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Monday, February 26th



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The first half as what was important there. It's all right we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. I'm broadcasters love our students who will protect them very dumb people mostly firearms and got to have annual training should get yearly bonus. I think so. Employers improve bonuses look at audio podcast poem of the yearly bonuses. It's. Hey let's get another one notice in nine years of employment. Good for you I've gotten to and for him and to enforce it sold very opposed to different things look like. Ohio and gladly trade you bonuses and the tigers won a no. No no. Now. I would like to have to like and I'll gladly turn dude take two putted incredible I don't have one you just to get to one structure. I'd I've gotten to death Thursday I would rather have the two bonuses than the one out reverend I was saying outer have rather had your structure. In my structure Soliai. Per share GAAP. To. Welcome dart empire against her co McGahee anymore and they are young Ohio. About a rough go of it. Obama with a course of the last at the end of last week okay and federal. The real series of events happened first of all just to Sarah something. Archer Sarah are Nardelli Shia wrote a very nice piece about did my but my career threatening letter and brought it up last week hit. On the Casanova is fine I was happy about that we talked a barbecue for like 45 minutes and lo and dog barbecue that would. Also know as it could move I would took a chain without knowing it. Really I I don't know much about barbecue joints will no one changes famous Dave's room photo famous Dave's slowly I can't touch but I don't care charity of the group Phish honestly that plus they may servant and a hub cap which is holy areas Cecil I'm in for the easy jokes share kit she should retirement and delicious ribs. Yeah so reluctant and over endless lies with the rivets are like. Bonus thing nation happy like ethnic. A Ridley it is like a that's an I think the same thing pretend I'm sorry I this was a terrible idea how do you do and I think yes and okay yeah there's an officer Ira. I. Yeah. Yeah and it's. And I do. Area is back back back. This is much better do I think that we produced the show what are but I to loosen the Cleveland got to read votes Archos and I'll validate that OK so I'm. Last week British restarted the pot I got an email and I thought that the email was. Are we at a barbecue. You can really go back to the last episode to listen to all little barbecue I mean I will. They were the rim real bullets is Obama did in the coolest part to get to the rule and that I would drizzle moving here is like giving that. Okay say get an email he didn't you know writers were Saudi pops up and it's from my aunt and affliction got the very specific name or leave out okay. Well a pops up my phones literally can't miss that she never emails me and I can immediately tell it's about the article because its oats with that dear Sarah or case there are some of those Ehrlich. Club as she put the wrong button email comes to me yet meant and the left don't think anything of it until there. I am not sitting at the stoplight not holding my phone but looking at the screen because there it is like let's just get stuck in my home screen to the sat through it. Get stuck on the and that's been their for you know the to a 400 times less sixteen minutes. Yeah else. It's also an animal killer photo mama let alone know what. Is this but I realized that she has indeed emailed. Schering-Plough the author of the story OK and she sees seed mean our yeah. Then again now I'll read the first line before becoming very uncomfortable actually Greg I have Mehdi amount would you like to hear it oh great. I mean if you don't I'm going to play it says here ago are you ready here we can. A game this is from. Yeah it's. You can tell because then the first census says Andrea ants. It Gergen. I am and Gehrig and Albuquerque I just read your article thanks for the greater read it I'm so proud of Gergen what to do you think. A. And I know there is so a small for him in the coming is his it is Diaz and as wonderful a lodge in the air and being genuine is such an attribute he does it well. Seattle's lucky and blessed to have him as are all of us in the Stanley the world as is always there and he's ready. Oh I know he's already found two beautiful girls and that would be a lesson plan. But there are smaller and many varieties or am I know she's too busy saying that there are more wives and children are equipped and which is exciting to separate all right thanks again and gigs and send forever I've had a I. Oh. Everybody. I mean scenario again I appreciate you're in the tourists. Are usually don't want college kid. Did. So acidity Miller first and I'm like I'll think Dutch dissident to me right actors clicked the wrong link its ability to reach out occurred on load rumor and here's an email I got a boot comes up and and I go back on the second look at unlike. I mean I'm about to forward it to my wife's a secure I was like. I read the two line and if you could look at that email again and just tell me who it says it's too it's to the author turns out but not just the author. Arts at the WW dot com should hold our department. And I haven't even college kid and a better like. You are the hero of their movement Monday morning editorial meetings I have and billboard somewhere I suppose the public look at lobotomy you're not in. This email I am right right exactly I. After another side thing that this is like it to the dome small thing but it definitely reveal my actual agility and Israel and Israel as that is. Outs meat from what I actually am so now he's reportedly told find out more about me they can and I including how to get me I'm take rattle a very very secretive like. It's specific reasons of his little kids up on that should be nice if I can have yeah old couple's picture on the Internet whoever Billick put you just control what I want people to happen so I'd be awesome well I guess or Damascus that saw. The window and how about it. So that's sucks man. This is fantastic and this is really get used to it and they don't view it pops the best I've begun to I am dying still also had to be clear. I understand her intention is very nice that's not the beside the point. Attacked yes it's just did. You know it's it's it's it is into the such a generational thing of why. Is. What's. Well it's preferred or what's the lakes standard way to communicate in no electronic world path and art is its is exhibit to our generation assertive in the middle because he like live with both and went with him without soar like islets just very fortunate drove it yourself on the air right well we don't keep photo albums anymore sort of post all these pictures are all lose and that's kind demise. Theory on all they understood in the younger kids are going blank why you posting on this like what's wrong with doing. Why are you sharing your personal life on the Internet it's gross to even be able contest issue and liked to all these things you like in everything about that and like the all how. But also dole like they don't understand any as it. And putts commenting on mine my radio station paid just like dad. Leave these are just random people theirs their nobody has stopped engaging with them here really make it isn't comfortable. It's not giving them more fed up. Right I have no problem posting all the photos because in as please don't care that your photo Mike to turn into an ad from the you weren't anticipating a whenever I had a problem with that because he got it again there's not an option to make it part copies of things anymore so we have to have some sort of digital library of things also grass being like. Bigger crybaby on the Internet like that's that's stayed there. Right so it when you're at your worst and you're on the Internet people see that garbage this is all. Well obviously I don't generally Cabrera and door to the deep tells the that the specifics but Jeff for her to be like I'm gonna show the mine and how to use technology. And then not use it properly oh. How did you not send us to the and then beyond that on my station page. How much dissipate I was able to who a post of the thing there and the girl who wrote it. Is a fan goal and Scioscia able to come all the sonus nibbles at W thanks and opportunity and I could we both went that way that's the the push for that that's the well read a proud of this guy much embarrassed me there like. Look it's going to be very embarrassed him I can do un magic comment and lucky you can still see Connecticut schools in the throes of the road and that there are so it just like. Tension and everyone in this. It would be communications department. Bureau does and that's up but I get to in order to. Or two I just what are. What I'm doing right now is to come in here and I guess that I'm taking control the narrative by bringing an hour here's where we can like. Have fun would that then that's not weaponized double click yes. My girlfriend having that we were joking about Larry Nancy or it's like a holes. Oh we are joking about. It's our running joke about my brand. Because she's like young and cool and still lake uses a political buzz words he has studies tutor better than I do not kind of stuff and I'll like she'll find something like limousine like. He should post in the about this is to be good for your brand and I was like at first I thought I think fastest you're right here right token they put their own accidents it's kind of like our earnings as they've latter half for a right exactly right it's good it's good but it's funny at the same timers like. To have your job and and as like you realize in my brand is now eighteen year old girl with what you turned into good and this is not okay a fist to be fair his girlfriend is not a team. Correct correct yet. But I don't think you know backwards when it comes to that. No but that's just trying to if you are still laugh but he never wanted to be forever a beer and the pathetic say it's been a bad from a brand graphic at. How to do other decked satire. And it. So glad I'm go through this over the next 44 hours laughing about Hillary complaining about yelling between tech as you're I think Aaron deserves until finally worked their capital and handle of course and I can fit with a smile it's council but the threat threat yet they then open up the on. I and open up. My phone to go post something on its grand the other day. And I'm still logged into the once of the in the end mr. Graham and the last thing it says is. Tom has like to post. At I'm like yeah yeah oh. You've got to keep the olds away from the unit man. You have to keep literally. Are you contact me about the Internet it's literally 50% of the time right questions about ants around. Like cannot wrap his brain around and cigarette that's like Rudy just has the heart button on it yeah just like that what do you what you're interested in their time. Well cables and search for that putt on what's really in search for that look portal reluctantly picked up. Magnate the magnifying glass in the type and you're gonna Notre Dame football the search for that right. The high tomorrow is important things keep following me. A bike because you know the answer grab your old welcome to the Internet dad and he would be a new book could hit. A and nobody could at a and ever and as the great sick very back and Mike Brown you know W and then with the future. He's a very gray don't don't forgot he's a new recruit to get better it's our professional political appetite I but right now he's in new blue helmets are your concerns and can you off from the wind. If if it yes. Yeah defendant confirmed. A sadly I know exactly what you're talking of course because we're disabled grabbed. Anyway the so my family has ruled the mud in my business right now let's sucks man that's that's that's almost as bad is the morning ahead this morning. It was not good drag. There are about to say that your morning was worse that's what you're saying you know it. And cool start to the people to let the people decide what's where it's been a moment like what did you just being held as a wonder moment of terrible mess because in the habitual and upper and apologized okay. A that's all I am right I am what I am okay. Well worse morning ever go OK so last night going out to dinner. That's fine. Mexican restaurant that did not sit well it was good but did not land in it like the pair she did know and yeah that's going to affect. So. That kind of put a damper on the night's festivities obviously. Look at this morning CU. Oh start since I I I wake up in the mornings and work out now I know you can't tell what I do you try to do it. Yeah question essay question when you into the Ford's own guns I'm guessing you're going down into the other room and that's three asking if that's how does it affect us sexy time. It's pretty much rendered sixty time no and political effect at that. Hey wanna know. It's it's the only time and I regrouped and we'll get him the idea it's still face content may just let Dave for a girl we like. Do you wanna like. Have sex you know like I do not for me is there's hardly an eighty's that's how you know if that's how you know. But they tell you get to step into the I. Know states Rona and is a just nodded the mood. The fact that the all right so rough night than men to get the parts and ignored touching a winner had the fire attended yet and that's your own winner got it. And what makes that even worse is I set through trial imovie for. Which is pretty much guaranteed like OK well this'll be worth it in the end. Japan you're you're putting and your investment there acts now right exactly I've I've put in my time and effort I would like something in return there. So I would like to cash out my jets now you're wearing your sparkly makeup just like really commit to the part well let me forget to do it do it right thank dope or a man exactly be your best self exactly your best sparkly self now the other about fangs or anything they don't have themselves not all little glitter in your go to you since you've been working Nazi public -- really buff -- wouldn't do it's partly above well I did I did I was in LA until I watched the movie and it where rules guy never takes its churn on the now and you like oh nevermind we saw a guy jogging the other day like 34 degree weather OK and he was soap Ripley he's probably a professional laugh chairs like that level of risk and I'm like dude put too. Sure I'm OK I get your proud you know Apple's all right up playing yourself all right you're proud. Chair I get it must get a tattoo for like clothing that you do on in your advertising isn't it also grows but I mean I would guess that and Jim Graham dot com or gold's gym remember a vet 365 and the boxers or did you have run exaggerate so yeah I mean if he got back door and on and made the ten mil I mean again add to your show Limbaugh enough. Share pets I thought you evidently did. New 2000 Charlotte to close enough. My dad at the he had painted on my body be for like mr. Reid knows that the trust. Putting critical path. It's Girl Scout Cookies zero country and others of crowns as actual. Disc at a also sent us a running due yes a Demi GAAP sizable staff. When you lower my self esteem just Byron by my apartment. Also he was I mean he was the fit not like who went big bold Jim ripped guy he was the fit words like. Utility scale might be sold on oh yeah like a click the bill though it always thank the muscle ripples it notes like peak athlete yes that's dead it's not. Gross it's not like he's just been like bench pressing 9000 pounds now all the extremes are sticking around as a head's gonna pop off a solid that. It's his his leg and impeccable shape but if you like if you covered in the body paint you with which he was wearing superhero suit. In this guy does this mean enough can't. Thank you like it's like. A weird next level that he rails your fitness goals like Oregon I'm Scott likes seeing somebody like that Deirdre you're like hey bill the podcast quite like Greg talking about a half naked dude with nipple. He's very descriptive about the new polls very nipple it was impressive. Mean a thing is happening in death. Anyways so. Bad movie bad dinner. Far no ending no happy ending got to just stay in well sort of happy and there's no Lenny and I carry her very much different reason. Get home wake up this morning as they are right. Jim not Jim died living rooms it's push up in bullet day I can use pretty good now some are let's do this. Ethic. That's my biggest fear in karate I work with a partner and a my biggest fears is show up there and have the fart in the debate yeah America into a horse tips to reload. That's all like let's that was. It opens and it has to happen your class for me it's a morning era it's in the morning you're kind of instant gases that that makes sense but then I was like 08. I'm not a good place that this all I need is like. I mean I'm due and pull ups yet to really exists managed to get the get up there and I'm like oh look here's what I don't know what to tell them here's a taste for failing here's what I don't wanna have happen. So I'd like well. Here's are not gonna do not gonna risk risk and I'll do it tonight if I'm feeling better I'll do tonight. Good all procrastinate Shanda. Shot us to procrastinate you and so my best friend and half my dollar. I had that tattooed in my back not bound jet that's what's that's with pain down my body went jogging through your neighbor because it is a free of what do these uh oh no way are you seriously keeping your group tells. Man. As every night Craig is giving five quarters at the whole different game now. They're different and I think you must do what I what I find corps' image of the night Canadian human best friend well all over the oil equivalent to discipline for that oh. Well I mean that. Let me give bracelet pro Hogan book with the welfare or. That's very nice thank you for real thank you very much on my side so Africa and tells just getting into that summit and I did I not and I'm not gonna do this and then I'm Niskanen. I'm up lenders can and sit down watch TV yet I'm upset when a prepares. So. We've talked rosy for Milan for punishment I prefer to read our Washington news. Because Y night and I noted I'm a well rounded perspective to write and my stomach is already turned so at this point. You put here outside OK look like yeah but don't principles I'm already sick to write what I care so I had. And declared the only thing worse then. Watching the news in the morning is watching the yelling sports people well. We should elect me and understand why people. Why did people watch that stuff like. Why would you wanna watch people narrative it's a think. Are developing characters in the new you have to hate that Chad. I know but they quietly to get delta hey you. We'll settle here they play all these networks are crashing dominion right. You know and knuckle aired for arts and McGhee on on. Afternoon radio show doing a sports it's like the hot ticket meters off the tour de. And regulated segment that we now have this horse but I will do with just and so it may not have all shown it's in touchdowns at Ford's when he on the ground. Photo board. Good core. How to move that to be to the other page second more rattled Iowa and get down okay what's the name of the show knuckle Greg earned it with supposedly Guillen yeah yeah. That no good jagr and they gain share those retreated to urged those. Afternoons on that crown. The track global flash of oil drilling of the croc or fourth time you can read under forty minutes of film really. Didn't hit. I just don't think there's an appetite for the it's it's winter up here old yeah I am. I'm limit him high. We're up here all the time yes there's no room to come back to there's no place for just somebody talking on an idea and then it was insane to let you know Florida podcast now or the pilot 45 minutes then we're like what we Julia as a result we're at a percent music I don't care yeah but it's 545 minutes of talking now look. To be fair I think you get a good thirty some episodes in the sex talk before or sex music before like at Arlington aren't affected your numbers are lost nearly 45. And I'm going thirty for our thirtieth I'm hitless until sought him out as as it was a known lever knows so. Let's just a bit of Israeli contest purge of to. I saw the learns that the the rule artists. Anyways so now on the couch and watching the news that the hearts now I've got. He should be to remain nameless you be in rail ray. Oh president Pirillo area have drowned. Who is ivory out president day was on TV. And for governor it's good Mexican so much it's really these rail Donald Trump lives with her tickets to enter. Paula Paula drunk with. If that's a path to. Walked back recruit. But if you like soccer that's a good joke in a minute anyway it's so I'm watching him and like. Not bad for once I don't really feel the need to like. Talk trash out about what he was saying it was what he was saying it was like Powell is it was just scattered. Like one sentence is one thing in the next it was about something else that much from my guns to terrorists. Solar panels to China and CU bites. It a way it was called what what was the what was the team room I don't know he's just because some governors or something. I don't know he was doing some sort of speech today and it was just like. All over the place and so much of it was completely down and obviously what is likely talking about I think there's open Islamic terrorists and positive in his brain he thought. He got across the terrorist who prefer not because these are tied my dad lead Terrence. And they now noted. Know that they're not crashing planes dude there's not a lot of that's not how parts Africa. Anyway so. You would think having you know a bad summit in Washington news would be enough to get me to Munich. College hinted they get out of there is now well where is the worst morning of all time nobody gets worse. So I'm not really we mentioned anti business podcast remind youngsters nearer today asked who is also my billing manager yeah ha who also has a puppy. But now like hey Mike I hold in my hand poppy. Is clearly a big dog puppy kept. And at that thing is not enjoying its you do X. To the extent. Where if she's not there. Which. Vote cripple our customers and I assume that your apartment there was a dude knows she gets because I'm terrible person on all cell. I probably came across and I microphones and. Say is so. When she's goal line. Which is often because she's pretty she lets you pretty young she's deadly I've seen her kind of stumbling back in from the clubs kind of thing a couple times like cheese. Anyways while she's gone that Dodd won't stop. It is relentless park. But to the point where you going like are you OK okay you like are you hanging from something up they're like no logos hang out dog like I mean legit where it's like listen. You come down here. I just can't take you be shut up or shut just like I never yelled at a ceiling before. And I yell at that ceiling lake oh I have to constantly. Just like shot opt not to do so. Amanda and I look at this morning could work out as they got the fights I've got the fires and a cemetery it's. It is on the did TV talking nonsense and a dog is. She is completely losing its mind I've never been so into going to work in my life you're prepared well nobody wants that. In the early today I like a room. LA judge here really already you'd get a head start of the week it's like shut out Doherty was not an early it was nice to. Thanks announced late it was the best and it came at a town over the I can get and I was to the priorities like rolled hours ago. I'm. So you had to choose between listening to the president de Rio president today and pedal well. And it's a team of we adult and maybe you know let's open it cracked. Well above net. Point. You'll love. On American that's rival Google met met all of you on the ball good goddamn important Archos. Well tell that you mourning was terrible yes a make here your email situations you're really had a terrible weekend. Terrible outcasts full sports. And upload glitter. I'm ready frissora that the Supreme Court. Has taken Monday motivation. Who idolize him to get up and give it about him this morning with the at. Has tag we dry days. And at the that is the hash tag for the national bread association. It's the also the hash tag for a propel Petit well correct through a news motivated. We're not. And that's. Flew what and who knew what this means has tagged Janice VA FS CME. Here's the thing I there's any of the hash tag with some his name it generally so that we should try to make jokes. Linda met I'm willing to bet. Silly about them loose on from a guy I've never heard of it just has a right wing millionaires. Like a movie on an. Human strong others hold onto union stuff going on today as because of this study M last season. The Philadelphia you know they're trash unions drugs rose who noted the great. What's. Speaking a lot of that here. Legit sidetracked in every second scenario that we let. I mean that since then you give us a little which are what you get. I forgot doesn't ask you civilians drug. Alia celebrity and as they there hash tag Israeli it's like Q yeah the bucks Milwaukee Bucks if you did T yeah yeah. Did I redistrict the the Mears is it's good. Is that real epidemic that up. Do dummies who threw rocks ports. Blitzed well yes that's soccer but think the kick is up. Did good. Also like 25 years of mediocrity. It's not good it's good at the thing we're not there was too long those sort of Haston its like this thing that we it'll be based Joseph that this back in Phoenix Chester Tim version NASA dumbing and we used to laugh at because like. Airs and it was like Southern California. Cool you emulate is that attitude which is really kind of we are not from there it's kind of weird because no one cares when anything and we you'd when things would have to get done at the station. You can make a great I really needs YouTube like record this problem is that it Ayers and fifteen seconds. Then no worries pull over an hour joke was always as soon as you said no worries that's when it was time to worry kind of like this scenario has staked its good. Kind of not brown would you. Also there's no other choices you could even have like hash tag not to those are so that is like. Like depressed or garlic Fries were they OK admittedly more spot up cash staggered but make the playoffs right leg may. How does this work like. Mariners but to lose this emeritus led to bide the rain is faulty seven and 23 hash tag it's good effect. Typical let. It. It out competent crowd that is a problem it was a before. True Blue blue eyed I don't know if this is I don't know if it's good is really the end there what it really is but I think I thought I saw that somewhere. I guess I had wanted to read it's I could be completely wrong. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by the. Karate university. Good. Hey man you hit that button you hit bad blood you get it was well you know.