187 - On A MF'ing Time Cop

Monday, March 12th



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Oh my god which introduced the low guy who starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. And worst. Rap music and others have approval ratings and around for sure it. Snack wrap which is higher than Obama at least didn't get the podcast pundits were saying our approval ratings north somewhat low. In other line when they say it enough the show. And back goes I don't podcast 100% approval ratings amongst ever look all the time forever. 45 million people can't be around our visit billions and billions and billions and billions. And barely NBA and barely ends I'll sell billions and billions agreed auto podcast is number one of billions. So again all feeling good hot start won't give up yeah we're done. Dodd. So Lamar Smith has really ticket turn after seven seconds of the structure and we went from Australia Britain looks quite an awful putt pilots and guard your know. I hate this Chad. Oh ops aren't awful. It's weird to stare at you with sun beaming through the window it's very it's a different much different experience that become an Angel. Did you know I didn't fix a no no no I didn't things although I drove sold I didn't have to walk as far as let's let's listen to recruit you now bumper to cool you're all right all right well god pod OK Jimmie again. I really can I guess some. That we did the Birmingham bacon photo resist that's pretty good yeah. Our way walked away with a like a hundred chips still like to spend on burdens and Bacon's I feel like two years ago. I didn't have enough chip snows again this year's CI are gonna give me. And then this year I feel the exact that's a result I couldn't get I could need enough food so. I think maybe the people got Smart and our own office and they realize that like the people who do all the social media and you do all the actual like cut image work for the day. You give them as many chips is tokens as they want rhetoric in drink as much as they want to pictures and post everybody's very Smart I think did I think they got the hang of that because poem about Ed just said sub domain and he didn't get as many token designed it oh really yeah he'll like we've we would all the same places and Randall yes and stuff and I have like seven of beach left in here but three defeats. So we didn't get our full blooded person but we had a wonderful ladies to give out didn't give them all the tokens. Keep many I don't know I was a pretty good about being honest because I knew that like at some point console Bennett walking around with a hole. Bucket full much reached my hand and yeah we are talking about like we should check him for that and then we're like what you do with that. Let your kids throw in the air like. First of all I wouldn't I just feel like I'm taking some of these amiga yeah I don't know what to do do I try to use and you buy Beers the rest of the night other establishment known did not want to turn that that is not valid currency outside of burba to make it other than one mean chick that was like and the bartender waitress ticket and explicit what until. She is also but she was like all business. When I came to that election was not taken chips now and she was even joking about mil and like. Now a thought should cut a person to that she has kind of person acting like yeah. That's that's been done and I just with a sharp wit no doubt that with the exactly know her charm would like us sharpened. Broken pool stick some college a shank it out. What's that what's what's his name and NASA merry X under bugs Moran had what some people the prison system called a bitch. Any kind that is going to be cut out as I can carry cut at his eyes and piston is accurate cavities about Mike Myers man that guy is definitely an icon of an older time like if you look at our if you know Mike Myers pretty well. But it got a little old. I think if you asked. A move and you know or ever move Mike Myers was they say he's due in the Kanye via. Really cool mark you know that is so answer bill Ringo but it is. Hello. Both occurred credit card accounts. But I don't think all. Decrepit critic doctor bullet hole that pitched but the chip in there but I have to act and I accept a backpack there. Oh look but it. All right well it's it's all of the comes up with a name like why would you advertise yourself just in answer because if it's just comes up. Blake and they I'm answering this works you know you have you got that turns out it's. It was a trap and you fell four. Hands offer ABC OK if you. Okay amateur dividends we can I did evidence he can and I get to Jason sang yesterday. Into the gulf and it's a son or some chips on the no sun shifts and fortunately for just a great ascension game it's lacking right now it's okay. I guess. I was missing in my life though messy like this round you know that I'm missing the whole grain delicious RSS on ships at. The Phillies let's if you weird lately what's wrong with me. Well 97 weeks in Ukraine's none of grades in my dire right now and how to fix that may send ships and endless chatter once pretty good like the French onion juror I'm I had blood and I just I am down with all of you gonna play in women want to get our share I can be deployed right now actually. Is the plane's engine just a flattened. We then took flattened. Explicit but I think may have its lakes on the thinner. And I understand it's more brutal for the mashed sweet then now a week and in ship form what's the word for that. So about losing my nose and that's where we don't know the word from what. The flattened version that the thinner could flattener compressed. Now I don't know who carries. Shuts everyone who has already subscribe to our dumb podcasts of Demi is and you can just big favorite notre growth to show you arrest 45 million knowing it's 46 yeah and it's it's unusual to do that yeah hi I just can't. Can't we talk for thirty minutes at a time is that enough plays to many not just a noisily once because some some degree barbecue Luo sort of review bruise you. No but seriously. Although barbecue for a neck and maybe bring some like I can put him in a napkin and put in my. Suitcase comment above sitting don's in love faster and when you. I've heard this target to have relatives Luciano. Could this little barbecue bark. Doors that the okay are explosive that the media right now and I don't have any bombs I have reds. This happens only to answer but we're still continue to serve issue. Their credit card up there Manuel took first set up. Hill's agent did say though Gary really had to do react equipment and I know that all of they don't put it up offering a hero of a block shaved her parent trap after a says it aggressors out right and I think doesn't work it's even more aggressive when it does work and it tells you remove it it's not. Like yeah. Yeah okay yet right yet so like an Arab man they got thinks of the transit it's like. I got Wragge yeah guarded drew a right to do it can yeah like a rat for the flick prepare for. You know they should do we'll be hit into an issue do you is that should give you that the coins and from Mario. Be awesome guide by some would you who drives up all the time are you know include. Jack Petri. New regulations you've gone over your limit if it happened a you broke played all they I was in coffee shop the other day and I Hanna swept the car one as discussed out of gas of dumbing. Kind of slick wants to. At the climbed slipped twice and declined who embarrassingly. Other momma my wife my baby and the baby student amused judge you guys go yeah. The leader of the panic success for the guy goes hate cannot insert in the car Deming of no the number of them all my coffee shop does the same thing or it might Democrat has worked there for whatever reason. I have to pay with credit every coming in there so weird or mean cash for proof. Carries cachet. Not me I definitely don't have 200 dollars in cash on me right now. You know say math and gave it giving European do you think you guys running here are dumb panic as a robbery and that if I. I can't show. Did you rarely clear of the lie that was a real. He's awesome visual account doesn't have 200 dollars in cash on who lies and probably five or. Cares who questioned whereas the other a hundred more dollars dude with his. Yeah I told take a decline of the globe just not. The payoff was actually bank highly got sixty dollars in your pocket Greg where's the rest know look to be fair I have like no money now don't make me any upside down and shaky if and I can only change lifetime and me did that was really awesome obviously but I shake me this time I really didn't get at least a month shake free. A gauge is a good stomach punch connect unethical to break any skin I need to toughen up a little bit threat. Sets today until 79 he had helped fix my toilet the other day in Iraq via text message nice well that's enough Mia. That's. Brain trying to help you with your toilet that's worthy of only symbolic things happen also did do owns his own hardware store local. And so like whatever I got a problem like that unlike. If I have modified need to know how to consumer weed in a weird way or need to fix something I just told and do a back Paula mean about pocketed one on the phone day time aren't great. But I just. Good did you go that's the problem is like man just to change I was like what is is the 1990s like a Walt going on and it was like twelfth so work those like aren't I studied pop public twenty years ago do you sorry I Cheney wanted to do and who to ignore facts together to. I get together. We average meanwhile oh yeah. Do we wait we took it but man I could see is that I could see if they get like it was New Mexico and they recognize that was and we Agassi they get chain meg down like the ground. The chair itself was not the aggressive parts. Of shots nobody dope who. But the times some dummy whose name is Chris but now he's dope who because lineup action there's a very good reason for all of though because he cares for old. We went to the hardware store and he was a real offense that would be a cool to add to our chain wallets ranked. And we found. Chain hot slick that you would use to like. I don't know poll that. Probably all of that truck pull in a boat mutated up to you run through to make sure it is again and so I had a straight up like probably count and a half hawk Christie did. Hopefully that how that went through there and then the normal chain in the in the wall and then the baggy pants and apparently Baghdad belongs who should and and its shores we've banned certain. I have some things never change no no number I was like get thumbs through the Dahlia the holes yeah I have yet area to the thumbs through bath owes me. It's amazing son and in my long hair respondents sizes and so bad assay. Samples hair dryer Graham I would do that every night two or three times and might one day I just have like really pineapple yeah via. At it was accurate. Description of what sign in best year ever that I'll very accurate now. So don't build them a proud moment. The little picture myself the other day. It was like slack her senior year yet it high school were in the auditorium for like a sex ads thing it was like to do the cut condom thing to me. Com there's agreement buddies to the net and I'm boring the coolest kid pulled finger T shirt yes. And I still think NASA dummies and gentleman's awesome yes and those first couple arms were way better than the other stuff that came up public he's done and really great producer and stuff and worked with some people would make some really big records. Way. I looked old stringer shirt feet up on the chair in front of me and my haircuts cool and I'm like not like dead body or. Fatherly figure to fatherly figure correct I was like younger look at cold man oh yeah all that does all right I mean I know that I was huge old dork published at the time the pictures of us rang deviant were pretty cool. He had me and I oh I did the bleached blond thing for a long time now and had to run the ball cut as big saying sir I never got off. I had the we totally cut up under and then you the undercut to undercut and an acute eye to pull back to make pony tail that looked. That's pretty cool I borrowed I never had wanted to do that. My parents were patient I'm whenever they get because once baseball start I'd just shave my head course hat to you elected actual things why haven't written punk bands I have liked like well percentage change depending on the seasons has really weird they have. Policies coming be weird to repeat my nails ornaments Leachman hey get out and you Yemen you know weird and alternative. And a majority is like are right now going to be even more in the rocky deed because. Seasons off it's off season sick is being weird and then like sub zero around as they do baseballs on the right around the corner of us. That was just that were imposed now and then baseball hit as like buzz cut it. Everywhere leave me I'd like to math class like an odd man Gerome I've act like you know like. So ports I've black this is the ninety's was there was no. Regular lectures dudes didn't Wear though that was the thing yet and any of that yeah. I was the kid that got picked on the did that yes then they get the get picked on became like model for how to be cool is that kid had a gave year right after I graduated. Like that was when jancker jeans and let's start it was like the year after I graduated. He'd see like these knuckle heads walking to school in the mornings or whatever like you know like candy kids I'm so glad I don't go to school and MR causes grave that was the time when there was raves yet. Rail lines like I like you really doesn't bother you to go to the pay for the gas station and there have been number listen there any Paul until we're wasn't until open than a sign of at a party pretty drugs Arabia it was like you know Vanilla. I was I think though think that's the the the stories it would come if you Blu-ray you're gonna do drugs and get ready totally. Who is always to scare tactic yet unlike some top of beer and talk to us and Buick. Way over the top yeah like everyone laughs at their early years taken off their lives Katrina meanwhile I was giving Randy the security guy YE a giving him. Handfuls of Marlboro miles for him to look me off of school campus opera. Yet. So electric opulent heavy grape and also we got a bigger problems Herrera in Portland itself. Camel cash we got himself a real news. Also we. Got through that generate grow or you get that got a from some kids my hope milder tomorrow miles may have snowflake in eight years to get those. I was working and I hated team team do you means you read six. Oh. And you spoke ring is still hard core reason. A couple of submitted to removing disputed out of heroic second half. Dozen black bar itself. Kind of looks like you're right kind of and others like will the montella more lives matter personable and we're just bumped from the couple went out. There reminded. Me that we it's so bad all right so hey let's get back on track in the bud. I have been on track this whole time ass hole. Guess you a question I guess. Gonna be questioned tobacco track yet if you if there is no track that they are you that they buy at a. I mean it's. So. Or the style classic game gets you put it the whole like Martin's throw the thing happened not far retribution what it would. The worse what happens in the mood touring record man I think that government owns it now right I have to give to a Obama. On have a pretty cool and if anyone deserves it a guy who is like actually uphold people's ability to. Are to the represented. Did to Obama. I think there's probably a few people who lieutenant probably financially struggling to maybe like maybe they should just release it for Persian just. Help out because faced killer something you know he's fight he is and yet he's violet. All right like master kilo title question guy who is the porous members who take. Side question question. Besides I'd question Mabel the tour members of the lieutenant hello risen edges. Coming out of their pocket there's not an original can I don't know the difference between original note expanded gang but there's the risen the Jews little blizzard and math. Rape or on the chef. Goes face kilo. You god you god Yahoo! without him in the hard and I think Ireland goes phase. Though it's but I look at that. Over the slow white guys by topic. Oh yes yeah vagina bring that back. RA it risen G is old dirty bastard Mets array Quan goes face you've guide to more man to more yeah. These there's eight whose nine original members. Inspector dec. It Kevin. With the. Perfect we nailed it. He is so terrible. Yet. But the goat okay. Who Ruth DeVon. I can't enter. It yeah Ali and. Can't and the height of the hit him over to god with. Kevin. Ginnies over the age attorney if it could be good Deke that. Don't you started. Any days so I was sick about Martin's rally and then of course the thing that lives in the Washington. And I started thinking like thing that lives in Washington you know well. He's worth billions and billion dollars you mean the president there now SC. At what point. We G turned villain. Lake. At some level of success our power. Play would you take it turn like what would make you turn to the dark side. Democrats. It. That's what I was thinking too. Like at what point do you collect you know what I have the ability to eat they influence what I want input Ahmadabad. I was in the bat and be selfish I would be dead start to excavate threw the ball Cato I need my base Lou. Well evils typically come come out of being scorned like right. So it would have to be you like try to do something great like bring back the Seattle SuperSonics right. And then like oak view group got on your way and you're like ferrets. Also do with a new take all your money and build a laser that sounds like destroying cities or something this is happening. The spoiler alert hallway to say I'm about this group worked. Good guys on him her son. Maybe we should delete that part of casting case we don't wanna give any ideas either. But I'm team Henderson's these are very good idea isn't it like. News I don't know but listen if somebody uses a super laser to destroy Seattle. I'll probably on the snohomish don't know usually get a good view a little too convenient maybe we should go back to be the types. If if if if maybe it is the bad tighter secular. But lawyers learn of the city but snow homer survives. Let's go back to the would take steps before I suspect allegedly graders and Saddam's persona isn't his thing and that was Chris Henderson and yet he's of these Blake welding tools and lake. I'm Lara Logan amassed yet. To look at delegates don't cross bones on it which obviously means he's a bad guy now just throw but he can't castle rock so getting Aaron as you saw a love for Halloween has. Go to costume was he would Wear a welding mask I can't hear you and then he would equivalent. Rick Rick. At you can hear the compartment. If I the case counts are put every year where it's just a welding mask and then what are those like. Those overalls that you well yeah and get it yet if the crib this crap ever because the guy in a full mask especially welding Massa looks like the first of all he could double or anything effort amount around trying to put through a welding mask and the overall record officials put it like this is gonna kill me yet sure how we're going to give him candy immediately paso. I don't know how we got there because of the destruction of the super filly in the going villain welding stuff oh yes or belittle him to help build blazer wages that he can do it and that's. Part of a plot. Is that icy lake at what point what would late at what would make the Elon Musk but what do fetus that is the bat just a sum between about this those making. Her humanity be damned if he decides to turn yeah if he goes full real quick. He's got a heat he understands all the future technology is blow the direction it's very got a satellite network now and he's gonna live on Mars. I'm dissing him. We should think about these things. Or pledge allegiance to a one of the two of everything from movies. Is that if you like team up with the bad guys they never do you read in the end -- all is yet though like you use human shootaround like here like. And as you're dying like. The good guy likes buying as like dude. He did this to yourself I'm really sorry I have to do this to you that you did this brought this upon the nations whose winner and click. How vehement. Yes that chat for some might dying. It's it's not AJ it's it's not that it there. Might be your lie down on the ground you're gonna snap my Wiener does somebody. Sand. Our son of a bitch commonly used. They would save an irony what do you make you aware of the ballots couldn't care Tenet comparator. What happened to you. Now I dropped occurred on some on this weekend isn't it they did not get it and I was like even better from an I have no idea of the context like threw that out that I was like yeah. That's great spirit had also they don't know and understand full well. I hot but yeah I don't really put so much for you ask me like. What would it take for you turn you really that you'd think it would be like it would have to be something where you either like. Like you say you're trying to do is in the really good. And it went really bad or like it was a lakes. After the the face moment you're like I'm ugly yeah like I'm hideous now I'm also bad could I look back now I and bad. Stared Ted not cool. It's your government can oversee can teach him his life lessons and editor who are there everything is on the certificate. Drizzle audio recordings at will year old of this is how you'll snap winners to people all right if it's really important to press the visit this specific friends and not just to send the top you want do that in limited to about how to face up. And tomorrow I'll teach you how to shoot craps official as we. Have our. I would if there's so much a kid it's hideous but I can't turn a way of hideously hilarious. That's controlling BA again in Dili cemetery just like it evil baby left at the (%expletive) huge is attached to it and it and little baby Dick laughing for the. Kevin's the real weird student and where are we right now it's the senate blameless I am as daylight savings among confused. All manner of people who know how the law works well to make cuts let's make this permanent but to stop here. Of the day it's anything yet which is what to stay within it. Do you wanna stop here today I want us up here because specifically in Seattle if we switch the other way like. In the summer it'll be light at 3 AM and see wait until nine or eight whatever for you want to be lately cool yeah. A little on the one who gets most affected by LeRoy negatively. Until one ever want to have that 'cause it's the best. All right new rules so give working on a nerds after you subscribe to our podcast Jack please write a strongly rooted worded letter to. I don't know blow people people entering the people that are in charge of time. Clinton time. Tom wizards but but but but but but but the but its activities until Amanda. You're on top. Let's look at a clip that you love and that is that I think that and I think you look at the thing. Do look up about a really get the paramedics and so I'm really look at that no one sees coming if he if it. A good cheese could achieve the copped to what happened Greek football manager taking a run out really good and Seattle are doing is like. There's never been a mass shooting in the feel of the sock again. That a nine you know line there has been got a gun on the good guys with guns at the you are right John cline band damn time cops adds I've never done anything about movies so right now all spoiler alert there's a time copped to. There's also star does not. Think that JCB date. Jesse's gotten her blood seared Q okay seem yet to see Thomas Ian gremlin and he'd DN Griffin. Whatever. Wu says that that title sounds cool and now I'm copped to in time the Berlin decision well. I do I need to know the decision was ready. Eleven with a cell. Two to do diseases in 2003 American. See cool. Direct to dvd September 2003 attain notes could what do Tug of war and come out Billick the ninety's right. Time cup. Came out on sorry type document 94. Time cut to human 2003 guess that the fact that there's not much time between them. I was like I'm gonna make a sequel to distance to go straight to the UPD a total like a lot of fun that yes. Because that's the thing mamet I feel like how hard can it possibly be to get movies made. Ultimately that's that's had my Wiener to people cool but you know and so I think that when you really relate. I mean they made in him. Did I get an idea the real face flop will be rear with a phase or phase one from the makers of the in the OG movie that's a fact that a group. Got their lair is near filled threatens our down time. I think that it's dictating that after a seventy tapped that in eight. Okay looks. A Twitter. Is that it dig in your pocket or are you happy to see me it's official look at that hole was that you that critics who. Has tagged TS can't. Compose a month and Deborah the Berlin decision equipment. Has said Monday motivation and when he's the sun's out. I sag national napping day. Do this she did traditionally a day off my whole thing. Because I'm so screwed up from the time change is unbelievable really the country hasn't affected me one way or the other but man I still in the predicament. Well site at the little baby daddy I'm getting into until he does want to go to bed at the right time and then. I like when I woke up this morning. Got up everything was fine I'm tired is crap we give him in my car it's like for oil but yet like the 4 AM oh ducks and change the I'm such a dummy I like went to bed super late last night and I'm lame economic. Why am I still awake QB it's only and not tired yet uh oh wait immediate. Okay. Hash tag WOTC. Staff. We're wired of the coast staff I turn you into it as a tool I thought that was warriors of Texas Christian. Staff staff. I'm the assistant manager of yeah quarter great angles treasure angle. Go morning test corn crops billions of people have come billions and billions. Hash tag OTR I I. On the road. To. The Berlin decision. The it's a Hubei dean giving G that's the guy that ran on the field again he's such approach to rooting for everyone. My name is. Slim shady. Now just from G did you get some shady. No he's also from Michigan. That Kid Rock is a celebrity induct you in the war from WW hall of fame mine that make. Look discredit the bitterly that make it better. That's like that's why you still never really get to you vocal about like Alex wrestling for those moments can you make your fine like that's our whenever and as I can drive in the air coughing like nevermind I don't know I don't want that to be great for his campaign run though. WW hall of fame celebrity ad now senator should do and you are mayor Ed WW we hall of fame matters here. Tom behold he brings out a little mania puppet did you see this bone scans and on a peppered Joseph I understood it's actually his bones because I'm saying and it actually imbalanced. After bullet that's disrespectful to be Mexican culture spoken a blind spot as a kid is the bone hands. Get the sugar is also painted on by talking about it it's like X did. Placing into a microphone and a more I can go to again Tom Barr Holly's. The chiefs are moving on for pro bowler Tom holy football season mails while dude like rich German go to the niners is like the biggest troll work but I don't think he's going to be as good now of course that. Yeah pretty much knew what they mean anything to you. Is he a baseball players you know their football person that's moving did that we got to find a better way to get the trending topic is all catered to like us or is that like an actual antidote to Juan and I. Fixed Twitter through I want Greg. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasted. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is right she died and current university the Berlin decision.