212 - A Manley Family Boo

Monday, July 9th

So I got a text from Manley at midnight...

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Everybody did it ever birdie I'm going to kill you start. All right well we start. It is not very good. It's the worst. We're the person responsible for the nonstop everybody dance now remakes I'm not management habits and their job I just want to shut your. And Darnell. And down down down down at least you have at least do you have good dog now. This is my daily struggle. And it is good for you to do this struggle is real news and and I can with a really good idea through the weekend I am going to start a a punk and three recalled the peninsula. It's carried. And were only do you punch versions of Coldplay songs. I'm out. In this dork and dude grow great I just can't handle that much pull play the united skeptic that fans to miss the chance of onto Amazon's. You could see it upon Dracula for two minutes hey listen I'm not. Saying that you things knocked in a war I think it's going to be original wedding works drag her from night where you know whereas this year. Right now. Size Dolan who gala is that we'll do fairly well he's thinking alike and now and here lol. Group. All right then I'm the biggest coffee in recent months with a the connect Cleveland's let's let's talk more about that protect its banana float is what you said not lemon banana slots that's red lemon that was that's my next level security is a Fuller works during a break up and a break up the bananas looked at some point and sort of new bank club lemon slots in Africa and then we're just straight. COLT plays should be Dan Miller this none of us who have contracts nonsense. Just a complete coverage didn't have pulled it left. We have a future brings so much content. Covering this is the point though because covering Coldplay is he really the most punk rock thing you can do in 2018. Very punk rock I don't need and ethical play on the screen right here I'm real parents thought. A set and a guerrilla marketing acumen you some of the weirdest text message over the weekend and. Oh. You explain to question. Guess the question did the hell your text message mentally neagle is the GOP 2000 stuff and I was like I do not it is. 5:41 in the morning and I do not understand what you do what your high gas consuming media. I've been waiting so I went heavily for your response to that since I sent it so my thing is America responded at that time I know united and you're gonna be like Gloria did you say your for the pot that's a place that's not what I thought I like a B goes like don't respond as rude and then I remembered this morning at a vehicle and ends time rules like oh I don't bring that up with a blood. So. There I was. Watching iron eagle the greatest movie. Quite possibly in the history of cinema. Now godfathers of their fresh where. Citizen Kane yes of course your lives now I neagle holds his place. No doubt about drug master's degrees right colonel chat be Sinclair anyone greatest character of all time out clearly. Some watch in this staying and about fifteen minutes and I'm kind of like laughing to myself. Descend on Mike. How did I not and a in the military. All I do you know the tears rushed to to an irony on top and over and over and over and over and over top guns another good one yet but we've talked about this it's the lesser of the also how disappointing was it when they are likely to win they're getting ready to make our eagle and some want that I. Hey you know they're doing it and I are doing a movie just like this with Tom Cruise in the other a lot like teammates told us to Soul Asylum. Petraeus at a. Wait what's. Democrats think Syria's. This is thirtieth seeing I've been doing heroin free. Earns it's. So watching this movie and I realized may make negative noise says its goods like that fixed position and that's what a so watch a movie I like at one point he's go laying the literally they like named dropped Reagan. Like. That are the president the President Obama again they're like. It's been done trying to get into the air force academy. And he gets rejected. Really early plot twist I thought that was really. Pull the last night's going to be able to make. Have you ever going to be compiled and it's clearly not gonna have those movies like report for the next ninety minutes yeah and then makes is his dad gets kidnapped spoiler alert. The full sold from the cute for ninety minutes Susan get him here overall idea. Hey could that old little return guy we got a cool thanks a man that's right. So. It like he's like talking about his dad giving kidnapped and then his little couple of those little eagle buddies like. Hey man don't worry about it that losers the last and that last lose in the White House is gone no begat Reagan who kicks a mad as yeah I like. Like. Your face right now is my bays on the couch by myself at 1130 at night or Friday as they. Horrific what is adamant that part at all the make a trickle down economics joke and their 20 yeah right totally evil money and other rich people little trick or dad incident that happens and then it's like. It is watching this and it's like. So incredibly lakes. Well we're gonna be going to war with Iraq since alleges makes let's just make a random pretending Middle Eastern country with an evil dictator now who looks strikingly. Like Saddam Hussein is there. And let let me. In case Jim male figure this out yet by now to be fair white people think that all. Middle Eastern dictators look to set correct. At this point I'm pretty record up as well. At this point I know yeah I know I think everyone knows that I feel like just just to be on the safe side to paint a picture John yeah I want to be like. I'll is that show us perfectly. Right or outright we wanna be to make fun of movies you watch him right in the pocket right in the pocket. As son now watch this thing and m.'s go I'm like I want to know this goes and I go. This movie is about. A teenager committing an act of global Payer is happy with the help and like. The help of his mentor who is a former Vietnam vet with major. Major. And some may say a major or he CST. And the help of a walkman and while. That parts believe of spoiler yet that parts per livable anything that you do with music and uses the do attempts. To listen to all the time and I'm just out cruising around is pretty awesome action movie soundtracks. Two of them probably yeah. Net dictated it to my Brothers my brother's friends had golf was not a suspect toy Khamese daughter's into the statement that time we were in high school he was he is autistic and Houston on the front porch and listen to you. All he listeners contracts now he loved it I'll Ortiz of the organism all day and has. I'm in I think it's like the perfectly we meet what is we got him and Johnson yeah it happens to be. To get. And it didn't that day yeah apparent there yeah yeah it's awesome yeah I mean did. What was with this we're not gonna take gets to twister sisters and that takes a god sakes like. Man how they get that where not gone picked it that was think they're one death sonic get actually did some of the got we've got up 85000. Americans 1980s money you let's do it hey you. You know you know the good the other play movie that absolutely are a lot the god can you audience to do the whole soundtrack. To hit the Suffolk. You talk Q who. I see yes and that movie that really trip me out man and then to make matters worse I text my brother my Bruschi. Just a joke literally he's never seen it. Excuse me 12 place for a. Don't do wish the flu is longer yeah I knew if you can read back if you prefer. That's for you tonight Janet yeah I'm not for have gotten yet so I'd like. I mean you know our tax and maximize our continent and would wait I know let us with a three hours. I had to get it out of my this lead you did good drivers are happy recipe I need to appreciate it I knew it was gonna make you up so like unlike other iron eagle sexiest star Mike Davis is. Great it is nonsense but that's great. So I text Aaron Zhu pre proper gear and improves I had guru. I still stand by my statement but I was I'm sure it was way better than me like it was like blueberry hi Andrea knows your treasure. So it takes a picture of it tonight. I'll give it to go plates if you see on a plea for a night and things started much agree Israel time a ticker again screen cap. And he's like you're gonna kill me though what is that announce like. I am going to view that sign up for this room and unpopular opinion. You did a bad job brother. That's all you fully audio. It hurts me to say this about me now you're right I cosa. I think he's got a manly family and we blue piano I've I've brought shame upon myself. I've shamed this house yeah along. But I also had like 90% sure that's ridiculous I totally I totally showed in that movie it get out of here horse Kamal what a dummy how can I could not have I've only seen it 700000. Million times that's a real number possible title for this. Good episode. Random engineering aspects. If I felt the disturbance in the force is that something was hovering over my left shoulder yeah well you know what is now yet well other multiple letting. How would you TVs to bang on the glass to try to pod cab fare with it. Accused Schumer has sent out here that they hear that oh yeah tents didn't know you were talking to them the boat like Pete some madrassa I. Cats who would think Sheldon nick stores there's like trying to voice over here he's hollow he speaks. Two looks unusual you gotta wait now 45 more seconds. I like that mean that the big name you know I'm in Shelden in in these. Because like a flick of the Russians came am familiar with him. He's strong. Fits. Renewed fight for. Legal need I go. Guess the question does the question if you had TU. Team up with wind Newton person in this building now on this floor let me be let me make it really the NCAA. A coworker. Like what the circumstances. The Russians have invaded yet so read on which I haven't seen him using his reference war is coming yeah it's nine cum is here. Who do you buddy buddy up with well who's your Danny Glover you know Gibson let's say and I can say is they've arrested this guy probably have a lot of guns and he's like just. Bonkers enough now would probably in a dead. Around the night probably offers W quickly really can goof off at least I could to keep us around from nothing else than to be entertaining. We can be the reverse yak us mean honestly we they sinister Russian and like inner shout death toll there will be like. In America we have two pairs of blue jeans but it. Out here a little girl in Vienna and. No no longer has that could. You guys. He's admitted as a please do almost full body play they don't want to make a joke there but I know I was pretty serious. Oh good good glued to develop okay back to the good good good for so you can pick ax the thought OK yeah. And it wasn't I think that's the smartest answer possible you I mean you don't I don't believe it's as well because you have a win here this question about it. Are your logic is about the same as now I don't feel that we have. To be fair I also think there's anybody in this Billy that seems very equipped to handle any of those situations no does sound like you know like if it's if this were is. Time. Another radio station they both worked at an out on being a regular that the way. And it would be our engineer and at all without question yeah you're the guy you're cool you're on your on I'm going with not enough because he's like motorcycles guns brains like the clinical are nearing diver he might have bad deal like. The big guy that they would talk to you made devise their stupid contraption liquid is actually work. Ask me what's his name me like if you idiots at Pascual double TTT. Filled TT. It was shout outs to TT served he tees up. No that's what type towns and not sorry about that any damage and of actually are you just don't let is it Mike I'm not. You have are you pretty good on Ernie old does that does that wrap. The guy feel good about technical. As you push as mere question. We got. Come up with something. Some sort of thing to help involve our awesome audience the dummies when we're asked summer camp for doing here's the premise we have summer campers is two day show. And each day we're gonna do a live taping of Bardem podcast yeah and so you can like get to sort of kept tickets to upgrade to the brew but Q. Which is barbecue. A flight appear sampling and then you get to sit and learn a podcast excuse me. Can't type when Phil and a and so. But we like to make it more fun and to media interaction we don't come up with something to get people involved like couple notes during a meeting that I throw good and it's like. Do we get like some sort of like a signs that Blix say the blue drops we have or something bad that or is it like do we have like dummy shirts made up or. But some sort of something I think we definitely do the Demi shirts again that goes absolutely without saying it's gonna be some sort of special addition. I'm a dummy art and podcasts up dummy some dummy jacket that's great you went on public no one has to know what it is yeah. To 600 on May be bullied Domingo listen people love novelty shirts and novelty shirt people love free shirts. Do you people really love. Free novelty T shirts wow and say it. All pools. Cellini make that happen here for share so it like something about these thinks is I don't know what that's going to be like I want people to be able to participated in to enjoy order to keep pretty short to I think because here. I mean worth will work this out live right here we've literally not talked about this we really have to select. Will blossom guests cal should be known as no surprise either by the and Diaz Jodi and it worked into the controller reckoned with Reagan and you'll obviously mr. pearl that did not norms froze solid as they're bringing in one yes. And oh yeah absolutely but what public guest from Mike. Summer camp eloquent and you hang out part of and it just a quick interviews has come over and say what's up to whatever and the oval. I'm thinking they'll just take the two days worth whosoever hour slot for this event right right it's there's a half hour of us eaten barbecue drink and some Beers and then we do art and podcasts. Offer 2030 minutes right bring on guests you have little interview that a refund. We take the two of whom we piece it together right to make one like super episode that airs throughout the week or something like that. Did finally get a broken record on Monday ordered be dead after two days of summer camp. Plus two pro and shows yes I'm you don't want him I write I am I'm surprised I'm also. Quite nervous about even being able to do with the senate podcasts America's voice yet. I just I'm going to be streaming trillion songs for five dollars devil we got microphones in the we'll have some operate thinks do you get a evidently you remember when I come back from south and southwest it's usually a bit of a problem yeah. The excessive drinking is also part of us. A game on everybody. Like I said I'm a little nervous about the podium Wednesday Friday as noted this Wednesday Friday and then it we are setters and yes. Campbell let's interest and we can we should petition for a day off the next week for all of us get the day off. And we just play I think that says hey we're all dead from summer camp bohemian Monday net the ball that's what can happen kind of but like if we can direct a Friday awful we all take Friday off as a collective effort to be like to peace. Yeah I think that's Smart we should report we should work on like joining forces to make that happen like that idea get to a thumb. So we need some ideas for how we commit to finally get an interactive in some capacity my brother Libya we can interview QB. Resiliency with reason museum doc yap like Disco monkeys monkeys. And come monkeys that's later this week as some funny. Yes I can order flake we colleague if team some sort of like our eight. They just kind of be like a fun links. First of all ask me for saying this gap but it just roll that for a second there's got to like a fun impromptu game of some sort Debbie can get like. Listeners involved in or something like. OK I almost had blue but I love him prom so it's like. I know but it's just an embarrassing thing to say no one likes knowing no one likes to admit to liking him product games that's the bad you know you know. I just did I know I can't be did that I'm confident comfortable might I also near bleep it out before the yeah obviously clearly. With the equipment PP six and release. Can't you like games. If a I hope I got all three. At got to cash Jamal. All I was watching TV yesterday and low I know right it was a dead pool was on FX Alia. And key at one point they go. Whether they go to the other and terrifying. And I was like you can't say that on FX pulled it they didn't believe that Miller and he goes left because mother followed Lee. Next one and I was like no no no you missed. The personal or you convince the sensor that you'd said mother foggy and we'll it is out of line was so expertly delivered I watched it three times who was like dude that was straight up hard swearing. On FX NA they're not bound by any kind of regulations draft for that they don't most cable networks that's within the people will think to most cable networks don't swear because the normal lose advertised tract has nothing to do with legality it's a public airwaves are not allowed to this where between right and that's a tournament ambient right. And technically you are allowed us where you just can get to. Right limits freedom summer has some nasty yell you force that's all over the island had freedom of speech thing and good night it number you were reading off a script right now clearly obviously we are very good actors. Very good at dribbled Portland I'll let improper but that we love so much. Mean I would you please help ocean shores this weekend. I know you're living life we can have a head at me and it's really notice it or SA possible I've won it thanks. Yes I wanting do you like it just date trip out there to see the freaking ocean yet do you need to take a nice you have to stay it's too much to do you do that you can but it's too much you should just like. We sit at the Shiloh and we talked about that that is a joke that no one else is gonna get as much as I have but that is test it's just so that we promote all the time that it but none of us have ever seen in the wild and so we like took it really Quinn did it. Did you begin Carter anyways won't talk often I can't get up we showed up a and listen I I'm not here to disparage anybody because we had a great time yeah hotel was great. It's just that ocean shores has not evolves since like somewhere in the need. Eighty's that's incredible. Dorm. So that I. So in the mid eighties is like a lot of time that city changed and anyway and so look we showed up were like oh like so wait are you telling me. That they were cried he fights and car race is going on and oversized jackets have under color shirts are likely connected pony pins on everybody's jackets yet like it's something else man there was drag racing all day no it's some. It's really weird because it's like the show ends is like clearly the nicest joint. But it literally help the Chinese are just giving you distinct kind of freaking jury is the only way out here we went to the grocery store he had looked like right there and yeah a minimum. Hey that you know the public and we're known to be fair of the people that wasn't the working at all the places that were like not. Into it but like. It word is. It was like going back to the eighties like nothing had been updated and it everyone I talk to about it that's from here was like oh we used to go there all the time as a kid it was too cool yes. Lower peeler got nearest you like to where I've got this plugging your block command into the fifth but it's got the F sixteen out we were off that's. Why are the black quarterbacks pink door about a happy lead in the Malone and up and could perhaps it's a student at. So. But it soak. Crazy hokey that it was like pretty neat there's this Libby set about going to the beach yeah I like that just like the ocean is just like this is suing so powerful about it yes. It took abuse the ocean is very underwhelming premieres like look at had nothing forever yes while like I'd rather go to the mountains and sea like beautiful share share share in the house salute landscape has been changed over millions of years allegedly. 5000 meters gauge of the earth. Protect. But are getting into the ocean felt great except that it was so hokey that kind of felt really great to. I've never been wind burned before never experience and yes it is probably in Mexico I'm guessing no Ireland. It is something else then I came in from being outside and it was like you know it was. Past the potential license yet it's winnable but it was like. 61 degrees windy cold day cloudy. Sprinkler ridiculous. And I'm really just struggling in minimum an art of sick all weekend we went there but I came minute wind burn I get recommendations for where to go to get dinner and everyone yet galway bay. Irish Bobby got together had the worst crap kicked of my life and some pretty garbage. I would call efficient chips. Awful noted write that down in my head the shot and Jamison and get less than I had with my buddy Ed just adds a Demi. That hit the spot mennonite school just saturated as it can do. Yeah. Yeah I have and I got really bad when bird I was in Ireland it into place called inclusive. I think it's more. Our mohair cynic it's like. It literally sick at the end of the world yeah that's what they thought back and you know I I just causing every crazy yeah yeah and it that was I was really you staining on like. OK I can see where that that theory came from because you're at least closer like yeah. 300 feet tall it's crazy and there's not and then the ocean that's it there's nothing and super. The waves morgues and everywhere the ways in theory yes. The waves crashed below you but the wind hits those cliffs or that actually rains are new. Cool the whole time up there and make it's it's like it when the wind gusts which he jumps you go backwards oh yeah cool I've seen though like you complain like soccer by yourself personally can't come on yeah it's you really wild. But spent an afternoon walking we walked from a town she was there which is beautiful really cool it countryside in Ireland. All worth it but then like on the way home you're gonna like me and my face records. I think that's a sunburn and the new audience here. Little hostile and you're like oh no it's just been blown off Scott. And I have liked appealing and is really gross it's gross videotape herself that I know idyllic the baby like. We walked with the wind the first so first of all this is the best part about the beach and trying to get to know it's like a river Cokie you like. Yeah he's town ordering that's very true very good as it does RH. But critics based there were loose ends. You drive your car on the beach. One up its mind boggling except for people are so stupid that there's like a road that turns into just the beach all the suddenly alive here in the stop of the the blocking the entrance to the beach. It'll wake you got to turn walked unit turned the car park over the side it would outrage any of Richard not to get stuck with the tide. Oh my god so you just hole right out of the beach that crazy and then go to the slightly liked everywhere compact enough for you I mean that's. And so if I don't I trust that. If you people I'm sure gets stuck with a guy like. RVs and campers to stop people like to set up tents that you just gonna get to know where the tide line is in the yeah you can send them to see that looks a biblical borders. But then did a very manly thing that happened to happen it was crazy Rick we walked numbers your car broke helped move. A little above us. To have walked down the beach is great wind at our back in the big loans Brees who like regular people who get on isn't as we put him up his gloves and afflicted shooters great. The walking back like about halfway back she starts he's really upset my young guys is hits went but I got any we covered him up and everything and I got a tennis like canceled sunburn same thing. Yet it's super red left put lotion all over the next few hot the rest of the night it was a very strange and I'm already sick and it sucks yes. But driving on the beach in the wandering around it is proof these sweet the next there was a lot nicer to commend their butt implant in the ocean a little bit ago he loves we have these in swimming lessons. To explode I didn't loans from tones like ten or twelve I don't like swimming and like the law journal like the natural water. Like pool just find out itself. But that's about it man and so we wanna get him involved in rural and he loves the water so much so public really cool to take a baby there for first time attempts excited yet. All. Such expectations correctly is long drive options for saltwater taffy. Yeah that's a that's my one on one hang up but like that's just like that in my it and should go to lake. Find it cooler spot necessity on the water that lake is there's do it to reinforce stuff like hiking in the instead or like I think so and unlike the beat the other so Libby set about going down there I like I'd like. I grip on Lake Michigan which is not the ocean but it's the same thing warm when you go down there and you stare out it's just water and I've always kind of like that's a really good bike to. Meditative thing I've always like like like when I'm like I need some the rhythm of waves ID NN yeah I mean I just like it today you. We're about my stance on and it's not that it's just like like my brother lived. On the beach. In Manhattan Beach in an apartment now a little bit of lift currently in with a name Brody. With the patent Nellis is Mike. Zia surfer who noted he like went to the beach five times in the three years who have there's not that it never used open deliberate dance at night you'd leave. We've had sliding glass door open and you hear the Pacific Ocean crashing in and it was also. Yeah I've I've been rumored the first time ever want to LA which is trying to lie I will always like love LA now. Weeks with out. They did it I always love it. Is the first time here at Ares I stayed down in likes. I think has kind of beach maybe someone that is to say America apps like this one of that chunks of that to be short ever. And same thing or is like I slept on the couch and like this dudes that these two guys like apartment or Arab leaders crash and those guys like. It was at a beach house and it was the same thing we're speculating there it's like. Your first night in Los and it is exciting anyway. He and it's now coming in that's like and they're sunny section that man. Yeah it's great particularly if you can afford and its bananas now I don't think anyone can afford to live anywhere on the West Coast ever. We can afford to live in Seattle I feel like we can somehow afford to have LA is still more expensive is not crazy. No way yeah. But he liked it the growth is different like the cost is still more expensive and Alan. Really yeah LA San Francisco whom are of New York is it we I mean on the West Coast is like Elliott Elliott Temps are still more expensive but like tech could. Delegates cheap period. Wow. That's surprising. Currents at seventeen degrees in LA. On Thursday or Friday. That's not okay like that's what people die and that's not president in LA as I had seventeen Phoenix make hundreds of him if he hasn't seen in Phoenix is really bad. Yet because there's always like it was once every couple Summers. That it would get to that level in Tucson where do like to do is I want fourteen but only god knows what you're talking point for licked a country. But if if for the most part 110 was about the hottest it got every year and get to the break that was like producing just corn seventeen in LA where. Rowe has not set up for that no. Would you rather. You who would rather be called Heredia. Me extremely unique not just like to lose a lake. Yeah I think hot probably depends a flick at it this is not a Ferrer like if I'm just a walking down the streets. I don't know the answer that but if I can. I grew up where it was yacht all the time I'd like. You had air conditioning in your car and in your place of work miniature house. Right things and outside a talk about before about how I didn't understand where there was no do television on during the summer because we couldn't. Cuba totally more than 45 minutes in the summer because you're too hot yet. I'm like I'd rather have that to then. Be stuck somewhere because it's so cold frozen. I like the idea of moving in like Minnesota does nothing for me yeah. Whereas moving in somewhere where it's there's speech in its war in century how much you've got to get that statement. Aunts and I'm way more OK with being. Overheated and I am being free single now I hate being called I am. And a major policy when it comes to that lake which is weird because you think after you know spending the first twenty years of my life. You know. In Wisconsin Minnesota he'd be like that's fine used to it but like we'll there was a reason why old people moved to Florida and not to correct Minnesota like correct because it's easier to deal with. He then also an abundance of early bird specials. Now at restaurants for. And bikinis and bikinis or people in bikinis. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcasts from Cuba I. Try to university. Folks.