173 - Gag Reflex

Thursday, January 18th

Not. Ok.


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Yes Berrian and it starts. All right always start. It is not very good. It fell and worst. Well look well this is going to be hot hot. And I'd have feelings about just how they're going to win including me. And I am I'm raring to go because I've been awake for about 27 minutes could happen. Somebody. I have AM. And I emergency emergency eleven and the only to learn like oh it's like kind of like Jude. Get up next month and and overs the holidays are over. For whatever reason they usually don't do this but we had Monday off so I turned off all of my alarm so I could sleep you know which was joke. Until Thursday rolled around and MIA I forget that my third has come a sleep in day I don't wake up early on Thursdays. So I just use the dude wake up alarm is kind of like the RA got to go out. And that alarm was not set this morning so I woke up to birds chirping and sunlight pouring through my windows which sounds lovely right yeah. Except that by the time and the sun is up in the birds are chirping I'm late for work something drawn her grave say it was. Wake up to roll around your chair said the law signed and all of a sudden it is bit off graphic. Also it's like we were bonding at a different a bit different time today and so of course is that today I have three meaning stacked up on themselves I have like this really awful boring tedious if I'm thirty they have to do I have at 1030 you have an eleven and a candy like three late this. Other project I'm doing which amount to abort anybody who has definitely data entry yes and that's going to take me through Friday to do now. And it's like terrible. So yeah at the crappy Jacob who had such date and super crappy. I know of at least are well rust didn't I didn't in my coffee hound all worst part of this whole thing actually is one that woke up. Two seconds after that no new worst part of this whole morning the fresh from Austin. I'd remain in college that slipped his material stop blood every spoonful it. The dude that's when you hit a spoon out of them and then it would be. Quick after it. But it doesn't he didn't do so much that he would literally crushed LQ has widened Tuesday with serial motorists kept. And a bed at that it was like to crunch of the day and the Captain Crunch. And all my dad. Why are parents always so afraid of people putting razor blades in candy but the new kidney Captain Crunch. Did it right price hike at the initiative put Captain Crunch in candy put that they'll reproduce this. Now a good. We do floating. Cap it your best I'm sorry Kapanen gotten a it's. Sending question. I was in non New Mexico the speak and write school. In civil Tom okay. I can go on and on about the up the money uranium unlike taking every opportunity to eat it every local police and I like love yes. Half of which I didn't go to when I actually lived there twenty years ago we had that our trade but it's like a just like chasing down the slick flavor memory. Of what we gotta get there yet this accommodation a red and green. Wicca Cilic that is and it just chasing down his little memories and stuff like that. Why do we. Cute cats when Mike B grader like Albuquerque people don't eat Mexican food every single day maybe once a week or something much there in the U bar Mike. I don't know love Latin there may be used in morph her mom is from Mexico probably I don't know I don't know but like generally speaking the people's go to Applebee's or whatever right it's not a all I'm doing is thinking about my next opportunity to eat some yeah African trying to bottoms that right stash of that right now. Like do you do the same thing when you're going home to look my question is like do you go when you go home you have to illegal all the horse he would never eat. All of the three days. Yeah I would say I would never eat them back home like yeah it's like OK I mean if I would never stack public that I've got seventy yeah I would never go see you using my hometown as an example I would never go to QB's for lunch in my topic Tia for dinner like a guy. Although I am from Wisconsin so maybe that. We even have a different as a media would do that but picture no I get you're saying like you know it's. I just assume nothing but Bradley Morse now let's see okay they don't net natural craft not sure like yeah growers are good bit like it was clear on our way to dork county one year we went to get his hands or casual Dunn misses with a chair he'd figurines everywhere browsers and jello to the a just kidding around them it's called. Well so yeah we like what they're for us our case it was lovely had a great time to fish boil touchpad. But on the way you drive you for complex technology drive through Johnson bill. Share and that the McDonald the Johnson Phil when he stuffed with a fair we want you on did you feel your hours that you don't bratwurst that I am a guy like I never thought about how that's like the regional economist she's in May be dipping your Fries into the Mayo or something and it's Fries in the mail is a yogurt dissent know that was a weird thing that we were dip in. Pries into over there with different viewing your damn near you and its friends and is now. Cheese and bratwurst and beer prior to the stereotypes that are fairly had a great care of stereotypes are kind of rooted in truth. Except them really awful ones obviously those are just ignorant but like. I'm not using the you know. Those tennis here intent and effort into believing yes those yes I know all right late night watch myself and nothing was off so I don't read about like both search to just for a reason it's whether or not we prolonged democratic get ready for continues number that's on us for dragging the stereotype and sometimes it's about tomorrow's race or whatever that is and that that's not cool. But if it is about Wisconsin people liken their cheese and beard brought flick and that's probably a balanced their return to try new right. Right totally like that's and that's. Fairly true and noticed and you can't. OK well a thriller just right so just scroll over again just ended up front push the button so there's a hotel did good so you're a good Connecticut yeah. I'd be and in. Genesee Star Wars battlefield two that came is. Really testing patients these days off dummies. I'm not good at it and I am of keenly aware that are not good at and and the world's mobile Internet kids remind me daily but out of the store remote but the question it was pretty cool it's looked all I would care and all the wanna play a month that's fine in this part of the world will have to do against Greg but armed. I'm was sold seven I got. Gotta fill one because of snow storm mode of the actual letter because all you do is just get killed untold worlds like the talks. The glaring hole in this game and I'm starting to believe that this is all done on purpose because the putting into next year. Via. There is like a Han Solo bottle from a year ago. Rooms by the way are you concerned about his movie consultants like three months away and their old law. Zero outlook flawed no Irish rail where it now can't give an erection concerned about it I hope it's Arrested Development in this hour's universe that's relevant forward lineup and that's what I'm hoping for. Who's. Never knew it console you know little console used to be never knew who. It's a total over. Double nevermind that job reminded that they can integrate. He bit special really is excellent for that done narrator voice over it's okay now Ron Howard specifically fantastic. What a life that guy that's also run Halladay. Shut down a good free UOP. Who. I yesterday was national television today we should've picked except yesterday thanks I hope I would hug freaks of for a it's my wife at home from. The longest commute for life so sad and I feel like. You know it's recognizes injured in the event that their own. All there's certain move troops level play two in certain instances but like in terms of like walking on the street some obligated under a bit like. OK so I'll do injury okay. I mean OK but for the radio and makes it big when you do when you're telling a tale about to bring the people can't see share. The group. I got it. The food thing really baffles my mind -- about how we like. I just it's just installed just in general like when you go back to something you know a key figure in gold metal box of like Joseph are kept in a closet to implement music you're listening to at the time of course. We don't consume their public if you are suggested to me while we were there Rick let's go to. Should restaurant I don't like what you highly yeah. Under its New Mexico. Going to Arizona. And same thing where everybody that roller Burt told you that goes and then they have much better restaurants now and and my body down there like. Who works with restaurants we know that the good spots and he's like the school year and I think now. Let's go to rising canes fan and he's like one and I also need super not to visit to a Bob waking up do you get them there are rules and act and and yes. Alas this as ever and he created enough allows it. Get the secret is that's a very key component. 20 or not to mess that is not a let's take care Rick I'm hungry correct Oberto sounds delicious whenever some super not just I I. Right I would like to break your plumbing RSE clay it's like now good. Non OK we can southerly hoped to the report which we have no well we don't they with that that's. I'm good this is the first time I've gone to Albuquerque and years where. Either the night before on the way to the airport I didn't stop and skip breakfast burritos from frontier or gold pride kind of afford them which is good. Jim it's my favorite I don't I twenty bucks on breakfast burritos and eat them over the course of the next two days after that. Oh boy we flew home first class. Do you fancy. Then. There's nothing quite as bad as getting onto the last flight of the decade to Seattle right it's like an 815 flight we get on at 730 we sit down work families who get to board first chair and we're first class so we're the first people in first class guys that bomb before it was gonna play in the preface this might have one time upgraded my ticket for nineteen dollars to San Francisco first class that I showed up to San Francisco to cement from McCain castle rock for real sure straight up the guy next to me new Formula One laws that we got. Hammer and a two hours at 715 in the more okay Eric yet. So I've never like. Premeditated Lyndon like what skit it was like so little money to upgrade it and we were gonna have a baby that was past his bedtime. When we got on the plane we knew it was going to be dangerous. I anticipated the baby being a little bit cranky and make difficult or whatever. What I did not anticipate was the terrible terrible looks of hate and disgust. Of every other person that had spent the few extra bucks to sit in first class as they got on scanned around for their seat and noticed there was a baby with a lip sticking out about ready to elect looms it and sure enough as soon as they got ought to look to minimum discussed either and became very self conscious projecting negative energy to the baby and he. Lost it. It was fool. Head back mouth open screaming. And I could not have been more embarrassed. And who are the baby's gonna cry of passage but time and stuff like that and let them what what I can with these dumb people physical care. Had a handful Lori who's busy look wiping down removed the original baby of deterred the options are you doing a dummy but I can't I can't kick. A trip to get the baby to calm down with a boot from the man passes out what's the whole time it could not have been a better outcome. For what made me feel like I was gonna comply pets yet. Who menaced by the constrain. The victim had an impact prepared to go to one flu. And already scarred good good job. Two two destinations down four flights. Only about ten minutes of trouble from the whole time content. I really. Really out of town people that complain about that stuff because like what he's supposed to do. Now a man. And another trying as a parent club has been trying to do something like and I saw people before it was they were just like the kid was turning around like yelling at the person behind them being terrible. Occurrences like that oh what a group like. Right we'll of course that's different I had earlier tired dad dealing with the muscular which took so I've got moral problem with. You that you're Stanley that toddlers are little jerks. I don't claim because that can be controlled. The baby saying we don't do like. But I really hate that it's a eaten in a new parents have been shamed into like bringing little bags of Cano for that nick stopped. You have to do that like I get a new your flying somewhere. Clearly you're going to meet families somewhere. So look we're all in this little two together let's make the best of any man who might elect whom. Like I don't deserve a better experience because I didn't choose advocate and a public transportation methods like yeah stuff. Sign up. And I do understand a little bit too looking down you know as a mile tournament first class with a baby electric polygamy salty that you stuck and I can be manic of god but I do we go shares. I get that that's fine like but you should done like 200 concluded Jethro like we're like. We're gonna work on that what's what was your best judgment until. We see what happens to wind up being just fine. It's good. Crazy dude it's risk. So not the good that people get real mad about the breastfeeding thing like that I can visit very strong opinions and twice in my family somebody said to me. Yeah all the breast feed me OK I feel like a woman just walks image puts outer booze. Puts on the counter and I was like. You seem that Rick wouldn't even happening were so much like her right. Also also that that's been every guys' dreams that they were twelve what are you talking about so crazy to me unlike. You're upset about a baby being fed in the new book sensationalized. That somebody is like cramming too it's in your face you know all of the touch him because of meat true. Like that's like you're hyper. Sensitive about everything in the making everything a proper feeding a baby is the most. Natural stroke thing on the planet. He got a problem look away. The iron is I think it's those things always speak see the person that is offended more than the of person allegedly doing the air quotes offending. Offended. You know I mean my hand like a trick and Mike Pence who can't eat dinner with another woman. What's dude what's your prob why are you such a creep me and I would like what are you gonna do you looked at a jump open. And the Republican happens exactly like that's probably not the best scenario and if you can't be alone when another woman like. What's yet that's not because you have respect for women okay that's because you have a control shoots somewhere and their. I think totally yeah I would agree that's low. It's very strange to take the lead the projection of the people have against these things on. That's at some point it my whole family was together like my home mom's whole side of the family others like sixteen of us I think. And somebody goes brings up the whole country's thing. Good good and multiple Norma film I don't think you have to believe that anymore both. Ugly (%expletive) hole. Yeah almost another spit take a bit of a book. Becoming a monthly thing with a bit I think at that but there were like I'm like that he said it looked like well well well. Which what's. We knew who I don't backing that. I get a through like utterly matters like I get that you can have that opinion about the for the fact that you like it is like a deliberate stance on being like you know what I don't like black and brown people corrects. Now that I'm I'm drawing lines between things that myself Bushehr atomic what's his take danced say in the center of a step further. Crazy time for families to cool he's kissed. We get to us you know we get to make our own thoughts surround ourselves and our own FaceBook where it's those same things you're thickened in the like well look at that I'm right. The new across councilman Nelson I just bite my tongue man it was like. Pretty Lauren dialect and I'm we're pretty soon troll and then the human rights leaning OK and Cheryl family is like look you can't make it guy act share. And then double hope you know governor there's you know Coke and sell the took like a really good exercise and me just looking to advocate you're probably. Junior will be valuable bravery while there all equating to elect. Scream about films include nuclear erred on the television news network whenever. It's incredible. Fan lane. But we we the way where did you eat. Where was eats like a spot he had to eat four or one listener who will relate to this is the matter. Gathers. His breakfast joints can look at change joint around our personal wax this public six rate of home. I am a growth exclusive person comes to breakfast in Albuquerque myself Thurmond room so the cook madame at the grove. I crook went down that's on real fancy and eat like an orderly and covered already highly clearly I don't and room. On now it's one of Velika. That's why respite from the like yeah I get to you know that's my one meal for the weekend that's like OK this is normal yeah well which to referrals are your other realistic Fuller. But. Let me general I think you're okay and normally that's my unrest and a day. That's a I had even for a with Louise grant we will be to my dad loves to exclude China super buffet who they're here to sort meaning like not just like. Bad Chinese food or whatever and so it plays in my employees and as the chief editor do you like global little taste things will be more slow and I'm. Great day you're eating assault packet viral to Asia you can unsure or thought we'd all. Of tonne and for good. A quick. Shadow Etsy lie sister in law who supplement. Had no reason to do this and I love her dearly for it that was completely completely unnecessary but again very cool. Who on Christmas eves that out of the house. You buy me a baguette tamales and simply so they know yeah Chris has practiced because at some point during that day for whatever I must have said it I don't really remember saying it but I must say that I hate when mishap as like men you know I all I really want it unusual that. Is simply so a man I still know little or announce some good to sell a solar is like just the soup with important like he's right that chick peas and what's the big corn kernels it's whenever there's a name for those how many how many fairness and I had that men don't do so gonna be due to pork console and you can now. Yeah I numb. Take a wax every time I'm there. I had to sidetrack us please okay good wish you could see no look on this face of the I thought it was like a sneeze or are subject movement who have both. Talk about it afterwards. I've been a busy myself in tomorrow's episode I'm not going to do oh European producer will handle it good good. He reluctantly to move your income. It's a vote. I was at the lady a cup weeks ago we got Fatah and she likes beef Alec. And we lets you. Place which shall remain nameless. And there. Beef father kind of fancier upscale place oh ya. So there'd be fog comes complete with like try not to like right about rights but. We do not know these things got so like we get it we certainly can. Nick and meals and I see your eye popping in all the meats and I see any child can they go in there and I'm like. We can't project it's it's if it's words didn't even make the sound and I was viewing the sound that you're yeah. This is exactly how I feel like biting into a tear when period though. All the people voluntarily do these things this like. Anyways so I see it going to the ball right Mike intellect the couples think it's something that wasn't the only time the women to the bull I don't want to talk about that even the so person eaten soup and keep kind of glance and overgrown like oh god oh god oh god what's gonna happen when. What's gonna happen when it that gets that part. Finish the whole thing didn't make one mention of it didn't compete and spit it out announce they're going like. I don't know what's worse the fact that you did eat it are the fact that you didn't throw it up for take. Yeah I mean I like. A what you know everything right there where you were talking was try my best to hide from you and when they're wearing headphones that does not bid adieu called B reverend Louis Vuitton I literally listing renowned life. And listen this is like a dinosaur I thought the exact same way bill Paul and we'll all. Cool she's good old that it. Every every let's row she stole the ball its Dick in a bubble up in the back and ask. Like the trash monster of laurel lake or the city grad handed down. A big killer I didn't kiss you drought inflow what she's still in the area I didn't do that. Sir please comment that's now. This drive could a so as far as I know she hated which is like now. I if I fight that to be worse than the like if she just would have puke on the table right that it. Until very culturally insensitive and unedited and all the time and I'm glad I don't actually I don't feel culturally insensitive and all because like. No I don't I don't I know inside Emeril pull straight up by the idea of doing something that other cultures freely do unlike gross. You can leave people's weird foods I don't mind the drawn a line here is currently not that went. About got to pick and choose you can just opened everything hardly any data yet to boil to make it like Chua bulls are outmanned but they forget it and converse really you're right what's imploded it opened up nicely. Plot twist I will just have a salad capital pick and a half of the bag and a bag before and what do you got a at this point I'll take you there and I'll go with either. I am. But going anywhere for a pretty Lori in New Mexico should be like journalists salad. Public a veggie sandwich from these bring your plate of just and marinated Chile is just there to bestow dried out is like pick him pick him apart if you violated. And I bring in the cup out wiry and so Cabrera did or did you do you so my Spanish though which is good and I'm very bad at Spanish yes I did get a chance to like you know there. Hum I think the people don't realize about Albuquerque is additive ferry you are in a racial town there's like yeah home of only native Americans the console for Indians there. But also. Spanish speaking Mexicans new Mexicans like it's it's a crazy mixture of people never want to Kennelly Kia doesn't it's it. I grew up in this like multiple parole right at home which is in New Mexico is also a super racist its charter strained to musician but share. But I grew up in that it took to get back to hear people speaking Spanish in. It's just so distracting that I can brutally here's some walking on the hallway because arson so it's amazing. Yeah anyway it's. That was also build two by Aspen you'll moron like you Julia there's leading cleaned my dad's house and that she's seen today. On bushel up a cheek it understands English 100% but she just like presents the Helen should go without speaking a little bit -- until he only speaks English to her show understandable Oracle's elect I walked in and I'm like and what she knows Paramount Spanish too but he's just old music yeah yeah that's what happened. And so I walked in an animal like a good switch into the dust off some Spanish and we work on talking about the baby together and make of the fun exercise to be able to do it. I heard another podcast that. Somebody made need daily pod told. News in and the pick a language suspension news and slow Spanish. So you can listen to the news read too slowly and clearly by somebody in a different language seem to work on your skills that you might have picked up and high schools in the on that. So in this case it was news insulin French. I like it's a slow take on the daily news that things are hearing about to understand context when renewing but the bill practice join them and that's cool. I think out punch one of my friends a standard civic who we have to fight against what they said to you in. Flemish or whatever there is the enemy real slow. Well it's. Twitter and a look at go around I mean. Rights. To all this out. Ever thought HQ to. Today's final or it's going to be yet know they narrowed it down the twenties and days and I'm like why are you wasting my time Dubuque Iowa entered as the front runner that's now what I heard that excuse I think that. One of the incident it's stood out to me which I think is so obvious it can be Austin, Texas. Share an expert Texas is like a big Republican state I'm sure it's really incentivized to do big business there and stuff I don't actually know them and just making big assumptions but at that they're grounded and I did give you an in Boston. But I think the general Austin though like I don't want people from the San Francisco area have moved to Austin and so it would make sense that like yeah those those public policy used to have a lot of culture and bulls is cool look at what's it. Yeah we know make it better a session citizens and with the Adams on holiday parties face that it. Should fund a double off. I'm signals on networks there. A I think Thursday thoughts gets pretty Lauria a job at Amazon and I said what are the tour de. It. And it is going to be this is the day they can think of anything for awhile and like whoever's in charge of making have days like their kid was dude going through hit a two phase or something. And walked it was I acquired an epidemic it last night. Let them a set out to pat. Seven deadly if he's on my friend pat is on FaceBook every day just to always post a picture every day for what over the stupid holiday and so it's also. National Peking duck day though. So I thought it today as a matter of fact hash tag NW SL draft that is the national women's soccer league draft. Is it. No one knows. Passed I SS TS 18. I have that's the only thing I'm looking forward to seeing in the new console movie. Fast fact upset but it could draw it meant is it will find out offset. It's a bigger than what they mean upsides and the most he's Canadian football rules are old. Kerry goggles. I believe that's Giles my friend I don't speak French or whatever that really does speak it slowly and. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Rice University you blame us who know cheer as snow with march. The first time within.