222 - Fat Boi

Monday, August 20th

We're blasting off into the flat sunset!

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There was clues that boon let us start. All right well we started. It is not very good. And dump. It fell and worse and oh John like refused. Into the new dad of the rules of the after room I mean. When there to take away is urinal to Obama won for a normal height one for a child's height of course I usually get stuck with the child Taiwan because that's hilarious to read and I the other day out Kay Graham. But I walked in there and there's a giant. Had a long blunder in and you're all my energy to. Lincoln did but not only because the loonie slips down through the grounds is between the guard the but I mean you at some swallow that. I don't know if you're gonna spokesman like that now use the free can portal it's not the urinal. I go that. As we were. Part of podcasts. Hi everybody again. Sides got room to grow Osama that I used for kidney renal yeah like. Hope it's Cher yes I guess that's the standstill and if you wanna see it it's like no one and a piece of gum only if it came from the ocean. At all. By myself that if social officially in the books now appetizer startling new excel brainy. And thought the whole load growth you get out I'm. You don't give out of here all Moffett a day by gotten yelled to speak now filling and there can you talk to your sound effects Emily beating him. It's crazy I'm going to be this weekend. And trying real. So yeah. Grossman that's gross judgments we can I do declare I showed it did hold on a note too soon. Are you don't like the seven. Seldom are dumb southern podcasts. Around Seattle says did you have time to make its use side first northwest on Saturday. I have to tell you. Much love and respect around Seattle. Big fan pod sub domain yes I don't really makes you feel lazy. I'm. It was I don't know that he's a or she it is now doing these things may be just fine in the mono I know but you know it's like. It's like one of those people that Cisco is how do you do in this today and I'm like you know I was just gonna watch eight hours a Steinfeld. Also ruled that the pod. That in their pollution I mean count me though question ignored yet you next time we extended the. How is my weekend millions good. It was an eventful in the best way possible I've been doing a lot clearly. And tell me about a man we don't actually come about a public. I can agree yes those canisters and weekend to do's and nothing after a summer camp weekend as the McCain weekend Pearl Jam family in town here. A lot of sports there lot of stuff the weekend before summer camps of this weekend was like. Hey hey. I'm Nina which is watched TV. And that's going to be about it. And for once in my life actually came through and really just did that cool I kept that lazy is nice. I am. Well I only know. Cushion SP question should get to the live version kooky doing minutes are using then huh. No as you know in Canada that's special occasion pull. As the other question. Have won the last time you ran into a situation in your life when you had to call 911 who. I have never personally called 911 cool I had the last analysis in the area were not alone won't was called was probably. Although like running without without thinking here. Without thinking to be too far wasting too which overtime I would I say that. That Enron mess when that went in Phoenix just tell me that the conduct on the pod that couple weeks ago PA go back Russa EA now. That would be it would buy you. I don't crazies Saturday. And shuts the space baby except maybe Tom worked well you call the Demi it's all right it's there have done again. Giambi turned one on Saturday night means he has flown around the sun at one time that's great flat earth are not. It ever they all agreed that the sun is circular and the thing and you know. Wait yes that right yeah the because they've been observed to be circle. But then the claim is that no one is observed the earth to be spherical because the moon landing it's fake. Okay the International Space Station is evidently not going around something chair sir I. Yes the space baby had his little space in your birthday on Saturday and that is really just an excuse. For the parents to get together Jason line coup there is now that the parks those drinks. Flat water and that is these mantel center Cory disease it's like. Fruit drink it's not. It's not like. Look law and Alka-Seltzer water it's like an actual sugary fruit drink that's got a call to claw. Fists like in Cairo calls little micro way right but if you're gonna say correctly in my house has gotten into the habit of saying why. Early tests but it more speaks French so it's like he pronounces it. The French way L guess what trailer this is America okay I interviewed some of whose last name was a phone sector didn't pass there today and aster she can pronounce a promise she said it with as much. Espanol on it as possible and I was like there's. Okay I'm trying to match anonymous selectivity at the whole time couldn't get. You shed. So I had no no boost is that the public park in. But to cool Keith go through withdrawals at any point in this during the matters to be sick if laskar Erdogan. Now I don't think okay it has a drinking problem out. Can reaffirmed its Internet. Yeah I do I I saw it happen to lose but you know new shakes moves. Amused I was wearing those hot out but you know yet exit. But it didn't run through the judge should run through the splash park that we were I had never has fast splash park with a big snake heads with Water Cube so many men. So particularly things together public at the park he got to bring the food like the people that the but the tent next to us you like reserve little attention to people with one excellent book on barbecue. At the grill and there are Hispanic people that they were making like awesome food kind of sighed and so again I the broad war making that they think if to make got ahead of time but they were like he's got a minute. Being guerrilla. Now taken into simply ground for a few days too but that's you can do that at a time publisher. Doing. Just took a look at got to go through a lot of jump to a lot of loops cereal of the party cities and got to get for each area table cloth and plates and cups and imploring John to death was yawning and the third time. And in Siena get all the pieces together and so it was a final stop to get a cooler and some of the stuff Wal-Mart. Can I was on the way to go to get picked up the barbecue shout outs to junior next road house. So damming they are you couldn't save some money right now when he go to get my perk start commonly a new free plug because this place. Was so bad last day of the general manager who ended can it handle the catering order within the nicest guy totally content and I wasn't putting amount he was busiest crap. Before they even opened trying to get to the wedding together and he's had like a small double order for Austria. Guy was great the food was great it's a bit different locations around the Puget Sound area you could save money and give my park stock conduct a free plug don't put me up to that I just had such a great experience and great customer service cost people should know that so. So between when Wal-Mart in a place. I I'm not gonna go but the main entrance Wal-Mart is to the zoo and discuss the double side entrance there right and I took over the ridge. And I couldn't believe my eyes I can report there was a person's played out on the back like slick and turley that it can't. What you were panicked and crazy and there's a shopping cart there. So I pulled my car over right away and Iran over to this woman's public 67 years old I've gotten. No I've gotten old parents and Jerry and Sarah says she's like split on the ground do you mean how all like she was the judge not to. So they know underhanded Paul got you do the right thing whenever and I'm like you know Kenny chizik had just lost my bouncers slipped. And then I go to during the shopping cart to hold onto and I looked down there's not all of. Love. She's done fine and I'm like yo dude you are not Spotify and she fell and crash they head open. She cracked her head open on the asphalt and she's just the middle of the parking lot or in the like any car toner on the mentally just flattened there yet more. So put another sidewalk there and I'm like OK what's give me a minute here and I don't gonna like what are you doing you idiot holed 111. Like this is what this is for yeah. Called them on one. You can do the math from the Aaron officers during the and to get this in a fire truck. It was his interest except that that's an apparent I think yeah in a fire truck onto firemen show up I think they automatically call fire department. Sure in the they probably immune to make the description as to what and those I would imagine on a Saturday at 10 AM firefighters are pretty bored. Chance to get out exams use save their also. Chassis question has to do with these nice gentleman. Kiss my profession. That deserves our respect born then. Firefighters and I'm not going to include the military and that's because that is a whole different. Radio host. Load yeah yeah in the clear. Personnel and national radio hands right shower as of gifts dummies. Yeah and. Who deserves and teacher teachers tons of respect. I don't think anyone is there's more respected teachers including firefighters are positive. I think firefighters. Deserve more respect because the put their life on the line to rescue people would that be more than just deserve a ton of respect I guess yeah I just think about that like after doing these dues as came up recently and other times you but after dealing with these dudes. The site and the soul friendly to help everybody to see queen of crazy stuff that I never wanna see I'm not. I don't have a stomach generally have the spine for the attempt to stuff like yeah of course death and stuff you know pizza be able got to be there like someone's gonna die I won't be there until I sit out last breath or whatever that's not the I am none of that in me a ride just I'm fit and that's. A talk to a priest about this for a long time my mom is dying and he was like dude she's not passing because she's waiting for you to go. Because you can't handle. Her going she knows that intrinsic there instinctively that news that you're not gonna handle these felony for like 1015 minutes is like it's okay if you leave because. Clearly your bush shook but at this area so when I see this lady on the ground like man that. I'm the wrong person to show up I thought I like yet it turned out OK you liken you know I'm not gonna brag about like showing up to help somebody but at the rear position to be put into. That's pretty wild and we'll defeat. It dead person and the firefighters really cool weather though OK but those leave you know like you're on you for doing the right thing. And I was like I. Do they give you a soccer or a stick there aren't any effect that something that the CIA had they gave me a dumb little terror away pouch that had nothing under the cleans other people's blown off your hands. Let's also very nice of them this. I think there's treat inside and out there about the Afro epic pasted to herald bulletin. I'll like. Alcohol Eva lake can. I should so much respect in the I think about our co worker Biron who do forward. Doing this couple jobs before that he was who merger emergency response team T zone yeah. Did he was drive and an ambulance around Saban people and I mean you show up to like. I just can't imagine showing up and seeing like a person who had just told them settled share or white. Or person that just got hit by a train or something like that I can just write the mangled or somebody that like went through so much and you're on like that part where you can't. Help them. Yeah Mark Foley you can't help the minutia that's going to be pretty satisfied except for recent femur sticking out of someone scalable to. To have that wiring to be able to handle that blows me away so these like emergency response people my god I couldn't do it. No absolutely not that's not. Not my constitution and constitutional path I think that break if it happens in your vicinity probably could surprise yourself. Share I mean yeah I mean necessity would dictate a lot of that obviously were it's you know if I was only person aaron's summons. Racked agenda might turnaround runaway but I'm also not gonna be like. Looking forward you know I mean to. Padilla trash superior obvious is the point. We'll be apparel or is low but even then I'd be like the eight year you know and now moved to Britain from. Our compliance based on the homeowners spent a busy two weeks or so myself I was not to leave the house today you could. I'm sticking to deal I might need to help people below the gun proved to watch the water is best to seize it LaBroque. So good. Smith who questioned as a question man. Is that the enemy in the off the sooner today until it. Favorite or I guess the best is meant to be with your favorite of the best television series. But everyone should go back in there and watch what is bowler. Easy as Vista Lucia. While that followed closely by breaking bad who. The wire is just the real lists. It's just the it's the best the writing is phenomenal the acting is incredible it's it's. Kind of it it kind of puts like life in perspective a little bit where it's like everything's kind of messed up. A kind of blurs a line like there's no good there's no bad the thing you that you think are bad guys so important they're like that for a reason as opposed they they're not just like. It's their black people and let the projects they must be terrible gang bangers by drugs and it's like now it is pure channel live. Society society it is nothing for them than their bits. As the purpose of nasty cycle and it's not okay but it's like oh well you know it's a terrible system. Yeah of the times we live in right now. Where everyone's really mad about yeah power like slipping back towards this kind of like ugly year passed that we have. It's based on the idea that we've all accepted that the future should be she progressed to something that is kind of ideological not realistic. We're just gonna grow towards harmony and eventually we'll all be harmonious because the harmony equals good boy could harm honestly battled if we all agree to be awful. And that's kind of like it's easy to be bad it's it's like if you wanna look at the course of human history we all decided to be bad for most of it death. Really and so is like is it actually virtuous to be good then is it located are we watching me. The jet I order hula. We were the epitome of everything great a minute crumble spoiler alert it crumbles we'll act because they got too high on their own supply. Also that's also the story of scarface. Shadow salvage and then the sub domain. As for the earlier drew they're good thank you thank you. And I mean good is a human construct any epic there's no such thing as a line as it is good and bad lying goes any eat ya going to eat. Need bone and the two don't demand and so I mean really. We were kind of blocking it. The system I guess as the humans due to begin with like. We got this dumb brain that first Smart as it is is literally destroying everything in its path so I mean. So the show does this incredible job of account painting this picture that like yet if you're the best. Drug dealer like you're still the top of that and like what's to say that that like through politicians are criminals through who like right in the Conway criminal right and look at. Everyone's. It's just such a show it's so with a whole show so gray. It's a new wants to and so layered it and it's like. I just sort of watching season one again and it's like I know what happens to everybody not so don't watch it again and CD how these people are re are introduced in housing rights. It's this big huge it's it's it's like big huge circle. And it it's let me put them in those things that you valued at science energy through the deeper the coin in Canada and it's been around the outside and it worked its way all the way down to like the middle and it's been really battling yet. Shows like that. So it's like you start suffers huge letter to LeBron there's Jerry characters and understand anything any of their lives 2000. Any Lego. Something happens and you go like oh that's important I know this now but at that time you don't you know OK whether that was meant to. Seasons later it. It's like. It all comes back so to me the wire is scientists. Soak it. I need and so my body shuts them at a Tyler said going. Key. Willow moved to Baltimore. But a year Baltimore Sun and a few moves Baltimore like a year before the wider. Just started happening I can before the show happen and should it was crazy to watch that show and her own home went crazy for because. They were using all of the headlines from the real newspaper right to write the source they were writing a fiction it's like. With the name is forfeited their reading fiction that goes a long term reality right. So this is adding just picking layer of the couple layers of that onion to be like the small were writing about but it was all based on higher than the lines of the time and that's. To me there's something she instilled in Baltimore Tivoli write yet and that it as a sink so brilliant about that and like the difference between season one and two were like. One is all about the projects and two is about like food kinda shady white people yeah. Is pretty pretty neat but it just so slow attended what season three I can never get into it because episodes of very long and at the success of by the end of the season it's like our house is gonna wrap up but then it's Phillips to second investments speak for me. Until. You know hum breaking bad is a. Cable network show and so we can't Diaz. It can be as graphic or as kind of office. You know this let's just let the weather to those it's not that. Graphic. I don't know what the I didn't choose the right word I guess it's just. British metal always feel like a show that's gonna about to be in erupted for a Coke commercial. And HBO shows don't have that fuel to get your. And so there's still like this kind of Vanilla later to. Tubes. Does some of it just feels that feels like a little corny compared to other I feel like there's. Because it is a commercial show H. The shows are broken it's a distinct. All right this is eight minutes death scene they kids have like a forty minute piano wire can you ESCO. Whenever a lot which is interest and secure point. So. I love programs like. We can Morrie which is eleven minutes of investment into a story that I am like. I can like. I can see it from start to finish in eleven minutes and it's a great little story arc that's cool but then. There's something very satisfying about a show that starts out and then finish is like breaking bad is so great. Because it starts at this crazy silly characters and I'm like OK I'm excited because it's an Albuquerque worm program and as you and I like Cranston a lot he's cool shot of the rank and yes a dummy. And so watching that but then like it finally at the end it ends. If you watch I love sit coms and so yeah Dutch not parks and rec and it gets its. So locks in the last couple seasons. You watch the office was 64 seasons are just dead and no one knows how to like have an arc it's got to come to an end because they're like Jason that. Right gather all the coins burned down there is like there's no. At some point somebody can't let it go because it's financially important right. Now because it's. Artistically and relevant anymore. And again as always disappoint breaking bad wheels it via. That's I was give Ricky Gervais at tonic credit for this because he does shows for two seasons and he quit yet. Three at the most the and that's I think it's also kind of like a British and the very British season they run for 41 seasons via or they only have a couple of them. On purpose and really because you can liked. Because sort of pull for the league but persons next project right and that's what makes an interest it was a OK there's more he's gonna do something different. And maybe it's similar I mean you know. That there's been wrong with Kelly re like three frame it you know like of the what's it like Shaun of the dead and all that like those moves are all. Pretty much the same but they're great because it's like okay. We are plot twist funny premise mill floor right. Perfect two hours in my day a loss. It's like any other ticket very common situation in the main in the Dresser right in the way I love that that's great and yes some shows need to use. Shows need to stop that's part of it. This is I think the best show is the Gilmore Girls. Of course if you could I didn't I didn't watch it until all couple years ago I guess I legacy of the baby using QB and we like watch the line. And you know from the start if they make it to the and that there is an end point acute and when they're done with the high school years or she can go to college and they can and after that and wrapping up nicely. There's assuming that they don't cancel or whatever you do you could. Watch that happen with some sort of like end in sight as opposed to Everybody Loves Raymond which just can go on indefinitely as long as the ratings are there well in them and that's the thing with flakes. With the wire was they didn't think they're gonna get the season to. So willing god that they had a Russian out. And which is why I think seasons you have all the seasons as the most kind of disjointed to mean because like that the whole. The docs thing. It's so separate from. The it was so different epithet but there's the other half of that season that's about now Elan and stringer spoiler alert that is like. If you sit out the dock stuff and just had that part of it it was. Incredible. It was amazing. Thing you had this weird likes the dock thing which. Bear celebrate and they was they got through that they worked it all the way back around like damn that's so I'm ray isn't that partly Annan but lakes. They were the victim of they didn't know what how much time that path and that will that kind of makes it. Crap are like the TV show heroes was like the first season was. It was so good that's fun and then it was like OK we need to make three more seasons and you're like well now this is terrible is no doubt. Now he can blink has doesn't far it's come out of bowlers in those fart smell blood for us down drizzle already have that power it's called post Taco Bell consecutive uneasy eighteen answers that got. Many for the whole course the concern and a force from the start they have. But we're learning animal noises and Salmonella as I'm reading books this attitude it's good legitimately. Being a parent it's cuter and cuter and I can waste everyone's time with a but now the baby who walks slowly and drunken late and he holds a book in both of his hands. He holds it up in the air until a pick up from amend the new and the old Lawrence out picked me up. But I pick him up and he like turned around and took them a lot he knows the routine. And then we open the book and he watches as I read the whole thing in the Susan Downey ground improves on the floor. And it doesn't find another one in falls is around the books in the air it's like stupid kids have to find ways to make them not awful. Share to keep reading brown bear brown bear over and over and it's. Voices in songs and make making dumb stuff and making animal noises that gets it's. Really productive for my creativity better brown bear the brand diapers they can render and write my dad that's in the former you can tell when it's time to move bullet. But it's he just like a one to think yes so like came and it was visible bullet in my because he hasn't been vocal that way there on I might give your book and does he casts. But unlike. So are you Harrison and stress. The it's good fun that's group. There's very funny it's it's cute to see to do like it never gets it gets old runaway but like. But first time of the New Jersey happening like this is incredible. As you a question and ask that question. What is the what are some things that people do. That are necessary knowing that really you know you could send back. Yeah I think a pet peeve been narrowly pet peeve. Again everyday thing that is totally exceptionally like stuff that. Until they can think of as I came into the studio this morning. And there's like 75. Rings from a groove strengths that are elect someone to taking a sip and turning it down leaving a ring and missed two spaces of that. Who unlike what's acceptable for them but it in their mind that's acceptable if I don't mean this it's gonna drive me insane he. But also final minute we'll the next person in and who's doing this. I would like to add to your story because to answer your question if you don't build an actress and yet know because I took that approach on Friday. Why did we just sold the mystery of who made the grocery. Search based man known pitcher I don't understand that no let maybe it was not noticeable may be that person didn't notice it was happening and that's possible that's I'm going to benefit of the doubt this I had yeah yet full story may we don't know the full story wrecked but I'll see you next. Nicklaus 'cause it's sticky like yet it was clean but it was entering salutes and get as well. I like it it's always in the moment that something's going on run like ha yeah. Trust me craze is seventh. There's it's a lot of it is with professional broadcasters when they're doing like really amateur bands about a mile and they don't know with the they're doing it but also like you've been doing this for ten years I'm not supposed to in the closing the not do that the whole slew. One of those thing and have. And only two intimate but like. He's going to Wesley announced that the the one as a socially acceptable addressing crazy is checking your phone every five sec oh my god. Really it's funny team that's the thing that is like I do a lot for whatever reason I do like to so I'm like we have a rule might at the dinner table and that's and it makes brewers so upset when I'm on the phone. Dinner like. Which I shouldn't be because what kind of monster a mind that she was like one nation to set me downs like pay no more phones at the table Arnold ABC in that I don't want to ignore me like. We're both Stanley time like that and I was like. Absolutely and an old all it actually comes up quick we need answers on the whatever on that a monitor component and I look at the thumbs up or negative look. And we have an act like that and an I can live without issue those elements of a Mike let me just Jack it's like no later great. I'm into it because we need to stop it well. Keep reminding myself that nothing important nothing important is happening and happening every five minutes yeah. It's how important that is just check it. Check Twitter every two hours you can imagine over the whatever we can with his birthday party which was and he. Amazing disaster if you could tell you can imagine though that a ticket to integrate pictures of what's going on antennas photos Yemen post them on. Everywhere just that's how this goes. And then. The photos content like hey look you got more attention. And I'm like oh better as it buzzes or right Emily Watson. But I better a better look at that and see a close look at someone I got to respond to Brett guess what I can respond tomorrow totally. And and it's overwhelming and it's just like. Turning off the notification on the phone should be the thing that we all do accurate all I want is the New York Times telling me what's happening or something to that chair affects just like news alerts. And don't miss out on the breaking news that play yet yet I tourism to prove professional convict. But it is imminent text you that if it's a braking is a major news ratings with a taxi that yields no I think it's my job to take some people that. Fair and I think that connect homes and this gave a little bit as yours and mr. Fraser put myself. So's this Hondurans have done. Personally was very very helpful this weekend in very nice that's excellent thank you for everything any public the most annoying to have everybody's Smart someone makes tons of noise and sing songs and it's also a soccer ball because there to guide Greg how dare you show on pound but. He's usually the one little if fund if he sees a haven't gotten on something he's like. On top of that from me and so like there's another Laker of defense beyond that yet but yeah that's. I don't mean to know if somebody has like to tweet or instead Graham or FaceBook and if Imus on an opportunity because it doesn't pop Obama phone's screen. Yes you know it does him another opportunity. Starts I thought about this brought this question up because as luck and org today let me tell you settles we are and Yemen does weird. I love it to death but we can we're somewhat lower today and there is the students walking to front I mean are locked in the same pace as me or never well. And Eric I already hate the story at every time we get to at intersections and we have the red. He's takes one step onto the street. So he's like but not like it's perfectly on the court definitely he's like still defended by the laws of property but with. Cash and he's industry ease off the cart path and he does this. Anderson a block. Any doesn't jail lockyer is really for his mullet and bail he just stands there but like he stands right he's ready to just raring to go. He did this for like three or four blocks to push a mainstream and he's gone now but that's just point. Number one asked you earlier is RD digit if you've ever called 112. Games that you are supposed. The well. Thought to be important for. Our pepper street laughter we've gotten. They went oh yes so I drove me bonkers. Like I drove me I wanted to grab and throw one of the sidewalk and what's wrong with you. This is Seattle people are nuts and he how many buzz like I almost get run over every every time I'm on Dorian and I'll live. Just because that's rather trucks turned path and none of them know how to not hit the curve right. You gotta take a step back. Yet you path to. I always stand where I stay an accident that she pulls you so and if anything does. Go squarely against the poll friendly and it's kind of I like the director who poll I got it. You know I keep my try to heat energy be daughters off the pole until they turn walking in Asia and stick close to pull testicles is little to still be on the pole stick close to close to yeah. Slippery slope in the slippery slope. Well if you're gonna do slippery doesn't matter seriously strengthen into a commitment of I was taken it gets Greeks and dynamic. Hair yeah. And spinning yeah AAF. Did these these little nuances of things liquid gallon dole won barely bothering us yeah yeah I mean Donald let that stuff go because. Why carry around on the negative energy all the time but also like. Yeah across to go their way or something Brent. I don't know if you let it go or you just yet you address it. They kicked that guy right is passing today picked up trying to knock it off and let us now we do things why you right. Because I'm ranks. To a backdoor or timeout or fair. Right is right. Truth is not truth calling guide to start and an uncanny amount. Equal plugged. When good men at the way to admit the lines of I had an N awaited do that's of no consequence yet. I was sadness and in this weekend there how did we get to this point in as I said. Probably around that time we started. It. Broadcasting ancient aliens on the History Channel did you yeah qualities are of the same. The judge did all this weekend the TV was just on I got home from so it was like man who do some crazy stuff and it's just like what are the things where you're like would extremity when you watch as the hit pausing go in the kitchen do drank in the to get distracted by like before the tournament ever racing they're claiming summing up and then it's which is from pause no noise to like. Whenever you get in Bosnia yeah yeah yeah and then it's like the History Channel. And the talk about aliens. And other. How is this. Legitimate. History right formation when it's preposterous the claims I didn't read unanimous to incensed by the like the clintons or make you I was like this get out yeah. Get out of here yet history tell your fired was Jesus and aliens. Which really only a big deal with these choices who's Jesus an alien or do you only see aliens strike no neither stock. It what's the third option dead. That this is not a duality. Who is Jesus in the alien already just see aliens or aliens bro really couldn't play collect when it. Plunge from. They when does that start becoming like an option on attacks TI mean lag. I'm booked into jail got under test vote for the vote burned the channel and I. How they get is I guess a tore up the men were earned most of definitely there or a third of Americans don't now have any knowledge of the Holocaust catwalk c'mon. C'mon now wasn't done by Germans that was that was aliens and it was an alien cleansing that was pathetic hold on just the second Greg. But he can't and you gotta cut education so that when the people domino don't know how that plan again hands down and easier to control you have your autocracy you make of the simple the dumb of the people are demoralize the bully is a Smart hash tag Venezuela and could one hash tag could what could happen. And we'll see again anything else aliens bro. And. I've gotten down in and get a visionary or more topic now guys and as I but the annoying guy out but the news that I don't wanna spend much time of the same memorial doesn't waste time on the the phone thing going to spend more time. Oh yeah. The in knowing how lucky ministries. This is skakel Tim Ferris he does podcasts very popular talks all like the world's best of everything people OK and one of his things that he does every week he first thought he only checks his email at sanctions times everyday that's great. He has a tunnel filters of the puts Crusoe and he uses a I had to go through email lifting crap is just get rid of it or ponds a physicist and a son pat. But the like Gil is and it's never more than like the first two hours as it's up to detect is email silicon lives as a human for a couple hours. Then does some business than does is dated and the tech great that's great stuff and then one day a week he doesn't turn on the phone he just like leaves without. Using it are having it and just lives with out those distractions. Admitting that like it would be impossible to do a full time and be plugged into the culture and be able like communicate with people but. The same time like to have that one day a week we are not using. It's I think the worst thing that happened to phones. As if they got cameras on the because now it's. But I don't wanna miss a moment of the baby doesn't secure wanna get that or like I'm hiking or take a picture of the beautiful scenery so we remember it remember I've never come back here and be nice to have keeps the photo part of it and I think the worst capitals push notifications. Yeah I think that some people are. The easiest reason to need to bring your phone with you is because you wanna snap photos stuff carry one of them have social media and maybe it's social media source they but it felt. It's the photos themselves that you can now send your friends or post online that it makes it tough yet makes it sounds the worst what's that aliens bring. No. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Try to university aliens drove. Pay are dumb podcast is taking a small hiatus all be out of town for the next three episodes and so will come back. In two weeks. Cool Bruno.