218 - Cool Ranch Space Needle

Thursday, August 2nd

The first 9 minutes is pretty much all Cheetos... Cool Ranch Cheetos.

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Yeah no contest starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. It fell and worst. I was born I was born. I meant to wait to start Contra both leaving she doesn't look terrible way to. She Duca. It's this cheesy that's not paid for by Jews. Could be going to no real life. Started out there and now you wouldn't get Canada broke the plane. With a number we've been over the slot recently. Extensively. Triggered a regular. Go to Jerusalem. Yeah. I don't like cheese puffs on my own against a in my teeth. But the food was bad thing I've ever said they do weird thing is accurate that I would put that she's vote in my mouth. And and I would like. Just keep it in there at the moisture into it and I'd buy it we spongy disintegrate. No and as everything chase him out these deep ice cubes they got your podcast to your game. Whenever fifteenth. But left. I really imitation Tito's I think those are carved. Cool even thought they can do that the only time that they chino is. OK with me is in the the bar mix. You're like oh yeah because that the primary agent. I can also do the fake imminent the great church area but like when you get what they that your half there you go straight. Nick is not Bremer deliberately done you know your fish around just plucking out the guard dead goes out of that bowl of random another guy on. I looked embarrassingly that guy act I think most people are that guy like I know let's not cool. Brussels a sit down and yet nothing but pretzels. And peanuts and go and my germs the angels open unlike a double purple and Drina conjure whose dividends that's made beverage you know. Now I show and putt putt. We do you make eye contact no way armed. Does it ever ever notice that every time we're done with the podcasting he's never in their power. Usually though the treat them and which doesn't anonymously interviewed him to see. Very that's Steve migs and Vito Smith weren't here doing mega cast yesterday. And I wanna see like we his thoughts like independently council and ask about his thoughts between the two cast. Here's a question for him how could mimic cool ranch she does when has that been done yet how is that not they've done. Yeah I don't you know what are Sandra dude cool ranch anything else other than than corn chip I got to work I got you are right. I mean I won't say that I was alone in this but I don't think anyone wanted to read welcome stock goes to work more tonight it. I would challenge America's ploy but my point being is like my and that group web percent. And in the elite. Fast food group and great pick nice Pacifica and you're welcome booster got yourself into doing a Carter. No you are paying their you don't need to Carter pan. Catch you want to do fashion plus the fact I lived in Arizona for ten years. DF eighteen are more packets of taco sauce in your fridge at all times yes. Congratulations here and that's where it. Do you have the drawer yep I'll. Do you have the drug but. That chopsticks sights sounds and weird Brando like hot losing wings sauces like. I'm proud to be married to a healthy person because our version of that is so much different than mine battle version of that. For the there's an fibers tartar sauce in the fridge from like 2015. We have seven. Two thirds empty to solve the containers. Look like that's our interpreter refrigerator. With a baby food. The champions. The reigning defending champion of a third of a camera salsa Diana and I know the original C a like. I was gonna go and went up not throwing away the oval engine noise to get the new line and tired of the store anyway yeah. Us where the sore ribs also they answer. Universal yes you generally have a lot of triples and home. Good bye and Owens mature we bought an extra soles of dividend because we like the one official the store I have costs goes also at hope. You know enough salt the fourth forever right at him mr. Obama know what. But to be fair I do really like that but clever. Particularly to the impending apocalypse and we can renamed that your territory of like. We go into the salsa regard bird yeah no and you're gonna we're gonna make it sells when it's also Villar something moves like. Sausalito California yeah you're sitting around it's Mary needing an infant spiked. It's like the bloody dead they generally you know Ossetia but there's like age group of the people that talk differently they make compared to make pigeon basically now. And the first time they were introduced in this show. My initial my first thought was. Language doesn't devolve in six months metric but typically these people are like. Two aboard aboard organic wait a second how long is isn't populace and going on because fit for the current and I think judges all of a sudden like. Invented new language. Uranium likely talking about. It was so weird I saw that when you said. Pigeon like I don't know what that means a sudden buying was enough and so to understand like. The dog is like the out Philippines version of that right. I can only yeah. It's just let's just. This is actually from. That children adjustments extra for the they moved to little. Blocking out thank you get comfortable and this depends in the there's beat her at. All yet another. Did you look at the I got it. Parliament next. A little to dent. Equipped. Kiddo read is less than it. Oh what ya. Breaking news now. It was great ya it's great. It's great. Here's what's weird about this stuff now so. Cookies now and out there last night just cookies so doing. A move by the way is like a design wizard is amazing. I it is that I would like to see like this he is connecting beaming in the world. We're we'll on some part of podcast merge yeah for the big barbecue at summer hit the merge is going to be so sick. So sick. I let it. Alicia looked so sick last night after six Beers it looked awesome do it this is too gross. I wish you could hear you. Amazon no but I mean like you don't really truly here yet sure of yourself look at them and other project her. Horrible horrible I don't care. You Celek Pizza Hut. The sweep them right so we told her yeah I mean she does all the time. Jim my show to America. But at that. You as the thing about the red as though. I have one complaint that they have Fremont happened at the incredible. No that's the that's great I mean the burgers aren't awesome but after birders are duly get a good. But it's interesting because they're back penny you can smoke on the them not into that bill and it was quite jarring now that you live in a world where like you know. Yet be off to yourself we both of the most Vegas where you can smoke literally everywhere you're given a cigarette when you walk through every door it's crazy and executives are already lodges and of pregnancy ward yet you could smoke in like in an ammonia tent it's fine into its all good now. Think that's a fire hazard not sure but. Well of their problem right exactly stagnate so yeah her fifth. Also look people Vegas are lovely. They're not like that but Vegas that overall because of stupid strip is like that I have nothing would find things in Las Vegas you've been through that. But yeah I was really. It was kind of off putting to like sit there and I am tourney despite the best burger and a Fries are. Freaking great to people like to see the big chunks assault on those things pres a fine. Okay. But like everywhere ideally did you smoke everywhere and it fits. I mean not incredibly offensive like whatever but it seems there is gonna. I was on campus the U dub recently bet entire campus smoke free you know all of the smoke anywhere on Uga campus. Is that legal. I hoped. Zanuck outside isn't that. It's their property. Until Vilma the statement to say probably controls so long the probably agreed upon a broad more notes share. Not my America to do one of legal Bob Ferguson would be they're suing the government over a good look at that dude does. I make three different against Johnson and I went. Once again Washington to the rescue solely what's a dude it's a confusing here. It's on the Internet and that's for a cracked like. All of the people that were exposed in that big cloud hackworth what's happening where all of the news came out from all the SARS and the put that just got they got taken down. There's it'll definitely not taken out. I don't know from a guy who who they're not taken down chances are government's pandemic. So didn't. I am hot right now because like I'm like run in hot not like we could mean I'm so hot although I have been experimenting with. I shopper's thing in the morning I don't like to pull myself together before I leave because a lot of ways but I got a great haircut and so I wanted to learn and take advantage of his chair I was a good test model for somebody from red red red red red for forever and so. Every haircut and I click it and it's easy to put together and so I've been trying different things every morning. Trying to look. It's not nice but nicer than I typically do and it's been fun but now I'm hot and I got like I could smell the products in my hair activating. I got the craziest email yesterday. From the guy who does summit in a room with analyst at Space Needle and he was like. Do you wanna come and cover the Space Needle tomorrow morning. OK I was like yeah alone can do that because they unveiled before that has the last four call call call let me tell you something. I thought it was going to be terrify. And spanked. We get up there there's nothing on this fourth case that I think of the dining areas where you rent got Ramon almost positive that's an official asked this question about the too overwhelmed by debt awesome as. We don't appeal to stick he worked elevator cold so your dwindled the Taurus and Ali so when you take work elevators and through to to work elevator up. We get off in the kitchen. And we want to the kitchen onto the dining for very good fellas Evian. Where there's no I would put it ahead it was clearly in need to give those guys twenties and you welcome to the Afghan forces is one guy that was like doing some like. When told that when you put two pieces of copper pipe together any sweat on who welding it's like I think it's letting them to the to increase the size of it in the now like it makes a tighter direct. So we walked off and you walked into the into deep dining hall of the Space Needle yeah. It's also indeed spending part of it cool. It's really looked. And there is just clear glass there's the draft that's no pop only got there's Julia. It's just looking to end it all ya but the panels are small enough and clearly an inch and a half thick. That wasn't really that mind bending Coca the first step going out I was like you or we allowed to like walk on this in the guys like yeah channels only. So Dennehy he's from Iraq and he made us. Well aware that but he also gave us a really nice time necessarily view book. And so. I'm a token we step out there and you think yeah the future here for stupid yeah. We I got there volatile guy yesterday I was like this like you there are. Not at 730 like you want to time on the radio but like Japan like probably. Posted ten if that's okay music sure sure sure would just when there's a Tomo got a needs to come Mike will do that that gulf so. It's it's two of us up there a couple workers and Ollie just wandering around sick taking it and pretty but the panel's. We're standing kind of in the senate part. In that I notice a look down at the Florida it's not looking through the glass that was not a problem at all and like pretty rear to bounce checks that it wasn't. I would be I would do it all I can just went over the side of the buildings are not that afraid of it right like at the same time like everywhere so. I go to step Anderson is attested for is moving me and I'm stationary in your step on it my like. A room. Yeah. Are wrong OK I felt like the time that I went out on the boat and I got sea legs could. Flowing back 'cause of what would you call that space legs space X got legs yet scan but let's face it. LE a year it OK I was also thinking needle legs to them get skinny stick legs but a first base likes Coca goatee. So you can own thing and it's like moving in it feels like it's going to real. Look at. It is this is going real slow because you have to be able to marry or vice it wasn't perfect but of course Ron Howard when I need improve a plethora of it's going to be something that it psychologically. And deters people from going up there share. I want to be clear took all the dummies. That it is. Well worth it and the psychological part of it I'm looking down to the glass is nothing. Take pay if we if this pretty cute thing works out in the people that you show up and do you enjoy there are alive. Podcast you can pretty much say what everyone at this point though because he can read. Can we live broadcast from the space you took. I know that now yeah. I like reached out to them when they first started doing construction like a million years ago and didn't think anything other than it does kind of blew me off I thought was like yeah whatever Demi. Appropriate nickname though with no notice what you can and I'm like yeah OK so canto. So they're opening it we're recording on Thursday on Friday they're opening it ideally to the public to be able to the Pentagon. I'm not written under the observation deck which is a public missed opportunity I apologize duke lost to part of the late because of an event like this. So I come and but I was reading it to under the observation deck because. That's those who really need to do that too well the fencing and put in blast and it's postal look great command and have to clean constantly. And in. Must be really annoying for that part of your press pass out there. Benson cause yeah so they'll ultimately to calls but it got rid of the space we call about this car. So get this space in on the followed or cut. I I really I don't. Sick so. For all the time that I spent garlic it never gonna get torrents up there that is too terrified people are gonna freak out walking on glass like you know. The height problem is not gonna do it. Everyone it is okay. Boost whole literally find the guy that Alia that took us around so the people freak out there won't go to the edge upstairs because of the class and the glass is gonna break in they're gonna fall off the side of it. To the what people are going to be way more afraid of that the national possible. Good believed. How. Safe it felt yeah less important considering that it was. No part of it that I feel like. And I feel any. Insecurity about like about falling through whenever there's just so many beams and stuff they go through like here. I'll. But. All posted on the posted on the possibly from blew them for the dummies but but there's there's such league. Yet cool yay after high is up up there man but it's not. Arm that this article I'll take my. With him a prevalent there are. Because that looks cool and that as he needs now a truly unique data experience they're really they're everyone's rue the excited about that led to the Vegas and we can jump office who has a plan down and then make is that was food. Yeah out of the pucker factor 1:0 yeah I am like yeah. I like adventure and I'm. Pretty okay of us that ball let me tell you that was a oh in particular but yeah he's back on that it's like you can still remember that whole little low. Would love to venues like able to have got that they videotaped as quietly good zipping by exit. When. I need to work on my passive. Face. I once dated a girl that says when you're struggling through some things like goats have to careening on your whatever. The face that I make is like if someone else nearby fart it. That's my that's the expression how much it. And it also looks like Harrison's face to promote the unions are gonna happen if that's a tough man back. Yes so numb anyway the to put it ruins. Fears eased. The dining area of the Space Needle. In a zest. Who is lovely and appropriate and is well worth going to check out. I can understand if you have fear that paralyzes you wonder that maybe it's not 305 we get it but I just like that's a scary. Coming out particular night out so to wrap that in conclusion. Brooke there for books that when he notes call. I needed to see kind of like a cinema four million times it's always fun to talk to the cameramen were for the news. Because they like film a million different angles knowing they're doing at that they understand how like it but the editor needs him right on everything. It happens become a guy so he's like shooting down at the Tomo building for parliament are escorting me like others quick tempered while for the but responders like what spectator as Joba talked to him and huge historic. Salt of the earth hardworking guy that has the job it's like not manual labor it's like art the manual labor of art. Yeah yeah he's Karen had a camera he set up all the stuff that he's not you have to shave. For instance and Dunst greener whatever but he also was decapitated we can do right exam short right right a lot of fun to be up and watched a guy collect and has only definitely watch the news now to see. If the footage that he shot yesterday. Currently when on the content of that for a year. Partially through campus he stationed there as fund let's fund and the tunes creek is as its new I did. You do everything which is cool I can do grip stuff and you do you like make being viewed DP DP union do you wait let. An assignment a deeply Audi PSX. Ouch what does he does stand for Ayman Al Cha yeah. You don't go to EP no no no no new doha also the new teacher and yeah. Also that. Don't know law and Ella. Where ever we are is gonna kick and we would do you do Carroll worked for a medical show. Does it do typical like it's dead doctor heard doctor hour with doctor Steve Asher and his three colleagues we always last because you know. Camera lights like her Alexia it's a bright CN like these bald guys you have to really like I have to take on the make. And then we'd be sitting in the can you need to you have your ears on CIT can't really hear the shell you're just listening to you'd like to the ground there now we're all connect irreverent. For the studios we have to be quiet like that everyone that's in the control room only to other such animals and they like it was always so funny because she could by Exterran like. Could she would start. God the most criticized over the best thing ever. She'd always like trash talk these gifts this. So they could there they are coming up on a break and you could tell they're running over. Are my drag Georges be in the years gone like. Summit throw something at that mother and told to shut up just are you the start waving at them and I'm like you and your city their ten feet from the person. Features your mouth shut. And think he's cracked up to the ears all these jokes is fantastic. Finally so I have a friend this market is he worked at K good news nine little son. He was like an annoying fourteen year old that white learned you don't get on radio news we shoot good news Qaeda would hard gig done. Troops can I mean. Into Maynard from tool it's a sad day or right when you that's a very definite mark of maturing in adult thing is when you lose the ability to make kickass sound effects. She's I mean no I disagree what's hard disagree. If you don't practice anymore John that's what I'm saying you lost the ability to tell you not. Stretch your legs and end. Oops. It was a debate what remember I felt like a bit like yeah yeah. Hey I had to be I'll look like pulled the law get a real load Breaux the couple all eyes. Yeah I think there are terminator two does a really good job of it showing kids like running around shooting and each other and being right. Oh that's not okay to humans are weird years where that we like. Make up our play time is killer Angel and but rap music is the problem. 200 let's simplify it. Yeah maybe it's on the religious deliver the crusaders on that registry but I feel like chest hair. Well you voice drops and then you stop vehemently anti machine gun and I and then the next thing you know you've got your own kids in their doing is trying to keep up with in the stopping tech challenge to put it yet I feel like that you start. You switch guns from machine gun noises to your Dick yeah right you're trying to destroy and implement stuff and it's like fields to India and the united trying to like. He's a switch focus. It's too bad good talking about something on rural on some and a point. Sorry. The pen and let's let's just podcasts when we're just talking about. Space you know. Permanent turbines between physical. The terminator tell anybody K nine al-Qaeda airmen and so she wasn't super annoying kid is a fourteen Utah all the states little. Isn't it in the interns wonder noon. But it Columbia like earlier tower only puts up 48119. Blocked even though you say your 50000 lot and I'm like OK you minaret but like he was. He just stuck with it enough and he it was you don't go to the transmitter sites like and then let the engineers are showed particular come with duke and the dike. We're better Gerald I guess Kabul should about it and that's a typical of those weird engineer things so let's go back through space real engineers have there and they were like they wanted to tell us everything about it and I am an error I grew up with the engineer that's all I told him about how the thing turns blue is able to know that off. It's the skiers and giant wheels is great and on. It's this kid did edit them like Nixon you know it's he's in his early twenties and he's the audio director for the news. He's had been a cameraman before but now sits behind the board he's got his run sheet and those ass holes in the end and that technical side and it yeah all our. Monsters yes they are like you say that Cutler and they're less mature than the college 100% or they're just like make a Dick jokes and stuff like that and that. Anchors and you know there's like there's multiple different channels you can get a great not like in the acres yours being the 2220 cool which that rhetoric saying that. To each other bright and he's keeping track but the show the whole time and he's hitting stop the slide and stuff and it's. Unbelievable to watch that they can now must be close to thirty. She moved to launched an NBC affiliate in Boston. Where he was the knight's director and now he's like in LA running a station out there as necessary to director. Well it's a crazy kid that was like so interest in broadcasting was just like annoying. Really pushed through like he went from being a patrol on the Internet collecting too busy and too overworked. Will these rises are like running a technical department but he doesn't know I never seem alive anymore everything it's it's total lots that. Ten totally out Dennis Michael political and to see how those things work that's what the whole point was the right can see how the things remained into the see the guy what can footage for the news. And then bill that notebook like maybe the keep stock footage and Sam has money but that's like. Gonna be used for 65 seconds over the next three times over the next day and that's that maybe the reason on the weekends on that public. That's the candidates a particular bit of the aggression goes to be real time at all doing is collecting all be ruled there's no like there's no talent out there anything in so he's. But the Mike. She worked a nine hour day to day he told me that in like our proposals on Porter and I was like audit your Twitter feed is incredible. Because you'd see everything in the city and it's all the weird stuff because he had been. This morning to the west Seattle bridge where a tanker turned over a spilled gasoline ever that has been out there he gets in at 2:30 in the morning and then from there he went to the courthouse. To cover the sixteen year old kid who was one of the people that led to the death of that can't cop. Again he was appearing in court and that's like a huge bummer to have you know a whole variety of reasons right and then he had to go to the Space Needle a cover the glass floor. That's like if you treated for everything you did you have the most interest in two totally Ethier and as for Seattle. Bomb a spokeswoman. From a news station. And it's insufferable. It's the opposite of what you would think so too busy work for because one of them. I think it's and I mean no disrespect to anybody can Zelaya overtimes those tonight and I have been fascinated by how this works but I think it's. Como that has all of the people using hash tax there always trending. The early morning news Ilya all tweet constantly and they have Blake and have a quotas at that as like personalities that they have to hit and like everyone has to be tweeting. For the station via and that's like a pretty bananas that the Yankees get like you can really fuel to me like somebody is like well it's it's it's awkward scene because it's like. Or on the scene of a hit and run. They teach easy you know Iranian and then its sights. She works like that news desk she's like the information getter yeah associate tweet at. Take the cops like pays Epperson dead and you're like. The others like him but it's but it's journalism at the job it's partly it's just sometimes a little bit like a move in the hole like he had some. It's it's weird because it becomes anchor's job to present it in a way that is detestable yet column that people would have to get that information what are. How much of that material to be right themselves like the faces on the TV like when they're good copy that they're reading are they responsible for writing like how did it to be. An anchor there's like one guy that works for them it's like Cairo I don't know these there and he's like young and super duper handsome men like. I mean he's younger than us I would say it is like alien acre and I look how this guy get there how to lead to get experience to be a lead anchor yet is it just hazard to look at you. And competent. Like it did not take anything away from this guy because he's like I Wii comes on my comment. And he's friends with one of our friends. And and so like I've seen the two of them out together before and Michael I know what you're doing. You're trying to you try to keep him string him along the way do you think you're gonna you're gonna bang which do not yet ready for the oh we love and down that road. Well we're almost at the typical for a couple. A photo of the hub that was funny here. Yes I don't know how you get the high you get to that seat I don't know what. Actual rule with the actual job entails a two for always being there all the time right. Most in McGrady are just stick around long enough and finally some news goes you and you wanna show or you're incredible looking into and can read like that's a yeah right migrated so. It's a big part of it doesn't screw regular news on radio but. It's ours are awful to me like I don't have very good hours but like. Well I shouldn't regulate an early get in the makeup before he going morning show it to you manages to do their own make up which is like crazy like they ought to learn how to do that and the seal like real big time and Havoc in on this bloody good morning show status and you'd go in there and someone Knoll I don't. I've been watching morning show host guy does make up things on YouTube protects that. This that they the comes up like he's like his excel maker he's describing how and he tickets magazine hit the road America. I'd like very like dynamic are like turn like aggressive about it in the delicate switches back to the camera lots of what keeps talking whenever. Was just old. Sean to test just thinking that because I see him doing his own makeup and stuff from time to time. That object chanting that it is guys who spent a fortune on cholera is a little too well he's a little to ease what you're saying is a little too much from me sometimes but I respect him because he's post yet I isn't it and it he's a hustler yet he's in Vegas who don't want them here. That's a yet many respect and he he does a lot of he leads a hard worker path means and I've met him two times it was very nice to me and he was only doing radio talk has never even she goes into a microphone and temperature of professional provision rumors. Out what was you don't lose it to Sam Seattle last episode I listen to this morning coming in because I was like. I never was nor pots idea regulatory in the moment if and it drove me crazy because I love the production part of it too I'm the one who edits the thing about the dresses and this is a few men have directorate but. I really am fascinated by that. And then I'd listen to look at NPR podcasts in the morning's call up first to give you twelve minutes of the news and it's not like and now more death and destruction and it's like. And now more death and destruction and yet it's just like inflection that they have like yeah president trump made the bubble Bobble Cuomo who's so and so good about it I don't think for all the little lovable and Atlanta. It's awful old look and I'm like. She's like at least it doesn't all have to be doom and gloom all the time these visuals sound share. Cheery but today like the public real quiet in and cutting the packet flows let our public super duper loud yes. Two cuts through we re doing you have to write a four. And I sort of dollars and twenty minutes later a drive and an art and I dotted I would latter own nonsense. Does your problem so shut up to us seven deadly instead. I thought I thought that I know what. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb pod cast it. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Try to universities. Chrome. Coded Friday with a said the Brit he's US summer camp how about that death all bundled under that. Let's error. The whole thing.