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Thursday, February 15th

Take your damn hands off my cheeseburger! 


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Indeed coming right me I may indeed. Starts. All right always start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's the worst. Nobody doesn't include Florida and has received great reviews what everyone except. The lawyers. Who keep. And cricket Hillary. I assume it's just spooky stuff dummy. Mean you couldn't guess starting him around. Thank you for dropping off and his sleeves and mountain of then it's also but I have to say I have to say. Beirut as they choke on one of them and don't. A little upset that's. The sleeves are smaller. The box or less full concerns many thin mints is used to get. I don't know if that's true or not fumble with that. That's not fake news that's real. Estimates helping promote for the Girl Scouts I'm gonna try not to well I'm. I'm not saying don't get them. They are I think awesome of course there yup thank you want to miss a question you'd pro tip from in the freezer game changer course course. John Miller the person who gets free if you Girl Scout Cookies and complains that the I'm not complaining. I'm just noticing a thing that is happening. I'll parked car outside now because of one of the garage once I've got two car garage America some stuff from their my cars and direct and that is Blake the equivalent of keeping the cookies in the printer only mobile suite. It's really grace so that was those were gonna bring different. Bit look did until like eight an entire sleeve driving one direction and the like it was coming homes and whether he thought other sleeve. See there's all I'm saying is that two years ago you would still have cookies left when you got home. Probably not many because I've seen you can put down Osama. Some thin mints but like you know. Well almost that amount press room of a let out. Yeah and question yeah. As mucus Judd are you ready it for the mixed addition these further sequel of the Karate Kid franchise. Is as evident to our. I thought long and oh wait I've heard about this I just saw a trailer for it. Who showed how should take a break and come aspect. Yeah the big. I will back off them so cool dude sure of the dug it goes no no don't do that. I don't well. So are out as a coming soon. Because if it's Gilbert the film I'm into it. I'm into an eye on it looks severely low budget mr. reality he dead yes. All my Joseph is he really yes a life now can add marina and haven't yet. So it can't be that good. I meridia the Packers won the Super Bowl he was on the sidelines during a money have the bug in the had a Mike on the Jumbotron and I we are just like we're totally gonna win the Super Bowl mr. reality that her team. And then we did yeah because of him is an annual one cents benefits from I don't think that's true it's true he. Let's just deal with OK and it's a big delivery a back from the dead so called man. He was a wax on wax off his arm falls off. It's. And brands and Brandon dropped. Our best and try to ease this zombie about elect who gave the of course could easily exchange up about her and Dana senate to come over inducted as our back on the up totally. Like a staple guns can conclude finished off the bench that's a fund that's a funds on the stable and then it could come back now. Coming to terms under option under urban stable government if some Christmas it's with that in some. The subject what a cute dog from the other news event scoop on domestic like that now and keep chickens out. Did you stick your dubbed chickens we have built a solid ball great math from the mud walled building is strong. And Allison. Mexico yes with a pet that's from from the photo north of the walls. Then I got this. But the big coffee I've been it's a tease in grant. Allegedly it's cook yourself. Remarkably poison and a phone for your tricks. You know the flu keeps going around and around around and my girlfriend has now cool not cool like like Hulk like quarantined and got six to Sweden and yet totally. And issues like that went over their last night obviously and she's like hey bring you this that a medicine ball and I think. This seems like a trap like or go to Starbucks it's yeah. They yeah okay negative medicine ball and everyone just laughs there's a fish guy behind the counter. I thought does not. I you know. Everyone giggles and I feel like an idiot. So. Fortunately lucky for me Starbucks closed last night's I didn't do it but I was Moreno got an athlete gas. As they I can time find it. Which chatter it's in my immune system so dumbing. I have fought this thing off like three times now now because this office is just the sense it's like it it's just like it's like that peachy is that they showed after the that air dry drier endurance that's that's literally our office right now our office personally don't like art. Corey and ours yeah yeah right fourteenth all right so it just keeps circulating next exciting and I'm finding out come back due to begin. So this rise again I don't know man took a weird. Should go get these medicines Balkans that and he really going hard on the stand at our I don't try it with the zero medicinal broad right of course is just tea with honey in it but it's good. And it is like seven dollars also hook and then also it is very. A lot of flavor to it or not he is usually a very subtle jab bridge this is the opposite this is like. Punch you in the face of flame. So it's not a donation where the fiscal we're kind who. Is John this team what the coach Rick guy the ticket flag. Well. Anyways that was sidetracked by it it's pretty good look at the middle Lotta T you know tons NT there's a lot NS like wanna thank god because like if it was smaller less water and more like evolved and everything else is saying oh we. It's interesting because there's a Starbucks that's. I drive by it like is around the corner from my house like Henry enough to drive deaf I want to it's like to walk to Starbucks every day if I wanted or to drive a mile away which I have done previously sheer guts it. Bomb. And it's. Now all IA don't go ever anymore because it was just throwing money away go by coffee and despite drip coffee to fifty pop whatever me and for such an old man right now among Irish blood money out coffee could make your shelf right Borough. But. If I'm gonna do that Obama's been money or coffee either one of my really good beans for home and make my own rent and pretty lawyers pretty good about making that at night for me so which of the morning and cosmic makers are gone and it's a fresh right when I get downstairs that it's good deal yeah. Hum or going to lick one of these channel like local small roasters that's not on the giant Starbucks which is fine idea to Starbucks a time when it's. There I'm not the mountain trapping on them but like I prefer just like these micro I would absolutely go to a different shop if there is their job in my path. But I don't wanna get my coffee before again on the train. Because it's wiggling and jiggling drop and that just how Hampshire for a spell by coming gear solid in my hand and did run a motion sick he adds that you've thrown open your coffee toys. Now not goodness and never get so from the trains that CU here I literally passed two starlets of necessity of ten also. I'm aware of the shortcomings of set restaurant are sad place we don't really care. It's fine while there are many positive things to send letters sent the fact that like people can worked there and get health insurance that's bananas meant. I was that they didn't make their coffee so hot this is like preference yeah I think 'cause it's maybe sometimes tend to slow burn to salute now I am Republican terms like how they take care of the people now in terms of what have with the Sonics martial tunes and again that's that's a valid like them under and then anymore I've I don't support them because of that share although he's felt a fellow tall and he's rich so who. Does something right now because this moved to wants. That's an act of a city at the coffee bar and he was standing behind me. But I would like stand up and like she wasn't standing he was like Chinese standing behind me like where there was and yet private very personal bubble tea based and so would stand up and look forward quite ready to look like well there's a close John man right here in less than that the new go to -- a fellow German and I was like. Dad but to know who was the what was the other with Howard Schultz because those are walking off a oh. When Hillary I don't think it was rich yeah Madrid was Glickman Roger Goodell. Does a senator Roger Goodell sub dummy that people really crap on him a lot but I'm for it after we have got the personal counter with them he was a real tool bag. It intimates say hi or acknowledges on Twitter. I now write barely made eye contact you know he knew didn't get weird maybe he was nervous since they don't like that's. That's Odom I guess that's the 45 to 46 million listeners you know I can tough. You lay out some so called Rick I started take this to draw a red out look I am running all the time I am in. I am Mandela I don't think it'll be released say and what a fielder per say about I think thank you streets Netflix is this a movie or is this a show. It's a movie doesn't show though is that I thought it was a show up now back could be very wrong alerts we have filled. Audit policy at one time and and have that you patent what was the writing really with Dana Pratt. Now because that movie was great and Barcelona oh great. You're never going to be a black belt at this rate. John it's the journey not the the destination well let me tell you man you missed a step. It's not over yet. I think its credit gigolo. Karate gigolo yes I can watch it on YouTube I agree you should segments as best they really for a technical also do that with robot jocks and sometimes short circuit it hasn't been removed. It's basically. Basically. A limited and its effect. Shadows of the two as they got their job to pick Clinton surplus and maybe my brother yeah. All of I love ballad about every Danny McBride to show movie scat is just him playing the same character in a different. Does your nation is the ultimate dummy yeah like he's he's always Kenny powers all of it like. And among some interview pod excellent as part of the Jefferson on that and he was. Wonderfully self aware which was nice I love that about yeah. The people that can do that it's great. Because it's like. They need to make you can't they're bulletproof essentially begins you can be liked. I'll wash any of his new shows is just the same day over all minorities like yet because it's funny. Plus funny character and that's why we. Literally like social distortion with bill was on an officer does socially I just not even though its laurels of the L rules and socially and out I got it. It's like mashed potatoes don't need it to last night nice you don't need them to be anything more than mashed potatoes it's house it's sliced its how stepping it's ruined toot the Red Hot Chili Peppers are a gigantic super bad that everyone seems to hate but they really don't. Until this thing works is that you've yeah I have statistics to prove you right and Brian I know I have got forty plus year career prove myself right on the list. But let's hope this works is that you need something dependable and it's everything can't be super nuanced and incredibly subtle McGuire yeah through Smart to appreciate that humor a love when you find us etiquette really connects with the but also its insulin that's easy to enjoy. So it makes you feel good instantly like art on podcasts for because. We didn't get to 45 million subscribers now without having a game plan. Great ratings great great huge the best. The best ever and a very get go over to a great job I think so in cash I think some resolutions thus yes way to go as high fives and team and had something about it come to me it's going to be twice now I have written it down wall we've been talking okay. Does it on top figures in off topic that's been well I noticed. I was just into a podcast the other day I'll give a proper shot and I was listening to the hall of fame of okay podcast okay a local guy cookies and acclaimed but guess of them he blitzes that Rios just keys McClain I don't until the bonds are set during day hostess. Putt new podcast called the hall of fame and they just invite people coming in and offer like they each bring a thing. To fill their hall of fame way than they are okay to bring in a guest to do the same thing it doesn't act like. It was fun into the debate stupid topics okay like the Madden football series should not be in the hall of fame. I don't know what to do against. The whole thing it was ambiguous idea that exe can just it's just excuse to do what we do here guests will you bring in like I really love. Pop tarts are they good enough to be in the hall fame like that. And then once you get enough stuff that you have comparisons eakins or Milan on a popular tourist goodness chocolate donuts. Guys who was going on so. But that's the point that I just dumped Steve the props or whenever Todd Helton pocket. But I was listening to it and what does it do its case is that something about Damon Wayne's Arora was pilot laughed out loud. I was like oh my god that was a while I wish I did something where. I said stupid things and people laughed out loud I said the allowed to Brandon he was like you do a lot of liquid tournament like. Boy you're on the radio any help to podcast readers make jokes full time. Do you feel so good for just like a minute you know I'm incapable of maintaining happiness yeah of course buffalo one minute like brain chemical I laugh when you've loosens your podcast I was like it again well that's very nice so. It's too like I feel like an idiot can drive on the train and there's people looking at weeks and just giggling like a dumb ass men there's anymore thank. Kind of internally humiliating. Then listening to your own podcasts and laughing on the train I. Under listening to something in the laughing because I put a I'd like do people keep this debt the other. Literally breakdown in the middle path like. But what I consider having a good laugh this isn't having YouTube laughed about it if you're not part of it it's still feels generally do it yet but I. I'm not a person like pat little pat the infectious. And so if I have to do laugh and public orca trainer thought that the regulatory approval and I'm like an open this is really an idea you wish you were listening to the thing that this funny. I'm most standard on the train got burned me two reasons 0%. So I'm very much kind of the focal point of attention truck. Which is awkward just to begin with now. I mean Anna Hansen doubled kind of east course searing image I've seen time Leno you know coast as an introvert though it can be asked a little America bond. Especially you know like the weird car we all in one of those before shirt over everything in this place strange. On that either him or what what cast I was listening to and they're all fantastic just pick one. And fired up and you have a moment obviously maybe outlast last woman in Scotland a little flat and it's okay. Whose posts post super too much happening it was too guarded focused enough. But there is a moment where we were we were doing something and make him text to do because like I literally like on the train was like biting my lip trying not to laugh yeah. And like there's like fifteen people looking at me and slicked. I know podcast subscribe on apple podcast CIO labor committee and I'll and I'll I was so afraid of some of it was so funny and I and I call it like it is they're like oh this joke that I just made on the podcast and I'm listening to that is mind. Are very funny it's just me on malaria could fund is up you don't mind meanders over here laughing at my own jokes PS there room area it was worth that setback at at a nearly called my columns to agree with million. I FF I don't know if there's enough oil there hook those diamonds from Greg tell a funny we are really we're very idea though. I don't know look this is about the better idea of as me specifically but it was a joke in the past and just like I'm like oh my god this look at the it's nice it's sometimes you forget that. It's just too dumb dudes sitting in her yeah or lose it sometimes like the chemistry is there and it's Verifone. I don't like it was until they like makes me laugh I'll council yeah that the nicest things funny. And I like it feels good. Are you a question oh and ask me that question then. What do you think about McDonald's period cheeseburgers from happy meals. Well I'm annoyed it guy from iron middle school personnel. Who hot take literally. Got hot tea. I don't lose the blue bunting yeah. I'm times. Vernon Howell got Jake. So you have to win. Men and eleven men on the jury later. At a depth of that. Let's admit like. I if I can only have one thing from McDonald's from now on which at the citadel have one thing at mcdonalds now want it would be the cheeseburger let me rephrase this whole topic. Says request question that I know is coming if you could only have what you think front McDonald a question but I just came up well enough at math at. It would be the cheeseburger possibly no onions because sometimes the unusual or not to go on the split OK but I mean I. The cheeseburger at Mickey d.'s pool no qualms can't have a two. I would have to go. Big Mac only specifically like to cheers murders this if mostly because this juicy cheeseburger it's for a fifth and also it as you know in recent as I've said this millions of times I am so pro sesame seed bun path is very important to me. I get a big Mac no sauce no let us know onions sesame seed bun cool thanks let's just order Haitian judge burgers hey great with the sound. That is the either freezing us out. I'd like could make here going like this that's in my ears or is that like behind me and what. That's how they keep the so called here. Soundproof studio as for quality broadcasting the complete with the air vents. This happens during my show and he's real science and then from five to 6 AM every day when sitting in our office it wrote the intake is above my desk console for that Al or a kind of turn the music whips a computer that we're on the air as they have regulator on the plus so loud in here but let me off. You mean like every when Iowa welcome them into like why is to get this preview slipped Hilton. Yeah I'd love to play like need to hear me they are greatly below is yeah this and I don't like us to the idea and I don't know if I didn't Lorraine and you're the one I chili peppers I love them shall go up to aren't god jerk at a subplot there is scar tissue from doodle they'll play again in three hours relax a hoot and a yeah. So I would dearly. I would give big Mac here's why though this is my rationale behind this because I get a cheeseburger that's comparable and probably better then a McDonald's fancied cheeseburger and signaling investors here with anywhere Dix is buying or whatever they're comparable. But really nobody makes a big Mac besides McDonald Lola to two point so I would go with that would that's why would go with that process that is signature thing. Just look at I can argue that that's good via. Patents to and I'd. Full disclosure eyes stopped and had no it's for just some of the pitch the other isn't. Like a chicken place sensors is opening up it's like all organic in it but it's like. It's all are leaking ammonia does great. Greg is akin to me improve not a purpose and effect the net and general Rick and Anita. It's it's like a chicken place but what's great about it it's like tried ticket to the organic Fries chicken which gives you a you can monitor any healthy you can totally justify eating a fried chicken sandwich we should talk to city farmer twelve Q talk about a fourth is working or whatever but oddities had a front tickets there was before. I heard his chickens are full of chemicals are you. A slump talk about it. A whole particular hand so sleepy then chipped it feels like my head as he tends to draw upon news yeah. This means leave them feel good and I think she touched my mind. Well diabetics that mama but the camera and for. Oh I should know she pulled a muscle photo Martinez and now. Rank the things I mean do you have Witten no. A 23. I'm gonna get above your shoulder for a second we like not okay capital to do that Africa right now. All the casket let's go punch it in let's do this could have started up molecular and didn't get the I mean for real yeah I embarrassed in New Mexico that phone numbers the recycle and somebody in Genesis three of us that are gonna get that you're okay if FF I don't know if I. I'd rather. We're boat when resentment. McDonald's. Vista employs downstairs with the others still. All moms that are tough month. I think my mom's gone crazy she's got the flu we're not talking about multiple got a few bright amounts are gonna go there go my mom's got the flu right now. And you know it's kind of scary when my older people get it because now or it's like like this things supposedly like really really bad guy got an eighty year old lower than I understand yes issues like. Just I guess it's terribly sure they're nursing homes on like she takes you always should we can move she's like hey I'm really sick with the flu. Is what's he doing. As like first of all I'm doing great second evolved using out of that nursing home home cooked it killed them all they kills well people don't do that. And she's like. Takes you manage the and is headed gene that we're going to spring training at the Mariners. Am like momma are you having hallucinations like you get to hospital you're going crazy for real division I wanna play baseball and Mike. Especially talking about hundreds of a chicken are eight. Did you steal some of my animals lesson we can it was that he finally taking them to hair but at. Did you have other jaded Kruger. Debit say I'm coming I'm a little worried about my mom's trial. I mean she's can be fun but like. Can I mean low key word well it's easy league non sequitur taxi surgical like. You wanna play baseball has only person load girls play softball stupid. The first thought I was like I'm really able to put over the country he played baseball Gatti. And dramatic. And at like eight minutes and I SX about it are you okay cuckoo. To an audience review right right right right hash takes off while it. Took a now I wanna go or group on Twitter and OK I'm just can't I do and and this is the bad data due today is the day after the Florida use mass shooting thing. Are shadows that Marco Rubio. I I'm torn right now because I always say sub domains but actually want him to like yeah. I won't say what I want because I don't want the stupid Secret Service do excellent Iowa say anything else about that either but seriously go. Dere own research on the island in oh huh. Two day on the air right of course had to a proposal I wasn't going to even mention on the radio rep I'm tired of using these things as publicity tracks events cry and then nothing happened cracked until we have a good plan on how we're gonna tackle this I don't know how to contribute crafts. But then. Someone from another one of the shows what walking by and went when he means in the avenue in Florida as the credit what. Do not know when what I was like blow when I was a global that's probably fair that there's a lot of people that don't. Engage on in stuff that haven't heard about this gets all do one hit on it and the fine. And all I said was a guy with a rifle that shoots fast because I'm not gonna get drawn another it's not the sole rightly pieces right right it be that. Yeah I'm not going to be drawn in on something of that nature because it's again. Awesome and I'm religious social reversal someone that was like got to take these deer video games away from these. Kids yet that's that's what it was you do it because he was slowing sharpen CD's the people's necks that's how we really committed these crimes right. It. And yeah everyone knows I hate guns right just personally share but all of them. Right in if you like them fine I don't care about like we have obviously giant problem. So it gives yesterday. Really and so as it is fair as it was a very strange thing but it kind of it may be laughed but at the end of it because not on the bus or anything but it may be left. Can't answer me and they were like. Atlas even know why this came up but he came up and it was like. Out of Saitama guns just out of nowhere else like. Don't talk we're doing here you are and they told fortify podcast I medical for five hat that Blake. Aware that ironically apple for about an actual weapon arms and this year. The first five caliber club malt liquor point 45 is also. And what can and some wouldn't not present no. But they're like I know you I think I think I was looking as they must have been something about the shooting on the screen something Munich I know Lou you don't like guns to lake. I wanna take sheeting just like I think if you did it you'd kind of have a different and as they and is that an ago I hunted as a kid I've had a guy and it no. And it was kind of it was that this is where it was funny because this person's entire their way to get me on board with them. Just crumble right at the front of their I'd like. Oh Longoria and when we leave. And know exactly who this person yet somehow let me just let me just at least to the I think you'll like it now that I will not. I actually I don't minded I've done it it won't let me Cheney's under the gun range is what it closer than ever don't that shooting with muse which is funny because when they came to town and make those are different they're like. We want to do we'll be there and he stuffed with listens as before they're too big to do that cancer death and they're like. Their frequently Diaz will you as wanna deal with the what do you nobody has any requests or anything in it we wanna be the most American thing possible. And literally. A black person all of us in the room is my guns. Pathetic. So like I mean I've done it before I have no problem hunting right and I'm. Anyways blah blah blah stop killing people. It's very nice. Guy album again I don't like clicked I just told. Even like an I didn't look at it contained dawn environment horse and shooting or whatever you want like Jennifer. But I also would just have like a pretty simple take on this like your hobbies is not more important than did life I saw led renewed yes yes and I cannot even intimate. But argument necessary I'm sort I don't like guns they like nothing good comes of it right. In this day and it's. I am like. I didn't I was him down with a gun cocked but like what day it is made. It's like flat earth we've made every single possible argument as to why that's the dumbest thing ever I don't feel the need to explain it any further your raw cup so. My program friends in the people that listen as podcast it's cool. Do you but guess what we're glad you're wrong you're wrong is is is just wrong I'm sorry I like it. I don't think less of you as a person I hope he was in the podcast. I don't wanna start any online fights and I think that's frivolous. But you're wrong you're just wrong to be fair they can be easily say you're wrong and not that of course and it. They will and that's fine too and a I don't care what bothers me Tito is like. And I think a lot about this. For awhile now is how. You know everyone blames items aren't distracted by the hurricane Aaron that tornado coming out of the event right now. You know like everyone blames the whales for rooting everything they persist throughout the season their Alec. That is why you think about this for a second. You're you're talking. You're making fun of me putting down a generation of people. That wake up every morning of every day. Worrying about doing something stupid and becoming a viral joke. To the planet. They have to worry about getting shot at school. And they have absolutely zero privacy because their entire lives are essentially. An Internet TV show. So get off their (%expletive) backs. It's hard that's hard viewed that's crazy. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast at. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Good thing for our young podcast is brought to you by Friday received the dry. I didn't go to guy who put.