219 - The Calm Before The Storm

Monday, August 6th

Final pod before we embarass ourselves live at Summer Camp!

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I was really does start. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's the worst. Signature shirts. There at the demo windows live and pink shirt you probably two floors down from monster OK okay via via I don't see the guy though he was wearing a blue shirt with a big K on it like I think it's not Kentucky of OK but the university of OK okay. Not like kkk and 28 teen night somewhere McCain shirt I get a little nervous regardless perhaps you go to a mare's game to cheer on now just Felix I feel like he's no longer king Felix low. Fail and I am wrong. Correct people who. Hash you know what though he pops open that Seattle Police Department lip syncing video. I don't I say it is good. It is surprisingly. Heartwarming it plays well especially the such such a prick as soon as I found out oh when I found out. It was all volunteer time except for shutting down the one street to the to do the WA AF ghosting on the whenever a you have into an apartment elect spoiler come on merit and I am it's well three because it's been a week out it's been out but. All of a sudden they're in the fish market leader throw the fish and X catches it I'm. It's awesome cameo you just finished first second to come down off from your mountain Urich. With the leaves yet there have always gotten that feeling firm hand that he is. Aware of what he is and aware of the end so that way like at some point he's going to be a commentary is going to be an Edgar Martinez. Where he's all of the people of Seattle right he's still held in high regard but he'll be like. Royalty that still mixes with the folks has ever mix with the folks I guess I don't know who still because justice under urban soderling he was in what's called bogeys or more smooth than and he ran into king Felix there to shop and Nordstrom Podscope. That's the stuff like that afflict. I might have them location wrong but whatever that's tennis at a point now but it is you know he's dumb. I think that he's just so busy playing baseball time did you not hear a lot another Venezuela is a flaming pile of garbage he's not gonna be there either sell rights you're ever the story. Yeah if your question has a question did you sure about how they tried to kill the president of Venezuela who is drone was true too low. Goods they strapped a bunch of explosives did to drones in the senate to give them. What I already heard this morning on NPR coming in was that one of them should never reveal my source content like people who are just like closed minded woomera. I didn't Cynthia Souza I heard on Fox News on the right you heard Rod Laver anxieties thought. What are the drones malfunction and crashed into an apartment but not good. And an uncle Warren TV deactivated using some sort of magic government ray gun that. Doesn't exist they didn't do that's no of course not just shows the thought has got by itself certain. I don't I can't imagine Felix going back there to you were that that would that's the state that they aren't they doing kidnappings and Tito thing. I assume so there's a let there's is that there's a lot of baseball is his family's kidnapped. Pat him down in liked Central America or South America like it's so crazy that like baseball there's fifty million people the play baseball I like you can come up and have like a half a good season and then just fall into the void again. Yes like to move your whole family here you have to sign that ten year 245. Million dollar deal that's what happens is a lot of these players get called out. Name me kit and they're not quite to the plan to bring their family. Back. The states yet. And make people locate kidnapped for ransom was pretty wild all and then now but. They're not wide enough to be welcomed in by the turn and you can't know it and so. She had. Soldier's wife got departed the unity to Iraq. Money and cut its camp weak fund brighter news and a man I got my I got my pre summer camp sunburn in this weekend the supply and in massive amounts of pain but by Saturday I'm going to be looking nice and golden and I sincerely I'm gonna be appealing like nobody's business to a liar and a stripper skin off of John Miller's face autograph it. Crude rose I. Corrosion and all oh. You all know I made a really terrible in that mistakes. I went out. Specifically other I'm Alina advocates and son I was worried you I know I was out of town I wanted to just like I. Got out of here. It's get out of here just did not like I like going worse thing I got a mini scare of the city guys like in recharging. Like there's a pool with backyard of me to sit diet. Well Dong out with no no Philippines stating. Thing is resisting and had a cat so I had two cats don't you know has done is out of him for the cat's gonna do it. You gonna judge the cats or not I may not the cat it's wrong here. What's wrong here he can so. That so I go there. 'cause there's cameras cats so I take some manager and a. A source without sleep but I think. On the medicine and he really sensitive to the sun moon so I was outside for like our enhanced. Applied sunscreen multiple times. Bro bro like tomato. Pepper. Like so how OK here you can tell you through Sunday you like what ten touchdown yet this is the part thirty have had signed the parts that have not had sell or allow our like one button to be one button. Hope. Upload no oh yes remember we become the summer camp give John Miller Beagle slap on the Jackson please go to Q and as noted that I mean if you if you did at any time I think he'd be weird and out I'll autograph your black guy that also going to be a what you do wideout Greg Greg trip. CS. My. Day was dose of a sober grown. While this emotion out of sent. So CS like about. Cited have a good time during its and be air gap to some senate this really just great after the catch a lot of them had a good sweat going it I was literally telling the president has seen with like you know this humans have. She lesbian friend Greg and Allen's talked about weakness in the desert sweat and kept jumping into pool Google's. Man and it's great and then I get up and I go to the bathroom. And I look at myself in the mirror as I'm washing my hands like who even though think brown who can little pink you know it's. It's who you know it's really bad yeah when EU are licking his sunburned as you still outside uranium emulate you all like when you get home three hours later you looked in the mirror and you're like wait a second. It's a lighter in my son's bird no I don't think you think no this was like. And you go back outside that you need to put assured her. Did you yes I did how Smart just in a deal that gets a good deed I did. It was too late at that point but yes so but I'm ready for summer camp and. I'm stoked I saw the most awkward photo ever the other day meant effort but you know naming naming day dramatic that. It was love. Brazile understand this is an outside sports person nobody it was a photo of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods like shaking hands. And both of them have their hats off. And these are people who Wear build hats. You know 300 days a year in the sunshine and that is a bad luck and a four had him signed yet and I think it's almost like having the multiple haircut. Only of suntan it's AC occasionally go to guy tipped his cap after and I shot is that public to see it still. And like just captured in time like that bad luck this amazing neighboring because I was watching the Mariners. Shows the Mariners sit shirk the offense some dummies Vega. I was washed in the game yet and not a big deal Oakland just past due and ill last. Man's hands and thinks it's great hey hey hey hey. It's great I a sport and every day nine dogs can but you watching your team lose five in a row with hardly handed it I didn't. So podcasters being rolled XT I'm thanks cas where. Our Greg put on your flannel immediate urge girls to. I got my duck pardons on you explain analyst duties. There are a lot of repulsive and why it's a simple two era if if I do. Just simple to yes sub dummies and our arms medal and means that you dummies I Janelle had a millionaire now I guess. Dude yeah we used to be into some simple drew tackle who the guys from metal shop just walked by like anything perfectly timed click right on cue thank. I hated ears burning the way I don't know if I'm burning. Oates freeze it's. That cold chill in the air is not from the militia that is from the screws and plates pulled did you go Seattle yet. Was this sentiment the a reliable and well so much and made his game and Asia page count seeger we citadel got got a head off. And I'm looking imminent you know it delivers an apartment might it is a man who knows things are we sunburn. So stroke may be could have a direction yet this. Cat donor who moved so confused. That he is as a female can really it is concerning the confident and if I see them. But in both book sellers and cat and I like. Are the cameras to come seeger and that's the ultimate I mean if you. He's as head off and the first that pops. My head is how does he not have it hit mine on his head from one baseball cap can be ball heat and the how does that happen and cyborg. No but seriously how does that affect a bit he's a cyborg I'm from under him sit man. The chicken Kelsey your round pick up all love to go about hidden today I'm from a new Beckett had. There's no win. I'm from under him he looked at conditions so you said and we event. And a half of this group does not believe you can guess who couldn't who I think do there's a room. With a icon you can go now but yeah like that's it that's a not a good look at him and had him and yeah the sun last camera and that's always bet on two not to try lives in Arizona where you'd Wear like the sun like those terrible things your eyes adore like realizes that. That's a huge part to go to the desert is that really kill your eyeballs all the glare all the time everything he were some buses. Nonstop in the media is like sunglasses. Bob burns is it a petition. Well negotiation you know gone efficient gone fission unless unless the sun that's always the issue is that what the sun shines off the water to write a face yet rated platters are sunburned. That's Kyle seeger is avoiding the half face did he shouldn't by the water reflecting off well below his bowl oh. Genius NJR guy cool how. Kelsey rarely gets it. Can't he see his orient trucker cap in the finger for the tough. A decent off days to just applies sunscreen and anything that's it and I mean it's going to be it's got to be that also lakes. Robot from under him. Let's ask Kyle Ayers a hero. I'm from a new logo so it. I don't think everybody we're at Michigan takes over for the putt there but couldn't put the bug some nortel's leaders are discussing your moves up robot could thanks for joining us today expect that the a savors every camp. Of course it's this is them it's a tough week via this is the perhaps the Lehman steichen possibly south campus is like no one is going to relates to my difficult wait. On Thursday. Morning. I get on an airplane and fly to Los Angeles. That's after Wednesday night. Up Pearl Jam show so oh you're going was and I'm not going Wednesday night the winds and I'm saying is a crazy earlier before look at Seattle yet and for us specifically Wednesday that is April and Joseph you're going because opposite. Cracked Thursday morning get up first thing flood LA. Or I'm going to be the person who does some social media about a movie release school with the movie and I'd say. A happy time murders. Oh that sounds fun it oh is it about that one yet taco its puppets I don't think you can say mop it's probably me out then I think it's puppets and Melissa McCarthy. And it's that it's true time the movie only with pop and look at that looks. Filthy IQ yes the guys really Anatolia in its gonna be fun. I don't think Archie showing us the movie what could just going to see the actual pop ups. Okay and then reduce the social media about it and then mix commercials and I get a trip to a Los Angeles an event. Pretty sweet it is a flood LA Thursday morning. Thursday night to some sort of event live for that a few other Entercom people are going. And then Friday morning get up to two spots Friday eight mile regular an airplane flight back to Seattle. Got some friends coming in town some Pearl Jam ten club fan club members and vehement here. They had me up. Long time ago when Mike Haywood gets extra ticket you come with a us. Absolutely I don't go with it until they're Wednesday night it's Friday night I give credit to their lives yet. A Zurich editorial yes just get some Beers and hang out to sea Pearl Jam cool to get up Saturday morning without enough rest. Having not seen my family for a couple days it's tough for the new lunatic insurance analogy to Cambodia. On and then get up paying out with the Fam for a few hours and then go straight to summer camp to work a full twelve hour days there. Then go to sleep get up do the same thing again work a full Florida there to get up. Mornings on Monday so let's say a bit as they run a fun but it is going to be exhausting. Evidence sailing this this this this this week is like the storm before the call. For real man on any other career taking its just like. You know wanna complain and an aura selling and complaining because it's like what a blessed weaknesses that could be the cool streak ever have but. With so much stuff to do you. It's like. Hand when needed chances to stop and go this is great yeah you know like that's always the thing about summer camp as I try to sneak away. In the middle of the afternoon. And just thanks turn Milwaukee talking enough don't schedule and interject anything in it and I just kind of go onstage. And just kind of like I don't bring anybody up there it's kind go there. And you had that moment I mean this super cool so clinic I his re energizes you address the weekend in you know in Munich it's going to be a really fun time or podcasting alive that's going to be. Cool to just a few brew brew acute tickets available yet come join us Prado could give burger. That's not gonna blow no authority and summer camp dot com the Paris summer camp talk comp. You can get cheap ticket upgrade to barbecue purity Dutch tickets and getting to procure I think we can yes is a work around here's a way to doing what happens there so I got to actually in possibly about that's among. Can't answer me itself and we have some guests that are be excited the driver era on Saturday there I don't know much about them so I'm excited to sit down. We can ask them a question. And and then on Sunday nick from dreamers is gonna come hang out and he's fun and that's cool and it'll be fun to have him so your chance to see and probably meet Nydia being honest yes but be weird if we didn't meet the trip up to hide the people that came up. For small and been close and it's should be did we just ask them questions. Like that's it I guess your question yes and then all right thanks guys hey thanks coming driver ever happen in a million. I feel like. No pod Monday some wrought upon Thursday. Right because all the out of town this is the last pot yeah before summer tourism camp and I don't know on Monday either because by the time we get all the audio together let's grace can immediately sent it to me all I'm just we're gonna take the two new segments of art on podcast. We're gonna put together as a pot on Monday or Tuesday at six and supervise the and it's a mobile live is next sink it old school our pot full node and no we're not doing. But I doubt we'll have enough. Well between wanted to time. What to work this out assault upon them so. Are evident just coming out or of the other is you pick a big coming out of the assist a producer couldn't kimono and give us we just all those shots Keith so Delhi. Oh yeah a teacher all bad double true or varied as double loss on yeah yes slick Syria Tennessee did there yeah I had just had more. We too are. Do all the news today is revolves around the Internet taking a stand and against. Like kind of stuff that makes cat mean Internet awful intending to make an awesome but I. The what's against him Alex Jones. Yet he does not info wars. Consume all our. I don't know Denton and now. And solicitors for the dummies if you took still like everyone always takes stills of these people unlike the uses that is the image when they're writing about himself but. I don't know who takes a worse still. The president or Alex Jones his friend. Because everyone always captures the president elect the worst like Aaron. Learn like of face is always make Iraqi face. After getting beat up but yet twelve Bryant went for Adrian. Or if Alex Jones who looks like he's going to like that love is when to shoot out as acts like it's. It's hard to tell yet like he's perpetually in the state of I'm about to have a a taco. Yeah it is yeah I read exactly like he's like a guy like the little teapot it's been left on the oh yeah oh yeah a little too long it looks like he's about to blow blow it's nicer way to put it comfort. Well FaceBook to detect how much a ton of ages including info wars. To limit his insane. Speech that he does on there like I remember being younger Clinton and at and driving late at night after like radio or Slovakia and coast to coast with our belt you dad and it was like. I saw on helium and it came to me okay able to determine when it told me that it yet yes fighters on meth. Calling in because they're like crazed and they call into the sky to report UFO sightings and it was. The best of like our weekly world news the black and white Newsday yeah Europe check out that was like the bat boy do. I have whatever it took all that stuff but we also laughed about it because it was so ridiculous it was a couple of that's funny you could imagine if we were that terrible. Alex Jones kind of took that to the next level. It's at some terrible stuff about the San hook Victor oh yes 78 and and just. And I went on to get into his business was orbit FaceBook finally took a stand to be like no you can't do that and they've always tried to be liked or about free speech but also that likened sites. Danger and what were they were about making all the moaning right so for them to like alienate a huge section of people I think that's a big chunk of people big chunk of nuts that are that are buying into this and that's good right flakes. Well I immediately sold some so little left being like why this book shouldn't do this and have us. For me. When he sees some good looks like just about hate speech and it's the same reason why advice drives me crazy because they just right now he's right. Toner argue like of does take her to subject to fly Kiev on the everyone's into in the dip you're wrong about that and only get out of here you're just trying to just like yeah purse clicked leading me Ike. Could trolling yeah I Eric trolling. Buick trolling your own audience to it's like where it's kind of gross but also they Brian it's similar advice article on FaceBook today they wrote like you realize is from a section of vice it's just simply told stuff. About like well okay. Touche to react to you do good journalism to their but it's like I troll there Brandon from the unit recipes are peppered preference yes. Money it is anti pumpkin spice latte publicized. Read and re wrote his article critical equipment at a competitive and geographic areas country like America as they can for something I think project meters from the economic growth of the I was firemen did that. On and then. Whose artists and transition and I have an update here it's from the verge stock comets as YouTube now has deleted Alex Jones this channel for violating its community guidelines that's great. So then my question Gloria. This question as the question. The other runs our country. Lunchtime says Reich. Oh yes indeed if the violates community guidelines Ali K Randall new Q you so. Do you ever see a move for a company that's struggling to whom monetized via monetize do you ever see him move where they would delete. The the president for what he saw Osama. I'd like to say yes. But I know because he drives so wish traffic I wanna know what their numbers look like it's. Pre and post election just to see what that looks like. That would be fascinating now on they should to be frank with you it's an embarrassment to our country. It did this isn't even like. Personal opinion and I'm here to talk policy right like. Did that's embarrassing that the leader of our country is trying to try to drag LeBron James like what it whites who what do we think. That's like the lowest of the offenses like the same like pivot back to what we should be focused on just shooting elephants dispel any things you cannot give it right I mean come on. It's a freak and think. Yes so no they won't do it because it's you. So YouTube makes a gazillion dollars a second. But with it would have been a did you two band Alex Jones who is a huge figure on there so a big I think they've monetized the figure out how to make an hour on jones' and a part of a machine that can get them back Cannes press credentials. But at the at at she's a a picnic I can go to the White House you know for the briefing from the CNN guy gets kicked out delegates to tablet. With a at a phenomenal let me and I don't know if he started to beef. Herman is if fear is fear back in the old days. If a snake oil salesman came Newtown yeah. He did he do his thing people wise up and the invention they choose not to town and again they give him out of there. Three supposed to do are dumb podcast no longer selling snake oil golf company golf. We are now selling Dick pills exclusively headache pill that can happen to notice your female cannot have a Boehner and at one it too and a of course you do though it's set up new. Cal seeger crews don't you Kyle. I'm from under him he knew it at commanders that I. What it is a regular he's Biden's. I. Joey got the captain bill I don't know. Imagine the Wiener on that end. Set a boat getting your pocket area had it is seen me I might have told you this podcaster oh yeah I. And I told you this before but in high school. My friends studies dad's got a Schumer and his dad you go to his house and an offense that was the two walk in the front door a mile to the left there's an office but it wasn't like a sort of a roomy knocked on the walls. So it was open. Ted Nolan would beckoned like suffering these calls is bloated ego and a bedroom literally just not those actions just Hammond sounded of that. As he won't get it right then you backed mr. Sherman and you'd okay catch if he'd throw B. 68 inch longer bear deck at UOK. Who took the catch is better Wiener and looked like. Good Ellicott like bigfoot its middle finger for being threatened at duke. Couldn't script could. And you to tell if this is like a line shot and killed Barrett had a stuffed and they don't stop the debt. These are in it that closely as I don't want to doesn't stuff that and I'll take that it's a hit as a joke to people concludes passing through better decks and. Couple things in church or less to impact just a couple things are rent the top percent heard of such a thing that explains the there's a pretty big animals yeah. They're tiny Dix. Yeah. I think that they mean. I I don't know how well also because 68 into daytime because I am in rubble. You're also going to be here. I mean we hear grizzly bear I would I would hope your path and little more than it was a group that he was brown bear and it was probably just taught him. I don't mean I don't know look at yachts I -- bears have to mold ex against players know what they're so pissed off by the time her daughter and now I did it now let me get dead picnic basket and live their life because of -- is due again life is so bad there that wouldn't couldn't hear Barry can be artificial I don't want to go to basket and to Wear pants. And you just see this thing flop crowd is I smokey the bear does Wear pants is the only all the other animals to eight. Smokey the bear is like jeans. And like Tim viewers Tim is in jeans students on the bears oh smoky I was thinking of Yogi Bear who just where's that taller guy go to what I early on there but I'm sophisticated this. This makes sense cartoons are wild man. Pitches or so what's the best may need to tape given just personification just had no time or the OK put it this time of Yuma color. Where is the gaga around his neck hole sure no no no just X. But look at those corners are starts like Porky Pig why did they stop. Mick let's give them as little sports politics they lie it's just they want engine builds its appeal. And you can it does makes them a little daddy I get it that they could distill the bottom cut back just tell us slipped. Admit it is open hole I viewer opaque. Let's just. And anyone and that he wanted to have I just hit it Milla as they if you were paid. You know one way if your park you pay again this is real life you would want Wear pants. We'll get out because I'm insecure right but you wouldn't want your in you which is put it like it a slit in the in the but yeah Kelsey your. I'm from under him he gets it. Receive an animators. And Alice so much easier but also that he wouldn't have terms like party picking it than it is that is a very good term. As the Clinton. Fun facts yet. O'Keefe was making this year's I sure he's like finishing the design right he hit me up this morning go to what year did you start art of podcast. A launch and know that we in just a couple weeks here I know probably already. We have entered a fifth year Apollo thing more than 200 episodes. Five years of podcasts are fit your podcasting. I did say this maoists and goofy look they see in the phase has the look in his eye is feeling emotions he had no that's this is like axis is legitimate like I am pretty. Pretty proud of that and I cool commercial guy that we are bad luck to something for that long it's very humbling is very like she. But it though this really cool there pick a job buddy and a way to show up. Well it's not about time the thinks four years old going into our fifth here it's about time the reaction to could live we can we've done a 10 yeah and can be really fun those shirts are gonna be so cool we had a lot of people sizes and who's gonna guess. Think it's similar problems yes if you wanna tweet us your sizes we don't care but go ahead should we get different colored shirts from everyone else. London. And then we're four of the people yeah world the dummies yeah read exactly. Now she knew where crowns probable well. Healthier I'm from a news. It's up there. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you dying cat Dick move she did an excellent.