178 - Peeing Cobra

Thursday, February 8th

Horseshoe hair!


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Hello. Hello hello. Boy it. Starts to. All right always aren't. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It fell and worst. Best wishes to the Republic of Korea on hosting are dumb podcast went away. A wonderful opportunity to show everyone that you are truly. Great. Cast makes fired empire against grid again. Welcome to the Honolulu there on record somebody figured out we do in there and ally. Don't sell it and I like it yeah not like it thank you. You have to stick appreciate that. To prepare exciting to look at them the the bottom virtually no preparation. And here I am no longer well virtually non Syria OK but yeah it's close political. Ahu William start with some breaking news let's do it. The president has no bare bulb will mind me but I don't. He you know there's times in like. It's human nature UC's having grossed an excuse check this out. Oh. Oh illiterates. You know like. Others milk is bad turn and it's like oh man that's the worst part every go to stolen your joke could be here I just made dropped just as serious as actually careers motive Sarah introduced a good idea does this give below zero don't know. And then there are the ones where it's like pay no seriously don't communion lake but don't you know don't do that don't don't come around this don't watch that on. This follows. It this quickly went from what I thought would be like dude this is crazy could check this out to make oh don't don't. Yeah there's text my brother as they don't let you know if you see this unity I think it is like hunting now it's really easy. A Telecom. People political with the chemotherapy Ehrlich and do you mean like that's how that's helped I had dislike cover up I'd feel like Darth Vader with his Helena office like Borough. Could you lose your money with money owed honeymoon. When oil and put my laid back guy dressed. Quick put him back up I couldn't the knicks. Coach quote that's like yells now at the end of episode three. Prepare. That no. I don't know how the theme I'd like to don't see it don't watch it I'm not here to make fun of love a person from I'm here how they look shared. What gets. Well it's a natural thing. You can't control so terribly for people glad to have insecurity about the type of stuff and I knew that the president's pair with the disaster but he was getting on to Air Force One and a gust of air blue and I can even understand it it's like the Sar like Pitt than a minute you have no idea when it's in this document. It's I've never seen some and go bald from the back before. I think. The fifth. How does that it didn't happen well I've I know how that happens that that is me he. He try to do hair transplants you for hair transplants were like X lake scientifically they figured out yet pre Wayne Rooney correct. Almost literally correct yet they totally boots correct. Nice it was in Chicago for Christmas yes and all over the policemen they have these giant billboards for Urlacher and somebody else limits Ryan Sandburg is a look at. It's people that had the energy and an MI. Who looks weird with hair man so we're special tomorrow with a shaved head you do what a crap what would you do highland high fives that should I you don't just say you know this is the opposite though Mandela. But it settled a high five him if could go out and leave big guy feel better about shelf that I can't even describe how the president's thing it's. It's as if they stapled hair to the top of his head. And then like hair sprayed it down over the back. But Britain even the top though it's from the side kick it's like it's like it's all you have is like hair from the year's fourth. What are really connects the top somehow there's like over to reverse horseshoe with a he's got a one on. Like sport god no wonder he's such a weirdo like I mean you know that's actually a valid point because he. Everyone has a particular insecurity. That if if it's. Brought up giant along and cuts deeper yeah yeah right like any time I'm in the bathroom like those guys that's right so we're about to have a putt exactly it's like oh guides at someone's gonna notice that my junk is like. On the ground had to drop it and pick it back up it's like a host Snyder's and bring my boy underwear right exactly it's like let's examine what people missed Stanley had to put my on that gross. Completely I think who. Competitive and a explode there is not true that the truth that. For me it's just like oh. Q looming and what. Bernard and I got a story go from here six minute lead and work done good. Get out and I know Pakistan's of this than Annika but to commit implement and easy looks to reform and that's. Yes there is it is. A bizarre. Is a it is I mean like. Bermuda Triangle level of mystery. As to how on earth. He. It. Finish close what he has into a some whites. Resent blends of a hair stuck to the kisses her stylus on the retainer or not to. The not to say anything like his delicate contract theater in soup I had to do that himself he can I don't know there no doubt. None zero doubt in my mind that. His hairdresser as an India no doubt. It's it reminds me of I think that he might actually be the woman from total recall. Yes pullen do put an appropriate for vegetables on the planet. Yeah your question to ask that question did you relate to terms of that thing just that the ability for current urgency to put a clip truer words of course you did that affect a Google friend list so the lady it's. Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to get through martians security drew a gentle lady's suit and my ability seems like robotics face them eventually opened up and he throws lotions you're able that you read it first a low. I which is an incredible. CJ I think back with equal time it got black and how now very cool. On. I didn't know that that video clip could get worse or anything that anybody has cinematic could make me feel more ill. Until someone goes. And if you've eaten recently. I suggest fast forwarding thirty sedar Daly is weight loss program now to hit the hit hit hit hit the skip hit the skip. For thirty seconds because this might sour you for real sure. Oh. I from a photo of the Unita get a new phone look at this through that most people want to look into your head as he is but whatever it. Horses that looked like coming out of the shower room. Well who put the walrus slipped. Other than the long whiskers like in nineteen Ainge like sideburns. And look at it. Like yeah. Clinton does begin commercial where he's got the of the open it goes the Tacoma over but the beard come over the goes all the way around the streets over Dario. Cannot. He now. By that eyebrow here yesterday that I could have used as a come over one point atlas like what you wrote eyebrow hairs were those come from how to hide for so long complaints I actually teach how does the hair grow nine inches of yeah. You think you feel that at some point threat and go like man I feel weird oh my god typically you don't have any if you're like a hundred times and it's important finally like. Who I think that's then that's the thing I'm feeling the worst run stewards of what I give me too weird to support him. Who don't threaten to keep the funny president of Zambia just. A I have really done Ali I know that is. They don't say is he getting all of all the things that make you each year warn about a lot of things like yellow legged out. You know although he's the everything starts to say you know you re gleam Beers gonna go gray. They never really did warn you that your eyebrows start to grow now. And that's a problem and a lot that I. I'm fairly. Self conscious about my my looks at. That's up kind of subtle like like (%expletive) up. I figured out a right click around them as exciting as valid that's fine and also sometimes a lot of like took a turn take care of myself a pretty fashion forward Bob global blah. Mitt. I used to be pretty proud of my eyebrows after the Jones's the dude with my brother pretty good. Now every time I'd like that the music on the Catholics have a girl wants give me a compliment I was going that was one girl her roommate was like only gadget of the nicest eyebrows and I was like. That's a way of saying I'm ugly right. It's likely you'll like good good personality. Beautiful eyebrows yes. You'd giant walking disaster if and saguaro covered in fur but like a lot of brown fat was less. I I would take that as a very Mary and has come I would not go there are at the time I was like hey Rick did you wait till after I try like a lot of the deal of their gross you were well you can't block you look good on the air quality C block better this year good job good job. Just hand out seven Downey. Seawater. You ironically when I'm moved to Seattle sues the person I knew here. Because Leadbetter in Tucson my gosh to cherish most of my dog for two weeks to train well worry even. That's great so anyways goes from here is that's the that's been. They know what it couldn't have happened to a worst persons are correct but you know you actually kind of did hit on something though. That probably explains why. Now is like looking like that has to be because clearly he had when he old little you really old thing where it was like they weighed. QB with up as a quirky there they would they would peel off. Stepped in with hair follicles from the back of your head and move it to the front yeah yeah that was the thing when my friends Brothers. My rich. Ironically Donald Trump supporting friend. Come back in the day. His brother who's going vault and high school. And that's that's unfortunate I give it tell us that sucks. And just give in at that age anything that you are that's different is that terrible. Yes right it's all the people that I'm looking back to my high school reunion thing now trying to like remember who they were that I have no idea what their names aren't in the pop up Obama only up to like the most average people that didn't stand out all the also the didn't leave an impact yeah right. So he'll win they would do you all of that stuff. For him because he had the money to. Since they would like it was so fake tears of fraudulent Buick hood my brother's going down to Florida for the weekend for Latin. Vacation. What are. Often does a seventeen year old vacation solo right like that's weird. And any comeback and make what they would do is they made he did all of his treatments. You would think on Florida they just said that in under dispute newsroom with his face a bandage to causes they would take. Skin from the back of his head went for a bounce lower and move it to. Fast forward to the right exactly have. Well we reached out for comment from the president and he only had following to say. That you yeah. I mean that's bold statement and made them that's your story stick to hide. All right so. It's a question of fort ethnic question you think is a guy who has hit a new high today again on the scale pay. Round of applause congratulations man. Who made that record set records are. Hanks. Keep go to open ion based on a text message to me yesterday I wonder my question for you is. Do you think I should switch to lady do read bills. A lady burritos everything you know attacks on the which is wise they detected in North America until I don't forget to smarts. And he probably Donald. Okay. Yeah. There's a I was able to Mike Pence to back and that's great thing. Yet some. There way believe nobody's waiting period as we've heard about his little rental money on it. I mean base are pretty fantastic does that make me lady OK so firstly I would eat those. First look at first half this is on a pod cast at the somebody that's important at. Doritos yeah went on them like little consider making wouldn't read those with a college less than theirs. Less seasoning on its your hands don't get his dirty or whenever rent I had into both of those things yet we really dawn. Like old at the top end yes. With the flavoring of everything with the bigger packaging with the everything it's the biggest problem with America. Over flavored to read 100%. Over labor everything he can't thank you go Gillick a bowl of spaghetti it's like drought it's like sauce with noodles and it. I think soup with an X noodles at the bottom exceed go to Lou. Don't understand subtlety and you rat hole it's just like how we make this better would put more on it. Did acknowledge that these that it's crazy how any of like the veterans Blix single anyone now but it got to the point now where I get when people love being local weather like I have like small things because. In order to satisfy everybody something we do with a radio station every share you can't have the most interesting or the went on invested the most subtle things you have to have kind of like the most obvious so everyone can get a little piece of it rather than. A few people getting a big piece it's why the year like Dix the original fast food restaurant. You don't get to. I have options gap is because they need to make as many burgers as they could as fast as they could and you can't go put a lot of the system goes right right exactly what works for how it works out. And so like I just feel like that in order refer people. For everyone to be happy just kind of loaded up with stuff and then go for it and then mass market and that's what you end up with sleeves if you get a overly cheese to do Reid go because now it's more what is reported first hours everything. Right out. All of them for that occur mostly out of some Doritos can third delicious the military has made him. Now I abused or mentally she be bogus embryos. Not full let's have a brownie. Is some established a little Sar for much of the media to us. With a OK you don't sweat oh well look. Sorry to Jones. The trigger warning there. Now played into Reno's got bad news for him. After the furor that came out from this rank as you can imagine that if you see you lady anything. This were to be consequences to I would say in this scenario fairly justify. The 100% for Doritos came out and they were like we are absolutely not doing that whatever you Byrd is a lot. That is not happening. But can't make a week which is called something else does but right because I would be in to pay less cheesy dear reader are going to be on to the I don't need like. Are like a cool like when there when that are cool ranch is so over ranch like which eyes water it's like that's too much man just take it easy. Yeah and it's the typical of that too much so we just need. Don't color league need to redo is also the crunch is too much shock opera with the right sort of like where this trip is to corner crunching. I'd prefer to was steeler. But. That video I can hear you jumping Deseret does survive stand Iraq like no one ever said that yeah yeah. JJ did a room created or after a so. I don't get a say grace I don't want him to be happy to say lady do read those because that's the brood. Think it'll mean I wanna to be. The opposite of when everything became extra be in and I immediately allowed to say it is which is column are too is an old like everything and it does and just make them better. Light on the ads sure sure that's a well. Listen and I'm on the dude did you grow we can be walking around listen to rebuild lights are right you got to get over yourself no way man no way angara got. You know it's a new track down leads the blue Notre Dame broke OK you know. Around. The white mutt was much easier drilling as an American flag yeah. Oh no you can't do that that's bad news ordered I don't know I cannot if it's not a sound studio he doesn't know us he's very conservative who were overheard yelling insane things we have to be found. Justice shall sub doubting them that's right you heard me. Cast as the enemy of his as opposed to what I do it yet right. We're on his list didn't expect the worst are what's the word telling the word I'll say it through and I looked every bit stadium children Jim Wright I do. The expensive. So all the idea of aid to read a that is less. Over the top is a welcome to what other things do you think vacated we could pull back on a little bit like I'm thinking like. My biggest complaint with every Italian restaurant in this goddamn country out for the most archer oversaw setting it up. The noodle is a star of us of the of the dish not so what's so when you when you start packets up to the cans shipped in and around like the noodle can no longer be the star because it's gonna last forever that can select that click it or not eating fresh is the biggest problem there which whatever orgy of subway that's ready fresh. You got to him kind of think like what else would you like too much pull it back you like but I go to the sushi place aha there's too much god damn ginger on there are. Yes to direct. Vicente TN dish so. Yeah a bit notes like dom get kind of its is that this occurred council cleaner you know I don't I don't. Earlier this too much I understood people want a little bit of it but stop. I am anti ginger in all shapes and forms that's not a very good example that I just gave birth to also how dare you I'm ginger ish and here we know not a remake of the race of humans I mean that the of is it out. The route just to demote you people for making genders come and with the latest updates on dummies now. Also Shara several will quickly be offended when you use aging injury knows he too. Do anything in the hands OK off dummies yet right exactly. Hey did you but did you know that looks or start. Actually did know that. Well yesterday the Olympics started because they don't have enough time to fit in all the events 'cause they need to share the spaces for stuff and so. You have the yesterday he curling got underway yet and you know let cooling is my failed export not even know about it's our Davis Dave curling because of the stupid Olympics and pests have Terry because bush is the Amazing Race didn't turn that off you kidding me like it's. In relation like I know a text message last night at 903 PM that is one hour past time. And it was want to curling and I was like I welcomes more of a I can't watch it now and eroding and low. Jerk I didn't even know sadly shows you my brother joked about it who it texted a going this is great so. Legitimately Ivan a curling a fan for a long time they can do is whatever of one of the Olympics that was on like 4 in the morning kind of deals now. Truth that that has an Arizona is like twelve you're right now I'm I'm right there video we have the same trajectory yet we came we didn't my buddy Mike and I would come home from the bars right and curling will be on and worked hammered so he's got to stay up eat your pizza rolls on you know in 98 maybe a hot passed that by 2002 maybe surveys are trying to remember where all the more. Because and there was. So quick Cindy and then passed to BJ that there was a manor 2000 to 20061. Of the two. And then there was the Italian one. You know a lot about the Olympics Katrina collected on anyways we would come home incurring was always done and out of those live heroes like some cornered but when I mean that's well that those last time well I was via other sailors doesn't matter who it was during the Olympics and we come over the bars. Hammered eat their pizza rolls and drinking water hydrates. On and you just yet for awhile and we could we would always flick through channels and curly was always on this super it. So we sort of watching it as a joke where it's likely these morons like this is the dumbest thing in the world. And then like. As we kept on watching and we started we figured it out we got the nuances to it we figured out a score. We learned the rules of the game and also we became obsessed to the point where is like we would be important people we invite people over to the bars the Buick tomorrow watch Carolina like what like oh yeah. Curling is on tonight you gotta come over and we really have curling parties so last night. Orson are texting to my brother and my buddy Mike and I are idle chat group for everyone to call it. Group text. And took my brother goes guys. Guys. Is it rears are much in curling right down the Olympics 'cause I gotta tell you I'm loving it. Your dummy to Israel responded to pay I don't know if you realize who you're talking to beware the apologies. Of curling all right we love that. Which I am I said the of the kinds are here. I went to the US nationals last year. That was here up in Everett yeah right it was hosted by the critically club house and it blows I I really got something important from it. That is bleeding curlers have incredible busts correct the salon really be able lunges that they do make that happen. That's why they say that because as my brother was talking to us about Carolina we already knew about him was like yeah this is cripple as well like dude. Canadian women's team must watch. So you do Yarborough path. That's great that's I'm trying to finalist of Sochi was Tony fourteen and Calgary was an 88 who gives a crap yeah it's sub. The idea that's it's a sport that you feel like you could play like there's no way in hell I can land off of the ski jump let's just not a thing correctly and its debt I fractured into a meat mold the bottom right right and like. Obviously I can't do a triple axle. Could you do to blow stuff. Clearly okay. Aside do you do that's what effect that's aside due to last and I was and I skin comics go. And an ice there was a dude that was like figure skating. And every once in awhile. It either. The thing about figure skating is it's very dainty for most of the time Terry prancing around me like kind of guide umi currency kind of watch Beckham could kind of want him. And then they'll deal like he would stick like. You could see him prancing Iran think stop at that one into the rink and he did he get esteem gone. Land and kick it out and I completely out of it. Yeah. That's true you asked the judge from Wisconsin and say hey be impressed had to and tend bro. It it was remarkable after that though how we took off his skate and stabbed to guy in the neck with it so. Also incredible it was very cool is formed on his go to that though I only give him a seven correct correct correct heed his follow through was not very good judge from New Mexico awards they would have iced. You know it snow is just stupid photo of the judge true New Mexico gays and make question mark could have had three green chilies I. I think that's Goodell who so. Can we go curling like I feel that we should be able to do that right yet it's. I was too chicken because I was by myself to goad the Galileo to try and you can try NN we're gonna try to that will. I'm pompous self and it's a little laugh this off with when I can't do it you know knew if I defy the Kevin later than the let's go currently in a bit. Com thanks. To and onto. Serve. With. All right how about a hash tag lover on capitol be amber and steam train all of its players away easy lepers of the gas. I think he's got a pretty good chance against half the teams I didn't think it was legally there but it's real LeBron LeBron now. And I'm Daryn. Hey if anybody is gonna do it here it's gonna be that he's gonna start wearing two armed sleet snow. Much like. Compression stuff to players who are now it is kind of I recognize like all mankind Barack archer to Maggie rack up like golly that's just fashion. Astec pounds that's routinely placed four by himself but it's it's. I hope I'm reading an album like he really is the only player left in the team. We can't afford eyes for the starters right and Isiah Thomas. They just release and between latest got traded to the cats are blowing it which is a loss. Is Islam who run a favor of that proceed only if he's leaving so the cats are just going. As a Bucs fan this is the cipher I'd size but you measure on an editor. And this is great news because the hazard in my division and we want them to be bad and they are clearly going to be very very bad very sick which is great. Always have a pulled touring yes. Chris desperate thing it's putting just my yeah yeah he does and writing down the odd man his knees give you knew me from horse or something well you know but I feel bad for the guy but that's what you get for trying to dunk on innocent and compile. Who's my got. Which one of the got to get picked up on the side of the road and a minivan yes intent of other guys I don't care about the bring this guy like yet all of that you told me that he's read whatever player of the delegates picked up yet you know someone in a minivan dropped off of the god of speaking of a fair player yesterday how straight he once rough here because I don't wants to hear me show you video yeah. He jumped over it dude. Tickets now to dunk yes yesterday they got a ride home of the new world correct. Just take in WFTS. Now aware. It's not okay you laying malware are now we're feeling dead Scott yup. Olympics 48 team I guess they started to favor through Olympic. Favor three Olympic events in the winter games curling ladies curling and other long ski jump yet to build massive ski jumper really don't know the new one where they do the it's the maybe this is the excuse I don't know where they affect. Nevermind hit the button and a a battle would think that. So. Having a couple of that you paused right there where those confidence and analysts are all right it's okay director controllers like fairly. After watching the solo trailer and movie you which I have a lot of questions about concerns. I was like I. This likes it looks like it to be just kind of fun little movie I'm down. I look Tom hardy man. First look at heart they tell authorities knew Steve Buscemi. He's an every single movie well I thought you meant as he was weird like Steve did you know it's so unique and unknown and his brother in that MG MT video also is very weird if not watched it yet. Told me and Michael and it's the other Buscemi and it's very very we teach your sleeper but I don't and Jim Timor. I do not talk like Soledad bands than me around too many times and he's certainly I think attraction. I think that the smell that legitimately. Chefs in My Chemical Romance I. Miami player I've ever thought so. Over a book. So we talk about how hard you know he began Steve Buscemi so anyways after what he does so China that okay. This might be okay I'm not do the same after watching the venture also if you're gonna make a movie about venom and hype up the fact begin with a trailer. PEB. Shield them. AP photo mad if I was a medical supply that was Lola MRIs I was captured in Pakistan are flush out of there are more privacy and sub domain thanks memo. Miami. Really good it really really really good half naked ladies are some B and into our building. Me. Jimmy Rob Lowe is a terrible comedian but all bit of the highest paid football player. Ever. You need Rob Lowe is the highest paid player of all time I just couldn't respond without being the the worst person ever of of auto wanted to say to you want to leave it at that you can just. Assumed that was terrible. Total way either spyware and oh Dwyane Wade you traded he gown. Derrick Rose ego was part of the cavs pig our. Title and Eagles parade. Gone. A late night into jaded eyes just assume it's all fire eating in and how much peeing on city streets is happening in Philadelphia right now. All the pets if ironically the cleanest of engineers. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. They're not need a lesson days and I'd been told rock.