208 - Four to Four

Thursday, June 21st

Probably too much boob talk...

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You wanna talk about Iraq's for a second. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumps. It fell and worst. I literally do and that's one of my topics will help let's get right into it dead so it does NASCAR and moves great I have hot dogs. Physically get great Kessel thanks for joining us everybody that has been fast food and the tally is now afford four. Blooms two winners Pelosi that's doing about it. This morning I was like. Doing about my business on the Internet and get on top of a look up and Michael little lady in her tell tell. While that will Lysol like pull a naked ladies from across the way out of just a mile Fleischer didn't know what was going on she appeared to have like. It's too it's just far enough away I told my wife issues like who was she hot and those that don't yet. She's just far enough away that people are just far enough to outsiders just enough glare than it's hard to tell but. Think one hand is up to our elections on a phone but yeah my phone. Right couldn't especially with a head with headphones on tomorrow. That's it looked like though and then covered back up after I don't know 892 to smooth out I was like I just soulful love unity that was crazy. So four groups for winners here for you know. That's great what a day may even things out wet lot of data be alive that 500 against good jab. I guess you're not tactic I love seeing winners too I think it's very funny well you're. Type that you have right exactly. Bomb because the did that a stand there with a Wiener tang and now you're just like what's going through your mind when your dislike it Gillick went on. Robinson and not in my opinion Robin skin when Robin skinned you know is that bad duplicates ready in the village I was arrogant signs I don't want to have around and scan. And I. At its. But you like to sincerely Xerox's pelvis forward has yet yet again and again and then. It's like Dick for batting a couldn't do than the window is due here that I welcome to the wind up with our trust it just in the dislike wearing a forward like Republican the windows Seattle public yeah I can thing yet here's that they gets made of glass. Half hour. You're not the only one glass separating years and years ago. Cecil to boost the demand he needed to hold you need to have posters in the studios that when you see them get you just put it in the win Avic I see you. Also tennis then whenever right now for shares at a five hi just budget. I just wants the people that are nude in the window to like a know that they're being seen and be know that it's okay. Regardless if you are a ten out of the general wanted to and I urge everyone to know that like. Kick ass I get I get some real comic entertainment out of the tuchman CNN native person you know it's weird. Are more likely you walk around my hotel room naked and I would be to walk around my house make it absolutely why is that I literally went on there well. Cook a pull. Did describe what just happened but it heard me. Kill me crew got my foot stuck in the headphone cord somehow and boy that's left. The once owned by the time I was in Vancouver that you've really weather the I've read yet I've yet to the BC one have also been to boost south and one but I wasn't moved to Vancouver north. And then north while yet gotten inaudible yeah. End. There was looking out the window are often boutique hotel we were Ellen modern bad ass just look at super cool. And I'm like perusing out the window. I too well there is a fat guy on his bed in a speed road just like full on spread out starfish style. That was like. Well. Williams. What do relaxed to the Max broke. In a Speedo and it was very straight manic. That was enough for me he was very astute with Linda Beth and both incredible that I like I was looked. And a turnaround. I'm sorry and advanced pretty laureate but my life is changing economic. I. It's and again it's is like I don't care and Mike or hotel and I think those who curse. But to return to Mexicans and in my system life would performing on stages and stuff and so she shares changing in front of people's not a big deal to me. Get out of here that's insanity and I'll get in order the fact Obama sell me an almost nude not yet out of everybody and foot locker room sports and stuff and yeah all QWERTY. Not okay for me that's that's diet Jewish Catholic guilt and the way to go to that's one thing that I think my wife doesn't understandably like. That the times that I act for such a prude is that it's like it's just all shame yet. But I aren't telling you my girl for. When she Sheen shower early two she everywhere wade for me so I would just claimed that and is playing their sleep in and she'd come in and change just. Today yesterday delta pride and 01 days she's put her bra hotter yeah and hey I just Reynoso thanks is that what ethnic. I will never not get excited this year Booz Allen never not be uncomfortable getting excited senior groups just. You know that there's all. It's like every time I finish an episode of Brooklyn 99 there's not a doctor is one of the production companies and no one is being discussed for Milan and every time I'm gonna say prep Milan after they say from Milan. Yeah I'd like turned the prewar there and I tell. Just gonna say it every time and she does know and I were married I had I understand you yeah Francis that's just the way it works Milan. Harry tab blooms that Britain was seriously. It's because. And ninety grow up and as a I can't now I'm grown yes that's the thing right with you change your standards for exactly right at. It's just start about natural body parts of the excited to the death. But the lowest that gulf gossip today is sorry I know that I can do it derailed me on the air for like learned that I should I just couldn't stop giggling and like texting people whole Olympics but but. Two different text to people look toward to seeing the photo gallery better to thank you. Well only if the person's name out of it that I text. And or is this person responded to me like you know if you were a real creep you would have taken a picture and sent it to me. And I was like well to be fair I wasn't fast enough. That you can be critical of before yet but also were you know. A block away. And my phone yet it didn't wanna see a blurry pixelated like. You know the answer to that yes of course with the fact I mean we get it within fourteen seconds they get a text back a link to Amazon for a twelve times I can't assume for a code events like that's very funny -- because I. Ten bucks and I mean your your initial response should have been sorry yes no yes I am. Yet to this person who's probably listening and I am sorry that I didn't do that specifically since. This person is the has earned pulled the rights to wants to be a creep right after I don't know if he or she will be ready to do not condone peeping Tom inning or keeping timing is that agenda and I don't condone that we don't talk and condone keepers. But you know whatever were asked that were also just big dumb boys hold on here well let's call what it is I'm. Looking out a window yet. And there's a naked person correct. I'm not like no standard for the binoculars out you advice yeah yeah yeah I'd I did worm I was going to the other branches to get a little Kremer from the coffee. And I was weepy elevator coming I looked. Back at the two and a hotel that way. And I was like you can see the players and I can see it everywhere in the room. With the kidney away from America okay got it yet to Kissimmee just hanging out in the elevator bank area like you get out there mod Leo. Yeah. I know is that 2000 donors went as an applicant right now like there's a cafeteria of some sort of break room somewhere in that area and dislike. I'm not looking at it but I'm just you know you might aegis stare off and no air. And then my eyes can acumen to focus has like I am just staring at these people eating dinner yeah and his. In the winter degree day when you're doing but I'm not you know I mean to you celebrated like by and it's always really insisting to me about this looking out the window at the hotels that there's just it's to clone of I concede fifty rooms yeah this is the clone that's OK but I just on naked lady like just showing herself to the world and then. Two over and one down there's just a guy buttoning a shirt. Like amateur you don't even know he didn't know what happened. Hollywood Squares style here you don't even know what to do Bullock was doing over there OK I can't wait till. I can't wait to Wii UGC a murder. Hall Comair and no you say you become a sequel the year of your rear view what is the real window right that's the name of that Hitchcock and jury when and now. Has to happen. And it's so much. In fight club either got to know Hitchcock film come on. I am just an elite class a Brooklyn 99. And the anemic at all right next up I can't continue there was days. It was that's been probably 78 years ago there was one summer where over the course of a three or four weeks to people. Popped off from these bridges to their death to the like white outside the radio station well like we. Luckily no one saw that owned up to it or whatever but it was our forget. One of the bosses at the time was like sent one of our entrance don't get it don't get coverage of that there were like. And. No that's the first of all that is super not okay because you're doing it to try and get. The local yeah me you know do it also there's a rule. In the news community that you don't cover that because copycat suicide is a completely big deals I don't give it any coverage. And is that something like insane that happened Brett. I guess it is suicide bomber you would probably talked about because it's like. A whole other level right. Yeah it when that happened twice in like one summer right outside our way Q what it was like the overpass it was and yet not the one directly at us it was the next one. The U conceived and studio AA in the next one up from that crazy stuff gross debt portion ropes. As a far enough to do. But to do. Okay I think what happens is you have the Subaru below. In any ads delivered. Velocity down vs sixty miles with that puts let's be real first 44 miles an hour. Note to self don't do it that way. Good. I would in my initial reaction is like wow you really rolled the dice if you're. But that's via a UN mission pragmatist has occur terrible and you're feel bad about yourself for you just need some of the talk to I'm happy to be there but also you can go to the American foundation was a prevention. Hump and find out more information about how you can get some rejected debt. Accurate a budget that flicks superdome pursues reality I don't rules so now back to groups now moves let's also today out the out the window at the don't know when was the first time yet touch 10. Intentionally not like an accidental like. Yeah I remember being I think I've told the story on the pods so keep it brief but there was a girl stationery store. And she had a boyfriend that was a couple of hours away if she just moved to Albuquerque from a small town near what from the two couple hours away and she needed every weekend off to to see him OK and the boss came to me it was like he's just a girl out I was like only ally and he was like because I don't want her going to Hobbs New Mexico. To see her boyfriend every week and we had to work I was like I don't know about that and then the next issue of the Florida with me. And so we went out and we were making out and my mom's car in the parking lot of my. Former elementary school at like 9 PM at night and I don't touch some boobs there. Monitor the second time attached proves beyond but I was like. 1415 years old click your drive and its New Mexico yet and a cop came and knocked on the window that's great oh my god I thought I was gonna keep up pants. Never have I looked less cool them and the reaction I had to that I was like so apologetic cry thank god yes. But yeah it was a until Xia. Then it was lady cop to which would have been even like. I think that the beat I can think now has a little inside him and I hope. I don't pull away and so well. Anyone that knows about a win and is now singing that's a matter instances certain. Kind of that's the thing right yet project. Pay it I think at an hit in his area is called says it correct that thank god I'm assuming you've touched moves before. Once or twice the end held in the first senators to move. I was in fifth grade. What's yeah it's my girlfriend had boobs it was awesome putts and it took full advantage it is yes. That's we hurt I'm. Good don't you make out after school not for Hugh yes we're from meat and yet play wit and then we take that back when we walked that back it up. I was 31. It was it was two weeks ago. I was still happily and relationship finally I grabbed leno's done. I take that back I don't think average it I think it is if if it wasn't for the it was for shared. I can one ever taken from separate path as we went to U. Cat I think I've told this story for TI knows what we went to Wayne's world and my buddies set behind at me the second time just watching you at the convention. The looming vicariously to have. Especially when you're what thirteen. There's really no cool way to do it. Here I mean like it's not a lake. It's hugest honk if cook got no. I don't know these things work to squeeze them two ideas. Hi Jim do I like flick of four because that's OT you don't even know what the material working when I hit it's like watching forty year old virgin and he's like just like a badge Australian military take off for prove. Food I think a block that out of my memory like one of the cut from Attica about the block out I think that that's like island. I am a master them blacked out at this and a black frock had taken up front that this pathetic that's. Nice but it took a lot of practice and early days word not. Good I think I'm about a yellow belt and I'm still terrible thing man I'm really good now. But I used to be beauty that. I think that my wife has even laughed at me for how about a I am about it we got the shaking hands and add to what do the ads that parents not the awkwardness at all I mean with the the awkwardness is definitely a factor for all of us. Yeah man that was. Here in the prisoner did that and revealing that we can't the crap the goalie union in a holistic Mattel this girl's mouth very Amylin drool over. And an imminent grabber boot are the first British kid show that is that was a disaster we've talked about that before. And it's. It's not I don't think it's unique though no leaks like a rite of passage kind of thing like it shouldn't it shouldn't be like. I don't think your first time with any of it should be like this magical. Amazing thing it should be awkward amid reference to the fact that load of sagging under talked today about how somebody. Has made a sex spot but has morality now also feel like Dennis and Susan for getting too aggressive with that. Then able shut down and I was like two incidents that were the culture that celebrated a due to pumping hot pie. Like right shutting down is not enough to stop. Write a monster the most it has cigar clipper Bolten and witness who. Did you not get through. Look at all learn from that that if I know I kind of threat of waiting for me but the also the robot short circuits and earth to the command from the mother ship plot twist here is the easier it is sequel to sell off. Let's play a game oh my god haven't seen so of course you have it but. It's respect them. Caroline. Girardi has to do podcasts or 80% of my references are movie related. With someone that doesn't watch movies. I mean we're beta 200 whatever episodes so let's give it to believe that. Q does dumb thing in the 200 and something episodes it's crazy it's at its dedication were committed could have its good it is it's good effort there. Effort was that the unit got a kid you have the old video. Others like baseball team for both him walking off the field and somebody just filming it and there's some kid his chest to go getter easiest. Happy go lucky kid and every player that blocked by this little kids in the back from this even. Up effort was a group effort. Up could have been rooting. He's never kids never shown it's just you hear him in the back on its so funny but the chill out. Effort as a professional athlete I hope that you take a second to like give Beckett a thumbs up for something new you know you'd think so but also he he just lost. Showed up Sharpton there right exactly Q do you did it. Terrico. Care we're doing which I love boobs. And and enemies are on these moves well. The movie things aside checked as the first in a sub groups are grad to do with that movie that we got to the other facto winner as a culture are willing to who celebrates I'm hoping upon OAA I was going from wherever it wants to sex spots. What are what are we were saying that the relevant thank pop up. All right we're Gregg to sweeten Iowa's next thing you list well analyst here. Those who question as they question you avert witnessed. Car accident on the freeway before. Yes yeah. Yet I've spent a couple but what I'm been witnessing is what I worry about it yet I've witnessed that. But career ending or something memory and I saw a cargo up a in Vegas asylum go up. The ditch or if that's the opposite of the ditch I suppose it's to hell of a bank the bank debt credit works for. Yeah go spinoff open and bears oh my god it's pretty wild and then I'd driven past a a joke it was like driving to. I was at a pretty big significant road trip. And I drew drove past a flight for life scenario thing and it's see anything that was like us. Need to see. But like I saw the helicopter landing and that was pretty. Bad pretty well. One of the best photographs have ever taken you through in the photography right best photographs have ever taken. Was the medevac. There is like where I lived in Vegas pops him in the name of the road right there was written by desert whatever park. Just breeze has a breeze park it was like on that road and there's a PT's if you turned into the shopping center on the right in the used as a breeze park across the way yes so we're catching. Fort Apache home. Was that the on the weather what ever and ever has done there and all of the apartment complexes in Vegas are gated for some reason it's so weird it's a southwest thing. But it clicks specifically there it was in the united wood in the south was my whole life I got there on the only guy hunt yes click next level so we have to like this town home there and has Aqib gated entrance whatever and I was outside probably like smoking cigarettes and doing something dumb like that right. And there was an accident just on the other side of the fence. I didn't see the accident happened but. I must have come out here in the commotion. And then the medevac was coming in let it can't if flu relic was gonna land right on me Jessica looked up and snapped an awesome photo over the blades are spending the Catholic school so dope. Sad circumstances or whatever but while I was driving back from somewhere at the other day up 405 northbound. Can I opened the valves secret lord. And I was driving up for a five north bounce. And I get off probably 910 miles up from them Kenya though it's like. As double early for some reason and it was because there was somebody at some point those behind me they kept getting it will close to me in the backing off and then getting locals in the pac. It's a conflict what is disconcerting to have skip that went this is I don't yeah yeah yeah into a you know me I go ballistic driver Sarah and it turned turning newly. Trying to recoup couldn't conducting that so get over and in the far right lane dispersant it's over in the far left lane and they're driving erratically when I'm glass really strange then they come over into the middle lane. As a Clark is blowing by me under the speed limit at sixty something when it. And the cartilage between in the middle lane they must have been doing eighty. Sybase word Betemit. But I like swerve into the shoulder look what the crap going on. They lose control and smashed into the Jeep that came from left like NASCAR. Hello on fender to fender what that the white car and fish still a little bit loses at some snap oversee air. Miraculously. Regains control because if they were to come around it would've liked wrecked ten cars problem. The green card the other way around doesn't hit the brakes and I think speeds off. A white car regained control flu blues tone by his super speeding regained control. Goes after green car here. Smell and example a like GT. And Dolan are there's a green card elect our first Snow White and green cars sorry I didn't I changed what I was describing it as total acclaim as green car. Why cars coming up from B hunt Cain went out from behind is buying green cart took them off. Why curse words almost lose control and read into the green talked out. Ricky and white car almost loses that green car speeds off white card to regain control speeds off. Good yeah. Rig rear end them don't like side swipes. Which it was like some straight elect like turning like this is like a road rash types yet through on motorcycles like Arab whipping at chino rounds up. And Anna's. And I was like one or two precious and oil slick look at the mass spy hunter was awesome people vote and drive them out of PM today. What I see this happen and I just I don't know what to do a similar driving off as a I've witnessed that like to recollect forced off the road because of the slick I. It wasn't like I had some fear that Iraq then they just are like all right fine we're good let's go is both sped off after two other flick. Pieces of like car were flying everywhere dude it was cool gray hello. I should mention that you know only a handful people tablet can direct view there that happening. And some people maybe from the pact with the likes of especially given that both like certain appealing through traffic. And unlike. Baldwin fault because like I sold to a look forward to the my exit was right there at that we were all happened about a quarter mile from Mina some 1015 seconds from the action off and I had to make a split decision. No I'll take my exit. And I just like in shock who is driving I was like dude you didn't even notice what makes of cars those were a deathly tried his public license politically casino it's opened we're following consortia someone needed to. And so but I can see that as a I don't like no information. And that's like really not helpful to anybody if you can't give specifics about it like that I and so. I telephone my exit and then it's about. Two or three minutes before the next row that I get onto and finally there's there's get into the next wrote a way. Did what anyone would do I text cookies and a always so in conclusion that some don't. I was like dude what are why do it he just responded on one number two for the too much and 911 timeframe but no. Completely right. Let's just supposed to do and the them sort of what do you do get mad because I told vessel people write are fighting on the east of lake on the freeway so I told me. The metal opera can of the nicer than that given the cops and took the economic on the snitch he added narc. But then also the cat half that happened you can't have someone running that's smashing into people like that and the other person who was like acting weird at night and highway speed and that's crazy. Breezy so column and report thing great thanks for your help we're never gonna get a pullback hours later from an unknown number in a little boy here we go at the top and he was like listen. We caught up with the people and they're both giving different stories and your story differs from both of bears. But obviously they have some negates what happened tonight given the whole thing with the strictest revenues green Jeep big totals were against. So that was it was a man. On how long hair and what ever hook. If so I report on my stories and so I can expect those people a bit but. I didn't feel any guilt about way. The military thought of is like you have to give if you polling you have to give me your information via public file. Then I'm on that but the next morning I came and I told the store on the race you know like well I mean. If those in a radio chances are we're one of the officials that they do this thing to do with so little blue could you arrest so I don't show up to work in the next few days. Green Jeep woman driver got a polls there sir. Man. I don't podcast even though looks like the guys have given up the Twitter account go check out their podcast that usually gets released in the next hour so hey Gregor. Meant childhood game has not been exposed to the problem isn't from around Seattle ended up put a period in front of it so. There's no no it's just a thought I. Jokes unused Downey and thought okay. So. Oh the question has aggressions. Why got hot dogs written on your page how correct on hot dogs because hot dye eggs are apparently haven't a weak dollar Kate we tried ducks yeah. And watch in this morning to an article for out. The Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile they detonated jet pack now passed thank you talked and is that it was yeah yeah okay to have a jet packed. Odd to deliver hot dogs to people doing the injury free year. That's so they have cross promotion. Did did you bid it didn't yeah you're gonna you're so they have the Wiener mobile data Wiener drone and now they have and Wiener a winner man jet pack guy right. My question for you though is it jet packs excuse me. Jet packs excuse me. And as a question. Acts. It's a real working jet pack I felt like the water once I see the water one's not listened. Don't accuse me of actually getting to the bottom of these things before Athens think what this decade. Cause this why don't we have jet pack. We have had a better question I'd like him don't we I have drones now liking just put it handles and a seat belt on a drone and calm and in many cousins and spend chop them like. Inspector gadget made it work now. He's part machine. You mean to tell me you can't put the propeller on like a I don't know it's just upset on stealing tram with the yeah yeah that's the comes out says that the click there is click the thing we can't have your attorney and offer making it go faster you in the future for fifth but it's a William reported positive find out in my about to die are my going up. Meanwhile I'm trying to a date June I'm trying to Bluetooth penny in the brain and brain or include notes to get a ring in a penny and the dog whatever his name the dog's name of brain though. Yes the and it's probably just you next time get our troops. In America. You know you're gonna do make it stick to cartoons and screens. But I don't try to chase standings to blow it or banging into each other and I pull the rug strength up bright notes played well there we go I thought I was turning up Stewart fans. What happened to inspector Garrard for a fact that. Pulled the Iran card alien that happens at a it's a real designed to reward them to deserve what we we have we can't figure it out these are gonna switch no. That's what has to be asked to be accord to an inspector gadget went into afterwards and it's only things but aftermarket with the data onto the. I told them last time that I would do that. But no for real what do we have those those should be a thing night until the rockets here more than twenty years ago okay. You know it's funny about that either I as a kid I thought of all of the like this can't ever be real well it's so hard you admired your ass self yeah and like. If you're seriously if you're using your head to steer a duplicate Texan to put the right right. Iron Man. Theoretically has that right he's got a little bit Jarvis broke again I feel like unconscious Jarvis can fly that I bet but yeah when it really took up girls. Heard jet pack did you see the helicopter flame sort of the drove by did I must have 10 my god it's almost like someone who was like I got or thousand of these in the and make them fight each other you act. But we also. I think my trip was clearly Bay's us and Elon Musk of gifts. They've joined forces well. We're all doomed now. We're all doomed I interviewed a guy who has. Title is Puget Sound keeper. Kate he's like a nonprofit that works for huge 10-Q for a grant high like one person at the thing has analyzed a killer used a keeper is his title. And listen to talk about puede keeping huge tent clean and keeping the animals levels up I was like really moved by and I thought about how. These Dick wad Elon Musk in jeopardy is those are rushing off to space to try to come large for no reason we're out like fixing the garbage ocean like I. Yeah that could turn even a fraction of that money back to cleaning up the ocean a little bit broad like sit send us send out of the fleet of flames are drones militias. Hat from now or stick a drone to a goat. And I just blown up the can eat the garbage out there and wild event a toll goat and the mid ocean but like. But the fact I read a thing that they were there is that these there's is kind of muscle that in. Pleaser there's oil spills. You can. T plant muscles literally called that you can put it must these muscles in there draft and they wool. Ingested the oil will somehow filtered it turns them black. But their bodies can process it. So eventually they can turn back to whatever it like white Burkle whatever color they are and are completely edible I know they think they do. Luke and they hit it plans have feelings too nice. And made it clean the water. We'll get give to get them on it. So we need flames are girls go drowns and then muscle drowns how hard can this be good yeah. And got away there's more I've got more hot dog things get so that have been in any other thing like how crazy would it be just like to lock in like you're hanging out at. Golden gardens into the girls are hot dog and then. Had to distance from fall from sky blue kinda hot topped the great. I'd like if it came out of this is like Wiener area though not only a Kook. It's are gonna comply yeah same area supposedly I've really basically that like the kids. All of the total winner area that he's flying belly down ten tank riot question but if not he'll likely be but it is like standing Stewart takes if you don't go get him flying guy if death to pulls these are looks like body. The worst quality Tommy Muster comes out of the crutches and in a minute thrill beyond. He was the relish no. I don't know that's coming from a polyp test analysis. Acute care ambulance. That. Would you have to have a you double. It's a steep. OK so the other my dog story it is the this way to get this out of out of the way it that's been his most ridiculous hot dog out. Nice. You know they have T shirt cannons when you're sporting events oh my yeah oh yeah we're going here. So of course is happens with the Philly fanatic America's favorite ridiculous mascot who does terrible things people that they'll laugh off the fifth unfit. For more open to you actually. Because it is a big dumb green and we like you just have defied. And he gets a spender like share I'm aware that the Muppets are puppets but when their on screen there alive yet right. I'm still Philly fanatic ends up with a hot dog can it. Cool which uses of that S to match a few years ago he uses a summer camp at. It's tweeted the food and athletes make this happen how we make this happen but here's what we asked this like who are we as it planning to do for summer camp. Get noisy some silly green videos like hot dog and in Philly fanatic who need it. He issued hot dogs into the crowd and he hit a woman and it laid broker knows if she see who in the certificate is you've. Now I know that the cash grab opportunity and Sherri I would wanna take advantage of that but. Is it really worth it to have to be put into lake the public high. As someone who got their nose broken by getting in the hit in the face with a hot dog I think yes they hit the mcdonalds spilled coffee on my lap later. Yeah I don't know alerted him. It's true. The volume and no to a fanatically these name or like record desert she comes and what's her face it's fixed but then Nolan did then you can no known connect she can never get closer anyone BC as the Phillies steered the garbage person that's fine. Now I'm good. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasted. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter not our job podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Karate university congratulations on a promotion to third degree black bra thank you.