203 - Horse Poops

Monday, May 21st

Solid poops and royalty!

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How does start. All right always aren't. It is not very good. It's the worst. Thing wipers for the better take me. Well all right. It's a fantastic conversation by the pool this weekend. We felt they pretty wild blue party here at my friends at the foot birdie laid. If there's a flick of a shirt on so I didn't get that left right to life. Okay shut until our new listeners that found us via me talking about the on the Radio One time in getting a massive response on line for via text for it some dummies and that happened not a real thing so. And I welcome everyone that's new with us we are known and a worn a suit parent well they can't see you. Because you share is so low that you below the desk good thing I Wear a suit today and then things that I met at. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hello everyone 200 episodes people never heard of it it's incredible well you know. It's weird that they have an understanding we have what 43 million followers. It's a 45 and you have the numbers guy that I get I guess is that this an and the idea is guy. I'm abandoned on the congestion got a Villa. Man my eyes have been buried in all weekend and I get to compliment on the pond from a listener Sean Durbin says Bennett. He says to him Manley said brown belt on the pond did the day I audibly laughed out loud so that'll take it here. Further proof and once again and has reminder that poop jokes always go for ever always in active groups all of your mistaken to weed out science that cool. By the way breaking news oh boy. Update in the mad Canadian group hurt her story chair turns out you know she was in there and raised in a fuss because. She told them she she had to take a (%expletive) and they wouldn't let her do it. Now she ever really had a history of being troublemaker oh yeah. So maybe they thought that she was full of him. So the craziest thing happen to me that today. I'm. Downstairs and my father and I was added Jim Martin's. Closely both. I'm downstairs with my father in law who's visiting shots and set Demi and he would allocate considered it it's a good news limited run. And we're downstairs do and what launches TV like any isn't having as a BS and whoever it is. And lawyers upstairs with the baby hump he needs is every few days bats or whatever challenges here. Greg. It might like some of the hole and over pack and I do a good run upsurge that British and replica cleaners forums like. And Joseph timeout like okay economic worry I come upstairs and I'm Mike hasn't grocers and it to the big improvement dubbed it is a few up. And sheep oops liquid and so gross it looks like. We told an ink squid squid went by and ain't the bathtub right. Not today I walked and there's a Specter of bar float around in the tub. And bull I I have never been happier and subsequently a more grossed out in my life have been seeing a floating can open ought to think of is like this with Tim Horton moment that's great and also growth also gross. Also because ultra drained the pool who's been right and it. There was half of that went down the bathtub drain. And the other half dad had to finish out when. Twelve years of picking up after our a Boston Terrier with a plastic bag. And you know some pretty gross circumstances and stuff share did not prepare me really up. Another human group I think there's something to BCI think there's something about it being human right it helps it says. But no way also you know the baby's been pumping this whole time I what I should hope so enemy shots pretty Lori said that if she is. Mom and a half because like that Africa my opponent is nothing compared to what she does associate probably changed and our men and if you're if you're fish now turns from the bathtub you do when you do an apartment. Thank you another thing I'm not doing. My part but she just does twice as shares it's just like I I'm not absence. And she gives me a lot of good positive reinforcement for doing a good job to keep me interested and involved but half of what happens open to this point involves boobs. And I just I mean I do have them but they don't produce milk like her yeah and so I'll even pay if you Nicklaus holes out of the shows we've got to get some milk collateral like with your story here obviously a I'm hoping it's strawberry. I mean you know if you're aiming MEI can hold its driver you too can I. Do Google+ we're there every intricate. But she's had to clean a lot arches a lot more diapers. That I have and when it's all liquid groups man it is those first nine months off or something else shared across all of a sudden no in the last two weeks. It's like Q. You know he took the Silly Putty in April on the newspaper to trying get the print transferred via. Kelly rolled up and elect put down your grew emotion down ash flat like the blood does that to the coops now. And so there's like flattened Ter that come but there's no mess it's not liquid EC don't lift clean and think that is a godsend until it's in the tunnel until it's in the tub until the floated my friends go slowly to it was a male child he's more fiber. Sits like Iraq. Do which Wheaties but at the main idol change all the proof divers in the world around carrots so we use him in you know really listens to this action does okay so. You don't walk that back he's done an OK I stand by because it's it's. So much easier to do a blood drops diaper yesterday in the turns on on the floor that was the dog was nearby to a mile dogs doing Lucy turns yes. Total floor five. Brouhaha. That. We're talking do you Kiki and at a right of it is chatroom credence Clearwater revival food. It has been correct that is no longer Clearwater. The FK at at at at. And so he has some of pediatrics what he did great already thrown to be alive its command does that I guess men who have. It's it's a milestone for sure it was enough for me to talk hoops forward. Four minutes though the abyss that Regis Regis there by the fact that who always plays so welcome mobile listeners eighth. This is what you're gonna get a lot of proved to look at had us walking back things that go to follow up correct I think I think we did talk about this is. Truly a monumental this is epic in nature this is we're picking our dumb podcast all new heights. It's summer camp 28 team this is a close as the real passion puts on them and we have two days of excellence. In terms of the musicians in terms of our performance average of mediocrity gesture yet but. When we like he made it into the type of government to call it mediocrity seat and I'm really make your words today it's amazing but we are going to be joining the the festivities at summer camp this you're not just from working capacity. We take our podcast that's right live where we're on reportedly were up podcast that we're going to have to opportunities for dummies who are attending. A summer camp to upgrade tickets to come back for a live podcast keeping after our. A flood of beer tasting and some barbecue and we do do a lot Todd will be Grubman artists that are playing your interest in people that are there may be just. In the crowd you're dressed up weren't a unicorn may do we bring you up. Mean not well you're gonna be up on this hoping hosts have to push buttons. To receive this hub birthday suit a daily Wiener mobile with the good. Oh you can spend. Growth. Now is how to Malick the listeners may be maybe you show up we bring in Mike who knows death but especially if you're wearing and unicorn Wiener pistons. Know. It's a bit lonely and so sparkling you know take us so Mel is a public place. There controlled contains none came and you know when you're core winners because John no fun males sorry. If there cuts that you can have vivid photo and I've said this before I'll say it again I don't even like look at my own team let a known somebody else's RA plus pot so gross I do find it yet you winner to be holier Oslo so I'm Koppel on that and I don't I'm not. I need to Siena winners but what I do there's usually don't laugh of the town and you know now. That's and that's enough for me you know it's one of the most uncomfortable things to see though is a hole or speeding pool. Horse doing any sort of bodily functions pretty intense right and even if it's just like eating carrots fruit is. I think with horses is they like I don't know whether you give them credit for this or to be like they get some manners right now. They don't care they will just as watch him. Man acumen Mingus and I'm. Tate podcast but I was watching the royal wedding over the weekend course and you know everything that. I can for can my next and so I was watch in the year like Steve they put him in like their big carries over Sharon Karajan. You know. Who reeled them past the peasants so they can't get paired wave hit the the prince and the consensus gonna cut. And literally it was crap so like these horses are walking down the street is like doll like twenty guards in front of them and there is just off the street. Is just. Littered. With horse group. Like talk about a juxtaposition. With the H. Hey presence wave at them fifty rich people got their noses put away continue to way of these people do real mad about that makes people that we'll let about the student the monarch he. After the keel over the annoyance of Mike. You like to load and celebrity for a president like yeah reality judge costar Eddie House they just like so baffled by and let these people are just horn corny people like. Do who I don't know enough I'm not if you're British you have an opinion that's different sort of right but like. Can they do taxes are affected by the sort of a Corning people literally can doing charity work for a living is that essentially right. Carriers manned they're out there mascots that I exactly. Demi really. That's. You know I'll never have to pay attention once every so often the Wii with Marion or work Porgy is group download. Yeah yeah yeah clearly whatever it does aren't going to be a continued maybe may be a well you know. I don't think we're in Britain you're right now I don't know positive yeah I've only been a couple times and CNN that they totally yes Santa. I think at that's right start sucking it could yes and and didn't. So I thought it was there's a lot like that's the thing about horse as many do not care and part of me goes lake that's right you don't have to yet. 42 inch long you can your you can walk around like Maria yet. That is toxic masculinity a new thing I learned about immunity sleep is good that's good it just whistling at a huge Weiner doesn't mean he gets to do whatever watched yours is though this. A token female horses can history when our system notice. Today as their way today hey Barry keep it inside until your buy it somewhere. I think Cubans are the only ones that judge each other based on. What if the blood if humans. And a behaves. In the same manner as like I mean that just horses but like. Could you imagine. Like. Just like walking down the street and yet like there's no like stopping like taken off your pages group images like. Falls I'll tell you. But list we know. Pay for not okay with that works over there come on. Kind of but not quite mine is now class Catholic rude works. But with heavy wild did they ever be cool breezy yeah it happened DoubleClick a thing and then. Dream our best accomplishment in Alberta. Plumbing took place to get the hoops away from us so we don't. Like this you don't. We should not locked down the street and in just group in good in the Alley now listen listen to listen listening. Let's go to for thought this. The president just said that the toilets for the greatest invention known to man. Doesn't afford it so just wanna preface the rest of despite just making that little asterisk next to that now continue. I don't know I don't know if there was just the ticket all the times you've hoops or peed in the last week if that was just. All. In your buck gets you out most terrible yet but the but the plumbing is better than Ford and still have to see the science behind this I think about this a bit longer but to me and cloning is dope there's no doubt about that tell you what I'm gonna come to your house and group and a bucket every day for a week okay. And today in window and it is all gone due to the majesty of plunger. We'll see how you feel OK I meant for cy funds and he's very awkward week but yet come on over there and every need. Ever since removed the building have been like first of all people love talking. In other in India and I just along with the others like I don't fight it I just. Did you like changed and I'm not going inability to go to the third so we'll go pro I cannot like or not click. Told people I love the open whenever because that's your business and also Eric there's some pretty good public shame involved IFF. But like you've taken away isn't summons comes good and did on the one obviously being an uncomfortable and look at the streams are to go and I was I have to leave. I just say no. No no no no no. And in the gate weird and then you just don't look at them that happened with the open is that once he came in new trend towards me and I'm sick note. Yet some of the music up really weird and Malia. It looks you know. Europeans couldn't stop talking to me I'm good day go ahead. Tuck MR IP is a not for me yet man pools we should make some PSAs for this. Anyway but the we've looked at what people that are like. Couple levels higher than us that are notorious. Pete taught him and number. And well so that's air you're forced he had no choice but Annika has just can't tell like. That guy who's signing your checks to be like a should exhibit which is not the place we don't do that neared. Not possible. Then there's some. The people that are like I'd just don't understand how you have such a three hole and you can just. Walk right then strung out over the thing a bit. And it. Edna you're supposed to wait till Nolan sees it coming in or out and and acts like embrace the shame right all eyes powering your poop can. In a senior group known and on an island in your active proved it yet Allard is the companion near disgusting gross return like. You're at your worst thing could dog the grouping to catch and it looks at you look at flick I'm so vulnerable this is terrible and yes Jeremy and that's what is. We their bus like. Not crap. Africa I'm sure if I'm sure you've already told me about this before but. Ask you a question that's media question and pat what you're only human trick I do you gotta that was my own people and it's a grand storage plus good and I was like Sam that's also. You know it take you because not very at the fence about this whole thing is the man. Nothing corner than like a middle age due to deciding who I play a sport any as a dynamic a million years and then getting waves being so serious. That he is accustomed bat with his name on it make. Who does this guy think he is like a ticket don't step further free that'll make you feel better about OK it's when you have like a family and stuff you're supposed to be like focusing your efforts on ahead that you're supposed to like give up some of that selfishness and like peeled you by the for the kid that wants this so probably not but. You do that those things he took a guy that has disposable income tax middle age doesn't play in the sport disposable income that's just supposed to waste of money on and also because no extra money. So it was like part of this like do you want that you're like yeah yeah I'm like I do want that court. Of course I do maybe the picture just made it look awesome person and no it's awesome expert share I mean it's nerdy is tell me is how everyone look at it jury about not making contact with that part of that. I don't put that part of that forward in this post him. So let's do a reminder don't think about. Grant says it's a grain wood green thing that's like that they put it there specifically so that that doesn't happen death took its way to set a reminder regulatory AAF. So the guy at the great part is is the pitcher and a catcher in the empire essar. Is tapping your ban completely brutal Germans have played really hey it's old Jim Manley of blatant act of subtle speak Spanish yes right. I sun's most of his moves this press he recognized me from one a seven point seven the end. It. Wrong button simmers and they don't think you think that that's a yes our first game as yesterday I feel pretty good all things considered. I'm walking I'm operate that's good healthy. Oh. Let's get unrelated question ass in a related question if you've moved to a Spanish speaking country. Which John Stiller would you pick up till one. No I'm John yeah that's my name your own I don't know the we Jews we do you call lines in America Johnson. I don't know because like some of my father's generation when you moved here you like. You adopted an American name like my dad my Asian buddy dope who has parents are candy and Jane yeah. Bull. Oh yeah I CEO at that no I would say my name yeah share I think I mean if they'll if it. If the locals wanted to give me a nickname share I don't care but like I mean does yes who's Tommy John the last. Ten years into Israel anyway for the most part you know. But you and I series Stanley now I would I would just demand this man. Yeah anyone that it they you know they if it's you know it's one the gringo laughter. Two years of living there like OK that's fine kick us offensive but that's fine what we're to a radio station that one of the Brit decisions are clusters usually there's like. Mean obviously you know this but profitable start there's like 45 stations in my own building in the you have different types and you try and make like a portfolio and in the market to try and it's still almost can't Tikrit. I were to replace that have a Spanish language station. It was. See in the gospel and all of no luck gallium period. And all the DJ is there they all understood English five and none of them would speak of though because that'd wanna be told what to do low enrollment in the thing a red writer and they called me. Boil. Other liquids and Emma McGregor and the like. Barnes and Rampage of the deck what limit like Greg good Gregorio. And loved oil and that is the combination of some more than I can't remember some speaks management I was like you idiot and Gregorio but it meant like it was. Funny insult that the called me and immediately when one of them so that to me that also had a that it was like. All everybody on the idea. And it was fun because none of them wanted to see Greg who like during a Spanish guys they Greg it was like drag it. On the couldn't say my name guys say that again drag. What type regret active. It was unimaginably is so he would say I had it is not brag flippant like I with the where they 'cause you. Employee you know I think it's GOL well I bow to Leo. I think. No no I can't remember it's been too many years now. This is GOL LO Derrek Lee and minutes right. Conservatives Gregorio and and became guru and then go Leo. In athens' debt into. Oh so fun man they taught me how to sail like. A camera I wish I was around him more often so much in motorcycle racing yesterday that the principle that's music starts off with. And it was all AM I recorded it that. The top level motorcycle racing in the world. Is now in America only shown on B and sports. And so. For a few years if you recorded it you could do that SAP Baden and the SAP it would be the English version and you could hear that the world feed from the from the English it's like yeah come on watch it right. Sometimes they forget to put an or whatever and then it would be like oh I just have Spanish. As ticket back to almost a book of World Cup. And and it takes me back to watching an entire World Cup without cable. And the only station that children match for these Spanish language station great so I watched a month because we absolutely two and six hours a day on dissent. Of Spanish language and it got to at first it was like whoa this is impossible but by the end you can do it. Understand how other culture per announced things pronounce the names and positions in and moves and it turns other means that this sort of cool I didn't know that universal. And so. Watching motorcycle racing yesterday at the four and a half hour affair with three different classes racing and in the first class I'd like oh my god and I don't like it washes and Spanish. That's about ten minutes of like already forgotten that in Spanish and just watching but I don't know what's really happening with the crazy goes animate what's going I don't understand effects of the very apparent. So I turned to my Yahoo! language app on my phone that on the learn Spanish like. About seven minutes in the learning Spanish I was like you know there was never a man I want to steal this from the Internet. In English Smart. Fan and Smart. And another it's like I did I miss being around Spanish speakers totally and being able to hear. I could couldn't. Look at some spoke slowly Copeland clearly to me I can understand with the were saying pretty pretty well I couldn't really. Responds you can get through. Yeah but I idea what was going on we can come to look at common ground yet. That we took a gas station like deep Mexico in the dobbs document could not understand yeah the beginning of what he was saying I felt very like this guy I was like oh. Hi yeah did you go to watch yourself boy yes yeah. Economists that you amiss just other cultures and languages like being around. Them my neighbors their role. I think it'll Indian I don't actually know once I hate to just. Jump on one I think they are put Billick celebrated on the wall itself and stuff but Phillip that makes them I think wall is it's quickly in the edge celebration. And there's like of this complex I was in the forty something houses and the probably half our Indian people yeah I think and good there's no chance I never learned that there's like no I'm I have not been rounded at all my life and so I'd like to know but like there's no there's no way. Are you need linguistically inclined like I can't learn language I try like I license at that Ike. Do OK with Spanish I used to be decent at Italian but like that's all gone now. But like I mean you trailer Jermaine year expensing go my front while they like does that interest you like. I have of an aptitude for memorization yes I can like learn a vocabulary very easily. It is. Getting flustered it's anxiety in the moment at one try to talk to somebody in an up mountains in the creek and you know the face turns now. Ahmet oh a panic and I can't do it anymore and a people who collect just go very slow leave pronouncing it correctly and say things. Close enough that the person receiving that language and to Vick well I don't just saying yeah and in the can get into a conversation they do little confidence going in and picks up and for me I panic we too fast. Yeah it sucks Mac I would love to be able to street and in the language and we tip I hear like a lot of these Europeans athletes. They are these for a bit yeah and the beautiful too wanted to do the next and they know all these languages and I'm like. But it. My wife's sister desist from multiple means young she speaks and talks like just she speaks six languages but one of rooms dots animate a brand dump. Speak Dutch all of the Dutch speak English but yeah at better than I to yes. So show us their kite and that's just a dummy in fact I thought he doing now. I don't know he's united side. He's one of the result violet Liverpool all right it was arsenal Liverpool because like. That bright orange Dutch team and you know anything about world sport that electric cool so cruel Sokol and I hate to be that doesn't like optical Jersey or whatever Billick. But there's there's nothing wrong with that that's why they Wear jerseys now there's like hugely lucrative duo play that's cool. I am going to like that team now like yes you should do that that's fine you know the people always tease about like the Kiev court to determine that being like close to two team that I glued pools jerseys whatnot that's fine so. With a favorite things about like when your kid when you see things and you're like let's all flew home right and it's like applied to transformers. Now there was just all like if I was a kid and there is basketball. Bluetooth is now if it was as Yakuza is now up I would like to republic I would like a team like vogue raptors or whatever because that's also yes. I was seven years old like all of the chief so many of the kids who love their they're the color scheme like terrible when we're gonna put. As a kid like you're unabashedly used in the things because it yeah dusted peaks your interest of one totally extra logos like craziness can that was like my Jane I used to do like the 3-D letters and stuff so like indeed like 300 MI can't go away you know agitated and everything I'm so cool the best. As best gag got I got them there for ago. As you a question yeah go ahead. I would. Focus. I was out drinking with cookies has cookies supplement over the weekend and we went to use it's just a Jupiter which like a retro arcade place. We played this pinball baseball game that I would legitimately pay thousands of dollars to have in my house. Question for you share what's the one game they arcade console saying you would want in your house. Well I can ask to be like yeah I'm not talking like a super Nintendo I'm talking like. In my position for media affect I'm. Going to go over improve in my housing component and I. Yeah I don't know that this is the best choice but I'm gonna speak from the heart yet it would be for neo geo. I'll payment what was it that was the monster it was like wrestling but it was with monsters it's it was like. Two tie you gave me it was like a red Buick I do like yeah don't stuff yet. It was called. Citizens to hold no I can't and striking out of the problem and has a big. Box Arcadia ya it was like. Neo geo monster game monster frightening and in. It was told king of the month sturtze. And you be ridiculous pile drive like a console looking thing is that's pretty cool there's a bunch different months as you could be as elected cool moves like a little like power up balls are bouncing around have you picked up you'd like. But to call the balls until like a bigger meaner back to ask Ty ju in the occupied it. I remember that we found that in the arcade near adieu was never like a really big states and Japan but like and refining that and being in trance and never having enough quarters to really like get into it enough like a four quarters. Like you want an hour and a half yeah routers are the minutes are right so still 100% and I'd like. I absolutely love that game I have these wouldn't super positive memories another one is deep the four player teenage mutant ninja turtles game per share that was. Also super awesome and I clicked a ticket to the next level that was that the Simpsons. As great drive and what was told next it may look at Europe it's aside stroller but has like. The trick. Recorder review sites cooler Jim can go up and down the screen and sides rules are such a game changer like mom and dad that was like those big the good the next thing they'll drag India that's what that was the theme a double dragons on the angle been down to why it. And then like that's the next big development and video gaming was Mario 64 worms open world. Yeah into the run in three dimensions and like the whole camera which if that was unbelievable. Pre cancer Prius if you didn't have the baseball game do you have any others that you buy. I like image eternal thing that was really ged. And I like. There is in BA GM yet horse. A so really hacked you version of somebody like a split can TB ST a RT NT duplicate. Check out that it's. Have the last say it's demos we have NBA jam and I did not act after their price that's an average it never works out the sounds cool million equality kind of fun and make. There's less that it does that for like play Afghans and like we're gonna play. The lakers vs Celtics 1995. The world but we've updated its its its the burden the raptors against the cavs or whatever in like. That's kind of funny like all of a wash them in his old Gailey said they came and you watch like thirty sector it does is stupid ideas to this is. Terrible but they like to. In the this replay clips that I watch rooms like actual players just with like CG put over a tablet. But like the bulls on fire oh yeah like. The last shot is from the corner and like it hits the ball on firefighters there and hits the whole thing goes up in flames and I was like yeah. The president let they don't have that yet like why don't they have plates to and where they are yeah why not AR basketball against opium leaves. Or any sport like yeah but macro we were kids hockey tried to do the glowing puck thing there's a chip Bennett and you just charge up in the camera went to make it easier for people to watch hockey now that would have been an HD world doesn't matter like back then in this crappy televisions right. Would it worked it was pretty neat for kids. But like it didn't work most of the time of the puck was in the crowd sort of electrical work like yes but now with the tech not technology that we have coming. To Blake Wood I hit the ball. And it immediately. Turns green because I think it's like headed for the stands that'll be really sweet yeah. Or like as the guys running down the field of a football game and he's a breakaway and he catches fire there's tracks behind him like he's gone back in time or to us. Let's go to be awesome that's why I think VR is not the solution if as long as the robots that take over now we don't just become like turn them rooms and relieved right they are is gonna be where it's out everywhere like. Goggles that are like not very intrusive and the new C had the split over the real world. If that happens and become blobs and people that member of the veterans you know only time it's. And then and then at fort night condemned foreign aid will be number one. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are done podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Karate university. Bad news about your road if you were out of toilet paper bloom.