213 - P-Dogg

Thursday, July 12th

You ever see a dead body?

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Oh the paint. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. And done. It's the worst and who loves this topic is food. I've really wants. Not tired yet man. You like doing as little puck doesn't yup he is always yes and none of pop tart a pack of offense it's for awhile though there was a pop tart. Get out here garbage. Was the garbage can that invented the pop tarts and yet it's like a single packet. Someone who made a bunch of money for the pop tart corporation correct and a Smart. I applaud you I guess yeah. I mean for them for their sake they weathered it's terrible for all spoke like they were probably like yeah I would look at my boats when he then an inning and assert selling shoes in like ones. I got a new I got a new I got a got the new Jordan. With the equipment. But a pretty wide would you say Jordan. Yet men it Dailey had one million the left one. Let's put it wearing on your right foot putt well air Max Q of course always liked. Oh I know a kid if he's looked to him for. Maybe three I don't know a new kids now because I have a kid. And this kid will not Wear these same shoe. In both feet he's just like not intuitive that our different shoes and his parents. By him the same style of shoe in two different colors and when he mix and match as he decides which when he wants to Wear a great selectively cut shot sir what are they fighting one of bad ass kid public you're going to be good artists and it broke yet you go to that special school. Yes I mean he that's like. I was blown away Obama evicted daily just casually dismissed me authority of the Avian awesome artist go to like winners fancy art schools or give put on the behavior of drugs because no one knows how to handle a creative mind and and villages become the only meal like that that the drugs like when America was great bright guy just like oh no would be different everyone be the same take the drill him right exactly. So. Is this question has big question. Do you miss. The concept of the hand. So it can you elaborate a little bit. I just. See people who I'm friends with the from other places. 42 visits. And people are here yeah because they've gotten a tan. Now keep in mind like. Played this probably does not affect everyone the same way because I'm aware of race. Yet and course but Blake. All of in the desert for forever and so people would start working on their tan now we hear that's ridiculous and thus you have like a pool. And it's a a public pool which doesn't exist here I can with you but one person that has access to like yeah outside pool that's not public but it's like I'm an apartment a senate panel the west. Like every place Seale lived in Arizona. In. Nevada yet in a New Mexico that only half a pool to you mess. And so people would get up I ain't never had looking good tee and I am like a hard core -- a former canned right currently I'm so pale now it's unbelievable when. And am now more I think more susceptible to some are more scared of it same because the door on that for five minutes my turn lobster red. I went out last week and for this very reason as a matter of fact Greg I'm glad you brought this up they welcome. For the very reason to sole purpose to you. Look so you know sole purpose. Was view. Is this last Saturday Sunday as a I'm getting out of the house it was a beautiful day. I'm willing to go up to volunteer park was gonna duo is gonna go for a constitutional but I am gonna Wear a tank top group in the park got it got it when it than anywhere in my tank top and I'm Ghana. Just go. By the time a lot of volunteer part roll around there and walk home it's about an hour in the sign it to. Just run me out just what I want. And sure enough I did just that and I get tan lines and I was like yes September 10. Present in my cooking I don't know yet I really yeah I was. Very happy with myself and so yes I do miss the ten because I always go. This is like my weird ten marker where I feel like your skin should be darker than your nails between males I kind of mean same Tony yeah like that's an idyllic and that's the ten wanna be on a B ten of them and it helps for sounds really weird but. If you can't right now look at your hands even though he's right. Yeah I don't have to talk about Mike Green like Dan Dan Mets now I have one and is getting their the other hand which is my baseball glove hand you masturbating hand not there the stranger with a report from Fatah. At a a couple of I'm not the best thing getting can't either I'm like I'm half Irish half Italian. So the of the problem is the Irish comes first so I just fry. And then an ache it's nice if you fri six times and suddenly you're Tampa yet ID like to good can't. Two good quickens and then I'm like. Golden brown nice and opinion I don't know what it is about our culture it's probably just based intimately from years of living in the sun. 91 people wearing shorts and have and being hand is like very like. Pleasant to me I don't know what that is it's some I think there and I think it because I think it's because it's. In the he's been in the suddenly youth and we need to look at where did you find son pitched it vitamin. There I don't even mind I'd item I am not inside a people that spray tan I thought I was. And it's tacky to be clear but also pay you look good. So I I'm not as written it myself as a dude that like so. Who it's about the time that I got to spray tan yes I'm like not the person you'd expect to get the spray tail and let's do this the right way yeah. Oh stick Jake has your question yeah go right ahead curious pretends I have few dead it's dog. So we had. We had a sun tanning spray tanning clients. It was a deserts uelmen okay been written yet. It was a very bizarre the whole thing was very bizarre for me the people were incredibly friendly attitude that I dealt with there was this one gallon James Kendall. And she. Ship to come to the station. She was like toi mean something and like just like a hot suntan girl right yeah. And she be requisite to have that job I do believe we're in Jason studio. And recording us an endorsement spot. And it's her and I and she's the female voice of this and the way she's looking at me like we are gonna on that floor right there yeah. On great and I am very uncomfortable ticket because Jason is looking at me like what is going on here but I like I say things dives that reroute them for you stop me no and I'd. Kick to his credit I. But project that myself and I don't let me reflect survives the wrong way or whatever. And I don't feel like sellout and she like knows an interest no I missed my opportunity Brett it's a ban on the floor now Lauren never. And I get that and really two ways this goes data is like a do the other one and again so. Yes so I had to get a spray tan in the process and I've never felt like I was joining us so roll or any more of an and that moment. Ha ha ha ha I'm in the boxer shorts. We have to film a piece for a oh allow America boxer shorts and they're spray tanning me and I am not in shape and I just looked like the video game plan kind of sloppy lazy dude that's got to be pretty comfortable on a flip cam not even make a decent camera or can I think it may do some post affects so that at least right. Yeah red red red red red image nicer. Not to hide my and rightly so early grossed up again I just as I can just imagine her. Getting a dependent circling the love handles and Hyundai Kia RAK go Fannie Mae and whatever and so. While that escalated attic now I went to the University of Arizona which is all Greek unite two of the poor girl's crying and Cabrera were in my dorm rooms of soul upset about it it was unbelievable I couldn't believe that this is slipping and exist his body shaming. Bush earlier so far from that Tori there are fifteen years later whatever like old account. Yes I had to get us. Re ten and and it tackles. Catch it is thinks. I don't remember that but that doesn't stay with me how ugly if you yeah. But I got a spray to hand and I walked away from that and I was like look really it was like a pretty effective way of when you get past like listen now. Do you deserve to make jokes about the spray can absolutely 100% but we wouldn't make jokes about me for anything that you want. But you're right you do look pretty good thank you do the pre afterwards. And it's without the so undoing the damage tomorrow who knows what those places but what they're using to die my skin care what I mean years though given there's the giving you cancer but it's not like oops missed. Just sand and chemicals have to chemical content. I've heard that myself. But I've I've recently been thinking about it specifically because of really literally what you're saying only and I'm so light and in this being. I think I just I think I look better to hand like a feel better about myself when intent. You know and it's like where am I gonna do that I live in Capitol Hill and running of by Italy in the park now so grow as hipster park yeah. I keep my Beers I wanna first on my Beers outlined to be allowed them part which is the frustrating. That the rule were to look at you right there there's minutes of the dog group now receptacle it's like you can guru and remote user I yards on a run they really can't do bro can do it cyber oh sorry man. Taj come back in the Alley and instead pigeons back there you've you've you remember. It's cool me Gregory back there just you lay it out in the gravel behind the garage there resting my head on the pigeon pizza. And understood how back there than like there's like the apartments with a total viewers that are super duper expensive but look at garbage and some music expensive cars and stuff back parent like the super pothole Alley and super duper view but yeah you get highways sound. And you're. You're in an Alley man lake and here and don't come and Allen were those people complaining like yet the real thing I know we like joke about it a lot that's a real got the real thing. I don't miss that at all living in this and let's also be clear bustling chewed out it's also not like. Dick I don't live in like a crap part of town of like if you walked. On one side of your building it's fine. Sure and you go through it's the Capitol Hill Eileen I don't always like there was countless times I drove through that Alley where there was a guy clearly. Cracked out of hand Dolan threw the dumpster that is really. We do have they gone down to have to say and the other side. The other. Alley the other side Daly is whale wars weird stuff goes down that side I think our sake it's like the stragglers switched it the Rendell straggler and the ninja. Maybe she's the area kind of he was not doing it maybe he's better eyes leveled and I know they are a million man he had maybe he's been building turning up his walkman headphones too loud bad at keeping other people under the kept him into. Yeah a man it was a I don't miss the people group I don't know if I give it. You're a person you don't have a place to go when he got Pope I did it end like at least not doing that like. On the front stoop of your poll ace initiate that it also doesn't mean I don't think it's gross to see a human to hurt accurate. Advocate can be both that's to this world where we operate in absolutes cracks had been called a bit above black and white. My person myself where it's like wall if you didn't. If you say you're gonna do XYZ and you don't do with and you didn't do it and it's like well I got close fellow Mike I don't care you you gave your word that you're gonna Doucet I live in that but not shareholder and then in the flexibility and have a heart and so for that but. There's a lot of time spent being lied to know you can't. Talk about homelessness like that make. Hold on to talk about how it affects me and what I find it just because I find the gross is a mean I don't I'm not gonna have some sympathy for. I'm a big fan of the name and 1935 that new song has a line at diving is like. I like them because I know that either music that pursue that great but I think they're lyrics are very clever like I think that dude. Knows what he is and knows what he's doing sir and I kind of have a different level retire I respect people that are like in on the out there own joke Ed and dealing with a band break. I just have to five and then another man it's been Mets save you kind of wheel house which is 21 pilots. I thought the 1970 got in 935 gallons a lot mosque he Sheehan a lot less like at arm's length I thought it was a lot more approachable for knowing what he was yet. And and that doesn't. That doesn't say positive or negative about you don't know how they each one decides to handle and it seemed like he was aware of what was going on the new how to play ball and didn't have to make it nothing we can just might be yet some dudes and rumor whatever. One does the. Shucks accused them is happy to that you like music in the amendment is more lights. Yeah I wrote that because life is horrible and if you think about it. And and a very clever yet and there's a line that song where it's like context in a modern advantage sticking out. Am like that lines means and like that's brilliant because that's where we are now like you there's no context anything it's like random sentences that likes exists and it a low. You hates. Four women you are a woman hater between what their sponsors let's get them off the air yeah and listen like. Public John over there are good guy like by guy you screwed up clearly no doubt about. Just to bring everyone up to speed in a conference call with their marketing team that hired marketing marketing came outside he dropped. The most offensive racial slur. And and then tried to back pedal apologize on it and then had to step down as the chairman of the board which got me to think it. Are. Bad people. Getting. Dumber. Or they just getting there are they getting worse there could be more pooled yeah because the system in place to. Root out to the kind of like. The gray area of morality is shifted back to bring it to looked more grain is okay. Sometimes less grain is okay or sometimes the grays defined by different groups yes. And it's yeah its that is there were this many. Bad people being so so I can't wait until people that are. This might philosophy I try to live by as much as I can but it's give it time. There at all react. They just give it a little while to see how things play out before you jump while I know like were rewarded for being the first one to do this of the first would that take whatever right. But if you're like if if something out of context happens I'll he said what. And then everybody the jumps on the bandwagon of like get out right. If you're the person that's being yelled out to get someone now wait just wait a day F five days a week. Some thing to see how what actually what with the news cycle is of the outrage. You because if you can reduce the acts. In understand it instead of just as slice but in its full wave length. He couldn't understand what the really the average of the outrage and applause if he cannot test session yeah you have to happen like understand it for what you do is. And then make a decision because it's so easy to be like I can't believe I. I would never defend this piece of crap but the Bill O'Reilly seems like I don't know enough about a bit from the perspective that I was given he seems to Terrell Ole womanizing awful person. And then he got Chris and he got his right. When everyone turned and said like OK all you advertisers stop advertising with and that's a pretty quick reaction to him right. Now maybe there was enough evidence that the compelled them that finally he's last straw or whatever but if they had given it another week or two to see how it played out what all that outrage still existed and would he still how of his gay. Or was it. There was an overreaction or the right amount of action and we won't know because as this life that we of the can't live on the what ifs or whatever but yeah if people just took more time before being outraged about something to understand the lifespan of the outrage it can be a little bit easier to make. Maurer prudent decision. Had a man. Question as we question gives you the dead body all men. Again the answer is yes but. Only tell a story on morneau just fill me in my cute with the dead body one where you're supposed to see it no new Iowa is. It was. As a Dicey stories and kind of chatted yeah painted. Little less bad for me at a Tony bodies of the pepper was doing tons of cocaine in her heart exploded and she's dead all right and protect our. So there was my date dead in the backseat and I thought David pepper and the can. Armed for for the record my data was the vaccine is she's blackout drunk so that's part of the story while you're dealing pepper with. So Vera was with pat her in the backseat of the car and dead. On drugs and an isolated and feeling very wrong this is taken a wild turn of it was a Hollywood I'm gonna take that clip consented to that. Found these idiots these epithet that's at a putt putt but I. It was post Halloween party. All of my friends had gotten two. In a bad place to get behind the wheel I aid. Volunteered to doesn't have much less bad plays but you you're fine. Yeah because so I think I you're responsible adult I think I got this ultra I was home and I realize that that the car is Emanuel. Belly up crap at this point time and didn't. I had driven manuals as I was like seventeen yeah. Some like couples deserve the park lodges are gonna get the hang of it in like many cars are tricky because he had a kind of finally happy spot between clutch and again you know a minister Manuel gets it. Five point two clutching a finite and then you're done. Here's a you don't really wanna be doing is trying to figure out how to drive stick in a car full of drunks at 2 o'clock in the morning whether you're sober not like you're like. If something bad were to happen. And that's those flashlights China and in your car you like. Everyone in here is trashed. And I am and I don't know what I'm doing can you please drive the stakes are told from my office are all drivers come right so I don't drive and know that some. We're driving home and we get to like two turns before it's in my apartment. They're racing in Indian loud and drunken and totally yeah. Turn a corner and likes. Her friend east like slammed on the brakes and swerved and comic oh no so I just instinctively slam on the brakes and swerve as well for a think I did because. The swerve out of the way of some and lean in the room though no yeah has so we get past them and then at my friend is like dude pull over. And I'm like. We will pull over we get to the apartment which is two blocks ways I know Judy had a right now no M likes. Your rates make your rights your rights psychology apart in line at Smart and my friend and my other friend go running up to see is going on. I sit in the car with Mike Hayden to leave that part has raised. They pepper pepper is blackout drunk in the backseat browsing easy air quotes of pepper just we cleared of he's lying he's not but I am. The one time yes so we're some quite as they went by we can't easily surpass that girl that end up in a parking lot a car that's ridiculous. So anyways. Turns out there's a long story short that person had been hit by car and was dead. And we were the ones that. Got 911 to come first on scene yeah it was very. Interesting because. It's 2 in the morning and I'm with five people four of them are gest the Lotto connect to a homer describing it says and then there's not a cops. I hate to yes I taught well. I was in the this part up at lake the persons that did it was in the parking lot that I happen to pull it they were right behind me. I could see as an sitting there in the car I'm just sitting there watching things happen I don't know I'm just looking in my rearview. In likens I can hear people. Talking and I'm like look on out of here and the in my rearview and I could see the car and like the windshield I could see from the reflection of the light. Onto the via a shadow spider web and allows like. And I'm like are. So I start to get out of the car and then all of a sudden my right when this is happening like all the cops show up here. And it was really. It was an interest in the first of all that habit utmost respect for law enforcement portals like what a terrible I had on item very interesting experience. With. The police in this thing where I'm trying to help. And one of them is one of the cops being very cool because my friends are helping. And then the other one that shows up late is due in like. Pull up the spotlight let's restore order here you get back in your car and I'm like you're immune like. Usually you're NFC right now get your car and Mike looking at the other lady don't like we you to tell this prick to be like he's cool. And like it's like so she's that literally stuck up for him just radical right and only career I think that's the person you need to instituted and sure enough it was that almighty hi. Yeah I was really there was a girl and it was like very. So much drama called. Drink and drive at 3 in the morning like it was solely strongly LA UC BI it was wild so yes I have. I have seen it at the officer you snoop DO double G. PD PV vote double G and you know they directly dog. But we don't ethical. Another Culpepper and your date who you Doug. Which in a letter to the podcast that's our camp. You know what it should come up for that. On the tour what are you live in terms but I. When he's so good if we had that if we have Blake the pieces through grey wolf we'll make one of the Demi saying it. Sing them. That's leading to do we need to give me need who plays when we play our South Florida whiff. Don't. TL article Keith yeah I'd like him saying that part perfect. All OK so have you Sunita yeah man it was. It's. Raise the yes stirred today now we we work in studios that are due. Not sound proof we do can I can be a problem from sound from time to time player and answer session every day crack. And the corps my. Usually a current dude standing in the window with a hand on his tensions Weiner hang in there right away enough city yet and big boobs three winners is where I'm congratulations. And but instead this time I see flashing lights and it's one of those trucks that drives in the like shoulder to try and make help the public to know someone out right that's a response vehicle looked not like. The cops and ambulance yeah. Can support vehicle and it's getting a free when I was like no it didn't think anything of it. The couple minutes later helix series of sirens. And they're not going away. So why did give up and turn around from my seat are busy doing stuff and I looked down and I see eight twisted mangled dead body. On the freeway. Well like gad and I'm like oh my god a second dead and that I notice the giant pools of blood on either side of them and I'm like. Oh my god that person is not just hurt or passed out or sort of dug up the person that is. Pro like I just a person probably dead and I looked hundred yards down the road and with the hazards on there is a dump truck. That is with a driver just kind of like in shock as to like what the crap just happened. And so over the what I do like a much stunned by this desire he had a right dead person and inflict now. It was 100% obvious from my vantage point and if I'm wrong I'm sorry but it's a 100% obvious from my vantage point. But that is a homeless person from one of these camps at two under the freeway running across the freeway in some capacity right. The thin gut creamed by a by dump truck as awful for that person obviously who is now dead percent. I wish I wasn't like this I guess I wish I had a different sympathy or empathy but I feel so bad for the driver. There had it. Knoll. Seemingly mean meat is there was no negligent part that they paid played right you're just driving like a giant ten ton vehicle. And trying to get on the freeway at or off at you know you're doing 4550 miles an hour and that's that's. A person heading back to normal water balloon had a history of and so. I'd just like stunt and I walked out into the common area just looking for anybody and there's BJ from BJ and megs of ram he's like. It. Major and I was like Jerry accurate I was like did you see the since the tenth guy. Knew. What you do about it like. There's like he does there's a dead does that. Ted guy and you're walks over to the winnowing as a whole band. I go back and in my studio and just like self like distillate rattled by Sherry I look at and as I looked out it's been no more than sixty seconds they've now Covert. The dead guy which is like it is amazing the difference it makes to have a cover over structure like that how. Quickly restored me back to humanity. Where I was like oh man okay so what happened here the ticket I ran on for the thing got hit by the thing now he's dead yeah. And so I've just spent the rest of the morning Blix super distracted from the radio it's kind of watching this from within first reaction to it. I hate that I'm program like this is I got out my phone and was immediately like. I need to talk about discuss this is like I think the people who experienced some time in the life and it's like a little bull may be yeah hopefully not. You should feel as bad about that because that exactly your thought process but that's kind of sent a fork out so I I I need. I wrestle with the same things or it's like well you know like. I'm going through weird staying in my life and I kind of wanna keep it private I all I know is to like let it out and then becoming a while. Other people go through this too so maybe they can draw something from a bit and is continually refine some sort of common ground with some yeah. And some sort of ponder something yet you know you have some yes a vote. There Olson who follows us that is constantly tweeting not constantly at the appropriate amount of tweeting at. Pretty boring and I. Because it was adjudicated and she's so cool yeah LBC 1980 I think has an idea to it does glory. She can't that like listener tweets and stuff. And she stays out of it she she's always a close personal loss to follow me you know them on the other follow me and you should I let them I was a Epperson school or not you make your decision but. She knows what she signed up for. Yet she's. Always been around performers are whole life and settle here so she knows what it is butch if she doesn't do anything on social media so she doesn't. Yet just does entertainment. And I had a friend is like they would start to. Figure things out and then I chizik who's like yeah this is weird and like it is weird I like I don't know what to tell you like. What did you think it's social network spray like what the says yet. Yet some. It's like unto the ends instead Graham was insult. I'm rattle this'll some crazy stuff like. -- side that was like the first set refers in the morning ethical and I feel bad traveler to be bad either and and I was like two IE to a show what's going on that our vantage is like you're looking right at the man you did the right thing might not doing that that's fairly disrespectful if link Zoellick if I had been around ground floor and been like this is what's happening outside a far thing and you do see the trucking you don't look at bloom where the person is let all the right news no one shows where the person is the show what the scene looks like away from that that's for the first 48 TV show you don't do that on the news campaign intended for real. And so I love that show it's great yeah but. So that I like stopped. From being doing Napa for the cut bad that's the brink go to inflict this is breaking news in Seattle and its mammoth messed me up. What's good morning develop watched Twitter as like it like really screwed up it was traffic was backed up to like Lynnwood yet from Mac and the traffic is like two hours long right now not five and stuff and I was like there's a so I got in the air I was like listen somebody was killed on the freeway running across the right outside the station for a much southbound. Right around that know that there's like a person's life that ended because and that's what the problem is they just. Trying to process that yes I like it people or really super cool about that on the on the Twitter in the tweet and the texting and stuff like that it was a really interesting experience to go through. It wasn't like the 2 AM stuff is crazy because like that's. But that's somebody killed somebody it sounds like I don't know that for sure that's what's totally against that. Where is this somebody got themselves killed. Yeah OK yeah so what the person whose fault it was that's not behaved ides. I just wish that I didn't immediately go through that truck driver but he's the one that's still. Big giving you know it's a Serb they can suck for everyone right even even in my story like. It's still sucks fair that the woman that did it yeah. After you guys having to elect see that they made a terrible mistake no doubt and I'm sure she creative very steep price Arizona she's white BBC like. And no because today that they can get some money out of it they're you're going to gym and that's that's like a third their economy yeah I usher in the umpire pilot error yes thank you Jesus Christ. Cart which person. So. You can still feel. Bad for hurt too as she made a terrible mistake no doubt and and her family now look they have like this yeah I'm just making assumptions but if she is a family she goes to jail now they have to do with having a kid that's in jail or. No one of the or even if you if she has even hints at the ambulance row. It's likes that follows you forever yeah. Com and and just like this this guy like the psychological yeah hit that fat mistake which did you kill somebody CU had to have seen that happen. You know I mean like snapped the support guy the blue route as part is. So. Management came in I tweeted about it some data management came and in the loop wellness check Q are you all right on the day like. I know people say this whole lot of whatever but. It wasn't that traumatic. Like I didn't see something I didn't see the guy get hit by a dump truck because that would radio hard to forget it is looked down saw dead guy. And I and I've never seen a dead person outside the context of like funeral Ursula Thatcher but like. It's what goes like oh my god that persons for sure debt. And then Mike what happens from there great. They came in to check on me and I can legitimately say like I didn't lose any sleep last night Mike I was able to. But except what happened in the cried a lot of sleep but it all and you're still asleep and pretty much all day long what's karate and cry karate but it was like a means of basically just the typical Wednesday night he had a little 40% extra pride I thought. But some didn't and her lawyers or of that we're likely came in to check and you this year equal. Mean. But I have an idea that Canada or coming from from bitter or anybody yet. Oh so the way the day. It's of the clean everything up right on the and were at swerve near fourteenth floor sore pretty high up over the freeway. And when it's time to move the body first truths half of the corner to take photographs. And who signs up for that job. It comes over and they like get these big white sheets and all the other emergency responders hold up the seats create a perimeter around the guy that just they did not do anything for over the top right they open it up and I'm releasing the dent in order for the ticket picture. And I turn around to say something and then they've already put him into a body bag. It seems that the that up in Wheeling and melanomas like one of people said to me like the about the guy whose job it is to come scrub the freeway. Well. And that he says that for that job and I was like a person. That is simple minded is the one that wouldn't move that would be OK with that job because you have to process the death all the time that's not fair of me but that was like remembering what. I don't know here at the because I think all your that was the perfect person to do it as those which is weird but like I don't think that's like. I don't think that's like a specific I think that's part of the lakers you are in the type yeah I feel bad for my yet for my initial take on it but yeah I very like my I Kramer my when my cousins works the worked on the lake now back to Wisconsin Lake Michigan and they are just like their job was just like cleaned the crap out of the lake. But. Included in clean crap by the lake was like dead animals that. Floated up or. Now worse groups yep hoops are the things that coupes come out of and a bomb and that was like Spain juices flowing crowds of here's C not god dim if there is seen as they drafters spent like three weeks in the water Rick it's we're brow. Gross it's off putting and I think it's off putting things never for the same after that ship full shamed her she she couldn't did you say shipped there a couple of space ship full sprinters. Spell that Fareed cookies and and confuse these things shipped. Oh you're Pam. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by karate university the use of fire needs to get rid of the blood races.