207 - Crocodile Wiener

Monday, June 18th

Bring your macaroni, we've got some art to make.

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Present Melissa does start. All right well we start. It is not very good. And done. It's the worst. Too fast QQQQ. The most fun you can do it did it. Like today can do because that we nominee hurting petroleum and hurt. Nigeria need to run it helped guide him in person it's about what a dumb question hypocrite. Down thriller rings I have injured my meniscus I don't know willow yeah. I just does usually just let cool she's a machine get the skeleton that demon. Them tie the preamble we the background and. And god Kaz studio whose thumb. She publisher wanted to get the Skelton doing plus we get skeleton in the new plug the muscles to it musical and I was like yeah amended that's awesome that doesn't know us well. But the thing you can do a villain trees are making like anatomically correct like skeleton doll things he'd Tressel now looks a little we you know make the winners usually have to. Like I said anatomically correct lieutenant. And balls. Today news. Can verify. If it. I don't know why the croc come out and do whatever. Crocodile we America. In a nice you ride and then it's. Yes I would to bomb once Lois worked of the day I think I'll do this maybe go to Lou we're work the other day. She's she works for a video gaming company she's one of their like fifteen per trainer Rick. That limit their thumb she's giving me free lunch Smart and as a good good good and she whenever clients comes and and this woman also learning to be a Pilates instructor which is way early on and so should the Goldstone a suspect Greg stand up and I'm now the okay I'm no real dummy for listening aspirants they go over all of the ways that my body is not working correctly. Thanks for good now want to want to waving like Ozal I've been weird. For a long time how. But the to be fair Purdue is very nice about it yes we're should look at should've asked do do do that rather than Blake having you to be my domain and I was like well. Among those who don't like him and I hear very damning it fits that since the show so yeah that I did some cried the other day and I over extended my knees somehow and now I've got like Red Cross the patella. A million as the that is your meniscus right there across the top of it when I step to go upstairs or down boy shooting pain right across the capital. Idea believe your meniscus is the little the collision between you'd be kept in your. You need balance I'll make downs close the beach on the southern side of Spain. Once is enough but all your name apology departed in meniscus in your done you know. You're done you're good but I salute the fans this is turned off there will be back sorry it will be back unlike meniscus it's want to get your miss this is done that's our that's that's the bomber. So we'll see it but it meant to be edited I Fed Chairman menaces like twenty years in the retail what did you are you always hurt though now it's like a microscopic. No chairs try and heal itself by now but that was like. As a high school now cock but so refresh your college. A bus that might need. And the girl that dating banging. And she had had like multi call dad she had multiple knee surgeries now so I gradually since the CEO like. I'm nineteen or go to the doctor ratings indicates that nineteen is will he says yes hey check this out. Tell anyways stake in she likes starts crying has likewise are going to be key to order racy Ellen as like water do you think he's exactly would happen to me and I was like oh this sucks go to they would. Like the university hostile edit the students diagnosed you'd like yeah usually goes your real doctor that we're gonna take the big. We are by a late in lake think I go back home to Wisconsin to the doctor. The real one this time he and like. Always work and we have flex nannies they hated. You just have tendon and it's really bad and may be like a little tiny little hair that they'll just get better relate Selig doesn't transform into a jet. Eyelash now eyelash now. It is transported back into a regular leg. Back and I went back at the school I was just so mad at the world the skywalker and cats are weak or nothing can hurt her perfect god dammit if. That's got a both the meat on it Datsyuk bed to regular girl totally ya bitch how Jerry you'd miss diagnosed me. Prisoners had a knee problem with full corporate I. With athlete no medical training whatsoever Catholic it's one of these things where the older we get those little recovery things that are tough. You know like when you get down loaded do something like a cleaning like the death. In the bathroom pursuant that we you know supposed to bend at the back and clean stuff down you're supposed to squat and then beyond the level of the things that we don't hurt to lose your lower back you can relate to the Sedaris area. He's had a back surgery before the credit so. Would that stuff though Ike now I get down try to get down low it's like oh no kids I don't know how many get up. Yeah this hurts now would just being crouched down actually starts to hurt its importantly how is possible that this. Is like overtime hurting me so. He should not play baseball and that's that's the best thing about this does like my attic I catch for based on death just describe all data that's crazy. It goes rounds now and they broke my thumb last week now blackened spot. In. Eatery tradeoffs fine it's fine it's like oh dude. Can. As you a question I'd ask that question yet reasons why anybody. No but I've been dying to know I did it bent. Pretty magnificent I. Also very it like it but there's a lot that goes into that because. Your position is like gave us what a pot is the thing that hugs the toilet bowl regret that I had about six inches to the ground see your feet go up which brings you or did till two pelvis differently your knees a little higher and so than your Dick creating a straighter line for the groups to fall out of here. It's the there too I assume is the crocodile. Mr. early third confess that I just don't have to speak because I know I say no because little pretty loyal wanted to know what our like I am not using a squatting portal it. Does that we're talking about liquid like we didn't have the right conversation about issues like no you are bullets you have that at our house that was a pretty won't let me what. It's within the next batter recorded took about a back and forth about what apparently she saw one assumes that all you know me like you sit on the but did it sunk in other countries recruit them whole air it just brings your legs up a little bit yeah does he give little rough is pretty get as pretty gets a little weird because like you just and it's just that very different. You wouldn't think you make that much of difference but it really dead you're very different position so they I kind of think about all of the things that are going on with that whole process. Yes so like it was all right what's the splash coefficient likely does it is now as a splash here no doubt about what Dow's more worried about like. It's just. If you're not going Mary what are you gotta clean your grout. When Roseanne you got this guy around the un ruled that the viewers about that it's been a week now and a I look at every time I'm on the lab data like mr. spot got to get back to the ground. Oh yes I did they achieve blow a year duke can you are depressed totally tied route route the whole thing play this one he's tout its okay. It's our right it's not like I mean it's. It almost embarrassingly noticeable. Difference in enemy or go like oh my god like rule was that was grossing Nolan cleaned up by the before you cleaned like when you moved into the converse shirt and now so I thought so would you use. I used he's baking soda and water well yeah and lemon in prison and eleven my method is Lemony fresh creed well in the slot it was house like. Terrible again it's like what was deemed the point of a million low blows Weiner well the problem I get a check I should probably get that. It's summertime fun for the kids. Was easier beg your take you to splash target as they are out. We were you about the effect at the paper I am a million and a my hands off her blood. And understated your book you make might do that couldn't. We are McLeod a magician and there what you know the blue I don't think that's been a figure on the candidate you got that right in Africa and growth to make a pixelated look may isn't. Actually ten bucks ethnic ethnic. But he had the that was the biggest concern about this quite a putt and I get questions where did you find so it's what upon I use it as a Vegas are. Mean he has to go back to Vegas since the last minute to realize just I just you mellow insignia is I don't know I don't know why I remembered it and I'll listen but I just remembered it senate's ability Dan said Dan then I think yeah thank you he. Had a squad opponents accounts great he got it is as an endorsement thing where he was like talking about it on something and I was like is a relocated to like. Article people's BS on that just beat him on video are you doing this for money or is it legit yelling no no it's legitimate lost. Went OK great and I wanna do that pretty Lori now. So calm now I'm like. We got three toilets in my house on your mind I mean I just get them go yeah yeah I think she's on board never she knows what it is like can be dead before she was afraid of like we'd be city of feet on the toilet seat which is like confetti is a very weird thing to walk into bathroom and grow an adult bathroom and there's like. It looks like eclectic kids that stepped Iranians you know like I got a good. So now also opened fire hoses reasonably likable less than ten months because who. Little boys we know that they don't had known as it does appear everywhere and it's crazy those were the days when things aren't at that. If we can get a appeared. OK so try that can is get it I'm gonna do to have like direct connection like this to our co sign it it's different. Boxes but does what console number toy box if it if you try to tabulate it. Oh well too when he locks and write that Bed, Bath & Beyond home. Love that place as there is Methodist and those are things that I don't we definitely like I don't eat that apple corps yet but enough Apple's put dip to a war that eyebrow with my only beef with bad that he met for their awesome then everything you could ever want. Nothing that you need everything that you want death. Miley thing mean everything is about. Five to ten present more expensive than I want it to be because they want to beauty yeah for some of DuPont I don't ever get a coupon know how. How many calls buyer I literally have the FedEx envelope full of devout community flush it and my car. Oh I've been a dad for. Ten years I left I used to date this woman that were to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Sheila counted game man she knew how everything worked from the waiting for things to go and clearance and stashing it place's door would find it so get marked down again should nuclear it's marking dances you've read about debacles is there another 10% off. Until we got like crazy stuff for no. Those ultimate trick win I was working at the end ceased our government has go back of the daily kids there's music stars. As everyone at work and I got a job at Camelot records and it was cool and we learned that if you had broken products. They just it was trash. So like if you found CDU line and Quinn make the boss congress yet you just walk around with it to take the corner of like the display out. Smash hit like throw back I can man without a buzz a Beastie Boys album ties take it. Yeah sure banks centers honesty F a we have it at the crowd who. Yet some. Cool things like that review them and usually it's a little bit bigger organizations salute you don't have to feel as soon. Not a long term guilt movement stipulate four dollars an hour we read. I'm a situation where I thought. OK so my baby is annoying the crap out of me yet and he is likely not walking but he's very mobile and if you turn your head is like. He's got here yet but we have a clue downstairs gated off series Justin like we have an applicant an open concept through to move on. But I'm set in my chair watching the soccer and college is that while gonna cost. A couple of 2000 did and now open open plan. For the citizens of climate in the decision unless I hear about a thousand like yeah. Good totally campaign in Florida so what kind of gadget you like Sharon and Netanyahu the that was an talking to Jeannette that wasn't wasn't an answer that are high because you got you at a so the baby now though he'd like to go how to open the doors in the news and there's magic inside these things that he can in his in his room right now is anything he has throw it on the ground in want to fall off. Sometimes it's like god Japan Asia public until it falls and other times it's my cell phone yeah. Whenever and so he's so I get it so now he goes to the to the cupboard open them up and then he's like well this. A couple of pot ground. Yeah things ground ground tobacco that were they and strainer to streamed past a moment we're doing what you get that. So he'd back and forth to backup tackle testified that put. Some seals on that and I am what you have the two doors are not closed and have like this crazy technology that I won't get into you need a little sick sick appease the magnate in touch up there in the opens need to get a lot of good things came to that means you have to like it's more like steps you can't just like I'm in a recycle this can now yea in the pantry where the bags full of recycling is a drop radical way because he now opens that gets reported an out and that is likely to me I've found that cleaning supplies to get real pulls off soda but I know I can't step on the button in the trash can opens up things stainless steel thing and I got a home. I didn't notice with a with a dude is cool having giant Internet I was like. Well and then some extent want to take a back and there's the thought that crossed my mind earth apostle I assume this to go back to get killed this is tented. A lot of different one or how much did you knock off from the community to do when you get returned and went. Yeah middle money on this so like what's the deal that we take just for some off because it's. President I basically don't about it. And it's they don't either because I couldn't buy everything and then go in like smash it in the bring it back but I felt like this in the box Sarah others here clearly says he bought also one to hammer not fat and so Sarah. A hall also how dare you corrupt acts or you're wearing karate belt and Bed, Bath & Beyond store this that is accurate that looks like exact indentation promotion to a top did you kick that. Know how to energy task catch ass hole. Who are about Kenyans we can and as it has nothing bad to be honest that yet though is that death bed bath Simeon Bennett both bad that Demjanjuk. It is my favorite band. I guess I need. The government at a T and it okay whatever boats Greenwich Connecticut. Yes but I have the guy was helping me was so new and that he didn't know what news do ridiculous and I need to return this new look well it's. Almost a hundred dollars I have to get a manager to approve it it was 63 dollar sounds like that's not because of the fifties and a hundred but okay good command commanders acquitted Jordan of course is too. We did everything back Brett just a receipt Greg give them some extra guys. We knew we had a broom ball that we bought for small rubles are hot garbage man those things slow. LA but yet because if you have a if you have a none carpeted floor yet you have to put a role in their right to keep kids have. Bare floors everywhere Bryant and did your apartment you and I know you'll rugs you know theoretically get yeah the real low kick under the rug. It's like looked into full thought or come downstairs is deceased daughter on the road not doing anything I was like or is. This sucks so after like six months of it not working a return it was like to think sucks the person is like pillar. But it does take a much I forgot opinion secure back through those different this piece of the rumba like. Well okay we'll they just don't give a crap it's also they never make me feel bad about like being like I don't like this thing together here. Hello I do like well let's find. Touche if you had a great regular money back that. Absolutely yes silence on here who played the red round and avert citadel sheriff Garcia let's go there nice fat. There nice that's. Put some this weekend I was pretty sweet yet AA when did some when this hiking was definitely Elena to deception pass move. Did learn diminish I did now did I know the 20 really tell what we went on Saturdays of amazing did you go to the beach isn't so for what tiger did. I did well. Saturday night and went out. And a couple of friends and that's running Maggie for NASA to Dave competent as they due to do this in this in this in this list are cool. I don't think too that you know what those things are one was go eats at this. Front street grill place that was not in deception has played twenty minutes short. Does really ged. It did that there's ago copy shop and market TO idea that detect very cool. It was a long journey out there like my phone did not match what my triplets sure for sure which was pretty disappointing but got up there. On had no idea where it goes like his drove through the plays ones. And then got to like the beach. Parks and things kind of wandered up the release and think in and fortunately I worked my way up the so I guess out of an on the West End video of the west beach west lake northwest speech in an air. You come around and there's the bridge to the Narnia. Yes cited up then and climbed up to the top of whatever there's like at peak. Summit thing which was very anti climactic I have to say now and you get to the top and it just like the top of the help me as it's written hide like. It's not like McConnell the top of the words like funny and time. EA NBA yeah totally so like it was just like. It was a lot of climbing. And the path was not exactly what I was looking Bartow reels well it got pretty sweaty. But it was cool man as ice is get Elton and kind of think some thoughts in just kind of didn't like the actual nature part of the world and then I got secondly awful traffic though it smells like just. Screaming for all of the like. The benefits of liked getting into nature and liked calling yourself on an idea thirty minutes you've father like I highlight. Is terrible. Yes for us it's like a little different look so far north that if we take chemical to ferry its actually. 45 minutes an hour longer for us to go as we enter open rounded up dignitaries who drive the whole way. They ought to get suck waiting for a hotel down so I lucked out I I pulled we're in right as the boat arrived like. I could have done any of it any faster than I did I just. I had about a 150 Beers Saturday nights are like it was slow moving just to begin with you know like I could have got up like. Nine to Ghana got the coffee it like kind of made a full day out of it and said it was like. 130 or blended you'll leave now there's no point in so I did leave at that point in the that I should do some hiking up the still the hottest part of the day. Yeah hour and all that tied up there was like 430 says like it was. Election pretty perfect actually lake is that a long time to get to area likeness of but it was goes on guts get at the bridges crazy is odd couple F eighteens on around that was cool oh that's sweet he added. Deck is as the naval base up there oak harbor. Enough it's technically Joker but that's like world yet able people live up there. And in accordance which is cool so a threat to see those samples and around him unethical there's some. I've never seen it before but underneath that deception pass bridge that's worth the squid pass through. Right now is hoping to see some swing it man but didn't that is union Aniston as I sat there for a good three minutes which it signed nothingness very deserted the bus last neo mine up there and was like oh well hiking should be fine I feel fine right now no no big deal about thinking about tonight doing any activities are hurt and we got up there and every time I would step into sand that gave. It would essentially be OK now we have yes I was pretty cool carrying thirty pounds with a baby in backpack which is all the baby. Absolutely loves being outside it's like his favorite chair so you feel horrific fussing and crying or reference to stay on my front porch with a mile commute stops and starts looking around the reasons Nokia so we'd get this backpack out a few critics that you inflict. Slapping a little arms excited in the put a minute and he's smiling ear to ear. It's he wants to be out. Chris brown and see you too schooling and making his salute sounds the whole time we're walking around like she is full on into it which they artists hold nice to get out and do things there. It's really easy to be like the games non rides on average of effort along test we just did nothing right. Will general who's learned to like you been doing nothing turns into like a full day of doing stuff so right my level like a destination to come to share and don't rat me and a decision passcode is moving and it's cool like great day also because it's like soul northwest he when Europe that I met like doubles the beaches are so rad and stuff but at some. Now a beautiful thing that makes a lot of money easier route park one day it was like this we can really felt satisfied in my my body doubles in town so instead suddenly come he came to visit so we did like a double Father's Day thing which is cool little. As degree way to spin it weakens kind of kitten out and appreciating I used to. Every weekend these two picks than to go do just to get what you talked about a minute and still solitude just to guess what my thoughts and be able to be out and experience something new. Through my own filter only without anyone getting a dynamic with it and I was like so satisfying to go and see all the rad stuff and Washington. Yes golf when I go back yeah. But to go once every few years things really need to to do that. Hodes of my discover pass yet in the end of cigars with forgot ours we have we have unlike a year like idiots. I guess I shortages by a year passed to them. I can do more now anymore hiking this year because why not losing. Separation done that but we're what are they hosted force the equipment and yet. And school and then we found. The departure Caroline it's called threat by our house has to baseball fields and I was like about demand is played baseball or these fills before doesn't even know loser in my house to get there probably after its way to far. And I don't let my stuff here to massive I've really got to leave here early. And I'm having one of my guys picked me up from the office so I brought my stuff with. Okay you hike I did down here as a rock second at dude weren't you load when two more. I thought about that and and then I just was like no don't be lazy it's in this morning GAAP. You can do it because of the days to do that yet is it back factories are yet that doesn't in Germany isn't big backpack and likes. It's huge take the seismic torso I guess like it's here I'm familiar with yeah this Kara holing a Cuban around it and let yet they living human tracked him to it well and other. I don't want to open that barrier islands of the beep got out yeah. Heard conclude that the prehistoric cave man may have earned. Good and that's going to be so that we can that's candidates bit some budget we just said let's do it five times. Because all of them did did you well I mean. Bush has the question consumer World Cup UN good. I'm trying to get into it I'm watching as much as I can. I am not really develop the storyline I kind of want Mexico to win the whole thing just as like I still going to be very symbolic and and kind of good to a kick in the Dixon a merry go right well yeah but I think we kind of need to get a kick in the deck yeah than. North America all first of all. If stated if they want it without using a Walter practiced passing to each other off of that would be a unbelievable I don't know if it bit him as the super human right. If you're like. Kick a ball for the garage door back and drugstore for bill that NASA like tennis balls off of Internet yeah hanging Ortiz roller racquetball racket ball around his makeup games and stuff yeah yes. Dep for them to pulled off to be the only North American team to make it and to be able to upset Germany great sold. Have passed so I'm kind of for them I forgot. Now that Brazil's not like Brazil anymore they're kind of fund but man I really don't like man are the guys to have to like he's. I understand that they they were beaten the crap out of them for sure bet but also like me and every time it's like eating get shot you'd hit our topic is so floppy may and a crazy. But it is hard like it's kind of hard to like them because you know like it's. Could teen you know so mad at him it calories so good full LA Societe Alex I don't know wonderful player and like you got you can't really fault him for. Deferred or I'll fall Sam Nunn or actually price honest panic I would say that I can't see your better without him that's ridiculous but like. We really did miss a beat so the using the C Suarez flop and a crowd it's Chris can you I control these dudes to messy. And messy never flops around he's really was he like it has such a low center of gravity helix stays up all the time and salutes like. Hard to just fouled him out of the game liquid like they do with the name are they don't you have Tim even though as a great strategy yet is he a dirty but like. What is most of you Bruce service is Bruce or soccer manic you have to just real tough midfield on I cannot tell like just it was numb I. Something feels wrong about the World Cup I watched year old cup in two years ago. Yeah him and I don't want to that's sort of Iceland and everything was great it was great until this team's doing so much. I watched a lot of soccer it was a US and that yes it wants the World Cup I can't even think that's because there's no USA. Its owner really convenient time for me like you're kind of jamming in the background no problem so Marty up like. I don't know what it is about this World Cup that doesn't inspire. I legitimately think it might be Russia I think the world isn't such a weird spot that I think that's probably. Part of it like. You know I mean like I don't want to cheer for other nations because I want us to begin at an end yup Russian like gross get out of here like. No love for that like there's no pageantry there's no it's like the pageant. Russian stadiums like snow lake you know like. Saying he wanted to do is they'll Leslie at least that was like I think we like oh my god this crazy Jack Black suits filed. Yeah man and I think that is just so many teams they don't. Know what would you say that that World Cup had named buzz. Really all the bad due to a meeting today at a as the yet and again thank you very good joke that. Does this look and it really does mean. In other than like some big names not really being able to deliver but it doesn't it's just impotence the whole thing just feels like it's not very good feels good thing that's happening. You know I mean like it's just the thing that's happening in as the World Cup we should be like. Let's wrap this ups we can watch the second half of England and now it's just like to be out catch it when I get a chance and whenever entity or group and I am one so you know thank you I don't. I'm with you out of this I mean it doesn't help that the US is an and it doesn't help that Italy and and it. And then like I was like the Netherlands they're not really delighted teams that you really pledge of them are they around no return over yeah. And then like I'm watching. Not USA play but way at the but the news teams that like I don't know anything about like. Yet but Roscoe Illinois about Tunisia. I don't even know where that is out there I mean you're not supposed to I have I think it's on the other side flat earth to be honest. I thought it was next few. From the Cragg sent through. I thought it was just next it was next to meniscus is there Saturday. At and discuss it but at a. Yes stuffit I spent. So. For real the real exciting thing over the weekend sporting wise was. The 24 hour of Le monde which is a French race some like it's public a six mile circuit. 106 and nine mile circular saw a pat and it's like they wrote for 24 awards. And they've tracked when he for hours yeah and and there's row or different classes of racing at the same time public there's a super bad ass prototype cars in the prototype cars than the ones you've seen before on the road rich guys on on and then. Up pro am version of that also and so you have Porsche is racing spaceships out there. It's crazy and each class has a winner so even if you're in the worst they're the lowest power classic used ambassador Garrett every way and since prestige because restaurant for 24 hours. And that's crazy and so my favorite one of my favorite form of one drivers. She's trying to win the Triple Crown of racing which is winning them Monica don't informal one before an Indy 500. And you have to talk and your cellphones and self person walking around the halls of here for 45 minutes is responsible yet again and as a troubled time I meant. Or quadruple the iPod yet government club and then the other one is the 24 hour Momo gaga and Madonna and his team won it which was. Awesome to watch only seven or eight hours of racing and week out throughout the weekend that covers almost all weekend and I left kept tuning in to see a couple of hours here on earth who put my father in law was like. An email I'm sorry that you can't keep what you Russa really reduce some foreigners caught up to four hour look it's still going to be our co Riggio for six hours to do it we can go hiking for six hours and come back. All we could. Sure enough so. And that I'm more excited. Yeah the bigger storyline to a dumb car race for the rest of the World Cup ice can't wrap my head around and I'm you know I'm I've watched. Pretty disgusting amount of soccer yet but it just doesn't blast what we have so much fun reboot the super Saturday is what just happens yes four matches and must remember watching all four of them we like we had one. Go home and want to buy yourself because we've been drinking right right Seattle CO five well yeah yeah. And those that it has really hit it help that it was in Brazil also was pretty common like it was eastern time so publicly Kenya has pretty closely but it's an 8 AM rather than full yeah yeah yeah. So I'd like recorded matches and watched all extremities doing awesome job of making all the stuff available yes so you go back to restart a match after assumes it's over to restarted so guys so I notice that city to Netflix really get I think the coverage has really been sub part of me I like the I like the little. Blake promo videos they do before the match but like the this this idea that fox has where they're gonna do all only American broadcasters. With may be like any color commentator who somebody else. It really feels like it's not as good as some of the English people graphic when it percent quick. But the fact that Ross Pletcher has to cover. The World Cup for not the USA. When he's a fox employee at Arlington is our contract and employer when I left the fact that he's not an and I haven't spoken to him about the small sort of becomes behalf for anything and the fact that he's not a part of that because he's pro British. It's easy like I and here's some news coverage and my cool and who was sitting in the stars. That's so they've been more Hispanic. And the in the analysis but in terms of like auto pilot when I came with that it was. As the Mexico game or I'm sure that they would do is. I think of the commentary was pour it was like eight. It was a attorney Neal was he doing it and I don't think so but any camping and have a different game I can't relate ideas haven't enjoyed any of the coverage I can't I really really really. Really dislike Alexio Wallace calf nothing personally think he's not a professional men's professional troll that's what he does and it just bothers means that. On select all the analysis like so like I don't know anything about this team in and there's a bunch of don's talking about and I'm like I don't carry these people leftists cry says I get is haven't. And if you look at when you and I are doing it to a degree because there just like I want second on the Premier League play I think it's not like they got the vessel we're giving and it's like. Am probably get better as they get better like they'll probably. Very each other's rhythms because there's just a lot of like an inside based on here sorry don't like there's a lot of like comment. No access or socket. And then put out in rhythm none at all so like what president I feel like they need to run down the flanks Maher they should pass the ball and ends and goal from the wings Kia shooting. Right pro and drug Quaid you guys are saying. Because as I know what they're saying it just makes they'll say something and then a bit like and that's what they should do. Okay Alexi what do you think if let let us I was Muslim. I'll talk now I get it's it's their real lakes. And it feels like nobody knows when to go. Whoever is directing the show I think is important for them for the recap so yeah really I don't know the I don't watch any of the studio analysis 'cause I it's I think fox is such a bad job yeah that compared to NBC who. I can I have no big for anything but I feel like that they're. Trying to copy the success of NBC's coverage. Without getting the same caliber. People in their but again it's like importantly you have US men's national team Alexa Wallace and it's like caliber of people it's chemistry. Great liked it's that's the thing like. We talk about that in other aspects of our lives are like a got to have the chemistry it doesn't matter either he can go in higher. The dream team if they can't play together doesn't matter how did you are moving the microphone with you face lawyer to see it go yeah right just solid and let's like on of those off camera moment the people need to know about like whoa he's did that I did just you I mean I'd definitely do you build just want to make sure everyone knew that but it was not a pretty chemistry and having a common -- to get. I guess it's but even watching Roy come champions league as the put America back to the studio there's like the mean old British guy who like I don't care what he's saying in the there's election laws being hyper ball like yeah and then there's like the Hispanic guy who's I grew excited to be there but like. Is he doesn't have any chemistry with the of the guys and there's. The amazing rob so brutal wonderful and I love yellows like it's. Yeah I just feel like they're trying to another China's teased it to any masters or like what did. Angle is but it's just not. It's not going well to me so when I watch NBC coverage of the pro am there's a certain shine to it that's what that extra two were 3% but yeah get out of the performance of the studio SPS out of the personalities that just. Truly feels cohesive and excellently done well what's a boxing it feels like it's kind of like a B studio that everyone ends and in the click the lighting is not quite a ride in the you know. Look it's level watching you the World Cup coverage so I don't know what that looks like that. A typical champions league game or so that when they're doing the mid but the halftime report whenever. It doesn't feel like it's that same again it's like a 5% difference from being the best and I being a professional yet well they're doing well like a lot of live from. Red Square to square which again like. It feels kind of not really cool at that I suppose like probably shouldn't be OK with that considering what's going on in the world right now like maybe we shouldn't do that now. Maybe we can do live from the fox studio in Moscow right. Or in America because America the hard I I'm okay with them being on guys occupied area. They and I'm trying to get their man I'm trying to get there. I will get there once likely gets in like. After the first or second round of games and make now teens are gonna start to knocked out and it's like that I'll get excited it's crazy to UW to listen to the American fiasco not really get our Roger Bennett. Data blazers does not. This rundown of the deal Americans going from 1990 to 1998 and likely rise and fall of fat which is just. Unbelievable it's such a great story and that I like turning on the wheel a couple of Mike what's the story here the Giroux isn't starting for France yes like OK or that like. Which teams are like playing all youngsters are not there like proven veterans okay like a sprained going to be as good as they need to be like OK I don't yet and I know I know as I was really I can't there's no. What's the story line now is messy and a funny when the World Cup now he's not that lake. That's dead I know that I hope for his sake he does I would love that bit like a really anyone but Portugal's. I'm Obama and that's got to understand I don't want from all the way he's so good that a man he's he's so good at it's just paged to the replaced his as. Bus today yeah yeah yeah general Ayala airport yet it's let's that from that's funny YouTube. I actually think of the common one is more depiction of him in the knew what I can understand why you don't want the comic one but like what got up looked up Crist general and although. Airport bust. 'cause. It is. Can you imagine. Can you imagine getting to the point where some extensions in the and that FiOS Bo this is awkward because I definitely thought that that's that you were working on right now of me. No I am just stacking up these macaroni just effort to have it. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Good thing for our young podcast is brought to you by. Cut and run a universe today Karate Kid you not as good as Karate Kid one night stand corrected tests.