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Saturday, September 29th


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It's that time of year again when you're rushing outside your grocery store or a big events are just from the parents in your office it's time to be tempted. Like Girl Scout Cookies I must send men tag along got myself. In Washington it's always tough to see. The girl and her mom or girl her dad being rained upon outside always breaks my heart but it seems to be great tactic to give me to buy cookies is the thing. Now on don't Stephanie do you ever feel guilty the justice. I'm working off the sweet holiday treats them as bureau of the Girl Scouts are showing up with more temptations. I do notes I'd like cookies and I can't say no you work for the organization you do. I could you like everybody else what is the main thing that the cookies go to benefit from with the Girl Scouts just a million different things actually girls get to decide what they wanna do with their cooking money into so it's at the largest girl led business and the war calm cool air of their own cookie buses which means with the profits they can do whatever they want they. Some of them go to Europe. They travel within this country within this state. And they give to so many important community organizations they donate to food banks sometimes the team up with the humane society of the Seattle humane he's may do. And yet that's actually huge beneficiary Seattle humane as her. Our girls cooking money and their time is it by a troop visit I made city bio it world well I don't know what the different organizational groups on guys whatever they want like for example in 201556. Troops tour in Seattle he Maine that's not even including. Making dog blankets donating pet food cat litter moneyed. For their food program I mean it just it that's a lot of girls. This year with Seattle humane you're working on something really special the Girl Scouts and dog cookie recipe contest. Where did you come up with a sigh yeah how did it starts tell me everything about a police. Well we we worked this data email last year actually on Somalis forty expert and we had a birthday party for dogs and doubts. And we just had so much fun we thought how can we extend mess but as you know our cookies are only consumed by human. Your brain is so weak side while we do have a recipe contest for humans several people make really awesome recipes using our cookies with ally not extended to dot. And make it with dog friendly ingredient obviously not for sale Turk. But your dog companion can join in the fun of cookie scam that's so incredible so just people from the community are submitting their own ideas. Yeah how we approach like over 250 bloggers who and we had pretty good number of them submit some recipes and at least I narrowed it down to the top five finalist. Which now that community can vote on those top five for your favorite. The sixteen I Girl Scouts WW that's Girl Scouts western Washington dot org. Slash recipe contest. At her rate and can now look at what kind of cookies are we talking about who are people come up with will we asked folks to come up with cookies inspired by our human cookies fraiche or so we got loud alarm. At which are distinct care around. Okay worsens stocks can have chocolate sure we've got the dog sea dogs which I swear it looked just like her doce yeah I think that the and we have some dodgy Samoa was cookies we have pumpkin Kara and cookies. And we had to. My little dog child or every day gets I get to scoop pumpkin was her food and you'll extra fiber and that some may refer a week there would be a chance to sell out. Charter would like that and check out our. It's very creative. And then this one which is actually pretty cool. The woman made it for her chickens pet but it also available for dogs and actually all these which kind of blows my mind completely human friendly to. Momentum and tell me that because it's true thing I knew minutes now Akerson tyra embryos that are. I'm not gonna have I'm more than willing to try them as well look that's I also know when it comes to these cookies how long do we have to vote on the east they have until March 12. But until March 12 so still about a week that you have to be active and get on there and what is the voting. It's already started do we have any early favorites is do you have any I earlier now later. I know carrot. Now we know the Girl Scouts well first off I have polish division for the cookies real quick here on the list that went of the cookies girls are cookies on sale I know just a small window every year which will bring mine to I want them here. The winner how much longer do we have to say you have until March 20. Because of the started the beginning of mart's other world says don't get this one until recently sorry Friday she and other onto the twentieth and so we'll see or Girl Scouts standing outside the various places and mom and dad will become through our. Offices and our hallways and stuff with reforms it's funny to it that the for the forms are happened that. I don't live bend notes delivery time you will go and Chad regression restoring you'll come out with Girl Scout Cookies and that that's so awesome two million bucks to of that now what is your favorite girl scout cookie if you had to choose just why I struggle. You know I've got that then meant San Mo was sort of quandary now khakis basically do it by whenever my notice that day. Dual scout WW dot org excuse me it's Girl Scouts WW dot org. Slash recipe contest two votes today and the fighters also Girl Scout Cookies picks them up. And not help the Girl Scouts raise money to do the things that they wanna do that's so important to find that. Stephanie thank you so much for joining us today they Tokyo.