166 - MLS World Cup Preview

Friday, December 8th

with guests!


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And in between looks and then back into my microphone. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It fell and worst. No we are not get back. Here's an analyst dubbed special special interests hello BP MLS were AL OK what's the three digit abbreviation for Toronto's airport and I just does the sixth. Lou Brown as the six were taken over the six booty BJP over the 620666. The six is nine now why can't arms like on the camera what they're to negotiate a drink. They knew I drank. I don't know trick probably brings a couple clicks really giant dudes everywhere he goes with them I imagine we would stand no chance against no bribes Thorpe is already pretty tough he's pretty tough but I feel like you're right he probably has. I feel like he's he like runs the city they can't even think like it's bodyguards they think like if we were at a McDonald's. And beside Drake we started going at him like. Mothers would start throwing French Fries and like that I could run on the ground. Uh oh she's done or Sweden Sowers saw us. I don't waste assess tribe. And I. Hey. Welcome to the art com podcast MLS cup special. As some of the dummy is. Hop and ought to play in the headed to old Toronto to watch Toronto. Seattle rematch in the MLS cup passionately defend our cup. That's pretty cool right now man let's give little back story just like the hardest brag effort to legitimize our dumb podcast and you're gonna have to go you're gonna have to give the whole back story is no known as it I disputed taxed at some point that says hey throw Clint Dempsey calls me up ideas OK bro. I was hanging out with drainage Brad Evans backstage at DePaul ball and he was like do it if if if if a man. We really think that you can help us win if you came to food to the game and we like I don't know seats so that's a no one at all what now of the marketing department gives its owners as we do know that the title. Have done a Kia put me up when I was like dude do you want to go to the MLS cup and fly on our charter plane. It was like yes yes that's an affirmative. Affirmative. Damage at 1000001. Month alone. The Canadians are dead. And I. But in many other dead that there really dead I can do and it is dead if if if if it was bleeding Sarah it was dead at the Ontario the tell senators invited. Us there are like hey dude you're the man who would who goes on like Helen yeah did wanna go to this. And so I after. After are broadcasting. Hosting shows and stuff even doing a little play by play and a commentary for the Seattle sound is different variations. There are other pay and in fact violate taken us on this crazy adventure and I don't even know what to do with mechanics and aware of that run an exit completely all that extra work with the getting paid was really paying off finally now. Man it's the best so it's pretty cool because I have paid zero attention to any team in the MLS other than the Seattle sounder is all season correct there's a guy here in the office of probably deserves to go to this more than we do because he's blossom a dummy and has. Do like I don't know volunteering to work for the sound real season. He did not DePaul whole different and everybody Brennan from the Internet against okay. Applause during I was volunteering for minimum wage which act fast track their well then I feel less spin out yeah. The signature is drew the sickness with the fact it up Brenda tell us some of the jobs that you do behind the scenes that the Seattle center's a seed. IA sit up in the press box and I managed the Mora helped keep track of the stats so I it. Mark down on a piece of paper to say when things happen and like shots and and goals and cork external. Yeah it's human Christian. And. Cassie question pretty good you can also said don't let us you know go ahead yeah I ask me that question I shall think yeah last song will work on that answer we get we gotta podcast to get their death. Do you ever get any league players commit silly dude. That was shot free market like if you say yes they're right right part of our job actually when you're sitting up there and it's not official part of the job when you're the home team's players you recognize his chairmanship and is too that's she sees that you can't fight for not fight but you're talking to the official stats with an. I think they have a guy sitting in Portugal who is like looking at the broadcast and Ronaldo is fans were all I could have done that and and you simply doesn't realizes he retires with a foot. I. You sit there and you say. You know we've we believe that that check that players should get a second assessor we believe that actually happened here are like they're there like streaming online the game and they've got the MLS subscription on the ground there what we're really talking about how. The Internet there to discuss tell a lot of nerves that. Yeah so that's all right. Tells Portuguese is on the what kind of details and driver and driver and a couple player second assistant when you sort pressed to home as my full time job Lou good to me mr. Bragg Booth. Whereas Bernard right was the noblest of the David no its that's that's what I I got a text from players after like when you sort for the slow there's articles here we go. No luckily no music. Own the etiquette and. Okay continued. When you're would listen to the city farmer twelve so unless you're like Gary with a little if it's sort of Padilla talked a lot but yeah. Just like it you guys had any effect at that time but I detects from from players near the player they would say Duncan McCormick a little as a player can never mind. It's. Beyond zealots to UNAM though suddenly again with their voice from there are some violent. But it didn't receive New Mexico for the yes current event at quite a few you of them there's well do you look wolf wolf wolf that the little chance of cancer death. That greatly tells little although it's it's a both a little thin and it Spanish Thompson's mix and next thing you know news crews route. Blood new look at a positive just want. Man. Can sorry I didn't know whatever you noon stuff yeah there and I'm already bored of that though what we need from you though is it. But consent Altidore thing I know about Toronto FC is that the bear season was fired at him OG and that. But it. Mental note that I like Michael Bradley and I think. Jozy Altidore and didn't have those two players they only at the Italian guy John. It's. Powell out there you go okay. A lot of people are calling their season in the best and one season ever they're saying that this is the best team to have ever played and analyzed they set the record firm single season. Points with 69 K okay cool nice quote. And they they do not have them BP on it on their team and it you have lass Suzanne MBB which is cheating go with it because he vision brought us. This eat out obviously he's image he every year that I I heard they just. To come off the ballot because it's unfair also it's like being a kid and you're really gonna throw the football and can Milton quarterback for both side asks the outcome of the MB accused you of players from the Portland incorrect actually it would relevance to the I don't know I libretto and I don't know layer so full of fake news but the that's a gong I who faked his Brandon henceforth I will refer to read Evans on Twitter. For ever as MVP Brad Evans yeah for sure he should change his handle push it changes. You probably had to account to do it yeah. Given that it's just you don't play with is number if Russia can you pass where do you still haven't we gave them YouTube below shot I can maybe come on fake fake it's fake. OK so on things to watch out for. In Saturday's match 1 PM. 4 PM. Still time. 1 PM Seattle time 4 PM that's the one I did that character lyrics off yet try to as East Coast of death via. I was that throws like in the midwest as sales this it's no it's it's obviously and above Detroit to play badly but Detroit is like west's west's. And out is further east and I yeah credit Drake Canadian and Eminem then. To kill the son of the border but his. It's knees weak pulse when he there's vomit on his surely months to a team. Got. You don't eat so much of that now obviously a problem now a mystery to bushel bats. Solid now Labatt blue eyed big bat smeared like. Thing in my apartment in college because your college it's only been posters. Beer signs here signs and any dancing for free yes sir. Yeah I'd maybe like make of it is. Who and that the that's after post high school lets your locker and I have a horse had a giant Communist Russia flag alma all summer and because we willow willow to things like cell hook. Kept it to myself. We're watching the match we're gonna watch out for Michael Bradley who sank PK last year apparently he's got to be mad about that. Yeah Michael Bradley a lot of hit people had him in consideration for MVP he only got a few votes but they are saying that he might be one of the most com. Utilized players as far as making a team better you've got Jozy Altidore earlier Thursday night and they under the telephone. All his career have an asterisk his is career have an asterisk about that yeah that'll just speed is US national team points gap yet to. Him and at me and him Jozy Altidore has been on a streak lately and G having go good news good news guys. Jozy Altidore has never scored a goal in the game which I've watched. K great it's in the history of ever including the US nationals and I'm saying ever did so this is good politically foreign England for awhile from minute. Feel oh. Wolf just a Dell's Nolan Nolan is like Sunderland yeah we it was like a place I've never heard of that sounds very windy. Via I think it's legitimately the Providence. The between those three and then you've guy and a couple players the new guys this year Victor Basque says who is. They're saying between him and Victor. Rodriguez on the Sanders who will be the Victor. The victory after yap who started that tell them the stuff I read it you find it also Vista Victor Vasquez victim asked as their sounds like a real villain. Right Annika welcome to be delayed or Victor Vazquez right. Most players do playoff beards and he's showing up with a playoff. Too early must have yet he's you half taking his time these Demorrio low to Blair he's like this sub milling in the justice legal hey they're battling their fight against what is Dale Wolf. Bail was the name several of the devil we did a lot of encrypted Vazquez the old English NB holding the lives epic poem he better do it by joining me they old that would have been an improvement but trust me. By the ghost of Jeffrey Telfair at a at a OK so there's five people's names I remembered to move phenomenon and Victor Beth I'll never forget your bad guys bring home I might actually buy as I let them they can get. Although the mustache is candidate perfectly and you have to timepiece in the breast cancer of course of course it's loaded onto it like at (%expletive) you're gonna salvaged that. We'll dress though does BT up as Armenians what this means the two birdies and this is excellent okay Graham is so to recap it's the evil Victor Vasquez. OK in the Jozy Altidore Michael Bradley and Mike maybe a couple of the guys who hasn't been going in very generously bungee child Jaffe tomorrow. Beasley and it's very Tony yes okay cool so the sound errors last year went into it where is everything to prove and this year Bryant's metsu Santa throw that size talent out of here and that there of the its Toronto that has to prove it. So do you think that this summer's have a shot at this I say I do it's going to be tough I mean that's a no. I I think they got restarted the dead people aren't wrong and they say that this is might be the best team and Hamas history. Big given no way that they dominated Eastern Conference which was. Definitely it definitely stronger than the Western Conference this year for leather that's bad news though because if you're the like after the Los Angeles Dodgers you were supposed to win an older car. Step 3M. And sold I mean they've totally redeem themselves after that though again split the way the way that we don't excel. Chris that okay yeah. Please forgive me decide I like no you're wrong W I don't know sports a Michael a year after they were the best team in the though they redeem themselves we should be next here. And try to get an X and this is get a right now this year got room to room yeah yeah. Idol decision Mets a come and just show everyone what's up man I think the way to we've been playing Victor Rodriguez on our team. Wasn't with us last year during backup Ryan to knew who. You always got to account for knew who knows got to figure you might get a red card yet thanks. Let's Lester every new book the best myself of them said that the current back for that we have starting with Chad Marshall Ron Torres government weird on the news who they having given up very much went off for a bomber starting. All four of them have been considered healthy. Going into the sun. I'd be fine how about Stephon fry. The guys Val Bassett makes one bad decision to give the rest of it is golden self that's good team and to get to to be really exciting the cold part is what like freaks me out is that. There's going to be balls let's give me armor playing his kid New Mexico and get him on the spot with a ball when it's like hole was crap outside it's like the field to break has been kicked that you like how does not school. So I mean it's literally created is very cool Brett if there are thick during a stroll and Ellis World Cup preview of the things that. I had a after this will be right back with cookies. And big. I commercial break brought Cuba 200 residents. Line is more than enough to record a. Closing the third thank you thank you joining us on the pod for the first time I think maybe imported seventy under the symbol and I haven't been on an even on the season. Happily he's been on the season and I make sure I am sure I thought this was the first time he has been on. Since he'll building. Jimmy keys now why are you listening Keith. Got PMS I got plenty of time to announce it was that and he just can't tell up. Catch up at least listen Leslie sassy hot pot now how hodgepodge staying hot pot went back and listen to it meant you're right we were talking about it all thereafter like you're listen to a new like the Wimbledon thing did not breathe the same little way that it showed up against man. I shot to shot Durban suddenly he said that he was being at the time and nobody was listening to it and he laughed Harden appeal on the wall. So loose shots to the guy who had to come in and way of metal paper and a scenario I can hide his profile for this podcast. Funny enough to make you pay double wall I think can write new comic. Gary I don't read ahead please also feel listening right now you haven't done for the two rate this response ours whenever. Device it was movie ever please we we ask you for nothing else in exchange took to listen yeah like we're asking you for money or donations. Are sandwiches on the Cuban sandwiches. Tents real good right nevermind we don't ask you for donations and money that we will last you for ratings in so much so we're here for the MLS cup Seattle -- Serrano World Cup special yet on the we're doing right now and we have to have a fan who's paid attention all season to everybody. And then and now to make sure to bring us back down to earth we have the Seattle sound is FC worst fan of the gear. Four years running Cokie at least glorious view originate or love me fully and clearly brought. Well I'm not done if he's done. Appropriate or what are. If everybody everybody. Yeah I'm real quick the circus stuff if you are no cookies then I'm sort of repeats of the cookie does teacher designed for a little red and he can you choose to shoot printed and all the things the government and ridiculous that we have done teacher related that has been at the hands. Of the Kool Keith settle for unitholders. Communism is summit that we use those that thinks giving yeah to take stuff that we had to go to a Friday harbor and so we had the chicken nugget holder bags -- electoral cold storage bags were pulled stuff that the preponderance of what those who do battle pull American transported across works great and I is a infer transport and dear to my mentoring can softball team now apartment games yeah yeah they come in real handy so -- in any designs stuff just a quick easy you plug and shout out to Cokie now I do you have to warn you sent up chicken nuggets sub -- chicken nuggets don't stay warm for ever -- bags I learned that the hard way twice also if you spilled blue built into them they did really rancid smelling very quickly shatter a subdued milk just cautious saying seven is that I don't know well now the sheriff sheriff could you put us baking -- safe so lineup. Yes have been actually printed oil cookie here. All right okay Angela thanks Steve could we have no problem riddle there okay. I'm not the IT guy here are two different things though. Just ordered him on airplanes travel to Toronto if there is Italy we're supposed to see you do Kool Keith if you needed us to bring back some manner. Yeah I can think of you definitely have to find Drake mr. flake flake. Well you either fight not just find them that I kind of electric you have got to be answered the I'm OK with that I have nothing to demonstrate that I will rap battle them for this spurred you know. Just for the for the little here. Canadian Eminem drag works threat battle that's right. If he'd help you in just Bluetooth and give me call a doctor at battle through critics who makes his dregs rat nemesis and remember anymore. Man I don't know. He has and we filed with anybody lately. Houdini fight with did you have before its summer has him before the break. Steve please department got to implement that somebody Derek Conyers is was it Kanye witness who wasn't. Telling the story about the basketball game. Home medium where they played basketball Andre can Connie replying what. I don't know what I'm Alice. That's a pitchfork told the story. From doing Drake beef right now Yahoo!'s careful for what if not not thief drapes results are sporadic and I've FF FF and that wasn't even a rapper wasn't. Now many now I don't know he memories. Of me and what happened our brains together and I'll tell a story devices. Well they're too many devices. In the face of limited and an amazing free RP GAV and you're rap beats. I'm going to download Edison is redundant that is the path to review this has been happier looking for and you look back on Jake's squashed be skin Lamar Ludacris and Marcel I guess he's good. Okay. That's weird. I feel like like a dual Canadian institute gala for look at Drake basketball now to those come up with a chapters outta draconian other raptors player Friday night. Oh man if you get a little less. Oh you now don't be so sweet I'm meant are you really not even bigger basketball hell yeah okay cool so let's let's go to the Google's whole month now. There's a rule delivered tomorrow RS. Another on a road trip of course is long and unless all this is in Canadian style it is on the top. To me they aren't words the FRA now I think there and Memphis grosans under public and amenities sentiment over there the Memphis Cindy be Seattle Sonics and grizzlies. It's gonna happen via 20/20 two yeah. Maybe maybe hopefully. TS take off tomorrow. I don't know O'Keefe don't I don't know that's the rumor had a bag packed them it's gonna knock undergoes an amazing is like. We're gone through what one it's it's it's Friday night Saturday pac Sunday. Ten so like I might not even pack his suitcase I might just like grab a backpack through like two teachers and there's some undies and some socks by some championship gear post game yeah like I'm just gonna be standing outside the whole time in thirty degree weather we'll also sweater and tennis mechanic I'm not gonna bring shorts Greg. I mean hotel shorts because you know respect to the remains of the night but. Two rooms three dude it's gonna be into blue. Friday that's a fix it. But I don't know mid June slurry dudes who took my toothbrush. I doubt try to not enough I met at. So last under the hotel gets to sleep and Holland between two rooms for. Maybe a cool way to would be TE mailed us and he says it one of the canyon will with a double I was like holy need to be very clear about this because I'm not Sharon a double bed with anybody behind yeah I didn't know that is what is good gross mattress we burned every contract you beds are right tomorrow with be very clear that is the yet the very excited I was demon I wish the rafters are gonna beat their man to chip up. Seeing Drake would be way higher way higher way higher roof Tweeter demagogue your break dude. Could you imagine if it was straight and it. Should he do that once a year. That's at the raptors games against Drake tonight. Added that he shows up I would hope yes of the greatest it would be the greatest weekend sports because as we've had some good sports weekend that would be. Is there any curling in town on front all cool girl oh and one other what do what do hockey game hey they have a frontrunner Mitt oh lead to Fallujah at least they still stink. Here's manhunt go to that true. I know as much about hockey is in nova soccer. Man you do not know much about soccer and we gave him until sends a C worst in the air at the net to be fair to keep those that did did you know there's a fifth at tech since 2009 and so true. And even Wear my normal blacks what should that anywhere in the front row so I can stand out with a different I don't. And looking comfortable everyone else for us to the scars everything in the cookie arms crossed front row that the best reading goats no we can't airman or not I don't know how. Did you have an empty arena only that. Could I guess and they share right B of course it's bad schedule. But he is Q what's the Air Canada Centre right. Own. Yeah Ahmet I don't know much about Toronto you know they've lost mean I know way more than ever I thought I'd hit apparently like. Aaron let's see if there's Air Canada Centre yes. Does he mean schedule. Oh. Never mind he was sort nothing. We will not be going to Air Canada Centre on Saturday that different or Friday cooked who's playing. Crazy town. All right we know for a fact that. Hash tag past all that hash tag nuke through a group. The email now from Joseph Manley who. I know you don't shots Justin Miller is a dummy I know you dummies put zero energy into the whole thing accurate fair but did you ever notice how the transcript your pods reads like a well crafted Trump's speech. If there is such and then. Where's the mother is it I happen to have some of this right here and let me just read the first lines of the less tire let the pub called 100% of the white institute. Ken here's how it went this is definitely gonna get people to listen all right it's. It was to be taken out of context will see Lou we heard Google starts. All right always starting it's not very good. Are we dumps the fifth hole and worse. Armed with the dumps people twister took dishonest and feeding teenagers still this Davis Gina thinks Wednesday's. I don't know man. I would. The I was looking through school in 1982 days and I was like people still know what doctor drew the chronic chest. Remember that far. Well yes and he's not. Boy what he's. The he's not bail we'd doctor Eric some say sees the original let out there and the people are wrong. Because she does not have a medical degree suspended two without you nailed the Trump's speech perfectly at the at. Easy day yesterday though grows he is talking about something and and the hole to come out. No Brit late he either has dentures are just went ninety for 12 he's saying something and he just I think I. Dustan out there. Like seriously like pull it up it is outrageous it is like oh like. It's so bad you actually hope it's a dangerous thing as opposed to make. I heard George Washington's wooden dentures and he found in the White House they're nine now. Welcome all of president. Hypocrite for nine inches or better than George Washington's dentures that the greatest inches above times some say the best the vote effort. You went on to say it's already paid for itself is already worth employed that's good that's that's amazing I'm definitely part of the flood in society now that's great I mean why not. I took real issues with the less club he did where we where talking about flat earth. There's an audience are all home yes the middle like cracks if you can. Yeah if you're writing the program that doesn't transcription you nailed it via. But is there any punctuation in there it just is no other a little bit Isiah I can upload through it so we it but like. It's already paid for its authority weren't that period ploy period with a significant. So now we have to do next week is we have to go back and read the part that I read to see how it reads it oh god you'll never find an American I'm. Although I do is give your very good recurring bit we I read back parts of full iPod can last week on yeah yes but we should start every time. That's some of the yeah yeah yeah yeah us. Who. And he's accomplished a lot today thanks joke so exciting so I had an interview that was scheduled for. Five minutes are now at some yoga no. The guy told an an hour early because the person scheduled it wrong and so are we can keep going. Podcasts not over. On home. I check if I got nothing. Think we have prepared Adobe put it you talking I was told this is the 35 and Patrick. I can't prepare for four minutes of good stretch for another total and especially the the worst thing that's ever happened when you I had a decision has forever a yard dinners to go up there and got stall freaknik. No for typical retailer within the State's announcement on Tuesday that we'll blow hot graphic if rapper did you if you go Wednesdays and do announcement in new ones they're hearing it did it really happened and oh yes because there is solid yeah it did have a facility like. Waving Ehrlich had the rally to her like. And the best worst part shadows to everyone who wants who went backstage and I decided to arrange for a minute. They were like no nose at the beginning they were like shut up you you. Stage okay yah she oh yeah you're not there I know they're trying to make me feel better but that's what I assume people so talking of the lineup they have hair like. I'll discuss the growth and high for awhile then of the opera style from the rafters it was really fun really you stormed off. Just fantastic I'm just following behind united isn't far behind Reza I need to get I am just as mad. Mood that we had little bit differently like eight I usually don't. Show any thing that I I was like god damn it that was so mad and they are trying to get the room and make you panic in a corner puffin. Justifiably. And I sit there just like I can't religious happens because that's like. My first that's that's a big complex because my first time ever did that add another radio station the person ever predator crowd at a decorated station that happened to me. So what happened was we go onstage. The guy that state manages but he's not prepared for us to be there right he's like a pickle we're good looks like this happening gives us the microphones. We walked out there he says were hot you talk a little microphone and the way musicians can do themselves on stage. Because the speakers are way in front of them as the speakers that face back at the musicians. The monitors the way they can hear what's going on until. I don't go to the local. You could hear it in the monitor barely work because very difficult they don't like yet I here's something we're gonna go to your loot respect right right. And so. There were talking we go through this whole shtick that we prepare public thirty or forty seconds worth something yes and no Dennis security guys put waving at me it is like we can't hear you do the others note that. Erica look at people who's talking to each other for five years back and I'm like oh my god. And then finally at like some big changes and yeah. It doesn't work and then the light comes on and then it's actually working and yeah at that point I'm like just read them. Colored of the best part you election oh the only thing everyone heard was just read the card could. Okay. Thanks to you care for from the I told the foundation for took all of he had a son that I don't like the worst part is like knowing Q not mention it so it's like that makes it worse 'cause it's like. They went out and shut up that's what happened shut out to the new loan shut up so much of the crowd why would be immediately forced to switch into in my professional load and that like. Yes Britney right back into everything and I was fine but it was like in that moment I was like I'm gonna throw this microphone at someone. I went and got a beard since the fifth it makes it feel better effective means. I feel much better who Keith but I turned up on Twitter this side a begin to moved boy. Senator Al Franken health Franken has resigned as a southerner. Ironic that he has chosen to do this well. In it in another state this very week could be it. Let's just call it is a pedophile is running for alleged they is running for a senate seat I get the full support of the party in the endorsed yet yeah I. And endorsed. Alleged pedophile it's interesting because one side thumb is. Lucid I mean obviously this guy should step down like electric chair or even if you don't agree with winds have been at the two PR nightmare to Garrett at the very least okay. On who's been used against them all the time or for forever. But at the same time via his opposition would not do the same thing and is not doing the same brilliance of their sacrifice seeing. Their own strength to make that happen which is an interesting conundrum to but they're finding themselves. Shadow misuse South Park by the way it last night the dummies who I've recorded you know when I don't want jailed it and nailed it me a dollar and really get. Pearl Harbor. So it's really literally. Accurate. At a store chain. I don't own bill wise New Mexico could count oh no you don't wanna know an airline and don't honestly can't bitcoin. I've read that somebody stole eighty million dollars of bitcoin and that's not supposed to be possible liberal said the adults it's important currency do need to not release yes they do it it's like how do you spend a bit claimed is electric Deanna Connecticut deli slicer cliche about the peace a decade ago OK so this is the I don't have a look at. A I didn't know they really has the miss apparently rich is held by OK so here's the deal bitcoin is they need. When you buy bitcoin you can buy whatever percentage while stocks can assure. And do what makes it whittled blocked chain and what it does every time there's any kind of transaction it adds. The data onto the end of the change. Okay and then that way for any tennis any transaction ever has to bounce back and forth between all the servers to make sure all the chain is the same. So you have a bit when you break it in half we write down a piece of paper John gave have to Greg. Kind of an tiebreak and and have to give have to Keith that's Gregg took. Half of that which now corps give it to keep and then I also have to send that to use a you know. So all of us now have the same record of how the money away. But how do I get a pizza with it so you have to find somebody who accepts bitcoin. Comments like I have like a little bit of digital currency and Mike. I kid and he repay you tee George's the currency manager in the UK converted back to your bank kept the feel like years ago there was and it might still be there. ATM machine for declines can and like the spit fire that's gone now. Oh really they have one in Seattle and CO a weird embryo in and somehow cash out but yeah the challenging part about that there was now that it started Brazilian interactions. Bomb do you have to change its longer Lauren Lauren rhetoric and the now some of her how to hack the un hackable but Colin because of the opportunities to un hackable like well let me just show you how I do that and it was Dario. It. GOP and collect when you coin and game. One thing it's what all the lives. Africa and it's in the end go down and then into the pot yeah but it mayor are you the waterworld. Un. I do not include Mary Lou. And so to be fair. What if people who bought bitcoin say a year ago. When it was acts. Bucket made headlines probably about a year ago that I got basically got 2000 dollars purporting. Holy crap. It was over 111000. Dollars in aid to that is like like people it's commodity it's like how does milk become more or oil learning to become worth the thing it's just people believe in Benton and they wanted to and so they're willing to pay higher price for his uncle. I've made like. 500 bucks strictly on these points probably not like a lot of investor with a couple hundred bucks it's worth like share. I have almost a thousand dollars now on a 300 on investment slept at that worth it but it. Also if you don't get in like when it's like a fraction of a penny per unit and really want to make upon right now so we're gonna skip. For the next one so he told me not to do that one note that plastic Thursday thoughts. Will there be booze on our plane flight to Toronto. Now will there be free business complimentary do's and went to Toronto I'm actually worried that there will be blues at all at all. Did you think here for at the airport pretend they are this. That we don't have a real Micah we re like fancy seats are we like three in a row as long as it's not. The Cleveland Indians plane from this link. Yes five different seat planes again August and not a effort on June 3 one down there you are just before kick. I refused to bite on this next one because it's just another one of these past technical moon news thing to sit out. Has take Pacman. Had no idea when it met. Who it's Pittman had. The paramedic giving Iran and come around that now I'm pit mad about being Pitt met they. Walter Scott. Now that is he's old he's the new character in the remake of the officer in a new season and he's Michael Scott's brother. Proof of who share. Just full control bush can recruit but of I don't. Com if you lose the unarmed black man who was shot by the police. I don't. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you guys met that designs and karate university. And.