170 - It Already Sucks

Thursday, January 4th



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The bottom line starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. You wanna say that again. I can't hear anything hello hi hello fellow. Commuters are now Gregor hello yes I can hear you. Welcome the what I ate feed our modcast take congratulations everyone listening you survived 2017. Which is. No small feat not proud of you all. I was lost a finger literally on New Year's. You don't mess which would event in oh really after a certain way kind of like the perfect like this kind of should've happened yeah man that would have been fantastic. I'm so over it I hate when EA team already I guess I like coming out full Seth man I just hate it. Give a preview of I like even number years it's crazy you're married and even number year had a great time great where you know ghetto loans and northern I was getting half and ask the British lawyer up dummy at a global this year. So yet tornado Tito RD rubs you wrong. Well we're not up to exactly Abe flying start here. I mean I've watched more Premier League in my life good the last week that in my entire life that had 39 games so far and I've watched. Probably I'd say fifteen awful. Which is pretty good out of most of those particularly prize happened before the new year. I mean arms and Democrats are about right now that's luck for my brain is going into the sea that's the way it plays to beat you just hang out arts he had just hang out in sports. It's like it's the best drama. I l.'s go lake as they get older I I kind of always go. It's weird because and as a kid that's all I watched a success but I played every sport chair. Knew every player and every team blah blah blah blah blah and as they got older. That's kind of shrunk a little bit no group like man. You know you gotta worry about the real world and not live in the sports world and I'm like it and and as they get more into the wrote that. Perry also hash tag boobs look like you're like yeah had to divert some of your media and well you like. At that with us and idea yet totally totally. I just read back to back terrible lines one was. Alexis Sanchez true men sitting PA I. And it. And he is second pallets has got him handle that in my god but he runs so much he plays defense which is like unbelievable for midfielder of his caliber to actually try. To produce two to bring to his teammates. As comrade to mess that those little movement is like oh I play defense I'm gonna stand here Edsel other statistically wanted to let him midfielders in the for an. Had these days that realistically which is relationships that. And lately he's been he's been all right. Just again it's. Exactly what took place you don't have to deal with with what my secretary goes through and that is. Our best ratings hold the Barcelona. He's been sold there 74 times and I tell you months or so you know it's the average impending. Black cloud of its U Charlie Brown do you think Luis Suarez launch of two what do you figure is and then you don't elect I don't know too. I could see who's worth coming back. That be great I important I'm all for it. It'll Britain that front lines and we're really play he would play in front of well he would play in front of thought about it but no chance he plays in front of from Leno or. Does it bite them. Small south with no chance. With a 1045. And look at Iraq. If who jackets a pair of real. Exploited what else five the crew his cronies a well over to talk you know the little book on the track. At pleased to be government quickly you know I think you got a dad had to. I understand that if you would for the joke and I appreciate yeah but not everyone agrees with the ruler since we humor I think. Well either agree with Eddie don't listen that's my new that's my manager for chewing eighteen about that. And then the well it's great until someone's like we're not gonna advertise a nimble and then management's like Willis then I was I was this pat can sponsored. If you noted I mean tomorrow it's okay good economy like a guy like a regular disorder Billick I don't agree with a some of the sponsor whatever with you wouldn't want to figure out. We will ask us hold on now hold on now no way to live snow Italy it is still. But the person should like if you didn't if you're listening to somebody's music or akin to some of art and the make awesome are prepared terrible person. How do you feel about the argument that Mike Judge and artist for his art. Not for his personality or his personal life. Well let's hypocritical. Oh is and we do that none of the critically because. You make your own mind. And no matter where your line is it's kind of bull crap because. You know each. It's tough because like I love Eddie is better but some of his policy different way. About a belies his politics or at least coming from the right place in the tunics that yes like Kevin Spacey would you do with that or or current event musically and our world is on Joshua queens of the stone aged kicks a photographer. Like that makes them a deck chair Kevin knew he was below like I don't know what my expectations are plus I'm not trying to be friends with the guys so like I like is rock music a lot also like. Should be. Help them pay his mortgage and we talked to us a little bit where its if he intentionally kicked a female photographer. I don't have a much bigger problem with oh he was being a rock star for a sec at a mushy right is that headline correctly rocks are kicks photographer Greg everything else you're trying to spend it now break. God dude you shouldn't kick a woman I clearly I'm old school like that he should pick a 100% 100%. But the same time like there's some sensationalism. And made his intent was educated female. Yeah right that's I mean is this US citizens incision or maybe that there was we don't know like it go to bed he developed hate female photographer's kick. If you his. It's not in Logan Paul scenario where it's like below what you blatantly did something completely. Logan Paul a guy who went to the Japanese suicide yeah I was brought. Camera crew is and he's the U celebrity I could what I'd like to know Iowa should dissipate but like I'm reading he is a YouTube guy. And you juice thirties revving their own way. Just in general because I don't understand. Why do you understand it like that it's I think it's a scary thing to you. It's been years of life trying to be famous which is to me what YouTube. Celebrities do or no one's doing that just to. Document their lives. So some people like Africa us. Science every door smarter every day or whatever rarely come up with a to reason there's like Barnum podcasts is true is so we can do fall Flickr I know. This doesn't have a reason we're not changing anything by us talking but it's actually good for you and I as professionals in this industry does that work on Spiller also not doing things in real life too you get it on the podcast exactly exact who were bringing stories and talk about right but like it's that none of those is like a minute it's good pod material. Right and they there's never that like rats eating when jujitsu or anything like word. We're just here goofing off right or right or if there is a purpose to it if we knew we worried teach jujitsu because we love jujitsu job. I'd just like saying it CME tendency be for a screw it up ya over under for half could happen with the current jujitsu jujitsu on dammit. None are now on I'm fine I'm fine with the Jews because I knew jujitsu and all right listen here Roy Moore said about it at that Hitler voted for the Democrat of the best amazing. So it really depends on the person so like. You know Billy John China's went nuts on on trump on instead Graham and like really was like Lehman to his fans. I respect threes coming from I think he's at more than in touts his own opinion course I also thought American Media was cash grab to capitalize on a bunch of disenfranchise thirteen year old's interest I never got the impression that it was a cash grab it they've always been that kind of like snot nosed fame but it clicks so well manufactured that there's a lot of thought behind it so it's not by mistake. I don't think I don't think you can take your political news from a man who wrote two albums the title after poop that's when that without a and this game a lot of trouble at home because someone I care about very much is a very big green if and so I'm treading lightly walking on eggshells and in Saint Louis but like let me just how about this request. Green Day has been hot garbage for ten years thank you can't like I hope you said that you said that you said that it was also like. I wanted to play the guitar because of the basket case video so it's like totally aibo tablet thumb huge about a reverence for a but also green is reducing band. In that. They kind of have you circles fans you have us. Like basket case clue that Barrett's brother would sort of remind people of those in and then you have the next generation of stands guy who's got an American idiot yes. Which to push the sex of the problem it tumbled on yeah. It's after that word to student who rapidly decay is for share. Read on your old guys a new discipline that's CI guess it depends it it's hard for me to give you hit a good answer on when I stand. Political feud people I've and if you're a. Anti. Women's rights. Racists. Or support that I got a problem with you yeah I had a problem. It's up even in the comedy thing even like with Louie CK and stuff like people are so hard blind about like this entire. This entire catalog of work has gone to hell. Yeah and usually removed from the brick. You have did you have that in your memory now because he's just been erased from the Internet shirt it's very agency I sell my arm family member definitely not and Tom. On FaceBook shut us have done this epidemic. Talking about how we shouldn't. Remove the confederate statues because they're a thing of history and I'm like a man like really Hitler stuff up. Also these confederate statues were kind of in the fifties as a direct response to you. The civil rights movement there was a direct way to you remind black folk that. We hate you now though. No did they are not historical. Monuments now in anyone that comes with that. Bull quite frankly. General. Makes you listen to the colonel south still weeknight it's seven amend that I'll 1045 the rock out she didn't do today. With the field that yeah. Anyway sit down children our next guest is Jim Crow so I managed to. Over the break yet to. Except for posting pictures of my baby yeah I've managed to stay awful the Internet it was unbelievable. I came back to just a total. Crap show of everything like it's it's I mean think scarier than ever but. I just can't. I'm a sponge that note can take no more water I need a good squeeze so someone. Preferably preferably not a stranger gimmick it's what you just tell anybody about it but this is cool music okay. Give me a school did you humanist you wanna make you weird picture that with the justice John Durbin. Some Demi if you know I made aware earlier talking about what happens in the force goes skid give me give Borden it's the start I hang out with one another Coppola and a global patent for an open finally got some force on your tunic. And took roads and rough holds you desert rose gross you know it got dark fast I can't talk about. I can't read good and seeing the New Zealand my buddies McCain castle rock Johnson can suddenly he excuse me. So parents thank you apologized PI text me yesterday to see where my dad was on owned implode in the fight between Steve Becker and Donald Trump would try to would take him I was like oh he's he's. Team propaganda. So like if if Fox News is there covering trump positively than that's where does that. It's kindly if you want it. Has really to bring everything nights ours it's literally it. The emperor verses the Sith rule that can they can only be two and the one has to kill the other one out that's with pages this just what they do. That this is happening and that consider trump to be the apprentice of band and not the other way around. The apprentice good jobs. At. Who have. Well you're spending your Christmas of winning the Internet I was enjoying my Christmas break getting punched in the Dick repeatedly and I mean that literally. Congratulations to your nephews who stepped up its staff. It. They're accuracy is incredible. Well until that martial arts man island two things about kids to speak or over the holiday break okay. So I know everything now sir wind they will punch you in the balls. At any moment. Mike it punches himself on the ticket yet the weird that's how it starts and then they realize that you met somebody is gonna realize you have a deck and then you're in trouble Jay he's just stay on these. Milliken nutcracker like yes pardon the end. Yes I'm moment there but has now made it again I don't know you can get out there give it to yourself here is the nutcracker. Nailed it but he goes music community weekly on his back through again doesn't know it's like knees up and and he just like. Battle action he man just whacks himself in the diaper right in the Dick over economic too slow helmet and indeed that later dude from. Yeah my nephews. At one point. Legit just walked right up to heat and punched me in the balls for no reason page and it was Medialink. And put GN laughing about it and I can make up its unit in the balls. He'd just that was that was his level and it was like are ripe age. Five. Move so it's like right there we starting to learn yet April I mean I don't know Steve truly understands. It just doesn't it's funny to give me street justice and get him back. I may have hung him from a dark trim as an Oreo one point nine and who's to say. Until it's done in an incident should really happen or did it who knows no no snow announced. Siesta that kids just run around punch people who difficult day and then my other nephew is a little bit older. And this is weird because as thousand of his friends do and it in the same thing kids still dab all the time. They do you know the depth and yeah I know I know well because I was sick the entire break and I'm no longer allowed to call off. Problem. Obviously each cover your mouth off to such a limited a neurological often in my home hole. Without that a mile adapting to wash my checks get it looks like measurements and everything but that means a chicken weighing all the time NC cough and your arm. And that inevitably I'm like holding my coffee is like coffin in my armor Boca figure that aside and I'm doubting. Which the origin of dabbing is taking a dead hit out of a ball on the and then covering your mouth what you cost your face off at how your put your arm but we're comes from and so all these like eight year old little learning how to dab I'm like dude dude. You know what that is the reason he let his recruitment of Cam Newton got good job cam so beloved camps set out to Cam Newton sub domains nice hats. Danica as well the worst. It's those fascinating to watch this these kids. Which is run around and think once they start doing it's like a muscle reflects its not even at has some of them are celebratory some of them I mean I'm playing feet then he scores a goalie dads I get that but also like you see a military of sporting event camera comes to the kids or wherever like mom and dad on the kiss cam and kids of their data it's like a reaction that could get the attention derby yes the I don't noted in my hand the was gonna have had me and it was amazing and and like I'm a Cadillac brand garlic a mechanic my nephew sits near and then Michael and his friends comes over here and there. Rough house and being kids you know on the front yards as he the other kid doing it too and has like I had to. This is still think this is still a thing. Told his dad down like it's old it's a couple couple is very old considering our cycle that pop culture I definitely it's senator dawn yeah kilometers but I. To lose turf. He gives enough for Christmas hopefully this year it was after Christmas Lou a lawyer how important is he was mad. Hershey I don't know it was may and June get the best Christmas present. I guess I need to Saturn five rockets pretty cool. 1969. Pieces to celebrate the year that the Smart and why is this feeling that data was I'd like. Talked about it forever to just do a banana out. Now I'm not to do that on banana is my kids grandma and she was like I don't call myself Nana that's a Lotta Lotta drama that's also all been Nana and I was like. Way to take it to the next level of old old Clara a case that Demi and I like I told you banana its just banana said Dunning. She bought mean. One of the Star Wars. Episode eight the last jet by our bombers. It's like we're going to be doing conversions when it jerks me. And because she went to the market if she found a kid probably you're like Jeffrey's agent was like which is what's cool here at a sort of picked through. And should I was thinking is that gathering here is like go to this one gets ill late. Answers they get their music is this pollution gonna come with a got a bomber on get all the information to share you know remove without understanding significant armed. And so she bought that for men opened that and I was like oh my god it's like a hundred dollars with Legos of the I would never do now because I'm saving up for all wash lit from my butt. It's of the day thing for home. Okay old coach it's your judgment and go outside you wanna clean ass with warm water shut up Jack. And so. She was like I don't know if that's what you want to return it if you want to single target with a thing I'm alike see if there's anything else a pretty cool X win here on that day I get there'll have BBA critical player a that it's totally picked that's a week later whatever. They're looking up on my phone I'm like there's literally a Lagos to work kitty corner from where rat seek. So return it to the money go over there sure that everything of course because it's Lagos storm. But like from. As far away in the store as possible I see the African Saturn five rocket and I was like. Oh yes that's I think Lou wants to put that looks awesome and credit card walked over a legitimate but he. Probably a little bit on the spectrum girl works or comes over him like you give me all the details about it listen super cold emotionless way but with the excitement it'll be a person that communicates with that can show you. And up the shirt sold me on it just from her like. Hyper knowledge about it churlish clear love of that of the gap a bit to do it. So eleven of my own US dollars not bitcoin. Picked up my Saturn five and spent two days of dormant gently putting good for you propose here he got to like hold the wall I was building Legos. And we got a chance to go to see that last about a year ago I get to see Daschle senator five at the Johnson space cynical public ticket that was. Month. Aptly enough to cover yemenis are fine you're fine and good but it was a lot of a lot of Dick punches yet what are. All one way it did the punch in the nuts is now okay you see these data in Africa at a at least like sack happy is not a thing that kids do because like it a toad. That's a more like post pubescent and the thing to do run around and flick each other in the nuts when I had a direct. I find that to be very strange but the person who can pull it but but he Tim from Khaled reformer of shots attempts a Devin you're the worst but he can. He kid he's got a guy that would walk through the party was nothing and out and just like. Not say anything until like someone would notice would be like the funniest thing that ever happened to also grow your grown close yet you're nasty but he's the guy that can come up and sacked deputy Dick. And you just look at you like that dumb baseball player look on his face. And you got to like pull up in other you know the type that I was the David and baseball player because you have all the time in the world in that dugout after I only just come up with pranks the poll of one another and it's not ever baseball player that does not but there's the type and you know what I'm talking about okay. Fair treatment to get heated today and blanket of some intensely anti migraine is my favorite Craig and the past. There was an effort to tritium Dugard and hope Jessica have to. Played LS aggregates Greg are concerned I apologize from from the levels here again. With F I F a a comic complex. At the clinic petals and an onion everybody I'm an onion. So we the and so we started the sponsor of the red to headline safari came in here a lefty Sanchez demand city yes please god milk. Because they need more players but he's now I mean I would love to simply for pat because you've outscored 900 bulls and it would be out of control connect. But the the other one that's been brewing all mornings at about 7:30 this morning was that Jeff Sessions is gonna come in and ruin the Wii game. A I cattle up about this one. The idea here is that he's going to reverse an Obama era policy imagined that I imagine the task it's. And dumb just spit. And tell stay federal regulators within states to crack down on the its illegals who. Right Reid is federally illegal so the fact we've voted on as a state to make it legal stalled as a matter that's why none of the operations can get. Financing its own cash based because I think it FDIC banks which are federally insured also why we can't they can't advertise on our decision. Interest while they can that we don't take their money because we're worried about our licensed by Eric supporters aren't we are big stick is. The licensed through the FCC side note. To those commercials are sure running from Sacramento the flight and Jeff Bezos yes. I tried not to talk about commercials during the show because why would you do that course. But the fact we talk out of commercials and that's the last one and a stops that if there was a moment or like I came out and as what was it for the commercial runs as the. Get the angels on the got to run the whatever department and second of all three Sacramento. HQ two I was like what is. Nobody right now and the way it's labeled don't get into that like it's yes yes and I thought I was like oh behind us this is pretty easy. Totally I don't think we're auto. That's the feel like when John Allred takes out an ad during Fox News to make fun of the people there watching given and that's repeated regularly and also shows just pesos a dummy and listen and the obvious so Smart then we've now confirmed anyway so sessions is gonna go through a crack down on the federal regulation of wheat instate student. Good luck and click. It'll probably work there probably make it a pain in the ass for everybody but people are already making too much money on this when trump realizes that. Bad on businessman are being affected by this nemesis a businessman Greg's agreement he doesn't have a business women craft business men are affected by the if you go to. Himself right most looks at the band he probably already does though to be a fair I don't know if he has control of murder and amount of fox old TV it. At. Someone tell me jays. Bad to him like we both knew exactly the beat hit the far country I thought that's what god give or professionals and we did rears fort let that's up nicely done and thank you thank you coming home Sunderland and of good you know it was it it was it was a Getty's in my time you can see the hand motions to prove that the jazz and at a like that that would make you my hands are thought to be hands and Michael very very similar with nothing when it this way Paula divers opened full outfit the better at you moved rules perverts at. At. But he picks. Did. He might. My question is. Well if you're Republicans. Although it's been out there. What do you stand for now what is Republican Party stands for because I've officially confused. Because I always dot. That it was it writes it was. Small government keep the government out everything uranium until we're not gonna until it's against what we want to do and then we need government regulations. So you know. We don't need we don't want to regulate the Internet do we got to regulate the weeds. What whatever they do what regulate get ready and have that backwards. So we don't regulate guns the thing that kills everybody but we do want to regulate the Internet that they make provider for the record I think all of our information it's so. Dude I mean whatever it doesn't matter because California. The effectively is the largest driver of this entire treachery just opened up the flood gate there's no there's nobody it every court got bottled and but why are they trying so hard to record every bottle YUYEY. Obama. I know of and it's so crazy man. Look like or dislike it I mean President Obama will go down in history is as a new mix back I think there's a lot of Sharon who like can legitimately stand up and say this is what he did badly. But I am like. But now I may or may not agree with the Libyans say fine but like. It's not just because she did it get rid of it if it's the most it's the easiest thing I feel that that is like deep platform now know why it is that the is. Hey it broke in news we've talked with this many times we've been saying that from the start like it's all just to undo Obama yeah man it's unbelievable. Catholic I must be listened as Portugal commanded just like try to tune out because it's got to be real hard. It's a tad I want I would pay so much money just to be able talked as a person not on record or not like in an interview which of course make you be fired because of I was like he had talked the president Lincoln is where is the podcast and to do 10 your I didn't. God damn you for living your life he didn't I'm sorry I don't know closures existing and I apologize. Two genes to story that I know that at the frigate presidents who. Ex president whenever he's still got a guys become president but each vehicle former president even though he's still technically Tuesday. Yes. So youth. Every day every god damn day I wake up and I read something and site. A likable bilateral hook up but what I liked what street game plan though. I'm did you watch any dish pelt stuff yet they knew that there isn't a Netflix the ones that they just released yet I haven't watched those I watched the first of the ones from LA from. Well those are very good. Yet there's bears kinda dated he's kind of is that they found humor in those to be kind of you know it's like Winamp player comes out of retirement and they're not the same player and you like he still love them and he'll suffer through it now and you kind of justify a lot of it. But if you being honest with yourself you're like oh he's like Ichiro your 45 years old he's lost his fastball. The new ones. Flew in doggy Felix daddy's home court hopefully king Felix's publicity due to Africa so good. Yeah because I watched. About 45 minutes of the first worn from one in the Tuesday released at the live from LA or whatever yet and there are some stuff and there where I'm like cool with the with the Pope and the third time a met OJ or Mike all right shuttle that Gatwick are projecting everything Indiana yet rusty. Is what it feels like. So I'm excited then to go back and he's like ruffling Internet tail feathers about some of the things he said and good. Let's quit coming in any talks about that kind of in this president that's expose it and that's when I was in our ownership here yesterday about this and he was saying that look like there it is. He did a New Year's special where he just sat down went just a quick whoever comical he was that new York and dislike whoever walked by just got in and jumped on to say with the resolutions or goals were whatever or maybe don't have a more just to get a T take five minutes or less Tracy Morgan goes walking vita comes into the always really sits down does minorities neighbor who if anybody just like started yelling into the Mike about resolution let's get. He's such a character like anyway. He's the guy that does what Cam Newton is doing only pulls it off yeah I think you still doubt you can prepare and perhaps this levs oh OK sorry for. Well it would. Are stuck in one of the people and he says like the talking about how tough it is and how maybe in 2018 it'll be the year where the comedians finally like. Block out everyone who is what you can't see that we're because you're supposed to whatever the whatever trending on Twitter that's now the opinion of Barack search for your supposed to. As a comedian you should step to the other side and be a lot I think that's right try and like. To trying to people out of their comfort zone and think about these things otherwise we just buy into whatever is like. Whatever is the important trending thing that everyone agrees about already. Ask you a question had a record. Shouldn't comedy clubs slash. Coming special slash shows everyone a column. BC space is far is. Contrary opinions or or thought advertising no man that's the problem. Is that if you have voted if Comedy Central. McDonald's backs out and they spend ten million dollars a year on Comedy Central I don't know it is the central. If they're like oh that. We we're not gonna support you anymore because you have a guy mouth and off about XYZ. Then they have to bits of what we face all the tough to do you think that happens though but I guess I don't or we now and condition down to lake. Which I still I'd think is may be ashamed to like tells an empowered talking about right now. 'cause of what we do for a living and how long it's gonna for I think like that has been like the guillotine hanging overhead it's their entire careers with like. That's how to get keep you in mind also we have jobs right. This year totally and EQ you know convincing people have sex in church is a bad move that's gonna get you in trouble I get that. But like. Is Fox News still exists. How much of that is really how much of this advertiser O'Reilly. Yet there's one I mean there's one a year but I feel like. I also feel. If you can. If that's your shtick can get it to work. And you make money to Syria want. So the into the new approach I suppose all of us is that now you really have to worry about two representation kind of because these guys and gals are taking. There. But if they do there are river there performances. And then there are paying to have that produced themselves right sound and light and audio all right on video and they are getting teams split brain we kind of started this we CK kind of was like at the foreground of this of this era. Making your own special and then shopping. And be like OK I made a 100000 dollars to make this special in the probably don't have that kind of money or whatever Republican of the rich friend that helps Brett it was comedian. They make their own special and then like Netflix picks it up and when I think on Netflix but that's not right. Which is cool because then you say whatever you want and if then you're just putting out there and then it's on the company who has sponsors and everything to decide whether or not they're going to rule closed sizable share on its funny enough or or they can expect listen that's a fact I said it's not our opinion we just put out. Where's the vehicle to O'Neal last night so I mean if you get to have a plan of fame where you can say whatever you want it. The sooner you want I just it is like. I just think about it because. In the context of the moment. It's what's so bad about it were making jokes and a man. We're at it but if one person used to it you know films it and it's a 152. No context no context clip and the rest of the outside world. Freaks out about it. That's not fair to me like that's crazy M and the I do as much that's delta and it's it's human nature but lake. I would hope in 2018 and this won't happen but. We're able to you to think on a second level not just that guy said and he's got to go yet keep saying that works for today at an. When do you know it's political and that's a good point where it's like. We get these huge thing where we were playing battle more same love and and it's she's making a point worm people on the Internet say it. Possible if Haim had a keyboard right. I I'm gonna be that did not want any trouble right right. Which is just a safe easy thing for me to do whatever but. We chose not to. Beat that because he's making a point that people are like being jerks in that needs to be said but the over reaction to just hearing something it's like no you can't do that within the message that he's. And that Michael Moore is making hair is then nullified because we can't even have the conversation right Andy and funny that you bring that because we did get the backlash eventually yeah Billy the Kid to complete every day for like 35 days about it until somebody finally. And when I was asked about it and what he's taken as a I think if you're too afraid of the to hear that. The line of the song which is the pole point and no reason assign exists you recently it doesn't don't play the song will be but it below while. Yes in my opinion yes this is exactly the problem is that at every level there's so there's a person in the their manager and their manager and their counsel and this other person at every level that has to elect an. Long way so I can't and so there's. Really the only way that the comedian is gonna get away with saying jokes and not happening any problems is if they are completely self represented right and they're willing to not work. Yeah because it's there's always going to be someone who goes well that's a guy that. That's a done about women win. I think that's what. Cat Chappelle out. And made him freak out disappeared from this year's event because that was the whole point of his company was to push a line and go. Do you see what I'm saying like TC they're really saying a kite the black white supremacist that's hilarious. It is hilarious you understand why I'm doing that now we need to be starting that conversation because things are magically OK okay right and then also knew he can't you can't ease the inward. He can't do that as a re talking about that's the whole point of death. You know like it's to make you uncomfortable. And I bet I'd convinced that was the thing I think it was. Over saturation over popularity it was all coming down on them and as soon as he got to that level people started going all right. We gave you fifty billion dollars but you can't do this anymore anniversary is like absolutely and then he tried to do it means that candidates and good for him. It's interesting to watch some like Ben Affleck. Who. He's had his problems are what I object but it's interesting to see how he's like been changed himself to become like a director and how to like how to get. A different slice of the pie so that way you are not the same center of attention it's a different easily as it gets as much attention to money but the difference. He gets it a different light which is. One well. I guess we should probably. On Twitter home's gotta be fun with the don't know how. Cost per really arsenal science professor at the coup. Possibly that is Gregor is trending. And while worldwide trends is the first time I've ever looked at worldwide tremble like this and three of them are written in characters that I camps. Understands who the that's a problem. So hash tag the blizzard did 2018. And this is not a back everyone on the east coasters is getting pooped on rates too bad that there is into there is a climate change because of the global warming in there. Could've made all of this go away. It's unfortunate. That it. Flat earth there's climate department news. But the blew my mind as a notre talk about that with a -- of climate change deny that climate did deny ethical and did I invite you to use. And in I any flat earth faced a group. Photo. Cute is that legit or is of people make you know it's legit one and I don't do it it's so great I don't know if I can handle I don't know man and we invite because it's fantastic. I have to switch like the SuSE I didn't know what any of the things written picnic in the trimmings are turning in Seattle right now are voting no motive is. Jeff Sessions. That gash. And Keebler elf Cruceta I won't get the right people say it anyway that he was. OK with the kkk. Until we found as they smoked weed ulyetza members wrote we knew all along was all gone down now we've crossed the line. Has stagnant national trivia today do you know when national trivia they started. 1987. No windows stand hash tag blog laggard for WA a legislation is what that is. Guide mothers they're there fighting actually shatter steel while leg because they are. They've announced that they they're fighting with sessions and they're like bill we will. Not let this happen. Has take Thursday thoughts what are Perry Cain gonna get 275. Million dollars to go to the Real Madrid. If you oh were frozen in chocolate carbonate was she's yourself. Trying to introduce you enjoy a school kids out of the cookies I've got me. Democrats. Do something. Has to expect. Sir. Thanks Phil Spector. Hash tag CES two warning eighteen I think it's so funny that the FCC guy had a braille because the flicked on man you can't ever go in public ever are good they're really that scene they can it be they've seen a game of their owns the shame seamer yes the walk across the stage naked with a lady behind him agreement Al Sheri and she tired like you ruined the Internet the thing that CES is effectively based on what are you doing tell me let me ask you this before to the next one. Can you think of a worse. Thing to be known for. Outside of ruining the Internet. But can there be a more hated thing then that you've you've ruined the Internet like outside of I guess you know rooting America with a nuclear bomb. Or something but like. How do you walk around how do you live with yourself being noticed the guy that ruined the Internet. The chassis question generally speaking yes it is not personal opinion but generally speaking could do you think Americans right now. Broad broad spectrum are more afraid of Obama. Next question. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. The university's. It out.