay councilman but she's coaching and caused him now which has happened. Can abide. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast rocky ninth trip to fan obviously. I humble.