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Thursday, March 8th

Welcome to the suck, dummy.


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Be ready sure winner. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. It fell and worst. Yes John Muhammad committed or angry or grumpier some sort of combination of the two I don't talk about it can. Make reducing podcast now. A mystery dudes up my phone and continued quietly now they're going to talk about it. It's. I was really good news and Brett this video this morning now must day everybody. Now must stay away from John Manley and now. All right well at a breakfast tacos delicious. Breakfast while Nebraska scarcity and still for no serious note now. And from the kitchen of my apartment. And Ray Durham breakfast. Boot yet and they say there is nothing. More relaxing and doing yoga than eating a case India with the barking dog above your head for 45 minutes. And redo the really helps my eyes and bro but what are your house to go for the about the Darden darken mode. She hasn't heard yet which is really funny because that's like. It's funny because. I think she's nervous too do you like us be made public. Girlfriend I think we'll let the you know like going to like events and sevens and that the things that the hold all associate you gamble of it sheriff but I think it makes her really uncomfortably at night and I don't I think she's just nervous about it which I. I can understand what is so weird as a socially nervous person I get a share share share share setting is funny because like. Somebody is teasing him as he can make you know if if we don't see here we don't believe you anyway and I think. But also like (%expletive) that's. And also what do you generate and so like it is funny like where people think she doesn't exist with the men and now she thinks the job doesn't exist and I'm going like. If I'm making a solid if this it's all in my head I know it happens for you exist you just commander until May look soaring in the all of us yeah you meant. You should write a show her name's not even John Mann he played in my in my dreaming or are you real I don't know. Hopefully Israel does life justice Stephen in west Seattle ace Stephen brandy podcast listener ever now hauling stuff like that previously a book on tape guy. A converted podcast found also now. No income to this sucked I mean if you don't know. A could set expectations. Eleven like. So bad not pretty good at that you just that the experts issues high at the great slogan that is that it's Logan and as a right that I'm not going to but I should writes I doubt so anyways she does not know about the dog he had just heard the dog yet earlier complaints but it's funny because. Couple nights ago stayed over in a group like we welcome the morning she's like so where is this dog. Tell it like Canada Barca think she's you do make full full full partner actually you probably can but I don't want to open up a a man so I think I think I think tomorrow is the day that I finally. Talk to you now listen. I love dogs so this is difficult. Relates to cast this is ridiculous it's been it's been like three weeks now. I think they can grace period. To kind of it's kind of over right so that was enough time isn't it as a dog psychologist what would you recommend they do. Use and as Asian my friend obviously to go to rewrite it right Gary and have it yet to feed it to the crack move it out if yes. Ethical and lady Maria Fuller flavor of vogue today. Leader dogs for the crack he colored twelve it will kill your don't portable drive with rock. Just. Welcome to the sucked out of him at at at and and I found I hate being a white dude sometimes share I'm not red pill I mean okay yeah break. Both my candidate is. I understand what privileges because really have a piece is that if anybody on like Amanda traffickers Terrell out of like I've got beat to death by the cops and Africa relic. I get. But also it's international women's share excuse me international woman's day share. We're trying to highlight had a southern women NASA dummies. Food that's sort of help of the law and but. I just. You are trying to find a way to talk about these things and I learned about anything today it's called brutal and it's win it's the matrix moment we to direct your hill and one of them completely blows your mind and find out that really white men who want to actually have a whole list a mile slick dark depths of the Internet put off for good or like no women's liberation is terrible. These type of things and if it were like a lot of the schools and stuff in the coming from us I guess what's the Samantha bee clip on this thing that you put out. Not a fan of hers because I think her delivery is not very good. But the message is very strong. OK so anyway unlike. Gotta make sure I do something as delicate. Because I can't speak for women about women or any thing I'll always gets wrong no matter what salon like we all know someone awesome. Cracked how to woman yes. Think about them today got. The response I get back is or. Economic I saw this and I tried to I immediately read tone by trying not to read Tony Harris that's the isn't a great and it sucked. I try not to read told him to these things because he'll cool though I haven't sharpened it because oh and allowed the pinnacle to pencil who unreliable and wants you black pencil with mad Blackwood matte finish yet there Asia with a white reading on it and come to fingers on it which is typical. I mean a little bit weird to bring into meeting that lake. Plus got like ten black race there. Here isn't really soft like second pitch I can just pure evil thing enough of Atlanta and it's already really see get this response that our response it's like all our you can focus on equal pay equal protection and lower back I was like well you know it's been a whole week. Promoting a events to for women self defense for free but you can't identity of that community that I can do is be like okay well the very. Gentle thing I tried to do to be liked. No point down the corner this kind of Obama lemmings criticize. No. It's a scenario for me because I know the person that did that to you so I pulled a I pulled the right move which was two favorites route tweets correct and tell acute stomach just to come because. I don't think that she's trying to be like you're terrible human human. Because I know this person I can guarantee you that is not right but this is our Internet sheriff court because anything any time I try and say something I'm hoping that is to set a positive example and even just a little nudge in the right direction is still a nudge in the right direction. And her son. But instead it. And it's like I'm corrected on how to better be hit and what I wanna grow wanna I wanna be better and I wanna help. Everyone feel people like my thing. But you don't know what my intentions are because its Internet and I don't know what yours are because we're not having a dialogue with body language or like a long enough form discussion do you need to read the article that he has posted there is a threat on on Twitter about all of the the ways that people communicate on mine and how. The young Asian nation is created. By using incorrect English they've created ways to. Express to hone. And syntax that actually having like. The difference between yes and yes of the period there's a difference. 100% to one of them is yes your yet. And what it was like one of the hard yes but you wanna go to news. Somebody pick up led delicious twelve ounce or twelve inch. Meatball marinara yes. Hey. Did you. Is your dog is the dog still barking upstairs. Yes period. Are you sure you're not Matta make yes period correct boat. You met. Yes because we don't. Make the time for punctuation and must we absolutely. Necessarily need it so I and I realized that I am a big time and I write K a lot. 'cause I'm always busy yeah always dream million things acknowledged so K acknowledged. Acknowledged no no that's like really bad. Decade is like. Dismissive yeah. And I was I was talking to you it was it was lake is ever as are really really really. We do you. Just. Picked it. Cut. You're talking to is above and below. But. I literally felt this cycle article about this like five when they. Five seconds. After responding to your email thread. With people that I have to be proper around with a case. You know I was doing the you're the solid they're also right ET in the they have to give it to get. So I was like who. That's at the so George Washington taught me something not directly but through those through a biography. How to grow Marilyn hunt who have. Do you gross is sounding teeth ever send she with wooden teeth. How to cross the Delaware on the backs of frozen soldier is now through the Manhattan. The thing that he always did would writing in a letter at the time which is a lot more significant because it wasn't just like sent a Texan and you know whatever but this is ways that we can train ourselves to better communicate to make sure that word is to be consistent. And so his intro was always. My dear rests deer or the person's name there's four versions a camera roll them but it was if he said my dearest Shaq but this job. Male or female hello hello hello hello how did you urged high high. High of what's going nobody. If you wrote that it was you were one of his in his most esteemed hearts. Reggie is little does he get the most utmost respect for sure if it was just John it was all sort of fight right. And it looks different now but I like an. I should use more of what he talks to make sure that every time it's consistency. So what I am mad at somebody and I don't want all of my emotions run it elicited the same way that I always right. And so we had just little changes like sounds great. It is like takes. Yet what and affix a second but it's way better than right. Right well I know this now all right I think you probably need at all Corzine did you just did a good habit to just looks like and things like that yes it but just wanna say. But it was funny is I am talking to you the lady friend about it and she's like yeah I always think here like. Frustrated. And like oh. Mean sorry but no oil on cool going to eat where every when he elect when cicada like and I really to me like program is busy picked sorry. How about how we. Communicate it. I hate them oh geez I hate the simplistic language hatred dumbing down of language because it is gonna make a stupid or even though it's more convenient and cool cars at that it really is rooting our ability to. To have quality communication. Does that ruin it or is this just evolving or changing I mean so I'll get there now. So before people were literally it's you had to use shapes to communicate share I think it was can be a form it was carved using play into other player to mix to make. Released for connect and that's how we would like if you could afford to have that you were like will you share. Sure and then we developed more and more articulate means for communicating got this sometimes we obviously. Don't want to look to the story for instance. Well and it could be simplified but with the mode geez word dumbing down own language again. To this very simple like symbol symbol there's no subtlety to how that's dot bots as that develops we combine words. With the most g.s and I don't somebody's just firing back remote isn't mean just to just do which is like because there there and it's like Tuesday in response to rank right let's try to dress it up to make it seem like it's better than that okay. So they're becoming an arts to some simplification of Arlington which. And that's necessary because we communicate almost entirely now via. This very simple fight text. It's not a phone pole anymore it's not all hand written letter that's gonna take forever to get to somebody it's an immediate communication and so in order to. Addled little extra spice to it to be able to do it correctly we're now going. Old to find a new way to move forward okay. So I think at some point we block of the and you know people have viewed yourself would be included in this this post just the people that are good at using Moody's. In particular in which year and a good combination if you spent a lot of time making jokes went on Twitter and suffer that's a great way to drag to understand if somebody is an effective communicators yeah because. It's a limited to eighty which is stupid or too limited to eighty. You had to really be able to simplify an idea and something and remote you might help you do correct correct both the fire a motif for instance is really excellent but also people lean on that or a deaf people lean on that when it doesn't really work. Right just use it to be like. That's what coach you're supposed to put at the end now Reich I'm not gonna that's correct yeah so we are evolving even though drives me crazy to see people do it badly. About language. All their language of any sort is trust me praise be right of course right. Yeah it's adjusting. It's a bit bronze I think we're on to the next way that we communicate we all revolving it's just that we have to become a dumb about it to get there. And luckily there's people like yourself that are helping to push us into the right direction with the well I don't want that responsibility has died take that I put that back ground but he's not putting that right back down now Helen blew the top of him OG I am not interested JFK yeah. But I backup. Welled up thank you bet. It's. It's also interest in the way the and while he's trying to make Perez before it. I thought I'm really into Jupiter and actually if anyone knows more about this I would love some hope of girls from the race. What they go to Jupiter girls there's Jupiter the bar. None of the planet. There's death and no I didn't know you were steepener. Science as state science. I am I right now I'm choosing between a damper on. And breaking won't. Maybe there's women dressed girls go to Jupiter to get more simply there. To lower rafters Lawrence. Thank you for that bit of relief. But again I NASA closest it's always through I think I told you on Monday may be I went through buy ins to Graham and it dropped load nuclear bomb on my followers who. Like I had twenty something hundred people I was following and I just. Cut it out I could be a quick thirteen or 14100 people. It'll help with Martina people I followed 2500 people and now it's under a thousand. Wow. At one point it was a whole everyone back because. It's an algorithm who gives a crap share but then I really stopped seeing anybody's post I haven't seen you post an answer Graham in six months. See Mehmet posting good so that's a me. It's crazy that it likes it shows me a bunch of stuff that people who go through like myself it shows me they're telling I didn't wanna see your stuff though. I just wanna see the people I'm around all the time and so Matt I drop the hammer on that if announcing everyone's posts and I felt 290 people so Smart man promised four of them are definitely is turnout models I am so that all I see is thank the bears stuff goofy little veterinary menopausal all the time. Good for me but at the same time not really because he's gonna look at Lincecum from your girlfriend yet or in public you don't mean make an. To listen Graham has to be censored. Share of course but it's like you know a little rain and bikini photo here there's a political and Asian international woman's day at such fassel and county and the Internet is timeless. Drew even better so this could be bad next year duke from perfect. And but no like yeah I don't you saying no because it's like four sponsored or validated. Accounts and make that's a hero feeds trashed it's quite ease off for another they've really started going heavy on the suggested posts are sponsored content. It's their. Capitalism is ruining everything and I don't as an economy here of lake. Men show some restraint. Hat please for the love of god export data you clicked for me if you get out of my way yes Alec. Will give it do you man it just relax will give it to you know I'm happy to scroll through and and off so I gauge stuff as like. It has the metrics to be able to when you stop on a picture without doing anything make you stop for point two seconds to go public. It starts it collects that information to so it knows what stuff actually catches your eye when you're not in just I don't ever hit like on anything. In a bill that goes by me. And I saw a thing go broke and it keeps it asked the collect that he'd have to be a we'll know what to show Lisa that withers to comply with our animal work right it's real easy to be just put. One every temples can be sponsor looks finals that's fine. It's awful I don't need to tell me any of that stuff like I have barrel. It Russia's best way to track the American the barren waste land and data connection known as narrow. So finally see a NASA opposed to OK my mr. Graham cool and I'm ruined Jupiter because I like to do with the girls get steepener. It's an old and radio adage you you've played to the ladies because the doodle file and here I am soon to studying Jupiter. Exhibit a Jupiter and into Jovian science okay and it's. They sent that craft there that monetary did and it's allegedly led to him thank you. I was not there to see it myself yet but they send back pictures of this super cyclone that's on the North Pole. But you yes and that it is encircled by eight other cycle yes but I'd like. Threat that is so crazy to you crazy right. And so I point out that like if we can see what's going on on Jupiter. Yet we did nine a checked the weekend. Observe the climate here and some goggles womb we'll Salameh and it is my duty I had to put this out to you I donated because in doing it on the Internet anyway right. But you're comparing. Optics verses. Carbon Bubba Bubba. Cavities I can't. In fact I'm here to discuss whether climate change is real I just don't want people don't know. Mr. Blake know that doesn't happen will we have. Space satellites studying the earth all the time the beautiful pictures that come from a and it made me hate the Internet so much for posting because some would just pop off back to chew. I think back I don't want to say anything back so I don't want to get into a climate science debate that's doubled as a half votes right I just want people to acknowledge that we're collecting data and making informed decisions based on the data that we have we might find out in 2000 years we were totally wrong it happens all the time to check back a little we thought was science back then Leach is not. The way to cure human disease but. But they wait to hear human diseases but they have medicinal values just not to the extent that did it was that the way GAAP and I Aniston. TJ did the demons out through Leach's. That's bad girls were so it makes me then second guess my own intelligence McConnell obviously an idiot because I'm not making core relations correctly but it's like this crazy downward spiral the one person to just be like what we click connect him under lights and it's broken so that's the problem that I am having with all of these people like even like you know like the flatter stuff is hilarious but like it's not and I wish it would have made a letter joked yeah 'cause I just don't make a lot of tricks and jokes anymore because I will not put any more fuel on the fire right I don't do many more attention so that's ramat. Nazi or it's likes no I think you do have to shut back idea that hurt my dude yeah you should you do down and be like. Because you can't Wear so dumb now as a society. Hash tag of their plan all along on that. We are doubting. The fact. You're questioning facts and announcing you shouldn't you should always question everything that everybody science that's how works have man but. Also Bad Religion now once something has been improvement and yellow dog climate change. That happening. It's happy it's it's. We can argue to what extent be you cannot argue with me that it's not happening. If we're gonna make the if we're gonna say it's not happening find out what you say that I don't care. All what you know is that if the earth changes too much to the point humans can live on it anymore you're one of those human stupid and you're not gonna be able appear so you might be right. Because you wouldn't take any action to try and do something about the habitat that you need to live you moron. It's just can't I can't accept it anymore because it's. I'd I'm with you but I just wanted to be yet so how's your answer to sheer. It's a just can't it's so. With. Its from like really agitating for now because they see these things and I'm like. Why am I wasting why do we have to waste our breath or even get triggered because. There is. There's now enough people where it is a problem it's the fake news thing like this is a dangerous thing we joke about an all time everyone jokes until you fix my leg in yellow. The more we use that as they just a valid. Defense things. The more dangerous this all gets because. You're training people to not believe anything. Outside of what they want to believe and once you need to that point you get into some weird places man because. There has to beat. It's society it's a set agreed upon rules structure. That allows us all to exist together without having to worry about your neighbor coming in stabbing you or your parking Asta dot that's the part of and if we stop doing that we crumble as a society which he could RT mean I don't think we're to that planet Timberlake you know. We're kind of walking up to the door at this point rusher rings were both she reduce risk has. Let's wrap plus time when the senate to happen an entire empire fell and plunge the world in the darkness no no it didn't. Right the Celtics to Derek until it's just a normal we know from the past then they go up exactly ignore that. I'm Tony whats right your dom we're on the same page right right like I edit items popped off at an old putts today. Somehow randomly he ended in my FaceBook threat or my theory ever wish I low tech once in the morning I try to check in never but. With the start show prepping its over I have to do it it. And I don't have to do and I just can't stop doing it anyways borrowing is supposed to how are you supposed to talk to the people that are. So statistically proven to be on the things right without being on the thing right. I mean I literally do you aides say even in my show called now trending on any link I'm tethered weather like it or not. Anyways he posted a take southwest and posted this stuff less a giving everyone on the planet to free airline tickets. A link to you southwest the dash airline exit would concede. Dot com and Mike. I didn't send it 'cause as that item. I don't have the energy. To do this anymore it's so frustrated but since that's this is where it's really brought success like this morning I'm gonna go like no let's say something. Because. I was like what are you doing. Why would Southwest Airlines give everyone two free tickets was like Southwest Airlines is the seems like a legitimate source stop this. Be better than stat that's it be more diligent Tommy. You know we is that where it. A but yeah it's like chizik welcome to the socket dummy you add a go. Stop making it's a year. Burr road. There. Yeah. Yeah. The. So yeah delegate hunt I got a phone call there from my father in law is committed to out suburban bacon time. But it still mom ya. The idea of how we wanted to pack into it. Just that I did I had to shut the guy down and just be like listen I'm 100% certain that we have optical observation of Earth's climate. I think we should I but I think all of us dummies should do this from now on I put people. To tell a friend doesn't go to the guest yes please do that and and please shut these idiots down it's time. Think it's funny it it's been funny for awhile for a long time you're likely to these idiots talking about the nonsense yeah. Gotta stop it. We gotta stop it so cracked down and like as you can you bring that to be that Smart. Yeah I think it's easy is it like that didn't happen that is false note that as he really that is a real picture of a another planet dude. You're not allegedly but for real like new for real now. All right it's on to. On what our. I think international women's day shut us all the women. Some dummies do is leave that there are not gonna go any further because I don't wanna get could have happened to be revenue with the the FC 46. Man as he's a good fight that ESE 4060 you'd ever brought blizzard ago against the draft that's true. Plastic Nashville. Yeah I'll come back now millionaire who spicy chicken tape side note. What are your thoughts and even McEntire is new colonel Sanders we talked about this. And if I was out there know I'm there I'm pro Rea Reba Sanders colonel McEntire. I don't care for her very much is not a character than I'm like really into. But as I see them or Mormeck do for you for everybody involved in this for everything it's ridiculous and I support it. Press tag would be peculiar. Mill not a problem. Google but I don't know much about the level and just do you listening. I don't blow. SA transit. Just Ed sub Demi who's about to double we'll come visit me. Don't sit on the last C is always where the weirdos hang out. If you ever define an empty train car alone it's a similar group of barked fact. Black ops for. You think after three black ops missions that you would be. Done right well I thought it was like a rude way of talking about click. When people go to the hospital. Derrick Rose like when they're grossly to have his knee replaced again again black ops for its hello we are on your fourth hole thirtieth think that's a hole when Tony. It's not working for you. John fab road director or not the pod saved of universe person you share. He's ready NeuStar Russia why people are about John camera's new Star Wars series. Because nerds that's why because nerds I've spent much time talking negatively about Star Wars we do not need to. All The Sopranos was that trending. I was seen anniversary. I just can click through but adds that dumbfounded. Global noble and how you get to pull this off I'm not forests. The Sopranos. Is set to return. With a prequel movie. Welcome to the suck dummy. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasting's. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are down podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Try university. Pin and three is the worst and run. If I was in return pin on five could you read another one had they don't teach that to me for couple belts you'll see.