201 - Chokin' The Cheeto

Monday, May 14th

Flat Earthers beware


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Oh Julie did you do. It starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. And done. It fell works. Hey Greg I can got to turn on the microphone the better but the thing. In the back and buddy I'm sorry if you're suffering specifically if you personas and Bobby was delicious Coca-Cola classic given the real thing give the fast. Do take you all but taken all the action Alia just. Die. Post Chester cheetah you bastard. But is a sneaky of the them is he has. What I have no time today I have to leave as soon as we're done and I immediately starts wearing awesome great extra editing you've done this to yourself and that the fact Jack thank. Do you want on weekends life pro. So how did you into a mobile service. And so there's a question as me question how did you enjoy the beautiful super hot weekend sleep they need. I did I got the most out of this weekend I felt like going and a drunk on Saturday so I did. It was in two did you drink your own way to sleep then so that we really slow the heat. Pretty well not intentionally but a kind of ended up that way a bomb so this is like my last week we end with Alex. Baseball got hurt all of my sports all unhappy at same time. So that's good Coca then I decided to you look nobody. I was out of smoke shown as like let's goal it's good to Yousef today because. We probability it would do much of the anymore after it's so the play I was Oguchi Bainbridge Island that was the original plan. But it's. I had a practice in the morning it took me in how were to get from white center. Back to my apartment yet because the paving project yet so I thought I was close to do what I mean I'm but then again in 99 and it was like stopping going deadlock in does that help outsmart this and I'll go down as a Michigan to fourth and shoot forth all the way up. No it doesn't really work that I say it's like by the stadiums and MI and me. Do your head is now write it and I really am a pretty patient. During this technology that I have the sun GPS technology much talked to told me that this is the fastest way is wrong to cracks. I'm smarter than this machine with a clearly knows or is going better idea. Uh huh using technology right now. So I get off and I try to go forth and housing mess has it wrong yet and we go like I play as a very back of the ninety nine's they try to get back on 99. And I get sec my trainer that of course this would happen and then I turned back around him and I and outgoing yet. Mike. I think I'm passed I five at this point through his words closed. And is it I'll just jump back on or about all 'cause that by the stadium and I could turn left slated turn right would you like. Wrong Miette all of this is drunk. I'll turn right up on fourth and I'll get on. Bearish and that should be five she passed does not so they shot off and like basically headed to. Come had not like Bellevue policy or not. That yet so many out there and I am off like before I go across the bridge or anything but then I'm in a a part of town I legit have never even meant I didn't know as part of this I didn't know what it was called Rainier valley share. So let them in there and Emma Stone doesn't think oh well this is the last time you hear from hold on manly. The effect that well luckily you chose businessman and you have brought a lot of money for your adventure on your entrails correct. So after shooting some squirrel depth and you know trading an ox four. Started coat which was pretty cool usher. It's or just moments when it's pretty sweet get yourself some Oberto another favorable shrimp right exactly. An injury just on his logo saga. So it's not it's another to odd to hear it yeah. I'm would have known as had to have my phone coming activate isn't so if you listen your phone anymore also that I would've. Followed the instructions to a tee if I was going to be tough a tough. So after it would wait too long of getting back in the city. We were like let's not do them. Teacher thing because even coming back is is that screen that who's sick of it. So instead we wait to see you we did so the union farmer's market now where those recognized that was very excited and very flattering. Shaughnessy acumen the company's artistic ramp at some dummies they they make bread and they listen to the end there. And they gave me who feels really good first of all that is radical secular Google for those people who live outside of the town that came in DeSoto and up Joseph Levin knows because all the members on folks did yet totally right on the your girlfriend right from day did not. No but it was very cool it was fine Azeri it's always fun to be famous for a minute in and mean. So we did that and then that we Wentz. Driving range it's a golf balls. Great I'm so mad as premise I'm so pissed now I mean Bogut this disparity is because that you are so anti golf just seem to play a lot. No utter and that is ironic I mean twenty year old you right now is kicking your own causes grows you would you know our. We are shot I dwarfed everything I got right now that's what your doing and they're putting a new cop for new cut broad if I wanted to but we drew made a great. Oh plot twist young me. Read his legal methods. All the odds. For their monetary under cool man they're Michael what are you can play golf media audio pinnacle used to be freeway I did okay cool manner as they make up and liquid form it goes into your view beer yeah isn't I don't have to hackable and the excessive effort Tito's. What sort of cruel cliques attract that. Hacking up the long is the worst possible scenario that can happen with a marijuana. Because well which you know when you're getting info on its gonna take one hit off of his Joyce said somebody who does The Who does drugs not me right on politics is one hit off all. But when you cough for seventeen minutes and now you're like I gotta go for a jolly time BS you're like yeah variety -- did they call paranoia I colleagues ID if you extend full bore what am I doing with my life I should jump off this bridge to that water and swim my way home like nothing good move here we exchanges are much different than my own little ability coughing up the lung thing is definitely part of his pac ten. My friends and never did it because of that they pack a politely can I kick you still and nice the prejudiced person would be so high. Right afterwards from one hit diseases that destroy yourself yeah now all the awful the chaos of the world such an insecure and a tractor beam of despair so remember kids. Just eat lead in I don't smoke liquid form escaped inmate. Deal they bro I do you look who only weeks ago. In me in the past because there you go no you loser yet today I'd take we know it's legal oh that's cool I use a bait and mr. Michael Ball back to lame net value in the past to know what they panelists also truly up. What is the way are you part C three PO now or what I do you some sort of steroid which Georgia goodies we've charged with the USB port I do it did. How do we USB was yeah during time traveler. Rips at his side it's the robot the terminator I cool. Also. So I magic says it. You had it gotten from a new beta you can hum I'm mad because. I announced I'm lasted about a ball so good. And nearly a little too little truck that runs out pics of the ball down field tractor after all that constantly yeah yeah well this thing is probably. Now to golf stars and adding thirty yards this for share and probably about 390%. Boredom the F 350 yards away like it is you can barely see it this. Now and I might have when government and it I'm Brett Favre under the that this target from the outfield for shot. All I'm up there like. Us I'm what's his name in in the Q does the idea. Is what comes a certain extent of his name. Always deflect meanwhile we gathered striving Eckhart things just ripped a ball inside the coughing and now he's like into the worst period of players in his life if your like hitting golf balls it. Hey. There are created every. Causes yes we are. Anyone that does the driving range you all know that that's like the greatest and it never happened is that he blazed the cart let's everybody tries unless you're the hard drive and I finally hit the cart fly only. And I turn around like yeah I thought I can where's my medal she you don't Emulex they're gonna bring me a free pizza the whole month riot that. My girlfriends commit. Really true like Dick atop take me here right yeah it has exactly have me on this patch of Astroturf. Bit and let me ask. Mr. McKee adolescents with the well here's the thing none of that happened I Jenner and Leslie did you see that no oil from her phone to see you but it. This is she not swing the golf clubs it was ready to go but she does not enough this is just wanted to go and watch you know she doesn't she doesn't tries. One of those but is sure of the tract contract and she likes it it's fund. Great job but I was like yeah it seem that there's no I think it. And so many innocent widens like because we're breaking up Diaz like you don't understand is the very guy things like that is the ultimate. But the dryness that was great right now I finally did it is you didn't see it. The worst part. I dated again later and she did say that. No they don't believe me no I can't we like. I don't think anyone still paying attention to were talking about golf also factual but it was a bit like violence here is a lightning please pay attention complete. Was that you're zoning out of the I guess he means it over violence just remind two minutes he'll deal merely tries to kill devils golf ball fat twice that it was a ribbons. For some bear well yeah I was like brutal thought it's it was a sandwich in my atoms like these rooms and holy ground. This is placed on reunion room. What's really ends. Went home had a beer and panels that there was great. And a waste of yesterday. It completely so there's so I'm just curious about sleeping through the heat that was my whole question I don't care what you did was we can't. Duquette but not until about sleeping when it is hot out you live in a place where the temperature of your apartment is 4000 degrees all the time yup. It's very airs in the summertime in my apartment all live with a little bit of humidity so it has the best there's an armpit in the summertime and not the best. Yeah and so. We moved into and new construction last summer and as a house warming gift my mother in law. She got us air conditioning. So mid march the dude comes out and sell Clarence it's centrally damage and nice it's not at all. I don't know actually it's a nice idea but they cannot installed in mid February and like listen you got your armored mid march of two months ago. The Lucy got to get this inspectors gonna call you and they're gonna come out and do their side of that in the left that was gonna do this check on the electrical and the man to calibrated milieu really use that apparent pool. And so those two months ago. Haven't heard a damn thing since from anybody in this is a big name north and contractor that don't look a lot that's like you see the things driving around all the time up again electric probably found a better deal but we weren't paying for it so we got my check you know let is that your money who cares no group we would take advantage of a big sales like. It's not a we don't make everything count because Andrew helpless terrorist. What they have not come through and so this yesterday was 79 degrees in my house when we were too bad. No in this house like bill. The house that I bought was built for Q I'd play Arnold anything better Phil better than studio. They would do used to what he is to make those doubters duct tape it sounds about right with no pitted it real nice. Hey what's keeping your refined. Don't is this a staple gun but also show us a Shawn Garvin said Dunning is still under stable build. Let's that's actually true but the part of the story oddly that's in Cleveland's drew used to do that. But so it's been seven or eight weeks it to happen nothing it's like pull Muster to get you go to be huddles we give what's going on their like Doria work we're putting in the request again we're gonna take care if nothing. Let's that was terrible right into debt of as far very idea and we put up with that for all these years but like. Mean what I have a the first week of hot is like unbearable. And it is just the idea that like Ike it'll move without air conditioning that's fine little reason you're really really needed here it is. Our driver is great public whatever will be will make it through she took a replica of nine month old baby and he if he doesn't wanna sleep like last Gloria in the sleepless night because he was like I don't you come in and it's hot I can't sleep screw you guys you dummies like you just put him in the French. Did it. Australian institute there but just sort of. Good question doesn't allow. Us but whether it was. Amazing. They wait so. A cold this morning and I was like dude. What's in play and I was like that's I was like a cult last week I haven't heard anything again in their food June 2 blocks numbers and I'm like up the phone rang and have bought you don't answer if I instrument like I don't care. Which aren't it to nine. But it also put in the work and I'm on the radio and he called like an answer than that Michael Bush Phillip we need to answer and like well that's ridiculous but the been called as a matter right okay who'll put another quest into mic she answers to your opinion also can we make should make this clear. If it's edit if it's a phone call him that needs to be answered. Unplug Joseph. Unblock it but also. Leave a voicemail then yeah. Like I don't know business and I'm not so lucky as to have the people who are making money off of this at this venture public. Only in this press isn't like well I get tickets to the game in theaters right now that'll give YouTube and he doesn't alone. It's not a vote my by the drug he had to money five dollars and a pair of mud boots. The collar numbers forty do we'll call this number and you then have thirty seconds into the phone and and nobody answered I take a little and get Al aren't promoter live at Dell that the number of Islam. Well four or five victory knocked. That's the fleshy part of the leg being invited the Gator fan forums but the Crocs are. Growth but anyway it would conscious to the Bono met a few there's a big field and Arabic so. The guy I call this morning but rim just shocked like you gotta do something about this kid to pick all told him what's up like no apologies on music. You can still bunny air conditioner. And what. Doesn't have to go through all these things and then you come on California needs it but you can run it before and it worked. I'm like I want to come down there and murder all of you I boats because JL but how very cool. So he could sink the CTDs on them yeah I haven't been in communication and remember that in a minute limit. But today's the day with them they're always up for some shenanigans absolutely. Shut us lieutenant anomalies that Demi is being an hour ago if it. Tell them like to add insult to injury come in this morning and boom one air conditioning unit on our floor has broken and is the one that is for the and hot one for seven and wolf studios all out I get here it's already eighty degrees in the wolf's studio cold morning I'd like oh my god but what are the door why doesn't the door open I yell obscenities I would also public punk music that you didn't win but to sixty degrees here's what. That's said that's great. Within studios and thing pop studios and then but by the end the lady that does the morning Joseph for pot comes out and she was like. Like they're the pivot percent cranky and has like yeah I did it were all the different punchy imagine yeah so it anyway and what. What a stupid thing with a human heads up before Iowa did not these genes are Taro Aso. I meant I am actually thereafter special fighting crop. God data. Actually that's really Terry always I'm who's going to cut off the legs. When we go with these jurist and please do me a favor and custom one inch to lie just but I want to be just an uncomfortable enough for everybody. In 100% into that cannot touch of winter tips that can down okay like that's to my eye doctor one inch below that right now. Well I guess it was an adequate penis they do make your dates Arafat and a net net it all what she would exist if we're side where fired back. Dick jokes still funny after all these years still fight old man as a the most important thing for so. Now before I wrapped up the show this morning today amid a controversial statement under talked who I said that finished sculptors. From Finland. Kind of want to go to the Arctic Circle and finding glacier and carve the face of the president into it. And then that way as it melts they can show it to him and be like boom climate change. I'm going to be honest with you that's on that the greatest idea I have ever heard. I don't know if they're melting that fast though I think you maybe exceeds nothing new week and haven't seen any change the long plane as the as beautiful son seventeen years it's like look at that they don't have nostrils. Those still be the president somehow so I know we won't call them that don't want him all right so they're they're gonna do this thing and I was like guys don't worry about it. We have a flat earth. And wind glaciers melt all the happens is that until apple too much and then runs over the sides can't. The key support too much toast to pull into the town or area it's good expressed inside the pore over possible to put a bird feeder. Like a Baird feel good amid a beautiful cardinal bluebird Blanton there that would be nice rent ideal of birds and that I said now just getting flatter authors are stupid. Does. Newsletter there's are stupid and just today Texan egos round birthers are stupid. And I wrote back nice try flatly. And he broke back. Long time listeria you'd just you just lost herself a long time listener never listen again blood to. One false too hot. For. By. Yet but now. So what. So the fact that he reached out to say that. Yet it kind of guy you know and and we went right. All the more dangerous stuff is when people don't Tony when they stopped the you don't know. And just keep doing whatever you do an anonymous on a platter for every day and I'm like I don't mean a touchy about our fighters or demo but we are your numbers are going down yeah that's. Like it though like the water off the side of the smooth flat area down. Go down roads here folly off my friend is right now as these maybe should check and a little bit down a real gentleman here you know it. So those are the immediate like I've hit back to him I was like payment all apologize to like outside McCollum I. There's no reason for you not to listen to music because of a big disagreement that we have. So that Obama might well I immediately regret that because he's wrong Brett. At some point in our culture we decided to equate the scientific process to I have an opinion and you have to listen to me because free speech right. So I'm not here to tell you that you can't have your opinion OK but scientifically we can prove that wrong. Therefore we do not have to include you in this because you are nonsense correct it does not mean you are not allowed to do that but you do not to be included in this discussion you should be ashamed of yourself. Accurate that's the right statement that's the right attitude. Flat earth salie wanna say that's totally fine. But when you're wrong you're wrong and we talked to this when I got this and had faced a group as a joke but it's like it's funny for like two days and then policies typically. Alone no lake. This is a real thing according to Patrick shut Patrick Dennehy was like yeah Everett first a southerly trolls export controls on that there was a run in this new exit to realize that. That it really hard troll we keep going when I was like yeah I incorrectly assume that to two years ago. Right but the news search really is that the dumbest thing you can possibly think. Is right now acceptable to believe in rest. Fish it's scary because. Don't heart disease is caused by science. What's enough that the people bleeding and science is what kills everybody I think is at heart disease is fake well. Now know what to do cool things that yeah I mean that you go to prison after all the and she didn't you just repeat. Permitting got his stick then wife and now he's real it's real what are your thoughts struggle to say it's. I touch and that no walk back from the Alan welcome back to slip it can also I think you're going to be critical as the related to critical or religion you need to be without religion because. All religious pretty much call for the same crest. Accurate major religions it's the same thing yes and so for you to go to noted though you guys you guys are idiots we wrecked. Except moralism. Everyone should make an of organisms. In the by the way it mormons and Q and joking this is a joke we're joking now we're joking this is a show of jokes yeah. Should we should probably start these this get a disclaimer before these things from now on I want to talk about today yet about how like the things that these idiots say are jokes yet. Don't worry they're just jokes death they are idiots that we actually should do you get these people are dummies and if you're taking anything seriously from them you are also a dummy in which case welcomed the pot inside and is that sub Debbie Smith I don't do that occurred and I like it at season five. Excellent that's common scenario I flew who knows who do we reduce these forward pat I also cannot confirm that. I think season three has now run three years so it's been a good season for the very good arguably our best. I would say without question gap so. Did listen I know it's it's hard you. The public. Figure that an insult. A group of people death but I think like. In addition though it if you're a true flat earth that you should be insulted. You should be shaming you should be because we can prove you wrong it's your stupid wrong play is just it's just you Iran. Let's sit it out there's nothing to it there's no clear. It's I think we've the onus is not on meet you prove. A scientific fact that's been proven two year dumb ass. It's not be noticed is an army of the world as this that the world has come to the conclusion and all pretty much agree except for the few hundred. Idiots now that as just found themselves on the Internet. And public opinion it's flat and we are going up faster players talk to the ground to do any master represent that also Mars has been observed to be around. What is so earth do you moral case that this is not the argument that I wanna get intimate you know Brett got discussed the flat earth right but those people. Rent. Out the door your terra wolf they're at a. Quick let's take the next twelve seconds to offend everybody at the Internet at. Stand who could cut a path of the up. Agency right now and it is that the John seem in me and everyone knows they can as many as the food institute I'm dead he's made ethics an effort to. Just so the problem for me is that like. I don't want alienated new listeners to the wanna be successful right. But then there's also like this is part of a segment called nerd talk or I'm talking about science a nerdy stuff and I can't just like not hold out out. You have it you. Even if it was not nerd talk. If that was just a joke you item if that was a bit during my show gaffe when they signed his global mobile blog hop flattered the stupid and I should be able to say that because here's the thing fighters is stupid yeah. We play it's it's I feel I feel bad for the people that are into it because. Two things have happened you're you're not educated enough to you in effect for relate the proper opinions or to be able to use ascertain fact from science. Note using science to get to fact cracked because the best pitchers they ascertain fact from spartans. Andy you have gone and it. The world like 23 years and get really into like for whatever reason my conspiracy theories can really popular because the Internet are well. Yet share. All right epidemic I was secret of that stuff I love a good conspiracy theory eleventh and etiquette that really great I love hoax from the real thing right. And I looked like he isn't as good will me be danced sure. Mean that is the thing that can happen and that's great pretty glad I'm also this virus to go like. And if there really was. A big foot to. There for is well there'd be enough of them at some point. Where we find one cannot just that's just. How this works right Diana and also there wouldn't if and then there's not enough there wouldn't be enough. You procreate. And reproduce and then if they are around in the whatever that first of the year that it's which was ardea sake but Xena who brought upload big footsteps do you not know this. I'm so this is awkward because like you don't have to reproduce that aliens from another universe Nazi. This is right straight up pet tattooed. I'm is that we adrenaline in my flatter as proud. That I'm trying to do your adrenaline and around earth at the gross I would never. You know roll off we talking about you. Welcome to the bird feeder broke routes of birds and Halliburton. No. That's on the skewers it's great. It's it's sad that education has failed because the problem writing. Can't the because if you dumb people down there your. Right exactly now uncontrolled don't get me started. Well left and I hate doubt almost as much as fighters are right with your least favorite conspiracy theories Maria. There you look nice just that question with you beast favorite conspiracy theories flat earth. Yup and that's right up there amid now Clarence and trails for the record flood sons assigning. A Mullen. I look up I see it at the site has not just last month I have eyes and I can look at it. Now I don't have eyes and more but I can look at NC a circle. It's proven that it's flat totally into the science and everything easily stare at this and look right edit. Don't look ran evil anymore I already burned my eyes out and we got presidential material about sleep. He would like the home the night chem trails are. Bulk. What's the what's the RL Ron Hubbard religion. Scientology's yes very good for everyone and a I like. I bat boy like how people understand the concept of. Pixel Asian. And it is a serious thing where they feeling there's there's shape shifter is on earth. The lizard people then and you can see them on TV if you pay attention because. Their I's and X fellowship that now there's a great video of what was it George pleasures that Obama. Where he's just talking and tedious at peace you real far and and make. Buy it by the like midway through like oh god don't think I have a rep tells face. And make well because it's somebody zooming in on eighteen he and like I'd say it not like. Feel that would TVs were like not good yeah it's not a four KGB were talking about OK now slate which dominant market about. Well and I'm buying a new TV Breaux who. Ooh that's a big deal. Separate side titled do that on Thursday doubt we're talking TV TV talk hall Thursday's sweet deliberation. Not real. Yeah I don't like all about boy is on my parents I miss the weekly world news share to they were like the best at making these insane things. I've always been into the crop circles and the general aliens. Gambill but rape and for science and finally Eliezer as intrigued as you kind of clever than in the pilot's chair but rape and for CytRx. If you so choose from Tampa I suppose that's a perfect CNN lake. It is on their fun because it's so you kind of always think if you want to believe because you have to assume that there's other things out there. Dude I'm reading a book called the three body problem with a series. The F and it turns out that we do not want to make contact with other aliens. It is not good there's a essentially. The idea behind finding other cultures and aliens is that you have to assume that they're coming to kill UNC need to kill right first. And there's a that plays out a lot more on the lot smarter than I can say in the time that we have here but boy. Of escalation of war is not the right answer with the aliens 'cause if you picked the wrong ones that can already get to Earth's chances are that they are better than us and other ways too probably so big old days. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought you by. Karate university. It's a trap to share is.