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Thursday, April 19th

Bangin' robots and mustaches - separately.


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Technology that they installed doesn't work starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's the worst. Now I mean in the difference in this time around this studio. Can quench the fire enrage them very infants died blindness. Gregor. Slippery John Manley and the worst food EPA director in history were not fired because of the phony dummy investigation into what about away. There was no collusion. It's a presidents get. Man this guy he's the talk can't even when the government and secure flow again. No doubt be above this is the most secure 2 AM there are going to be a lot of news stay within yeah fire I can go for McDonald's. Dog I mean like come on there's one thing that and I see an eye on its that I can go for some topical marches the a I've generated appears to reveal the golden arches and how my guys. Leslie Bob McDonnell of TDs and he dvds or franchise in money mind at all just the greatest. He kidding that's a final agreement in Canada that. Did you notice you didn't pay their taxes on terms commonly an extension. I just couldn't get it done soon enough okay. A cool and pay since you've been on Twitter looking up this guy is nonsense have you seen that Kanye West is back on the Twitter and he's like. Look he's like confucius. It is very concerning to me because like you know you wind just kind of read a seven laugh and make range and it. I don't filling the last three days it's all been like these like pearls of it who is that we like. Well you know Steve Harvey broke looks like apparently it's IQ hello. You make it's and solace and that's the world we live in now this is the world. We got it is the reality TV moron for president we've guide. Our greatest philosophers tiny west. Yeah the question as he questioned pretty thick could do a better job as president. Kanye West or Donald. Black people who had a couple played and I zawahiri Al cook who would be a better president. Hit a everything NATO had hit though we get new avengers next week on the disabled 45 the croc. Already bid is of beauties who. So brilliant Fred it read after the Nedney put a crimp. Two mobile yet who. Compared to lend to small B of at at anyway let's bit shaky when Jim Bob curator. Await his next as a real person has a real he's a professional coach for football Jim Bob cooter. I'm not I think them there's something in saying that right if anything's possible out. Senator lobster it's like Kevin Garnett I don't know I don't know look a lot for the senate. But. Look who also who wells were MacMania ends. Maniacs dude hold on his jacket and pulled on a second. If your troll in here from Maine needle guise of a maniac get out if your from Maine are you well maniac. So I missed another opportunity about the so gets this so get my gut they have to columns of that right now. I mentioned what took LC would tell yourself you have to a Mahan who may meaner. Let's don't know Panamanian. No no there maniac you completely kept secret I'm. Many times that. We are. Did. This added if remain as the story about the jazz hands. So this has placated. It didn't have put your phone not all you do does the right to the running into the small snippet of at and didn't play huh well I wanna move to Maine immediately to buy gas over an hour ago because it's got to be cheaper than Livan and say Seattle. I don't know it's colder that's for sure well we're now you're now. But it's how we get their take is you know good. We would opposite Oregon trail yet her back it up. So elusive back that thing up the whole way they are known to get there. Amanda yeah there. They are. It's amazing it is that. The hot. You understand asked that question is pretty Laurie can be OK with this tall she wants to move there you get a perfect well I mean I assume the promise of you know being called the media like seem that that's that's somewhat. She wants to move to Rhode Island. Does that mean it's Portsmouth and Rhode Island share with the one Elena it's one of those original states or whatever. Yeah. She was a get back into music puritan roots I understand now of course that's cool again against K you can get you can Wear mutton chops and so had a pretty street for you to have a friend that would mutton chops now yeah like for. To do the mutton chops thing I if you're gonna go all timing. I haven't really Sears question ask your editor and I heard that really serious question right now I'm over that again I'm not just on. If you were to go all time meet a hair styles now facial hair styles. Which pick who boy hair a lot of options and and help the lap pretty good ones. Like mutton chops you can do mutton chopped into the mustache combo here you can do use the mustache beard thing we orders the beat it goes to it's like. It's like a handlebar mustache that goes down it's like Michael beard length. At the end there yeah that. You can do. For Maine cheers and ultimately is to do an old time mean facial hair. Today. Well men I would be this guy 100% the first thing you said. Who's this guy. Yeah that is solid gap. It's it's like you said it's like but I feel like you have to also go bald that that really has that really has to be the whole. So it's the most Jessica next to the rouge severe mutton chops and music and you know blow into the got to fly as long as Orlando and retired at Jenna. That makes them look like Alex would person meant. Stalin wasn't messing around either by GAAP. About that I wanted to excel. I mean what you it mine is mustache. Boy this guy took willow to Theodore Roosevelt looked like Annika is crazy. Mr. cute podcast him like this guy yeah. Male and his hair AM race check this out this thing you can't see cool pretty ged Wright pretty goat. I think it would go to severe mustache like. Really giant like grow way out lacks mustache. Like so. That slowed down like to have passed his shoulder to shoulder tips. It's a musical salutes fifths with a fat but the you yes. I'm dead and him and thinking the six inch. The six and she. Handlebar mustache on each side that this guy. A lot of old I mean had introduced but. Hala I'm treating these are now. And that's a tough. Which is kind baker what this does a pretty modest old timing mustache. Alia I've here's the problem that though you know to his food get stuck in there. Yeah to me that's like that that's the problem that's the problem with the big mustache is that. Jewish junkets have been mean and it's got to Hulu holy crap his beard goes down in the terms of the drug blocks and goes up over shale and that dude knows magic you should be careful what you say yeah heels on top of the mountain he does live on a mountain I know this guy. Simply because it came he calls it the staff for sure. How mad baca I. That has on a staff. The man for some tech company yeah I know he's a bartender he's he's gonna lose he's. If it is it. Anyway I don't know what the old tiny mustache of choice would be like the one thing I know for sure is that I would not do the thing where you have the neck beard grow up attention of the famously put it this guy with the chin strap the full chin strap and we looked the other Catholic that's about a two inch long. Did you get up and initiatives of the cheeks in the no I were directed to I have to be I have to confess I mean she directed to you got right is that now announced that led that's growth list there was a time for us all we officially starts connecting you're like I'm proud of this thing but it's a you have to have appeared because it's early ninety's so no wonder that most who were some sort of weirdo I know right. Now I said back in the early two thousands I said what this country needs is a president with a beer. And the good thing government popular news. Announced gone away I've seen now over the last two years many times it was like so I bros the beard is dead OK and I found that because. Laziness is never dead and that's what I have here yet but the weird click the massive beards but there's only a certain number of fact as like the council pulled off what ever. Well or on a president someday. You can't trust that you can't trust you should get from up here get there. And a year ago with that and news soon as you say you know I don't think I know I yeah yeah yeah why do why not do you think his his apparent here. The president. Two of various bank interest that. But why isn't he showed his face now again it no you lie it's because he's got fat on his face that's yeah or eczema. Speaking from experience or eczema that's fine. Certificate for that extra panache or whatever again it's going. Yeah our president appeared and president bearden. So you saying if Hillary would had a beer you voted for Dick had a break with the fact that if she's a lesbian is builder beard. She is not a little going on you never now have data we had to get president. Still you know about statistically yes right. Does that that what's his name with the freedom for everybody. Lincoln. There's a speculation that dad. Understand because they refuse gaze with something. What he's honest aimed at its neighbor I mean it doesn't mean you just say everything like the direction but that it you know just like scream not now when it happens at the theater I mean come on. Known talks about it but that is actually his last words. That if at the theater. Who some may say that's why you should have there's got to wildly inappropriate thing. Did it aims stop yelling about your correction I can't take this anymore I'm shooting him Q could you analysts had gotten a bit different guys I got it. But at that another viewer is the original bad dinner Geller like the prison yet but I know it's the history right that you know. Through the through time it changes three changes. But nothing left presidential beards GA Ulysses S. Grant had one. Or two to an actual Baird yeah. List of all your residence that that's on them by the and let's see here. John Quincy Adams that without a beard and Karen. Those. This guy has large old sideburns Marla Buren poor guiding comb his hair for that for that picture that guy hiding that he's a wizard OK that looks like. He's like in plain sight Ortiz all overeat I don't know. I find him to be more of the the beer appeared. The collar. I think who who feels explain that the symbolic Abe Lincoln did the beer with no mustache. What are you doing young man. A little white person Martha with a mustache and he tried it like this it can open their man and it is a problem there again Ulysses as grant there's a presidential peer forum. Rutherford B. Hayes. Well you can't find his mouth at the bass the love that cloaking devices got different yet. Who they met him and if ever president book James Garfield pianist and good beard territory here. Pageants are filled load you can Putin flies. Holy but. I don't know its own and bearded pro American president no. Who are you there is the example of where you need to get appeared. Is I look at this a real person Chester Arthur I think they made him up I don't think is that actual president. Manchester at this guy did Chester Bea Arthur who. Not gonna do golden girl. You all know he did Grover Cleveland. State Grover that's the funding we should and educate Grover opportunity missed yet in just to Brian turned up outside Delhi former Dominique Kelley add new other drills and and ruled that. Benjamin Harrison and another fake president obviously had ever heard of this guy either made up prepared them. Looks like he's got a bit of a bell to remove. Theodore Roosevelt's mustache none appeared. Well William how word taffy Taft. Let's get mustache and it can be little more work to do have an official portrait taken like that lol yeah little lazy but I like the candid photo he's got on there it looked at the Photoshop hurdle to do a better job yet hole on any written what what would link is this. This I searched the I don't dude I don't know. Present on that we've never had a woman president so that's not. The person also does not have a beer that's up overall. Though it. The Star Trek GAAP OK I think we went through all the that's been a long time since we've had a presidential beard didn't. Our tendering a back. President Taft served for four years from 1909 to 1913 and he had a mustache the official power rating of American president facial hair according to GQ. I don't know if I trust them of the 44 men that have been president's. Own mean how many have had beards. Beards years what's 812. Let's sit. I don't know man I'd like Theodore Roosevelt hall look at John Quincy Adams that guy is a bad person. Does bear with about a big a bad step baca as a best setting him he's a villain. This is only a torrent of an errant. Pass to open jabs. Well that's a much better photo than when I'm looking at me as it is goblins. Cannot few straight out of I'm saying like that's who'll do this because I think so Ron is coming Tory okay dad. I'm like that's good Williams had this is the bad one Martinez apparently thought appeared but we are John good the end of themselves. Just like just a winner for me is some might bring your favorite beer to president is who tied between James a Garfield and probably Weatherford behaves personal. Rather for strong name that's funds who. Serenade copy link. I address that I don't do copy when text. Was your link but it doing. In China tweet out to the so the dummies can see it up dummies. Bizarrely as you'd think. So odds are you as an as a couple hours after we've. Obviously talked about this but that means hours ago you just got a bombardment of weird tweets of dudes with beards from our Twitter page. Now it is all making sense to. I didn't have to. No context please on the tweet. No no it's just it's literally just I've just been tweeting pictures and then the link to this articles every other color at FaceBook dot com slash art on podcasts. We do now I think I got a notification a comfortable old someone is now following you and I was like yes says that Demi did Demi to think I was to dummy arm I don't remember the name him. I could probably find out good enough I mean hey I have I have some I wanna talk about yeah I do you need to ask your question yes kind of ties back into the old time mean I don't monoline. Tenet has that aren't talking about Tennessee your question. I was at a moustache twirls almanac. I ask that question a little. You know saying. We. Wes welcomes back the sand and not a big fan notion of super fan of the ship. Very excited for it I'd seen zero minutes of you would like that show is very likely to sign it did its size by half. And robot and cowboys here's the problem is a pretty Laura Evans liked social what was told who looked you can watch it I'm like well and I can do you know my own dialect in terms like television and watch soccer so informal one. I thought it was an inside that sack seasons four weeks away from being done. Formula One season is still strong the problem is is that someone has to put a show on for me in order for me to watch it and then even then but he like Kitna. I don't have any interest did you knows she's in front of the cheaters like financial securities like that would you stop talking hair watch this summit home with okay robots whose sexy robots for another thing going for was more than I'm interested in this that the Muslim community and there's gratuitous nudity it's like hello listen as an HBO Jesse you knew that beforehand and let them get get get on getting it yet it. Done done done to turn to does return to Minnesota and how excited were you in your head. When that song would come on the dream on his car after it and I hope Dallas there's a booby like I am I realized I learned that that is awesome. Anyways so let's throw coming back to booze robots cowboys. There's Shogun. And this season can hold on why isn't the promo for what you just did right there I don't know you should be the spokesperson hey hey what are you coming back there's guns robots and boobs the showdown and I'm like who want to book fusion locking Lou. Exactly do I have your attention now you do count you do. So. And these robots year aware of the premise of the show rent it's essentially in the senate is if we can get it and the premise of the show is that it's Grand Theft Auto under repeated what she told me yesterday I think you're just repeat myself. Grand theft on now. Where you go to a place there's a bunch and PCs but the robots yet and you can just do whatever you want to mess up your element just like hit a nun with a horse he -- do that because that's what we know right. Okay but a sudden the wild west threats. Is a modern wild west or. Oh no I mean Ronald stymie wildlife suffering double as an Indian dead horse meets robots cracks under lake if you live in deadwood and they're lost deadwood. How would you describe it threes podcast. To get credit no Jewish city know what to talk about robots say this and let's do it done but we're gonna come and media it. Who to a fast food I do assaulting everything right out of finding common ground like this now bridging gaps. We're an example where an example for. For the future anyways OK so. Or mr. sweater earlier to not be cut. So. Part of this west rolled is obviously there's brothels throw prostitutes and yeah I mean the groups of their for a reason circuit there for the taken and this could be different than. Like old I mean brothels. Listen your bill with some dirty vagina well. The robot vagina I assume their impeccable should a self cleaning and Alex if we have simply ovens rise correct exactly. So the question it's if you're it go to west wrote you know you're a married man yeah I'm definitely approve it via fax and looking right at it. You're married man or say let's say west ruled Israel let's say they hear like Gregorian. I gotta go on business yet I got to go there's a radio conference and west world's gotta see you this is all about I've grown out these money shots I am ready to go. This is my time is there were other Byrd B Hayes robot there nobody could high cost place. Three pretty low I'm president ruler of suburbia is good day whether fairly typical for that could get fairly typical Republican. Yeah a mile time name is definitely the firm won 100%. Correct so the question is yeah. Go to west growth and have been a brothel Charlie and use. Sleep whiff. A which is a dumb think is you have sleeping with anybody got a sexy bone in debt. You don't down with a robot. To have done a rural vagina. Is that cheating who. That's tough question man bears some. There's a whole bunch of different levels that you can say yes or no to the crowds. Because sometimes cheating is just me relieve. I think emotional stepping out on somebody thinking get into a cheating position without actually the share because you've already like abandon them. Emotionally that means that your you know then you just just on technicalities right. Yes sort of robot that is so first alt sex robot to come play but it but it's not like gaelic it's Elliott inflatable which one of those. Reared. Awful looking things that you buy now this is like a you win you know it's a robot essentially. But you would know because Syrian robot world but there's people there too there's other people you have buy yourself out. We hooked up with a trainee by accident kind of but instead of ridiculously. Aid. Make USB port is stick my hand up it's ignorant of me. Sorry I should say a trans person cracked get. Yeah I guess so so what but we like because together and it's cheating. Because you don't know juror. The so you knew it was her about that well I mean are people there's other people there delinquency for sure this is definitely Rabat. Yeah I feel like. This isn't a whole lot different then cheating on somebody with a flashlight. It's a very public matter. Except there will be some sort of a like there'd be more of an attraction that you'd be attracted to. Signaled an interest in my thoughts well yeah I made a bad is it weird. Fat fat fat at. This is a tough I would say that. On some level you can always say yes candidates share. Like I don't know what my wife would do with like I slept with a hook her right. Purses like if you go if you go to jail look. There's this doesn't exist and like I feel bad people are trapped in this business but for somebody who goes to a not a massage correct. I mean that's cheating rang. Share on some level I can this like. Does good to clothing because my my wife aside from this does though does the right does the wife or the husband of somebody that goes and does this. Yeah it's your future winner yanked on a little bit then yeah I'd done in your homeland. Right is that like is that grounds for separation I don't know what about the Eagles Obama to see smoke show pretty close stuff yeah I don't know that was oh did you guess that is where the CIA anyway grew. Not that the most an opportune time because my stupid big mouth I relaying their in bed watching this magistrate hey would you ever robot equipment. It. Bridges doesn't want it. Buddy basket make. I mean there's a vibrator sort of the same thing so that's what I said because she is that we we're like well I guess. I mean it that was where the emotional part he's into it does likable suction cup on vibrate right into Amanda can what's the difference now looks like Ronaldo here. What arms different color than the other one but whatever I'm who's looking at the arms. I mean that's that was kind of where we got within where it go Hillary go lay Kwan won and not really because you know whats its now it's it's. It is since no different then a sex toys now essentially blind it to put up saliva. Yeah I mean as I don't think you can tell the difference now that makes it we're a tick saliva is like a big effect body fluids are big. Different true differentiator. Share. But any use of itself synthetic I'm sure they could mean. For the sake of the argument yet there's totally burgers and saliva and all of those things. Still exist so it's strange because I've often thought to myself I latest sex there about me too glamorous again we're reaching common ground that's a user and but I'm a single worst I think I'll cool I've often thought to myself if I was somewhere like and Amsterdam where we're going in four months yeah. If I was a single guy. Would die it bang a prostitute Jack. Almost lose lose lol whatever professional world correct and for shall I feel like I would just. Embarrass the crap out of myself like to a guy to root promise went like that but I wish he is at stake here for 55 at the but. This thing about the taboo of that that's probably exciting and then the public blood few singles are very different start. Even then. No judgment to people who sure lord don't. Who are aren't into that I think personal or lead the ideals of it is more exciting than the actually embarrassing myself. It's like a nude beach. Yeah it's never the people you wanna see them here right cracked. We'll circle back around willing to back from Amsterdam. Okay I'll tell you who was in the windows if it was like if they were if it would look like it was going to be worse that or not okay. As a married guy that's no longer occur like. That's gonna. So but as a single guy would think. But that's the fantasy type thing that probably cross and now the pollen is is that the west worlds scenario it's a robot right and still like. When one goes missing. Right you don't beat you told the police to go to small claims court for a great. Monetary thing when a human being goes missing in the sex business that's like bright awful. Well and that's kind of what's called the show which is why I'm telling you love it because that's one of the big things about the guy that. Built west world is that he realized that at some point human beings are terrible. And they will never it's inevitable that they start doing terrible things. To the robots because they know they can't now estimate that the whole can of worms were cycle cheese like. Just because you can go BE. You know while bill and go down in yeah you know. Well sort of took my gun novelty. Like well a discharged or leg lock down the street and do and you know you know you. All the saloons and Bob although blocked. Doesn't shed debt make they as it is very like. It's a good show they can go as deep or shallow as you wanna go out and be argue with the self driving car. Correct is that once we can blame the car company for a cause in the rack pennants or it's not my fault that that threat killed my right after having our eye on the car but I didn't and it house we've for an and a vaccine 200 common responsible for the camera and I was watching what's world get caught up with season nine is really had an -- yes now. It's a rebel outfit we were on the our way to the robot sex store. If robots if they do they were less sex. Things d.s McCain at the strip clubs start like having champagne and street at Boehner about sex people let's be clear. That happens regardless of robots or not. By alleged fake news. If at all game for us. Yeah I mean it just like a swap old bull like this like the swap out good for you by a crotch. I. Tell you you're landing strip playa area. And UV filter media for the mentally I. I love good idea right isn't in Islam there right in there Leona you know there it's like the same technology that up I think you can be against Cilic. On the path. Oh yeah it was news. I've settled to the round voice setting in now it's like I'm sleeping with my own goal from. What is the measure like this like that cigarette all leave like Kenny or gimmick it's simply don't gifted program. Yes but I don't think. It was weird sex and the rethink if I let it. They think good good good. And I both Lagos I think it's. It's probably cheating does your spouse who's planning to stay with you forever prefer you know bang a robot and then a bartender us then yeah I'd say yes shuttle with probably the lesser of evils we're probably all falls under the spectrum of you stepping out. Stanley still not located go to your significantly hey is it cool by go do this. Trying to get idea tech guy. So ask your question has the quest said would you rather be able to teleport anywhere. Or be able to read minds. Read minds for sheer. Because he can use that for a lot of well I guess there in my pay as we thought of all the bad things you do yes he would lose prostitute love me. She does I knew it opened our acknowledge either alive. Job. Yeah I don't boo that's again when I was gonna say it like to Edmonton BO know it has to be tough part in his reading he reminds me awful. Nick is like nothing like knowing what someone actually is plus yard he has FaceBook for this make. ERD seed awful things that people think because they think if for whatever reason we've all decided that it's a Qaeda. Spew them into the Internet that lives forever by the which is the most amazing vehement on plate now to keep Tom on clean clothes. I mean it lives on Facebook's yeah yeah allergy stuffit to look at what they have on him. The only thing I did was it was at the essence that this is briefing risen very extensive online at Mike Mayock of the things I download is like it has every single picture of ever post. And it has every single message if ever Sant it's I'd prefer not to look at that because ultimately. I guess I'm just not as big creep or like maybe I had some awareness or like pat myself on the back your chats and self awareness early on that I was like I'm feeding a machine a bunch of data a look at this is. The idea that they have all of it and use it against us is and I'm never surprised me and anyway I screwed the coast of photos ansari. Because I've used FaceBook as like. The book essentially like my photo album yet to lastly everything I've ever taken a picture of the cents a tonne. Besides motor. Has gone FaceBook although also probably remote roof. It's it's possible. I'd I don't wanna know you don't delete your pictures because you put two boobs on the London it on FaceBook a solid third call and relic destroyed. Right right. This afloat and on the Internet of course or instructor Briggs. A little. Bit look at Bob it's a robot prepare for. Yeah so I always think about it in terms of a buddy of ours that we share in common may be learning to do we're not it was a. It's. Charlotte's two Dennis half sub Denny's you know like. He and I am not my friend worked together yet this the rate decision that New Castle force apps yes together but in Vegas and we had a long talk about how superpowers. Should come with a debilitating. Element I think we've probably talked about we have toward the area. And I see that as we are going me ask you questioned the idea of being able to teleport should come or read minds should come with like usual and Hillary mines in Spanish or something like that or related suffered anywhere by the EU it really privy to get up as the one we always go to yet like. Yeah I would definitely start courier service words like these are maintenance. Alltel for anything you want four to anywhere in the world forum you know. 100000 dollars but wherever I Lance. Needs to be a can only be to a warehouse and there are a needle land on a bucket. Yes to sit down a toilet and you Hammett Henry though whatever you need the top secret. And then. After a piazza yeah right we'll Teradata figured out or you just red diaper. So what tricky though. Where I want it and listened. As somebody with a baby that wears diapers the guys had a blowout or the group goes up his back. Four times the last two days debt diapers don't mean. I mean they do. But that and this case bad example. Yeah. Able what happened those they do is help resolve back to your bathroom somebody though wounded. Somebody would set up a trap for you. It's yeah. Whether you like flannel spike and the Indian hill and a list. So that you have to like really pick your clients clientele like really selectively. Well there's a lot of growth. Questions about how how this teller partition works this thing too when it comes to super abilities like I don't wanna have to worry about all the other stuff like Superman can fly but he get but isn't that we did it looked thin oxygen to her. Public whatever like. Now yes it is to fly you fly anywhere I thought our I those of the rules yet if it's not gonna put into the music. And you can holds an also candidate apply whenever I know I don't ruin this with science okay happens that overdoing this magic right exactly so what to teleport then yeah like I'm Intel application. I don't get stabbed in the bullet hole by attendance spike. He had kind of that. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by dry university depressed but just. Your pretty hectic.