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Thursday, December 14th

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Wayne Gretzky because. It. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. Simply don't look rolling well. But just over left and. About guest producers with the right now Campbell if that's going to be a thing today I'm not going to podcast okay. We give context that we had the worst pilot over the area and our action it was so bad. Just so glad it was a preview of the speech he gave as we were about collecting and the fact it's. That was basically it was terrible from an annoying who. Congratulations. On making this fall our friends and. Tour for revenge should be on the ground in that. Tournaments. But never stopped just kept going. It's a darkened dude stopped well look one of us do it though and all some. I don't let this and you got this I got this notice. Can I get the little winds though during the wings this month pilot L Ottawa Jersey outlined planned gold with a co pilot doing you should be doing so that portrait. Rich you've got all that you blow the rescue. Work to do those things. And it's now a cast are not PS our guys know I'm not so are all new domain print reporter about apologetic about art about again I appreciate that. Hey man. That's a question as being questioned. Would think Canada very well. There are high points and low points forty to 41000. Yeah meatless Laporte and now I'm doing it god dammit guy you what what's going on but you can't make mine and I know but yeah. Please tell socialist who's time albeit sitting outside. So who. I'm Liz what he did. All lockquote. That was by far the highest point of the entire trip for me it was the black squirrels out there crazy else quelled meg Rosa Carmen Mexico a sentence. I didn't know that was a thing no. And I was shook. There it is one like it was like Adam Blake easier random a final score enough. There's like two of them we were under the the Russian Space Needle that Toronto has. Low point architecture in Toronto who yeah it week. Super who's had this to us. Very east German debt like hash tag Kasey Keller spoke. To just leave it just leave that. Not that it's not worth that is not a tree DiMarco put this world with the black squirrel black's wealth he them. High points. Well let's talk about the architecture Toronto games are on a per second so if you very amended to try it. You know that Detroit is vague gray everything in Detroit is great maybe has changed since I've since the last some of their millions Billy twenty years but we do. Odd trait is not a friendly inviting city. Outside in our program and then hangs out in ways that people drive by efforts like I've got a car wash Sime moot and the rest of so are being a meg ground seed complex world. Is our grows idea Libya to a could the next step from this L and if it is lost not. So. The architecture everything there is just ninety. It's just square. And repetitive repetitive. And nights without any soul. And email have these glass. Built like everything's glass like he'd like it is newer stuff which the doors open plus the old stuff is all concrete and it's all very strange and like not attractive. Lily is like around these glass buildings is like sidewalk now. Like there's no yards there's no grass anywhere. It's so on inviting that these squirrels can totally not blend in with the anything and still be saved it's kind of the opposite of Vancouver and a sense related to birds are like metal on an illness. Is down his playmate and we're right on the water like new seabirds like the and even like the the shore and out listen trying to as a really big cities ocean there's chunks of it that Simmons. Listen design and what he has talking about it is beautiful I'm sure there's parts that arc but the part that we stayed in. Not so much up. Global Tim Hortons also Tivo and a page editor Tim Martin soda is that sausage. Biscuit somebody's. Very good very good guy for the big shouts to you shut us to Gregor hello everybody is there a direct yeah. Came through and it's Sunday morning. We stayed out very late and we welcome very early to catch a flight and I don't think any of us were really in shape to fly. Look what's click once or people want to start and roughed. This is all assuming that anyone has listened to the last Cassel threw just skipped one you have no idea why we're talking about Toronto. The lovely folks at Seattle sound is FC. Tennis open like you wanna go to their Moscow with us and we were like your goddamn right we do hostage to their work throughout their four business obviously even though I'm by immigration reform group person. Whoosh she don't worry it's pretty much just kooky for listening okay. Unethical kids a day. But the designs Diebler for reporting its. So we went to Toronto fly out Friday early morning on a charter flight to little bragged error and then. Until we get the country you know if we landed Toronto we can tell you just carried a house and then wake up Saturdays or drink in early and go to the MLS cup where the towners unfortunately lost to the Toronto FC's. Two to nothing. At least sort of deservedly the mix a little bit better I feel a rematch of clusters in most of Summers one after she was having zero shots on goal but that's. Amazing that one guy knows that confront us and sonic at the shoddy turnaround is under way in a 130 minister say there's. I'd like well played sir. And the second one we LL like up to media and the fans knew what was up with Kevin had a flat bottom the here's the deal look at Toronto baffles me because. Again the part that we stayed in near the stadium sort of double the waterfront they rethink the turbulent tore them in the business too little the CBC's in the big financial things yeah times and all that stuff was all that. And it was very multi cultural which is really cool 'cause we don't have any of that here in Seattle seems like yeah. And the people are so god damn nice like all Canadians eleven counters and general rising here every culture has the bottle that's fine but. Generally speaking all of the people of a Toronto were very nice to us at every turn to for the chase Steve. And waiter that we had the first thing to do it on the people. Oh yeah the people were wonderful but sure we are going to look a professional sporting event and we're gonna go BMO field the Bebo. And we're gonna be the guys that are wearing green to their read a perfect Christmas medley. Of colors and what I'm like he whistled. You know if you own we're going to be if the NFL home Super Bowl the better team stadium like this too there's some places were yet nearly nonstop fistfights that'll would be at the time. Unfortunately the MLS not merely as with who had pegged in Las Vegas traders for ever. Yet as of right now definite benefit. But let the MLS is so weak that the beta there's no way that they can can they had to stop holding the MLS cup in a random city because right when it was here fourteen people showed up on one of all of those who is sad to see you to see the MLS not chancellor had to switch so easily to get some support. Unfortunately he couldn't and that you're going to to enemy territory and I cannot overstate. How in incredibly freak and also on the Toronto fans wore. That we saw wall we were there and our section there's just one rule sell orders fans was from like ten of us total. And then surrounded by Canadians and a comes out there like in June. None number seven Christian in almost. And that profits Ehrlich poorly is going on here are supposed to do that all. Are you guys are from Seattle all you losers OK okay and Ericsson lookalike I don't know what to do with my hands right now I was redundant. And once the game got underway they couldn't have been nicer but we were all just having a good time mouth and off to each other just a little bit. The insults are super weak they were like slicked the whole west were walking in its intimidating sure often act in the enemy colors and people like well all fair. The third biggest Lake Arrowhead area told hey the blue and their songs are their biggest insult to a set up a I don't acute that it really ask at the time O'Brien put but he brow with us and shot to be chief so don't. Will you at all intimidated going in there that we would do walking into like hostile territory. I mean with Silas has to cross your mind and I Benjamin a sporting events to know like well. This could go to one of two ways you know but. I think by it and by the time we walked to the wind just to get in. And received nothing I was like oh this is to be so bad. I got a Lil nervous we walked behind the goal yet. 'cause I thought that was like a supporters section of the this might have been the best mistress I guess they have like an area right behind him one on one side before we knew where was my side of the stadium is where these supporter groups are right oversee the songs and have a terrible teeth so little that's also terrible job under Tito Toronto this is an old cup you've got to do better too for those big banners with the whole Balkans to Africa but granted they only had but. 25 feet. To work with so that apple and but they were really that's about thirty about thirty rules were if it's not if elected double bleachers just a month Israel's month. That's kind of what he's just is working with a trip they get top involved now to away. Walking and that then on the other side of the field there's you can get down on the field behind other gold watch warm ups right which is pretty cool will block your own team warming up down their total adorned 22 field watching the Mariners will be when we're warming up. They did in my we got down their material loss found out I was what a time I was at this probably is the worst supposed to be right right right right. But also like a policy arguments warmup. So when her and yeah so you I thought that was a liquor if it anyways and go south I thought that's that would be where it would happen. And it was definitely not a terrific to have my guard up just to make sure look at and wanted to get suckered in by name but also. We weren't. In this is an important thing too I know some is going to be some who's gonna think opposite of Lehman had no duty gonna go with their guns blazing. We were at lake face painted up horror you know like each. I mean. I really had a scarf on in joining me like it was like. Wherever you're smiling trying to be good sports about everything and good luck you look what god says to BT he's a beach is what is Denver Broncos had this from Denver and he's going to Wear mega. I'm glad. And Brian turns around and did I see is if you were to sounder scar for jurors that if I never mind. If I cut back right that was the type of stuff that was happening that really Blake made me. It was the warmth and fund that these Toronto fans were having that made me really appreciate how all. We were there watching game. The people it was like Canadians are like George Rick flies trying to insult Marty Mick fly before upon totally like didn't really know how to like throw good public mean banter all like that is why aren't new Afghan and that and that's really to finally we heard talking trash of those guys are front us the whole game in like the best they possibly ask not like you to put quick turnaround yeah. I don't. But they were also because we were being we you're having fun I think it helped them have fun but because they're Canadian and there are like it again I'm general I think and there are. Canadians for sure chair but because who Wayne Gretzky Africa but I. Couldn't cook. I. She sounds all low and don't get ill and I. I'm. Not a pretty translate that for the spike hasn't equally if we can. I got that I think that the match it was organized slimmest among Shana reported that very good very good. But did beat the Canadians were so warm and so they just generally there's such a great embraced by the people there that they like Arlen. Just cool. It's. I was writing about this earlier but. By the same token. But this is the country whose favorite sport has sanctioned fighting in the name of it right no player game boy it's not a fight yeah okay they got got to sit down for a few militants fighting is ultimately bad right like we saw a lot. Right and so. It's just make their culture loves a blue route sports. But the same time the fans were totally cool I'm a million feet tall standing in front of the people behind me in the got the during the body is that you realize how did you get an idea it's out of my control right and like it too with the very minimal degree I get somebody who is like. Born into way worse things for culturally speaking into the arms of the way people treat you threat than being tall like a lot of advantages that come with being tall but if you're discriminated against because you are something that sucks I get it. Got to the same degree obviously but yeah we're having fun with the two like one girl it was a big play that happened she was behind me were to happen it's accredited by the shoulders and shall we like it. American Canadian exit it was hilarious so. I was really worried about that as soon as we got to receive two people like. There were so nice. That by the end of the match when we were rocket's second goal goes in 93 minute to show it but I and it was like a really dismal performance by the sound of squad but just in short it was too bad yeah for walking out and I was ready to take I was ready for drink to get thrown at me or sought that. Yeah all of our. I don't like that have to think. Everyone is just all high fives and patents on the back check all at our turn like yeah yeah it is your turn. Your team is great you guys are great affair ends this is like this most fun that we can I had doing something like this without a win yet like so. Canada Toronto specifically shout outs do you for being so freaking awesome yeah hey. Now. At about the MLS. Cup kept switching gears. We get to Toronto. And like every single driver we have every single person who's like nick are bringing us back faster whatever. Literally no one had any concept that there was a championship game happening at their big downtown stadium for soccer. Greg we stayed at the hotel that the MLS officials were saying at and people are doing what you're far. The poet in me that must cut the with that. What have you not looked at big pandering everywhere they're wearing a pay and put both liquidity to former commissioner of MLS. What do you mean what am I here for I'm here to meet with a load nevermind I was that was surprising a little bit I thought soccer be bigger there because they've well I mean. It usually assumptions but I was like well it. Obviously do and while the other sports but like so when I went to Montreal. From the ground three back to two dozen states it was also a Euro a year and more my cab drivers like earlier for the referee because. It would obviously he's plugged in the fact is gonna draw people from the airport to downtown all week yeah okay fine. Of the definitely not a ton of people travel because of the cab driver knew nothing yet but. Then like he was like oh you should weigh each stick around a couple more days because Euro cup starts on whatever day after the ground create and that's wins the city gets into that like you're cut like the people that travel for the appropriate kind of a nuisance to the city share. Degenerate a lot of money but like if you look at Canadian 21 year old works at food so it's a post a sub shop or whatever like you just deal with stitcher right grant Brett. People from the states all the time. Prosecution beer for your cup everything shuts down all the bars bring out its summertime in like a really cold place beautiful during summer there they are shut down put everything in the streets TVs everywhere people go nuts for soccer yeah. Has a lot. That's Greek Canadians give it total. Nope nope Pardo who knew. So that was kind of disappointing. What else is cool I was on a hot young family go inside of it we saw it that was cool afternoon outside. We trickle. Take a lot. Of those fund I gotta say that was some. I news you've. And so I usually never keep going however and two days in a row. The sole job Millie diddle little loose the second night maybe a little more at. As you should be of course but like I was able to stick around and hang and we drank lots of bears lots of whiskey. And had a pretty dang good timing hustle people to win worse off than we were so sure her. For sure I feel bad for them because flying that way that's crazy dude we took a chartered flight student told Rondo with a sports team. It's pretty cool in lead Zhang Qi is of now listen this is one major. Humble brags slash for his real problems just like tablets with established we took a charter flight about click the coolest things yes they go private jet. Chartered flight okay this is not I was complaining this is thus kind of making jokes about our situation yeah exactly and it's. It's like to be included is the coolest thing ever to be clear tugs who took the organ guys and there's there's there's a weird it's the coolest thing in the world when you're standing there are ways. These sound is broadcast guys and Clint dance he's wife and rolled bonds' brother and like. And you're in that group you're not like this weird like out Irish and be your arms I'm in the wrong place is like no I love that was two out. That was really. Deathly like a pinch me moment in my blog on here like this crazy. And then you got on the plane the 767. Which is I thought like a new were playing that was pretty nice a false. The first seed I want to buy was covered in a moment spilled something already gone and I was like books to blow up to a great start. It. It's so bad things like. People smoked on that plane in the past her share the recent past yet right leg a big. That was definitely like a Turkish Airlines likely play without the ashtrays before they landed I think I guess the undecideds in the bathroom. Had thing that said please no cigarette butts and paper towel trash what is. Now it's like if you're Kabul cut off your hands and right right dead get to do Dick push ups for the next hour they can get Terrell yet yeah it if you get caught. Are smoking now and there it was like oh hey guys we can do that anymore you knuckle heads. I learned when we got our itinerary there is specific mention no Wi-Fi on the plane. Summit club that's final watch their in flight entertainment can help I'll fall asleep anyway MS McLean sleepers and I'll be eleven inch screen with a where others already primary economic and build an enemy it was. I was like the computer monitor the level my dad yeah yeah it was a box TV I guess that's that's who seems safe to hang in there like that. Yes there is there it turns out plot twist there was no inflight entertainment there was nothing Brian looked accused pretty entertaining. We had a good time a good chat. And Katy Perry and I we talked for like we were stuck on the ground for two hours before we can take off and it was a four hour flight and for five of those six hours we talked like the replica which is super fun we had a good time laughing the excitement of going somewhere for yeah it so rich. Going there you were willing to forgive a lot of these faults of this place yeah. Flying back with Africa at the with a on a scale of one to five about available to do three hangover. IDS salad too. The bus right it was a full or but by the coming after the plane was backed out of two. I was a Dicey mowing their couple moments on that bus remic this is the problem. This plane it is old enough that they hadn't figured out how to economize that yet where like I could stand up in the bathroom because it looked about it and be big enough yeah I was like all look at you usually it's like. My head tilted over the current appeal of pencil over the see everything go slow aren't. Discrimination oh yeah AAF. Look at the pilots. Lou the crew was like this rag tag cruel like moved over to all different islands that says hey guys I got. Nothing was cohesive at all. And one of the guys says to a super stock BS and with nominees like it's what do we just laughter that's the boosts we'd stay in me is like oh we're here for two nights in the wee fly to Seattle after this and that. McQueen the second. Today it did reach CC just rent a plane that they don't just park somewhere and just wait for to be used yeah I guess is yeah exactly revenue which was cool like nothing in the world makes you feel fancy air. Maybe a monocle but nothing else makes you feel fancier than millions who back board a plane. On the tarmac. Gather at the bus which turns on the weird history possible yeah like this is definitely not where the signage says to go to catch a plane with. Oh Paul Rudd who's winding road that we pull opened theirs are for complaint yeah like. Oh hello Oz there's the play there's no. Click security guy like looked at my passport and didn't read it again like fine he OK doesn't say you're a murderer played that I was on a stamp on those is no no yeah. Appraisals act out like I can now sir did you visit drawing. Let's let this refine them actor untied. Besides Isiah to drive but whatever to deter the bag search was way more aggressive than married and I've ever did because they don't have a radar gun but they're also very nice like it was that we get daddies take a peek into the back up and as like I had is we already know that we've done it's good to me five minutes to Tellabs Demi is acting to time critical. And you walk across the tarmac under the plane which is the spoiler alert. Again too short for me to walk out of there and gossip about Basel again as I thought the whole we can with can kind of designed against all people PLO can demand a lot when I was standing it was myself Taylor Graham and coach wade Weber Taylor former central defender for those founders. We Weber former central defender and myself all of us over 63 standing around I was like yeah look at us via the absolute gold rec league soccer team right there and I felt very discriminated against Atlanta I should be standing with Marissa looks short round showed up for. In Siena played below is. Questionable but it was that's the past it is fun both times and it landed a punch of the overhead compartments just couldn't him hope and pride in C broke. Minded recline. I mean. Let's just be honest it was very junkies got the super appreciative again. I would do it again and in a heartbeat. And they're like it's it's another planet I don't care. Let's do this Alia I was packaged snack next time they are that it was a Major League bat that like prop plane ride right into like fifth fourth not bad right right like. The other that this flight crew is like well in general we're going to be judged secrecy it's now mobile turbulence of people like Philip no I don't know cook American knew what I was doing screw you guys. And that because they're like this the league of well flight attendant cruised from there or whatever okay final that are ladies and gentlemen we are still we still have these who don't know is standing by. Number there's one guy and I don't know who he was I don't know what his affiliation I don't it doesn't matter. Who just didn't listen to anything I was up and down like a hundred times. And make as they're like please take your seats he would get up and and led. Yet sit down Stefan Frei I don't know what it was I was in use many would like Kelly he's at. What's affected by him standing by left who is making me so many as they could proper level tired hello very disappointed at that point m.s like. Hey yeah. I could talk yeah yeah thank you our fault sir this is why this woman right here so uncomfortable with the microphone and are right because you wolf down dude just sit down. You can talk to whoever he needed talked and get your former athlete. May be part of the and a former everybody got a I mean I played sports legend about a portrait we've putted. You could talk to crazy Leonard just sit down to it and that's sit down I'll give you an autograph for you I'll get to fourteen after a pass it up and god. Sit down the worst. SO of the I actually that the plane was a thing of endearment former about love and it's just it was like a little airplane Catholic area. He might not be the best player but many got us there yeah for free and everybody had fun in the dense these kids just destroyed the front I. A front portion of it which is really funny but typically there is no doubt it was an and that. I I. At. And that was cool and that was a school they were family he said is your where's mom for a while schools like. Since debit removed with my friend and I and other public. And she's like I'm blue Leah we're report reliably to dissimilar from our hands get a piece pavement has more arrests. You know three years of metallic there's three tickets and they're so yeah like OK I do what's going on here. Until I can up I was like oh lavender Mujica before actually shook. Like I wanna what are the portals of them and then as soon. Very excited Hewitt goes it's going on we get a little different Christian came into the almost inseparable. That's the best Asia also. We should us a shout out the re foundation because they invited us to be very cool. Tell us there is an Asian supplements they invented this TA. Kate. Whose call that like. It was player RAZR now I don't know Williams fan appreciation yeah become a fan appreciation aim I salute as little as yet on where they had an open bar for an hour and have to for the match yet at the competing in works now. Which is admittedly was pretty us I'm recovering pop a shot. A B Brian one time which was satisfying from because I'm not. Go to that episode yet and so to beat somebody who takes competing like that like the three of us all very competitive to them yeah with the sheriff sheriff but at the I knew it was a beating you because I just don't do this there was a jail in two different league yeah mania com but I don't know how much Brian does that affect you as a way more than I do for sure and he other one bad round and beat him and one good round of Syria I didn't lose every single game I played and discipline and a break has score though. That was at. This sounds like apps on a picture academy that's like I am pretty quick as like a I'm playing against the score out at OK I wanna smoke these guys know and I knew I would smoke you've heard not because you bat like I always what you had 82 and I had Tony but you're right right opposites you know that's all right. And I can't get close companion close but never quite jumped over the hump which somebody cheated for that those two guys that are good at it just. Prop may be traveling out and got there I think at least apron and a half hour. I'd got it. Pivot and there's those people other people are playing them get out of here tomorrow and we're here from America hates you you are America to JJC employee now right now. Now shoulder what do you Okobi as I was shooting respect things you do we talked about how wonderful comedian at one point I was ready yet I was it until it's slowly we got the weasel talk my high points Maria gets so open the second. And Emmanuel the what a couple Lumia in my Canadian accent which even I lost control of it if I was if I have a regret of this ship complementing your Kleenex it was probably. That was above the last two Beers that I had Saturday night that did not need to happen but the item. Oldest say combats. I understand what it's like now to become self. Like I went Denham says threat there of what goes it's ever been around the it closed at I got a taste and I couldn't heard back yet it yet. And it wasn't I know. You can tell that at some point it wasn't intentional. It was full open door you to screw with the it was I was blocked did I couldn't escape. It happens Canadian language prison it was. Hole he's just children that pull the capsule and while brand and I were talking about this a spread of the unit subject. He was saying that some people when you give a round something that like very spongy yet. And regardless of fact I don't want to lose my identity. Of couple Beers in me and I can't tell them. Doing it anymore I can to access to save my life yet. But you put me around it NIA you cannot yet I cannot which is some. Liquid my Brothers both speak in a very certain way if you just give my butt so much and we together I come backs and talking with a totally different person for a couple days via a dissenting the title back to Wisconsin yeah neglect Wisconsin. And it changes in the second yeah and you pick up on the mannerisms of the people around and yeah part of me communicate our guess is that what I'm sure that's. Part of what I do from talking for a living is easily influenced by stuff like any other arts and you probably more aware of that more influence and interested in it too like artisan like that for a little bit botanical. We add it to see if I can. If it is how quickly can adapt and elect newscasters and stuff that worked really hard on not letting that influence of relics specifically. Don't wanna sound like anything except for. Write English speak right. Not English. Big part BTV and it. On one side it was through over your talking like this and am on this segment. He's pissed if I. I am credit though militant BT's if he'd had his wit is so dry and sold sharp. BI is like hilarious. But also in the two of us do this constant right and so we can really reflect back from the time we were walking to the event where we were gonna have free booze on Saturday. And Nolan was being funny every owners just hung over and like we are breakfast going fine okay got another cup of coffee suddenly. It started to wake up a little bit and then you've got one drink in us and it was brought a fire yeah good and then it didn't stop the hole today. If you if you're apartment fire and it would look at Yahoo!'s like world's met again. And Brian is like. She's got the third wheel but he's like a comedy third real SharePoint Rhett has you and I can just do the right out of habit. And boy he just deliver. Any Israeli and that we would to a par after the match and that we walked 45 minutes to get the bid but I have a I was at this point a little. Little lit up. Yes a nice slow walk was just what we needed I think I feel like that was a mistake. Who is at the time I I can't believe we're still locking but I feel like that tejada say it's aimed everything because if I mix. Liquor and beer I usually end up with a sour stomach and a Mike really upset the next stance that. 45 minutes of elevated heart rate to get metabolism going was probably exec who when you can read it does for clemency can drink yeah we and we like fire right back up again like yeah no mass and around and so. We get to the bar and we're there we had fish and chips is Irish pub it's yeah it's fine with the chemical building whenever. The interior is cool I mean it was it was no different than any other Irish while high ceilings and they are vaulted their kind of cool like it was actually one of the few times and it hasn't this looks cool it's and it's spot yeah and because. There's like a few old things that still exist or could do hockey hall of fame somehow as the coolest looking building America yet so all the traditional. But. Were there and we have our fish and chips we have a couple more tricks them. Skis and stuff and then out of nowhere. Some goggles walking by any goes Seattle Dana how we fuel. Cool now this is a bar that has a hundred people in it and a total of eleven of them have been at the match based on like regrettable wearing because again Toronto. No idea of the Sacramento took place well on the championship right. I'm like OK and people can look rally that's weird and I I had a conscious thought in my mind don't rattle back. Right for everything from the radio just let people be jerks and to share the space and then they don't get any satisfaction. And the like two or three more times throughout the course of the next 45 minutes. The guys just launching things are not like throwing bombs or launching verbally from a across the room like I mean and that's a big room with sound like a club there was five people between us and him at least yet yet and so in Asia. Will. Lose that over and over he set a few worse things than that yeah I am. Share. So it's employment just like I guess you weigh in because now I'm like really tired and I wanted to Holm and yeah I don't wanna have to part of this guy Elliott for or it doesn't really matter but also elect whenever I'm done here which was direct you to Barnum and reaffirming right. So we just to leave and as were walking out at the bar was his other Toronto fans and Brian goes right up to O'Neal's Aimee congratulations for your team guys yeah there are like. Ruin this view let's cool it does reported that made the nicest. Let me know us delta and the entry today the F. About I find that hard to believe but also like share okay. And I'm genuinely happy for those people because shirt were so cool the team was a quarter from one bullet hole behind us threat and he starts spouting off again and man. Bryant also disappears and he'd be lines to that table and I'm past the point in the lobby here waiting and caller said he was like keep eyes on Brian bright. Just like this could turn into a fist fight right right and then use all happened from there yet but he doesn't at a table and it was great conceived. Graduated there at the table congratulations anyway and bubble bubble blast or shaken hands and he gets to. You're back in and a guy and goes no not you you're a jerk. And I was like. Yeah. I. Like for real I think. BT just did that's true. And then also they have and it's a gimmick well gloves are coming up for a second here let's just get ready Israelis are kind of like a jerk who was a catch and everybody hail was the catch and day but let's drop the gloves your argument you're being a jerk. And that guys tasted really what yours is just a cute cute looks like a tiger jam up. It was great he was. He was by more stunned than we were and we were pretty stunned I hope to god that his friends never let him live that down Jeff when Motorola the championship with like an old Doral yeah right like you're such admit I think that's the guy who clicked and made it uncomfortable for them all night to budgets route not to swearing at people. For like. I get I get the answer also I get it and if you every time you walk by or go to Brooklyn like I get it. Airlock about two point or whatever like right to the children dignity again all the guys in front of us and behind us at the match. All is all fine Danielle chipped away at us for those it was so admitted yeah much fun to be instead of it been awkward reels to Billick frozen between that blew right right between each other at the this week you might melt off like a picnic. Oh Derek earlier yeah earlier that I think they can get shut off we've a couple of years. You know this is this is so. Cordial. Trying to fans where I was a line for the bathroom. Solo of that with you guys I was by myself happened there. You guys went out beforehand I don't have to go yet. Has very conscious of I do not want to break the seal. Because some times that becomes a very big problem for me. Suddenly just I'm good I'm good Adam's gonna hang out here. Until then of course as I gotta go now and I wanna go before the half so I snuck out like the 46 it was late. And the line was Arnie pretty long and you know its debt. It's a small stadium and the passengers one in one out like there's no. A stake. Builds very poorly like there's one door they go in in the same Dario come out and others like a thousand people. There have been drinking for 45 minutes trying to get in and get out not good enough. And I'm in the middle of that thing and I mean I and the the little green and white scarf and a sea of red. And you know we're all kind of find their way through and it's kind of referral and India really spot an anybody but like you were steers also standing firm. And we're starting to talk about like I did appealing to these guys on your sister and outsiders fans may just turn out like no. It is like ha ha. They all get about you know I think he's BI they Apatow Jeanne as I was getting mental level after he had that little panel tobacco general could go to a quick look at a couple of times mobile on a scale defense the defense or underdog but yeah I hear you better you better movie count them again plug it into the lake. But if ever there was a moment where I think who's not crabby and who doesn't have to pee and Mike opportunity as. The minority that room for everybody's walked through me best likes argued giving back get them back take off get him back absolutely was not the case everybody was very cool. Make the feeling that they appreciate each other's lives a little more in Canada the charity like there's more there's not as many Canadians. A lot of space. Lavalas centralized healthcare silica picked the I was not worried about if we did get notified about being treated well who can we have to go to the hospital is that's a thought maybe missing our flight back would be bad for her in Canadian jail. Looks as it is really cool we couldn't call. A fake. I've avoided mammoth phones so I was I had business you know they legs just committed hotel led by 9 o'clock. He had yet to descend the coach to jail should please his idea not. I'll forward a ticket. I'm committed and now I've got gifts for your good your being just you just assimilated into the culture. I'm saying you gotta get the ball better money yeah I just can't say that. It was really fun and I had the best time. I'm worse for the Wear for sure out but I mean I'll be fine tomorrow. And at worst simply catch called big deal worth it. I never count them as and to my poor wife we've spent the whole weekend sick with the baby by ourselves and we got home and of course it's my Ike I have to take the baby on that right. Who pretty L'Oreal to a point I was like well bugs hit the couch and she looked to switch mic are you serious ya like. Home on dude and I was like a regular maybe we'll go in the bay was immediately super upset to like you tomorrow likely down with me entered an apple guy Nadia so good with the right back up walked around him entertainers who have little debacles the smiles and I was doing the Linda couch. Watch football because I enough and good. When the couched as veggie out. And I was waking myself up snowboarding yet make one of those deals like you she said. Has your throat feel today from that it's not bad by Iowa I was really nervous yesterday because I woke up yesterday morning and my eyes I couldn't clear my throat like and a frog in there me to and I mean and we we breathed in way too much cold air and snorted snorted up and make in my hotel room the DN heater was and turn it off we just kept on going. So like you get all that like dry air he shot three. And it NASA mission we were. Hammered so like nothing brilliant system is down. And I sleep a hundred times worse when I'm drunk because the to the chair all the stuff that can look allows you to snore loosens up seasonal storm more yet. But man what a good time and that was really fun like that last part went to was just dank but it was still fun like yeah yeah I was really it's Hannah really led us to go thinks he thanks for the senators. And hole boy those sorts. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by metro design he's a real cool Keith. Hypocritical if it.