205 - Dummy With A G

Thursday, June 7th

Let's smoke some coal!

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Segment in the opening starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It's the worst. Sometimes the red fills I have got to remember is that talking to live makers prefer if it's a but Stosur thoughtfully yeah. No. I'm bit. I'm good it's John I'm so bored. Yeah I men how are you feeling you've been if we think Gregor elicited building for the last couple days so that tenacity I've been pretty bored myself have right. I had used AK amend it and it was clear by about 705 that I was like oh no no no no you should gut. You shouldn't be for everyone else's sake and doron. Don't be here this'll. So to frame this I've been sick all week yet is Thursday at the first in putting in a full day. Loved Italy June neck you must fully into Asia to compute some Demi. Bomb. Bianca I have forced I don't seven rookies pop shut game is strong elevated yet to come back to that delivery of option taken out. Pop I shot I'd rather not talk about it noted that do coaches and him not directly. So. I've been at home all week and when movements the baby was born. I did a couple weeks from home in my home studio and they just put me in the station I can do that and so I've been able to still be on the radio when it stemmed from around him. Which is weird because I'm a convoluted charged with sixty for that or not anyway. It's been nice because you guys are put out. But also like I would never takes a time because I don't have anybody and it it's a hard call to make it 4:30 in the morning and I cannot come an end to block cut staff. And so now it's better for everybody because you guys don't get sick and I can get healthy and that the baby served in preschool bring you more these germs and stuff that's been a disaster. Yeah the water and to demand their money. Note to build separate the gaelic flicked them fart and on we have a beautiful performance studios and our desks go up and down we've got all the bells and whistles. And yet now our cold water fountain out. Does not produce cold water all smiles and Italy have like about two mugs worth so if you haven't been there like it had. If someone else it's water before you muzzle spec nevermind. They quit in the house that. Any basic kind of cut I'd actually preferred and room temperature water but when your expecting wanting to be different and moved second asserted its hydrogen water after the to a minus. I'm. Glad somewhere in the void there yeah. That is not warm is Alec. But is deadly not call. Cuts like probably just a little too cool for swimming water. You know the temperature is it's there that the temperature has fighters it's just it's there and author of the excellence on the machine yeah I was just give me an indicator of age yes I know what is about to get. I agree there at the bit like the they get health stickers on restaurants like. You're about to get bureau the seawater in it yet it's the mean with just the straight but children sold the units currently that's I love down it's like. The third worst one is still like smiling like a gay dads like Wrigley. It's okay might die it's well you in the words and like crap you're gonna die you know the perfect days here. Her eyes if I thought I thought Seattle roots King County across the board of amazing. Yeah I. Canada is about to legalize weed here man like I was behind league Wednesday it's split. I'm a firm a boycott of Kennedys is now what happened I forgot about what they did to a string aware of 1812. I'm not ready to let that go we will let nothing. Correct and should donate should've done. Pitches and a group at a yeah I Canada's. As a nation going to legalize. Weed with grace which is pretty good this is something I read. From a think the CBC today or the other 100 guardian so I don't know a position on the onion whatever thoughts and it's. That's not true but so I mean I was reading about how in states like Colorado where it's been such a big blow to organized craw him. It's turning to upping the what they have to push other things and guess who rent to make up avoid from the week that was sold I was little readers is being ordered I gruesome we've in the he shipped down and there's like he had some guys that like I'm terrified of an aura again that would run the whole thing yet and I'm terrified because it's probably pretty dumb. Sharon has again resume meeting and the good looks like a burn out but like is dangerous is how yeah I had an ancestor to all like these can collect pensions were to sell in the we'd you know. But I guess organized crime as a candidate at some hand or at some point that I didn't know about as a they've turned a pushing like other drugs like Cheryl wind and stuff. But a bad mix a ton of sense to me while since we've been legal places like the OP would epidemic is increasing. So don't make their money they're not gonna stop making drugs are illegal money correct and I'd just like went as clearly the foundation of their business is to make illegal money now I used to be the all of what happens when it's for gambling becomes legal on him. Vegas is just look like why are we thinking about the mobsters if they've got the handling of they've got malice to fade now man I got kids. So I'll cook we doesn't hit if for some money not like what he need envoy Anthony well well there plummet to and he has two things who know no. And I do that again. Allegedly. For the commitment. So yeah. But Taylor is gonna do I mail it's gonna happen when I mean I don't gonna happen build and Waltz please. Keep your Canadian weeds to yourself now here we're like in America were much more sensible about things we like only back. Crops that like makes sense that are not drugs like Graco cracked down right. On the big tobacco is like how much how into the wheat industry and again is my question. You think. Fully on board the of the of the rumor forever moral rule green knew what I an army be boulders that I thought that was going to be the we'd want. And it's not a good split and long time and I am I mean I never have that and not because I think to myself and don't do drugs right exactly stick to American Prada right. I've a friend of an additional smoke Colby. If if that's. Don't worry it's clean up. Yeah yeah. It. It hurts. Not from a dramatic days that lower 220 minute simulators gonna be like could do that connects to spin that can't do for that coming back it from the depths of the oh man I was coughing a sort of felt a sharp pain about toppled long hike I was like and we're at the age now I don't. Plus ready age now or anytime something feels really you're just like oh god heart attack how guided. Do Mo and oh. I'm being this is the joking podcast but I'm being serious yeah. A lot of people in my native FaceBook street don't have to I've recently mandatory that we hear it and it saddens me. Couple years ago I can I think is my first. My first yeah it was my first year here I typically don't wanna go to the reunion okay about why it's not that bad like channel it's not that bad. One in my friends is that she really set he died like. Two days after Nellis and if you listen as podcasts on if you know that I'm not a Seahawks hang on the Packers to keep that pretty low key on the radio but. We're all friends here are seven unless there was on and it was the year that the CI a the Packers blew the fourth quarter lead like the worst team ever and as he champs of game and I'm in Seattle. Dying on my couch yet dying on my couch and the whole game I'm just basically chatting with my buddy still that's still back in Vegas Cirque heat. Had a heart attack and died the next day Motorola knows first so now look at the user user IT here's a the only depicting coolest IT guy in radio history like awesome duties were New York he just mad at everything as you know and test. San Seahawks killer front that's why don't like them. Has nothing to do with my source allegiance it's being murdered my friend. Pets throughout but then like two weeks later somebody else. Again jokes here we actually value the lives of these people yelling money yet he has to he had to joke about you said as of two has just set as an Olympic crushes you right. And so Yemen and I I went to that a copy is an economic a month later somebody else that I knew like went. Abacus stroke or something and I huh. Becoming kind of get a stop eating tacos just to be on the safe side here like I'm watching the teen hunger force yesterday I appreciate had a shadow stimuli. Flop on all the nice. Other good I'm all. How do you do that I don't know I'm jealous. I've never been marginal have you in my life if if if a master Jacob of one of the episodes I don't I bought a pair for whom from a pistol at that and yoga. Who want to Brooklyn and I about the on how to talk to her forces and police season's ten and eleven. Turned out there still better than most other television shared so I've been sick all week and I have not had a lot to do right and I've just been going around trying to find things to. Watch 'cause they never take the time to I don't watch any shows I don't dislike people who watch sports and then I know 85% of our conversations Greg you watches no. I never mind yes public watched a few things to do back to my computer clicking clicking away we'll be only. We're really show I do watch is Rick and forty we watched that such barely making progress. They're the well which in order for some of the health blossomed you'll want to know they'll have new what's still watch eleven episodes yesterday. It was risky bad Garcia led Tony Tony tween 36 foot Gloria I think. Only 2220. It will mean yeah I know which document over the original of those like take the old stock footage in that purpose that it's so weird they have they have like it's like ha a 27 minutes of footage or so it does is it going we're a hundred and something episodes out of it and I'll ask him Aaron and up and anybody cares but not like it's distracting. Continue as I'd dig my eyeball out of my head. And yeah. Teed off. At a Q where it comes to know who. So yeah. Even sink even watching idol Madonna is a master shake had a stroke on the episode I was like oh man not cool fall I've seen that when and it's Andre has made this move is exceeding a foot long hot dog news is like he's like garbage diet related to the two old men Shaquille what jumpers ultimately. Yeah it has as the storm and I was like old. I was twenty something elemental Larry is that unlike all of the media I thought about for ten minutes like in my gonna have a stroke. And the Thomas the stroke and have an immediate last year during this broke no I thought I was have minister elect I was it was. During a baseball game last year or highway. I think it is well and I think he's got up too fast Oprah for edit it to death blues is clearly doesn't have to do stroke there's no way and side note I'm currently benefit under the certificates start and I got out of how is. I catch so like I kicked foul ball into the complex file and I just popped up to go get the ball and Erica and I popped up and it was like you know sometimes they mainly on the couch in the stand up and everything it's like inflation through fusion or is that just meaning you do come in yeah ours like in the coconut oil problem Russa but I don't you have a boom it feels funny that people feel before the streets to see you know I know all right so I get up to go get this ball and agree to pick it up and Mike. I'm gonna stand here for a second because like that's all happening to me him and Mike. I'm gonna die do my bike and we Madonna baseball field I used to joke saying that this is I want it to go. How one goes like I wanna go hurry up. Other big that you don't wanna go all out Utley might be all right umpires like DO OK it's skeletal I don't wanna go gentlemen she knew goal Aaron. To the great beyond that pearly gates married a third bay the upper groove and like what are you talking about. Lose your question you ask me that question you can be buried on any baseball field anywhere which one would it be and where in the field. Where is easy under home plate. That's easy what fields oh my god well indeed a sentimental and go I could like to be buried in my school field in my Schofield sucks sucks. It would be all like I iced him ashes spread at home plate of Safeco in like fifteen years that's like a parking lot and you make. I was wrong what John matches are very he had a stroke. At. You blew me won't wound. He quit for the Marist. Now he was used is that that the game there's a thing called a podcast yeah we would you don't get it. AdAware that we would move all brought this was an episode do whatever it is. Popular and hard cast consisting yet these atoms and on your phones. The with a phone. Or groans yeah grow. You listen to things move equipment how long was it as like a good half hour. It absorbs that in a minute here again it is download he had visited in my brain. I know Kong flu in kids. Well your kids in your implants. Mom. What field I mean it would have to be Miller Park just because I love the brewers I guess now. I didn't has culturally the most trash as a good times there even better yeah. That would be where I would go general and spit like a blow to back on the knows that Tyler wasn't one little tobacco playing grew behind home plate. Closed down we'd not my America as they will be to. Amare broad green plan through cross those things can you make a split split if you can make to match to match goes that thing then why can't. But the talk about a Simpsons episodes. The Simpsons have predicted everything might several fair fair it's only a matter of time before you'd imagine the addictive vegetables yet. Good point. And Monsanto I really and also an I'll never ever understand this. How our earth is it that OK I'm Mike when eating healthy to do a moment ago here I like I'm gonna dip into some way to get a salad. Why is it that I can get 27 tacos to for the price of like one Cobb salad you up a dozen have chicken and it. Others on the stock does look like at the push I'm but I'm just saying Mike you know that's kind of weak like like it's I get like. A quarter pounder with cheese and an aside if carrots instead of Fries yeah again I would never do that to know don't know put out appreciate the option yeah. You know I mean once figured out a way to make carrots tasted delicious is French fry why is that so hard to consider yours look worse worse outside notre. Oh as you look let's just be a question. Are you know it's cooked carrots Enron carrots are you wanna be and again well Liam. Brawl only took care and get out of here click here to discuss elicit input do you chop up a carrot to put it America means dumb -- and others call when you have these carrots and celery and sheriff Narnia when he took that I like you put that into a super one airline but if you're like hunter's son took care it's unlike what kind of dog yet gross get out of here. If it. Why would you ruby's parents cannot give me some ranch immediately and then maybe I'll eat these kind. Of masimo for the informal way please. Think pets that you would do just that. But garlic carrots and no equipment and Jack Carey did it defeats the purpose plagued beats you beats are hot right now now if canopy just out of here although I have to be our recipient. I say this you know and every semi. So pretty Lloyd just pretty loyal Demi if she makes all the pretty food driving right and she went to whatever fits by the way I think that's the greatest thing that the best yet a cool I feel great feeding them the stuff because they know he's not getting any additives let's say you haven't it yet Google will wait what we splurge. Like he gets a raspberry that's like a treat to him like that's like for him it's like getting a piece of fruit deflationary you know. It's not like we have to give them candy Ehrlich from what that it's gonna be sad and he's like eight in like in your living and eating and ad tech Ed two gallon. Tub of spike like starters do you like man. You used to be so inappropriate for Catholic. What you Sherron sort of a pretty sticky you suffered you're usually so healthy now look at you can chocolate all over your face. On. Knee deep in rappers I got to tell event that with his mom go to an openness. It'll do what he's eighteen to duplicate accounts in the Guerrier got out split up slope let the rope rock luckily I'm pretty sure his mom is convinced that when she's not around and I'm going to definitely break all the rules I dated a girl once who wise. Told as a kid that McDonald's was poison him. And if she if she would die and pull on taking notes yet Reid gave it like we did a couple of years ago obviously and I said so Monday I was like man. Sometimes I just want a big Mac have just won a big Macs sometimes issues like. No that will kill you and I was like. Well listen no I know that like you can't even big national every hole immediately yes he's like no no that's so awful kill you instantly and make. Spoiler alert. The question ethnic question you go to do something that you know you shouldn't like and there were five times today. Think that applicants. Order a decently he shouldn't and Ike. You write on skewed look I'm really excited about this and many see other people that are there in your like boot. A lot of times surrounded by what do warn me about. And I should not be doing that yes there is a an establishment in Ballard gap that I a used to frequent. Frequently GAAP pre and frequently got to that yet and I say that right and and it was the same thing wares like you doing there and make you knew you were you know you're doing now. That they you're walking in and you'd be like you could like Steve liked was the dollar pro seafood company you that'll slam you could see like the you could see like the grease on the walls you know aiming at it's it's it's like they're kitchen was essentially like four Frye hearings and a fridge yeah and it is like. Great food it was awesome but every time he'd walk in the EB soak sadly you smash the student walking nick I'm gonna die. This is a terrible idea about it timing at home you're like so guilt ridden in like immediate booklet is it good news crude. Is a great units greet the what's it freezes at about. Or return to the hundreds of her. It's three days later right back there had this kind of a tangent but any time you oh no attention on a perfect fit with what I mean did you do walk away from a place we smell like that place it's probably a bad sign bad sign always a bad sign but like. First seven blocks and gonna be stuffed in it's worth it. Not worth it but you know earlier talking about the knowledge of albums supercomputer that's an order to win these next door bulldogs are great. Post by guess bang bang boom. Just say yes yes we are. Yeah case so. There is a direct down pop a shot yes. This because I finally. And nothing going on for a couple days just shudder and subject she was like dude you gotta watch. Colbert shot. And I was like OK the time has now. I literally have no excuse. It is always good number that I should be watch in the very nice about those who watch and some of the marvel movies to get caught up yet he doesn't and I agree I should be doing that but. Then sums it received over cayenne I was like I should do that you know. I do again ten minutes and do it I was all in share ten episodes thirty ish minutes each and watch them all. One after another with a break in the middle for a moto GP race pocket and the contain I watched the whole thing I've never been binge watched a hole anything before. In one afternoon I watched the whole thing it was brilliant so my question Q have you seen. SE properly please. Yeah this question no easy answer for you guess the question and Georgian battalion I'm not. All right it is. No audited to be and I I had zero expectations for its complex because the characters. Are both flawed. And wonderful yeah it's like Johnny is still peace. Yeah I don't Russo is is like look bullet I love dinner lose that little room to room. So Greg it's gonna initially I don't advocate here. Eric. If a quick Max Headroom over here like a failure like west feeling glue your classroom hosts that just lost that he just switched out to adolescents and I know the trust me anyway arsenic I get it. I'll. Daniel's only try something stop while motor functions. Oh my cat. Okay now back. K Daniel a low Russo Vega he's like really it'll be like got past all his like being a prick. Issues but the commission backed up. I am wondering what it was ultimately staying there is a wreck I do not seem Karate Kid. He wasn't a tricky isn't tired but he is a record it was like a total acutely talked acted too. Ali and I ask for better or Smart ass and he was like. He's won it's it's we continue to receive the conspiracies I would've come on tricky was a rough and tumble no I don't know conspiracy in Denton about how old Johnny is really other good guys together you guys Centennial Russo is the bad guy loved kids I'm sure but yeah here's how went over the weekend. Try to console and I watched part of that and pretty sure it was like I've never seen this and if you're gonna watch is under new abstinence with a fine. Thirteen to ten to wanted to hang I was there and then she lipstick debate about a thought that and I have turned TV back on and everybody Q part two was now I've got a controversial question for you. As did question is Karate Kid to better or worse than Karate Kid one. Mike guide no wind is better because two is creating nonsensical. So one has like a lot of the awesome. Things that we would quote. Years later undoubtedly put some songs and yes yeah and you know put that about a bag in the restaurant below analyst Gloria let's. But Karate Kid two is actually. Adventure into who mister BI he has shared I yet and I love Japan and so like like. I really appreciate it I was watching and of the public out of riveted by the simplicity you know about a mile that was like it was like. That is go to Japan they went back in time to Japan and that was that even Mike wells what ten and I came I don't think this is weird. But Japan's crazy watching it now take a listen watching it now I was like they said did you like on my. Understanding of how they you framed it was a lot better. Share it might mean more simply the struggling fishing village of that didn't adopt to be in modern I have read and also with the eighties and who knows came right. I actually think that. As a movie Karate Kid part two might be better than we were democratic. I'll have to go back a wash to finance so this is look listen that was going on in my head into than watching copper cut in seeing where these guys end up and then. That is pretty cool I didn't know you root for they do such a good job of like Johnny such a loser but elect kind of rude and turned to get the stuff back together right is a loser. And Daniel little Russo has like dropped as anger and he's kind of gonna try and be the feel like why is one now but he still wrecked. And selector slip back into these old rules and it's fascinating to watch. And there's. At some point I'll pop a shot teams I thought if you would cookies that the same time. For that does everything and it's a there's like some hot chicks in it there's look at it does karate they make fun of everybody for doing karate until there's like. Lots of like. To the face contact which is like totally illegal alien writing school effort because of insurance for one rhetoric content that. He's got a sweet ass old car that lake. She'll like it gives a kid a kid who's like a foot like drinking and driving it means it's a very. Not PC response to what's going on right now like. Johnny is not. He's like blood ever get out of my way I don't care like out of our joint Facebook's reports FaceBook it will it's amazing that you looked so out of Lou. All right. It's well worth the I don't know afternoon room binging the you have to give it so I've really I really trying to not do TV really now I just down it to you shows and down the west thrilled and just embarrassingly Riverdale I don't carry racism of that channel. And even of the seas and whose. Is there any more disappointing at the but yeah. Questions ask your question is there anything more disappointing then weeding is. Like with bated breath for like your show to come back and it comes back in its garbage. I wouldn't know correct. The steep decline any and ask them questions the last time that happened to me was. I watched the Netflix original QB Schmidt went over the back yeah and let's show us. Song cracks me up I like it can I still think it's funny every time a yes on. But the first season was really weird and clicks the super compelling love 30 Rock so surely have a natural extension of fast at 30 Rock for gas a dummy. But today in season two came around I was like man at the students this is trying to be when it was a but it gets funny towards the end of the season three cameras like Alex wave I'm not really a twisted and others Susan Ford on the clip that you still think the tea say I get it like work. I think that we do a bad job and America because so greedy. That when you Haston its dudes can't just let it gel like if I was an actor on that show when they signed me up cricket board is the perfect example of the season one is just wonderful season to have some real gyms and it. And then you get like this pop culture appeal we have a kid the McDonald drag coming up and down on the thing demanding such warmth the sausage which finally is not that good yet it it just bigger and to be a raging nerd look at the idea. And the day's big order seventy new episodes of it holy cow man luckily yes stream. And I area there's no way that this is to be able to state academic and I watched. Assad Family Guy yesterday and it's still got me on the same dumb things that I hated to get before I know that you're not a fan from cardinal have him again the evidence still angry I get it is like cheap gags let's film economic that. Yeah yeah they just can't possibly using assistance is on like thirty years that I ended his man's disease to be but I mean they are still coming up with episodes and and they keep giving reorder the praise very strange to me if this watches the Simpsons. I did it again all. Johnson Emily sub domain. Christian was. Is she like loved the Simpson yes and so and she'd like. Watched religiously. As I got back into it for six months at a time twice. And and enjoyed it the show was still compelling and do it I just would never cared. Yes I've never tune back in because it's like yes I mean it's him that the north still really put him on the TV news watching all my horrendous. Only watching on demand I don't know I don't ever watch anything like. I'm never sitting down on the couch at 8 PM Ottawa right most sports and even then I'm usually ten minute play in the public fast for the halftime or whatever best way to do it there of difficult and today's air edited. Watch sports. Is he gonna be an unit at same time but is the only way meaning it's wild how much close to complain about this to the people I don't know. Relative to all of the sound understands Sebelius and her. But I think last night the little while there's some to defeat was. Aggressive. Very sub. So I can. Only really recommend Tolbert got for anybody wants to do that thirty days YouTube red trial and watch Elton episodes kooky who watched twice already. And I had access to it I just haven't done yet and jazz so it's and it's worth the watch. It was like I called one of my buddies such a key council rod denting the judge Janice you gotta watch this. And then he text me the next morning the so what's the whole thing yesterday and my dad now me to Africa and I don't really talk about it it's okay Aaron upload it to the top of my. When I get lazy and and maybe you'll like you can flip side to too much whoever valued at the first likes everyone as well maybe that maybe I will be over hyped and everything clearly everyone that I've talked to you that watched it as I was like really pleasantly surprised at how. Complex I felt about things and I was like oh my godly Kia until that is for sure gonna go into Michael. So it's not just a big dose and member berries and you're just drunk off the nostalgia so did you really good job of mixing in the the seldom been very obvious about it and not just like. It's not just like turn a wink at the camera it's like here's a clip but failing at the licensed a ton of the movie and stuff so really Billick flashback to elect actual fill me AM which is a pretty neat and then there's like. We looked little like to audio things for the eagle or Monica who are too. That's a look at things happening it's kind of corny but it's also like to the ring at the drown. I don't think there's a need draw vividly I can remember now. Q I've also watched the movies right so applicable among them into memory and so I recommended. I think it might be. Did it again this is me so he can't like Texas begins with a grain of salt 'cause I don't think it's actually like. Mind blowing television for most people when I think it might be the best TV series. I've seen and I really want you to watch west rolled man because I feel like you really like it in ninety's and it talked to about it and I feel like your brain to be in the right place for it I think it's for media I think I'm definitely in that. Blood there demo. Aaron and I think that that can definitely be a thing so you should make benefit okay here we go tie and a on Twitter rat. And pass tag sack person seed. Seriously. Keep your pants on dole tea bagged the ocean. To Sacramento. I don't DS the capital of California. Yeah Sacramento right now I think you're right yeah I've got about a senate to Jeff for the G-8 since. It's tough because the lawyers except dummy with the G. Astec NBA finals they're done well is floral abroad and am did Kevin Durant is heartless. I didn't see it so he's so good. And like I think he likes being the villain. So like he'll make a basket and Mike look at the crowd and make instead of being like the hero superstar. He's like everyone shut up. Cooper it's impressive it's really cool tenor of the beast. I alum I'm my big ploy it's Daewoo's LeBron to Seattle sound urgency that's a great idea. So nurse. The brunt of the sounder is great idea granite I'll settle for teacher read other. Custard Tuesday thoughts I'll settle for teacher read out. Or a burrito Lauren Euro. To Diana charity to rodent is not a teacher burrito because that is a. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter not part of podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast to run team by. Try university does karate with a GM.