164 - Pretzel Cast

Thursday, November 30th

Shout out to Jonah/Jonas.


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No commitment Lou it's good. Starts. All right always start. It is not very good. And worst. Because there's the despite coming through good. Present path there's a problem gap problem up. These are delicious we are snacking on the greatest at generous enough to give you something year old coach hero pretzels with the anybody in the millions. Great love it delicious left. While doing a podcasting nuggets is one thing. That man this is busy lecturing on spackle and at the Gobi Desert here in my mouth you know set out to the Gobi Desert said Delhi for. If a so there we a lot of like. Going on and have apologized for that but there's literally like peanut butter Oliver manna for the record only John Manley apologists for that I do not. As an apologetic I do not care. His unwavering in his steadfast. Good thank you. A great way to that's a way better word that my steadfast is so good he's so stubborn no. I'm steadfast whoa OK I take you back vineyards. Continue being racist that's fine you do so Rick reed noted though confidence yeah. He's steadfast in his believe he can do that to women it it's okay now. If we could occur I don't doubt that the oldest and Don Imus with a one out its steadfast OK okay okay okay okay continue. What happened to those weird commons that we got today. Meant just really it's no. Some none in person cool Johnson another president's upcoming. On our FaceBook got after a couple things like and ropes and raise the men it was like first like picked up back and it's gonna beat them because it's. I hate that word. Kids like this morning also know our FaceBook bloke with a couple comments in other gone that's weird. Saying. There about there's just like old stuff. Well Paula. There's an all music. Just some Anglican tunes like give flatter thing a chance it's not just all black oh Christians are still at that and I was like what wait what are you talking about. All right please find this entertain us with something John Manley held do some sleuthing now went to a restaurant last night. And Phyllis Graham nation. So dormant and just do a torrential us and more generous Rosa. There is steadfast in their inability to you give me a proper dining experience Gregg pathetic after. It's a new plays because they don't want to name names and I'm gonna kind of trash and and I don't. I don't like to drag any any restaurant that is an M I'll be bitten. I should remember the name it's. Got you that you actually post about it on the on real Internet draft if you look at it there. Yet I'm glad to be all that out I'm glad nobody to we apply that I. In their defense and even over the two days. And they're not ready to blow that's uncomfortable so like. Run the first page of their drink menu that this is their big fake the first thing you see is they had their own special burden. Who. Well here's the thing they don't have as they get to open the Barrow Bono and us hope this is like I feel kinda it was really pretty funny his. I was with our friend Brian turn I was just rent you know all say yeah yes I guess was sub domain. Regular as the sun was down we could come. I mean it can't existed during the day also doesn't map looks just to be determined as dvd media that anyways. Like. Our dining experience is not very good the whole way and at the end it at this point or on the or on the that we're we're in the sauce pretty good. And we're like are at a stress of this fancy burba you've got as she's like gathered we can't crack the barrel. And Brian is generally the nicest guy on earth which is 'cause. Each continent and why is it not been. But at lake and let's pick it up. You know lie it's it was a trap there is and that was like this third experience we've had with that were like three vets like. No. Let. They literally we got. I'm is gonna going to he started this I was gonna finish and now so they have like and we start with Agassi guitar school mail as Evans liked the small leveled a mid level or bigger level. Now and it an underneath it said it was president. Yeah okay. Underneath it showed all of the things that was like. Legs or whatever right. Except all of those things are only on the top level tier one the bottom tier was just like sticks basically yes. So like the play comes relate whereas. Where the bronze lake has Brian loves your continent that's is that that is his jam yeah. Do they where is that where the bronze and like they're like vote no that's not on this this tear that's on the middle tier and it's like. Where hot look on at what point where I've looked at this and I'm like whoa we should probably get the middle one because I want. Shrimp now also shrimp is in the mid tears come on now bro. Go and you get that the tempura shrimp is actually the next level there. There's been this it did some eat these oysters because other are all we ever shells no I don't know that's small that's the low to you just officially the shell make it. I'm developing well anyway there was there was. A savvy. Sobriety yeah Leo like Kate arm as are ordering like our entrees are never. Prime like man I would eat I would order just a big ol' ball that's an Vijay to be honest with you know literally just now. I guess what the issue has yet it's not on the menu it's only for that and lake. The fact is that looks Evian has to make speechless. Without speech just allegation like. This is the future with robots can't look at it eligibility when you're like at what it's like not on and you know I take is that they're going like. It baffles me when you go to some and you're trying to give money to you and they don't want to take it caretaker bro yeah I like weird. How much is it how much decided he hopefully some mimics its menu. Hopefully someday make it to that would Beth are you talking about but how open it makes it into my belly and X twenty minutes go back in the kitchen and put in a freedom bowl. The lives of art charged but it looks to me. You mean Tuesday that so that was like every step of the way and his meal was just like. Trip trip trip. Trip yet I realize you're not willing to produce a feature Arabic we talk about how much are going to be charging for the is awesome chairs when you wanna business because I I'd like to claim one right now right like it is it was just. The benefit of the doubt it's opening week in a lot of things don't work the first week. If I wanted to but that said if you're if you're open for business be opened for business. It's like the sushi place right next door to my house I wanna go there but like people. Should Yelp review before it was even open it didn't give it five stars. They're Rolling Stone. Mailed an analyst at. Who can they passed thank you to. Yeah but it's do you got to give a place a few days to get going or whatever but that I also don't give them that benefit of the doubt because you put yourself and high traffic area you got a shot like you really only get 11 depression it. And that first impression was negative. So I guess you go back and read the reviews in six months and see what they are them at some places don't go. One is that the disappointing part is it's right by the Paramount so it's like this is a perfect place to you death. You know. I don't let shows there but I did do a lot of dinners before and it's like oh. This would be great to be able to dip right across the street here and I have to walk and you have to use cross the street to show is the load on yeah I don't know that that place and is okay. Yes like appoint as I've been looking for a good restaurant out in that area Africa here's a new money like oh I hope this is dead it nope. Cafe yum. Dude I mean young bulls are life around I know you haven't you missed them almost out and they tell you humble we as a dummy if that's a so bully at a all right Cindy to the FaceBook page that no one knows that we have because FaceBook is pointless elements are complaining about trump on her own big news on your own personal page but having a page page is pointless now but. The comment is this okay and then I'll get back to what the post was the comment we're gonna put in jeopardy do the answer before the question and got. What is I think about 5000 what is actually talked about 9/11 and devote all the moon landings looking to flat earth it sounds so retarded but yes look into it you would be surprised how many of your fans believe earth is flat. And it's not whacked out Christians. The question to go ahead. God. Do you. I got enough and try to blank. Demi is can we ask you a question what should we talk about on the Adam Carolla podcast. Live closed it's reported six team that. What hello. Because that's one from. And then another one I didn't read to learn to share it's this one is. The comment is asked most well why people think spaces fake. Ask you a mosque why people think space is fake. The the post that you did on February 6 okay. We want to dumb is about this back in episode whatever it was also you can have happily pay me not to work I did not work better than anyone else and has ever raised. Regarding universal whiskey income. Yeah. Do you Internet person robot. Which kind of kind of sucks like that's the worse and again it's the bond that got lost somehow. Screwed up in any legs below me it's the bad to face looking its its its pops its robot pops. Pay my new I've got a new Florida. Indiana has many of Florida really got it's that's a real well Indiana's messed up did you get Bloomington which is like this big plays for the flyover was gay rainbow flags quote from somebody who hung out with an Indiana. Is next to a deal largest center for the kkk in the mid asked to do it next to each other's OK good and then there's always Gary Indiana which. I mean there can be LO. That play speaks for itself annually get shot to death go to Gary Indiana you'll shoot somebody in the pit on the passing train. So 'cause. Can go both ways haven't needed to Chicago Chicago is red zone yet anyway those are I won't pull out the person around who's the system engineer at some thing in. I chest union address Tyson. So dot dummies your nano because Madani. Because he had a pretty good sick burn on the killed Internet about flatter record whose. If so what are the picture of Clinton at a the picture of the moon and in full a clips there's just a disk yeah out of it and it was this believe the lunar eclipse that. Flattered there's have never seen. Classic. Incredible that has to be. There is a level there's a frustration when you see. People that are like. Just says Strasser. Idiots now. Trying to decent that you do very well. And you know you do well against your field of expertise yeah it would be like listen into a really bad morning show you're going like. Less complimentary in. It it's like listening to a podcast for they have like people to produce that is and then like listening to our support me like. Accurate but it if I could lose an accurate. And I. I just retreated that from our dumb podcast matters and did some good for once they actually follow through on something amazing. What are you know this person has also posted about Roy Moore I'm sure and a false sexual assault allegations misspelled it. Pistol alligators can tell OK good good we're getting raped by an alligator at the is it an allegation. Crowd what do debug the red it is and the station is needed in this east. That's a sweet anyway I'm moving up like I'm gonna put the south there if you are flat earth are I think you learn an eighty connect it to the middle like Q could you might be a cool person he might be funded slam Beers with a solid that you just don't. Yeah I like you know less in the us you until you try to plot or perpetuate that myth into you like. Reality or whatever you want a factual. Whatever help they can. It. And I don't know and I'm trying to say until you try to like prove it to me right at my right know Miller and I can't. I don't own space ships like a tool to earn like we can't orbit around it to be like there you go there's the around earth. But I mean like we can do some math if you wanted to ethics and calculus and it once upon a time of my life which figured out again. If there is just flat out is a bottomless. I know sort of imagine it like it's like an iceberg liquid there's more underneath that we don't know about you know and then like at some point of folks upside down on the part melts into the earth this is a gigantic galactic iceberg there. That would be pretty cool. All right guess what I just became. See it does the and that's what you propose your argument you have my attention and made the but get out of there. Also know you do for earth is not flat also craft catch. Accurate. And has a slight curve to it though melt shut out Huckabee Shuster bill that would then benefit all the arguments outlets. Are in an incredible I like because I don't have the language of the ability to describe the math okay like. There's plenty of it out there and we can go we can get into it if you want to put a I can't do the math right now I'd have to like sit down figure back out again but the math exists approve it and I'm not going to go to any links to do that because this is a win super. That's the thing wide you have to defend that the the obvious that's that's bothers me. It looked like clearly its round. Of course it is. That's what they say vacuuming and the like into black balloon. Well like I never walked to the edge to hood walked around earth got back where I am now believe already proven that it's what we've it's very good. It's hard to improve and down at its. We know this earth earth the map is he do you think it's the matter of these that stupid but Brown's look at the circle maps. No. I think. And I will elect island because spears he theory and I'm insulate let's talk JFK and all that kind of stuff like let's go for our let's get into it. I gotta draw the line here breath. I had to stop you two that I saw this is all just Internet talk renteria a lot of people that headaches when mars' video number it's round it's been observed to be route. But remove an argument back so like the earth is flat but everything else is round dotted. Mailed it. Half. The that's rough. It's real or I really hope is all just a simulation you know the stuff actually exists it's just me waking up so like things are getting weird because public coming out of it right now. They can Monica I'm salute electric or Cologne on outlets like. President actually Perez click and hold it there. The race has been on a roll lately T by the way I can't talk about him because my god it's so bad now that I have just on two books on tape. Could feel. And comedy podcast Slokar don't podcast Carlos Eduardo podcasts and whatever social media and on on I don't like the Internet and loyal and none of it is satisfying because at some point like there's this big mass mobile it's getting so much attention from people are just being mad at them like it's yet validating what's happening in Thailand blood sucks and wanna part of that totally yet I've really didn't step back from my social media. Myself I was complaining about spelling. It's usually account has to seize amount only has one. Amount has zero. One M suck it in Dublin is what I'm saying I was like typing it out I never remember which is which and some rules like all of the conjunction about. Though it's not. The American John oceans and is. A compound were excellent that no. And arugula but I misquoted the persons up. We are some real them today adamant to Alex Oliver what idiots doesn't it's in the name of the show now in my defense I might still be drawn from last night so. I'm working as a metaphor at present capacity right now. Hello all met Johnson and today from the Seattle center's at sea level employment and show us measure doesn't so dummy and boy did I just light up the MLS about how long the postseason as it did we win yet. Is it over now it's what's so great winning ticket. This is what someone said. In response to account vs amount because account is a conjunction while amount is not. As I write his. Own revenue but those aren't words. And in our. Mountain. Conjunction. Authorities to correct causes sentences as just. Number Easton all the stuff as let me say I am so embarrassed I have to look up what conjunction think about having kids though when they they go to school in their learning it and they like don't quite understand that they understand it ten times more than you do remember go to school being like Bob agencies like. I Caylee TF to certainly common core methods you can set that's gonna be like huge sum and period of this. Content I do understand here he is second to keep it to summon inside of me when you certainly handled really neck head. Can neither of those words are conjunction can johnsons are like but. And yet we connect two words the lake. Other to go to the store come up and go to the movies notes that it either there's a common there. The person that the commentary that wrote that is dumb and stupid that's a conjunction. According talking about. Correct that nobody is it a play on words relatives. I. Now I hope so I hope they're joking because. Think that's. That's categorically false that is false. Let him a kind of flat earth level faults I think what he's talking about. Well this week that Ralph legally food isn't here the flight from Britain could put up with the elbow hopeful Ralph. If you could if you pause that you can see the exact moment is are pretty true. Freezing the Simpsons haven't been relevant in so long but they're still like they're still call backs and I know from my child left about three young people who don't know that. Yup that's 85% of the conversation killer is in my relationship related to Simpson's coats that go over. Someone's head not mine picked up I. Some know Stephen Graham is the he's an account manager for our dumb podcast who want. But that's weird becomes a little bit but how does that happen I'll go on fourth low post away Stephen. To be taken place Kendall is your new is your new web had been it was never Kevin Doyle Solis later part of the other area. He a Joan Joan Muslim roots are well yeah my name is Janice when they're having him. I voted turn over like listens to us now. Not me who's out there to. Pick up. Treat that is accused of that shut out step package ran for real jazz although I've appealed and he was in school and rose can pick and roll zealots offense couldn't. Rose. Why hole and that's the line that's funny you should give did text me drills does sub damning thing of course as a fired up for a second and then I understand that's right stretch back with the eggs and I got nothing John M I am a pretty tapped out I've. Feel terrible lament. My whole life right now this microphone doesn't come pulls up for me to be comfortable pound. Mina did you watch the new. Motion did you if they dare to sort of get did you watch the avengers chariot. Who looks good and then. I have not seen all the movies leading up to right obviously very lost we're not going through this again I'm giving you the orders 55 times on this vodka they have but a but still it was enough freely talked about that more than we talked about my CB Tom Petty start. It does that a lot of Star Wars episodes one through three fewer vendors sequence. Tom Petty. At the top three things talked about country called back pigs in podcast history. Public this week we're at a meeting yesterday and we were trying to go back through. 27 team like the memorable stuff affect at all at all yeah I'd like brother go back into the top ten dead celebrities of 26 team than like totally like. It's. It feels almost better to spend time talking to people about not being bombed out enough to kill themselves from the examples we had and when he's seventeen. Compared anything else that would make a list yes there have been dead spin is on a roll they're busy the busy making the worst of you know 27 team list for everything all take the best cold updates and everything and here's a pottery new realism like. Stop to stop don't stop everything real low launch don't want literally couldn't catch my job I have you. That's the worst part is you stuck on it. You can't get away. You're on the Internet right now and manly. We're talking to the Internet but like. So there's really in the Internet what's good for is to share content and and like ideals like this would accept that your idea is the earth is flat and you certainly gain speed gains momentum because there's more idiots like you out there now. Not good. Post text America it's a problem. And a it's a free Kuper did. And that together and in my life and it happened throughout history I just listen to this book on tape coldly rational optimist and it's got a point Celek a lot of times where we get sensational. If we run after things like the world is gonna and like what are the points the brought up in this book was stats. That we're gonna have a gazillion people by the year whatever pad yet and that that earth has been around resources this and that golf. But as we get. More. Success as we become more stable because there's more opportunity like our poorest person has. Almost as much as the king of France did 500 years ago rare and because of like technology and wreck the entire society is stepping up big time the still like. A sixth of the world but like really bad off but. As we get better off. Our birth rate numbers go down and I'm never ever in my life thought about it this way but like in order for my family to offset itself right now. We have one kid yet and there's two bus and so will die young and the kid will continue. And one person will take over for both of us in our culture and because we don't need to have eight kids anymore to help from love field or right I figure well at least six of them are gonna die so in mid poured dysentery there at Flickr. And so are birth rate numbers are coming weighed down to the populations can stabilize it felt like it yes so easy to be like there's kids everywhere Edelman. And the earth is gonna run out of resource is because we're not using them consciously and the guy. It's alarmist behavior and it's fun and easy to get super negative and the caught in huge swell of that right now we are hard to see the truth for what it is. Flat earth. Ridiculous. Right okay but be like outrage of everything all the time is out of control. I would agree with that display you yeah I mean that's it's it's karma are really keep it we are essentially. Perpetuating. The fact that everything sucks. Because we're just saying everything sucks then and therefore you start looking through things with a negative lens and then. You miss out on the good things like these pretzels and peanut butter that's great that's about it yeah exactly or just like shoes. She's a good. Flat or curve with the thought that both good. Anyway it's. Potentially adjusting to it like it it's helping me to try and navigate through the sensationalism. Of negativity. And try to do little more optimistic because like the spike how do you think for 101000 generations we didn't advance 101000 generations. I can even tell you a person in my family from four generations ago. As a band and those generations have. Really there are people who like to have millionaires who have that income for two dozen years I don't know totals and demand after all we've only been around turn 2017 years. Resentment. Looks I don't know how this equipment at. And Twitter. There will get that reloaded right now the first libelous. Just the first thing missile minute ago with plastic world aids day. It's crazy that that has become in our culture our way less like ages to be like the buzz word. HIV aids is like a thing and it's like it's weird you know it is interesting that that has and wanna say. I'm saying is insensitive lean and mean at the way down up it's like it's weird its interest in that that is kind of just a thing now. You know I mean like. And when we were kids going up like holy crap like you didn't have to Wiener on anything to you might. A little solicit Matt Lauer that. That guy. It's crazy does the age of celebrity entitlement is coming to an and which is great. Some in someone yesterday. Posted on one of my social ills are in the conversation I was reading the line all of this mad will do. This stuff should play in which I believe what will this stop and Israel when it's supposed to. It'll see itself out bracket is. Plastic signs that your real adults. Sox back at the Sox now when you look like Sox knowing you have like. When you are when year dress socks. Outnumber you Jim Sachs you're an adult. Ayman. I'm raising a human and like I finally feel a little now has taken baby forever this guy into a a suddenly is Jim Nabors the handover pals did it heeded that sucks ideologues did you watch we were you. You know one. I was there's a double file with that the other end user net. Try AMA ND is in the using go at it has restarted and it then that got its own. You know forego a Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show Bo died at his Hawaii home good life man quite a singer dying terrible to have a ton of like albums. Great whistler. How stag John McCain. Listen. If that's not the best representation of America in 2017. Talk about it don't be about it good job buddy back to job. I don't care if you have cancer it's me that gets the treatment. Tennessee Tennessee. Tennessee turn loosely Tennessee. 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