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Monday, March 5th

I can see an eagle in there!


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She doesn't work because why does what it starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumber. It fell and worse. To protect our dumb podcast we must protect American soda ash tag America first smog out. Cried after. And you don't watch last week's 9800. Yeah I don't want to today who invented a whole thing on every TV last thing I thought I. Old now listen I am all for our First Amendment due to want to see what you want but. Old wounds. Full news. But while the bad news well it's just totally expect that lake on steroids. Mainly at system it's just. It's like that commercial. For the he's in the course of his sunglasses yet where it's like the military guys I am like I think is the face like why do you need tactical sunglasses like we're Eddie doing. We're guides for when you can't see the bald eagle American flag you know otherwise the white image right correct good point good point I did you know lots. Each are you wouldn't know I visitors that like it's so funny to me that like we've Brit link we've kind of we've met brainwashed but we've become so likes war mongering that it's like. While all this stuff that the swat team uses paid guess what bad idea bad bad idea to sell this to civilians because then we get all huffy and puffy and that's how all of this happens. Think about how all of the people that are trained to use that stuff also have to like mentally be prepared for what the cost that it ranks right it's so weird to me it's like oh I got. I had desert storm glasses like why was I'm not here to try to stop you from pheasant hunting OK good that's. I mean I think it's weird but still like to go for it. I am I'm proud kill anywhere and all they choose to eat that's yeah okay dad and that does about it. We've we've discussed this before where I think it's weird is that just because we can make when killing tools that we should therefore be able to use them because in the name of Jeff hunger reports there what I read on. Again I'm not gonna do it that's one of those things replica liberty thing the don't go right ahead you like to hunt I'm not here to stop right now on the right but the idea that we need a could you date. A guy that is like watching a great team be mad at the government with a killing machine understands very weird and tactical sunglasses and parent. That's that's what sets it over the top of cellular mannequins. Aggressively cuts down on I think the guys as yells that you know whole commercial like two holy crap that they need diesel equipment and and beat the ticket it's fantastic to loop but with America. The Sabrina falcon its goals thing have to needle. It's a monthly headphones are a fellow abroad at burritos that falcon is that correct those or Hedo is a good listener of the speaking of burrito ish things we start over. He was relating to hole. I was just love to play that's not affect god dammit I was just play that was his tones of in the other day go like this America podcast is really didn't think it. So I couldn't racist this and I'd like to apologize for jinx in this week's cast that's on me that's my dad and I'm not I'll preface everything I ever do from here on out. That sum total of forty equal rights. Yet we were aware of this and so if you treat people equally via the lines belong supposed to because not supposed to be designed for certain people to advantages over the other Garrett. You do that that's fine. Carrick unhappy if you make jokes I can understand we make a joke first is when your being real texture I need to watch the NR ATV piece to see if it's jokes are. I do not that I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt well. You're in for retreat I can't wait all it's really while it's crazy. Not bad news and in my world what happened with to a bit of a break up. Now just pretty Lauren so don't think that's going great I'll kick it became a little babies based baby to a great OK Richard okay stolen my neighbor. My other neighbor deep she's great pairing yet shipped on or husbands and merely because he's at a too fast and they foreign tongue and I was like I didn't I'll never let up okay great so I got a piece of mail I was like no. Can't even say the actual like of these today he chorus of title with a bit of a break up. Explain. I'm pretty upset about new barber now I don't obviously haven't had her cut in ever try to think and who knew sandwich artists. You church. Who can it was what did you make of it. Went into karate on Saturday. Don't know. And a guy who started at the same time as we did to me in my partner Ron just runs endemic. Past couple Ron and again because they mention diploma. Whom run a nine home straight together for a long time done a great job yet. A guy that is. The same has started at the Texan time as we did. That is not shown any clear obvious examples of better aptitude for everything yeah. Leveled up. So he has got left behind our instructor who is late every class. Let us say racial notion I think he's new he's he retired. I think he's as they try to Daniel's son no interest in. He isn't top it won't crane kick. What idiot son's name Daniel looked behind and I got to I got to my instruction on on Saturday and I was like. That's the southern and the other Greg how great do. Canadian won their grass yet like that. He's six foot four. Not 275. Blow big dude take you but I'm Paul Gregg. In the closest. Which is but I checked but I show up and it's citizen it's too Emeka is like talking heard in our touches a teenager she hates me obviously raids like. I was like it does gonna catch up they take all the time off and she was security did and I'm like. You were a kid a tooth picks do it. When Linda have been there that you think are. I don't know bush is like really he'll do well I was like twelve graying like in the last week or like last year into the skeletal last week. Last weekend comment. Man it took everything in me to behave stoically in front of everyone else now because boy did I get hot. Kept together though yeah. But immediately went pluses on runs like hitter into the ritual dealt a blow to be working with a two day you'll soon be removed. Wow I'm breaking up with him while now to hold back inside your own main consideration and laziness now teachable moment. Dead after being held back and get mad about it maybe it's time to reflect back upon yourself to find out where the differences on how that could be made up share. The thing that I'm very emotional person so I react very exclusively grabbing his right which I love about myself yet. It was still holds. And hot hatred thanks again no cold and hundreds and accept the death of white hot hatred. Yeah I went through me I was like oh this is an over reaction based on being emotional this is anger the public real humans. In today's hearing focused and I was like a Beagle full set from. This guy and had Charlotte has been like. I think he has sends a post that we found was they it was a both staff that had to blessed are two overnights attached to the UK got fewer he had put on a black when. I was wearing a black ski well extends. The military this is great. Yeah can you turn it nexus could be good and evil Greg you're gonna street the leg sweep everyone's leg. Like my first thought was like since it jingles that's tough. You walk in there next class system Ike just blaze somebody than they don't pull punches anymore. Really taken jobs you can take over the Dojo if you wanted to. I often think about this and I don't mean anyone any harm that's not a must that's not my style at all elect now to step away from the silly to some podcast I really just do this because I like to focus Sherron the commitment. And the physical exercise that comes from a to fill in some skills that protects me or my family it's a point it's really cool. But I with a never to laughter anybody it's just not my yet they're never has been on a Obama not I'm here signal hunt. A couple of general policy of trying to catch their rhetoric. That being said I've often thought like how much does martial arts do like I've seen Karate Kid OK Brett. And like mr. gaga beats up like a bunch of teenagers are okay. Sorted out pretty thoroughly too when he went to their arrests I've seen embarrassingly I've seen the attack of the clones okay. And you don't know what upload and share what's his notes a little bit count due to not face yeah. That's a scene that and I understand that the little Warren is oftentimes think it's a view like sell them short of what they can do arise from the pocket. However. I'm what's so let's kick me out of this lipstick. Good Greg again today. Against 64275000300. I don't know big dude yeah verses since they Rachel probably like 510125. Fights and the suppress the idea there 59 and images of mutilating your fair share share she's like. Probably five years maybe more than that deeper into this than he is the key is just a physically massive guy right. How much do these schedule. Is negated purely by eight dominant shot. It's. More than they wanna tell you because that's the whole cell right where it's like come take karate so if tall Greg comes at you you can take him on even though your five fleet for good or evil break evil Greg dogs. Period great whenever kind of a for any reason unless you deserved it means you had a comment. So yeah of course like I would say. 60%. Is negated just by sides now. Let's listen listen if you have. Is a little hairs in knows karate right now. I can still stop him out you know I can second pick him up and thrown thirty feet right now I don't know I c'mon we brought up this weekend we aired we are buddies now that would never happen right course the floor junior Jack gave him yeah I know I ate the whole string that. Great which I've been meaning to tell you the bills in the mail but don't. I don't remember campaign on I don't get mail it was a it was a it was a seven dollar cut school but you kind of do me seminars sealant the Dojo. I'll see with court could do Joseph court. About your judged. Of I imagine petty cards like that it's just it's just everything solved by rough ever says there's. Like the giants of the city to be argue it's just rolls the dice and she's like. Six. But no deal. We're nurturing over Apple's. IPad. Bubble of the present a problem about venerable old. Yeah I love Sulu I. I had a break and I have not broken up with the instructor himself it was a seminal moment I was guess seating where at all nervous like I will be ending training with something. And effort I've never done that before the trying to think if I think a lot of crappy coaches I don't know if I've ever really. Never changed teens and look at an I've rage quit from stuff before belly gaelic. Until the remote gonna like this too badly about it or whatever like a tablet those moments. Specifically and adolescents were there what crops. But it was like it's. Must've been a weird day to teach because I'm usually pretty apple pool in India smiling and we laugh about stuff from wherever I was like couldn focus full time and the like come about was public things can change yes and Lindsey refinery that's good. The fire in your system it's not at one point I found some cold that furnace at one point I struck. Good Greg too large in the middle can we even had to work together yet Rhett Ryder in a class together and like I hit him. Hard but just a little bit too much except out of that was a low low K okay I'm on those little much as you know funds finally. You do not understand how that felt inside of me writer editor and so would wonder like Kim and like I mean I've seen game throats spoiler alert that cobra guys. Vs the mountain bike he he gets hit it's much too well. Oh yeah major spoiler alert now. Up whenever it's five years old. The port for our great window and off fair fair fair enough fair enough so. Gas and I was wondering that like what we actually learning how much of it is like you say how much of it is for people like me who are just willing to pay money to like learn a little discipline checked verses people who were like worry it could go easy mastered it Connie shot at the masters chaotic set Democrat cool name that guy is. The coolest Diana is a guy like came from the street not like really from the street just probably been home whenever but like he fought his way into chronic and he's like each house is riding. Do kind of does man cool like he's so he's so indoctrinated that it all comes from a place of come through but it's like. When he's talking about how to do stuff that he demonstrates your like oh you're guy that would has beat people up ahead for review of that school you've been in some serious fights not display key. Tussle when people are dropped wanna like yeah reels. So yeah the product has also jays have a cycle in my basement as a kid now a notably a Haslem my uncles. My uncles and Illinois on the boxing gym and so one year for in my arm my grandpa. Shot to grab a joked sub domain recipes that we are beyond. He was he our peppered I mean they know much better full respect yet full respect. He was championship boxer in the army took over two very cool yeah the Captain America that do for real like. I can neither confirm nor deny. My grandpa was captain Max I can I can't do either of those who don't have any data seek out. So it's possible it's odds it is possible yet it's possible that he is a fictional. Character it could be that could be he could be the inspiration for cats America I don't know I'd be beat up and I'm just say it I'm not saying give us your uncle was drawn in ink. He wore a lot of underwear and outside of his pants a lot and I always thought that was strange we are now. As an opportunity and the other shading it was very into. AA AA AA is always an he had this like I was were in Bradley blue men may be. I thought it was weird that he. Maybe you're just took a shield made out of every minute drive bring him correct. The I. Com. As I said before great you need to watch all the Marlins pitcher suffer. If if if if I remember them saying anything about that that time it was like the only my Cranium there once. And now that's so cool dad Sama Gabby just had a moment. Anyways. So I got one year for like for no reason whatsoever I got Ali's boxing gloves and the helmets and assets and we're like six so woody unit deal. Paid with his health and only punch rate assays poker that dome. And we turned my basement into it in the neighborhood fight club we would all go down there and beat the living (%expletive) out of each other with someone that doesn't inevitably end up crying from a that's when the fight was overlooked obviously but if you cried. Change your house that was like you've got to get it is it with fights fights are over and I'll see you got to go home because your refusal to yet. Because my mom is a good mom and unite. Dante Georgia Marty is playing around right were like oh we have per share at home should've been stopped crewman. We've whose tears and also the blood and just go home so you have to go home CF of proved prophetic if I build our amendment could. So yeah we and it really does there's like club at the as I should have made money on that now I think about it all the bikes parked out front and totally and a big guys play baseball not this week mum. Oh my what is now being used yet. Jimmy buckets that we can stated to you who let it. Let's forgive moms are again just spent all or spit. Whatever whatever wrote who. Whatever wrote let you have moved yeah all yeah array of what are daisy that bucket with her. Stars in my basement manly isn't fun to have some dummy. Hockey rink down their basketball cart so mildew some mill do its best as it was an old house there cool duke basketball court we I had lake. Our basement was basically three rooms. Like a TV room debt slash fight club well fizzled because those X pretty square now. And then we have the laundry room. And then we had like the other side of the basement that was just wide open in concrete slap. Country balls proposal's direction and as long so you could play it. Nerve troops on each side of it. Yeah I love of basketball do the best. And we would play basketball I do is break weekly one on one because you could pass it yourself off the wall was like racquet basketball nets arena basketball tonight and has evolved now to him as being catches on we could mean that to a sport. And there was one play hockey we would give them you love this get a roller blades on obviously and the best I was memos super cooled others sushi legislate. Paint the floor so we have like to senator nine like the three point line and. And enough money to send to the movies dominated jetting to yourself yeah yeah exactly Margaret typical yeah or whatever they'll deny. We've put the lottery of the dryer. Our guys who perhaps if if if I had a couple hundred dollar gas outlook social Dolores and this note. Indeed stop crying certificate. Cadillac at. Sox man hopeful effective. Just not inviting him but he had he had good video games that you had a guy and an army there's followed days is that you'll of the politics and everything from an early edge dad's funny and I just keeps going right relate. Not really particularly like this person dot. It provide good say they're always buy the beer. I need to be Goliath sort of you know Elena you all can home. I know these jokes yeah yeah. I'll take it at the current CI can operate they go they go uncomfortably perfect but it and company look I'm sure whether. Okay I should take a metamorphosis and turn it into Miramar for sized today Lil academy in my own word and it was a vote Baltic with a does not a word I was like it is now those who dumbing. But give it my kids at my killing was involved now. What can't language meta mark I've heard is. That the blood but let's do the dogs managed Soo much. Yet some magazine a mathematical equations floating right above your head to be fair I want to make language great again so if we could step back a thirty to fifty years got. Let's get rid of it on invents click on follow no longer award. But up 'cause it's not thirty to fifty years old. I don't know. But the new work new word on follow. I'm on following on follow. I wonder if we'll be nearly every year they Edwards of the dictionary and like the last like five years that revolves paid attention there's so embarrassing gaffe. I wonder if people in likened the I'd like to seventeen hundred's or eighteen hundreds whenever dictionary started with the whereas Iran they thought the same way they like oh god like. You prove critical and orange going to handle automobile has been added oh waivers ever gonna take off for now here we are the stupid automobile my example is an orange could. Possibly the worst to pull. A Libya no offense pretty bad example there's new technology. But it's. Do you think Judy that they drove him crazy. Yeah I thought it record player to photograph and it's always get me a photograph to me like star Puerto adding that like. Get out here also just affronts are you the worst of Deming armed. Also I feel like that the dictionary should be pro role. So like if you add a new word in the dictionary which Depp laugh the original words I agree that could only be some 7000 words says it has a plus all the boards therein what are you Japanese that's right you. The crazy part being in Japan. It felt like their language was so limited to public fifty Frank Sesno great Italy because they're like. Trying to make stupid me understand how to do Garza whatever public television and everything else is so simple I guess are probably as to a much if you look at the tweets of our. Of rheal. Rihanna president of the attitude. Imprisonment to rheal. And if you look at that though you probably a pretty limited. Who's afraid I would assume so library. That it's I'd bust of the US housing because it. My mind is still blown from watching this okay. So. Saturday without drink and with the boys Shasta well no shadows an enemy of the cast not. We went to that horrible birth than normal person's birthday global horrible whereas the a bad person might have been the worst birth very quite possibly do his birthday and very ugly to build a wall around his person I tried to try to think I'm not coming across this while at fort Walton and like there's beard as a guy will be there in twenty minutes. And went out. After words at some barbecue they want to show had some drinks got home pretty sons Greg not go idea precise step who. So I did the thing that any good record would do bought a bag of chips. Set on the couch and started smashing food and like flipped the two channels. Turns out it ended up on what everyone should do when they're drunk awash in nature doc. The vast. And I wash it was blue planet too which is filmed. Beautifully and fifty KBS which I am I can only goes to three because that's as far as my TV goes but whenever my TV is now eleven years old it doesn't mean granted apparently did study indicating Mars just like to write my phone has literally fifty times better than my gripe is correct. Some watch in the staying and it gets to a spoiler and I suppose but. Whenever. Think they show these fish. That eat birds but not like sharks or anything they're just regular S fish oh yes and it's like this whole thing about like. It's like 1:30 in the morning I am like racks and racks but I am definitely. In the right phrase to give like a frame of mind like. Only serves wakes up from yelling oh. To me bring that sticks his head I love does he balance. Bender if you hate the person that has led dogs on the dog's fault but it is the dog's fault either Doug makes the noise but it's not it's full correct. On spoke. Did like this is hoping that these millions of birds land in the island they migrate there they have their babies abominable blind and eventually the birds petulant defiant. This whole staying and they get to fly out of the ocean and it's are they going to fly you know why they don't just teach my land and that richer because singly and bad and moved the risk reward man pretty bad parenting. If I'm being honest they would pretty awesome parent in the yeah I mean if you're willing to sacrifice your child I mean did you gadgets dvd keys in the cards they have that it. No but I also like my mom didn't waive five bags of them have five checks that once in order to me like yes votes but over time. OK let it is allowed these birds they fly out over the ocean is also my mother was an ostrich is so. One bottle of one million to the offensive to all who makes sense and it really has come any other guest just a Thompson Demi five foot two. Know cock up up up up. So we're so great. It will take at. Walls just fell down in my and the house of man it's big it's. A could have incredible that would create credible holy smokes. So these birds fly out over the ocean and then some of them have to land because they're not strong enough to really. Glad it also birds are incredibly dumb so also some of them is gonna lose delayed offers arguments to move. Plopped the and these days in a way it's filled with incredible 'cause like they're not sharks. But the way they're they went the way they attack these birds as they shark like but it's like this is like a bass you and I mean I mean not really a vast. Yet nothing maybe they owed to official like you see day. Now ought to be with crocodiles too. Or before I had the crowd yeah. Willie Jim bed TrueCrypt. Ha that's a why did fish steadied the Blair is. You know he's like a musky or something like unofficial means do you but like our shark released and just let likes. Issued just catch on a regular day you know he's a monster is due to confide in molecular official gamblers so limited the like normal special like got it got it down. And these things come flying in and like there's a whole. Awesome I've of the cut is 1:30 in the morning I mean no. And I. I am in department by myself with a party not upstairs. It's 1 in the morning and I have no business being this about it I am like on my couch take. I was texting you at one. Widely joked. You're always welcome to do that because my phone yet to register herald the evident it defeats the purpose to that is like not getting anything back until like that and I don't know who's always. No whatever it's responsibly when they do that right because once they send it back and underweight you're awake in the beginning like in evidence 10 AM I forgot all itself but to get that and read it first thing in the morning always looked at. I think literally while showers warming up public via select out oh man I was freaking out deeds cited encourage everyone to watch blue planet TU. It's the first episode may be the second circuit these birdied fish are senior staff and now I want one alum as a pet it's great stuff man Yamon. Turn mine leaving him to a small river. I remind. Harvard forest probably yeah ads but I mean PP all over the place so to write yeah we clean that up the clock. Alameda clean up after you're done and were reported the bird eating fish mainly gas is that the kind of the birds and an Arab mind. Forget to open a window Tommy. How to how bad are you better idea on his foot pigeon LA. Perfect. Who love we go the pigeons Iraq better. While pigeon PH and fish on it scared you wanna come over and out there and Aaron it's kinda on whether. And it's just to the first two because they're terrible. Ended peace summit warning it team and James Harden. Ichiro Suzuki. Nice Iowa. The next one is Ichiro I just got a tweet actually from shunned Irvin. That Bob nightingale some over the Bootcheck parts and intra Suzuki is getting close to finalizing a one year Major League deal with the Mariners. And he was nice have to re tweet it's I just wanna say hey Gregor shouted this idea and applaud those general direction on opening weekend last year true story you're walking by. And I yelled something to that effect to be around laughed and look went into the secret manager or that they go into the disappears them through the stadium yeah rhetoric also disappears them as my new favorite way of saying that so we'll be taken out that. Mr. Putin was the time to think about it friends started to do on your god and they don't exist no mole. Ichiro we can see the proper return of each road to retire a mariner. Ironically I also signed him last year MI and Mobi the show's season for the man is maybe not so good now set up great. By the ending his Bentley 153 and really every expect though I mean he is forty. Three years old before. And forty castle to attack greatest hitter. I mean right up there. Yeah Poconos things out to students the just over the infield who is the best city side in life outreach. I mean it was it's it's close between Justin Smoak and each rep just. Next up for him about it. I say lose your job in five words I can lose my Dunn and four letters you have Sheila. And it's gonna beat I'll be able to be able us. In SXSWEdu. Moved. SXSW my liver cries out that's with that's two weeks away night this is a practicing this week a tool. Frances McDormand Oscar somebody still. Stolen courtesy we've its options allow I mean it's just temporary listened and listened listened. That is the classic kids in mind when you like. You lost your lunch box out a lot like. It's great wizard like us are so. Oh she's paired Jimmy picked although. He's the one that saw he's got all the the Oscar now what pricked you could tell just from his name. Christopher still sit still dossier can yeah Hillary did it. Jimmy Graham. Never good. Is it. You know it's not expected to resurgent Graham say it's among a bunch of teams interest excellent. News from the land of obvious is it too expensive as a line. Junior why would he play for another season with at the embassy actually don't get even the ball enough. It's so crazy to me that it took until halfway through last season finally figure out of the best tight end was written or not. Yeah no I guess you know of probably the best you don't have profitable Ivan got a got a convertible are Republicans scramble improbable. Don't go to Jimmy Graham listen we know you've cut ninety passes for like fifteen and yards and a thousand touchdowns every year but here's what we needed you this year. And Asian bloc. Was for the run game that we don't write like let him. Hillbilly Jim. I'll go into the wrestling hall of fame Mo. That's a fact that a presents a bubble blow. A and I vividly remember watching him. Wrestle. The and this is great this is so it only happens in the eighties right you didn't. This is that they came out of addiction and they took out they took this part out. It. It was an wrestle mania where he was in a mixed tag team match it was him and to me it's it's against big Jon stead in two major it's. Yeah. That's the thing that you used to be able to do an out they'd 201 eye for I don't even think I can say midget. Is that out of the dictionary I mean I and out of mind but apparently impression taken out. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast brought to you by. Your ID you know there's a day. Quite hot anger a quick break now CD.