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Thursday, April 12th

This is already a tragedy.


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Can't you myself there week. Starts. All right we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. Wanted to tackle art umpire can't take place could be very soon or not close to the role in any event the United States under my administration has done a great job of ridding the region. Of dummies. I don't engage included diplomacy so I. Have no response wait I don't guess I think you absolutely do that. I only do that kind of think about that I'd like to reverse that yes sir strike that statement reverse and they will do that. Doing it. We got which give a tour relevant to kids until erupting there and youths of America now is good job. What's your answer is John Milliken in my column on Internet comment nobody wanted to talk about that things like great thanks the teacher of the two of them is like. He doesn't talk about multimillion thoroughly dummies and sudden look like if only they knew what really goes on Friday it likely that. Scotland and it's good man we're just joke around on. That brings up something that happened to me last night because they got mad about this. I like below market research from time to time. AK reduce the amount underway nearly AKA the bush agrees yes. AK harnessing all of your personal data as do Facebook's and I just posted a thing to do this of what the court scale with the way isn't your enemy what's what Nissan deal like just to see what it. Yeah a six course. Hello Lee crap does nothing makes you feel more gross about what we do for a living. And then all of the record label people that Chiming in with there personal. Row Lewis highlights the years such as she'll stop at your embarrassing yourselves and it really bummed me out. As a it's not totally transparent that you're so gross rightly what do you do it. But this David I just don't have any music case though man maybe they've blown to bits I know what it's too full of wind the that's a personal page get off of there second evolved that's what I get for going on FaceBook third evolved like really. The fourth single off of these are sly record is your favorite new song right now with a couple of OK dude also shot sisters live as it's cool. So DeVon at I mean nothing against that I just use that as an example felt like. So grossly those kids were definitely. Then we turn the tables amenities like. One of homelessness is a thing the kids really like one of the answers that they give a camera once now I I have the fifth harmony yeah what does that. Good question the thing the kids like kids love it and it's. It's a boy band I think maybe it's a girl in its apology pop fans know. Okay it's okay pop and surprised only one dead although it windy did say that everyone's like oh yeah and Yang union when you think that. I'm gonna Google fit harmony and a and the music professional. A clear bold Smart enough to do it see. The one kid being like how little doors war could break that is the best in the world don't go look at our doors horse flesh drug group. Tech go group a sinking kind of like. Either or do we are Puff Daddy type thing like one of the two yeah you're in that that's it that looks just looking at. The the pictures which I look at later you don't have saying hello how many Brothers and market reach out market research. It's all under the guise of market research godless it. The big cause of and solution to all of lice problem. Booths at. So. Yesterday he will talk in the office and your timeout how last night you did market research yes yesterday I went home. And revisited a sore subject for myself now I have to stop or quicken to pretty laureate you're listening to this right now. Still love you for listening and ask you to just go ahead and bail on this and most sincere Alec Baldwin or whatever kind. Because. Amanda Amanda talk about Baldwin Shuster has like Tesla to I mean knowing about it is like an interview fountains and vote Zardari. At this point. Does everyone have podcasts were adding that my own emphasis on that in my oldest Cuba continues. Opponents say and so what you're gonna give her a second to get out I picked us talking about nothing here for minute has been. Accurate well done OK although she's probably driving. New driver terrified on the freeway being what I can't hit pause I don't know what to do how to avoid this little boy and the couples like I guess so yesterday afternoon when I got home baby bulls late. Okay cup got it ready you know being falsely oh. Big falls asleep again I'm like I've been trying. Over the last few days to watch Star Wars episode eight right oval and it does not go well I'll start watching and what does this open at every time like this so bad yeah just the bad move and to be clear I told the sisters are rehash for just can't catch everyone up. It's not because they don't like what story did it right click everyone gets murdered and it all changes we don't find out what that person's back story is all this right cricket bats. I like that action like that were advancing the story and a new way that no one was ready for every element a few good about it I'm glad I'm boring you to the point of view on. On. So I sat down from finally the last part of the movie that was gonna watch it since no stone room. And there's like a pretty dope fight scene varied of fights and he gets murdered. Chanted and gas and like brutally to yet Blair as he was at the height of his hubris to think it's cut down I Catholics will classic. Villain getting handed the vast right. And from there on out I watched the rest of the film couple cheesy things would happen or what ever. But from there on out it's so incredible there's the kids sub nerds. OK I. Again I don't stop Leo yeah now now it's awkward keep going now they Els there could go behind bonds because sort of great for storytelling mechanism it. Does the guns KE XP found I know are they saying it's safer and Kate carefully can hear you. A just from the floor until it was about 45 minutes can I realized that if you started watching at that throne room scene with the only information being that this happens literally right at the end of seven we just a trade and aid here maybe it's days or when ever after but it's like right there. There aren't the flow right now one into the other. That's an awesome movie. Thanks in advance is the story so much you find out (%expletive) all you need to know about. It took an hour and a half to get there. I'll be real boring in like kind of like but flow it would for being so exciting a battle on an ice planet thing blows up the universe is in huge trouble or denounce his knee trouble. And the like slow last space two is from now on apple we're going nowhere and. And so basically you're saying you took out all of the original casts original Star Wars people out of this we would have been great. I mean. I didn't need to know what happened that god knows him right there right now that was important it's just like right there to throw room like. The just got a fighting in the ice another like. No we have to join together and it's like no we don't and then. Yet the proceeds of the assault plan and everything's over it's like such a good movie from there and spent so much time waiting to get there and it's very strange to. So I'm I'm all I'm all about showing commercial Pretoria the film just from that from throne room seem okay. Has she seen you know. And so on the to have her start there and watch it and see what she thinks and then we'll watch the whole thing over to see in someone who has fresh guys. Amazing amazing. I am tasked with putting together a again this is like my thing. I should make a blog out of this. Side note read that down I should make a blog this. The marvel movies they have to wash before ya infinity war not because. I have to make a list for the people. So yeah I'm way behind so yes I know hired I've that I've done this for you view you have your list if we could no longer I don't know ray I wrote it appears that they were the paper's old now thickest corolla the typical like it's the original OJ yeah yeah yeah. I don't know my brain doesn't replaces. So we are talking about snow getting chopped in half got to pay for you have always it's our exit question from questions. You commenced in this awfully dance beat back questions. When you make a sandwich or help because I have. There's a two part question that's the first part. I don't think I have a procedure for this kind of I think sometimes they do. Two when the mood strikes there a couple of old sick because this is sometimes yes okay. The real question second part to choose your own adventure camp right. You have you have you grabbed the knife now do you. You've completed the sandwich you cut it in half or do you kill yourself vertically or horizontally thanks to pick it wears. And if so turn to page 26. Or do you go diagonal. And do you like the triangle cut and I am I handed him patiently for. You're dead you're human spiders. Chose the wrong answer broke. That's the worst way to go bill worse way to get me my giant giant spiders or goes but I don't like. Mid sized spider sort torrential as I can I hand the handful spiders can't sell us by law thought. Multiple positions us well I I go that road sometimes because I don't circular that they impossible critics not and a select diagnose certain across. Saw Michael at an angle. But not completely corner to corner. You're an anarchist man here's the straight and Erica through the rule book out the window. For real well outside Fisher trivial gigantic anarchy back peak it's a pleasure principle. Go through it. You mean you throw the and then they've between the south address the growing up I go like this. That it. You throughout the world and chaos into effect until my own adventure. Noted. All the while one comes good comes through April Greg for fifth at the I lied in Britain who want it. That the book. You know to win the book I remember choose your own adventure where there is there was a vampire one and it straight complete I couldn't finish it comes to spooked by it. Pretty crazy to think that lake there are. You would think they were be tons of choose your own adventure like. Digital books for kids write it seems like etiquette under him as you know obvious. Easy seeing three deferred dared to beat right as you can just liquid audio digital books you can like there's how. You can download and update to it sort of say. What say I just gave you that I threw the world into the fire like invited me right here watching it burn. And then over here hanging out spiders. Africa. Yeah my sailors like a normal person at the resident. Breaking the system you can just go back to Beck oh yeah and you can just write the third option and and then uploaded and then suddenly there's a whole new adventure for me to choose. Yeah you know it does maybe their there is sort of does is like telltale those games into the combat playing game and I've talked about that before lecturer at. Walking Dead in this pretty she's Univision there's really that stable kind of also it's really more about well tables more of it actually you're doing things these games are more just like. Cut scenes and that you choose what. To respond in the there's. Basic combat stuffed like. It's really do so please inconsequential but it's kind of fun it was just like I was like cheese or image but I'm surprised there's not more of those that can't be that hard to do I mean it's just. Our work breaks computers robots to do that so I remember when books and arts you never die here remember. Outside I miss you and intra books. That was my schedule a book fair. Yes you know out of your school yes but there's a week and it's an apple to exercise and were like three blocks or whatever that's an addiction nuke a Guinness book of world records. Yet totally cat has never again as the girl world records guy myself rhythms thing that you were supposed to get it was just like I'm an old. Every crew had one dude that would give it yeah makes you always had access to once someone had to do it what it was. It's scary stories to tell in the dark I was an otherwise bumps goose but like those types of books where it was. They would just constantly can just keep cranking amount or whatever in the you'd buy a one or two or three of these things hopefully totally. I mean not every kid comes because there it's still like as if Sammy is pit. I felt real bad about that YouTube NAFTA Canada as well I was the pork inside can make fun of that I'm okay. What I mean I've seen you make fun of your own. Legs and didn't mean it was kicked to the very true very true this is my saints basically yelled yeah. Through the Internet your six best. That's how far we've fallen down as they hit OK and a yes. Limit on our show for what he shares MIC is based Peco and the and the fact. It noted that we needed to meant to give just to have. For ourselves on the Internet when I mean you were doing that comes up and here I wanna run out and like that like yeah OK all I'd like font okay. It's a good Jeb Bush OT letter will live Bible definitely not public YouTube tutorial on something for all content. Editor Iowa and I. That was really funny for a the I miss that'll put for the hats they'll get downstairs to the day down here yeah only fueled talk about it and it felt this there was something wrong with that. Yeah you know it's funny because. I thought about. I thought about picking up like this and games and so I think that now it's like I can pick up some dumb stuff for my nephews and then. You know election I was like thinking of things like we. We have a house a lot during the week obviously. On them like a really dumb game we kind of fudged show there got a puzzle forest view that whatever stupid little puzzles things to do. And and I was like stuff I like to quake three steps towards it now as we know don't do that. Don't go in their men. You don't want the oilfield will be one out there turn off the tractor beam played I figured there was like eight point 8% chance that the never ending story would be in there and I could get it we can have the scene in the neck crawl into event somewhere and read it. And you know you never see me again but I'm off and some magical land. It gave birth to open events America. Burnt up is not all frozen fish polish. And it. So doesn't just couldn studio anymore to myself concern on here a good fit sounds kind of like me my readers with the it's such generous with for up in their companies at a flame and swept her pick it. The main thing. What did I turn it was never ending story of my last my flight back from Austin does not hold up Booth. I was really hoping that kind of hoping against hope that it would. And I came he passed the first seem prosecutor I think this is so bad. I can't do it. That's so sad I associate has like eight minutes into the with a guy made it eight minutes left if it. Are you gonna fly high if you're going to be that man even men. It was just like. There's a romanced you like the puppet you know the old days of make. Jim Henson stuff you know for associate for us like our generation journal we year or so in the middle of all of it out. That they keep kind of senior had he'd like I loved that it was so cool and the U turn and I'm like well. Cannot play well it's about the. I'll corn stuff like pedestal also a man it's clear because they do such a great job of blurring the line between. They can reel also we've gotten older so where so much more skeptical. The nothing is coming to. Put a path to take the call of the from new recruit but. Is there is there a book. Our cynicism is so high now that like what we've got to talk right rehashed episode eight for your rights to kill the kill right. Whereas. When your kid it's just magic there's like you don't understand the difference between the you don't know what the outside world as recently had your own experiences and one worry it's just your bedroom all the time McGwire I wish I could do that. Yeah but I I don't know the story failed me but Mitt aesthetically I just couldn't lake which is really I was kind of mad at myself where it's like did. You expected to make the same time if I see Sesame Street are still buy booze yet there's still. Creatures to me I would do that Princeton on exhibit local Atmel poppy foreclosed and except for the marvel coming up in lake. I'm I'm a straight up have a conversation with Kermit the Frog if certain. You know if you're in the drug bill became an right now the beam. It was it's so. Done a certain way it's yell soul peculiar how they can like make me forget it's just an arm. Yelling and so that was really disappointing not Sox maybe have really been out so I mean I what that's a hobby top ten wash movie for me as far as amount of number of times washed me and I can watch that date. I'd reckon running back union yet. This question has me a question in. How do you feel about the new solo movie after that trailer that came out. I gotta be honest I had noticed that we've talked about this the whole way didn't care adding Kerry didn't care watched the trailer care. It's pretty fun man and it's pretty fun I can. Completely unnecessary this is we do not need these things to happen but this is the world we live in now it's universe is and who we have to. Explore every corner of them in milk every penny that we can get out of all of these until finally we all go like these are stupid I don't need to see another. Captain America movie false but. I want to India's yell at them forever. I'm using other characters pop up to a ant man is one that I share that's got I didn't see the first one but check out an actor that I likened the trailers for the second one make me wanna go back and watch the first one now forget that as if there's there would have like. It's not peak superhero with radicals like character Billy we also don't we will all guilty more than just marvel movies do you know I mean FFL about Star Wars too it's like. The five people that whoever makes the marvel movies Disney disagree Disney's fiftieth. The trailer Julian man I really like the trailer so I would much rather explore characters that are the tone of the face. Harrison Ford is console coincidence it's a must try to do that is going to be very difficult to do that except. Bill overnight guy here at the end Johnson Matt suddenly. He shaved his beard because he goes playoff beard for the what's his team the only team kings. Every year when they make it he goes after Toshiba say in the picture you posted he looks like. The Joker before he's the Joker in the Tim Burton Batman. And like do you remember that you think back that far to. She checked for chemicals and no open it's it's the young avert. It was a different guy. I would assume so yeah. I think they just make it given some make up. There's been so great that he's been NetSuite has eye camera who plays what source I talked about. So Matt looks like that it gala just let us us us what does that look like a minute did economy I was like oh that's the pay and Georgia we're really jumping all replace her but. Speaking in LA kings. Shaughnessy Las Vegas golden knights as a damage as the best stories sports first and foremost and they when the first aftermath and what you mean the the sounder scoring zero goals not winning it all is not the best story in sports are now. Know if if a hernia. Also creepy seal around kids can access to young Bruce weigh in after reading and he was right. Now but fresh. Fit at at. Yes the solo. So they got some of the was like that didn't it's not a caricature of the original guy that just found someone else to do it because love is beautiful seventies there. It's it's really good. I'm obviously going to see of course he knew I had joined at zero expectation why you enjoy it right and so hopefully it'll be fun but subtle but certainly can it's got only go to the movies that it. No the but to toughen I went into that being like there's no way that they can do do the right and they did and I was like I mean go back and listen to be hour and a half long. And we did after it. I saw seven the other night has over the weekend that Amazon announced the computer that movie. Sick every freaking me kansans I got back from Texas. Boy you forget how we don't mess with Texas Jack clearly don't do that. Now Brad Pitt really turn into woods it is that you shouldn't that it would be you kind of forget it to you watch it again Brad Pitt's. In 70. But you watch episodes now the movie seven. Gotta remember written proof it's still pretty incredible but Blake. Brad Pitt is here of levees are sick he's such a it's still like. It's so ninety's it's like the most ninety's move because it's so greedy at lake. Gen XE like angst it's XT at its so funny to look at like movies or are at our aero now I think you know twenty years later you like to watch the pro. See how that's like the height of absurd ninety's everything I I tried to explain that if the crows to -- -- show a couple days ago and like economic you have to watch to grow let me explain this to you again explain how this all works but also maybe not and then like half at a clear I'm going so then this happens and then he comes back from the dead and he is you know what nevermind we don't have deposits -- -- -- -- -- twilight like aren't lit but literally like I'm driving and like I just I drove myself off the cliff even if you could look at this I think if you -- that Snickers commercial we're gonna just gets out of the driver students. I just have to curb. It me like totally accurate as like. Our I didn't like the sound drag is greatly pictures on there and British males and you know I never mind if you hit it it's I think that's what peaked and it's hills man. Oh yeah I think when they were like yeah ads where he was like successful and tormented about it but was it. But still wasn't mainstream now so he was still creepy Dresdner which has the best. Yet and he was still like scary yeah you know I mean like you that an edge to you if you listen and management's and I was like I need to. Remodel my house trying to Rosner yet and I like to iPhone injuries gray Buick. Because. Lee who. That happens. In a new idea here okay. Let me ask you questions asked me a question. Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables. Or all of the pictures you've ever taken. I'll pictures easier this man no question about it now yeah who cares I'm so on the opposite. I don't care about the stuff at all like all my. It's nice to have a car until that make it very difficult to get to work every day and but correct from snohomish. But the photos to be able to go back and and I try to live in the moment and so to have a window Lou shadows to pursue the man who. Of sub domains until they shut out of zen buddhism you know. Fulham. The idea of photos are just a good remark here and yet and pulling on a physical things and I just having a houseful of clutter it's much message to see a photo of bill and can develop resources of memory the you have with a on and then come back with him in the moments. I think I've lost photos enough times in my life that I no longer care my guess. Although it's really brought that up because. I was just thinking about him in my monotone like she is he's like laundry baskets full of old photos from your hand stuff. And I was in the kind of funny to see those are kind of fun to be able to access those. Now as they get about time he should digitize all those in the cricket Tumblr or something like so let me piece of advice for you ask for. Do it now. Think right now you always stop the puck before. It's at a time or someone passes yeah AA answer because it's some it's tough to. Who it's it's so great to look at the photos again when someone passes but with a lot more fun to look at them. Yeah FDA depreciated and now want to have it that's a great idea that you're onto which is to it yet don't think anybody having a family archive to somewhere you don't beat yourself up in the future because he didn't do it right now all right well let's wrap this upside for the megaphone golf. The a sorry gotta go my mailing list of VF rarely saint Mary where that it might argue there's no question. Go ahead ask their question of can hold highly pressed the button broke back and got a ship what is going up and do. I'm a definitely. Went back every time I go home now yeah don't take the picture frames off flawlessly to look at the photos and see. There's this weird quality to photography. That captures that era and everything else and at that makes it because it's so different than what we have now it makes it feel like it's not real like in twenty years he looked back and Alice photos you take and now he like. Man everybody has those stupid dog years and like that the filters were thing back in 2000 that's foods but that's legit I mean that's. What would we had a bunch kids in today touring M where I was trying to come up with a an example the TV you said but eloquent to beverage usual as a kid and I was like all public sponge Bob. Shows like no those kids are too young. You know whose kids are too young for sponge Bob to be their show. Here is crazy there I I with as I was kind of thinking about is on the bus today I think. This is a root for a fifth grade. I have literally no I'm guessing. And to give my 10101112. Result you can sew them when you're a kid in the deck pirates can't. And you're still it can't happen to have to ask him but so it's fast and now. It's it's when the 21 year old or someone like that says more like a hole I was kid a Mike. Who's a junior right I know you couldn't. He stopped at the gas to Sears delicate. Pyramid at some tear you up by your possessions defense. Yeah I think so because there's some sort of weird. Heritage that comes with them I'm. I'm constantly fascinated by the idea that the world wasn't real. Yeah and a photo just kept it's like magic that's like this is so unreal I'm kind of going. It is right now because. My way I got robbed he had heard it on my Mac is fried. I can't. Turn it on why he turned on I just get the question mark and that's can't get past and rates and I don't know I am computer carted so like I can't. Can't fix it. And so I am in the process of the conferred a new computer code which I'd they usually at a going like I mean. First I mean this sounds really terrible as I can just chalk that and whenever I lose iTunes that is what reckons there's nothing on the that I really need I think it. I have like assessor and some documents on that would really not one of news but like oh no no no we don't think I would do you couldn't hear you. It was DDD yoga than you have and I am and his alma marvel movies and my DD PO is. A huge tick off a tough competitor a the country's other from while we try to better yourself and this is what happens well I I'm marriage if it works of slime all that's that's my things like whatever gets gets done Freeman I am a worked out it's not a 2014. Why not. Eric. We'll MacWorld surveys and Dave Letterman his name was bigger drive password guard down. No with zero with the Zia I've been just using the oh yeah my mistake undue. On Twitter to do it hash tag Niki de. And humanize release of these songs in response to Carty B is just Nikki menagerie just released some soup. With the same person yet. Paul Ryan. Good riddance you piece of garbage. Passed on Thursday putts what is the state third yeah. National grilled cheese day now here is a day that I can get behind it. Affirmed. Would you put anything besides she's gonna go she sandwich it is no longer cheese grilled cheese images now in notes we are now that is insight into why we are friends. Miami now. But saying that the tomatoes and get out OK the first look at made it out of would melt also royals' Gil cooked tomatoes has gotten a Jamaican assaults. Correct. If you do as a great grilled cheese that is they might have to be all the melt and not positive of it to do smoked Dudamel over at the six arts. Six serves kind of underrated. Certain things overrated at certain things underrated agreed if I have to me it's OP gets its arms and like a man yet but the numb like moon and oh. Yes connect those the first close ever ate in Seattle was six arms or what with Mike is set at the Mike Kaplan enjoyable so Denny's. Anyway are you likely mean an American cheese grilled cheese hell yes yeah Linley and if that's about it tell you American geez does that he. Ultimate on. Stature to Ali American geez I have to you. Like I'll do it grilled cheese I am down for it yet. God of war. Man. That's what's gonna to review video game really get. At the video game release party what and I'd just say. If that's a I've added a close we Rhode called a hash tag my piggy bank has. Lottery quarters I hope we knew yours doesn't you hope mine does yet Ilya right right but. Billy Mitchell. Who. SC TV. Alia AA of the Supreme Court TV it's really weird it's like boring as hell is much all people scenario with a rose on guilty. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Her body university. We don't know that's the center and a malicious that sugar. But for the match.