179 - Feel the Fern

Monday, February 12th

Jon Manley for painter 2020


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Genesis I got a mountain abuse. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It's the worst. Just a bit big week for infrastructure after Sosa will be spending seven trillion dollars an art film podcasts it's now time to start investing. If our DuPont. So I think that's sound investments. It's number one podcast in the world why wouldn't you jump bottle with 45 million listeners. And every one Santa's tree city we would need government help keep this thing no listeners like yield. Keep this government podcast afloat there are three tiers of donations he can give us. And we'll send you isn't it weird that the president fundraisers like cattle solid black hat that you can help support me feel like it's so weird sound legal by the way I don't know I don't feel like that's now legal I don't I feel like that's not important. Well I think legality is now an old notion. We do you live in a post fact American hero right now are right about that until the funniest home premium today it was of any U Vietnam era. Robert you learn. He was a Vietnam Maria as chosen will attempt to sort of machine soon but opponents say if you moved on people who wanted to us all if all of whenever. It's a big has gone. This is never an assault rifle never never never never to get a big jets don't ever and it goes that's who's a teenage Donald Trump with a bowling trophy cape. Went to camp one to pull a trophy it. Bowling by the way is one of those sports they don't be too good at. But it's gonna be good at bowling but you don't wanna be like my yearly get a blow it by everything you have to be easy club asks. Like enough that you beat your friends most of the time not a great time like bridal rolled some real garbage sometimes but so most of the time like I always won it like if we go bowling I always wanna win sure but I also don't wanna dyke show with my own. Bald and make my bowling shirt. Your enemy or is like moved too far panel too far do you agree full on the bowling shoes. Subject though. We'll I mean you're saving yourself from slipping on the bulls this fungus I did I'd give that. It. Man that's a tough one I would still say rentals and yeah can become on your nerves because if you bring your own shoes that implies that you just thank you ticket at bowling Alley that's a lifestyle. Iranian make. Can you show up to an end date with the own bowling shoes you're setting an example they're setting a precedent that lake. Well as it is for real wouldn't margin look food court bar areas like laurel is right do it right in the salt marsh. Aren't you know mean cook she must have me confused or somebody else. I thought we showed great Thursday. And that marched to meet. Paris wrote today in new talked the president pretty sure where space is wants to take international stupid dot dot dot I let let and you never now I like Clinton. Also happy happy Monday I suppose. I suppose when gas that'll literally no I have a couple thing this has been out so that's kind of nice. More time. Yeah that's a question as an investor I'd seen them Obama paintings I have I have they're very nice cool that is where we disagree. Oh OK. I think that adds load Michelle Obama was trending McCain not cracked not president the president Barack Obama blood and Michelle Obama with them. Stranding until I clicked through and I was like well that's an embarrassing painting to the child did. Little evidence that no I don't know that's the painting going into the whatever national gallery. Portrait juror for. Pasts. Presidents and their first ladies and it's been submitted to adopt it but. I thought that was not punitive putt I could buy a good to me out of under. Yeah it's well how. Low. This is old wooden be remembered okay well as I thought. Former president Barack Obama's. Paint he was very nice. I think he is very stern looking clothes dirty like he was really gone stern but I'm an affirmed yet and I learned stern stern turns aren't there apparently sick Mary. It burns there and. Terry and could I put what he runs for office again to be filled with brute do. Feel the stern thank you know in a hole on this is for me. I don't got me and I couldn't get to sleep last night I look at the 2 in the morning couldn't go back to sleep I like I'm I'm a mess. I have been on caffeine I have been using the aid of medicinal is to get to sleep really and men. It has helped immensely. But also like. Who when it kicks in I'm like I gotta be close to the bad girls there or else it's. 2 in the morning waking up on a couch oh god no and then you like you just have to get woken up enough to get to bed and then by that point you make oh great now awake. Slippery slope and enough slippery slope it's that legal marijuana is interesting here. It's pretty good record should make it more candle exit kids take you by accident. Oh of course they view the original comes in Colorado I'd have to say though we've been Syrians are joking I I guess. Fifth. Seed like that Michelle painting. I do not careful hopefully she likes it and that's what will be public how does this out of the pages. I don't Boca and Mike. I can't do it so you are better than I can do Derek Israel rather see you do well thank you very much you know I. It was not who. Our mission must have known it was coming I did not I had yeah I read about it EL EO that was on purpose yes okay it wasn't just missed plays skill all. She let a yeah. Underprivileged kid do this again of another boatload full on professional. It is sometimes that is say no I guess when that candy you pretty accurate. Depictions of people when you see you and it's not and like. That person gets paid a ton of money to just do these things and it's like let's not really fair about it and that's and that's. Because it's not like like Picasso he was whatever that expressionism is ordering abstract estimates on abstract and I think Q. It's like an abstract enough for unlike other doors for something here yeah. It was just like no I just don't really accurately predict people. Yeah now that makes sense like it oceans aren't quite right but not enough to be public interest staying near that yet I see I I agree if you I mean. Until I just want that like classic. Like George Washington are we repeating words jazz offense hasn't had a look at heavy like you could never pick it up I'm convinced like in a past life of posing as a real I was like I IP that frescoes and Italy for sure they like the fourteen hundreds like. I'm fascinated by that I just. Painting. People and that's crazy. But I don't be I can paint anymore like champion to be weatherman and the and the Pentagon but whenever I had a very weird experience this weekend while is at the mall shots at the mall some dummies which small. North gave okay. I don't come that far south but out here which is funny and like that's about as north as I go up up and down I mean it felt not well far now I'm just like the north dammit BA. I was shopping. Jewelry shop for. I need to update the wardrobe undergarments yes my garments are getting old. Nods his new clothes. It was time and do you know chair. Need to come down here hot. A station Mike or like the Iraq dude I mentioned the Iraq familiar crack down to gather on that is picked. And like dank I just decently not great. Bomb poses like a Nordstrom's and Macy's right in there is just the balls did most are great I don't care mrs. Muller also and it's like fascinating. Like sociological. Study. I love it it's great. There's a it's a very strange culture it's very strange. Very straight and some kids still go there like teenager still go there and like play as a haven do you really go now to go to the phone case stores now. It's crazy and but it lays out a new pups socket Dolan of the mole I get hit so. And I'm shopping for clothes. And no less than three times. I picked up the shirt. Taking it was black. Walking with that only to discover it like ten minutes later the wait a second. This is blue or this is brown or this is green. I think and I think legit no joking right now I think I'm kind of imclone colorblind. The notables prove. Or the PCP acted before. Just. Other cold there could give me all live here at the end prensa some stuff along with this weekend film Smart move on my part. Com. Part of it forgive me share. You get multi yeah I know I know that's what happens is those muscles than you're liable stop working so good in the suddenly aware cheaters and be like hold on to pick coach Jeter's been like it's gonna rule and oh man. OK it's all right that was everybody's ticket it's the gut indulge aryan like everyone's. For the most farther I get weaker like. Probably a little bit later than you're who you and I are now accused are noticing probably Q won't be in trouble for the features male I'm not okay of mean you should do you should embrace the change rather than fighting it or give. It in bionic eyes and think when can we get that we put one point nine trillion dollars towards that. Nice yes so anyways yeah my trip to the mall is very. Very unsettling to happen is that didn't know it was likes. Like yeah of course you're getting old and like things are changing and we know that I can there's not just listened to every podcast we've done great work forever NRA which are phrases we should make you put this into like the like. Male lifestyle old. Category of whatever you to search podcasts like white deeds getting old. For a path. You don't want Patrick you want to go all the way do right now the setting a Teradata food like only we old. We should like it was avoided getting black or something well they are trying to like steer a different direction I like it Korea back to what was there a segment that we used to do. Sex music you know knows something about. Elect as my topic cook up a I bring that back in second that I can think of a more often I'm down all right tireless work on that because I would love that's funny I also went to the moment this weekend and it's a Guizhou is there was cars are you there. Yes it could actually vote to check out to do is the lights on is a C kept Dahlia. Why I was so mad about this doesn't fat. Is it hole. I'd Clint Dempsey and you like love camouflaged and Trout fishing it's probably all right Kate you're not that. Do you look to me like you are you are not bat. I'm the density yes I am. But my bad foot for true love the New Jersey at. Yet it's from. Its explicit. The whole way the government does I don't I don't want that builds not a good it looks like our lexicon of the movie few ropes. But where you can rubble when it's one color in the year old little more though when it changes or whatever it looks like it's probably like cats and she tagged to it might double click the least comfortable. Jersey never run around and right. It is imminent but but he Jerry kept saying no thought it was awesome who great until I which could check it out to wanted to see it. In persons like public take on it. I try to be good sound is not shared bad mouth and stuff you know in the theater performing better subjective. Or subject to tell us hands well arm over there and in person. They are better. Then they looked. In all of the imaging competitive all of feel like pre sells them to the ticket was like a darker had the applicable to there's a whole other layer on the front. It's just like was that it I can't zoom in on the scam photos it's just it's just cal fire as he. Yeah it looks like get Billick a Celtics crushed velvet pursuant that only it doesn't when you rub it the other way it does not full does that. Miller. Why guys getting older so my guide shows I don't care island I'll wrap coming to America ought to know that our suppliers and our point deadlocked topic because they love so nailed it couldn't. Perfect perfect. I mean sure like to. What's the point of the camouflage but I mean. It's not gonna cause he loosely. Would you buy that. I don't buy endangers his anywhere because. We get them. I mean. I like to buy a Jersey that are gonna stick around for a while this clearly like a one year thing as a from a jerseys especially soccer now says he may. American sports is is a big because our merchandising crap I tries peanuts I love. How the UK does early in the pro am it was like to home kits generally stayed the same. Every three years they changeable over the road kick changes every year it's. Allusion to the road can on this Lester Amanda tell us a one year last season and changed again via that likes the that the changes are subtle a lot of time yet. But it. But I couldn't tell you about an arsenal can I don't know what you're it's from Pia about it at the puma store the outlook mall yeah. And it's a couple years old chair and I can tell it doesn't have the split down the middle more like one side of old are those of little letter which is like. Horrendous tea and it's not belong that I had the blue correspondent that was kind of neat whenever I like that one yeah I mean to this is just the standard our sole thing I think there's like a little gold line around it may be which is nice at Lowe's if it's approve McKay how tight is drawn in Apple's no there's holes and at the sniffles just as hard outsmart the gas again. It's it's a nightmare when I'm Carrie McCabe though he likely cannot differentiate between the bulls didn't sleep at night or for you fresher today apple for apparent agreement. Well a disappointing for him nightmare for you negative. Effect at. The tingling. Apple jokes aside babies are like that meant Gillick straight up what he says getting cranky and tired yet it bears his face in the my boob. But uses routing looking for a nipple and it doesn't like these is tired and grumpy due to get a McKinnon. Dad I. Your mom does that work. That's amazing added that was the thing that gap and I did that. That makes tool set that is while I was not a Lackey while soft and it's weird wild stuff that's yes that's. They armed. Q I'll sort of small second mr. ZUK panacea it was pretty well I actually did you know it's hot it's five. Doesn't matter that's trying to dilemma nipple and a bunch it's fine. If January OK you going you know and where the old one who now there's like why upset about is that he's actually great news you can buy new went spent. And we will win. When there though I have some time to killed because there I had a gift card for the push up there yeah releases gift card there are. Gift card system is to have all owned by Mike. And look at the at the mole two guys he was going on here. So much fine with Soria with this decrepit pro shop is what to OK the it's the officials say you're there specifically a bison Sanders is so then like Alex have the top boxes autonomously comments does like a big it's the cool man and I was like. Maybe the Jersey will be so cool I get the little Lana and I got yeah it was like and it it. But it was also just come in neutral to me did not excite may only be disappointed want to find okay. Look and I think he's not cool is that only the authentic jerseys have the store on it. Aaliyah of course you have to have to you if you get a replica you have to of the star put on it that's what they do you. It's five bucks for the starlet and if you do with pro he's gonna the very brilliant day in the interest in and out for in the and so on. But the talks anyway arm of the Obama until I got a couple of errands to run like pat on the back right Eric and dunes here we go in a look into the mold I'm like I'm sure olds come across Indians have been there before this is not all would malls where I go okay very nice well. Economic and you'll find it. I think attempt. It's. And I literally. To can't stand myself to the anti enhance it for you have a baby would be human we're gonna go to his buddy who did Indians candidate is usually over the top of his head of the commitments are letting aren't. None of yourself okay. But it was junior be like an ice cream colored. Pretty lawyers like Richard Julie were gone and what one idea ask itself consulted his hair that's crazy it seemed to one available and there's these weird just. Literally when you go to the park is acute and critical saw horses of Soledad it's like eagle on the slick thing and it until the spring and Jerry asked back in Florida with. Custom erode one of those I was very drawn to my friends get the night before he got married party affiliate everyone's done that at least once as an adult and if you haven't I strongly encourage you to do. As an rather than later another fell on my new idea and Muslims and hilariously embarrassing ridiculed for like a child. He laughed. And then. So there's like it's about that shape and Eric up behind you it's a publisher solid data for a kid get on gonna (%expletive) yeah but these things are electric powered. And more realized you know I saw those myself over the weekend to little motorcycles I can stop laughing because they had at the plastic. Over the top like you're in its couches CIA asked as I only good PR met with a different animals yes yeah yeah I had totally until the holidays we had like Christmas themed ones and now a grain here and stuff like Pattinson noses like a polar bearer and that the system yet yet yet area. All I can do the whole time I was looking at this is think about how. I wanted to be there with Cokie. Because yeah. I want cookies. Two rival I'd like to O'Keefe would definitely run for at least shuts cookies so dummy not is not big on having wheels under him but in this case I think a little plate I think so. It was a really small I don't know if that would have then. A pretty hilarious are hilarious for sure not enough together or there's nothing like I hit my everything. That's so funny because that's electric miles lock him diet he is working on a kid get them on there and m.s like that job socks like that job. That job sucks now. And then I noticed that the plastic was of the towns like this guys has to clean it Piaf the timely that's terrible. This is a bad gig nah not good but I like so jealous and I definitely wanted to not be doing anything and yet Friday one of those who vulture. On how often people take them to fall are trying to steal the moon and now the question. I mean these these heat and news that our malls dizziness not a biblical like slick out newest. I'm sure there's a way to attract those somehow because Kansas have that like it right it is not a thing and there's got to be like the shopping targets too far in the wheels locked up type premises that's got to exist get applicant geo fence around and something. Also lower on the topic of the malls shot that's TV north gate. Taco Bell now it's the dumbest. Best cyclone ivy that a long time now. Killed me I could. Iran that was written by timing at home but delicious to imagine where that is right now threat diets at the food court I Red Robin kind of a couple votes in the mall yet. Teddy and aren't talking about and I don't know. And they do go work. I love talking like well it's the thing is the first and only fifteen years that I unwrap the title that there's a jeez and here yeah let me think. I thought I knew dad yes I would totally I'm the guy who's like I'm on this for when never shorted Rihanna here now. We do the right way but like three to elect by today he's like one ever stop to script he crosses the shell I think this pounds this Jon Miller today. Do. A do you want food you want right on the line yes I do ask or talk a duck caddy corner from my. How's it takes everything in my power not to stop their everyday Eddie leave it. Just so do it and not expensive and my your villas accident and literally across street from Wendy's now passed prop. No I know which when you talk about two dozen good Wendy's I know part of our primary do we do better in the correct higher regiment that every telling delighted that she's the oldest. But I some things. Into question as he question. I have this written down I don't know the context and driven like delirious easily but what happened. If Amazon. Left. Besides you being single. Yet first and foremost a typical I like to get single on my own doing not because of age at the Coast Guard Jim knew. As personal. CEOs has the Detroit I don't know lay up I sort of think about that it does it just become like everywhere he goes buildings we'll dogs barking its human thought the same thing I thought. Weirdly enough I was thinking about this like last week. Same thing what's it what happens if this book to come up somehow yeah I had event in like our. Yet is somewhere on world again yes because you don't think that armed Seattle's making a really difficult. Financially for Amazon to be here to there like you have to if you're Google is building to also have to provide hope both houses for the homeless and Jeff bagels is like. A lot of yeah ought to read a liberal and for everyone to die via. Okay earlier had to do that and maybe bit at least then you have to pay taxes. Now there OK sergeant British ask usually cool so like he's setting a 22 city for Amazon via an American empire through. Which people asked. Oh yes a bunch Amazon employees turned to comedy oh yeah I've done improbable than a lot of blues and it is met amazing it will of those real I believe you can. Com. I just would like all those buildings that would that ripped to weigh down can we afford to live in the city game we get terrible for ten years and to win better. I mean. I get you know that's how cities where credit's Abu flow lawyers now or in the push everybody out of the city. And then at some point. That bubble bursts. City downtown it's run down. In chief. And then meego like play downtowns greatness within the scope of that like ten years from now how would think so they've been left but not Amazon isn't going anywhere but. Amid gotten a big crazy well I mean a chunk of its going I mean I assume that all of the buildings have thrusters bill to the bottom and so it is tough. Them. It's crazy to you how much they own downtown go crazy. And it's. It's not foul. The military outdoor mall thing like. Because every restaurant that you would need all the cool stuff the pops up there like putting it in there and I felt like Indy gets. Permanent like your great state and down then yeah I can feel like that's like two. To just take it away until they push you out for something else and torture falcons are not distressed birds and more dour and don't. Well yeah right totally Trish is good to finally god kept his isn't damn efficient jets in the city. Yeah I don't know man I thought about that you're it's like what happens like. All of the buildings downtown are Amazon buildings and a so shared they'll be. Other Tenet's taking those spots of course there will be but. But how fast is that happened you know Damien makes. And what does that mean third like what's my apartment we're gonna do with my rent situation. What happens I'm open for you to your risk and stabilize the maybe even older and every at cheaper for you but like hopeful little it stable is supposed to gonna I heard that you heard. I learned. That this is the first. Now last month or two months ago it it has yeah. Stabilize. Leveled off not increased. It just needs to stabilize and not increase around me. When I have to stay my intentions for next for this. Rant that's that's and we needed to go down by that. When you moved out of the station moved I don't know I don't think you can afford to toady wanna raiders can start. So my girlfriend has moved. We get a give her name aside it's a supportive girlfriend. And think if we did. Says she she just moved so. She did a lot of apartment shopping as well with her to a couple places kind of and it kind of Mamie really love my apartment. Make seeing what other things that are cheaper. Or around the same price to what you're getting compared to what I had yeah. And I it's I left my apartment I think my apartment school panic you get -- apartment he had like there's I had a huge storage sting right in the middle of it I mean could legit turning into an office if I wanted to kinda. Shirt that lake revenue marketers that little closet at their. Straight ahead is huge. All my stuff and comic crap take other crap that you have just you just have half solid there which is great. Kitchen smiled at its Seattle so it's not that small minority and it's it's at least a walled off you know I mean like I have rooms in my little less apartment I hate people like open comes hears about this Barney could put it table right behind their rent it can butt up against your living room couch in lake. How old so I lived and Stu studio have for a long time it was great I really love the department that I had blankets obviously couldn't keep up because you're like Scott pitched everything Billick. It was perfect because there was enough separation between areas and I was OK with that but that being said it was coming over I don't make a bad because there's no bedroom yet. So the the very least got to have a bedroom yet if you can afford if he can understand but like it's it's this they way quit all these new buildings are all like. 11 bedroom open bedroom it's not stick to the bill called the studio because of the steps to get into right bedroom right does open. Yes come on like body is that the ball a foot before it gets to the Sunni awakening to how would you do that. Pretty good accompany excellence comes in and for the weekend but it. I gotta do I get away from him four to ten minutes for their sick for mine just like come on yeah I agree I agree idea and I wish my apartment had. More like. Contemporary amenities uranium lake. I would love to have a garbage disposal Chara wash your dryer would be pretty sweet cap on per share but actually windows. There OK for the most part except for the one that they had a fellow put them you know whatever. The that is always open because of it and they are usually always of his Hutton and but you know like yes like you gullible you journalists that would be great. As a thermal I think I did and I think it should change to their name out that way about it pretty get constitute let's go with it can't change it Nero Nero both are most that. So yeah I mean I don't know lakes. I was really kind of into the concept of moving and then I went and looked at apartments and I was like no I like it. But to do big old poop on Twitter was here. Monday motivation I don't have an currently here's here's an invasion from an eight you know gonna work next Monday and whose last Monday of the month yet to work who. With so you drop this knowledge in the mean I was real fond of oval president of recruitment for the jazz get smoke. Not Tyler poked Hillary was the twelfth president I think Heather Pope Taylor went Tyler and then no good and James Polk and then whatever Taylor both order. Our James did shout outs due to. Just do mr. Murr hole. Some damage in the fourth grade teacher taught us how to collect coins I had to do geography of a funny stuff on the map in exchange for a rare coins will Eddie taught us that. It would Tyler poked tailored to tell a poke Taylor. Look at FaceBook and move in the bubble tea speaking of presidents. How could we don't recognize William McKinley more as like the think he got assassinated and no one cares like. I don't know if I don't care I know why not. Just to buy an anarchist dude that's awesome cool bright. It was a simpler time back then too and yes goes he's just like he was that it was a live he's the me he's like the middle child is the middle assassin. Assassin did. I did they use an assault rifle I don't know so it was all right yeah. Greg all guns or is all all rifles or assault rifles they're used that way. MS business apps without ms. business apps. I like I want to bring that back there so that we should be back from a fairly deep thousands disease and everywhere couldn't have been. Was so busy and Sam and that might be why weren't such a rough place now as as a country we've stopped you doing. And that we need to put rappers and determine our language more off tonight for it. Digital transformation. Of the duo line could shift if Michelle Obama covered it. From. Donald Trump junior. This is sad. His wife isn't hostile or something now after opening mystery envelope all do what's. That you it was an anarchist. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcast at gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and at. Man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. And everybody a universe that day learned the beard assassinated throughout the university. I don't think it's a test there before it.