220 - Live From Summer Camp

Monday, August 13th

WOW! What a massively fun time backstage at Summer Camp with some long time and brand new dummies! Massive shoutout to our live chime-ist, Kool Keith (sup dummy), guests The Driver Era, Nick from Dreamers and some kiwi guy who says Eddie Vedder's name wrong, and Grace and JP for producing this thing. Also, shoutout to Cody - our night host at The End - he's extra voice you hear during the middle break and wrap up. He's hillarious, has long curly hair, and loves wrestling.

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Some dummies 1077 the end presents Bardem podcast with your nose Gregor in manly starts. I always start. They had done. It fell and worse. Arrived hello my god allowed it yeah. The old. Moon. John ma'am I Gregor of the summer when he took the air it. This year's been great movement. One. Part of our. Just the there has to do here I'd say they make their comings right now that's if for some. It's got other things are thinking purely because yelling and a quarter of an easy peoples are coming towards you like willow. This is we aren't able to bug zapper you get to close in for a guy Bayless and you've got your three teachers can overhear a guy to have a guy that called an animal and we get that we got three teacher Gary attention thrown around. I I was surprised we were good sound check that we would I find out that you. That you won at the points turned down at your apology approach it twice this week like. Exactly what I want things turned out you barely hear anything the years you know break may yet you projection this week it was it was summer camp. Pre season in like NFL's pre season now right now going on it's that was the buy it that's the only reason I went to those shows that some concussions were getting hurt correct ally of the accent ha yeah exactly. I had a wonderful time oh what's the one poll show the right right right episode of the right and my god were they Q it is. But open air environment for Pearl Jam feels right. It's kind of what is the key to cut you don't be too dirty about it villagers that moment re sitting there in Seattle. From Seattle area that is like shrew lead. Embraced like they're like our. Think Seattle's native sons you know and I mean yes he then make it Safeco. It was pretty emotionally as deadly Annika I mean I've approached him or to begin with but I think it was so the ticked me particular because like I'm not couple gender that you or I like -- punt but like just I was blown away by how awesome atmosphere was that it was like when the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl everyone in the town is buzzing about it well this was for raising money for good and arts and with that. Here though that is the difference. That feeling with your team getting only the home team this time was a band making art. It's not property justice and that and raising money to help homelessness here as those that don't pass it to them of trying to solicit the help battle homeless and the like. Think you're fighting the homeless is that the right way to put it I don't think clear that that's right solution is this fight. And it may get to stumble on like that what 'cause you do this for homelessness to wait for your pro and that's what it sounds like. So the midway through the until last night I get a notification on my phone and it's the craziest thing that I think could have come up on the I mean the craziest it was like some yet Wiener yet again it really crazy but it was. I got a notification that said eight clean had been taken from sea to act and crashed into the sale. And with a picket I didn't know what that meant was like a plane had been like. Ticked off there right all right didn't tasteful and now I thought they was covered about the gun. There's like logo thing behind if that is blowing in the wind it is dangerous to the final I don't podcast. My god man who took horizon air plane from sea tac airport was quietly Alexis Palmer who worked this guy. Somehow got into the plane taxied it out took off in the thing. And was able to fly around scenic we will looking like Mount Rainier and stuff like that before the fifteen engaged him from down south of Portland I would imagine. Computers are really good so. As those now because I'm introduce our live special. What he called him timers that's it's our life timer timer lifetime so much I'm okay. More importantly I think in terms of like to live introductions. What's yours it's time for our guests today this is not a bit of experience summer camp yes they have had one interview opportunity on the before that what color is we're not gonna literally go go this could go better or worse which would be hilarious it's Ross and rocky from the driver error day. My god this is going on got a microphone there and your they go Noriega I don't want Saddam right I mean well. Your joy yet guns on what you're into an I. So tournament thank you for taking some time to play summer camp Ali as Alice and additionally the comeback you're goof off with us. Talking nonsense always like to do a really gets into the pro am last night so we weren't no we flew in last night. Only god are starting to miss that I'm going to work they're doing amazing yours say. You heard correctly but that's the favorite loads Clinton real good he's the real penalty embittered and he likes it looked ready to present our. I don't know I think. Friday it was more like a written sadly is more aggressive and like rock here like but I think if this at a time you said that Friday with my life the better showed me but if they switched the sets I still Black Friday was the better show. He's right in Baghdad I think selling this like just like nerves or some Indiana so like. The first went so it's like awakening. Yeah this it was more like okay now have a beer and not like freaking out to Macy's it's like. Casual Reitman and they just killed it and it also leaked it to the person in the second night which would've just been the same thing in reverse gender show it was as Phnom. So now we're at an event called summer camps will. Any two gonna compete can. Ask you a question and. Shall. I got a really bad actual chime yeah I know we haven't signed this just old timers I guess I'm. Yeah Imus I don't even I need him on during the sentinel thing you show us is available prior grew up on next presidency let's find dollars an hour you know we can we just gave away more practice but it. They'll you know they'll do it for like a couple Beers probably OK I totally do that my question for you guys some. The summer vacation or summer camps that you spent time travelling perhaps I don't know if you did not escape into Colorado as a true there is so what are some awesome summer memories that you guys have looked like going out together with the family with the best plays are worst place your folks were taking you when you were little womb. First Summers we spent a lot of time of the mountains beyond not always in the summer like we were big hockey players douse the time was for the Windsor who we go and play hockey. We are sad day like a family cabin in the mountains vocal and we go to two mounds just like hike around and make. Just basically do whatever we like fishing stuff which is outdoors he settled in the mountains that it was only time because they're gonna purgatory for Colorado's Kabila ferries the Sonoma. Purgatory there is like a ski resort that's helping us to Durango whatever but they had Alpine slide with the I don't I don't like I do you see that all the time will it wait what is. Keith hit you with Israel crack. Since the tell us your question as you question. For all of you what an Alpine slide in life I don't even think it's like a really. It's a mountainside incidents that starts at the top of mountain of work your way all it on made out of the mound no no it has as they make it but your omelet at carton. You know and all you have is like a break so the and it's not attached but he's not you can easily just. And it also fund it's people's water slide it right to cure him only as an apartment we'll see you accelerate now is their prices are more dangerous yeah. I mean anything to get added element of danger to something ridiculous that's always makes about Honda. There's this part and that's like to witness I get drop off and every time is they don't break like there's all these signs and some know helping anyone who breaks I don't know what you end up doing is just like. Just like bruising your tail wheel like every time he's like you kind of lift off the track for a second we've ever so slightly. Oh yeah yeah it's good that we didn't agree kids look at that like about it now I'd probably be in. Much worse yeah you know I'd just. That remark about as you get older it's like the dumb things the does bounce back from. Ten is you're like oh. Right I'm gonna feel that the rest of the week Q right right bracket enough to be fair these guys and out of pulls us to well that's true that if you take so you also get to what you do people are so does that give them. I'm start to feel it yeah actually I think yet today you know. He's got he's up the when you start is that you upstaged me at sneakers that's when you know oh yeah. Yeah okay. Oh yeah. Sneakers that's good that's good I don't think he's very supportive they had yet music for the arch supports are going in there that's your library area Bronson Skechers. Yeah right that's that shape ups. Do you take off the rose issue stick it on a system yeah that's. That's a credible all right so. Don't believe they're awesome looking at I love you so angry or criticism used to work at had all concrete floors around there was always look at this before the middle would you please let us look so into the idea of being able to just Huey through the hallways of a polished concrete radio station Alia be the best and so we got Razor Scooters and impressionable Mario Matt about now. The public is demanding. And remember it's up some summer vacationing. Men you know I have some. It memories they had some bad memories I think my favorite is actually a bad memory. Where we're crushed by AA that I was interviewing a band that I had a really witty streets of the first time. And in the second time you try to make things better I got rush hi the fire. Own cited. No I would I was who we did. My my my aunt and uncle moved to Iowa for like the midwest and we went to visit them on the their farm home. And they had. Like how passion back and it was like electric fence you can get past forever but there is that a fishing creek back there is every morning I wake up and about fishing some running a fishing. And is always check for the cows fiction and I around these good himself yet right. So 1 morning I just happen to be maybe a little too overzealous to go fishing and it jumped the fence and ran out there and throughout line in the water in the second wind of the water I looked around and it was like 200. Like beef cattle like fools while and I was like please select your first instinct is like. Every swear word at that point two yeah very sensitive to save you a hundred and over and over. And is frozen solid and my little sisters are mean and GE. That's exactly the Smart us just like at eight bureau way with you around about how yeah big ones yeah Catholic. Bulls down at all I can think of and that you know you're eats the regular winner redshirt of the visited. No I go yeah you just coincidentally had a reg yeah that that's so I guess so young and don't really knowing that if you do this is it. I'm gonna die this way at night that is rivers standing there is this as like stiff as I could and seeing my sister go running up thing and I. Jumping over like that she had to work with through the electric fence like it was a procedure. That you see like my from my uncle coming down his I don't bite. Full speed like sort of process. With what other dorsal guys like oh yeah so long story short he's laid like 84 bulls it was credible whoa hold the spectacle that story though is that you you vowed to eat as much Cao from them on pot has bottom waged war against the vote nine ever since the other side hill we'll finally going down down Brandon Malcolm and Alabama wins. Big Brothers you guys it's got to goof off in the summer locked together I would imagine yeah make inhabitants. Let's sync with that we get. I think you Adam programs summer is when we think. Grown up as I I would tend like sneak out of my house play through my bedroom window gap and we we're gonna house it was all models as well as these yet and a slight jump offering from a ranch style house so yeah I definitely think that kind of started happening in my name I was like sixteen. Yeah actually literally out there and I was actually able on loan us really know that I I I should never forgave him. Yeah Steve disappeared while it was going to Google it nonetheless this stuff and bad drive I'm sure my little brother actually did that. Yeah I just thought I would lock my door and miles left and her and one night I came back. 3 in the morning you something in my light was on in my room. What's going on my other my youngest brother obviously always like a drug use is Kelly masse when those. He just turn my line on and like what sells at a know what's going on plea through this. At that time like you can imagine like yeah oh yeah now slate of leaders so busted. What else is best for the adults there's two of you out here touring and you're talking about the other siblings who is nots. In the group was because I. I think it when he got home weekend whatever that particular Brothers as the and there are event this ever lied to us via holy crap yeah. Yep com it's well like super super close its us they you know really their supporters dead. It can't that is yes or go to that is who lake. How did you decide who got exactly what instrument and like. It just kind of I actually didn't ever get to take definitely had it mapped out a that we're in an essay yeah. Like yes I just started playing guitar gently exiles from the first one on. And so like. It is late what else is left yeah I mean like so I don't like OK don't Wednesday's outlook is suddenly so Monday's game. It's kind of like that it's within his. Or her area. We're very prepared yeah and has written one sound effects and want to live China's where Neil it is. That's all right affairs told the driver error I do yet you're still grateful for your coming out stands at around us because stories about you or a summer times that this is for show. Yeah yeah actually. Now to talk about its content for two months. Don't know I mean we yeah we even played music together for why you shouldn't feel to round you like ten years as a satellite is different so this yeah but com. Plea as the driver this is a fresh different level and there hasn't played yet decided different vibe that is you know something new new songs and a leader for his oats yet deafening. At least a little bit and resonance what percentage of the show tonight is like karate. All I now maybe that's inspiring may be me wouldn't and that Danny Carney and I mean Alexander. That you karate. You know and a third songs are all opinions come ons are decent depth to round I was chaos and dose dredging right now running roster ever. I ever Arabic which usually is the big guys as valuable as they deal endless go good. Hailed it barely held off a very good about it thanks guys cheers thank you appreciate it. Now that's another look at that frisbee. But he didn't associate the Oakland for as being now one has mysteriously out of the army that tree and how do you miss that badly. A clearly if I let Brodeur errors on page. Screen right so okay I see people come and then get the barbecue there's new people here yeah I mean both NN oh. I hate cookies. Do you question and is just as an. The question that was asked cargo pod cast a little AMA because we've got time or we can wrap it up and get back to just hang and hundreds of Beers that's the thing I like. I can't talk to a conduct computer operator he's got a microphone forever on this. As dividends got a question for a CO2 people you do microphone. Yeah yeah. So Demi did end. Rarely do in Korea where they don't hold that all ball they get rid or do they get re model of year Rihanna well our house. Under the best of times on that please. Surely others should have everything they can ask your question. Do it they know they can ask your question as to say that turns your grocer. Good after that question work here. Where we're gonna do are really huge debt all volunteer really remodel yeah that's a great question I vote your basement ya gotta make your business. Yeah but I revving at very bad idea don't do it glacial lake if you made the contract terms are they look at you look now volunteered your basement and we appreciate sure you bureaus generosity. OJ you're measured from the city and make sure they hit it over. Look at the premise that a lot of the concerns the her get to right hold office and that's the whole life right now and the permanent not temporary housing division could you read it it doesn't insure your house. Oh yeah. And shove it especially as negligence where do you think. With the also placed a hold to the hole all in real life now will not. David based that would be bad ass to get me wrong we get sweaty together and we know that the Internet and expect but. Think I mean Citgo is pretty cool yesterday. It's wintertime though that could be pulled right. Well at the refined I don't know if you remember so called out for what it's like really. I moved. It's a good question. Although. Riviera and its one Bootcheck and shouts out there I applaud word woman bites to the north and how. How about Angel of blue winds casino Reno. Now let's. This edition of rallies. There's other casinos is the sponsor for the exit the arena that you. The with the Comcast arena the bull arena before that or something like I don't. There. He where would you get I got a lot of variety Carl this woman's self. Well Angel to your picture yeah we go. All right I'll we've got just not admitted any other questions otherwise we're just gonna keep talking about nonsense which is all our obviously our favorites that they have it with that plane that back actually yesterday. It was a twin prop plane if I'm not mistaken Q4 hundred and the horizon air. Eighties shooter. Smart audience if they leave large plate and eighty's he's so it's crazy that the guy feels so terribly that somebody with a Kiki challenge goes wrong and well. And it went wrong at the Gallic. How does he know how to get behind the the steering wheel plane to pick and that's a draw but that he's up in the air to the final individually and pilot on. Radio with them and it's like not today the development and just look back that inlet has tragically as possible store the other event in saint Barefoot Bandit well. And you're I don't know I completely both of them did not bring it down it's that he might have worked with Hoff will do the planes that it didn't fighter jet. To console that's what everyone speculates on the read it went wild with. Some folks have to believe me. We have gigantic but because you couldn't rolling through dissent and. Wimbledon that looks so weird ending to their first episode the first of two a lot of episode about a podcast from the everything that you like to say and everybody. No. We'll ever thought they keep coming out and sit here with us on Monday and Thursday is when art a podcast comes out just Daniel the back at Pearl Jam has not done it make it an old away from new deal and come just a lot. I'm just podcast. No love. I guess they're what he's saying it's them Blix whooping it really lava she loves me million movement little which is weird because he's staying in my apartment and out of thought this through well you have to take a moment has got to get back. Yeah. Got a basement where with all settled. Or thanks so much for coming and hang it out lover with this on Monday is depending on panel hung over we are from the weekend and but you subscribe apple podcast or iTunes or wherever you listen to part of podcast twice a week for half an hour each time a part of podcast on Twitter. And yeah because due to the right area to sign and being a teacher and have fun today you guys have. All right thanks to kooky kooky stuff done. OK so episode one is in the books I felt pretty weird I don't remember it was yesterday so. Correct. Here we are all from the future in the future future because I was in the crowd and I saw. The first episode one and two they're both good we're asking about to hear and a second can tell that Arlington man number two. Who does know but to look we've already reduced ourselves to group to have a sorry Alice burden OG he's. So Nationalists. Yes he can differ is what you know it. It's one of those things where I think you think it's all good and it starts and you look around you like. War or read do you think I take it is that like that's all I was like in my head all the things I wanted to talk about early questions and I'll like. Right up until the intro hit it was all there and now we're good and then as soon as the interest are there for over all of that I can hear is a lot of redo it because that we do or blood from the outlets like giving you guys I thought he gets killed I thought I was fine I it was a fun time of the listeners came in to be some barbecue. Today you guys found the groove or hit not to be fair I've been giving this guy right tune from her. And got back after so he'd probably say this just to make sure that now he's not stuck you're gonna hit another nice or your Taco Bell after this a time no no no no weaknesses as say sorry can't traditional I know I mean I've been part of that 10 yeah these once a Maxi dress. I just want. They're four reels so does oh let me bring you on some. So either all of them crisp or traditional do you like Robin out traditional big game change to a southern that you can order you received beef peanut chicken. You can do both well. But you said three things in the news that both well I do three million trio 10 it was a threesome. No don't tell it to watching a man may be crispy I was talking about Todd does still seem like house. Idolize you know I began to hash takes party. And it. That was the case outs of the council libel or. Coupled with thirty seconds read back the troops of so for me when we started. The episode of Saturday episode yet there was I think our crowd right now is just keep. Robin is sitting there she's just doing our show us throughout the Demi drove in. But what we got here like there was a step to getting people then yes. And so that was literally three people and then our boss won't recognize that I recollect gored what do we do on scheduling how you live recording three people your boss and your boy Cody and my boy Cody BO. You know I yeah I don't you but they filled up this slowly made their way and and now. Oh that's not true. If you or I had a little late here's what none. No it was about the reception was very nice a very cool to us it was the fact that we were like doing live performance for nobody and I guide ever expect like advanced Saudi oil yet and there's the Hillary's got to give that girl was like immediately wants to get going. Everything disappeared out here I was talking to my body doing the podcast yeah supposed to be while I have eating the first. Saturday it was the exact opposite. Reaction from me Campbell exact opposite like I couldn't thank me I knew here right here and I could turn my head. I was just. Looking at everyone going. Bloody Mary Dooling club a little bit and I don't blatant 0% of that of Beers for Michael Keaton you know that many can't you just like your your plans that plastic into your suits they can't get a terrorist or Florida let's just tap him on the shoulder that's been around behind him to leave the best bet that that mantra from don't ever get a bad and other drivers got a leg that's a good shot of our current. Well boy if January OK so it's. Or I'm so look some what's now fast forward into the future and code which is also the path in the past who. And we'll hear from the sun episode and then we'll recap after this. Sub domains. 1077 AM presents are dumb podcast. With your nose grid Iron Man read. Oh my god and love men. I wish you but guess what David de La I was everywhere and it was big right now on the actual pocket of witnessed kooky it's living off pop burst to start our food smells really good over the past. It's just my guest ever you get to look I'm I'm we can be done that was that was both through the gets it let's wrap it up tackle they come again look at stick to. Love that's can't look I think the idea yeah feeling good I am or play it out sure right now I am. Yeah I let you get but you feel good I'm tired this is. Concert number four out of five days so does not seem to temporal chance you've Roseanne's was yesterday yell at them Adam can't be I was here as they exude. Oh yeah I don't do this whole thing most people in the area hey oh win. And different. Hat act now there's an imminent hanging out for a lot of podcast taping a part of podcast it's a silly thing that we do. Bill there are three times life. Three that's crazy subscribe on apple podcast downloading give us five stars and all that crap because it'll hopeless maybe get to the Davis started episode when he can clearly is just like the rest of August I think back you up to fix all the oil to make twenty available ethnic. There's a way there's no way there's a way yes it was gonna be uploaded to YouTube right I think it and we resolves email us we'll we'll find them it's in the do you think. So arms to starting off are our globe we have a China's joining us ever give it difficulties. Not dumbing yeah our lives I messed cookie let's go to this thing Roland can use to our question. Lose slice. Magical professional typical. But John and address your question yes the question how did you feel about day one of summer camp I know a lot of debt dog dead and one of the house your go to they wanna summer camp everybody. He had every yard that we're talking about what was something that you really like yesterday from summer camp they want catering was good okay that a good begin option it was nice to salad was tasty all. I have any cell that's going to be badly you know make friends and salads until the Simpson's reference number one already all right guess that when out of the way I read what I did I really like I really enjoyed you know what I really liked. Those boys and the driver really charming well there are around all right yet irrigate their fun. Do you think it looked and looked up to those going on I mean Nixon makes new friends. I have lost some weight. Okay I'm good I didn't. You know we're you know 0000. Now I'm here not that there's an inning with on the very man's no I you know I don't around them shuttle to space maybe some dummy you know he's here today first podcasting thing. Holiday be it downy does not know about that's a candidate this is the life anti that is important to edit OK he did choose it it feels him too bad. So we got that's so. Dry gyros gray who joined us right here you can actually hear it when you go and download that's that's my question to talk you episode last episode had an agenda whatever it is well. It's human we sort of 200 episodes of this thing and no one knows that the crazy yes one clapping out of your life or death the one class. Keith and headphones. All heat and had fun with it that's even better odds I really like the driver error. L king is quite a little spit fire since she was fun to just kind of talk to you like. I was blown away by her performance because it was so much more rock and roll them I was expecting and that she would do that a illegals and the music into rock on yeah there were there. That was like we've missed that in music these days and I think there's enough rock and roll my teeth. I do Lou. Can't you question after the question. Were you intimidated slightly though by the fact that every one and her band we're all wearing matching uniforms. Well no because they were all worried white and it's not Labor Day yet so I'm good with that there fashion family's love it on pointed out my question is do you think they switch to a different color after Labor Day or did you think they break professionals just. Our friend at WK that doesn't change teller always everything all the all the time all the time except for the blood that usable than that and that kind of this way yeah also looks like that maybe some bleach could be useful to but I also feel like he is actually. Rub together then he comes off to be a select edit the designer pit stains like I don't think those are like real life can pays extra for that yeah I didn't think so they say diplomat Apple iPhone but it came that way yes yes if you don't traditional right innings like that god knows I've. And the games got nothing on them and write a hundred actual BKT shirt he's watching them himself. While we. This is a native UK collection for OK that's your gym shirt can do and this question. Ask me questions like it's the first time we've ever done that it's ranked in the Middleton has new questions that you if you're hurt really except your foot in your mouth of the band before. Constantly and try to stick my foot in the mouth in front of as is possible though. I'm sure I have but maybe not as bad is I think what you're about to suppose there rumor of this I heard I've heard about I don't know about to tell me who you might have heard me tell us on the stage yesterday at summer camp before I did a statin drug blows like waiting backstage after Alice Murton first approached her the day and I was like ages or you know we're having a wedding on stage before you know it seems like it's. What are you talking about the it's cool you're invited to bought out if you want to reflect now thank you looked weird look at that afterwards on today's ABC rarity referenced that and all the dummy somehow put. I was I talking to her I was okay coached lists a story about your song that's like. And she was like I don't I don't know about this Leslie listen every time I change or die term which he goes look at. I looked in there and if there's no moves ago you got no hope hoops. She looked at me like I add insult to protect grandma she was like this is my arts. And view our Gerry you're making it about baby blue well I mean any time you turn someone's dream into boo yeah I was like congratulations chasing your career I have now diminished it down to a diaper story you craft and her dream. Knew that they knew that it. Love. You ask. I got to do I don't know except the Booth and. All right. Don't tell jokes totally play thanks in candidate LA this idea on now yes that was really embarrassing in the pilot but I publicly apologized on a gigantic PA from the stage to her so hopefully she got the message that it wants Cesar please tell Iran was genuine leader who knows how many times she's told that story now on her way to the next that was exactly what I thought about what she was walking offer she was like you won't believe what does astle read write and I'm like 0:0 god ability I am not. It was like cannot kill bill when that the that the cartoon version of the girls under the bench between. The ground and bring yet again I thought it feels like I've George store Celtic back. So download like in Philadelphia bush is that right ever since I know yesterday a guy like a totally admit to she's sitting down with an interview now and guys like him really nervous and we don't are who wanted to bear parity and she's like oh dude. You're gonna go to war and don't worry they couldn't do any worse than yesterday college DJ Wright yet read it. A bullet here. Found so we public a lot of festivals we have the opportunity to do a lot of fast yelling in the Seattle area yet typically sold cool can you. Are gonna do. And you question asked the question. What's which is after summer camp of course right what are like maybe the best. Music festivals to either be here to see ordered a travel so morals to go to. Com well I am probably bias in this one because I grew up and Wisconsin jealous of Wisconsin yes also just my Wisconsin accident just came out as it was cancer and yes. That's what that means and I recruit him askance NH ease. It's good. It get it there's that big Google. Single critical economic ringel somebody crane yes the dummies so good so I grew up in lake Wisconsin we have summer fest which is the biggest CA yeah. Biggest music festival in America I believe and make no idea all the stages of free except for like the big one. So when your kids that you run around and eat like corn on the cob and barbecue and now she's. That's W thank you and then you could see ya he's been silly ground again and again get to see that the food fighters for free and this number nine is it's like a South Africa there that was like a life changing balloting huge yeah using gene yes it Monica forever bro. It looked is that the ocean is what you I can do that then maybe by inspiration from moving out last it's. No one else to get closer gauntlet at a slower drive away and out so you. So summer that's for me was like really rad its outdoor stages it's like tons of bands elite Wisconsin is only nice for like 72 hours is always those 72 dollars so it's late. You get all of your summer packed into one weekend in the U kind of good otherwise it's like super humid or super aliens back to drinking Beers in the garage yes you know it's just that of the life it's not bad. Okay although many white people though it's so light it's really like offensively bright purple really decided just reflecting off the skin so it's like 88%. Just pasty now and then the 12% that have been out the day before but it's 3 o'clock story though though that he exactly that if they even more embarrassing and we are a homely group of people are definitely. Up. If she's your number one food groups to Seattle we should stop like using it for sun screen doesn't work this thing like that. It's not the same smells good I regret choosing up before getting here today at islands we need to talk to you about in the parking lot but you are enough skeptics and fragrant at least I think that's that's the real cute it was a bad germs. That's located at our odd. Well when you with the what's your favorite like music here and summer. So I quit I would choose something like. A forgive us we have this ups this upsurge job where we get to go to music festivals often times until it going to -- watch and so forth that was always fun but it would. Kind of fell at work OK who's dragonfly attacking and things such as easily distracted. And the first as well I ever went to work I didn't have to you do what job in any capacity was about five years ago. When I went to but shoot for little you know. Obligations they just got to go in like. In joy a festival in the city in the sleep in my own bed at night and it was. A one day to set at one stage the whole time lost all the bands there in the next day when watch although the like bounced around in the the next wouldn't insult art and everything in a yes. Super cooled to just experienced that in our notes it is like that and I've been to a Lollapalooza before a Hoff and that travel will lose or like Chicago Chicago locals and being in the middle of Chicago. Is Soto because there's look at how did you all blues with an eagle and after words ago like sketch of cubs game before Anderson that's at Wrigley is also men. Guy get a gift from roads and it's somewhere in between Chicago or whatever the big city in Wisconsin is signaling the cubs again it is the big city Wisconsin there's like. Three stoplights and also cars there and it's amazing stuff credit horses recently they just opened up a coal. We have an olive garden now I ever when I was a kid with an olive garden open my own town that was like. Major news front page newspaper like the OG is coming to Racine is like. Ma ma ma ma ma. If again if we get good grades sees. You think you can greats in. QQ can you milk or oh. She's that you still ahead. And I love Eminem love the garden ever since and I've and ashamed of it he got a good grades. I mean of fudged report card just didn't matter in the days that Photoshop and at a printer voters out wideout broke down managed to what I can pretty during a Xerox and cutting it out within like tripping gonorrhea running it definitely that's the that's that's indeed all it's a solid B mom what are you talking now let's walk on this website and see if there's no like you gotta be some serious. It wouldn't let friends. His kid's teacher texted him the other day. And I just was like. What's helped but she's got a pro I didn't know they're like yeah it really over literal what do we gave it. I got some geez you wanna come over I do just that was left out those also here. Blunt end or there's the barbecue. Yet I don't I don't really having found ledges and I was just like dumpster accurately. You'd strategic texts you I'm and it's a little subtle nor was it. Gross pin and I dated one of my teaches kids once cable that can lead on real don't know Andrea. And let me be very clear about that has worked so well as she was my teacher at west Indian kid that you is that like later on in life. And it was like. My teacher was there's embracing Wisconsin's Weir's well there's only like 34 of us and twelve related selling result it's so that's pretty good you guys are into traffic management that's nice. Good city planning we have really good city planners now it okay literally gotten. Well it's summer we don't have a sore. I should not have worn pants today this is the injury he really you really trust them today so go to Europe with the at the end of the month. Date no trying out of Europe closed up I don't drink at your clothes I don't like it at the thing I'm not really I'm trying to to show up and just be like him. All albeit big and dumb to try to to be the big dumb American exclusively on it to try to blend them a little bit I mean this is nothing worse than being the big dumb foreigner in a room full of local possession let's just any old dad you know general turnaround I don't feel. Sub Demi tell did a popular we welcome Daniel took the stage so we could talk about the New Zealand now we've really kind of replenish older and I day every guy got this. Proud you don't consider I had Daniel yeah it's. You're from New Zealand visiting to see John Manley here in your relief well to see it I'm just here you are just happy if he deviated eighty via BD that it Vonage isn't having a brother and Lauren and Seattle yeah. I got home yesterday and I was trying to get sleep but I thought to myself man we really mean to that guy we just kept going get a big hit it all day long not from Australia from New Zealand New Zealand are a lot flatter our vows are a lot flatter organizers say these jeeps it's just push themselves it's it's more use I don't believe you at all I think resilience she says he's making of this ago nobody has injections and don't forget to say no now. Yes yes say no no. Obviously now he's not playing it. But you're in easy you flew all the way from New Zealand to see Edie did it yeah. Epic channel I join me at the same science that manned test to yeah yeah just Jaric. Not a I yeah I met his sister in London and fist time she got me naked. And she freaked out they can you believe my ears for this part. The other thing is just does my bra. Doesn't enter into the yeah and an ever got to Boehner to yeah yeah right yeah. Let's go to your brother right now as we heard and I means they know him pretty played I think and now Don valley desired from on the return to Wisconsin to see them but PJ twenty and then we were supposed to hold free yeah well as opposed to what else I did go a horse he has it looks. Before it feels good to do look at that aren't debt yet Aaron an hour and now this opportunity which was lost charging it was a few tears but that's Logan. It was domain OK mostly most closely it it just shows bush jerseys and prosecute fraud errant swings that. Let's put out yet I can't leave you thought you came Ali you're just for Wednesday how that was enough that was not the four hour Q for the mentioned RS yet this do waited in line for the emerged able. Four hours. Or else letter of those exit for the gala astronomy you Lana for als and a one T (%expletive) and mixed well Mike. I was like I'm gonna just fed up a little 300 doodles. How is that New Zealand dollars. 450500. New Zealand falls Oregon the guessing for me to have. We joked about it this morning a gallon I guess Ross's team knows the money ultimate challenge there really ugly as such huge goal is the ideal leader. At the migrant yes that come and also for leaders and you know fives. I was in point one succeed and I don't think about it that the isn't that the stability here there's never a doubt you don't carry on we did this morning about a better help get the abacus. Interpreted. Well. Galaxy just not drive you run everywhere. Well we have to draw a grid and Everett on subways that sizzle marlin is like an iron yeah it's crazy silences and experience of play solution that would kill for money or something to like was flooded afford it it's it's crazy and he doesn't answer it is as. Feel we don't talk but I don't have a degree in finance some sorry I'm not from my finance degree they have had a I think it. Ed Ed how to what did you think of American football it's the clo ox yeah we've but tech is obviously but yeah I was in I have heard nothing. Black clientele that hackers yardstick guy out of their guy yeah. Part of the planet's. I was dead I biggest items did he tells the capacity say any kiwi to be I wanna come to a sporting event and an chickened out and and look at the cheerleader is a look at the screens and this summer. On this day they think the best part is like few. You watch him go until I got beat on that for me I think this cooler at that I says that listening season's likely looking off into the distance you just staring at. Dream where I know he's dreamy eyes staring it dreamers often design takes to be skittish market that for this war we have to leave that out c.s can't take this guy anywhere. My guns here and accounts we have on indirect costs that are my god. Well well. Well as they learn sick Daniel are so critical if gratefully glad glad I'm glad that I do. Have you here now and so they had to see a team that wasn't the Packers play in Austin community has been good down all right well and enjoy saying things incorrectly in America but great producing land and thanks for coming out good return results is okay great joy that their own now. I don't podcast is really getting when I know if I were really. We're really excited to be able to bring up we guess that is not just in from out of town but also into play today at summer camp on the stage the main stage very Moore park they are you ready he's ready yet you stretched you feel okay. He's got nice to stretched out so yes it. Crap crap. Part of podcasters ruin somebody's life already welcomed us dads are dreamers but nick. Fairway here and so I have to sit in that war left by new Zealander but what we tell you that he week. It started at different fruit or a bird. OK anyway whatever. Welcome to book my guess for you thank you very much bigger have you seen in Manhattan yeah that is always a prepped up and I know I know I know you you're more prepared than we aren't they yeah. I got like a very sparse notes are running neck and yeah good to see you. Oh god are you. Are excited to be home is home turf for you so we're excited I was excited my parents are here well they dug well yeah. Yeah. Stuff. Yeah. Although you set me up got tired. That would total in coming years they'll learn and that's an. Cable welcome we look to having you here much UC reserve to be to see Joe's been a tease me to ask you question can. Do question. She just sound effects that we got a China's with a take risk your question. Yes please let people see the show before Barrymore part. I've never seen a show man or park well welcome to your first experience yet play when I'm only memory is running around like with the dog off the leash here when I was a little kid so. And legally or illegally. I don't know I think it was some kind of dog park there's an awfully spark a good in the part I'll as a back in the nineties for an laws and stuff yeah. Back to the Kindle and he still plays he ran around with a next the end lentils and axes and dogs reading everywhere through a credit to Seattle's. The Detroit currently are exactly where there's. Home. Okay well so you did you spend your childhood here did you grow a pair portion of your life here with a sword dagger appear born and raised saws on eighteen and moved to New York as windows. You know his mom and dad cool complex you know that graduate has -- go to New York he'll always call the oh hello. Our he's Smart and successful well does he get a real job yeah. This video does Guillermo plays guitar for Olympic yeah house assessed at the strokes and I want to live in new York and who wasn't a straight answer in defense thing but maker of being assessment Nirvana and on the ground and stuff so. Right of the Arab and that's probably those two things. What do you what do you remember about Summers. In Seattle. Perfect weather swimming green make. Gonna summer can brave I don't remember. Swimming in Greenland bigger I regret agreeing likes the good ideas there all right so let's look at different attack against their time yet to shower after us again that inch yeah. I've been on days like that in. After that your mom's not here. Hello. Contracts can we do that 3-D dvd that the pleased with the weather labels what are your kids. Yeah yeah ever sonic booms how cool hello again you know. Let's cool and a case that we're now I can't stray again. Assume it's still. List of questions ask away. Well would you do what's ever summer camp that you got to attend that was not a music festival in Seattle yeah I want to can't see else. Yeah OK get that letter is I don't know about a dozen people were pumping on. I'm glad I on our orcas island as I think Vashon is take a ferry out there that's on Vashon. Epic memories yeah the is that standard camp stuff. This is I grew up in New Mexico where there's scorpions and blazing hot heat yet Bill Campbell is up playing soccer outside until he wanted to die. You know I think we're scared of was like yes yeah fourteen minutes you know I think you're scared of that Green River killers and stuff Somalia. November as guardians CNN's your achilles' was at standard stuff like bow and arrow and stuff with bone marrow. Remember like panty raid the girls haven't. The real thing not a movie yet it is really like Kosher reflect that heart's main paper and put him in there now Renault would reduce the real romantic with one. Yeah early butterfly feelings and yet gone on the boat at times yeah Kool Honda wouldn't have both the New Mexico with the jet did you hurt other work you know waters I think. I would shoot a couple of kansans can get it yet there's so much about you there's always the lake that's the weird leather shop read the brands something it was like he could yet been like a leather strap. And I was just like cool a stripper. Scripted it was that was a thing. Yeah out of a really good story about going away coming back a different person. Oh well I think it speaks to his little penny everything we knew it and I was in middle school we do. Our middle school that a rafting trip. Yeah if you were like a disputed. Everybody went that was like you waited for that moment and it was. Guys in boys and girls and I'm separate cabins and wears out early school this back in like Wisconsin so this I mean like the bigger the wood to the we can think of my backyard like what I wonder what it is but it was a huge US could he go like rafting with your friends and stuff. But that was like that was always that everyone's first like. Because it Tompkins and doing infinitely. We that you B that the two of next to each other doing yeah right daring thing I would ask them like bill. Podcasts like this exactly exactly the Santa at a table in Beverly you do it it was so funny because like you know your kid is what does military think human chair all of a sudden. It's like you're really going on the bus and it's so weird that we listened to. The Red Hot Chili Peppers of all things still around right and it was like. For some reason we all thought your so mature also like we was to turn to. Ahead to do drugs yeah like this you armchair analysts alternative music my friend my friend has this mystique. In the womb. He smoke. If he's ten to mow the stick to hold out solo was like we're get there another go at it just as you know thirteen year old levels include those always make believe like you believe that is little suffocating come back like with one Chester and you're like I I saw some things that it took early athletic man yeah. And like I saw some things you saw like abroad somewhere I picked up pink and yeah that's Canada's major. Hello you Intel towards that. Yet just a sedate but we can't minister day early yesterday hang it. Can hang with the Fam yes and day out you go home but do you sleep at home like these whom does it get better is still there like in the same bedroom. It's not that a lot of posters of the strokes buster is still I southern Iraq policy in LA that greenhouse kids. Still never gets record efforts record intensity whereas the cluster of Kurds sitting in that room yes suppress those crazy things like we have to do his job DG gallery tomorrow. This is it still like to help yes the screen yes for sure it's a great home base love having lived down in Los Angeles now that. Come here like four or five times a year now with during chose it's awesome to. Always come get some home cooking. Do you still come on like you thank when I go home there's and she tried is to think there are things that you have to do yeah. Yes I get what are your as get a kid valley OK yeah the the ones for sheer terror ask him yeah teriyaki does interior karaoke that's all I've got to sit karaoke or yeah okay it didn't that's so you can sing stroke songs while eating have some cuts the area yeah. Karaoke laughed a place that from the tape we're inventing that is right now something yes and outside business. Can upload a mighty thing and a flash everybody here thanks Jeff to gimmicks and calls help if wall. Between him idea first concert was deck the hall on ninth nanny yeah played. Whole cherry pop in daddy's suit suit rye. Kate. Garbage. And early in the set was a student acoustic now a lot of people there to watch him but arm Irving superstar I am. As Elliott Smith found out later oh yeah oh. The quake. That's a pretty good lineup seeks to name is intimate shows that. So that you get to play in and show now is there it's okay if there's not but is there any sort of reference to like like. That's my ability it's really connects Vito like being a kid and his streaming how big this stuff wasn't listening to it and then. Yeah. I was. Matthew suggest. You know conservative. We dream looks fantastic great we are so excited to have you here. We're so still together and see you with a purple hair out there playing today on the main stage at very more part I hope you have the most fun possible it's a new law. From dreamers they should come until thank you. Jeff Barrett thank you. They stretched beforehand they I don't know I would hate you that's great okay so. The rookie is wrapping up here in a few minutes now. Hungry and I am hungry too I'm not gonna miss out on the apple to actually get a photo with wouldn't with mom and nick here that would be fantastic yeah for the pot if anyone can do that for me that would be. I'm enough for you limit for all of us kind of but that's okay yeah great great great. Because trust thank you deleted after that we got a first unfamiliar with rooms northward OK so here's the deal is that we're gonna wrap it up here we'll do a few more minutes ourselves without together with the Arabic speakers and yelling at people but this will be available seeking here yesterday and two days into what episode as soon as tomorrow but more likely on Tuesday when this comes out on iTunes. Or apple podcast sort of the pony now or any podcast app that. That you're using double. Subscribe to hello call for an that you sold two guys barely keep it together on stage. In the heat at a summer camp Yahoo! as the best I think he has so much for coming out and I think that's I think that's got across the magic music there. In listening to I. You're Smart Smart like a fox anyway email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Okay well them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. I don't podcast. He night variety university. And now serving teriyaki yeah. That was karaoke karaoke teriyaki Nigeria teriyaki boat tickets I think it's the first. I think that's what Terry teriyaki. It's a great companies and how that happened. It has. I mean really oh. And do. Okay two episodes in the books fellows this is home I was fast and now that boy. Day two was a lot weirder for me because there was a full crowd here. And there was a lot of funny things said that got some big laughs but that there was some things that just went silent and I do not perform. In front of the audience ever and it's always weird it's X exhilarating that we. You know the goals always get a reaction. And so when you don't get one that's weird but that you forget like. You know like I mean really bad pun earlier the analyze every line. It's worth going back as I thought I was actually feel let down yet. Fantastic. No it's not that Hillary did you're get it really is really good yeah it was a grim outlook and its allies here and then just fell out of him the hell out of there. We're dead we decide man fought Havoc for those of you not watching at home. Just try to severely damaged little that he does not know how much smacked of being doctor Phil's doing an excellent job of playing it off like no big deal but it's a big deal did in the background here Alyssa introducing a band for summer camp. I if they ever had nothing good to say and staged lately today and yesterday that was my last event that was my deck a halt all. I was like kind of a swing and a miss on that it was straight it tumbled downtrend due to two degrees today it's based baby here is we talked about it coddled and a and local stays like to prop broke some. That was a pretty sick brother that adorable brown he's so sweet but I took it's a priority upon states to do a few pictures of a tourist spot I don't actually able to make those like hit this time last year I didn't like hang out. Because of the little guy and people like super sweet I couldn't get a good. Like a full bore. Does that ditto there he's in the crowd I was right there are there yet that the priest read. British show us is actually has banned from doing manager Chris looked stumped on his actual W Ruder. And are around our eyes actor via our writers. And so but I got to the story about this baby now being this is no fun while it worked out and it makes it different tone for how he is it due to these as the super that was all of fired up and just get to be like. Gentle and sweet about a week I was in the bar of the VIP bar section when that happened and some people are what are people like yelling more for space baby in my. Well it probably on a scare them like that I that is gonna cry locally got up I was a fairly old he's gonna cry and said you're a veritable face the most and the smiled everybody it was all perfect we cannot go on the speaking of stage flops can we just go back even further to deck the hall ball like three years ago now when I was just at the banana. And you can't theoretically come on stage in the for the steadier and shake your but when I tell you do and I'm like totally and I got on stage. Dresses banana nearly hit it nearly take crowd UST banana shake his butt and I did it and I swear the entire computer you know it's I've been there like. And off the migrated licks me you know what that did not go with flair and it's hard to search for something like that it was beautiful but he got a great I thought I'd like hello is quoting me you made me laugh thank you pop off. I guess do amazing. But I know did you feel better about day one or two generalities of militancy question yesterday question which did you do that about. A really enjoyed. Did his part guess that was really fun the of their governors are on the expectation that you knew it was going to be. And that you the first when you always feel like you kind of live the raw emotion of it and the second when yearning notes happenings here is like is going to be weird let's just beat the best of it. So electability and actually you're in attendance for both don't do what you would like better I mean did stooges but just because you guys at that groovy guys got any sort of we urge feels out of the way from day one any sort of weirdness of two running through TVs or anything you guys just. Tar dirt as it was way more fun to straight from the get go on. That probably all let's do it Kool Keith because. As you know millennium under a loan he was no physical cues up Donahue idol I thought he was the star of both to be honest with you put. I come I was a day one guy. A little bit about anyone you don't really good day one affiliate lets you out there are definitely not take two's like to believe that if you also let's let's give like day one was thumb. I just you know believe it's the dummies this is an opportunity to actually be able to communicate for once can. Are dumb podcast on the wireless so which to me like better and does a figure out awaits you. It will work out a way to get you guys the opportunity get our shirts to they're really cool we should get those out you got absolutely as those earlier than I left over. Yeah radio and taken seven Degan cap sleeves off one yup. We weren't too 2321 battles and all I can do that yeah yeah often you know. Absolutely I mean what's she gonna do brother. And if you do that he's doing a three to a battle shirt under it or the vice Versa or just another hour on I have an idea either. Minge of Venice yeah political gave it to be continued to work on this on. Huge shout out to. Everyone who made this possible specifically to grace because. She did all the hard work on this and JP units of that either the color crazy grace Hernandez Johnson and I heard that one battle I heard everything I heard that's in the history cuts hamstrings. I it's down. You heard read this she is. Christie and the sound just as they've been having that problem that I thought that's perfect for but also to slow down a lot of the way and a beloved. Julia so there's about people who were involved making the plot possibly just Byron forgetting us that the sweetest chime that Keith was using the whole time and I either you are arid Keith Greg are you thinking people because they did these ages thinking everywhere that still standing around know element with a remote yet yeah this is a phony I don't think he marks though Bono Cher. Okay Jerry out here cherries they are being here for the for the rap exam for the the post game stuff what memory where that's great also thanks to the tree that sacrificed a twig so Keith would have a jingle into it again. It died doing when I loved the fact that the proper term for the jingle into it yeah you can look it up and do pretty sure that was my name in prison culture. I'm not notice the dog for mother does want to thank everyone who paid money. To get back here any Barbara you drink Beers and watch this happen QWOK. Here all of bunch of dummy here all right let's get out here okay. But by.