221 - Shut Up, Old Man

Thursday, August 16th

How to not meet a celebrity... twice.

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He's totally going to beam me. Starts. All right always starting. It is not very good. It's the worst. No or else find something out of context from the beginning Thursday. Rupert and I give you everything in context today I think I saved one that's real good Janet didn't look it. Oh the sound of that at all related commercial on the air and right now but does Dion looks on. Oh really do the right. Oh boy I hope we can really imagine Steelers on that's funny because I did something at one point or needed. Mica a kids cheer. And I feel like you have let's I at YouTube something just to get it real fast and do his and in the course. And as soon as clear as they uh oh I'm jacking this I think this is Greg and I'm still can't allow. And know exactly which are talking about but oh it's oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah OK. So as to slow. An outcast but to be in it take a few of the commercial. Where at the end. The person is like it's you know it really come to edit what we're near trying to get yourself a new burrito. But I much. It's girls goes goes I'm wearing head booms. To try to keep my volume was low. Because they don't know offend any of the other people can hear me through the walls trying to do their shows they mean like when the three people are having a top of their top volume conversation today and attacking each other up and I'm like kind of rights Britain yet accurate. Cool thanks for that we have a new person that works 137 earning his brief she's going to be the co host pursues CEMEX a lot in the morning there and she was in the studio yesterday Cilic cranked up the volume and there. Wishes okay and I was like this is not okay to get an I have to turn up. The volume and our studio to try and box out still the base comes through and I'm like trying to focus but like. Now our own station is yelling at me in a flicker as. Consumers to do my kids put air guitar although it was a wanna do you couldn't you but think she's the dope she came in. After that she was like yes how loud was that goes like honestly very loud. Yes because I was just trying to the studio to conceal like how it works and how hot it gets Leslie guys it's it's. They get this place is really poorly soundproof slick toward your studio and all talk to you at a normal volume through the glass stability harmony and she just thought okay again. So we do that this confession comic that's okay we'll do wanted to turn it down I was like. Ideally yes I would like you to turn doubt but I'm not here to tell you that you know you can't do your jobs radio you and your general you do it right. I would like you do but don't it doesn't mean duo together that they think that's the process. But he can't. You can't play nice to say don't yet and not. Crank it up man there are rules to this game now at the pollen through seven is fun but in this day and age why not put Ellis says having police together and doing great Arab whether it is a classic yeah. It's a classic banner. Kill chose to means yes the dummies. So yeah and I don't think the bad water flow but doesn't you like the ninth person and so it's like. If they look at the temperature of and it's a campus though that's not mormons as arms team and it's largely room temperature which I did actually prefer room temperature water except when I go to the break through to get. Water as expectations that it's Cole yeah. And it's not a nightclub that was we'll wait we went from having three cold water machines to one and you're telling me that there's none of cold water. And how does that work it was an accident that does not me seat does not compute Smart cook yes. That one of the exciting hum. An exciting couple weeks man I am still sold fried it is unbelievable how old little to say hey I have four. Anyone annoying me or anything in life because I'm so tired. Yeah I was at had a base William insane and I almost gotten to a fight. Yeah because is of the same that was just hired a made a bad play yet pick Duff. It is very embarrassing. Now. I was safe. Those cops kept on Bosnia. So I turn around and jas equity tuchman slid right under it first baseman Terry Gibril your helped. Nothing too offensive but. I was you can see in my reaction to guess that was like a bit as it doesn't work audio lines but like I elect made me very messed. Since the death don't have enemy last night so and I turned to him. And in nose will brooding just looked just about the human brew. I should've you know I wish I would have been said I told him to shut his old mouth. On the modify or is where they generate any that you instantly picked on the thing that probably makes Wimbledon the most insecure. I don't does I knew I was at a show that your old mountain Demi had hail man shut your mouth I took that back it wouldn't tell ya dummy yeah none on as a term of endearment hang around there spending their hearts. So I said that in the news that's coming back to me and now as I just laughed Adam. Analog dials and he said jaded jemile party line as that you wanna go right now because I will take you there you wanna go right now. And then he just looked at means. The Bakken needed. To and then it was over that's fine and I wasn't Doral is still like the course yet because the adrenaline now yeah I can go over. So. So it was like for the next like. The minute and a half it was a few EA I would never ask fuel and if you at view that year ago. That's stupid stuff right. So after the game we win the game winning hit right here felt very good humble brag no I don't know that but you guys are very satisfied you're you're in a competitive environment and you're like. Mad about the outcome of something in the new crush it to win and yeah. I got him back I looked like I gonna say now like hailed Mandela. Yes sort of fight blew out her yeah you literally lost you lose our best and knows very vocal about how excited I was that I got to hit the united mean. Yeah exactly as I'm ranked pass their dugout to first base is very enjoyable this is a reenactment of John Manley and his baseball game. Accurate and so then after the game we go to shake hands as you do of course got a drop lets that you've been on the field. It's the best this is the part that really just death so we go I'm I'm right go right like when the 100% whether I would have won or lost you gotta like to leave it there. And also it's a huge moment it's cool no big deal. Hammond any songs have been in the rights. Us or go to the show can't find any pulls them who. As he just shake my at a bush shakes hands he pulls it back and any like. Visibly an increase just egregiously like this isn't like the ones in the Premier League where they make a big deal a lot of people not shaking hands and the like good shake hands and talk about for six weeks this is like your. Well yes he thought he was like. And as lake seriously I literally I stops. I stop the line and eyes went. Are you serious right now Aniston and swear word and it finished and want to and then he eyeball me all the way off the field and I just today I was like. What are you wanna do man. What do you wanna do. Besides losing game and I had always get lively as a driving Holland is like the alarms is so good. He's got a sale and they just got pop off the Ali out if you actually verbalize. Via the things that you were feeling it will determine. Your own self worth a little bit like if you deliver the lines even know but it's like a huge sigh houses and up the whole ride homeland despite. Sick birds got left I think I'd get home before the colors silver alert there are new like all of his life a couple of so. The only thing about this is. We've played them one more time this year even. Her so I mean I look forward I'm mark this down for posterity counts like it when I petitioned the lead to give this guy kicked out we can have this on tape telemarketing and martz. He's totally going to beam me and the last game of the season 100%. I'm gonna catch you being bought. Which will be kind of fun. And they have already thought about what I'm into oblivion who's gonna catch it. Yet I'm just gonna catch it he's a third army and I wanna catch it. And then the question is. To throw back and know Roger Clemens and they handed to them that you handed to the catcher. He government. Further back second. Ball now's the ball and ball yeah. Gonna be great Dick is he'll he'll come apart you do get 800 hits after that can don't know what to do yeah to me is from right. Not as good that is good in the market it's a question essay question. After these moments like that. And something blows up in the situation. You're driving home to get home everything settles in to heaven he regrets the man that light you acted like. Like the heat of the moment athlete like I don't. I wasn't there and why would say from my own experience of the Cantu had a baby not be done projecting on you to the public got dammit if you were just like more on top your game. You wouldn't have popped off at the study was just. Politico. Not because this is the heat of the moment and that it was done like they get said that the first base stuff. Like that doesn't bother listening keeps going up against the becoming like and no judgment that in the becoming a go to because I. Childish yeah Brescia 10100%. No because after that was done for me it was done. You know I mean that guys wanted to get on the field idea. Show up wearing a shirt with his face on China to cool Keith sub domain flew into the sky was due to finance name but you can't strike of course I can't. What should the league's stance or his wife's face on it. Full. Orchestra returns showed up old man. I don't idea spin diary and I feel kind of bad about that part of it but not really because don't we shouldn't be out I don't start none won't be none dude now you know I mean. Get a guy. Amanda again I want account and I wanna come in now considered the stands and tackle him. So I don't wanna get to a fight that's clear the idyllic into a fight either for the record yeah it's if it's old man river is gonna try to take it apart and you can't back down and I gimmick let's go that well you got to be you gotta be careful though America's you wanna get Mike nest. Oh yeah 100% and that's the thing that can happen I am sure that he could've Mike best. Closer to sixty than he is fifty beat the (%expletive) out of a fan the other night for the likeness is it dangerous human. Oh yeah they weren't that many neck tattoos exactly like you used your. Relationship to pain is really interest at the right correct correct that you made some decisions to live differently than everyone else. Yes total. An advocate for him it got Mike Dennis Johnson Mike and I guess a dummy I mean that no bones and in Wednesday's audience for that business. Us and answer a question and I'd death or even regret no there. If I would have done what he did at the plate with a not shaking hands saying yes yes right does that point that's childish. Like heat of the moment we were both trying to be competitive and win that's part of the game for me it's part of it the catcher Todd the whole game. And that's just part of it don't mean but I remembered usually. You gotta be good until there's a skill that's the thing is I'm good at it seemed like that was although it. No that was actually good 2006 burn I got you dude sorry don't talk to me. But with the game is over like once were don't like what's the plays OK okay it was actually totally it totals to argue Brobeck out of beat you down without taking up right exactly a break I have yet and I may even said that when he was like going in the parking on our breakers have triggered yeah. That was best for her when I caught them all you can just see in the you can seeding. Is a graph. Which is great have to believe you fools out there competing in this like. At the end of the day it's rec league baseball like autopilot that's what bat in those competitive fresher people like you who played in now or living their glory days right. And like you. Alec which you do would break you're out there because your competitor that's cruel. You don't you clearly don't take it seriously off the field right of course that bomb. But also it's a chance for you to like exercise and purpose and like make friends moves like or really click of a it's a good positive thing to be do it yet there's red there's two very different sets of people in this. While three. There is the guys have never done it but it wanna try it guys and they're terrible but it's okay. Then you have the guys. That are trying to relive the glory days you've place often gets his guys they're the worst yes. They're still trying to prove something to that somebody that they can be that uncle Rico. Yes and then you have a group of guys I would consider like myself who. Achieved pretty much as much as they were probably ever going to win and there's an. They there's no on the approved broke yet and there's nothing that's gonna happen don't they are trying to prove as I can still do it's myself. They got it could it Janet. It's. Yet so. But these are put on correctly Socrates or it was like not the level that you're okay it was like us that if you play a league probably and Micah. It's a B a there's only one. Division so so I was playing city league against her and so it's guys like me that just like stop playing soccer in ninth grade or whatever like ugly talk about life but I certainly am not good at it by Russia today. Well and that we hadn't. It was but it was at the Tamil people who worked intercom for the most part and it and then like friends of people that used to work there weren't brutal. Two people from Mort that was new and so there are a couple of soccer is like OK I'll do that I'm terrible blow whatever Joe Camel hobby should be these people Clinton team. And so on the tenth Smith. Newborn it was a crazy mirror of the my friends are all rodeo was on it at that we weren't expected to take it seriously or be any good that was fun did you get worked up and get out there and you wanna do well. Butler is in upsetting expectations liked to right just a fun thing right and our buddy Sean McCormack who runs a full places he was on the team and he played College Soccer. So he's he would be the view on this if you played on our end Jake yes. Soccer team or if we were playing baseball ever pray for it just a bit of a ringer also knows his place he's just out there having fun he's not talking trash she's just like. When he sees me doing the same thing wrong every time he told me over the payment if you just did this it would work permit OK great it's up we can have fun and like learn a little bit just a deflect all the corny cliche Kraft share. There was so much fun that we were a couple guys short and we brought a few dudes that used to be on the team. And they worthy like. I screw up persona that I don't and man and I'm like hey. You'll talk to me like that wrecked the lowest league soccer and I'm not here for you to prove something. I mean you don't like. Bot not to be right too bad about myself right and ultimately chased me away from the team deserves a couple guys probably be picking on everyone out there whenever one else is kind of an a good time Elian is that guy that Mike is like. That little. Postal napoleonic adult shows you know wreck it. Even though I couldn't show people of my own skill level on the initial people who are worse than me around like other guy do my job at the. Radio station where I'd. Love my life and you're clearly living out of this is the only shining spot in your whole world right edge of the more sympathetic to that but at the same time exclude you little man yeah. And it's all part of this is the sports right I can tell it's fun about it as being kind of get out some aggression is safe zone and that's but that is done. You'd done with it stop it. Yeah that's crazy because do I do karate university Brett and that's a weird combination of things because and the learning a skill but it's individual for the most part and so like someone else's ability doesn't really affect me. But I also what I'm mad about thank you go in there and relay kicks some things click and that's pretty sweet way to get your aggression out right. But at the same time it's not like other people are counting on me to. I don't care if somebody is good or bad at something but like if it's your chance to make an effort and you don't you suck right. The future it's you to the ball comes to you and you kick the wrong way and scorn yourself like oh well look like that may thanks for trying to whatever but. If you're unwilling to come out there and even tried them like yeah terrible time I get out anybody on our team is if it's a mental mistakes. Physical things happen like some people can hit some people can't GAAP. That's why you text and on the ball gets it get out of here yet it's that's you don't know where to throw the ball or you'd be eased to a bone headed play that's. That's the only time I'll get in as a captain teams like it's part of its common job to freshen it. But so does also a way to do that we doubt in my co. Oh lord Jolie which rolled if you wrote. That you know it's what they've done in the bush the first campaign. Think of Hillary to be next time there are cool but in Egypt okay. Steak and as you look let's turn SP question only. He ever meet a celebrity outside of works in the areas. I mean among plus CU we go who do some things in New York. You're so kind but the fact that they're really great until skakel Keith he's a real celebrity pair and they as the myriad dirty. Major Mary roe V. Hipster Seattle fleeing and knowing you know I was hoping come pulled Amazon town recently and are comedian that I love. Came here to seize the Wednesday and Friday show yes and then had a set on Thursday and below. And I couldn't go to his set or the ones that Childress is traveling. And I would've really like to. Pardon. Of how who and I. A lot of really likes to. Beat him up to deal makes you a man I think you're awesome yeah. Because he was in his attend pulled guys don't Florian here that I want to try to mentions yeah. But that I just didn't remember until literally this morning when someone goes way. To see Joseph list and I was like. I dammit so yes also Tuesdays with stories might be the most inappropriate podcast or listen to but also these comedians ever from Sallyann socialists. In other and it does so around you the answer to you is. I just sometimes you run into a I saw this guy who's called Luke Burbank cash you look at Seattle. Celebrity he does. Sensibly we don't Tommy thought about it he does. This home account with the called me and I am in big Seattle trouble right now for not knowing this but it's called. To lose. Two beautiful. The people announcement of screaming the Ani Hugh. Cute too beautiful lizards the massive massive massive podcast and he hosts and he lives in Bellingham of these little over the policies were Tyrell he's like a local dude. I ran into him acts. The ball are one time we were talking like I think the bad guy and he was like I used to do review immigrants and the glue can not put it off to school occurred to me to ever public clearly another radio person that's fun you know that's entirely warranted Duff before. So for that but like those of Seattle people smell like a credit to the previous whole foods one day. And then I ran as we create target. And I just looked and I demonized looked at and and you look at Muniz nodded at me and I was like yeah a man. I'm I'm gonna go the other way. I had a big delivered experience like that on fourteenth I was is walking on the street and I was like closed been governed but it to myself of those lucky by and he looks at me terrified. Like a minute come talk to him. He's with some like. Pretty Galileo that and I just like half smile on them and he don't move and leave the port off of them like. I rented. Ben at mummy Gina too long ago and he was sitting. In mid table directly behind the table I was sitting at so like I'm staring at him the entire time even if you don't only as you're like yeah you're like in my line of sight ultra right like it would have been anybody but he's right here it's just was him. And I didn't I was a comfortable as has before all of like the most recent stuff that we've done so lakes. I don't think he knew I was and am I don't wanna be weird but the whole Thomas an election season like he's right behind me and I'm stare and the whole time economic. She's eating and as a I'd have a hard. I did not talked of Anaheim don't do that well it's like that's the word it's such a weird. Person hole. I didn't you can afterward is fine exactly between courses and not. Ideal but studies that ridiculous to say it's academy if you're has really worries say hi I'm empathetic I can be made I've sold low level and the food chain that like Q1 oh yeah and there's levels to this game and yes we are still on the lake mid chew key level you can talk to me it's totally cool I also for the record if I'm yelling about something please because will be very embarrassed that so you can. Also I'm big Macs are stripping down my face please and new pictures group known. You guys are so yeah I mean the biggest local celebrity's himself when Thomas Roger Goodell and at a Starbucks also idea. The story we're gonna have a quick if I've seen him they'd do. But no I I feel like there was a load. Seattle was ripe opportunities. TSE's. Celebrities with pull every person. What how many people a night. Ford let it out of bounds and yes so a 100000 people got a chance to go see ya Pearl Jam and I'm sure a lot of rumor repeat people you with toys or whatever. But it felt like every person that's ever listen to music in North America and possibly Argentina was in Seattle. Such a cool thing right yeah it felt really good for that to be it's also I didn't pick up on this and so dense. The home shows great stuff. That everyone's a mad about this this poster for the Missoula Montana show worth the White House is on or the DC is on fire in the president's being picked him skeletons being picked apart by Kia bald Eagles right. On I didn't realize when they tied to the away shows that it was the home shows home and away. I guess I can that they did the two here than the rest of them there wet I think that's very very cool I think the historical. Yeah how much you'll. Well. And not to Bogut the podcast but yes. And I saw and speculation. Wrestling superstar at F prodigy sitting behind me very attractive person there trying to cool. Both sides. I'll sell ran into a comedian there Zain is Derek waters he does. Drug history gesture. So the funny part about this is that. At Pearl Jam twenty. Whenever that was couple years ago I and the that was in Wisconsin that was on the last part of podcast correct if you go back if you listen to the lineup isn't so. I was app throws him when he. Funny or Die I was doing drug history at that point and not made it to our army central yet. He comes walking through a row now. Full disclosure. I was pretty end. Make me pre retail get a pretty hard pray for him singles like if you're there has to kind of excuse he's he's he's he's he gets to me now Mike. Holy current mood. Took Richard. You have got gas. And leg as I'm doing well and c'mon man you do this for a living you're better than this but it just a matter who's back and I just doesn't matter. And I'm like I love your show so much probable black and I do the page dudes with guys you're washed joint history nobody does. Do shows. And other Washington what I guess idyllic or you know that's the doesn't like I don't know what that with a yes or he is is passes he can shuffling away 'cause I hate that when some public vote. You're in the like I don't know what are aliens I don't listen to that maybe even then it's like he's a man like I don't know what the and that's how I'm like yup. Try to just be happy pleaser making me feel or see out everything and I do all of the wrong things. Chris I hate when people do you mean I do it this guy. So he's as quick as he can't get out of here and as soon as he turn soon as you Oxley I turn around us like the reality sets in and I was like. Cool cool. What do you do ended. Why did you do that yeah those seen in the parking Linehan take I was. I'm more of a more Asian about this than it was about anything happen in baseball fields. So then I'm instantly that I too excited too cool and I'm like. Freaking out to my friends I'm like I can't believe. Can't really just did that it's so embarrassing problem plot but ten minutes later he comes back. He's just came and I didn't mean to run away from me or anything I'd just and as like before he finished his arms like. Jude no I'm so sorry you like so embarrassing bubble of I am in media I know better. We have a -- ten minute conversation as just me apologizing musica. Take a photo were everything's got it just means car you my card like as a whole thing. But that's always stuck in my crawlers like this like when it borders and our kids you can't. Appreciated for the positive that came from that you have to Andre dwell on the pain right. And Daniel my brother in law who is here for the pros and says this time to see eating better even and I. Q is there self. Password you pros and here. Wednesday's show were down in I thought this was I thought this was Wednesday show no this was that pro Jim twining. OK. But then Wednesday's show happens here and we're sitting out back behind home plate. Pitching going to be heir to kind of that sickened. Humbled writings in his impeachment this is that's where. It's yet VIP yeah could hang out there there before a shot. Sore right now you work at the one of the two Pearl Jam stations. In Seattle look like it's good you're gonna that's gonna happen we happen to be charity partners with them yet. I happen to be really good friends at their record crap anyways Corsica Taylor's and it's the one to show you that I would pull all my favors health anywhere anyways and it's no one is surprised by the right. So. We're sitting down there drinking Beers hanging out and who walks by and the national. The dared waters. Delicate Daniel thing Judy. Turkeys you guys here. He's like Latin music again to try to talk to again and we know we can't. But I wanted to I wanted to just like it was so strange equity as a that I orgasm that. I know he was here that's what's crazy is like I had no idea I found out that he was here because reduce hunger of an excellent that's shuts her sudden it was like a little extra guys here for Pearl Jam things let's cool. So he's got this phone summit I'm not gonna talked. He's on its own and the intra that just do that spirit tourniquet Pokemon right totally so. He he never really gets off of the Sony walks. Where he's lucky to. Panic that sucks like that can it would have been funny to have like this at least a conversation with him again he's like. Color it was told him when I can't remember it was first. I would say close to lose yeah to those when I was living here I think it's been in the I was a six or seven yeah probably but it's been in the two dozen teens. Yeah I think so fish it's not there yet and nine as yet as I was in news today is spend that political. Tar and had it been days. No matter beds if there were lost that picture that. So when fun to have had a conversation with him just for that'd to Djokovic really what I always of course. Bob I didn't have been kind of disappointed about Google bought a game like how laugh about as a really refined and at least talk to him again. Now get the Friday show. And we're back Demi and I don't play again and there in the bar area of gravity appeared go to the bathroom. Who like press hasn't again. Derek waters. This time. I'm like I wanna talk to parcel for. Now unfortunately. Once again. Had a couple pops yeah of course of course of course and I go around and up to him and I'm like to root for him. You don't remember me now is it. To anyone who ever goes to meet a celebrity or anyone ever in your lives and never. Ever ever start a story. Our conversation with you're not get a remember army blocked and a instantly it's like oh god protect act that's your first response as a cause I fake celebrities that we are like a summer runs up you know as Yury memory but you like Jesus also just quick aside. If you arm meetings among the you've met before the were nice to whatever look at this happens every year like summer camps jet. Can you name just like you we met Lester I'm James I don't think James great to Syria grey cup. Yeah because it just a little bit of information so why not like not only do I not know who you are but I don't have any frame of reference I can't communicate with you the way that you would like me to and I would like to be different I wish you could of had this conversation previous story as opposed to posts about it it's okay -- up there and Mike you don't remember me brought him like oh god blow. And I proceeded tell the story but I'm drunk some not doing it very well ironically I'm telling you the drug histories are pretty new I. All of that is a rich and just realized that she would taping of a and as I'm talking Jim selling or every word he is clearly annoyed. Again clearly just wants to get the hell out of there and spent it with people pay it that's mine that's my putter of course for the public knows is that. You know we focus for the great idea you read awesome premise in the new duet but you don't want other people there so I am just. Lou Lou I've. Really made and as it was social for his ten years ago and I'm doing it again bridge sort disable exclusive U. Beau love. And he's like just do if they leave you alone okay thank you thank you thank you. And as I'm doing is and realizing. I'm crashing and burning Daniel locks up and skills. I OK is that this is the drug history guy and I was like oh god they're pathetic. Daniels like the perfect. Thumb heal you yeah yeah like he does shows up is Emulex has a thing and everyone's like wow that's a foreigner. CIA but thank you indeed as far as inside. I was like struggling all week you were too big and asked the group chair Alice burned because the drink as they need to just forget that. But what are you doing that why you like so stuck on that's just minutes I'm Mike. Just look at it doesn't matter that does not matter just get over it yet. So in the middle of me rambling half tracks in the middle rambling ME UN like I'm sorry that I've made and seen. Ten years ago and you don't even remember but I stuck with it Keiko is talking with is the history go I don't think who are gone so. Apparently few things happen at Pearl Jam every every time ago. One I cried during out of to a Munich arsenal town and you I make a complete ass will offer of myself in front of Derek waters it is unbelievable. Grits on. Great song gonna like. So then he. Pushes us away walks away and there's goes we should take a picture of the Pacific. Am like I wanna go home. My one chance at redemption there. I didn't take it the day before I probably but the. Chris do the second time and I completely crash right again. Just as they. Just as an aside. My buddy did and it is a dance over his standup comedian and number of years ago a decade ago you were backstage at a concert. When Mike NASA is playing it was the radio stations concert and to Mike's just standing there and Dan it just goes up to talk to. He doesn't know anything like it to six yeah college kid yeah and Hugh leave you something to be affect of so I you know how to drive a tractor. Mike this looks at them and then discuss. Now M and I do and then they have this big long conversation about driving tractors. And I texting and about today to talk to about that and he says that's the real booze confidence and fake knowledge of tractors and upload and is. Is you would not have done that to this guy and that. Capacity. Hagee got had a few pops a new book also that's a slippery slope and yes fine edge that you walk where you get too much in the suddenly ramble the very thing that got me into that situation is a very thing that ruined it one beer last. None of that happens. Or maybe you still have the confidence through without being in two Lucinda shadows to alcohol the cause and solution to all lies problems. Real quickly have a chance to digest what happens. At summer camp. And people for the un on Monday those hamburgers and ran through me no problem and oh no problem. Strayed and strayed out on I had some of the most awkward and best time. Podcasting. At summer camp and I have to give a huge shot not everybody who spent the money to come back there I think that and zero current listeners are zero previous listeners were excluded there if things like dummies you. But I think that we grew weak body lying down nine people. Because that's aggressive sticks out to a hundred people do you think actually women listened to the episode of Saturday heard at so why would you go and actually listen to I think anyone that was their problem backed student. We miss an opportunity. None opportunity was one of us should have. Armed interviewed. The Banda son died and another she got methadone to proudly work and there's been like it what's your name what to do it and yeah you've gotten people to then come back and listened. As we had David was only guy who taught us that this in this podcast is about us. Okay the about not trying part correct said you're asking us do two things that we don't really prefer to retire and governments Graham at a greater and look at the picture and post of the two of us like it it's really get that best sums up how I feel about my entire career in like one snapshot it's the two of us laugh Arabia like genuinely having a great time candid moment that was an yet. Absolutely it fill the seeing that I was like oh my god this is everything that I want in my career is just like that amount of joy that you can see us having in the career situation is fantastic I wanna go back into the podcast and try to figure out if I can find the moment that that was taken. The snow is none of context no context which makes it great. You have to find a way out as Latham pretty the other line to head back laughing. I don't know it's crazy. Oh but people spend money to come to that thing and it taught me a lesson that we need to make an affordable way for the dummies to come out and do a live tapering. Upon buy affordable you mean profitable right. For us yet again yet know and affordable for that at the same time because like. Third to come do that I can you weren't coming to summer camp if you didn't spend the government to a 75 dollars a ticket and an upgrade to the barbecue. That would be tough I had the turns perfect perfect current Eddie thanks live cast death but I can't do. Both before I say let's just did tell me welfare and wool Morgan up this you just can't I can't attain because. Teriyaki. But I can't do it why because I have second embarrassment. I can't watch people do the karaoke part well. Jolie can just show up for the pot. And then leave or would do about firstly going to be a baseball. Yeah we'll sorry everio whom two are all all the big old secondhand embarrassment sandwich for you yet note that that's. This cuts rates arguing it was the last spot if you wanna know about Terry okay. So brilliant so accidentally incredible. Yeah I have. I wanna find a way for the dummies to come and enjoy yeah we've this is really fun. Eddie that can be as simple as doing it here after hours or something like that then I mean I always hate that that a total punt give a free after hours as like noon. Haven't we did Arafat I don't know until you can't bode PF hours 11:30 in the morning can make nude and I'm on a Friday for all stay up for you guys Joselio. Thanks Greg Africa where it table brute I can't do Fridays ago currently. The. I'd be doubted it again I need to get someone shout out for something and I just lost that oh yeah. So it's 20 this is the self serving that touts DePaul at Greg's Japanese auto Bellevue seven Demi I just had my way car I do an endorsement with them and so you have to talk immigration opinions on oh really weird thing happened. I was driving to. I was that they picked me up from a pick and dropped my wife's car off with her in Bellevue and then they pick me up from there to take me back yet racing in my car. And I kid that picks me up his listening to the end in the car and then and Greg Japanese auto commercial look I've voiced comes on and I go Lowe's is the thing. And he goes yeah that's one of the parts of the job is sometimes you you you like to the commercial on the air heated knows me. And it was success so satisfying that turned out it was like so satisfied that he was kind of embarrassed that his own thing was playing in the car. And I like him loving the crap out of this right so I get back to the dealership there and there's all these service manager. And he is liked what about these summertime. That you guys had a re there and I was like day out of that summer time or whatever can't get over campus of yeah that it is the I didn't see you as a collected by the Booth and hung out and played some beer pong ball and it was like Ali I was there from nine to three. On Saturday and has a wealth they picked for coming to summer camp that's great he was working the tent there chair Cohen is like. Assignment interviewing. Somebody I was posting that picture of us unpopular talked about on my answer cramped. And he was like. Yes I was get the hot dog and I saw you guys doing your RR and I saw an interview with the what are they called the driving driving errors and other driver I've actually. Literally editing a photo of that review are talking you get a that was you'll. And like those who knows me doing that podcast secure does podcasts is fondly. And I was like pulp. You're the best person to. So show us the ball for share sentiment but also. Pretty sure he does not know how to fund upon me and it's. Up several I think it should be said though that I thinks that anyone amid an effort to come watch us do a lot of things that's really cool and yet and if you didn't for how dare you suggest as far as let's say hello we have a bunch shirts leftovers I think look for those somewhere that we're working on low weight to be able to get those very cool was it. Tropic sound was that the person who had chew up to. At us or something I don't know how we do that yet but like at a Sunnis have little release details acts on our Twitter at. Our dumb podcasts are we barely maintain yet but it's but that's where we will release the once we figure out how to make the affordable and profitable pay out. Effective for us for a positive gonna happen just to keep an awesome double dragon work printing those upset Demi and a two times. I love well I have to be real bad so that's. That was dead sheriff's every one that maybe new listening after them alive podcast and shows everybody for giving us a good rating and phones on the unit sub dummies sub Dennis is dummies. Yeah I Genesys and I didn't do that also. I'd forget about this all the time have been paying for now for a couple years but are down podcast dot com. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Everybody university karate. To rot.