172 - Water Wiener

Thursday, January 11th

"To be fair, I'd still eat hotdogs for lunch"


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A picnic at at at. Which have been courting Indian and I don't collude guys. Starts. All right always start. It is not very good. Armed and dump. And worst. Yemen and oversight no they're not for the list at this year my it my headphone Jack works right at the shoot. Siding with yeah I didn't hear from the first minute of this iPod hi. Yeah hello everyone. Welcome to the church cast today alone I'm Matthew 1631. Through 35. Though shalt covet thy neighbors pop tarts me dude should do to. We can I get a pop tart and food. The regular puffed. Both they how's that employs crack attention at pop tarts Paris we are you marketing campaign yet. Month I'm I was almost into the disparaging. And only then getting back to the other people that we tried to market for. Eli big pastry I your case to hit the. They are ruthless. When you hear a commercial like on the radio or the television. And they've obviously heard someone young to say something in the may try to say that same thing licked its lips the clever old it's delivered in such accordingly voice over and I'm not acting acting where there's a guy and a radio between three and seven in the afternoon that does this incessantly equipped with. She plug. I. Don't let them for. If I think I'm losing living in my hands 'cause like the hot keys on things aren't firing regulating ideas from is an X-Men two when he. Days. They've they poison him with him mutant genes reaches into the water guy calm and resolute if you are rarely loses it's shape count hood pool. I really gave me the creeps and unethical little that's a creepy element of that supports and they haven't you. Turning in the water I'm saying yes like Izzy take as a human will be the worst. That would probably be cancers red up there. Yeah a terrific declaring that girl's blood or where she is like I'm gonna die tomorrow in the today and tomorrow bullish. Not not about to that one candidate I've read it it's you know what it's not it's not like woe is me it's lake. It separates out what's important what's not much. Yes like don't. Waste of time worry about one of the people think there was two tie with anything just help people more and bike enjoy yourself don't watch TV Google time as a Poodle John reduced. Yet know I'll I wanna watch studio time prepare for what if what did you say well it is watching TV all the time but how does that go for doubles action packed. If to be so mean to spam prevent. I would stay myself around but I got motion sick on the train and haven't really recovered yet so. There will be none of that. What an awful morning Greg is a woman mourning to free cooking here at turner so. It's abuse I just got a new bad show us the mattress firm so don't miss. Tim obviously happened correct and I and I did on both accounts I didn't do that all right DA absent a real good I can tell me a sense Aaliyah treasure 'cause it's like people have to hear we talk about this all the time but I know let's look at it for a week of my brother and then came back and like space bad night one I was like oh my god this is the best having a great bed as the best I mean it's not. Has it changed my life for anything but I also think it lake space that I just got out of bed and a and do a brand. PD your CIA I am one of those Didier it's got like the pillow top memories so and and it's got the actual screens and only did little beds. I learned that when I went to an actress who was terrible I have to say that is consuming me the memory foam is when you do used more often because I can't say Tempur-Pedic with them anymore because they don't sell to repeal it anymore and I totally got what they used to it's to be like minds. Foam bad man of space age phone technology I just need to him memories tea time patented memory foam word. Yes so. A look at this morning nice whose kid is great. And didn't turn into a little water and I was denied kids did infected with the mutant gene I was gonna human good. So. Have to locks of the train station imploring her English is never fun. Plus the thing is so hard we can average interest still dark out to panic and elegantly laid let's be real I looked at like 730 and like him. Below how do you like school. Anyways as I did go to the airport for me man totally every day Telecom airport so bad so bad so anyways. They'll walk in the rain that sucks obviously yeah military admiral Akbar it's yeah. Or you are a water person when I am not get the million bro and dude I could've could've slowed up to the chase it'll still be in Iraq. Well I think it's possible. The group. Well the suit is on the ground and that's as water Wiener but okay yet so we'll resolve my shower is currently sort of broken it works but it might. Dead they can't turn it from. Bath shower with up about turning off. So that's on the showers and when it went into the water oh yen and rose. Bill. Now I'm not gonna say they would do anything about that he had asked five times and at the point where it's like I know my rights as a renter and economic withhold rent until sixth and I like. I don't wanna be a Dick about this debate at the same time I'm really sick of taking. Shafts. But you shouldn't have ever our heroes cute spot you have your you'll get it back out these fees in the bathtub ring or out like really yellow like fiercely aren't likely award includes a note no it just so dumb if if if we you'd like done well. I got up. Arts Deron fifth dim so most of us vitamins are used golf look at that and that's the new villain in the new avengers movie is a Scott. Imagine Jackson does mr. clean is they'd like surprise hero. Music EESP. And polishing his you that was morals in me this press gimme you know men as mr. clean but he's cool. Such ratings. Pouring rains that's never fine. Get to the train station right as my trains pulling away so instantly. Prevent us to take five minutes to get from your house to with the transition takes ten nationally so. Reggie making good time ran out trust me. As I miss the train which sucks obviously. Why when he for the next you become a fan at that abandoned gonna see tonight has to cancel their show because they're stuck in their band van broke down so that's not happening group. Shut us away re pro had against it out of Houston got to listen as a podcast and it was a team I don't really of two that's about. Spoon dot I don't. They've never connected with me also never wrong to me so I guess I should below street Annette -- and anti them I'm just like that don't care and look to people who really love them and I've always been like don't get it. Very good day and not for me took on anyways I was gonna go I was. This is how hipster I am I was going for the opener and then leaving now I'm not going an up. But after. So that sucks if you see them tomorrow night when they're here yet yes thankfully Tyrone I've been happier and it's great to. So you find out you ready for the trend yet to non double Matta might but bands not shown up trains not here. Let's get to chew him on my Achilles they're not ready to let let me go to that part now Saddam looking down at him a Saudia issues and I realize that. I but she is in there they're nice they're the military out of Michigan. Yet but the thing is I thought they were charcoal. They're not so you're a matching their browned out and that is very disappointing. I mean if it's fine and works with this but like. I thought they were sort of color and they are not that Bullock before a longtime US is now for the whole time I've had them I thought these virtual hologram. Oh me well. And and it that a loaded there. Yes. My boots are wrong. And then doubled off again on the train. Instant motion sickness that I've yet recovered for a hostile to terrible international law Fiat would salaries and brought it up so yeah like it's it's been a little bit of reform mystery hero will over there and let everyone that is. The story of John Manley vs soap scum. What else are gonna talk about not doing the typical we have thirty minutes the failure manner right took 22. Yes you're welcome back up epithet. CL a got a great text message Terry lost. Shout outs to Dan do sub Delhi. He says by the way brute text again by the way the podcast. On point man can't say I agree with the guys political views but I know redneck from small town. The sound the contents the sheer hilarious ness of it is so damn good let's have a T shirt. While a guy. I think restarted all the teachers to charity that I like and teacher and it might just what are a teacher yeah. I don't know I think it'll easily embellish area wearing out their mind I'd like alien Yahoo! usher wasn't it to resentment. I don't know he's a rented from a small town went down he likes the British got a swear around it. He likes wearing back in to protect its well the Mets what if we drew would have on the sleeve I drew Calvin. If I'm sure that currently debuts within a hundred yards somebody win that sticker on her present and 100%. Sort of way just didn't look like. Serena is a very thoughtful thing to say because I don't think anyone takes. Gives us about whether or not we have good production and are also at the end of last episode she's giant production there could be argued that the commercial. Chuck Gerber was just so nervous I've downing you've blown up about how bad it was that he really couldn't stop laughing about how bad the ending a blocked punt that was it was like screwed up from the production in the Tug kilduff pumped over and the like remember replaced it yet I was like all good now I don't know hook. Plot twist tests I hope could not find no I guess the narrator voice Mer says that it was all good. It was not a good fit for. I like that we use that morning thank you thank you because it's good to record. I think this excellent how'd you often I. You know better for. 5050 chance if you can just say it I'm not saying I'm just say it worked. What's great is that most of time we don't actually knowledge we played drops are not there are no threat and there's just like we pause we've learned from. Before I've learned just go right past that I've met I've now learned and I think Griffith. That's around zealots they do that's cool and that is cool thank you. He boycott got some thoughts about this. That's Seattle Seahawks play in Oakland Raiders is just it was just announced today the claimant in London either laden and how low and OK playing at. As the all the promotional stuff since smoothies sold with the playing at Tottenham Hotspur are not a lick the stadium just at Tottenham Hotspur and it's as if like. You know as a yes foreigner like how. It's threats they're a soccer club in England in London North London very fun to watch north north of London Terry Cain is the best striker on the planet right now I think threats that we stop five and he's served record they would not be they're playing soccer though right this young from wearing. American football against the raiders who also play like Jill rules football. Of the defense that's their friends my dad. But that'll be the big London matchup this year I think that sucks for the Seahawks haven't not travel from like the east co host with from the West Coast look at eight or nine hour difference manned. The long flight could be tough to adjust the body to that. Dubai a week the week after or something. To think that like would die without a trial it as soon so with the movie Alec from both teams who from the west is as old as I care about anyone's health so I believe. Let's be fair and that is the Premier League having big games two days apart correct my god I can't even imagine. All they do is run around a follow Greg how hard can be to the flopping in the Premier League has been. Well in soccer in general has been less bad in the last five years. No you are just more. Used to it. Is what I think I start. I think I think when you first are learning the game and like getting into it that it really sticks out tried to crazy and then you start surreal like you kind of just. You sort of make your peace and because you're qualified Israeli 85 as rallies if you write another street full speed for 85 yards and a BS let me keep you right in the knee and. Canada I won't make it can be hamstring will discuss correctly that's the end of that you people read it didn't I'm not getting a 150 yards Maryland down and back halfway before almost died and like my legs literally hurt for three days after that good and at one time there was going to be critics yet you went back he went there and back that was really good. Was impressed. You wouldn't think that I can do anything physical right I was convinced out catchy if I really was and then make. And then like within twenty yards out of the gate as like Ali edits have got that weird abductor problem. Am like I say catching anything well and then make telling I get anywhere near this gap I got these long legs on this relied on my toes the American like this wanted to keep the legs moving but that's as far as they can go like you cover weigh on the ground yeah. I was not work at soccer played. I guess what kind of a come modern right back is now the putter from the mid fueled whenever it. A bomb down from one side to the other because I can cover so much I was there a foot taller than everybody economic really flat even your box the box terrified of the ball so looking at ought to know what I'd I'd been running backs is just dig it amounts to I would have liked to have been fear I was I'd played soccer and I was like a baby that was of and then it grew heated because when you're not. We have yet exactly what my my signature move would sit on the ball. Let's have illustrated the crowd means turn kick Meehan stuff I would just sit out due to perfect in the prime minister the focus of Fallon is following grabbed the ball. I that speaks to me yeah I agree so it's interesting in in soccer for everyone that thinks of soccer for policies or whatever. Because they're always fallen on your right you run eighty yards or even Iran like even just won't elements kick in the knee I mean it like not even full. Follow through which is like handles the ball just that yeah quick kick. Let's not also. Right or else that would be step right on your foot with metal cleats into a metal spikes and the times have nothing on them which glassy it's a worry apparent slip on vans. And having someone would golf shoes step on your feet in that it it's these fans are Canas in the next and where are the Sox catcher episode for so don't ever do that. Section that the what is our expert or. Get them off so it does second ticket yet is going to suck it is the I get kicked in the Newton did 700 barrel roll across the field whenever that happens guarantee manager Mike just yet just telling it right that's part of the game is trying to get the raft blew the whistle to try and change the tide. Also there are timeouts and soccer yet so it's total like a Lakeland catchment preface he never seemed like the only player that's ever upset about that is the guy who's getting called for the foul threats that you put it right right but that's that everyone else's like runs over as a got them quick and some water is not done yet timeout there's a president like a weird. Water bottles or they don't. Click at the topic comes up in in the doubles like a can of WD-40 he has less Shaw does the magistrate those guys address. The dual grape though most. That's tough for me to keep his teeth so and I hit the path we haven't Hitler. Unconfirmed. Ul I'm confirming it go well they go there yep breaking news on our dump podcast WD-40 2000. For me don't hold. Good late instantly came out today or yesterday it is like snubsie roomy without could tedious I wanted to lose him now too which is inevitable that that's. Supposed to have one good defender may be. Maybe we'll see how he does as a restarted but he's an article in the first game gap that the U wanna hear van dyke game winning goal in extra time as beautiful as that league cup. Attica Attica Attica. We think about that than VA are coming to England a little bit that assistant refereed the replay. Mean ticket for goals then don't do anything else my favorite part is when they go with a draw the -- L seven square in the air slip into the room overlooking the screener and yet yet don't do that. Well I. I think replay has run football have for you on and it's. No wonder the catches anymore no because he's slow anything down nothings that can easily be those who have nothing to catch I don't like Italy that. We talked about this for baseball earlier in one of our podcasts. Whereas. I don't think there has to be some sort of spirit of that game. Component to look to this Italian soccer federation I know but lakes. Part of any got to catch it doesn't cheat too. If you you have like OK I I'm underside I mean like you got to catch the red and they're if they're sure of course yeah of course of course but like. I mean at the football catches or agree example like. You know to the F two feet in and oh he moved the ball as he was aria he never lost control of the ball but moved that's not a catch you like. You're asking people to defy physics that and that's. Dom is the words all fly trap paper like hail and that was the Abigail that was awesome catch let it be a catch I. Attributed to be some. Refinements to. To the rules I think that arm for instance and soccer. If you're gonna go to to replay not for polls just anything in the penalty box. And I think in that area that you that's all the time you can you can do it because I wanna know. Like if you gates. If it's called hand ball. And I don't know what the rules are gonna be for what they can do what are best called handball. And in the guy's hand and you load. And you want that to be overturned took on a penalty kick like. That can be the biggest game changer was soft so little scoring a sport like that. I guess I think it's part of the game which brother have BA are the assistant virtual assistant referee or would you rather have always do this. Mr. Bush. Would you rather have the virtual assistant or would you rather have the extra refs that just police. The penalty area file an extra us. I have to because I personally like it when. The rough for re a human has to make the call in real time part of it yeah. And then like if they go back as arrest association and then like look at the things Vick listen you got seven wrong today. Right you do data see mine he had totally grade them and judge them and do all that absolute that's I'm all for that to you listen to the interview with Gothenburg the and premier rough Premier League ref who are now left the Premier League and is now running the some Middle Eastern soccer frustration he just he talked about what openly to straight up talked about how. He controlled games just like no I didn't give the guy a red card because they were. Losing it on their own without adequate somebody I had an int but just the idea that like. Those they're putting a human in there whose influence troubled by the emotion of the game and that's all I want I want it might be fair which sucks. Because there's a hundred billion dollars riding on it for like ready board of directors and man city it would write work. Right at for a human to watch the spirit of that hey here's the fans just. Overwhelmingly. A bad call or anything north that is part of the experience of it college playing video game right I don't think you should vote like I mean. Instances like that. Need to be addressed the replays I can address that there's gonna stop the game and the lovely the right rats terrible get about death and they go back and look what it scorecard that. On their own board of people the Democrats are also I think that there should be a little bit more. I understand why they do apparently spew more feet. Wreaths associations speaking to the press share the English press is notoriously awful but like there should be some sort of accountability where they have to like. I think. Does the rest should never do that themselves right because. Nothing good comes of that I don't know of course but yes I think there should be a spokesperson that. They can be connected contacts it be like. Talk to me about this game tucked as they do a little bit of the share I would just like to know more about kind of how the process works and share like my resume like theater or doctor anything about how about a total rushing systems work and stuff and to see quick look at. I'd also like to know how the raft from the match is being held accountable for getting things wrong like if I mess if if I drop if I don't get enough F bombs covered in hair nothing happens threats but if you know at some point if like my performances lol you get you to drop from the team right same thing where and how old their performance is affected their roughing I want it to be humans roughing humans not here's that I don't want I don't ever want to get to a point where. The game stops now. Does that is that just not. Soccer to me I don't want that 'cause there are you gonna stop it for every corner kick after every corner kick to make sure nobody was filed America's. Then why are so the one thing football gets from right I think is having the challenge flag. I'm OK with that if you wanna give they yeah you know. What I have to get to which we beef I mean just to see Jose Marino throw a flag would be the greatest thing she ever. It would be so but to be so European about it Mitchell there was no actual signal you have to feel you had talked to the fourth yet for the official. I could live with that I suppose but again your to stop the game and a I like that the visit the beauty of the Blue Line assist the path and England certain words for anyone who doesn't know they have. System of cameras that can detect where if the ball has crossed the the goal line or not referred to can bill that. Making illegal. Share and so blue rats have a watch on their hand and within 12. It knows whether or not that ball yet and and so the ball. Say it happens or whatever and everyone looks at the rafters and literally a or what you want 1000 volunteers. Mines banana one banana in a no one banana you should know whether others it'll yet let's find to mean I think that that's cool to very expensive. A program but the Premier League it's. Bloated. I don't feel bad for any kid Jillian dollar and enterprise have to spend. A couple million will look what happened when Billick insisted that all the fields be heated so that indicated they don't ever have to and they don't miss a match because the fields in bad shape friendly because people can't get there. Right until the time threat to cancel some things of that traffic conditions to eventually. Full blown. The self bow and say in the Solomon. Piccadilly square station has been delay debt. Blue moon I used to love that don't do that anyway you know you're gonna for the announces anymore. Rubber gorilla at the stadium he had a man I used to love to get so excited without happened after when we're good I would have one of the prime tries to control bats though whether we don't get that over or feel maybe this is the sound teams are better at Knox and now it's a bomber the ice to love that can you tell me hello lately first got into soccer you have to watch Alex fox soccer channel you humidity added yeah that was like. Random games like. Napoli is playing the generalize here like I'm watching this I don't care I men as then like you hear those really weird random like there's never announcers even goals Lee Bailey don't even do anything part you know and I mean like. Which is crazy with the lake fireworks and on James wall learn to ask you news. All is sure I don't around. Earners. Right now and not because that doesn't really come across over the TV you all know you watch the matches and stuff that's too bad that the in stadium noise like that would be cooler. Ha I and it's it's a dump unemployed that you make up so I don't know what you with the way that I got into professional soccer watch professional soccer was obviously from major tournaments like when the World Cup would come. I yup that is a Kidman get questions I get really involved in that and I remember what for some what's the Euro cup and it was like crazy right right foot. It was. I was living in Tucson muscles like ten years ago says the thoughts and NASA dummies. Vernon penalties and they are here I think the women and it is they wanted to know what hell might be hits quit quite possibly but I remember the we had a promotions meeting every radio station efforts have one necessary for forever and it was adults say 11 AM. And I didn't work until 6 PM answer I'd have to drag my ass out of bed come in. Watch the promotions McCargo the Russians before literally seven minutes grandly the F and then I go back home and turn on the TV and soccer which is beyond Prius piano what I write goes beyond during the day it was in dark. And then Steve I'm McMahon and Mick I always want to McManaman scars of the restaurant chain here baca. I went to McMahon and last night in Giorgio awful as a matter phobia happy that our school Portugal there. I have feather in town Aaliyah and they're staying in window yes I don't go that far and want to remind us. I mean to be great I have limits mantra threats threats. But around. So a smack on any and dark would you begin yes. And indoor so good that it was likes exciting to watch it can he can make. Mean drinking coffee and totally exciting and that like really wrote me and I just had to watch whatever what it was always Wednesdays is when they would shall something I never knew it was like I wasn't paying a ten yet. But if I if there was going to be on it was on Wednesday amid weak game I would see X I would never look for an otherwise that at some point I kept seeing. Arsenal play a lot and stuff right and Mike fox soccer channel was one of the three teams that they showed all the time oh arsenal Liverpool and one other I can have like me and you probably probably our show every week and he just didn't get to watch the other games that was is that how much they did there's a soap opera called dream team that they would cherish all the fox soccer channel and I got really into that it was terrible it was really bad but it was great. And they like I did really bad seizure guys so like. They would show actual game split the team the dream team was in purple so they would just to like take one of the teams and like purple GI purple for their uniforms and it wasn't quite right but as liked. I would ever let this get us to suspend disbelief but it was but it was cool in the aspect of like they could like. You'd be playing it may be playing and Mike Allen share would clearly be on your screen running side of the conclusively prove that you mean these new now hurricane correct. Also as a newly marketed him as a hurricane like does that move Netanyahu. Q scorpions. Shows the scarf if it's. Sub domains that is exactly hurricane may have Drexler elevator road island music director. At that's fine manual and none of the eighties. I am of the ninth he hits and put it in my business Qaeda expects this is this is my friend John memories of the ninety's if you looked at my business card and didn't know what to make of it and that's what I knew that I was going to have a hard interview. Fantastic. Cantor has raised a lot ice like when they would run the sky sports they would you like. Hugely sky news and sky sports on the fox the fox got generals James Dean fantastic and I I know it's so exit low budget but it doesn't it's not the sad truth does that at this. Now as fox sports now yeah yeah I guess it doesn't exist anymore. How does exist on line. I mean I think now it's just fox soccer is like there via the umbrella for. That's a shame that that wasn't really cheeky great. But as the wild last minute they were just whatever they could finally just throw down their. It's great pilots. On Twitter are. In the first one of London I think we've got that covered we ended up doing twenty minutes on soccer sparkle your favorite part of London. Heathrow who calls its Piccadilly. I've never been to London tonight I don't. You sound like you are from London not to London Breaux of hash tag my school years in five words I was taller than you. Skits math to smoke pot mailed it. Tuesday talks which we had so we dude I was reading this podcast to spoke with it if it. Cast a dark holes. After smoking too much we if if if but the feeling you get we gotta go out and run an office that's your parents are afraid of you smoke believe you get a dark simple. Also the thing that's happening to me were my dad Irina doesn't go up when I hover near and it does. Feel like I'm probably possessed mutant gene Ku has tag mutant gene but for the reform opening. Price tag raiders. Man. What do repeat their past gruden would Rebecca I think eight. I think he pulled off one of the greatest scams of all time for him the hour rebuild caper he's a real rails soaps go different. National milk day. What's your it was a brand which puts your what to push the yes bank. OK okay it. Pastel human trafficking awareness day. Okay. I heard joking humans know well I'll take zero present a vast. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast brought to you by Todd. Arts. Politics 0% of that group says this election done with the don't covet thy neighbors pastry.