184 - Sweet Piece, Dude

Thursday, March 1st

Feeling great today!


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Has tanked United's. Start. All right we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worse. Dad. You're having a pension every record our intro. Medals version. Home made it starts season three with the new intro. To the season three is this the sort of contest season whatever good nor did as I think you know rotated every Thursday. Here it was a little you. Talk about Derrick thought killing me man how to even run that back. How many and sandwich is love sandwiches. Bu the news while burger illusions surgery or slider lose silly idea. This was going on yesterday. I don't know I gotta you're such a with a apology to you both well. Yesterday said that the arsenal man city matches yesterday it's today my apologies. Wait. Did they have on the right now what happens not a day it'll import. Oh. Talent management yeah. There ago Manuel talked about hot garbage huts where that first I told my hands now if you got Todd number. This ham at the end Alia the hands in my knowing that's west ham. OK okay good we have many cans you want of I really like him now I don't really really well plot to a and Dershowitz say. What I assume that all I can ever hear is that there's a good group of people doing that all and all I can ever hear is pain etched in there. It's tense incident farmer twelve little community and a radio to get the name strong rate at a 'cause your weak man. And we just okay trans am trying to think Matt can now is stuck on what was yesterday to. I had really better writers like yesterday I think it's it's giving me life block. The competitiveness. I am just like stuck in his perpetual I think the protection Social Security number it correct yeah delegate tattoo. Now an Alley is an unproductive Social Security but numbered eggs every now Russia where to my jeans go there's like a rush around and big kid and finally because the lever convent he insisted I F I haven't as Oreo or is why I love you dad tea. Was Sergey couldn't. I. As you see net via quiz June Gil made to sign up for Barrow. Yellow dog is Albers was the governor now. The answer is no. I am I am I am social media did. In my in my cupboard is full count. I am not accepting any more applications. Now. The position has been filled other steps that is quickly making its way out of my rotation for now. Because I don't know who I'm sending my Dick picks to anymore I can't figure it out it's only a matter time for that goes the wrong person I've been meaning to talk to. Hewitt I wrote a story nerd talk today about injecting your jumper stem cells. I didn't I know is do you OK I massive Wiener. And read the part about the cells latest on the stand. We just just do your bit and Arizona to blow smoke in the bad we'd keep this is all stems and seeds broke then see that every day in Washington even knows that is a salad just like I get it ethnic epithets at. Bureau data and high school my position maybe some weapons that lake. Our big back in the day when you have so I heard yet like allegedly when people he's happy that it like back in the day when he had to get it would Mon gently did very no seriously in my friend bill who took and you have to pay out on the seeds or he'd have to pick out other seeds in the stands you like. The vulnerable and like someone would be going forward and we'll do like step. Elect Ariel. And I think this carpet rooms it by the Joker is always it was that that would lead to impotence that was nick. You. Stoner still like you don't do their due diligence like yeah tell them that the continental Europeans not gonna work anymore it's not a little low in the smoking nine hours a day and we does that not rat problem it's the one sees you smoke they like naked chicks took a look at a couple of you can see he's a typical movie. Let me stop you for a second round at. And I'll feel good not a good day mayor Phillip good I don't know why I don't deserve to be. I had a rough day I got to answer the question now about the other aero side are you there. It it was like 5 in the morning I felt for a man I like this the 5 in the morning is just to condition it does not excuse what I did okay. It is but unless you and admitted no wherever the Mets fans live in the morning and it was like better hurry up loads to get a W floats free it was like well I birdied the third Waltz through a little bit left out I gotta be a trend setter and an out of like a sign up for it. And then a matter of like ten hours later rounds like this is why you are dumb ass to amass and I it's dummy thank you know dare you. I'm. And so now I'm stuck on a site inflict impossible glued get off of and it hasn't worked since I used its Ulsan credible. Felt that's some I'm pretty with a dozen OV ERO Ferrero is that in the global over the Internet for a day what even does that do you do visited instead Graham is that a FaceBook isn't a Twitter it's an algorithm free. It's combination between. Instead Graham. And what FaceBook is. What what it was in like eight years ago supreme monetized FaceBook yeah. OK but as a signing up I'm like here's the birth hey there's my mom's Dick there's all this stuff that we get to the laws mistreated at the run that back. When the second that was might hold on. I'm looking and also not cool which skipped sweet piece dude thank you. But I but the the but the but the best thing ever ordered to lead deeds didn't. And. Some may say I'm there I'm the cock of the walk through. Also if you go for some stir Fries while man isn't locked. So I am signing up as just amigos NASA dummies for fifth at least tattoos and the cooking so did I so IA. Grab a blessing you do have to give more information and everything picture of your winner Jeff. It's it's as like okay signing up now but all of this can change at any time yet which is a very complete but it wasn't like coated legal language routes like. You'll never understand a worse time because you're ready yet it was like an idiot. Ryan you understand exactly or simply you're still gonna do because we're gonna make you feel left out of a right to be left out throw beer and simply press the I'm a sucker Biden to continue and material from the Wiener neared sent okay prove his golf ball. It's hitter were estimated to be stone yeah I just felt good third class a so you like it much about this girl that like with the jogger a year ago get into the thing in the with some ground in the to beat him up and got away. That was my date to end first seventeen days we did a promo way back in the day with 2009. Okay his last and we did and fast. And we did this giveaway with a low I was like and fast seventeen that was last year we can do and what he talked about it yet of about 2017. Yes seventeenth edition of confessed back in 2009 we did a contest where a dating web site. Call was sponsoring it and you don't win a deep. Do you could be Gregor state now. Keep in mind discreet warning fourteen so it was pretty much only checks I don't think that the other role in allowing dude with his. Remove I don't know if they weren't allowing them but it was like definitely interest lady and I need to get in there on that that's well played president to resign affordable awful little thing if you're the people responsible for. Yeah it was terrible OK I commend you for getting someone to give you money to make that piece of garbage because obviously you get a business because like you were successful. And enough to have money again it's sponsored on road to sponsor an event from radio show a great job but awful product. And admirals called that but then this girl one issue so excited like maybe a little too excited like. We're adults wish from ocean got excited about the radio station and Ramona. School she was delightful we had a great time she get to bring all our friends were there because obvious I had to work while I was RFL yet fit to go limo says they did group date group date. I'm at some people as a result of it coming Ali and reserve you think you. Well we take the a limo to the events which was rat awesome and sent anywhere you go limo makes where you're going cooler out right now. But you gotta go to the we have like I'm go until ten days. Whose own. The salute the gamut we just ran it FF. We we put everybody how good the anyway so hum she and I went to good to confessed and then we look halfway through liquidity to we that you would look good out here and we all practical amount beat the traffic going away river because I wasn't from here I did not know we were getting into realized. Two that's three hours together. Bands and so now it's I've been this difference whether it's an elf over the bureau when that happened it was like god. That's crazy. I have to ask something. Just listen and do what I do this check in all our friends any like over the close of the moon is things. Did happen and I think we'll wanted to put. There was nothing new it's. Okay busy work day for me there was a girl I was fond of that was already going to be there and soul easy rest into the beach. The corporate mandated so yeah yeah yeah I didn't she won her way into being sent at the beach cigarettes is Lewis but I was that we stayed after the promotion because. Say the complete thing don't got a girl you can still go and you can be my date I have a girlfriend illuminate. To Rivera did not have a girlfriend I was right hopelessly lowly nine million in a new place and that my boss is really mean to me and it was a terrible terrible yeah I mean and I remember 2014 hotly. 'cause I. Also in fifteen. And hard umpire doesn't have a list may be an area maybe the worst infant the other plus hitting like. Long I've got to be so condescending. But. A depression escalator and probably nineteen. I stay lonely for you people packed him. It's like look at my best big news if there Kate. So either oppression order that started as my museum day at a at. Their red for the Port Arthur about for the really friends let's have just have to see it happen over the unit that was who is Abbott to root who watched her like run within him and help other people to them a threat. And so I karate university and yet it's a chronic school. Tom and they are actually hosting free if you're listening at the time that this came out on Saturday the Saturday at all the credit universities around you have to remain blogs in my abdomen actual blog here. But they're all doing in women's self defense class on Saturday that you can do it for free if you want to get what the tools that Kelly hadn't heard to defend herself perhaps you can do it too you know but I think it's in that spirit as well and and give back the community I will also offer free self defense course and nothing in Alley fights are fighting defense who he has seen pigeon beat the BIL I have I live in the streets my friend yeah it's not good it's not good but I can I would happily let Ali time for gimme virtually gala times probably gone down a bit. Almost completely to ask that you. Now it's like a trip to the dumpster get kudos to that Alex talks the worse well not the worst. Not even close to the worse all of them around there are very bad yet like if we were on a scale of one to ten they're all states. Once the once it's sort of becoming indistinguishable be indistinguishable. Whether or not it was human trooping or dog could be yeah that's not that I got to stop come back here. Oh yeah I did love it back then that was like my second home but they got here and you were like Olympic Rangel. Yeah I consider that it may be like dude you are not cool uncool bro Daria I'm ready to announce those that matter but it was like. Different time man truly you can and beat that I'm okay with that I'm okay it's making that statement yeah that's what it was yeah man it's a joke I mean no disrespect K it is what it is well beyond his let's be real I say that because there in the last couple weeks I solicited concession for walks the movie the other day cool. And I don't know where I was lose someone Capitol Hill and who goes try combining contention. Really it's just. Also sang at the issues now with socks with the he doesn't really hard time keeping shoes but I think that time he's got such a wild wardrobe that Ike it's by choice man. Probably here I don't feel bad for him not a feel bad for him with a mental illness I don't feel bad for him with the lack of shoes to feel like she's always stressed very snappy it's. One of my favorites yep true true it's I -- thought I was missing Seattle and I was like. Jones like into again night and this is going to hurt him again and I'm glad to do with the trump science in people's backyards and stuff but I cash. A man it's pick your poison I suppose right under the of the majestic beauty. I don't know and if that happens living literally under my bedroom for awhile that was weird that is weird yet know you just finally Breton brings up the because I was just thinking of it anywhere. I have it's. Our neighbor has undermined neighborhood now no longer yours but it. It's really calm down yeah yeah well. Almost to a fault the guy in a sense because I've missed a little action I do not but. Yen and but then again it's also the middle winter so are coming out of winter we'll see in the summertime and that's and other covenants yet Sony gets a little yeah. Little Dicey and also having some Annette asked to Karo heard tell of but like. I worry about walking to their car and things like that like I'm glad that it's like that. But you know I kind of missed a little bit of via. Craziness my phone was just tickled the bullet hole left. Gotta be a full open watermelon and it is sometimes with so little power renders of the little I would change topics are never thought that the but I. How to simulate that a company addition to flesh out well what event until. Big nets you a question a third third ask your question. All right so the visiting a column in turnovers. At mention elements of some. I've been watching the twilight movies comic with the with again yeah AM and three in Nam ha to Uga Judea. And Manitoba Tom I don't talk about it but the question is that my question is so the wash and he's done movies and I asked. The things you'll do for now I got it for boobs it's it's incredible. But I was glad to see the day at rao's washing piece of people just moved to Kenya Zambia and they'll hit. As I'm watching he's got off of movies. And going you know. I'm I'm baking this floor. I got. Twelve out ten hours of three could expect banking or banking no no I mean listen. We start sparkling it is very attractive and I will give his or drag it. Not spank bank. Says that it like. I've got ten hours worth of films that she owes me. Oh I've met her watch your Phil yeah Clive got I bet I've got a hall pass here to say yes I've got a movie hall past chair so I started taking. What do I make her watch this I'm gonna questioned as to respond to your question Pasco leg and that is are you going to. When it comes to those people and his network the market by I was reborn they're so bats. Let's go to blood which is get on the heels album the other doesn't have a good idea who it was weird well. Would you needs to bring her up to speed on the things like you know you make her watch the Simpsons or wherever she's like I've never seen the Simpsons I don't care about this or and Star Wars or stuff like that where it's like oh you're just old. Bring Europe to do need to culture heard Judy did make her watch movies that you like now. This that's the question I'm trying to figure out like so I thought about this little about different angles because I'm like my first thing was like oh he's camps. Coffee yeah of course just five times. Centric by John Williams did not know that. But that he did everybody in the eighties fair. He's the guy to the future they just kept him in a room and he didn't get back to the future it's so iconic and he didn't do that I looked up like in astonishment that's crazy anyway. Back to teachers can be wounded that's back to the future today from door to June oh the first few. I give you one and a half okay. Two I do to go back to back to the future node to now because I want a CD Trump's bid if a seat as house on the about it. Votes grows and were both yeah you're living impact the future two you have men but it was so so. I thought it a couple of my first thought was like oh. I hope they can watch the marvel movies. Here's the thing now I think she much as anyway Sony is not pass on those guys like. You're gonna see them and Diana Erica let us be real election like. He so I don't know where she's out of Star Wars now. I know she was interested in like the new ones I've got to think about Star Wars. If you're trying to show somebody who is what saved. Under the age of thirty so I can hear. An interview and here in the day and it stopped the interview some of the Minnesota worries. So that also. Anyways. Star Wars so if you show some 130 Star Wars for the first time there like him he's all heart terrible. It's this little boring movies but lacking any added being and is just your cast just arrived excellent the two weeks they can't put them as happened when Jamie I really should anesthesia deaths are gonna. I'm. Yet so. So it wasn't our toughest sell yet. To anyone that's under the age attorneys have never seen it like still look at the slow boring fills a colossal bore film what's got father. Got 'cause MLS two up matches with him god father I don't know pretty Laura hadn't seen the godfather until Christmas where I got booed. It's really getting a look out to get sick now from the stupid. Red fish. Yeah. She's not speak as a defense that is bad. I'm I wanna Mike the event it's what it comes on inflict some very fine and totally totally totally of pretty Laura hadn't seen and I got really sick over Christmas while we're on vacation and I was like out of commission K today and she gave up upstairs on points that I saw the first to go to others. Tell libelous what shape and look here is this is what you think sympathy. If you're hearing the fans in the for sensitive walking daddy just like in this hospital bed like not knowing what's going on the hill. Some of these cool well. Being kind of cool ms. Lohan attacked hat the F whispered to him that. Yeah so. That's it was so I think that's a great point at least. The first got the other first two. I got I got time bacon ten hours tiers so that's seven of them. It's like to godfathers yes I'm saying so like I'm sick to gut the other one if you got ten hours that's three of the ten write off of a video I know. Well would you got but we got part two was better so half of godfather two is better I don't like the biggest portion of it. On all in on the godfather to you now I'm I'm. It's fine the I don't like the part where you're seeing him unravel effectively accuse like. My glory and as the unraveling yeah I like the elect Iraq it's the like the flaw then let's find and think you're right I edit and the story out there at what other. Things can I thank The Lord of the Rings I would do that that's sure brings a cool but short circuit as well I'm Santa and the break. Trying to be serious here are images I was on the hall of fame podcasting but maybe and that's the whole thing about Sammy has led to breaks and you might also dukes and let me finish that goes actually to be in the would do this I was like I bet I do it this sick. I rescind my dear extra competitive spirit of food elicit your budget and a pyrrhic decrease and it hitter Greg given up the unity we could FF I mean I need you take a photo down. Sweet peas. Lead is to do it. OK so I was other than they were both bringing movies. Well. I'm calling someone out a little hard with the new tape audio podcast all I can see there now let's hear. Taylor bonds Vera almost forgot his name so matter of them. On the whole bin Laden. She brought all of all of fade nominated to be in there okay Star Wars. So loaded. You fired your current. I was for slut and a very good day when I was on the show can elect a but that's the chiefs share yet and yet I is included with forms I don't want to win yet but. He brought the Rick and I was shut down I would like all the dialogue lawful Santa gets everywhere. The acting is. Rap from great actors awful acting. Nothing about the movie is redeeming. I'd like that's the most I could say about I was so frustrated and frazzled you can really got me where I was a little what are we talking about how to do and I was like. How can you say that when you haven't even said empire strikes back yet again. You imagine it do you think it would be mistaken numbers was he the opposite to you like empire strikes back is sort of the second movie that. No cute little story W knew what he was he referenced he set an attack of the clones. Pat take Imus and those professionals draw. You might be right you drill broke purely trial to be fair he was like I was in middle school in this movie came out and it was to come in July fighting. Plus you'd like it's a detective movie because over what is hunting damaging to fatten I was like shut up no ropes no false. The fraudulent statement. A man. So what does the movie of the film that I brought to it was on short circuit okay made it to the hole. And all of tea moving her self doubt. Heard it well although I of pure pro war games that's even better. The diva of organs but my child has defied by shorts or elect it speaks so much about who I am examine believable sense out like. That iron eagle. No you I needles one of the film we just threw that out like that. Jackson was on the list CC top gun rights probably not. I was I was Edison so with and I'm like doing math and as it probably not room. Jack for the U killer see the new top gun before she sees that top gun designed to make any time now. Get out of here that's gonna be like grossly patriotic I assume is the rocket it. Hope so I haven't heard that. If it's not about what the rocks called side. Caught net of can't fit Brahma bull one can't fit under Ole. Just have screws me is up or didn't know. Attention you Connie he's on the con he's like dog fight like a a Russian or pay pay pay economy cleanup what is the X. Do you smell what I'm cooking cooking without. Smell why is this bill like looks real quickly still up big big fight will not allow smoke to do. Of amid argued with the smells. Get beyond some guy I meant I thought I wasn't into the new top gun I'm in now and I'm. Based on our treatment the Kraft can't yes iron eagle I eagle has to make the list got other one got father and you bet that's it. Well unless AT you do OK then you got to show my back to future. This is that comment. Trying to think that ultimate like no because I don't know because I think she would Russian backed the future without having that you know you gotta watch this I hear you make. Iron eagle the epitome of what I'm not watching that like you owe me he had as if you think you're not going to like this and I don't care we're watching it GAAP and should look like it though. How can you not you yeah you might not like it until you like it until the chat be speech then I'm like oh I'm all in on this. She's like you needed pause we gotta go do it correctly like totally safe chapter give lady to become a walkman and depressed play highlight my Taiwan mantra about a half. Sex music stars could get a look at. The bully you can hear it. I'll only a matter. Well yeah. I don't know we battled and hours and I don't care you know here's a great here's a great thing we can do via social media when you look who's talking when he between us or or zero Gregor the god I accepting and they're going to do to. Aboard Fred shut out the cattle. Sub domain there. Yeah treatise on what what movies what are the what movies do you like put on my you have to watch list also we'd love it if you give us a followed apple podcasts or any of your listening devices and more importantly than that. You just tell African Fred we got our numbers back the other day and we're so excited by the 45 million people are doing yeah this. But we can get two billion yes we can become McDonald's of podcasts let's look at differently did do in that was an coming weekend total early in extra piece of belies a dummy now these people look like. I I expect are close friends full so it's kind of like obligatory you have to listen otherwise likable and we really for a more at least tells you yes right exactly but justice under the deals with like every asset or a day at a chair for sure. You know people like limited into a founded because they stumbled across the I posts and I'm like oh it's easy to toot passes a normal person at a time so I also love when I I truly do you getting get a kick out of it people treat at us about something that we talk on the podcasts like a day later and I've no I only talking about like none at all you have to give us context again 280 million characters down to someone did that to me like the last week here's my parents like bubble oblige them like I have no idea we're talking about it like. You literally didn't her podcast about it comic idea I believe you yet. Possibly yeah but I'd but I'm not agreeing to our understanding ground let's go ahead and on Twitter. Has staked. Do you see things soon. Man I cannot wait for this weekend. I'm not going to let you Kool Keith sets cookies are gonna and I haven't have you been a three year tradition now of you out rooftop drinking and watching the concern and it's great. It's the press take NHL to Seattle. Hash tag MBA to Seattle and you can have my attention. I can't imagine going to hockey game and I'll hockey guy had been to a few because my life awesome I love hockey that the best blob a blog big helicopters bot fly through. A bird I just sides of reflection through the on the minutes that's the medevac there it is god that's terrifying that scares me to death. So little power so did you hurt man for a. Hockey is thank you the best live sport it's so good I know I'm distracted. It happened. Us. Atlanta our old building too simple and without a dope dude chance of hand cannon is that place. Ham cans which ultimately analysts at the ship of him and you know he has his chance. Like McCain him doubled meets Alex. Questionable if that's edible but. I mean I it on the fresh I said women's history month longer than Black History Month which must be like a weird point of contention between people but also local. Cecil ladies and I'm down for any of this stuff like as a white guy who has had everything my whole life structure a lot you'd ever want to get a chance in the absolutely at the port or we start new king each other like we might as well enjoy the lineup if we have the bill and the liberty to be able to be equal then let's take it until we don't and in which case everyone for four for it yourself. We'll see where local. World book day. Trip buck. Boom that's hot question right there it's Shogun budget level. It's a 1400. Page book abouts did the term from the samurai culture to win the foreigners brought guns and ruined. Japan. It's it's real good I'm currently reading for world book day I'm currently reading a Chinese science fiction author his name is. Liu Yu Chen I think they can't I never know who else on the same Gregg don't say that trip that the but he writes everybody problem and I'm in the second book of three on that and it is also a very long book that I am very slow reading but it is wonderful great lust and read anything. Thursday thoughts. I think there's a frog legs at at at the I go to Chinese food man. Pete Carroll. Limped out of if that's. Offseason these this time but the Columbine who gives a crap. Hawthorne. Hawthorne heights is tied together there on tour with the somebody coming to Seattle soon did Italians were true forever triple a but the Miguel undue lower. Auto him. I can bears remedy if of all Neil. Is he's a bit of history with the he's the two of polio was oh nevermind it's different. I thought I was the guy who's in charge of us want the city right now but and so it's me who's running new York and the men are this is terrible. Jim Kelly. Man I just watched the thirty for thirty there's a really good thirty for 31 of all those are very good yeah it's it's really the only thing is pinned as well at this point yeah. Hot cakes that hunt takes all my all the hot takes. I just watched the Buffalo Bills one where they went to four Super Bowls thoroughness about the rise of all the bills are very very good which I don't I'd. 'cause the cowboys fan I was so stoked for that period of time I would like all the smoke will smash them twice and he's back on and I'm like cool. Yeah looking back you can have a different perspective on it really sucks to feel bad for them. And I and overall scheme of things would go and finish your point four realize is that. It's it's sad that that came back out because like watching him in these movies and end the show and it was you know the yeah Hanson mass Troy Aikman America's quarterback you know like you've like yes he makes it to be a TV broadcaster and everything in the port Jim Kelly pavlik is fighting the good fight autism and his kids in the it's cancer charities fighting that he's not and Tom. And then he ends up. Today they announced that he has cancer I GA and man in the pan out cancer there it's an unfortunate and it's really sad because like cystic kid dude managed a key never catches a break it feels like he went to the suitable for time Zoellick at least he's the experience that but. The habits and you'll lose it for a time and economic. Well look and I'd rather lose four super balls and beat two cancers right. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought you by. Not a university now offering LA defense classes this backlash.