174 - Chili Juice

Tuesday, January 23rd

I don't want to do this part.


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Didn't above dunes in. Starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It fell and worse. Amid a huge error you never know about that do to move our video player right in the intro to a perfect you can run is studio known all over now know. Well it was funny it. I colored diamonds I am literally Google+ does twice this afternoon. I'm not I would like to move up the ones to find out how to make it if I as I look at it a much all want the tests turns out it is quite delightful pretty I gambling and I make a guy like housing has over the enjoying this as I'm making a guy that's really my thing and then and a girl and my chocolate. A whole sweep through. But Heathrow bread into the nexus like what all riveted tribe but I mean what Connecticut beefed up consistent which could chocolate sweets. Idly that's called it could no lead but share with the just pushing his worst week. I mean I can only and proposed. I got what they call a counseled. And all for us Trimboli which is just a council help I can beat the crap out of this tells owners trumbull there right now are you saying right now is podcast unity decals on film full of crap. No that is not that is what I heard no that is what the people heard no pick news. If I do not recall saying that Mary just said no I don't under a combat vet that didn't happen and goes to further. False Annika played the Baltic please go to tape was made it's he picked. It's fantastic. So. It is a question as to question do you know any old people who spend so much time practicing everything that they see. The before that she say anything. I try not to talk to old people as much as possible so I'm gonna go ahead and say. No but I do know what you're talking about and I get it and so I'm I'm scrolling through my voicemails right now. And like all of them from. Com. But here's the minute warning along the stuff like. First well I'm not listening to and is looking at the gradual element of it indicate translate what you're saying at all so. But then immediately just go on it all hundreds if there's so much preface your retirement this before we came in. The blues who voicemail and the like you see the got an email from whoever it is or I'll call back. Right because the voice vote goes to you know be amazed call notification pay attention this olds it's called notification is the voicemail of 2000 and tens yeah like no one listens to voicemails and we're stopping it and effectively useless with my Busch posted just below like. Don't let the message is I haven't changed him. I haven't changed my like voicemail message. A my cell phone in like. The messages not noticeable to listen to this and they might not actually be older than dislike shadows of meals and some dumb dummies. Do medicines couldn't going to be actual all of them I just beat people Augusta just didn't keep up with technology and social media bang oh my dad. Pull. That's wildly inappropriate OK I'm ready to show like this for now for the digests. Just in case this is look at the beautiful artwork on the water and a wave firmament non okay. But I found guys that look a little bit at you don't and can you hear me if this armories more than eighteen inches off the table. Every area cargo area go this is very uncomfortable nevermind no idea what it was you can get you're an old yet the olds. No no. Seattle people. A oh well at their loneliness and these are meeting I don't know what within. The beeps men don't get get your. What was the deal about how well idea annoyed that didn't happen now Plavix that it wasn't me Greg they confront white people yeah it was I thought I felt it inappropriate bit. I guess this is what the cultural gold that are still using voicemail got. Couldn't just take the clip of you and I made you go to the voicemail message so Tibet. What's up I'm Gregor and I manmade and you breached our phone is the voice mail message so you know what to. Oh make it quick and. Welcome Vega cats just couldn't put that on your voice mail now. Also acceptable is the greatest American hero theme song that is used Pakistan's chair always appropriate or the aforementioned. Do yourself. Don't ask I was a kid my mom used to make me a hum. I was I love superior as as a kid and I love the greatest American hero and apparently and you every idea like the second verse that song. Adverse events on June that guy who wrote the song does not have this guy is losing Oregon like well not a fake news is that right is that right. Spoke. My mom this is this is the perils of being an only child. And the first of a generation is that you're like the shiny new toy that everybody wants to play with share. So my mom will lead I she never friends over as parents do because she can't leave the house guest house know I can relate. Right of course you understand this so our friends would come over maybe can't believe that part sic per. I'm just kidding I'm skinny but I'm pretty proud of yourself so. Accurate to. A stick in my sense of it anyways so my momma put me out like that in the middle of the leave room and make me a note saying to our friends of the entire. Greatest American news. I loved it. Ultimately yeah I know I can do now I know the cars that did you know there's a proper order to listen to totals Africa. And extremes the final countdown I don't know songs that were made before 1990. Known anyone to. That's it that's fine okay and it's okay to probably think of a few because you can I milieu like the taxis and this didn't listen let's I get bogged down to semantics OK okay. Connect FF. But it was. I was leaving anybody reverend okay continue posted a chili cook off to the day like. And we're talking small town chili cook off like Milan where just hustles great. It was great today the problem wasn't that blew the first choice that I taste it was the best of the night he had. When Republicans right now cash. I'll meet altered my my coffee continue and the kid. Who was responsible for making this her mother came over to let me know that she was the president of the kid club that I was judging the chili cook off for a -- reminded me a bit like multiple times to the night so I greased the palms a little bit just like you know only with Chile. Greasy to evolves aren't good pocket Chile had no it was anatomy like Ike I give way people who have. What people who have to be in public figures in Mike. Not what quote we do but like in front of people Jack or you have to. Do you would all sorts of different types of behind a little room by herself be shared view of but like if you were from people Celek it'll be wants not to be a soccer refereed by as the deeply have to deal with. Not great stamina that Fiat and it's you know the parents who don't like the ones that. We look for myself I aspire to be like a little more I have around me were like Billy destroy bad the ref called the mount on parents or your ability to be the dummy via the sort of being like. What they're talking about are in the cabin people command press is almost common enemy meant it happen to be the first to that I tasted and it was the best man to live up winning the overall prize of this is like of course we didn't because one of the best and I was like man this is. Nice nice nice doors out of there because I didn't have the button push us to go back and at it and it's hard to operate the things apparently. Though. Do this Cilic took off right in the leg get the car is pouring rain and I'm in the middle of nowhere driving on a two lane highway back to my house. Also somebody told me before I did this just to Ruth said that it seems like it's. Eighteen minutes away. No no it's eighteen miles away. 45 minutes at 6 o'clock to get it that that and at the end of the M I heard in the abbreviation is quite important exact amid Islamic practice or I don't I I probably just got around to be for. I got there. I had eleven different types of Chile who only two of them war. Like criminally bat okay. You know it sucks about silly contest is I've done this before to turn well additions it sucks but is one of those things where. Room I like my chili with like beans and it and like stuff now and chili cook us generally are adjusts the sauce and some meat. And there's like 22 or three like they always know there's always some jerk that comes and here's the biggest elephant nobody you know it's like. It's chilly manly bring me the goods and they. Here's here's the kind of with the women whose do you like well hell movie insurers has been spent chair brave beans vegetables that's one area where the Regan thing like chair I want his before beef and want to be and greasy because I want to be hard deal yet for me. I do to send you like this that's the only downside to visually pick up visits like it's just a bunch of little cups of so apology to call socks off we call. Yet outs do now I don't know the red stuff Chile juice chili jeez look at look at the path at an absolutist and let's go without a run with it could. Yes just silly Jews. And you want more. And there's always the one that is really good day like so you want badly likely noble that but that's never the one that wins. Also this is the in this case it was the time I was the Bible I was v.'s celebrity judge the battle there. Also shady move I show up to this thing and I'm like okay I'm here to judge the chili counter facilities that great. Oh did you microphone you're also our emcee for tonight I was dirty that's. As this. Radio person or whatever you wanna call we do yeah that is truly the worse so. That's my immediate reaction to I was like oh and so our shots to Laura suddenly this is Ruth's daughter like. Probably like our age BS shows photographer. And and as her mom tells me that she's looking at me to see my reaction and so I'm like all smiles like right. Oh yeah okay hello Luke OK and she liked the most which goes. You had no idea you were doing that that you inflict no. Effect at times I told that's not cool and over the weren't going to just bring on somebody ever since this is an easy problem to have and it was a very overcome a nicer here to complain about but. To fight I think your hosting something like I'm not. Dressed for it and I'm drunk I'm not like the things I like to be when I'm really seeing an event treks so it you know it doesn't pan out the way I want initially and then. Okay our full read Chile didn't judge give our guest judge. Error. Right. Right in the cave by the way this is what I do for a public pool room people who don't know what Gregor means to do it by Baez. The best part though is in one of the situations haven't winnable over. And it's like a community public ninety people there 89 to people there was a lot yeah and it was like having to win the mobile was awesome so it it was a fun night overall driving back. I was like. Somebody said the word Africa as I was leaving and I was like Arnold listened to him. Toto we're now okay I've literally never done that before in my life idealism two guys in the coffee shop would covering the song and it was also home. I was on the YouTube I did not only physically settled I want to put out. A little there's a great song had to know that. And so I put on my way home run was like yeah identified bunkers on some Spotify playlist that I did not agree to. So let's say the total Africa and I'm like yeah. You know Mike belted a go below the curiosity do about it's pouring rain. Dangerous drive home plated nine I got nothing but chilly it all parts of Africa. And fox your own car and mixed like as out of the Porter mad because I'm definitely not touching my phone drive and a half I see extreme the final countdown those with poor orphan. I got a bit of unused Toto is so much more equality saudis sought for ethnic. That listening to them in that order I've never been disappointed by the final countdown until Friday night. That's not okay stroke and cancer kills the final countdown and then in Africa if for everyone who wants to participate. It's hard to believe but quite but Africa so much more. Powerful. I don't know man as a sports steal it I can't even fathom listening to the rains and Africa before a sporting event note. Nota I'm not talking about dude I'm Doug this is the brute that's not in the context of sports the write a terrible mix right Chile is. Chili cook us. Now sport. Chris I take I don't know. If cheerleading is a sport do why is it cooking and and doing today engages rack up America if darts is a sport chili cook off rear view others like him very famous. Like I can pro and dart player that's like a manly and I always like I see a mother Allentown and I'm like we're rid of that guy. And they admitted but I mean you know not really debated although I'm related to. I NN 'cause an antenna public's you know she did the poll DNA. That Dmitry think I'm scared to do this. You should be I might be Danks. Who tells the Atlanta but for real I don't. But yes she's like you're related to. Written doesn't she trick that's cool cosmic. They're okay too we also definitely confidence on the product right. I don't think you dying parts of thing we did but it doesn't matter. I don't wanna do because not only give these companies Almonte at the end nuts and I said that when she was again I didn't do anything physical you know there was selling your. Your team in history narrates a witness that never mind is. Think more about the yellow dog I cool it's okay though because like once guys that you took same test seven times and a different results from these huge one so we like how old. Well I mean let's be honest I need you gotta figure like. That's the job for like you restart radio you have to start doing overnights are promotions kind of think yeah lower level area in entry level positions as low as a threat at that like I imagine if you would to school for error. Genetics or what ever you do to get to that line of work you know you don't get the start Mike. The police department friends and X you know area where it's like unsolved crimes of the Internet like I gotta we've yet to work jury to you that a united Dexter at issue right Jack you mean you may be a serial killer but not like you. But DNA expert right so I imagine like their family trees here that the entry level like obstruction Pepsi and there what do you. And let's not crazy your part soda. Says right here who put the that was possible. Science guys just can't just sedans owner of the seven deadly. Seats possible. I suppose it was just an error in the divot factory. Yeah I don't I don't need them being like you're you have a predisposition for heart disease therefore your insurance cost four times more yet. But also we have tickets waiting at home to do so I don't know what to. Also like when we do have this baby but they do genetic testing gestures not gonna have like the face tucked into the blood disease. You know I mean like there's like things like that man I came and talked about something better and I says video. On FaceBook a couple of days ago there wasn't a lot of things about it but it was it was a grossing video yes it is like. This is everything we twice in the last like two weeks where it is literally turned my stomach and and it's like affected me Newton posts now. A solo video public today that was cleaning out arteries and I was like no what. It is 506. In the morning I do not need to see us ever won I'm not gonna talk about because it really gross me out and I just refused to even. Eat I mean literally just thinking about a right now I think I can see in the back of rising and I mean. I was just a video of someone making a terrible sandwich via the black. Joey out. Jelly that appeared part of you wants their Han. Miller for L I NE a pox on anyone's house that puts. Jelly on the piece of bread and impugned by the time it party evens credit but it wasn't spread a bull and what you are on top of jelly roll right of course. Saint. The food they I don't know it better not be OK count god I was like if you're good you put that. If you're gonna separate that you put Jim of one side and peanut butter on the other dreadful them together I despot like that even sounds crazy yeah. But the other one that I saw that just spun me out effort this one's weird accent and assume my bothers me is a much but there's that picture of though woman from Russia fake is. Where with so called those lake. Eyelashes were feel like I've the eyelashes were free throws and and as he sees little lake. Today I know Sarah. I don't know why the doors that we like to persons like mind minus sixty weather and then all moisture that comes out of your face freezers almost instantly and so it's like that's like. Paint not eyelashes like two love all the quote a stripper would do all the white icicles and I don't know why but that. Play each wrecked me. For like days they completely Iraq to thank my eyes are all sensitive for no reason vacancy. Horrible Bennett who no effect on me at a low. I'll be like wow that's cold I know that's what it's so clear to them by like it's just ice like it's not knowledgeable of the but the all the things that took the took two off. It was bad. I got. Superman the other day I was like in a bad mood I was hungry they discolored angry I don't like that driver announcement. I can't let Tuesday's. Let's average now at the right. Com. And so I was like upset it's up. I just needed some some lunch and saw there's a place return on the street from me. Mean where it's the weirdest combinations of things can't it is a corner store for a like cigarettes and but I don't know sour patch kids okay. It is also quick vote best beer store and snohomish county OK great. But also tons of wine with an and they have a Boris had dilly. K detectives and at a bar like it's like there's a bar in the middle of the place you can make the thirty Beers on tap it appears sit down have a sandwich and watched the game. So one of the it was on and I was like well I'm really go there and have a sandwich then. I don't know that I've ever had a worse sandwich at my. Like. There's Asian lady who makes this amateur is visually these thin which is like the best sandwich boards hedged via veggies off. Ports hats BA from ingenuity position. This person. I don't know what they were thinking this is the avocados that they put on there now it's like two little like. Apple slice sides. A McConnell pieces on there it was a motion to download the bread was most downloads and pressed it down when they're cutting it in public still have like. You know when the bread gets squished together and it becomes denser and yeah rebound that was a problem at the distribution of all the of all the meats and everything was gross it was to slice meat. And that they had solved much mustard on it is making a eaten a sand wedge. So lazy that's a lazy Spanish artist has that isn't it true that that what Africa is still much that the mud baby can make me I mean I just pound. Who can't doing that Sam Nunn and he really touches as competitors wanna tune I guess yeah it yeah. But that's what I think is not convinced that. Yet did there is nothing worse than a disappointing Sam and a walk back up their bit towards this place is with a guy behind like. It's like with the guys to do real hard work yeah after work to disappear because we're considered this weird hybrid of places. Vicki you have everybody is after work him like his line men not like for public you know put no power lines tell from over but don't you go other if you also were natural line. For sure he'd be the king of that place spot like that there's some people are some strong feelings about. Washington State University guide at Gatwick and the guy behind me it was like bragging about having been in prison when I was like. All right lanakila complain about my sandwich because. This crowd is much tougher than I am an initiative to taken his sandwiched he'd understood it was like well he's the king now yeah item you have really these are the rules these liberals on the Canada's joy it's a media tourniquet. I get I want to kill you punk I just want to sandwich yeah. Just sky aria. I don't know if you since there aren't and I know but like it came back into into it. Toy Arctic air I figured it out I got it you object okay excellent. Well dug correct put. But that pales. It's. It sharing its. Now I can think about a sandwich is Greg I want one of the things I do you want is just the time a street market NASA dummies they make a good sandwich does it make you not it was not great. But does this garbage now that's I mean that's trash. I give them extra points because they make their tuna salad that is just tuna. And mail our miracle when they she's president. No salary pool no onions demo. Some of the put grapes and there are like weird all me Anderson. Crap like that none of that is just tuna and the Mayo. So I want to let's spice it up sprinkling in there and start up put on that much but I don't think it's fair that like I I'm a start the based. I'm OK with the celery only got because I like Bill Clinton and Tara does it taste like a whole lot to give little extra texture on the fan of that. See I am sad that I guess if something's supposed to be mushy wanted to be mushy. You know I just I mean that's just how I grew up cherish your you'll never like. That will be somewhere and that's fine. But they aren't making it only plays like on earth that as a pundit it's an actual C store or restaurant. That it's like in two would you guess anything in your tuna salad everyone's like both Hillary your hoops yeah moves I mean those are fine. Some spiders are cool climate Clinton. Don't know I'd splendor free tuna salad okay groups find spider printed do salado sends an attitude is this batter of the seaside announced the spider two parents for us. Spider pan Africa and I turned out. A Twitter Herat has done it Oscar Nam. I wanted to as the name about the billboards outside of the what I ever stop. I hear that's a great movie fine that's the took me seven nominations fine all watch it I'm just saying stop. Spending more than three billboards advertise that they are asking them and that is a dumb name. Asked. It's the thunder moved to rumble embrace the cabin and it had today it's. I'll ask ahead yeah go there and my I want to go there to mamet there's a giant. Astec earthquake off the coast of it this morning about an eight eater to a new simulator does my eleven point nine and Alex and army warnings on the coast here and everything. All the laughs no big deal. A lot of wanna be an earthquake where I don't get hurt. Over the years that Renault gets hurt you again find but I'd like they did that like a lot of government when. More and. Crazy at all or merlot the bookshelf fulsome in a dead. Any of the New England Patriots can get her in this earthquake had a fine with that but. Anything else I think that that's yet to pay due to. National pie day no. No carry great know why national pie day is march 14 and that's the end of it. I'm with you. You don't get to national only taken a hard stance on this if you wanna have seventeen different national cheeseburger days no rule. I'm OK with that there without even if you say is national pizza pie day. Cheers of students but. Hi today is march 14 stop or if you live in. Outside of the US were you due dates differently it's July 22. Tuesday thoughts. On Friday July 22 territory to seventh man that's the ratio for pocket. Oh. I lost with the thing. OK Oscars. Men who grouch I used to always gets my vote first and foremost. Robertson great basketball player. I aimed. Us convinced humans is so dumbed suddenly every time. Everything we ask announced come out every year it seems like I've watched less and less of the movies that are denominated its policy token let's hit a just like having the love Mexican culture is confident a 100% viewed. All right. Astec signs you're low on funds. Can't afford to go see Coco shut down the government. The bulk babies. Nothing. Makes me wanna see a movie less next. Marshall county high school note that not now Wonder Woman. Shasta Wonder Woman mean I think you want by like five time parameters star spangled pennies. Gross of just. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and asked them in child and good thing for our young podcast crunchy bites. Our spangled panties. Where the drunk university. RO PIR.