193 - It's A Crap!

Monday, April 9th

Congrats to Manley on his big accomplishment!


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I didn't mean to impede it starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's the worst. Thanks to our historic tax cuts. I don't podcast is open for business and millions of podcast listeners dummies did Demi Demi are seeing more ticked away pay through higher readings salaries. And bonuses I sat there rule AF bode peace god now trading at 358. Truth and treat critics. Hello we go about treat very uneasily at Cody pieced up a bit poodles are not bode three feet he bit coins out who who bring capital and with a drop in the about nine dollars well. What my futures are looking like in the and in the bit bit coy and there is a very funny bit speaking of bits and there's a very funny bit on the last night Silicon Valley. I growers in the joke I made in the meeting to the baseball hall. Shame on you the annual ability here this all this week to think that. At. If not. Sorry go ahead and there's very funny joke about bitcoin. One of their characters had an alert on his computer. That if if you're treated to a certain point there you stop is gonna stop mining. And it was like super loud offensive sound out of this in every reason that offers the opposites alerts like dude I can hear the dime a hole through the UK you're not the only person hearing your phone go off yet this is intentionally done worse just as metals. Office. And make you the entire episode and I just kept on playing through the entire episode is very fun not to be turned out to an over modulated so hard I was pulling into and that was the point. You should see it but it looks do it in Spain who. Yeah my modulate his candidacy you know I'm over modulate. It at a you already. Gay guy get sick do still make him more because I warm up the sandman and get ready get himself a lot out of here if so yeah am I actually don't know when I was at before but my mind Syrian and Lakeland Wallace has slipped move. So I hope and give making up words my digital future use. Not looking too. Well that's the real Butler John Mr. Bush okay. You quits at. Good to create lunch grow and monetize your own podcasts know. A this is an awkward mix 27 minutes then well. What material thing or two about what's going tell me more about all of these things on so I am certain through my FaceBook feed yesterday and I like a real old. Yeah and suddenly it up pops. Adam Carolla. And they're doing and using the during a promoted post here and it's like how to give good podcasting I was like well I think are dumb podcast should listen. To potentially what they have to offer so. And I fired up. April here to tell you about the opportunity of a lifetime would you like to start your own podcast ready to go you have one right up. For into the pond and Colin correct and can. I know how to monetize it are you expand its broadcasting. Yes put up. I would say this I to argue that we do well in the ratings OK in terms of monetizing yes I can definitely stand up okay make dinner comes some money off of this podcast set up a. Wanna get better I've got the answer all these burning questions it's the podcasting master class man. Had limited time only he can get six hours of podcasting. Lessons. Would you like to learn how to become president could just 4995. A month for seven months you can cooler like the best. I feel like how would physique charging for this thing that does not think an all electric suspicious and here straight from me at coral it. I feel like I can teach him podcasting clients you can do to podcasts as you can get to classes for the press one if you subscribe to. Are dumb podcast I was in of its digital master class ODP master class digital now dot com other digital the end of dock comes Altidore took that was the bubble burst. Crappy right Philly dot download yet to download the app he had Lego dot and a Madonna. Yeah a man. Not only we learn how I started podcast which you'll learn that technical engineer. You got fired okay show him different classes and our long every class rider along its 49 minutes of he waxing poetic about himself which is fine and then like eleven yet anyone can understand that this is that this is right now I get it. Continued Chris Dodd. From the master Mike Doss. You are in the business I've park at the first it was the production side from my Dawson shot estimate dozens of dummies yet he's he's legit I think from the CEO. Of podcast one norm past and that fool you learn how to get advertising for your podcast from the fine folks at podcast one and the marketing division. Plus you'll learn how to co host and add sound effects from the great Gina grant involved Bryant. That the sound effects the machine that they are using is one that's like it could be used for hockey sound effects in the early night because it's a great thing about the as a religious broadcasting school. Public out that's right you're broadcasting school graduate yeah let me tell you. No I won't tell you could see some things you need to some lessons need to be learned on your thought well here's the thing about Melissa's is it's not difficult. The things we do like to actually like that. Took the steps right is not difficult to be compelling entertainers I would argue is very difficult based on a 193 episodes of the show as far as the as far as setting you up to do a podcast. We could teach you that in ten minutes. Now honestly what I real well actually news from around cola to teach me how to do some woodworking because that is something you need some reps that to be able to really get real get out and I don't know how to use power tools all those fingers. Woodworking im proud of would crowd of some Tulsa a real threat to like here we go to me first of the miter saw yeah I was making a tabletop but. Now I just par. And on overture corolla class dot com. And find out all about the end of April podcasting master class today is the first day. Of the rest your podcasting. Get out you have this in. I telegraphed when I see one of the best lesson you doing about doing a podcast is don't take a lesson about doing a podcast. That's the truth. Now that's what people listen to podcast because they're not polished but for the secretary thank you look at. They went to follow it has joined the bear trap somebody gets scared out correlate it early you can explain that it's OK result clearly thought it would go to create a bigger I might not get out of it's your era. I get distracted with the argument. You're classified as a result when of podcast is that well I mean it is half half trailing half of them are very well produced like segments like you cereal is a produced. Documentary on audio. But like. This podcast is just. Turning Donna let's go. So there's there's a handful of things for those of us who've for those who view rather than one of the dummies of one to become podcasters. Does couple things you can do to make a podcast a lot better. And it blew it simple things that if you're just gonna wax poetic about what have you crap you're into yet learned how do record sound Ruth. We into the background. Pledges of and it's quite studio. Hot that would how to process that you can make your audio sound good without being overly processed. And you could make sure it's not too quiet once it was tribalism in the car let's say it then your rated division now that you know if ER zero that's the number one thing you can do to make your podcast actually like. And he was he stand out as honest day's Stanton like it's like a available over threatens to make some professional tell about what you're saying it's not how it sounds. I disagree that it is about what you are saying also but if you're saying good stuff that sounds bad it's not been right. For your crossover but if you're saying goods yet using gets up and it sounds like you're recording and a bathroom in your iPhone it's knows it was a stress. I mean I listen to what podcast every week where accept the podcast. On my TR a my phone in the bathroom which is great that you mean the build bought the build our podcast at that. Exactly he feels about Formula One into it means that a dose of the pond because it's too. The minded but when he gets formal part of the. Eligible to dad Ricardo. Keep these. We're giving classes on podcasts it's brilliant man because that's like him that people are still trying to tie this the market that needs to be tapped into false. The podcasting world is over separately tell incident I'm going to be a mobile mute the electronic music producer like no you know there's we have. Who died so we quota for the best job thank you describe her podcasting glass and we'll throw in free DJ lesser sentence at a you can become a hash tag mogul. But at a put for real militant as well with the ability to do anything at home. Occasionally you're gonna get practicing gym that sticks out that you would otherwise never found because opportunity wasn't there. But for the most part it's people who don't have any business doing a thing graduate within that wreck wreck. Yes just because you can doesn't mean necessarily show it Riley. TS to know. It shot a city S epidemic. But just no no hit on parole have I can smell the grass four nights where of course well I mean you've got to monetize yourself and every which way shape and form so. I can't blame in Florida but some of the other numbers are like now if they are still growing or if they at some point reach peak when he got to fight for the new union. Because people tune in to stuff every single day for years and years and years because it's part of the routine Sony gives five times a week I think still. And like. It's so hard though because like I don't subscribe to podcasts. Civilly but I don't subscribe yeah. Batman I don't I'm all of that I brought back and I got sick over the weekend and I came back Jimmy Stewart her. And I don't usually described a pod pack got a case of the Jimmy voice and the fact that go along imagine lags from. And Powell who pop. Has to exit completely from shadows of the zombie like me and know could put. Have met Rebecca oh now sub domain and FF that. You know I where I guess about dummies Wimbledon no yeah I'd filed with the iPod guy I want subscribe to bring something back also when we bring him back dummies that we're favor Bulgaria. Tell another dominos and yes. You doesn't it was like look as pretty dumb thing you know he would like are trying to get past or she. We'll take who we view we'll take both genders I'm not here to discriminating know who listen though just listen. Yeah earlier take him to take opinions from white men but clearly we actually we don't even really need you listen we just need to subscribe irate subscriber and rate. And file into Iran so close to 3000. So close Greg gas so close and is the thing that I I shouldn't care about and I kind of don't but Tennessee the number as like a want that and you know it's one of those deals. But the what do what do 3004 you're gonna Dick oh my god it's so far post and does a solitary people. Well it has on follow three current leg blocked reliable seemingly can't follow Leo that's how you do it yet. Ellerbe under three Hilary right at three cry every thousand no law that nobody understand still in the end get on air with it but the effect of I says six or 66 dollars that was it yeah Arab people and I followed share. They kept it that those kind of fun to that none of that stuff matters right. I got an email about a podcast convention booed at the puck just consumer toll eighteenth save the date says Anderson research. Known Tutsi about podcasting now I don't think any positives podcast that he and I let that again. Said no we were kind of sexy about podcasting and I don't think anyone knows they even do a pipe and I think people are convinced that I'm doing both voices yeah I know through and saying I've gotten good yeah. Try working my branding the recruitment for the fourth Brandon now brain being you know an ending their. Ding death. Yes so you Bartel we cannot. Together seek it was a rough one man I did this week there's a lot going on this weekend very eventful I got sick drizzle all my life is like wait weren't you hanging out with him when he was complaining about being sick yeah I'm Mike gaffe but I know like connect those two things together and she's like stay away from me. Wasn't a bug was like a flu. Per share I think you know is aid double whammy of the Fed him for sure reality hum and I would not I generally would not throw sending under the bus but in this scenario. You saw me that on Iraq to me that Kenyan red army that it doesn't speak well. Pun intended of our virtual reality of the hole right. But it that's specific thing that we Roger was Roth you rather have a meeting that's not in your office in your office because you couldn't get up yet and militarily even later that I backed. Great it was so bad. You may how bad was that everyone should sit down before you listen has paused for a second sit down OK got it on pause skip lunch dude who and it was a label lunch now that's free lunch from anywhere that I want. I won't launch yes I had to pass and is added I had a hard know that I was like can't do so I think that started and I think they follows like he whatever happens to your stomach when you get sick. Stayed in there and don't know and I innately oysters. And then put those two things together and who do you next morning was a rough one. It most embarrassing part of it was. Us today at. Deal smoked Joe's house. And I thought I got my girlfriend. What what did you say don't smoke she produces its motion she's not done. I looked up at the two met as and should look makes you disappear yeah. She's not a real smoke and not also a magician from. Figment of my imagination on how early to imagine ribs ya. Just. Man I woke up he replaced old smoke show pressure. I woke is so embarrassing and we don't know that we all know my trials and tribulations with using the bathroom and not my bathroom yeah. Specifically front of your hot girlfriend that's not a good thing to do please don't use the bathroom from a hot girlfriend also Purdue which. Which is not there yet Iowa gut and men it was it like. Hey dog. UD got here this time like you gotta go. Now not like right now as a she'd like gets up goes takes a shower and she's in there and I am like grabbing my clothes. Packing my stuff tire in my shoes as soon as that water turn over the I got a she's over are you OK note super. It's yet to. The fact is that. He proclaimed that the shrubs. Don't go badgers are. A say get an acting up like forty hours now is down for the count the river snapped a poop no highly I'd prefer to keep. This in dummies don't even get any ideas are some friends that are into that no I don't think that's cool I'm would deal. I know it has gone and the worst is like you know. She's really understanding the super coaches that came and thank if you are sick teach you much of the book for kids everybody and know she's thinking you can be sick it can be sick at my you can be sick in my apartment to as like no. No no. It's like it's like oh what's his name I'd Tim meadows in ninety comes you don't want to ended his Jewish and I think and then at eight. Gatti here NATO one ended Florida's known Dallara has a great movie about a I haven't seen an admittedly not so good causes that she can of the thing that stands out the most to me about the move is so good. So yes I won the Oscar than your rent from us yeah yeah yeah yeah. MS director known talks about it but yeah and. So I was out for like 48 hours man I recognized the worst the most annoying part is in the bar streak ended. That was I was over a year at that point which really isn't all of its metal has been like a year I think the last amend our does an amateur that as a reflex stuff. That's like a year and a half ago I know which is that's the most disappointing part. The Tyndall of our foot I've been over drinking we have another public had Beers like yeah there is pleasure or do you stay where Murat she's terrified of it. Share and I get that she's she made me more uncomfortable with a as a result of because like her displeasure with that is so high that it makes me uncomfortable now yeah and electronics. I just secondhand. Discomfort right yet regret and they now file like they can Beers or whenever I come to bed she's like. These are okay. And Alec are you okay because I used to Lou kemba is like I can handle you Barton to get the hell out of you right Herrera and you take your balcony on the couch but he saw a federally managed my game for four years now. Like it's been like war right flats and on. Good for you know all the other public wave fewer hang overs now in my life as a result to which race 'cause. Why can that line between like MI too drunk and MI so drunken little lose it is a terrible idea walk yet. And I haven't had to do that as much yes that was the downs and only him but they did there was an outside group addressed in the news again yeah Costco. He never gonna cost Ellen Costello Afghan air thrill. To the main voice Tesco and boy there is ever eight America this is why the terrorists who dislike people want us to burn. Cost goes the reasons. I would argue that. I'm gonna I'm Norwalk this lineup and then I would argue that the other make a superstores. Get. That potential that the toughest sheriff. Fed those ones are membership they are not membership base Cianci get a slight lead different level of contentment share. I feel like the George take a peek into early ninety's Garrard. Hit it if it like price club yeah tea before it was Costco price playa. And and Tom Dolan the press club that was the problem. That was like. The height of American conservatism. Like while bella do we have a while bush in office at all you know and I were nuke the crap out of the brown people well also you can save 47 cents on Eminem's. Ayalon did that play is the first thing I sciele is a 64 inch TV for like in her box. And my partly as stern as like Bridget that pathetic. This is an is that this is a terrible idea was and I think it was your idea just just remember this was your idea you did this. And as a no rest of the day were literally going pass every scene of England we get that. Page picture we get 42 pounds of potatoes. I needed three sleeping bags. Why get one when you can get 3 I am razors now for the year cash very exciting and still expensive still expensive year. Probably know like three years dude. No year I think it's an effort a year you shave never shrew. True. But I rest my case your interpret the fact that. Maybe your right know how many did you buy more than 30 yes indeed more than three razor blades a little. Oh yeah Gallic diva elect a twelve pack right. I think it's more than that even if they got a twenty users to go through. Two or three blades a month. Is that not normal. Two month. What I like I'd listen I'm on the extreme other end okay I bought a pack of razor blades like maybe six a moment pack. Of the mach three share a bought those when I can't remember shadows of the mach three gap is so high speed dummy yet. Now I I've bought them I don't remember when anything more than three blades you're playing yourself or write stuff. On get out here you're just asking for skin this comes right get a two year old Republican donors on my neck he handled. You know what he goes missing from this month three a fourth place you trip and said no one ever now. It's some slightly you run out of things to do to make what are we how do we improve on this. It's my turn their blade on there. To be fair ever since the modernization of television and everything is watched skipping commercials and or streaming and it's a one sponsor per shown Jennifer. I don't think I'd seen. A term razor blade commercial and never. Just as big Reza take such a hit from dollar ship pulled dale and not Harry's late ray lasers. Could. And I'd go straight clean shaven if I can do with lasers who you laser faceoff I would absolutely Elizabeth what to make it used industrial aren't old you could see right there my job. After some water. Does it really be Astro low political. Those will chip unit muddy and rainy wheelchairs are not actively the world champions why is why is there a stark out of your cheek what happened Medicare. And who loses and celebrity who knows he's proven adept at a school where I know how good goalies are deleted the people still say you're alone should say you'll hear it then don't do that it's a for the bill whistling a little time you talk. Hey if Hibbert or possibly a typical over for drinking and driving the big blow to this back to obscure glee keenly feeling the next level that a couple growth you get it out. I didn't even notice I love the gleeful you would notice that worked I I lost the ability glee when a guy who was in teeth it's a shame well I now know what I'm never doing yet. Can impose if they start coming get rid of them know I minority. It is the Greek yeah yeah he was into itself O yeah Tito or like the only two people on earth well yes this is the thing. That's why we're though why is this. I keep telling people that Millicent they gave me such dirty looks great recruits such dirty Alexa. Yeah I'm but man I got the full cost of experienced pro I got yelled at by some old dude by whom. Very nice old dude yeah I call I call them rusty. He just looked like a rusty to me hey Russ the he he said stay Elaine who. And it's like I know what it. Any isn't mean mug me and I am like listen here grandpa I'll kick you right hip and that's it for you can understand you could give new red that could be up for me I can't imagine what happened tool guy the best part though was I got you a no no I got reprimanded by the girlfriend she was like dude. There are rules to this game my jerk off don't you think accused totally she's like their rules this game which the fact that's how she said it was like all management she literally like yank the cartels like. Here's series right now suggests if you're gonna do this yet to abide by the rules and am like. I'm gonna really going to go hit that guy with discard I'm comer on the corner but I would Timonen is gonna be awesome it's river and other cultures. Get to Costco because. Some of them with the rules of how we do that stuff as a culture don't. Exceeds the borders of America and so it's like kind of a free for all of some cost goes because you can vital these other. And yet to come in the told sort country and everything but they don't come with. Years and years and years of being hammered into doing things a certain way and it could be a real hot announced it was out rate elevenths I had a couple questions liking out of their first question being. Center says yeah it's just weird questions okay. Anyone need like three leaders of would offered reserve. It's delicious but like in this bottle is like. You can uses a coffee table. That's a lot of boots sent us the cookies sub dummy. I like wood for reserve let me be clear this is not a knock on the the actual liquor it's not on the size of this bottles like offensive it was like a white guy Greg is linked. When Magnum is that they call it the gigantic channels on my god the computer drinks for counsel Bruce I'm fine with good giant huge size of it it's the how do you wield it like you're would you like to break this. That's like. That's all is like Kelly coming to Korea and all are coming home from work you gonna go to lunches some of Cormier drink a little cream. To come and it's probably for kids actually but like you can like build a crane at home like. Remodeled the twist the real thing picket picket people look like what's up the opening scene answered that question I guess I take a back and back in. My second question was do you wait for the people regular free samples to give you the spiel before you walk away Ernie just take it around do they are they are in PCs than on actually living you know this FF. It's really funny. Probably accurate. I say thank you every time that I like messes up there like. You know it's Leah. Erica a lot of froze and I shave. Comes in 32 ounce packages only seven and I'm like thanks to the like not out there while you're. I'm gonna out of there before the map to start the spill over again that's interesting to muscle the entire country of Japan has also NPC is just for that. And a visa I definitely can't. I read a thing and people criticizing the isle of dogs yeah I've read about and it reduces everybody down to. Ito started that is that only that started that really perpetuated it and got it Beagle is our friend mostly. Her psychiatrist. How will it yet he had he is a big threat and the tutors goodness. What I came back from Japan it was very strange because we go shopping into these. Chops. And there'd be a person who would just be doing in mindless task over and over VA a one woman was specifically. Doing wrapping paper stuff which is wrapping things and to some little lock in and what do you there's a rapper who are here now a Japanese battle rapper Sparano the rapid enough not to far. Okay this decision had moved right back so she was but she was rapping in the every time someone like every like it was like on a track like every 4560 seconds she would save one of the welcome phrase is I can't I don't know always this element CAA's and disoriented and every exchange that happened was one of three things are what happened and so. To defend mine and Clinton broad comment that I just made. Yeah so. I find that to be a weird thing and then a link via the lines for gas there are so aggressive like holy smokes. It's it's read my wheel house of being angry flick it's like that's like exactly the type within the mission of real mad and I love it. That was that that was my take away was inside was not as bad is. Annie Allen on Sunday so I mean I was I was expecting are you at it and yeah I was expect that's all everyone was saying that he picked the wrong and it ago. But also I was like well I want the full experience I mean is this the right date ago. But inside wasn't so bad. It was. It was getting out of the party line going past the gas the gas lines like this is outrageous it was likes. It was like mad Max in the park and inside was great which was due to the wanted to shoreline account. Best thing I saw the best thing I saw the entire time was this like. Is fifteen pound team of shepherd's pie just like. No need that guy didn't come conflicts mashed potatoes this one fan we need. That's that if I would had a family like I totally shot there. Due to get a poke Abell who hooked supposed to do it I don't president a friend Amanda Sosa man a suddenly she's the one that was like you gotta get the broken Abel took a bucks and it's great equality among. I meant. But it'll ever meek has brewers being and so she doesn't mean anything like a tub of poking an icon which Rita can hear it's like a full on salad container. Yeah full of race that was loaded that was my biggest problem the whole thing was like everything looked really good now but it's like I don't need eighteen pounds of butter lettuce. You have to be the type of person that's committed to finishing. You have to because. I've bought six dollars worth of smoked outta the other day right and that call a wedge about a holding up I can yet sure who cares as is like a slice of pizza. You have only like it's dense 'cause it's OJ PGC area. And you know all all go at it two or three times and then throw away four dollar for the G question would you literally eat a slice of Pete's if it was all just mean if she's the whole thing with men and a cheese. I mean I'm effectively doing that by going home another hole sliced that would obviously never approved again but like if if if I think he's the with a but they pretty Laurie will get that same chunk of not. Of whatever she would get and Cilic systematically worked at it until it's gone thank I'm I have looked over problem. Yet rarely read it at times and it never sounds good again after should I get the new and got a new one in the same thing yet. I also asked I'm a bit of a squirrel. I can put it to you even let the world most killer weed probe. I would be like oh I like Kate just. But you just use assault want to have to look at that last minute you put your she preferred months that there certainly yard OK I have a yard on homeowner Daria that's right. Crime defendant. On Twitter there hash tag wrestle Monday. Wrestle wrestle money and wrestle mania not all of those for and I sound maniac. Did less and Lugar win knows he melons. Bam bam black car or do that seems. Like a strange name K pop star avoids being drafted until the minute military how American of him. I think. Laundry she movies. I think it would is that supposed to mean. The it's so. Can be done. I hate to say that this happens does something that is tone deaf in order to get attention. Today oh yeah I haven't seen us now. The Harry kind of Lou I think raises them just. Pointed out that. Up through the character from his childhood was just like a pretty. This is he made a movie about it. And there was some or documentary about how tough is already this is old news so then the Simpsons addressed last night and they did it in a very kind of obtuse way that was like OSHA could just let the things that we're in the past be the past month the president the president use the to that effect right. And and her jumper culture to opera you do have to leave cracked the certain behaviors in the past and learn from the going to bat cracks rate. But the way that they handle that he was like cool another thing that I was not like half the Simpsons. I was just like hey this is a weird thing of our past we should have a talk about this and they were just like talk. That was his take away on it in his own words though not a mine so. Like the fallout from that is going to be really interesting winner of that show going to be retired though man he needs to right. Rick Scott's. This is Michael Scott my brother nano taking on the new seasons of the office gray Andrew Luck. It's an old football player aren't working yet. Has tagged music Monday's senate to mount joy so Delhi's. She goes into them in a second air national library week with the librarian it's where the hole most go to master Bates. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that she. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter at our dump podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Guys around me university. Got crap. Just a microphone so few people with the.