206 - Gergling

Monday, June 11th

We'd say this pod is #2

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George dome as it is starts. All right always start. It is not very good. It fell and worst. Hey welcome back my true. Grandpa has that still don't let the stale. But it's still church doughnuts. That church don't London is left over from church itself. Is served I was at church. I just feel well to do churches hold up well to do. Indeed the other back. And another instance of a church for doughnuts now all the little donut stop event Stella is lit with those weird it's like. Pastel. Cool so like half the bio like our I don't and and have a little meeting here. And for the record. Even half stale is still 100% do but I mean still we needed it yeah I had to be clear about I just need a reason to complain about the freedom Hutchison was going to talk about yeah I mean we literally have nothing you brought a paper towel put. Could compose a reference sheet. I'm a tenth off. He's just holding up his doughnut if if I have a pencil. Other right and Jolie fillet fake news that's a pencil now. Oh man. Good news the war's domestic question. The question have you questioned you know as the worst I have an idea but for the sake of habit who can't go. Any of Canada and everybody their ability. Man that picture at this in video message to the video where there's the kid. He's like can like crouching down into the furniture store. And mom goes then Miller what you go to goes I don't plan. Bill he's just like sit there crouched down like just hanging out like no big deal as a group of fans. That is the look on the president's face as you'd like all of the other world leaders are like we talked about he does it mean and keeping me it was like a Norman Rockwell painting actually the first in my side. It's good equipment that we don't Norman Rockwell as anymore not go into the door I was taught you do Brennan from the Internet today and I was like I got this friend. Under the stop this conversation right now because he will definitely do this and I will be in trouble but I mentioned the brand name and he was like what it. There's a punk band from like the lay there and he's 2000 that he had no idea what I was. And then we transition into the bloodless it has been your thing is look at. We transition sales timeout from Ghazi. The present as a property like important brand because into the put. That the band that took the job seriously the practice five hours a day that was like a thing that they didn't like who stood out to meet five days a week that went to work and to make some music and he was like yeah Abbott probably just from an influential. Part of your life. The U. Academy and say that a bad that is actually in when it's like it yet actually also if not is what I did. It's not that I have a big guilty pleasure for some it's slipping to sit and go you know. In the ninety's were great for music because of bands like home. Now listen I'll say that and how our side now to mean I really like yup I'm prepared to die and that helped by. I not I'm also going to be not going in they're going. How dare you do not know who that is like the can be forgiven if you're like a teenager like you don't that is a cliche because their rad but like the guy the is. So don't let serve right. Then there were twenty years ahead of the time it's like proto me anywhere in the manner and military to tears and had ethics and it was like a whole big thing and that's fine you can you can log onto me whenever but that's the porn this whole thing was is that I I. Showed a picture of manned. It is like I don't know what that is and I was like pond know because they are obscure enough that you wouldn't but if you like. Anyway so it's the same thing you say an oracle training grants or appear at yeah. Source close band. I think punk rock is very. Very. West Coast death and I know Florida and then over the West Coast and not really Florida no and let's go to and I kept the pair let people know about the stuff appear like there was a shot again nick for a long time Scott scene appear like. But to wait longer than the rest of us had it for eighteen months yeah I kept going to that school. I was like a big deal here for awhile is us and there's a really big hardcore underground punk scene here too which is very east. Interest and there's a W that contract bootlegs going around the car a couple of guys one of the guys that runs with a rock clubs. Used to be in the hardcore Brooklyn. She knew filming videos and turning around the country by American Xena in the back pay every courtroom and stuff now you'd you pointed in the direction are using Sheldon who could assist its its of that society and from Iran to hit. Fifty cent nine words to me in ever get such a great voice are you talk more might not like. Hello could pull off a little. Could you read his notes replacement sure turn left on the map yeah I could you be my GPS guide and I always like please can begin that you'd be very good to begin again so on. Norman Rockwell painting no hard but W president group of his pants. All the rest of the country or countries in the world Ehrlich and it's so embarrassing. It's to the point now are delicious toppings don't want to and I apologize. Totally negates the whole point where he's at other assistant seriously ever going on if I could be serious right up to Indianapolis at three over the donuts. Carlos M there aren't too. A little piece you know yeah a guy who never get through now got a guy. It's to the point or it's like it's just embarrassing and a real as this in the night. We're gonna now spend the bulk of our adult lives. Dealing with his mess oh yeah clean up oh yeah this the nice. This doesn't go away. Think this is becoming this is now a perk this is a process all students like. My whole adult life is ruined you spend your whole life building trust with somebody who lied to a one time and it removed all of that work and it stays with you forever and just it's not necessarily a parallel but it takes a lot more to build a relationship that goes to destroy one. A lot harder to build up arch than it is to take up the keystone logical Al now referred to him as president Hingis. Until people like is his plan to destroy the west all. If they have a plan now at ratings via the status of that yet. You talk about a I don't want. Had a nice weekend I don't think about that crap although it paint that picture was like a stick couldn't get over it and it was really good I think it was a painting the first MS I really did us like. It's got to stylized just enough rounds like. This this and he. I mean the funny part which not funny because it's America Merrill. It's how all of those leaders as soon as late he was gone like what a tool. Like they you don't often hear people. Spezza politicians open mean. Pick on another politician and make it's kind of they keep that kind of the nature of politics yet they kind of like vaguely referenced like these fancy words to call this guy media but like this time they are like. What a moron. To think thank god he's gone I was ready for true go to build this fan asked for a day like three Katie me. Cubic out of the two more in their right exactly goody I hobble hypocritical. I'm a significant. To which you don't. To come and another thing. That is what I thought of the president the pool another hey Donald what are you doing. I'm just. What it looked into the destitute but it's the best group in the G-7 summit amid a few biggie dead at. It never Europe which pants. There are pooped my hands fans and the grown up there as a prisoner holed oddly got a hold on first of all a couple things. And it's as though that I got very serious there present at. Are we gonna have two months. Also I can ask your question I don't ask me question your defense as an adult as an adult well depends on how you look at that have ever had like a full sold long pull out my button to my pants. Now. That none of an adult got to not happen out of the seven and is a dozen diapers I don't know I can't remember a time that I have oops my pets you got. Have by ever on my birthday tried to squeeze out a fart and it could not go well and I had a full list after words of mine I know the movie all pitted technically but like. But you Wear. You're past the age of it being sort of understandable if you cooped pants AJ I would like to certainly teens until you're getting picked on an tablet yet Noah did luckily but. Did that happen perhaps. Only made it I don't know Laura. Allegedly you allegedly. No rule. I want snow Terrence IA had a pool. At a friend in college. Who we had it going away party he was going to. He is going to interned for senator in Washington and I was moving back to Wisconsin who's Luke can work through the big fibre a lot of yes right. Big week. He was where his Wheaties jacket there are some really strange. Look excited on how the world like you know we'd as a country but then we're liked. Tobacco thumbs up Osgood just all gut the one that is a killer yet I'll get kicked and so we had a going away party ranger. It was good party this week Boehner and being clean bill. And he got. Bet yeah like real bad and we had to carry him out of the party up to his room and as my friends. Are carrying up I'm kind of clean defense behind you wanna kind of make this. Kind of quiet you know disease like red. It's good out there and nobody nobody governor Ted Barrett I don't I don't look. To a no look look over there are sick. Now yeah. How's. It yeah yeah you have news from group. So my friends a drag him up this soap. Drag up the stairs I'm kind of locker with stairs that are dragging him out. And hasn't locking up a turnaround and his little turns who fits the if you could group's solid group is a little. Here's a little book it was like it trailers. It's a it would that it. Which is hilarious and then it was like so we get that taking care as quickly as possible like all right guys. Now I know all of us want to make fun of this because the face and has ever happened in a probably a tired. I'm like we can't. This has to be seeker like this is come on think this is redirected guarantees him fervor for forever but this has to be a couple of not Coke and a so go back to the party. Pop around him fine tune drinks. Other things to injury X doing drain broken pots do marijuana as bomb and then it Blake. That's currently accepting huge thing I tell you something that's what she's I heard. Little plot Catholic who told you this that's a lie and a look all I can see over her head to my friend and others either angle like. I could help me I have to think who else do I couldn't I tried I tried so then it's like damage control in the don't tell anybody else that I low. Except for Clare dad I'm like oh god a low though Blair entered oh no it was a disaster. It's some when you do it to yourself. That's it really hurts it's a great event now. That's a different game then win it happens to I was I was eating at. Which used to be they food joint on Broadway still list. It I ate there and I was walking home my buddy Johnson nick moved so Delhi and I was like oh I have to. I got to do. And that I started to. Picking up the pace walking home and it's the gurgling. Dinner Lou Gehrig or Legg who. Trademark path if the gurgling sort of and it was one of those things were like. I wanted to put. Like a finger over mobile also bullet while I was in the elevator going up mine stay up to my apartment because it was so back. It was so bad and I thought I was going to liquid poop my pants. In the elevator. And then have to like rectifier how did I take care that corrective. There was already do. It. If if if if and. Yeah I like an idyllic barely it's barely made it. To my bathroom but like it was a disaster was like chapel afterwards DA do laundry cry make sure our area though I've never felt that. Out of control of mine you among troops before now. I've certainly drank way too much fear in the walked home from somewhere and stopped and some enjoyed appeal like trying to begin recourse or cooled there is no way I can avoid it like. New PM answer him right there he. And I've. Dole white to do that capital also like. We you've seen Seattle's. Here that you're I'm more bluntly I'm more likely to pee on somebody then come Orlando Seattle. I'll take it I'll take him to get helped by it. Guess so it's some. I was so bad when people long. Don't know how I got him. The ticker Mike decree Pearson and then told you've suffered through a guitar solo and sometimes you might have to make his decision to improve my parents are two and finish solo or do I like. Just kind of bail and they look blew them figure out what would you do if you're on stage. You're on stage of K you're doing your hosted a charity event pause for the cause or whatever got him that the U. And you're like welcome to the stage for us go Ross goes in nine year old builder gotta go now forty huge as the I mean you can't possibly just cut it out. Know you have for me it's bail it's take over to say that to somebody and run away because. Bet I don't know whether you're better to being. The mystery then nearly that and painful details like. They struck in Norman rifle reference and the money I I'm like dude upper demo podcasts were nailed it today. Nail it shows that shows its rate by fifty force him dozens of shots is NX. Some dummies if I'm up. Here I don't. I've never done it. Newsom to recuperate from what we're Hoover but I recently had a brutal work. And I was like at the worst time possible because. But I get here way early cherry and so you can mechanic are about a time when like in use until the other studios and soothe it's on and it's like well at least they can sneak in. Right worst case scenario I don't talk somewhere and I like to hide in here until clearly run away again and take a long way back to the suit and Abigail. But at. Like 88459. O'clock am on popular in the business or open closed door open and the whole trick is to tie met so that way you're and. People come in and out and then like you you know there's nowhere there and you did you pop out and yet wash your hands look to do Shiller yeah. Hulu was not possible and boy is that uncomfortable about like. We look at some people but to still don't care it's create a military people think maybe you are both like trained out of view and video when you get out you like. We may lash back against that as the chair of the military people and I'm just the disgusting too can just like debt. Like a million UB European right under item we'll talk to the whole time and poop like no. That's from share gala dinner break or whether lake. Use their phones. That month period Dow up well Al I can think it was like. This person know you're that you're talking to they know. 100% fact that if you are talking to me while you're grouping I have my you know what I know lately FL records so clever that make you can't there's specific acoustics yeah. There's reverb governor not everyone might not know that because there and don't appear to train to doom and sound related things may be like work Jack hammer for levee can't you're. Sarah trying to put. Yeah I. I know that there is but you're talking we like to open. It but after my brother. You don't care is like blood. I'm like how do you do this but he. How did exist in this world how to night not get this like I wish I wish I was just like the debt covenant to open up to state will bad do look everybody via. So gross picking India bet it's. Have you had any problem it has Harrison. Dropped. Our space maybe it's a ton of okay. And he had in Munich public. Explosions that and deal with there oh my god I can't think of the specifically because there's so many times really gonna get him out of his car seat and there's literally liquid. From the top of his diaper up to his neck. Rose it's so gross public cooped up I guess it should've done a better job that's a few episodes ago I was like depressing that ever happened is now do you hate groups. Group Soledad yes. I think and often beat that are not on. We take Silly Putty to put in the newspaper Jarrett motion Alec that. It's like that's it looks like yet it's like that at that little long in the near little butt cheeks formed into a mountain and then we just picked off to what but you know McGill and get right. Before it was just like before he starting sought clues as blue milk all the time I mean imagine if you only drink beer what comes out of you. Let me tell you as some who only treats their. Revenue riddled and there were you like figure friendly dread of said the next day he wasn't opened on the stairs scrambled to turn Laats he was. Yeah yeah but the full water found or a wonderful school. Like you go grab the kid out of the car and car seat in like Belichick got a blue okay now let. Yet so listen if you're listening right now on Yahoo! Japan slot we need your podcast yup. Come the summer camp. Jonas backstage nice we pitch a microphone and you can tell the whole world all 45 million listeners from about the time. You dropped deduce movement and you paints yet. And almost as many people the country of Germany so. It's worth I think even Germany. Think it's like fifty in Germany 65 in the UK and aren't done podcasts almost as popular is churning. Effect for whatever reason still. Let me say similar but all of the Jews so I don't rule who've. Let's walk out of that played myself my friend that kept John Daly does not support Gregor blow. Click it up well then. So we're just reverse plankton. Speak to drop back play gave the to us via Internet. This should the Internet that I intentionally used it 100. Today or yesterday or sort that on the Internet conflict that's is gone now Aaliyah. No it does not anymore that's like last year in the just ended and so crazed. There is an artist a couple years ago that I would always call bay because as a joke it was funny and it was like all man doing stupid. Kids lines setup to make myself saying where's he getting music and inactivity had played it knows like it's okay and am like. No but the working more tat doesn't know so far as everything was so fast now. That's what's great about the weekend's man I'm not like. Thomas a portal my phone because they don't have and I'm not looking at the same stuff and yeah it'll be in the Facebook's all that stuff and so on like the to a photo much Formula One news and then. Ballot. Right yeah got to do something. Yeah I'm very like idle hands lately that I gotta be ethnic which is good. In a sense because it's like okay you're doing things in a messy should be doing should be cutting your own hair lets you should be doing with the time. Chemist my hero. My experience and it does matter fact drinks and it. China to Brandon not that Brandon with this other brand in front of commitment that very excited. But included are shots I hit an act meaning when I get like walk up deals on fifteenth. Like I earned my Erica into what. I think it's excimer pipelines and other still. I don't to measure some bomber. Resentment owed just being doing suddenly has a same daily have been like trying to do you like more things. And same it's like it's kind of nice she's got to be. On the Internet think nothing's happening. Portal has met it's all just like in negative side but other sub podcast when but he Casey terminal podcast it's called American history tellers. Local and it's just a guy that the radio guy and has an unfortunate name and I haven't confirmed that it's not him but his name is Lindsey Graham quickly politician Pia and Mike like yeah well I I am and I should confirm that it's not the same person. But it's a six person staff and they like. Research and write the slick big 45 minute history narrative and in the produce the whole thing in like a comic storyteller style it's it's very. It's not reenactment style it's very well told in very well yet produced so let's go to fund and move it to move along a select the American space race against the Soviets over four episodes. And that like really nicely just puts on the on the it's not. They like. Levels podcast eyes and. Previous history animals and is good he's got a it has voices an very in gearing it. He's content to it. It's kind of the same things as weird things happen in history and a putting him to the context of this is not weird stuff and have minister is just like very like CS a fickle here. I cares here's what happened was load with the first launch of Borough of murder and Verner Von broadens the German scientists the place is that they. Got from Germany before the Russians could have brought him over here and said it was about 15% less Smart. Cool popular than he really was that with a name like that you just go to your although level. And that's this up with that that's a level and it get naming yeah yeah he was actually super. But you're wrong in this case but yes I understand intersect. MI. Am I it's crazy NASA couldn't get it done and they refused to use this guy because he was a Nazi yeah yeah she used to pay. Putin. You regret concentration camp or you're not have gone for the and so they were like that's bad for the Americans had to have to rely on amounted to do that but then there was the public get to ourselves and he was like I've been telling you how to do it even ignoring measles are central for some reason. Who says Jason about NASA gonna help us. Can we need the car getting coffee and building the space station there comedians in space getting moon rocks schools now. Speaking of names I was at a baseball game yesterday. And when they went of that one and nineteen it's kids was legit like tackling me was batting because of mining and they can't win over email we're even as little buddy were like. John rarely rarely hit the ball manly men moved both command menu and it's like going raced over there and hit offensive that make sure well. Do they think dad shake you know it was just the Sheikh who. And the allowed to do that developers this kid but whatever reports year old flat boat proof I stand corrected at sorry junior who. It was self it was like. It was so funny because it's like your ear kind of like in the zone nearly focused on things you know in the zone and also is looking like little ten year old voices like. Many mammogram as like. I looked like determining what do I play I'm here. You Shuster great shoot yeah RA right there in my day as the column and. I'm getting my comeuppance my ten year old and a and that's who's funny. I had them and I bought a new backpack over the weak and pathetic is that kid that read death we're gonna Belgium Coke and rather than taking a stroller and all that garbage or do you have brothels inning desire and it really is who loved him that much it's such a beer that were going for. OG beer makers in the and so. But one of these like kid carrying backpacks and my ticket for a I've been so sick for ever fiasco we rather than going hiking properly winds that went around the neighborhood had yet to test it out. And that kid that loves the backpack would ditch in the arm were just in the stroller for the trip. We're going to be will go to a racetrack and it's like not designed for storms it's up in total time's up it's up. To stick backpack got to get Matt and I told them around and then he'll be big enough to walk around by then that he'll be able to. Do a little bit himself he won't have to live and it but then it's on my back so graphic worry about it being a little baby fit that. Probably more hates those socialist pretty Lawrence of them but the it's. LC I don't does either. It just in racing less of a mother in law. Shaken her hand or cookies doughnuts cookies set Devin chicken is handle I can get extra steps that I like other like a flat with the play that and then it's just days. Then it's commuting competitive which I like elect Republican president to travel like. But here you can't not get your goal suited do everything you can't win PG yourself right that's the what's the purpose of doing this if you're gonna. So they should look at a scale should doing that stuff he should at a skill everyday items to every morning to see how myeloma progresses bullets and really kept me from getting fatter than I did. But it's close they kept me like. Mean I like topped out at 229 I was right there at the 230 market and since then I've brought it down keep within about two pound range by countless so. Over the like 2:26 this morning. But what comes down to 22 and so somewhere in between there and the weekend is routes makes an ice cream and beer and barbecue yesterday so. Because this and the senate pick grosses beacon house previous point I am I feel bad about that but it was just not in the cards yet. I'd go play were a softball and torrential downpour instead when. So stupid got appearance of commitment and that's a real good fun. Yeah I spent. Paterno knew barbecue joint it's like just like this it's like the crappy is what's going on it. It's unit you're never gonna go to it because it's too far away but it's like the crappy ist barbecue and looking barbecue joint and I'd like to win now on the phone order had. I do in there until June NL. It's installments and some are watching there's one family in their eating at its so dead minute and it Haley yeah that go to Vegas and how's it going to discuss and we are so busy element but little of that written business is booming through we're catering five parties today poll snapped I was a that's Corey is the so that I took my food home and it was a legit. Let's from sticking up for some barbecue last weekend and ranting and raved about the joint and then we got there and it was like cool looking but the barbecue was dollar bid that's terrible. As if this is not more like laugh laugh when we doing here. And so you don't the next punch a little like. Stirred up from time right. Paul meant it over deliver and I was like. A particular Baylor Q. You seem like a man that makes. Understands what makes good barbecue yeah I want. Like for instance the pulled pork. Yeah it looked fatty which I'm not into because I don't like the value of the gristle -- right when he tore apart and ate it just melted away that's correct it was so good and the young and the brisket beef brisket was just blackened enough on the outside with out being dry on the inside so it pulled apart real nicely too but it came in in a little morsel chancellor it was delicious I got the butt of one of it and absolutely likened this could this could change the tide. And then when it really comes down to with Catholic even to a barbecue joints can mess up the meat once in awhile check. Really comes down to though as the shots. Can decide to bring it back caddie can be more consistent about right. Men macaroni cheese was like I'm really detected some don't be done there which I come on if you're gonna go for heart stopping like I was like. Yes the beans were. I've never had this before there were more like a wood beams there was like black and white beans altogether it was like a real. The metaphor for America as a metaphor for what's that it used to be yeah. And and the like bacon in there a little pork and I am I was expecting just like corny. You know -- bring it means some degree but no not there. I'm Nicole falls off these are all the things that are hard to do what they were all awesome every meal let's just sides. But if you eat they did they get home really is gonna have a can of baked beans for dinner well. Probably I think you have done this recently euthanized can't yeah my head you know it's like one of those things that would your kid you're like well I love baked beans on a dusty does all the time if I could you really felt unsatisfying it is and how yes the taste of things sometimes is what makes it great. But did that not too long ago with actually baked beans yeah and they are like big being those at the store some whatever items like many didn't who's gonna do this at lake. I'm not good then get a steak or anything crimes can get the beans is what the beans gone couldn't in a pot. Like forced ovals are that while this was fine yeah I still have like you know two pints lasso it and Greg no glasses are you telling me is alive blender I blended it first just a little bit. On and a qaeda's allies should Nichols armed like him can it come on and the whole thing had to come on what choke on it being a dollar an hour ago. But yeah I was like it was really fun and NA ME three scruples and as like Brothers and a lot of fun. You need to be a little moved from thing to think I remember once I give my mom and bring the cup played through to me excellent chairman and eat all one thing all the next election soon as I can do and it all wrong. Should she told me it was in polite to do it that way I don't think that's true but. Giuliani unity yes this exactly command of the to me I was. It can from a lot of when she was like a template to do that he got you a little bit of each because it's when people talk for you there doing their combining these things are. All right that way you can Havel slivers. Can amend that and so now all you like two thirds of one thing that I got back quoted tinsel town there's probably a reason eloquent barbecue. Couple like we just gotta to meet thing to split between my mother on I'm on three sides and it was like he's still a little bit on me and then a little bit everything else and it makes us like typical feast and furtive built at Thanksgiving idea. Where you're trying all these different dabble in all these different things. Great. Tijuana and this podcast now we have our team in the core consumer Ives who I might reverse the order because it feels like I got to prove my pants right now. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasted. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter at our dump podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by karate to resonate. Tea. Chief.