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Monday, December 4th

Manley almost died.


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It was to be taken out of context we'll see Louie her Google starts. All right always starting. It is not very good. Armed and dumps. It fell and worst. People place the cook dishonest and feeding teenagers still this Davis Gina thinks Wednesday's. I don't know man I was looking through school in 1982 days and I was like people still know what doctor drew the chronic is. Well yes also he's not they we doctor. Some may seize the original lead out there. The people are wrong because she does not have a medical degree and it's say they were right in the schools in this of people say. A man to get them having conversations with Sean for sale shots jump for sale seven Delhi about. Use the Internet to be funny. Well he's like Yemen and argues Twitter a whole lot but a kind of when I do I throw like a hundred things really go back and look at it. Comical like maybe one or two work and then it's like who commands like I was right in my life yeah Hans are now itself. It's obviously just do things you just put things on the thing and then that's right good data we can do that the bush is let's measure art so. He did a joke as you treat seven times today. So that means I'm doing good yet metrics. But I just wrote. I urge Israel radio. And are seven and that is there yet. We're still getting reach. Okay. Cool yeah anyway I can't stand good Internet right now because it's just it's. Awful lot but I have this like conflict inside of me where. I'm watching kind of the world burn a little bit yeah I'm like OK switch off I can't deal with this anymore I just can't deal that. And also if you're not involved and at the new kind of complicit in watching it burn it right yeah. And so who that I think about how we aren't so insignificant. Is suspected of something someone now. Sun. It's very nihilistic view and appreciate that guy you look through the points like it podcasting in the everything else kind of pointless and this is really actually super list. So. That's because that podcast with an embarrassing sort of episode of fuel because it's on. So I do it's really about his community. The question as aggression to get me embarrassed in store list. I do it let me ask you questions you'll ahead. You can. And here are slated to come. Arm but. I've fallen out of seat tactics or his last Sunday maybe I've flown out of out of Britain wants and I think here's the here's glass out so over the weekend I am. Now listen I don't need anyone lecturing me on the importance of planning ahead and none of these things. This whole thing was there he gets plenty of that work story and yeah I'm well versed in in my fascination in this scenario yes it was not due to procrastinate Jeanne it was about a plan coming together and purposely not coming together. And now we scrap yes it's fun and it's so in the process of booking. Flights to and from places for her for the holidays. I realize that's everywhere like to fly is very expensive to fight you from Seattle to a very annoying they can be Portland and at certain yet complete everywhere. So I came up with a plan where. My brother and my nephews live in New Mexico. And a lot of my friends and best friend. Live and push us to my brother joked some Democrats are gonna get at the AF and he lives in Phoenix on my friends in Phoenix. And in the course of doing follows the price comparisons and I was kind of crap you I realize that it would be like. Literally cheaper if I flee to Phoenix first. Their for a couple days. Then you just did there Al Roker for a couple of days not forty minutes like to refute an Albuquerque sweet no big deal. Fight back to future a couple of days and then find home. Slow in the process of become a fight them looking them up I got it sorted out bing bing bing bing bing. Get it all figured out I think this is actually gonna work and go to start booking my flight. And I look and I see that my flight from. My flight to Phoenix and back to here are out of Tacoma international airport. Now listen when Oleg. Tacoma international airport come international airport. Listen listen in hindsight. I'm well aware of the fat cash. That. The C part of Tacoma international airport clearly just was not put on this line when those three hawks fan it. You know rehab where I get an air prove I'm not gonna go to the hooks through woods in my life but where was that guy yeah I think I. Have. Now an embarrassing enough that this is happening to me more embarrassing that I don't realize this until about. Twelve hours later after I didn't put those flights as having dinner with my girlfriend news. At least 700% smarter than me which is great. As were eating Thai food and go hey. Are slated to come months. And literal fork drop moment with the especially is gonna become a music or what are you talking about immensely well and I explained the whole story she's like hey dummy. It's sea tac then stands for Seattle Tacoma I want to you know congratulations two weeks in a row and me hello. I now. Loaded done it I'm done. They bring it back I'd have to be fair you could have flown out of Tacoma narrows airports dual dual TIW. Maybe that's what it was. It was not. Where the mayor Lawrence painkillers. Or soon field. Too old pioli that was fun. They could flip from Tacoma narrows airport to through fields and horrified because there are near their word just to say that they didn't at this point. To go to airport is pretty impressive facility anyways I'm back trying to pull food for thought it's the slope and it. Our other flights over a thousand dollars and a no no but I'm also like willing to fly back to Phoenix from Albuquerque on Christmas Day or Christmas Day night so. That saves money. Fought back to feeling by anchors as cheap Yasser. So who's like Christmas Eve night or day management's really expensive well we've booked like adults we booked back in like September. Ship. Oh man took this out on the board dummies sort of the story unfolded above the flat sons is going to be it is that I up. Ha ha ha ha ha and follow or get out of like a peer can slow and old man how peeved. Here's the thing you can't you can't prove or distribute you can't look at the sun and how we are following authority you know that's probably old news do. So what sort of flat maybe the best course of action isn't bodies Jamie Newton. It's already paid for itself is already worth it. Ploy. That's that's amazing I'm definitely part of the floods on society now that's great I mean why not. I took real issue was the last club he did. Where we where talking about flat earth there's idiots are all home yes the middle like cracks. But I do you think less of you. Wanna. The idea that I can't actually proved that the earth is round bothered me like I can't yeah saves to sync shall we want it's round. And then I realized with your help that. We're not the ones that are supposed we're at the time Nelson and a year and the onus is not on YouTube present its round yet. In between time has noted I don't know but I like I hit I just like this this Bruce coming up by yeah definitely rent the environment but flats on a hot clubs on org that hello so. Good good a couple of non talks about and that's the original lyrics do you at why did Chris Cornell have to go. I was definitely demanded a version of I've had an awesome he would have ignored us both. Chemed assault caught on fire this weekend explain this and it's under the story gets to the site where you snapped chatting it. Well my hero or a meeting at some plants like its going for as is always funny to see you you lake. Are your personal suddenly what is green doing this is happening guys I typically don't bother right I I'm so. I like instead Graham. Well this just socially it is that I really liked Alex in sir Graham for taking nice pictures and post grew loved photography and go we can do pretty decent photography of phones but like if accurate I'd like to shoot at him. Yeah disarmament expert. I don't care for the instant stuff that goes away like it doesn't do from it because I like to blow. I have a laugh in the future or very much never quite understand that makes. It lets you set of pictures that you Pina. I didn't think what's the point of going like here's the thing that I found that was worthy enough for me to take my phone on take time out of my ninety lake. Record it only for to disappear half. Because that you're going get through their first I know who pulled I don't know what was the polling. It's so like it if it's just an issue being relevant than fine I guess where he'll do for works all use the ends council time Julia do these things is because they like. It's expect us to do both final announcements with pars picture. But there I am pulling out of the bar turtles. Bar tells the ECU Pizza Hut Taco Bell parking lot. What Kabul fire department. And pulling out a bid to live there and I guess I'm a vacuum a compliment like double full of smoke soil like. Yet fully exit there and there was a car six foot flames totally engulfed. No explicit shouldn't I Jamie not that they need that there would be a sign it's like the scars on fire because by double click here I mean there could be why can't they be a tan at walnut hills we'd like to them that the park there's like this tree that was yeah didn't and there's again a little plaque of so I canceled his blocked by signs lady's name on there are. Well this car was just like straight up on fire like cool. No I have seen a burning car before but is usually one that has been stolen and the moves than it would be a further jerk I have no explanation for why on Saturday afternoon this would just be erupting into flame. But it blows like black thick smoke huge giant elect took about 45 seconds of watching it to be like oh I hope everyone's out of that. But there were cops and so I don't know how they they got they're so fast the most assertive small and really erupted in the flame or so about how long does it take for Clark. To go from scratch starting a fire to being fully. Engulfed in flame like that I assume it's how I'm reliant takes for that flames to get to the gas. I don't bundle that kind of I don't think serves super well in case so that way they don't blow up if they do defeated Iraq in the you don't catch fire suffered that right my dad my car has a bucket seat in the back let's get. Lake reinforced steel behind it and the guy when he is selling it to music. Eight is yes about a CP that's great so if you're the only blows up we want you won't went on fire. And it is like you know I think why it took. Us to tell people wait is this so they have to because if you could pick why did you bring this up because your cars over her board yeah here's the good thing he ever blow up if you -- explode you won't burn to death good if you think your parts will be everywhere Camille to die of smoke inhalation but you won't burnish. You will not very congratulations. That's pretty sweet but the the fire department I can there I could've been in my car I commend my kind of in the backseat wave and it just like critical dividends. You're not burning yet swallow is Karen pretty hot it. Hey you got that we educate the pizza parking lot written about it you're the president broke up a that's the brits Dixon's blue pill I was pretty good to be about six or fire at negative fair about it. So so the cars afire in the good than the fire department it's just I don't across the street everyone's kind of like dog has their own hours of testing is a drive across the street making sure that I can so get home for the blocked off hole and Zahara Smart GAAP and on. And and I get out of my car. Again out of the car. And walked 300 yards over to share our ability to get further if there and since then the fire department gets there. I've never seen firefighters so unconcerned about something with more concerned about the Cilic who can back at the fire drills get a guy like walker would like the hose thing we except that I was like. This is nothing to them he does not give a look rap is not yet fazed by bad to select I guess the phils will not blow it up because he doesn't give a crap. And then I won't affect my card into the car to baby and I simply terrible blue hose. May be two seconds later the entire thing is out. Unbelievable wow no wonder he had the confidence like but it then whenever they're using as a fire retardant was like. Incredible kids and a. Or. You really can say it happened at that app and yes he'll have a good car fire and yeah that's a good pace to see this type of thing a lot more than does it because it's a lawless and nature yeah. But there's always an imprint of car like that that side of the road. Just outside of any city in the southwest. At least one path was so what are things that you can see like every time you see them. Let's address that question what I just said I don't abandon most of. What are things that you see that are cool that they could. Well I'll never not get excited to see car fire now when a seat on that list. But things that are like random but awesome every single time. But K. A piece of wild life that has entered into account impaired or to the trash that's hilarious yeah attempt. Inroads. Point that's a great point he's a pretty little live boobs like not dead boobs no link in the person yet like with them like flash is someone rewrite their nearly oh yeah I. My daughter at. All right so I'll bet. Yeah. Now until I can modern cultures poster deck shame yeah that's fine you shouldn't feel anything you should just continue on with life. Guess what. Wrong move I can. Now if you if need be I can pretend not to care care what my life but rest assured the second again from the microphone and a podcast producers say yesterday couple broke up a I've seen two wheelers and once little boobs look to do at a hotel across the way here and gear ratios are bad but that's amazing and it's. A she decided to offer assistant general forgot to be taken out of context I love seeing the winner for the bush took. Hey mark that prevent the for the podcaster wanted to jerk yeah. Look at the acute as the armed. Yeah I I always think it's funny because as a man with a winner like. And like bloat. These two Weiner logic that goes through your mind when things happen like if you cancer but the shame of being Catholic from that. Impossible. There are moments but like. Effective happened and it's solemn but it's funny by Mike while many are just a dude where you Weiner you're now looking out accuse me to nude winner out looking out the window for everyone to see here like battle because. Did your dad Eric thank. Saw might have split on the young ideally I video editing cut and prepare got any of liked the sex putts from like a a man before you know like everything lags cases alike. What's happening. Wind is sick of this thing moves that hook up I think who knew what the hell's going on did you like Brothers are deadly ever like. She's lived to congress extra this. Oh yeah out. My father the engineer of voice just the concept Demi. He he describes. The active sex via my dog getting fixed. And he described it like you would. A light socket yeah okay so it. The dog and that explains finally why you got electrocuted. Because you probably thought it was a good idea but it didn't socket. And how I can't learn somehow save later it's. Thanks Tom finally got. My dog rags general drags a day she did. With the peas then it yet. I'm peppered. It's for Agassi. When she got fixed my dad explained to me is the female dogs she's like the light to the socket yeah the picture as your racquet Manila no not at all got it and I was like. It took me like thirty minutes after I would back to mowing the lawn after that could have that and a good Russell water between and he just like Goldstone now this demo of a lawyer like. Oh he's good about doing it. Yeah I have other middle school friends that like yeah I'd like we have definitely talked about this a lot. There's. Another example of buy you know it kind of takes a village you know like the so we should actually want for people to us or a middle class to be more middle class on these kind of things just saying because. Somebody. Who's coaching TV and a friend in and never endorse somebody. Has to be that some parent is the first one to give the sex talk to the kid and that kid. Whatever he learns here is whenever that class is gonna go with the rest that's that's how it goes we grew up with privilege like me and you had a lit it. Late night HBO's you can watch real yes. I was like hello what the second with a lot of floppy Wiener mobile would that they never could show the penetration right on the right we learned you kind of see it eat it. Is pretty implied even as the fifth spirited like Ali you put it in there this is this is how white my parents are fit into Africa after. They would order HBO for Wimbledon. Up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up. And children and yeah a guy can be deadly yeah because little trouble with Albert. Well. That that that. My food orders for one month and I can we would have each go to the. That's some decent sort of Twitter account of phase would something about white people doing weight things. You lightest you have to treat them there and talk because they you have to let them know. I thought why didn't I is that that is 100% and B why it is your right this is correct I. I've I've had tried really go while the level avoid is known you one dude can't exclude it nothing. And over you while I can watch real sucker for fun while it. Greatest joy of the morning what are you doing. Did little. A. I spoke to go to the tiebreaker. While we were I don't know. Look at that epithet at. To be fair I got to see Monica Seles so skip the Monica Seles get stabbed on the court lawsuit wasn't so in real psychics and in real time not real sex meant to different kind of stepping junk. Oh my case. That was the funny thing Amber's. Cricket. HBO watch Wimbledon. Every year also. Tennis is hated guy. They gonna say the wise to make an average is have a satellite dish in your backyard that's also retrieve latent. It matter that the there's one person you'll ever when he won just done to secure and yeah Paris and and had her as beta and I know he's Asian kids in the mail like I guess satellite dish in the back and think this just doesn't seem worth it. So there's two I know that had a mom named Mona it's cool to get name that is the good name for mom. Yet we will of course as it for a two through like in first grade probably terrible name. You they sell you out like a month or I think we need an exam grade when he hits you really had any bona wolf a woman America Mona. And gated K okay. Regular rose. A bit and then again we have Mauna now so yeah I don't know it's Milan high. And be pretty cool and I haven't seen that to the Mexican law and come Yoko coming to arm after seeing. The what's flowed trapeze mood criminal like in the tent. To to select. That is a Camellia and Daimler summer like noticing that I wanna do it's a wanted to now wants to Coco but there's left. The controversy is about some stupid frozen short the top notes ornament yet just a good that at the beginning part. Affect at this point to with public theater's are always empty after like the second day or whatever and so man. If that is so issue. The I'll address your question no question. The original star are. Good equipment the equipment that I did that just can't be right now you floated yeah it does it mean to the fourteenth cod holy crap we'll. I. Holy crap to the next day off. So Smart. So close Smart but for what actions that took care of our baby you'll want star war we'll speak. Hey look man. You gotta excuse to make up for that. I could take him at some point to she has the day Washington it's Bausch and let the geared electric here and restore order and can make my dad to produce five times broke duty that is the coolest moment that are. And I'm old out ought to just get a hold out the experiences rather than the stuff. Like I wanna double to books. And I won't have been and a switch so few and have we will connects. Also access to the culprit global. I'm but I want him to like oak which if you want to mr. moon five times sharing and like what's do all we don't spend my money on you doing that stuff I don't want. Unit to have every even though. My friends that had all of the action figures when I was a kid they were the coolest you know. A couple of years ago for Christmas. I'm with you I think you should do things not yet stuff yeah he's that makes sense yeah. So when I went CU. Since the holidays and thinking about it what you back to New Mexico and they give. My nephew is a secures fifty bucks Q whatever you want yes and to watch them pick the dumbest things out I was so we get so mad. An inter talk about the George Spiderman we knew what my traffic is that the stupid. To move into the cardboard box a paint it for you lakes death. No we get this one and if so did Joseph Carr were much more debate yourself advocates are still in it. And the hold everything I had remind myself the whole point of this is just let them go nuts just let them whenever they ought to do they can just do it. And announced that there's like judging who for their toys like you're toy selection as terrible look at the stupid. Next here Christmas is going to be way Jeff into two we're doing this thing lately when afterwards. You know John tattooed on her leg ironically I had a nine GrafTech Houston and everything that a guy that really crazy you're subconsciously it's. Really weird. I don't think I've ever seen a kid actually know how to do anything in mind crafts like a home ever watched my nephews is not play a little bit and I've I've never seen my craft and my time I mean they know how to do stuff it's just like all the aimless kind of wondering pointless this habit Billick I see Eric. I see that the video on YouTube a talk all the spurs never but a guy like making like a Bender from future Rommel yeah there are like a guy may have scientific calculator that actually worked. Like Q I knew how to program a scientific calculator and that he like pulled stuff into it's a lot of values in functions you learn a total program and that that's valuable pretty cool I just don't see. Anyone I know ever actually putting it to use that way it's just like I am. Fixated on the screen that has beautiful colors and are running around not doing anything but that's okay because as a school. Editors have a concept of it so I I've never been interest. At some I guess if I was the candidate that's like that is for sure. I am sure I would be to you if I ever sent anti be into it now for our content that loses cool. I and this the first text message went out 25 years ago yesterday well. And it was sent from a guy from a computer to a phone and I was like well. Parent who doesn't tell my definition of have been okay. But then packets are looking at what was popular point five years ago yet and like the games and stuff it was where does all the linked to the past. Was like the one of the with the vision and they know if I was the first super Nintendo release I think over the chickens are in it. Suppan and and now I don't either. But I had so the first one was the one that everyone knew where you. Yet nearly burned the bushes and it and in the cycle was aside score that was awful and everyone hated. As a pilot and an excitement there was. When is everyone I mean it was like universally panned yes sir and then they went back to become the three quarter fuel for the for the next one. Maybe I better on me the second one and thing in the third one doing so that was like I was like oh my god that's like the super Nintendo Chalmers man that's crazy. Then. Sonic has talked to was big this year. Camera work as it is a war come ahead and Aaron that was the that was when it was still in the are our aid. Us and our kids were still dealing with public ride our bikes to the nearest like in it was like there was arcade games like add a in this case. There's arcade games at the evil Wal-Mart that was right around the department evil that it is a big empty undeveloped piece a land and then they've built an apartment complex and a Wal-Mart next to each other. And like the neighborhood was up in arms about it because you're inviting com if wrath guy you're changing. He knew changing. They don't even know with a double fault is. How lady precept that a my satellite dish pat out this. Toughest it. Tell us to the king of castle rock so Deming here and it's he'll know what that is the key here and it's usually good tennis and high school in strategy of I'm just hit lobs every time so like person at the back to me just answer the backers hoopla that's what goes way up and then they'll likely foreign its master back at Regis it's an analog. The point where he can just do that all day long until the person returning would get so mad because he wasn't playing back the they would screw up oh yeah rationing especially into the net and to win that way he wasn't very good at tennis other than being able to just. Constantly at Joseph the other person into melting down. Which I think is locate the would you put him as the as somebody to go against the current administration. Love them back into the defaced by heads Kia and other back to lift. That's ultimately over that's actually pretty good strategy probably so we rode our bikes to the Wal-Mart real time five minute ride down the real quick. To play Mortal Kombat. Like you finally three quarters and only play for like fifteen minutes or whenever someone have a couple bucks and at all. With the chain of likes of to each other outside the go play that for real terrorist gasoline to deal. Again experience of like riding our bikes there was awesome now it's like your phone. A must have video to dale lion of the I'll just kids that got their parents phones or ornery self on Amazon though that. The that's terrifying thing very scary hand and cradles from eczema kids think they should order. 05 bags of brown sugar yeah like yeah man a man with the other party with Raj is better it's which is better okay. But it is that is a letter he had a prostitute and. Problematic statement that it couldn't happen to I can you clarify your mood took a commitment. It's too good to be troubled. Houston. Notes looks. On Twitter are thanks to the left and the patent Corey. Next wanted to be a target or reading about the flight from society and so does that hash tag national cookie day. Some of the agree excuse guns there's a specialties after the hole and cool and it's. A stag Monday motivation and what did I just say. Price tag told a news no reading this an album. I stag winterize a celebrity. Give me second. Christmas Pratt hello nailed it. If I I don't doubt that me and I can think of anything like. Holly Hunter. Did. Miss it left the Google acute every kick from Pullman looks a bit problematic. And Pete Carroll. So. Pete Christmas to all. So that's a lock up fit the music. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcasts brought you diet dry university it's a draft okay.