182 - I Just Want Eat BBQ So Bad

Thursday, February 22nd

Seriously, get me some hotlinks...


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Move contest starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. It's the worst. Who was really people don't understand or don't want to understand is that's Gregor mentally and the folks who work so hard I don't know podcasts are great people and great American patriots. They love our country and we'll do the right things make. America. Grades again I must. Our laws and the definition be arms. The with photos of the Lima could shoot the other one yeah we shoot and shoot the other one back. I meant actually give us another arm help men make you do is that Indian guy that has like all the arms. Krishna moved punish. You know his idea itself and had that that that multiple. Shiva. Would love to cubic. Arnold podcast more culturally insensitive and that most podcast without tried to tell if favors a more insensitive and you could cut a accidental infantry division and Sorgi tolerance no no I said intolerant you know if it's not a purpose though if we're just stupid if that's a so does that sound goes I can't explain it very. I would like to start the podcast now giving my overshadow justice John Manley a dummy you handsome dummy of committed Holloman had phoned me and it's a work I came here knew that I was there again. Made as a work today. Up four blocks uphill. Didn't file once it's. DD and analysts that did even have a clue who. I got no. Exactly that's of that sounds I don't talks about it could. Yeah I made it like all the way without wind moot hook. But I am thoroughly prepared to legit slide all the way from the buses the trains now you my apartment. You silver surfer style or still passed through train and just ride that thing down. In 100% in. If you live here in a time where did we know we've been shut down low and people snowboarding now and every one tells me about how great it is it's great. Yes you make America great again make it snow in Seattle. And and dude how good you become older we could sit in my little back stairway and wash all of that happen all the chaos it would be perfect it'll bring up sound systems and stuff that's like below like. Eighties New York subway. Door and outside there. There's like it I beat boxer a breakdance battle that happens yeah what does the B boy crew at this doesn't make sense to gather assemble your crew. Wives why we're making snow men wouldn't look at photos with. -- to do it used to be neutering a cardboard honestly I'm embarrassed to admit that the I hop commercials really I like really love them like a lot and you're my new baby and on May be pancakes after my pancakes and I'm like. They're promoting the middle of the morning lets you know the rules which it was good it was an airline thing like it will be pancakes are pancakes for the acts pancakes I. This is a pink makes it a hundred times an A I absolutely want to go there immediately after the commercial. Every single time. Not to the degree little low. This is well delivered it might not be the funniest jokes publicly yet we get the NBA at the opposite problem but I feel like we run into a lot and arm why should she shall might write good stuff but today like not necessarily nailed the verdict. The pain and all too I imagine how hard it would be too bright for Reich on Seth Meyers or something like that what I mean he's a pro. I don't think that's hard I think that makes it easier because it's a specific. Ready for his voice you can hear. Celek. When I was reading a lot back in. Earlier radio stations. It was when anchorman was really big serve portals Ferrell was like election data that planes at the height of his popularity. And I'd like cooldown Will Ferrell even more now another right Carol like our rights because I know stupidest things now what I'm like okay dummy but like. I can appreciate now there's been some summertime but I always wrote. To him no matter what I was doing a road to like how would. Wanted to read back my script I read it in his voice I had an. Didn't for a mean for better for worse and always kind of worked out that way that it was like other sounds good path and that was how I thought to bush at the time music and yet major comic voice whether you like it or not that was a big part of VPN is humor was exactly what I was going for tourist again I need like. Dragon delicious but immediate you know like a buffoon that thinks he knows what he's talking about the clearly doesn't have. And also is willing to say just outlandish things you know okay Rita like that and if that makes sense that way like a kid is now. I don't I love writing for other people as long as I know I can quickly for you like to hear your voice like I understand like how to do that we and did you as a performer with a tweak it to make it worked just the way you want but I can accept stuff well. In my in my in my mind for you replace rattle the Promos for I love that every time can we connect to sit down we bailout so that work out better but it was interesting too because we could you come up with that and then like week dead. Our Patrick pepper. And we created tweaking it. But we could treat each other's bits to it wasn't just like naw I would say it out let me say this is said it was like literally paid. I think it's what we do really well whenever we get it's rumor it's like okay. There's no podcasts. Besides I don't think that's a but we herself liberal were really good at going. It's cool that neither of us. Have ego when it comes to it's like we're in it for the joke and guys like things and I don't want yes they just make it good half. And if if I'm in their appeal in this drama are on the on the straight and no problem or if you know it's like OK I need you to be extra for this once they are cool weather. It's a good gag at the DuPont Turkey just insulin like yeah. Sometimes it's just a person can say it better than someone else yeah sometimes you just need the person with the red voice to be able to do it it's sold followed man I think that would be. Had I not done on this road it's like my favorite part of my own trying to rattle around yeah I'm ready for me obviously which is like a different. Thing because gets the credit yourself replica. Pulled from beast I think the challenge of writing for a pro performer but ready for a Seth Meyers or hone in herself into being able to get the lines. The ridiculous idea that you have. Delivered by somebody but if you try to write for Elon Musk there's no way you can camera cuts could write different very technically are few god forbid trying to run for the president to salute that like. I like in wages use small words Raman cranny should be fine. Could I hear you if it's. Yeah I it. That the guys that road for like Obama and other events so much success on the whole the whole thing like like I can imagine writing a 45 minute speech for somebody and having toe like. Understand the beads and how they deliver the bay it's for four or five minutes at a high enough time getting through a tweet. Before I lose interest they don't. Stadium and as he needed it never mind in the mine and say whatever the professor at unloaded at the ultimate home of the twilight. Thought man I LS the next one and excited. This cartridge term and I don't. So much that it's it's offensive action over the Clark's Jorge touched transforming one more thing and they're gonna make noise that shouldn't be picked her microphone nobody can. Crush. Paul Mendez who just trying to play my micro in my head that seven months and in the studios hoping to par and I guess what I thousand dollars apiece speakers low hook. Pretty sweet that on to the British three miners bro had married a toast I Todd Bolton is its. 00 buyer. A row we'll do an act bar owner enormous also. Government would. Pay Gregor you know in a man. Yeah as you look question. That's good points and SXSW this year now there is going TV I am going to excited deed on the barbecue. All. What I and therefore honestly let's be real Teva barbecue. Decide potential quick ten Asian away walking a guitar barbecues entire podcast look at this morning at 330 or what overtimes to the time I get up that rice took some ribs and I want to look up to woke up I got woke up a smoke wolf now. I woke up to a text message from our pal Ross foot jerk but he's day and Byung ten are thrust lectures on Demi. Covering the Winter Olympics yes why official reasons by the IOC. And he just. I had tweeters on the other day accent and just trying to elect he just. Text me and had a minute to go ahead those funny what you did like. What's going on your kid looks cute all the stuff but just the typical coach Jerry tea as I wrote him back and he just gave me a real brief. I currently gorging on amazing Korean barbecue share. And Vinny said we literally do it to the point of being sick it's that good Koreans really know how to do Korean barbecue. It's a very rushed Lester very punishment putts when Syria. I thought that's funny. But Lara senate like you hear that Enron and against it it's it's amazing how old traveling like bath that if you didn't think anything about the looked excellent going yeah I read it threat which I think it's a once he was taken as we get back to contingent it's very quiet the Olympics that there's not like a bunch of excitement anywhere at all. I'm having great time watching but I do and I'm even running out of steam at this point now. Umps are. I'm catching brief and his kitchen moments of it I watch a lot of Carolina and I am here for it when it comes to current and I was here for currently 1218 nights complete now so I know it's like it's running out of the running out of time not him it's also little wrong to Billick really spent the water early because they had the hot Russian chick like you're. Week one day to women like Al lol okay now love a lot of fat guy with a mustache like I can just come to work through that any day of fixed. Graham beards don't give Derek took a couple of INN fumble in the strike on the pound and a half way of away from the next zero so it'll get it then give it. We can do this. Remember it usually jam band. Won't have a little things to build out after what our men and Taylor. You want. We don't go checkered. Let's work on it let's get there there. It I'm OK so I'm sorry the point up that whole thing was that you mentioned barbecue is like yeah out of the highlight of first thing we talked about coming out of the gates about trip to the barbecue and here's my and other pal doing the same thing I let me let me double tangent as for a second then and if you've got what's your goats you've barbecue. Night god what is your goatee Barbara joining with which you must have them. The changes cannot. On the hot oink. Shots do our friend Mahoney gaffe sub dominant. Mahoney I'd take sultans of myself no little photography and its group mail all the time and they're very good post you also he's likely to little real creep. I know umbilical now as well as you do with a flick if I have I applaud him for what is going to do every job you got to work with what you got. So you can do over the division this flowers and they just don't subliminal flow or the Mozilla Marley trees but I could they don't (%expletive) up it. Iraq. We both stand firm where the hot link is the key to the whole thing plot about a dollar and equity out like a good not link. Changes the game no matter where your act for the restaurant like Jerry you can have the crap brisket. She seemed. Red spots hello should do is if you read this and you have to believe that I'd saying Judy and I understand yet like New York City now done and it's race is dependable dividend. Just ally top pick. It could have like everything can be mediocre at best but if that hot link is. Legit. Talent coming in your locker not they're going the critics noted it did that but back here and in the fire by hole later books and it's the ultimate. Even the brisket finale god every of this terrible but if yeah but then menu there don't have a lovely brisket. If a bullet somewhere that is like smoke house to apartment yeah. It was Turkey man I'm really into that it's like a simple. But you can get a Turkey sandwich anywhere what do hasn't got smoked Turkey just is like that indeed obviously new three year ten meat platter Gellar and like. Total smoked Turkey in this list a Briton Ayman like as a good curveball I don't often do that mean either but like I learn from. I threw him a lot via you mean how Atlanta hot land already TO. Portland or they tell shirt and and someone seven zone it's. Whom they way I would go to Lou hot land the eighth Seattle yup it. A lot and we know is due to barbecue there which isn't the hot Lara. The ATL not known for their barbecue like but it's the south which is known for right right right in the south are gonna go get some. Yes Q. They're everywhere they're doesn't smoked Turkey along with a Sosa is a good stolen and whatever to put brisket. The brisket is good get out of debt but manage any planet brisket that was like the 5051 hour now. In the option ribs are always kind of in the same range that you either getting like the little ones of the big ones and how is likely the problem with the ribs is that you get the end. You know and then there's like the bone in the middle of the due to the weird like. Boom meet hybrid part of a by the two level. Which immediately that's no good if you get a solid section ribs yeah I had tea I'm a good read like a pork rib. Yet not a big beef rib fan I will send a one saint saint. 100%. And we have such matching had a barbecue philosophies. Barbecue restaurant. Yeah. It's. NN lake. That's really Bruce it's always the one it's a real roll of the dice into digital grizzly man it's. And then yeah logistics and time has had to say he had that drives well ordinance yeah maybe a pulled pork is the way to go to work well listen LSU and I'm not what. More excerpt YouTube. Barbecue boo. I mean the holly is important to me death but I would say. I switch it up to you but I will always get ribs. If I'm going to Barbie placed is a feeling that's always the catalyst to wanted to levels of barbecue yeah it's always because among yeah I have. But you are right like they can be very disappointing advantages ruins the inventor rip blitz. Stopped also still has a problem with the quantity. A food that you get and a lot of these barbecue places host Randy it's so Stanley and not adequate pass LSU plays that showed. Beat you remain nameless to say it LB but I don't even around the name of it it's. Place in. It's with one of the places in west Seattle I'd never been there and I was like are right I drive past it. All the time up and how much everytime I drive past them like they go there. I gotta go there could go there so finally. I went and threw the baseball side I am the jinx for this winter right. I jumps to I was like well it's good enough to go play catch now in the next week it's not so my dad got up that's on me I apologized some of them yeah I am. So. As a conduit. And I worked out essentially got some exercise that I heard I there's this so I go and pay you know Tony five dollars from I. Literal eye lately I came into they do drive through has led to what we it would take if Brennan like I know whatever is good stood in a bag of whatever got. He's a low dew. Like to do a good two or three and ethnic. Steamy rivers did I honest to god like you pick it out just make ribs one of the things yeah. Okay cool but it's good to daily Q looked inevitable day long happily tell me what to put ever gone without mobile will meet blogs and what are last month so I don't get to see anything it's like at home and open up an adventure you look by the senior center as a guttural but I think now it's so like I get home and like open up and it's like three ribs. Three. And it's like I mean they've the and other stuff now but like the the portion was like. And six minimum Hugh had men like half rack dude now again there's not a lot of places here that. I mean I'm sure there are eyes impound them without conflicts. Alex somebody that's all right like like right up cookie did you shaking his head just like. Indian Clinton. Minority go which is great please by all means we had just tell me where to eat there's the great thing. But yeah I would say Reeves is primate. Mandatory in everything that I get but. As a caveat the hot links to think man. Who's so gallantly right now. The bliss of Rio into all the time Albuquerque as a kid I don't know what to do it or not I've been. But Philly stone goes like once it was a told reporters Mary Joseph to check it out against. The Wyoming but it was deployed to always win and now wanna go there I just in the getting the link sandwich who because usually go there at the family's got down to sit down only really get after some barbecue there's gonna have a luncheon catch up all right reverend Al sticks from the life of its. Because barbecue it's spending so fast yet mr. electoral barbecue area yeah which case it's gonna be passed. But Austin where you're going hell yes back to your point yes so in Austin at SXSW way to bring a full circle. And. Biggest back on track has not having we do there. We do share. On to ask prepare fare much judicial and oh yeah good for fifth at. Showed you a Jordan's revenue returns to Austin way we're back to. Well both of can't enjoy it prevailed with the quickest really ever think that. So go and Osce you know barbecue but I'm also going to see some bands obviously but what really the is there are making any less real town. Outside of Boston sweep. I can check that out and watch what's world what's it's one my wife has watched every show. Because like she. Unlike me I'm very easily distracted and she can block in and get through this season stuff we're pretty quick yeah. I'm distracted by like a bird Johnson put a burden to do and I'm durable yet or regret earlier born born in the right next thing you know I'm like outside chasing a record of Leo right declare it right. And so arm but Subaru driven in Gaza coalition once world and who's like Babylon is for you a non interest at 100%. Well I was like cool but she knows a lot so I can watch it in my own time but I can't like blocked getting get to watch it. And episodes per season attend. That seems about right maybe any intent finish eighth death if so is her fifth app. Listen man that is your show that it's perfect its size by its weird as cowboys. There is cowboys in the future at the same time it's not besting answer like. So into it one of the film that Tucson rural north and do it or they found that. Anyways they're making a a replica west for a town because you make literally they put you want. I'd like to. You know the premise of restaurants less relied on him rudeness but like it is actually be live in Grand Theft Auto wreck or you're. Everyone around you is. A robot as India yeah. And I mean there are other other humans you can't do anything to damage your guns don't really have bullets earning but you can go. It's a choose your dimension about blessed you down because had to be. A robbery go rob the bank well I'm going to be a whole war yeah you can. Can you can hoard up thank you thank you. You know you can do every wind and there they're trying to rep for there do like a replicate of replication of that in Austin. And I and four. But I don't think it's gonna be around by the time they get their summit in trying to get their little early just shoot this again because that sounds so cool Amanda have to dissect. Clearly out there than did the important thing now is just getting out of there before the with the robots they're called hosts on the show. Become self aware and start killing humans that's that trek it would be so awesome was that very meta and it became that in real life which is suggesting. Enough onslaught. So. I brought this up yeah. Because. My question with colleagues to go ahead ask me that question what. Fictional. World TV world's movie world path. Would you most want to live it feel like this is a real easy one for people to new gas will go to a that is for me. Now. Two hours. It led to it depends like if you're like. If you're one of one of the slave pores and jobless allison's probably not the world along eleven right away. But I feel like two to use lights in your burden flat space ship campaign. Yeah have to put up my same life make the same. But that's got to be a caveat to the world we go to like that if you want to get the same quality of life like if I can be a moderately successful middle class person. And there was jet I was running around I think star or to be pretty don't Star Wars we've pretty get the feeling no one's ever enjoying their lives and Star Wars. Rather never should the news always shows that the struggle wreck like I mean that you ER goes. You know tenure crops and tattooing and I don't know awful most normal live on like a moderate some sort of rainy planet where. There's like lots of natural fruits and he's sexy dances for the hearts now now not I'm not no I won't do that. And I am pushing 230 like classic. He could be cut too delicate to even if it don't. Gay men and. Other bill hunt it's gonna be a pizza love all right. Do it. But I could do criminal laughed out benefit good approach though the mental image I just had to go against. A but I haven't I you'll imagine that you're the dilemma world of those marvel superheroes running around. Things to dangers that would be a superhero. Says whom well I mean. But if it's the question is what world you live and where it's like you're still just viewed as you living in like if you looked outside and it was. Yes he'll live like on this spaceship where they alien is right to have any parent in everybody's interest payment until it eats you. He I mean. Less room to be pretty high out there is there's pretty cool. That is one Jurassic Park rob dinosaurs men had a pretty sweet it. And rarely ends well for the majority of people that saying like it's inevitable at some point something's gonna get out now be bad but if you're sitting. Here doing a podcast in Jurassic Park and there's a T Rex running on the street right now we do like do. Or if there's a Breck just sort of had slick pop up in the willow looked loaded and and sneezed all over everything rescue of that being. I imagine you're walking the strip like I've always argued that humans need blankets predator is. Like Toronto street also at the Toronto Don or Terry ankle can't go that direct. Which public. I don't it's. I changed my answer I know exactly what world out there I get it tune town hall who flew. I. No question about it toon town when Roger Rabbit hell yes man that game was so creepy on the Indians. Oh yeah I was very hard. I ever beating that game as a matter of fact there all night with my buddy and his house out of the Tom best yeah. Shot us Tom vast sub done Diego thank you yeah we sit up all damn night that we had to route could make games. But you also couldn't save and you have three days not yet three days and we have to win this you get to defeat this game that's it. And whoever invented saving game is your hero. Legend of Zelda two was the first game that had in game decides color. No I was in this that was what I was alone yeah it was well you're on the map that was besides thriller but when you got into media day Taylor as opposed to wrap things were better. Hated that came so hard. We are that was like my entry point is Alan but you can do the thing where you are bounced on the downward shortly Q public sort did yeah yeah yeah. Dick swords very dangerous for Africa. For those nights it was covering at two dollars so differently to bounce on the heads predict sort of Bronx I was all right. On the next one for the super Nintendo. Which whose. That was like the more we can we had the chickens with the resources that you hope the tea that's like the Basil again able to play that. And it really get into the sultans and that's kind of a surprising that no I didn't but I don't know why so I never had an in 64 that was something that my folks were not interested in the like but we get Nintendo when I was a kid at Christmas so that. And it's Sega but the mint than super Nintendo. Oh in 64 never had either those I wish though because the mockery and at times it was with the best all the Julia when came out and I loved Mario 64 point of reference house and stuff but it was. But like the result was the one game that I never played for that sides don't have any familiarity. I was at two and I still land for the most part I've just sport's game I love Alaska. Sports camps make that was sent it Tillman before poll on man who wins had lead this task and it's bases loaded bases loaded to. I mean I've baseball and baseball is good bit none rate. Hard ball for the computer is that as you could like man that's an old school and there that was like floppy disk but you can get like. All that accurate teams from Mike. 1927. Are never like it was kind of cool thriller to a SimCity. SimCity was cool. You know I wish there is a sin city and I I know there isn't sure but I wish there was like I was it was a sodium iPhone. Lou. Yeah a typical because there was or like the old school Simpson even get a ethics that's a huge missed opportunity if they don't put out but it is the promise that you can't play anything your phone which is all micro transactions it's like I don't I don't wanna painful. Financial I want to police in CM a photo before those truth out of my favorite I would but it feels that. I would pay five bucks the first time yeah and then it was that was the game and it was good ago. Because there is a SimCity thing on here I've. Simpson and build it. Others since some city in app purchases. There is yet don't want an app purchases when it just by the game and be done The Sims the Simpsons. City island four. I just want original SimCity on here. I'm with you might skew thank you give me the ability have a monster attack that aren't paying a dollar to do yeah. Upgrade your monsters now because I don't have enough money do it to services through supplement my a monster attack cravings. A yankees tickets staples Marshall Amanda forget it and I headed on out gradually fund the first three times then he'd be alien and a giant robot. And now I need to borrow money for me I need about 350 because amount of I sent in my money and monsters for sin city and they fell. Wheldon in that case it's time to on Twitter are. There's lose me show you. The N news can be. Yeah. Can literally sounds like were I know. A console is about to come riding up on a Tonto like at the abominable is gonna come. You know any index. I'm sorry for the box on top political propaganda do you feel the lights are on you and our. Got him blog posts you country is gonna robs hardball back couldn't happen to them and you stick to shut up. And David little dentist nobody with the and we wire attic god dammit. Trying to put on Twitter over here Wayne Lapierre. Is the NRA's Wayne Lapierre points at low road leadership. I whose whose broad leadership we plea that ruled one's leadership law allows the death so ultimately to be destroys. I mean shadows of the road when leadership I mean what's not to like about them. Brendan Fraser. All right this is that's rid that's trending there's an article about him in GQ. And as I. I don't know why I clicked on because I really have no affinity towards render honors I'd really outside of NCAA an easy backup Brent Frazier gave yes sir. I have nothing but respect for Brandon Rush as he's one of the 45 million spreads drag. Accurate I apologize. And Brendan Rodgers and you're listening renowned. Predictable lose weight again at the busy merit but I want to know that John just slipped up there it took to to personally we're got it can I apologize. Brent Frazier. I was girls entered this morning and link the link to an article popped open for whatever reason I was like a blown up. As really add it's a really it's a really interesting so did happen to not the question that was being polls haven't read a treasure. Nothing but he's just kind of stop doing stuff well there is got a ton of money I'm guessing he's rich he had a divorce he had obvious how stuff like not likes. Drugs are anything but likes he did stunts and stuff through his whole there he is like shutters Jack is music to exit the city of like. Eight surgeries in eleven years kind of thing I used basically in surgery for eight years of his life there mass and then he had a me too moment. Like where he'd like. One after subject no no he was the victim boat okay that's okay nobody ultimate no no no it was the other way he was. Let alone aren't we allowing that not you and I that was our culture allowing dudes to beat two or is it likely is what people do the local matter. I think you better for the you have to Kent because that's that. If if not you're just perpetuating another stigma. If if that's not allowed then it's like. Now you can't they eat you don't usually when the people that are the opposite say some thing you're like you've already had your chance your part of the you're part of the group that. Off afflicting others even if you're being afflicted right makes you know the oppressors can't become the oppressed so does the feeling that you got from the article. Allow for him to have 100 presented as that we didn't. It would be it's not that's not the crux of the article. He doesn't dwell on it. But he really seems to have a treaty. I and I wanna phrase this. Down to earth hit the vote. A pre the good sense of it yet I don't know how relieved I wanna say it but like. Clearly it's something that is messed him up and he's willing to talk about it but it's also. The article is not about how that derailed his career he's bitter that. Dissect why that's happened yet you think get it did did that cost me roles probably. Because you know he did say something about it made and as after it happened to everyone it was like yeah whatever dude. So really articles really got. SX note there I don't see any snow. A when I woke up this morning a double window. It was like oh boy this is going to be quite the adventure to work that I got to the main road I was like OK this is pretty good that I slipped since slid everywhere I was like oh let's see the freeway which they hadn't done anything about it even though they knew it was snowing all night right and so Ilich was driving in my little pebbles were hitting my car and it was always there was the about. A hundred yards in front of me was these salt truck yeah going down the and that the salt truck was taking care of the hov lane. I was like well lets you pay extra for I may have been out too late last night and walking home. The capital the snow it stops. Well knows so like. Trying lately coming down but. Boy. Seattle's beautiful in general but when it's covered in snow it's midnight there's no one on the streets is huge and like the snow in the almost over in the soon. He's just simple room. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Good variety university. He's the ribs and then. Three holding debris ribs at 100. Hard pan Pacific.