171 - It's Taco Time

Monday, January 8th

Fry bread meets tacos...


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They'll let us start. I don't. It is not very good. And done. It's the worst. But. I have a wedding coming up before dark. I mean I'm an elegant fired up Greg okay. Makes a good radio tuner to. Okay well there aren't a podcast and at best that day or ruin. Or maybe made better maybe made better it is letting you know as opposed podcast goes. Mr. question has to be a question what should I ate for lunch today I'd start writing. Pages Tucker time always a couple of. The DuPont is well. It's always the dude slow as live smooth talk to 20. My girlfriend is moving to Ballard which is cool like Ballard but it also where does it look now green lake today. Just a hop skip and a jump up I five NM there now I have to go through the yeah I'm sitting here. So that is a negative positive. However is that. On my roots will be a topic time. And possibly more importantly and you enjoy this now she Liz Brett bad at Wendy's. Love that Wendy's board it's not there anymore but they used to be a mobile sushi decrypt into a flip they're the we ate at the bang bang yeah wannabes and mobile sushi cat would dare that was a good data data be alive what does he do what we do that I don't for no reason matters which. Well we just wanted to get sushi. Noble we were invalid for some reason man. So what Hillary imbalance now. Emissary adventure is listen my brain hasn't been completely stopped from remembering things it's unbelievable I had no idea this Rick that this whole parent marine thing happens it is a real thing man like a little detail please don't hold onto dog yeah I can't remember if I can about you math I can't remember like what might pass adventures were a good note that. Just remember food goes in here you know. Some concerns and if if if if that's a how does it here on. Are not enough and let's hear from our New Mexico which Casey dissent spontaneous nose bleeds shooting guns got the beach you know it. Just rattling off random. He coached. Now I can I grounds keeper Willis what Obama did right after it can if it's just outright bar it's the Delhi can dead and spoiler alert yes he did not do you I cannot force checked himself into view. Back into the ship on economic gains of fortunate. I have to see that film against drive me crazy but like this probably being a dad is I just can't just like. After work he's a huge bill would go to the movies to look up sooner or Lou Dobbs gonna do that now I get a victim of normal child around plumes could go do whatever what drilled at her. Fit not a bold new negative at full of baby would sleep to the movies W key and thinking well. Anyway I have issue Edison my nephews some dummies because they actually behaved very well to that we that's a long with trying to be better than I did to me on the music after like two hours ago law. This is a long movies they're just having a good time. Making our Judy do you sounds there's 3-D glasses on the street and some captains gadgets up into dummies. Which is indeed. Our. We had a couple pond in the office leader after my show and then I could record any of us has gotten a block away I'm usually pretty good about that but like not today I don't know man I like to be your friend too that's the thing don't like to someone isn't Thursday's they shouldn't do it though that's the thing is I select just to have gotten my worked on items opposed to I guess but like. Money is the one what is the author of the daily I can watch it here like I did stuff yesterday the fifth I don't releases. Just wait till eleven I guess. I would bottle and for the film and yeah I don't know man. I don't know I felt like a pretty standard that was just kind of a weekend day it's a Mexican food all the very good because it's Seattle ended its Thai food that was pretty good because it's Seattle and so. Pretty tough dude told bmg would be my guest has a Kook who runs the place you would know these days ago about as well and you show up and he. Suspecting is like okay each of vegetables only says that might or mores in the men intranet to be sound racist about it but he's like hilariously ramps up and he does magic tricks where they're try and like kitchen to. This whole goal is to make everyone eat more vegetables it's the weirdest he's the weird to respect that the cat dim their crispy diesel chicken is so good man. That's what's gonna attempt to boost duplicity you went to men Barack say it is Bruce got right. Though are you can't say is that in the book so roots Iraq's. To either rocks we need a pronunciation there Russa. They lack of quick. Patty singer stupid words what audit what is it Bruschi a damn Communist you pink go go back to Russia. We're losing Ers Communists. That we haven't Russian Thai people Libyan interest income up. It's just tightening of beats. Turnouts in the app there's never enough of it with equipment that you wait in line for three hours for a a diamond in the Borough Balkan. I mean isn't as great in her and no smiling yeah idea that the this soup kitchen person it's just it's giving a pursuit is also in their own caviar on this I think I picked up at a man a company has enough time. Odd communism rules. Yeah I would see you booed Iraq's. And it does funny is because. That kind of sooner of course and I tend to know the good spots and I never heard this place at my girlfriend was like. Break up global offense that I've never been an issue is furious. So she takes means she's like read artists and crack and ethnic. Speaking of break a bubble of Pensacola may be 1 of them I am not okay with crack and Taylor prefer to know this ahead of time right also. I just got my teeth fixed I don't need to be doing crack okay. Slovo was only UT broke. Crack kept him yes as a negotiator Kevin crack. So she's a mite what is the explaining meek would what's the deal with crack ages ago it's the chicken thing it's with the collar and Catholic. The final day who calls it crack. Jake Arnold people caught that sonic skeptical like okay whatever. And we go there and Mike first Biden that I get it I can't say it's tragedy act like. How man yeah. Yeah. I'm like they bring you mileage on trans to donate it with. More crack. Braly chicken again other merry merrier asked so. Mad props to my lady friend because she explains that because bracket with the whole thing that's okay shirt. And I go to do my food blog which I do on Fridays and I post a picture of this chicken plants like the captions like. This chicken is so good some people caught crack and literally I get a ton of responses from Brando's listeners and friends like. Blow. UN had crack that's crack chicken we know everybody knows that this is and I was like. I guess I don't know if there is so popular route and but she was right and it was really good and if you're hungry. Like I am officially all of a sudden rain down he should go to Boudreau exits in west Seattle threat over the bridge to his sleazy it's yeah Raddatz is like it's just. It's it's almost shockingly quickly that it shows up we'll put together our total Ford also get out of gas yes that right on you know to get deep in all four to be looking young man we out of there like an hour early wants punk concert just kill time waiting to be able to go beat Catholic c'mon all the way over here about economic. 100%. I used that I used to like and it's an a to a Seattle taco time as my stuff because of course right there also conveniently right there right there that was a big deal for me but now. Games chains dispense depends on as though the timing you know yeah it's noon on Saturday you can go to. Tie you have to go to Eds correct and also be prepared to win a lot because that plays gets a hop yeah. Who account for the reasons that so packed and has the reputation and it's legit it's kind of like a weird Hodge podge of different rooms fatigue could make one restaurant which was a good sign to me. So we had to figure out how to grow this yet we have to fit more and more and more and more people are pushing through an impressive as Mexican food place in Tucson where the attorney Seiko was their thing and Curtis Inca. Is dried meat. And they drive by putting it on a cage in a case on the roof and like that puts it just seems like a huge turn off. But many tried Eric Baldwin got the current securities he had the best time in. Yeah and so and it was one of those places where services like a little thing besides the studio and then before you knew what it was like seventeen sacks tied together. I I got out of Korea boot sector. Yeah it's crucial Brooke to her and I checked the question should wants no. What's the I phrases. What's like what's the what they with the most racist word though now okay we know that when it had its pleasing one and cracker. He takes a note a new Ecstasy kingdom took us. Palm. What is it like oh what is this feud that make you never lights are never thought he'd like as a candidate know what the hell was I not eating that and then you finally had in like oh my god. I am an ass holes I always in my entire life not eating this that is definitely Indian food. Share Edison and that is not my Fam is wheel house even a little bit it is like not even like. It does not something we do a much a which hampered because my dad. Grew up around technology like it came up front technology he was like working at the national labs and there's like old. You know to. To be quite frank there's like a ton of like Indian guy hasn't hasn't worked there and so like we your route that we just never ate it and so it took until I moved to Seattle Johnston nick Lou sub Demi my route X cube guru that guy he was like what are Indian and I was like. Whenever nick who says to do something it usually turns out awesome for the death. OK and I did and I did was I miss and out so so the last almost ten years now really like. Double down on it and food trying to Anna now eleven mill creek and I don't know for the Indian food joint is so if you live in the kind of north them like that your neighborhood in the yeah the whole dude it's a good situation meaning it was a bananas could live Islam you know I was not white guy that was there isn't like subway guy we aren't controlled Tuesday republic gap okay the bush met Mike my neighbors coach curry all the time and it's you know you you rate you. You reorganize the block party broke now. I meant. Have a bet your house like your your home base that you put all the big tables that d'antoni put beg your front yard or your driveway right from your. Spot here's the deal is that I try to talk to my neighbors a wig but the when the drive by and say hello and stuff like that there are like. No HO we its moves and here white guy you stay over there and I'm like great. But might direct neighbors once we share wall with the food condominium loans which are wall you have about. Doled out wall John fifth with a they're also in the house over for house warming party and it was like me another white person and then like fifty Indian people Austin and I'm Mike. Hello I'm comfortable because I know I don't know any of the customs and subject how did you guys meet Merrick. Urged hatched from. You better but the other like. Elvis through and I was like on intellect was digging into everything is stupid that some of this all doses they were like laughing at me because I was so into all of a fruit flavor to give you cooking lesson of the yeah. The Bud Selig about Indian food and Amgen analyzing your butt. There's any time he sees something that's like a stuffed pastry has some sort you don't know what's in there a year concerned that's general rules or accents. Here's the beauty of Indian food and a lake and 99 a lot of times is either stuffed with slam now or like potatoes and veggies bossier in a good shot it like you're gonna get space no matter what just eat it fiscal it's going to be good. Everything is click yes. Like I don't have any food allergies or anything so if I get brittle like then so be it oh my god. Shots for Deloitte suddenly she's always reward about me not. You living in nutritious life they share each that's two vegetables like vegetables twice a week or experiment I get yeah and soul I have. And the like it has three pounds of greens in this like eight ounce Jews mechanic it's been Jews down to like this really high concentrate. But it's got it must have a ton a ginger which I hate yet in distress and some tie and an excerpt out some rules to spice to it which is it just drink this little help but. Keep things balanced again and helped keep moving in the right direction Brent. I'm sitting at stop like this morning at 4:30 in the morning and I'm like I keep ginger but I'm just gonna do it because it's the right thing there I take. Big hit off that a million like the guy next to be must have been dying laughing to the face that was later. Hope. I'll all. The moon is likely got to finish it makes that same reaction. It made my coffee taste horrible at that the water jug that I had nicks and everything was awful it was a thirty minute ride a remark all Kilmeny. I gotta say. Now five hours later eight hours later whatever. A great how intrusive be taken zero cents until it hit me in the middle cruel and keep it relatively the excuse me he's gonna hit you and your partner in your. Buddy said the you'll rebound remember us today you can bet that. The very hook up to. As Europe roundup political rhetoric I am now. Record on wall were there because you can we got the CSI treatment. Specific and only gives they would hasn't materialized. Greg got it lets you were a brown Melton a lot more a little ponds and that there as era. Brown belt. Now those that's always always worth it and I was steely tip 20% better watch writing here thank you one of those lay up after a but at the board for me. Yeah man. Graduates go to the. It's a USB the question what's the thing that when you're kid you didn't know was good but the when you try to you'll Italian you dummy up dig a little bit different perspectives are because like. All of a sudden Muslim and Arizona right before and moving. There is this huge movement or every little pop ups store that would open up sold Indian tacos. Not dot Indian you know the other kind. Native Americas it's it's it's. Like I really mean they can hear you but I don't know if the body than it was just funny to see your brain realized how war that was going in the Nokia to Namibia. Of so every place there it's on Indian tacos and I was kind of offended by that conflict first of all that's not OK second of all. Thousand Indian taco lake. I don't get it or talk to Freiburg taco yes so eyes I like protest. Sight unseen I just protests Indian tacos now suddenly this is stupid this is ridiculous it's just that they could corny. They go mr. Carney EUU. Nailed it. You know. Spoof like why you messing around and great Mexican food even an Arizona calf and then finally like. Simmons finally was like dude we can get Indian tacos and Catholic know I will not make you know they are. And as they know and the length it's it's a taco inside of a Peta essentially that's Friday that was like. And people like. What that Bill Bennett yeah Billick did it's like fry bread. With the taco decided it. Best Indian taco yet did. We was with the best path with a pick that suddenly smoke job as best you can hear the footsteps but I. Don't think Devlin admitted terrible mistake if you. Suddenly there I realized my whole life and move it a sham boycott over and if I've crossed the line man across the line. Says as the one that's one of the ones that I vividly remember going like. No way at that I'm not track all like Ghana must have all of them with athletic so when I was a kid open from New Mexico and that's where they sent a lot of the two things it's really sent a lot of native Americans win and we relocated everybody. Towards that four corners region. And also there was like this was talked about it before but this is great hybrid of how. The Spanish. Yet. Raped pillaged there way up through Mexico into what is modern day around New Mexico and Colorado. And they brought with them food from all the from Mexico City up. To the Pueblo Indians Brett. And the Navajo and everything in between its seat at the really weird hybrid of Mexican and native American food and the Spanish came to put a sour cream on top of it and it was even better and so. Our group with the scary like. Specific. Form of Mexican for shirt. But also there was tons native Americans and I don't know. Was there a large native American population in. Yasin. Oh yeah AF per share. And so it was that it would it's a real identifier for New Mexico it's like there's like a lot of art and architectures based on what the native Americans did there which is like I'm. Proud of them proud of been raised around that course on our present because like. I grew up around he really shortchange ourselves as Americans. In that we have so many wonderful cultures here yet and we try so hard to. Discredit them or ignore them or to try and like not be able to like we. Intentionally stop people from trying to appropriated like for like being a total learn more about the out and so loosen widely abused yet today you've already done enough damage to yeah. It just comes into which her intention as but. The native Americans. Weren't hot on fry bread man and yet everywhere you went fry bread was a thing and there's a place lemon would definitely go to another we're talking about it. And public or he called vick's. And it's like the diner is dying areas to diner there is America applicable secular school portable building yeah it looks like but. On weekends they buy a bunch of may to fry bread and they make their way of us French Eros instead of on top tortillas the mic on top of fried it. Hold my gaffes a go next level. So I grope around that yet and you don't that fry bread specifically really works extra awesome only assay with soap appears. On at 5000 feet union high elevations right there's little thinner and it talks differently things wrap up but it just gives a whole different take totally time missile that from being able to combine that and so I would've. Growing up with that the Indian taco let's do it tonight I didn't yell my eyes yeah you exactly which are yakking about. When I was a kid I this is like a pretty common one I think I hated mushrooms. Yep I LSU. But rule amendment sought to lemon butter for ten minutes before you put on stage persona that I can get away with that now man I goal. Portables all the time like it's like on the grill is making the bald Eagles over meat and stuff like that cherica healthy your dinner sometimes. A love a mushroom now I've but some we buses and trials for our New Year's Eve dinner sweet cool. Man you forget like how much better those things are into you have McGann and because they're super expensive like it's absurd you know in a league like as they are worth it and and you get a it was worth it could. My buddy Ryan he lives on the middle of nowhere rule and we go who. Haven't in years ago mushroom forging. Just looking for central's and like you can just find a hole a centrally do that second it's incredible these like other one is deliberately pulled clicked you know yeah grossed collect use or tricky out here yet almost like they're very weird kind of pestering me Dan I have to give very kind of fleshy almost dead excellence the issue again that's a weird. I can't I have a hard time with mushroom texture which is my big thing yeah if you do a port of Colorado gets. It is it's all chewy game or her yeah I'm on the outs definitely heads can't. But. That's like one thing as a kid also won as a kid among never talked with garlic in itself crazies who easy do I have no idea. Well I was missing Hungarian husband my humid in lake. You would think they put my paprika garlic in all of this that's so I don't have that they're so yeah it all that's weird when I was in Chicago was in my family for the holidays my sister in law made eight beef puppet crash media and its affect cash I mean it's effectively just one step away from being Italian food it's just it's instead it's and as he's cream that's the if you know realistically it is in tomatoes and cream yeah and enemies let it simmer it's like tomatoes and red peppers and it's not onion. The red sauce and cream and then the beef and useless simmer for three hours. And then it's ink over some with a right expert with the new rules are called but over the at the right angles right at that a new blood like a very specific one of my Brothers insist on. And I am like I have memories of somebody. My father being from Europe he does not mind some. Fat on his need some gristle and as we have not like he grew up in tough times and share and so to hand he's not fazed by that I absolutely and so as a kid you could be one chewy piece of meat alcohol meals that yes and took all I can think of his colleague Josh Reed goes for dinner now right onto it all have tears for dinner is what you're more likely to my dad's anatomy right foot. I grew up not liking yet and so I was like a father making units like 37 years old ammonia Lou. Like so it's no good assessment of the economic not to be rude like Wright and like it because his good meat cut the crap off of that this is incredible yeah. That now. And I have a pretty arrest you for chicken pat cash and raised tomatoes that would ski kind of mostly just a cream based that off man. My my grandmother. Christmas used to make the grossest thing that my entire family loves and sauerkraut guy yet it rights. I guess a visit a little bit or come it brought a sort that I can get it I can get away with it but like I have a choice I'm anti sauerkraut at ten out of ten times. But my grandmother made this. Cubed beef. Bryce. Sour cream. Hungarian sausage. Yeah sauerkraut. Casts a role. And it was quite an Austrian Castro part but the ethic and a casserole dish in the oven for however long and boy nothing like we would do we were Christmas Eve gift opening because grandma had to go to share. America on American grandma had to go to her son's house in the morning Soledad that way so we didn't get presents on Christmas saved. And that was the longest half hour of pretending to each of my life waiting to open presents like that was the worst eight you're golden like. And live all the. Look persecute. You are monitored. And yeah. Just waiting for gets you know but like at some point it's like to show more lol it epic of Joost this morning just get a bad just and a half however know you were 500. Building gaps is do it well I hated onions and tomatoes as the kids. Two very standard still to me. I'm really I mean I can do them in I can live with or without them you know I mean. But there are sometimes like I had in a burger from Brad Nelson from Iran Neuberger sweet and I forgot that they put onions and there's like my efforts by. I'm China's high. Like connecting. And give or take onions make it really depends I don't really know why but just every once on an every once Lima took dominion will save itself Iran and is a gamble. Yeah Ron there's a lot going on with Iran and tightest around. Narrow red onion I'm way way more accepting of that I am of any other like develop a white onion like when it's in like fall. Are either like that is a you're gonna have her problems you're gonna have some heartburn may be like you're gonna smell like garbage for a day like. I think the opposite affiliated with rod is like the ones that. -- fire for sure but if it's raw read it's like soul much yeah easier than I don't I guess I don't know the difference cool so I believe you. But I stallions 95 you know onions scallions always go for me men but also like and the brain that scallions and a better that's. Nonsensical Africa attached to its title Topps took a tentative and according to my twenty's very corrupt but have yet that's right. Thanks guys and cheeseburger and my dad would always go real he was kind of red onion up and the new grill with the hamburgers lines growing and so they would like. Not normalized that took up a little bit and and that helped to. Touch with them but still I mean they cure really committing if you're taking a slice of onion. I don't I want you to me no plane just by itself a cool salt on it but if you slice of tomato I am. And that's crazy or come salad sometimes I will but like. It is the wrong com. Nation of textures from media. Mutated to know for me almost all the time I have there has to be odds of them and you tomato and a burger that's fine I'm naive I can not that I'm obviously any any sauce with its mailing at that doesn't even count with a completely different animal clear. But like now as a kid it was like ketchup or spaghetti sauce that's the only unbeaten tomatoes. With the kind of kid man I know it's crazy also we got to find a place here at the does Italian beef. Because. Man we ate that mood lasagna are awesome yet on charters that chance and so the combination of those two things my dad will miss about Mac out mine now. I mean. And also side note because people are gonna say that's a feeling the un educated we'll save this. There is a massive difference between a cheese steak a French dip and a Chicago beef although. And realize the robins. I couldn't agree with you more right yeah absolutely I wanna Chicago beef. That is completely opposite if you can give me cheese steak you get like let's do that Chicago beat is closer to fly. It's. Good to the others like it until it it's like perfectly and simmered in this like fluid and yeah like. My only beef. So good at bats today. My only thing that this country is I knew the kind of soggy bread adverse now gets so. Now I thought I skip screw up bread but it might try to do one sandwich or whatever and yes I'm just what does this and what town nice. He rated. And Twitter board already put. Hash tag Monday motivation. Nope. I'm. Oz said deputy Daniel McCartney was shot and a home invasion scenario shot and killed. And the police are still searching so if you know anything about that the contact crime stoppers and animal won't find a more. Just announced. Little. Some of his honesty that I have done that has just announced Justin Timberlake is no doubt Ahmed the medical needs to lawyer. Did you like his views on item I'd do denied care. I like that nobody likes it and it's funny to me because it's like it's pop music so none of it should be good to begin with where I calls and expect like. He actually tried to do it and artistic thing it's kind of median mean and it's kind of cool and so there is really hit they. Cross. Met Maggie. Charlie Nagy is younger brother who played baseball for the Cleveland Indians Charles Payne was a great pitcher back in the day that is that's his little brother. And is he lost his arm in a shark accident in there and pitching and and also luckily he's able to of turn careers and become the bears new head coach of that that make it back after a and. Oh sorry about that from the outside of that you got a half right at least. I get it zero right before could. Has takes saved TPS. Didn't know you read that on TV's on its safety peace. Not my bad okay. Clive and Bundy. Nobody is great uncle. That you should be so happy he's white. Because if he did what he did Al Bundy. Is whites yes so is Ivan Bundy and good things for him because that he tried you hole up. On a national park with guns and holiday is minority friends. That would have been a bloodbath my friend. Eleven Bundy walks free for stealing government land but meek mill is in prison for a popular we know we're gonna dirt bike past tabloid and rewarded. And that is under my belt so little. We don't care about than anyone that is correct sir. Prince is Charlotte's. Who's princess Charlotte that's not my princess. I don't know who any of these people are especially given Boeing I don't know and. I hit the doesn't by the UN and they do this all the time to the by the U win may sit there and like. Yeah that was it with their artist dies they go back into the vault as are releasing all of like this is the demo version of this of this is PB Cedric. And it's like there's a reason that it it released those on the came out and you. Even listening so are dumb for bringing us nurses are monitored Smart lady mocs we see anybody's I'll need to know that aren't dumb pipe last. How well they've all of them acquire title aren't on pottercast Larry I'm the music anywhere and released me. Andy and I can't believe differently but here's. It's advice actually got a bad. But Nirvana had one example of Mexico working out you know yeah like though the good song yeah it was the turn of honor but also it was not make or break cracked and that was just the thing that it happened it just goes here's the thing. Also happy birthday to pepper. Could rowdy Muir is any crime might oop today rob out.