223 - Plane Famous

Monday, September 10th

Back from summer break!

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It starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. It fell and worst. Didn't start in the podcasts off with a text from my mother her eyes. As they left a Mac Gregor so happy you're only there. No it's criticizing me for mine on FaceBook post amendment well. She stole my thunder does Rouse can lead with. High enough and now they're gonna love him very well. Spent about two months that's the one thing I had that I wanted to talk about announcer and so I'm a big Formula One fan and to the. We don't do very well in this country and we'll have two things together here is these summer holiday from hand nevertheless it is still like tourism stuff for people still have to go to jobs in my rule like the banking industry itself doesn't shut down but they're like a three week period. During August usually where everything kind of slows down and people just like enjoy their time whether families are right after brand. Will really do debts we do not. And so here and are dumb podcast we made sure that this year. We did we got that they did so did they would start season whenever now but instead it after the or before that Zach. That would involve a season ending episode which this. And that would also involve a authority and an exact item is after Coca-Cola classic can't beat the real thing Zack manly shadows Jonathan McKee castle rock sub in tennis and a yeah we can't start a new season now make it's that now OK no go welcome back next year with whatever exactly. Back to wish you the moon. Who quoted you doing their summer break first left like I've got a lot of stories there. Yeah I'll make my quick and easy because yours are way better than my story is for share. I went to you a million conscious pro that's awesome like I went to I think in the month of August. There is one weekend or I didn't. Go to Russia. Which is great but also with us. And I went to Pearl Jam and that SI haven't been too many shows since the baby's life met these suburbs life it is. Challenge for years and years and years of talks. Two people more like at people felt like about the experience. Yeah they really say gonna to the show box and just assume that everyone knows what that is meant if you live in and you know deep suburbs. Maybe you ever gone to that yeah maybe that's not a thing. Yes so I did. Two programs to summer camps. What's at Portland seaports with a man moon did numbers shoot. And I enjoy the number should added to membership yet. At a really a time of a machine to go through there's no I just went. Sunday Paul but. Like Sundays still love going into links to that affected Monday yeah into Tuesday's footnote can relate to it we went. They drink on it appears that particular is his great it was awesome meal like hard cells fun so yeah it has been cited as just went to a ton of and shows his baseball still going and so like it was kind of I was yea over the past now so it's pretty exciting. So yes that are been really busy day kind of really be easy in the same thing over and over and over which I mean it's going to concerts that's pretty quick. It's weird because I had a the Nike store but the employees start NAFTA has pretty cool seeing the day and then of course let's -- have happened had currently subsidize home. That was disappoint a lot of money wasted god knows if you like I know how you're not into equal justice for black people so I understand what you salutes the fire thank you I mean Angela wolf I just think you don't disrespect the troops OK okay and it's very important to me. Anti is that cool with that and they got to burn you that America. So. I'm not here to talk crap about Nike and good to find my dad and I approve this kind of thing perhaps I'm too old Zack oh my family different. Hello is that Zeke is it passes ZACK. Okay now the match yet concepts sack anyway. I don't extremes everyone got so mad about Nike is not a fresh take everything and it is about doesn't change. Win no one none of those same people have ever complained that slave labor has been used to make these products for ever had Ernie had it right it's just good not in my America yellow because you outsource it to where children didn't work right here yet. They and I give it the wolves fly there's a book called the world's flood the describes how like well if you Tim Acosta much tomato in America and you can do tomorrow or else the new will hold hold out the we've talked about this. On this podcast. We do not subscribe to flatter theory I don't think flat earth is flat worlds from the flood military junta it's economics Brooke now. No the economics around. So and god dammit if that was started there was a forest fires burning and everything was terrible and I was like oh man finally there's generate if they were right. The big gust of wind would just blow across the flat earth and put out the fires it would be that these guys and also for. For shooting it's an excessive speed towards whatever where's the why it is despite a slow go up with smoke go down. No. I mean these are questions I have I can no longer ask as and the band from the fighters pitch to you can't yes what did you make it Tom Anderson it was great some do and on there it was like one of those like Friday had nothing to do things economists like talking around FaceBook. They came Friday and every making every now and then and and some the for whatever reason one of the posts popped up and in my feed which never happens but it was just for the state it was there. So. I click on it because why not in any link. Whenever and at some troll it was some legs. This is all a joke right like we I'll really believe there is brown right thank. Is one of those people who are good weather is a joke hey let me seven funny right you guys are really serious he had been like the first guys like oh no. Explain to me this and then like does the troll lead ten questions separate post like have you ever seen the curvature of the it's how I've given us the space yourself. Bubble bubble ball a lot. Are how do you explain it and there are how do you explain this how can use. It just explain me this explain why this is that loves I'd be inclined to every single one of them prepare with the word science. Except it ended as it ends up being is it's like a comment a comment it doesn't respond in line and just 'cause at the end that is like thirty. Thread is thirty message thread FINS with me going science science science science in that the equipment. And site had banned for his own. I advance for excessive trolling which I thought was hilarious because like the whole pages like it's a pretty well you know yeah. Paige is a troll like this page is a troll John Manley congratulations and made the it happened just a really. This done it can now there's an intro and go live under the bridge from course incidentally it's. Then come back out again as I don't know no better read out there. So look at my trousers but who will lose his ex girlfriend on friend to him on FaceBook but forgot to unfriendly he was picked Joseph can you check on her page from interaction with the from the coast of new boyfriend back I don't via remote and so if you need me to go on the flat earth society for your roof until a few in mind out take and make sure everything's so flat yet right cool. Around that one didn't they can TI I had to via personal. Lunacy crusty as the president says. Do you like life regrets lay fragrant doesn't elected super deep on this it's just I've had one recently and I wonder if you are familiar with like when you X this season and you know a time regret that. No man I don't really believe in it. I don't believe in the concept of shame it's gonna look it's kind of like a fundamental of this podcast between yeah we're both account away like you need to do in the life and regrets or just hold it and makes mistakes again and miss on a lot of stuff but that's kind of how life goes he kind of got. It I deal with someone who has a lot of the staff. That I try to explain blank check physical key sub -- hypocrites ever regret yeah yourself you'll let his good electricity is going great I I just don't believe in looking at something and you mists and a is that most of lake east he couldn't do I never made it to professional baseball I really regret that yet do you. Sure of course I mean if if there was anything I guess it probably was I didn't. Pursue news sports in college more than I. Probably easily could have turned. But at that that also I'm not here if I did that so so I don't ever had one regret in my life really like this lumping from a boot to humans do from now whenever you untimely asked her question was are screaming and the stock concerned after summer and boy let me tell you. That is it's a little too close to home right now hopefully. Billy in high school. Somebody try to get it on the golf team yet and bush ordered that. Yes because it was a 125 bucks for a full season and as much golf as you can play and Mike. I'm not like a huge golf enthusiast or anything but. That sport that I naturally a little bit of ability share an individual carrier to offer yeah Hulk. They absolutely. Not good by any means but like. I've played mode in Tucson we play child to Krispy EL seven Demi we played I can't hon of 110 degree golf. The best that I mean boy from hole three till about just eight. I'm really come alive and then like blue but let's take over again I'm just got awful let's get this explicit because we have a reason and excuse for when liked it a shot a 150 was struck William I mean. Pull behind it are. And and Asia have won like somehow come good again hole at around thirteen or fourteen Menendez that as a golfer is divorced so. I put a fair amount and I like a decent at some point not like Manning and Ryan do but likens it to some friends of ours well I got a sesame Iran and Saddam is. Anyway I'm. Or on issues and Amanda she's the one our friend Amanda played OK at U dub husky golf man and that's crazy but. It was the type of thing we're like if your good at that people who have all the power and money like that game and to be able to just slide into that annex just kind of like look I look at. Oh yeah would have been cool and so I can play it for years of golf and maybe even gone in tremendous gosh it was so that's my regret in life in till. Two weeks ago. Where I spent four days in the country of Belgium maybe even five I mean you know. And too little tail all the heard on a tour spin this yarn. We took me canal boat tour. Unasked for somebody who gets motion sick that might not be very attractive. No let's uncle. You know and realizing I think if you have open air yeah. And that is a huge difference because we did two of these things in the opener one went great the blue closed roof form the not so good for who referral or Lorraine and so we get in this canal tour and we have the Belgian Dimitri Martin. I don't know if you're familiar with the Dimitri Martin the comedian he's very dry. Yeah as he's just set something up and has me adorable punchline Sherron canyons very clever. Kind of put me a little bit erect this guy listens and that's that's a nightmare for a snare for a lot of people you're stuck on a canal vote. And include those small boat with a comedian who got. Math. Oh this guy was right up my Alley and I don't reflect it he's played straight to my sense of humor and I was already having a great day that makes enough that they were even worse than just a bit but if so we just feeding into it about your book and third guys right. And so. We're gonna on this like the river part of 42 canals and there's this big ass monastery he told I was tales about and we're coming back the other way Tehran to back the other way and he points to the outhouse. And as the big opening the just pour straight into the river and me and he goes. The average Belgian back in 141 ever used to drink 300 liters of beer. Every year. Has the water was poisoned children and adults everybody drank beer was not a strong back into beer was boiled before erased from minted. It's you have weaker Beers but because everyone was open in the river. You couldn't drink the fresh water cracked. He says if you wanna drink tests you should drink kinda Kenton he. A shot at the Dutch as very organized it was very fun and I know a lot bought me again that scenario that he's looking forward to these one got to keep the jokes and I'm. I'm. And so. Hearing that we have. Twelve hours left in Belgium bull trap him and how to get factory. I spent one Dave just being jetlag three days of the race track were only serve was kinda candid. And prison and then one day in this town called against. It is beautiful recommend everyone goes I don't go to bruised advocate and he went on. And I have had a couple Beers the whole time and I didn't know what I was ordering her what to get a what was really going on it was very frustrating. The group not to leave Belgium and you're was in the country most known for making beer correct 11100. Different styles of beer remained in Belgium in. And all these Beers at a C that are like fourteen bucks in the store church remains on the comes in my head I'm the mid by Trappist monks credit to what that means. But they make these Beers and there always to spend it for my tastes here but there they were all just like untapped. And they have all or bottle everything's ultimately get to handle these things available and for half the price that we would or would pay a. I didn't get into it and wrong with you I had. A hands on with my. You had a bunch of extra hands to hold action figures for you and when my wife who does not. Drink beer at all right decision on interest and that stuff and then with my father in law whose day Atrix has browns and it is is the burdens chair has faced uninterested drinking beer -- is kind of emailed what's contributors and everyone that humor me it's good to have lunch somewhere and have a beer too loose fine but I didn't like prepare myself I had a tundra and these are the ones I wanna try and find because of the best. So like the last day of scrambling to find what appears or should be ordering him where to get some. Not to. I missed out. And I have regret over this and maybe even a need to go back someday to be able to go and sample all the different like appear from the source I'm back here and the looking at the pier shops there's one right I wrote in my house there and anything. And I think about our former Boston Garrett who's like a beer snob. And he be so disappointed and now one of the text about it but just the judge he'd response that a lot fearless is this podcast PS key vote. Yes he can make you get mad then we can exactly so. Yeah it's I feel so stupid for having screwed that now. On my list of things that happened wallets of the stripped Europe eleven days three countries. The first one was Belgium where the Belgian Grand Prix has and I still tear up about this ultimate best keep our stuff together here. But taking my little boy he's a year old and he's hilarious and starting to like. Do things now if you hold an apple with two hands and eat it steals Brad from us in the hides and like it's. Adorable seem certain to be human more yeah Herrera. Taking him to a massive. Pilgrimage sporting event like but he won't remember and spending time I see the pictures and it. Is one of the most satisfying things in my letter even though the pain in the ass driving to maybe two in Europe and him screaming in the middle of the night because he's on Seattle time worry and share with. An and what you can play for an hour in the passing back it was like one of the funniest things but. It was so challenging but here I am. At one of the top destinations firm liking Formula One that's of these circuit dump spot price for shopping mood Hardenne for us up in the mountains I'd take a train to train. But now our total and then from there you get on a bus they drive in thirty minutes and the near an eight minute walk to the gates. And then a twenty minute walk to where you can actually see some stuff happening and another fifteen minute walk to deceive that was days for the six mile circuit and so to be able to see different points on and we go to a Formula One race. You don't just go to. War and spot and just watch there all weekend it's an open and you just kind of don't stand along the fence want the cars go by oppose the things that the consumer socialists it's. Staggering how fast these cars are how they battle like 200 miles an Sherron you know a foot apart from each other. I give Matt the guy the code it's been that close but we're going 31 right effort these guys are top notch and it was. Just your look to know that I taken this little baby there and a not to try to force this on a but I hope that he grows up watching this with me correct and that when he turns. 1516. Emmy we we can go back together. And then all bill armed with a knowledgeable the Belgian Beers and maybe who didn't some trouble with me. A little bigger and I'd be kind of fun if he takes two and who notes maybe you'll. The poor guy's going to be like inundated with the European sports and if he's physically different to what I got to do you think he's gonna grow again a major football guy Alice like something like completely lake. Red blooded American reaction yeah exactly he'll be likened to like. Racism in the ask bare knuckle fighting or some content and. I don't wanna go to Dow join those season plantations. Just. I think the I have to that's how it's done that he had gas right hypocritical. Johnny bag and it's competitive and Betancourt. That the path to cope well one point cute cute it's not. Dan who moved to Texas like to play football look metadata that at Odom also know. There's so I'm. It looked like that it's I didn't realize some of these getting get a kick cautionary is not fake news to Manhattan. You're there to the conclusion I can look all around. So. I did it. Kevin is killer never thought about some of bloom. Implications and amid from the kicks and sharing experiences it's und. Trying to keep a baby asleep on an airplane for ten hours he is underlying. Share. He did Grady was such a good little man. Watching him. Like running up and down the hallway of the hotel and laughing to himself because he's never run up in a mall where before. Like that's the best getting to this ticket the next step and be able to experience weird stuff with him like Warren the cathedral of notre Notre Dame. And like he's just hanging out of like a carrier out of mom's justice like looking around like most boring click like wasn't even good yeah. Hurricane again Canada's co though it's. It's like to route that it was just incredible to share weird moments like this with him share on the set out to my father in law adds evidently she. Lives for work he's a him. We don't consultant pitcher and who lives in these like cities for six to twelve months at a time and he's staying in an extended stay. By Hilton whenever right now which is going to be the worst but he's got literally I think a million. Points saved up and took off so he upgraded our hotel and Amsterdam food addicts really sweet looking out over the beam like. When I forgot the name of the main churches and Darren all the canals liquid fabric the best. Sign over Amsterdam and Simmons is disaster worry gut. Super motion sick first day that we were there that day it was red numbers is like. Which travel so much and everyone's nerves surge fried and so did one was kind of a Boston dates you. Ed wasn't fueled up for going out so much so as it was just like everything just kind of fell little short. It's that moment when you go on on vacation Alley that. It all there's always the top a day or two that happens that you there's no way around he tried to motivate yourself feel like. Who's gonna go for it for two weeks can be great. And their push too hard yet. So my buddies shots is chuck Taylor. Greg you're so out of France this issue for Carroll's Johnston didn't lose my issue epidemic. He wants when you came with me appear I moved here and we got here I was the coach this musical. What are you wanna do today and I have exceed ten things that we'll pick one of the go to the Mariners game is a great. That's the thing we're gonna do today yes our. Just like one thing at a time I'm like yeah but. I got a baby ten hours on a plane. Well we end up with a day and a half four world's kind of grumpy because we didn't do yet talked taught me and so yes but the but the thing. So. Our last day in Amsterdam and Alec a week into the strip with Colin maybe ten days Anderson that. We go who am I you've traveled a little bit through Europe it's probably changed a little bit but like for small. There was nothing that I missed from home on my bed. That I couldn't get in Europe I thought there was going to be stuff that I couldn't get them rich places they have like it was like. Oddly they had everything I could wants just as easily accessible as anything it's it really. The Internet has really bridge to get and the shipping business. And probably air flights and support that I have like really made the world small. Because you love about Europe. Is that love that. There and there the easy access to sandwiches man now accusing it begets with meat in them. Like every 25 feet everywhere I went in in in London. In Prague but it sucks surprise for China Italy obviously but like men. They instead of like here's. Weird random meat that's quite possibly. Mean with poison and fast food and it's all I had to know I think if there's like we look at tunis and usually I would or what ever and whenever I did the root. Just that the symbol signs outside there's a million K is is a million spots we can to stop them we can celebrate load off for a minute. Did you nearly enough affects rumors pushed pushed pushed Federer who is big and so it's like. Yeah we went to the shoot two of the top ten begin cities in the world. And eight at zero bigamist putts aren't so terrible for her but she was able to find more stuff didn't read that I expected to as our trips. So we're knowledge pretty far into our adventure. And we knew. Hubble's luggage and everything you wanted to look look around they have all these luggage storage lockers at all the train stations. You can just extort you're stuck to pay ten bucks put everything in a locker at the mass of locker put everything in there close and up and go. So we get to the Amsterdam train station answer and Amsterdam's controls what it's called the central station. And worry in the you have to scan your ticket. The Q train ticket to get into the station in the -- put stuff in the lockers. There's not a lock are available like it's just like travel days of the most chance of the baby in a million bags and through like waiting trying to find who comes in gets. The littlest one in America to finally get our stuff just stowed away we walked out of the wood stationed. And all of the ticketing gates are open. And it's like there was a malfunction or something that going on with the Keats and so. Top there's a guy like about a month and also all of Amsterdam speaks perfect English race craze of the group of BBC is what someone told me and that's that was the television of the groups that all learned. To speak English incredibly Smart bet it was like in Belgium you go outside of Brussels and people don't speak English and more than speak French and there's a line you speak French global I didn't speak Dutch above the line and you don't speak English very much in these like smaller checks towns and stuff like that which is. Lou and Mike their own prepared me just everywhere you go that would be a thing I've never told dumber in my life. Because everybody speaks three or four languages in Belgium and I'm like. Hi hi hi hi who pulled Joseph you know like I love this guy and I'm sorry that I'm so stupid yeah aired translation baker lake. Craft. Pull on beer Kirk Triplett and they're like we got with that I'll. I speak English to you idiot you cataclysm that I am effect at. So did this for the top there's like waving us through the machines that are open actually going to I don't know iPod so we don't scan out route we have these. We're we're about to just go sightseeing for a couple hours ago three hours to kill himself. Go outside and there are. I keep saying this number incorrectly but there are no fewer than. Twenty of those hilariously small cop cars yeah I have there. And it looks like there was forty of them sirens. Are flashing lights everywhere at the cops are in full. Force at this train station and we're only got what's going on this is crazy. In two ambulances to driving by. And the cops don't have these blue tranda we're hitting on blocked in the name Bruno Trant conflict. Boy this crazy going on here I don't know if we should leave or what we should do is no way to get the ticket to just hop on the tram and we come back WTO. So we do pull off night finally have a chance to sit down I open my phone. And look on there and there's been me. There's been a stabbing incident in the train station. Turns out that. A guy I was hanging out the trains he should be weird and in Belgium now in Amsterdam did you. Profiling didn't really is due where they like have a team of trained professionals who watched the platforms and they're paying attention to you to see if you're being weird. And there's a guy who just hanging out like a really long time that was acting strangely one of the things of that with a tip offs but they said was that. If you're train platform in your they're for a long time when you're not looking at the signs to see what your trains plate you be weird. And Saddam kick the even the homeless folks and stuff like that there's none of that in there because they're so worried about a terrorist attack so the watching the sky and the dispatch a couple cops to go over their big dummy what are you doing. And right before they get to him he turns and stab somebody and the turns and slashes and another person. The cops plot they're done shoot him in the hip drop him before he get to anyone else. The whole incident took nine seconds. For a two people to be seriously injured and for one person to be shot to be brought down. Efficiency on this is it's unbelievable now how they not already been in route maybe you would have taken longer and it could've been rampant thanks. Not a single person at this train station was freaked out now I didn't hear a gunshot from where we were at that's at the big station you'd have to be there's like Munich twenty platforms we're off to decide. And here I think but no one was rushing no cops are shouted there's no whistles being bold there was no. Generated hysteria. I can't say that's not the case on the platform and guns discharged in a country that doesn't have them for bucks. Nobody is freaking out everything is peacefully handled and Mike and Ambrose is being ushered out in the secretary like. Safe feeling menace. Windows trailer where we try to awake and I can't help but fuel. Like it's like a surreal moment yeah those it'll for sure be written as a terrorist attack so that's what's gonna happen. You think so. I was 100% right it absolutely got to guess who my Brothers and an article leading to a Fox News or is a Fox News article being a terrorist attack. But that's the spin that the media is gonna take gonna be by white people Americans. Who were not targeted for being American they were targeted for being westerners. We're attacked by a guy is an Afghan national thought that was a refugee living in Germany who taken a train terminal cancer and death. Oh this is for sure is to me I consider drama all this is gonna end up being a terrorist thing I don't ultimately back to America or not but like in. Europe it's gonna be handled that way because police had to respond when shooting so sorry. But here we are looking not at all freaked out I was like oh my god we almost died or something like that would to weed is a hyperbolic response to would be so easy here if something happens now there are major terrorist attacks were like people blow stuff up and you're nearby and that's gonna be awful but. We were in the presence of something that was like Corey is he. And it didn't ever sink in until like a week later when I was a ha that's really. Crazy how. The media not this is in the media as we are everywhere but look how easy to suspend things up and to a big ordeal but are on the grounds it felt told we contained. And peaceful and I didn't feel any amount of danger as a not even secondary person there but a tertiary mainframe of forced wall person and it's like doing NPC yet affect you but I was like. We write and operate block her like that type of thing but at the same time we're in. Think it's not. Where is dad had flown out. Earlier that day and so he was a train station at 8 AM and we were there renewed threat and the shooting took place and all the thoughts. It wasn't even like it was like oh my god that is the train station we used oh my god people like latch onto to try and make some sort of dramatic. Yeah crazy store so I want to be like. I was at a terrorist attack there's something about me on trained as a huge American only react to things. Nothing in my stomach says that we were in any danger at any time except for the teachers' day you're wearing right and it says Iowa's and a terrorist that I went to Amsterdam and ideas into a terrorist attack yeah. But I surviving terrorist attack I don't feels kind ABC girl they address book so. It was so crazy dad anger I knew that that was going to get by knew there was people like my family that are. Hmmm gonna stressed out about us being in a foreign land full of double cheese. You know I mean any answer Dan like it's one of the few places whiter then you got it exactly. Which essentially because Belgium is so who sucked it. Beautiful mix of people so beautiful there because they're like a a lot of cultures all coming together. It was the weirdest I want to do more research I don't have much desire to go back of the fantasy racing and drink Beers. But like I like it or isn't he had hate that but there wasn't anything like Brussels and. Brussels is any gross kind of like. Dirty he. Not. It doesn't have a good feel to it like Korea like may I kind of wanted to fuel picturesque and it's kind of just. Meridian. Luke yet and that I thought about like where will we are in the quarter live forever on capitol I'm like oh it's. It's like. A tenth as gross a Seattle is yet yeah which is weird also home to see a ton of homeless people anywhere. And I didn't know this going into left touch my friend who used to travel around Europe doing the suspect in English guy. The it train yard graffiti is next level. Yeah all over. Everywhere we went there was in cool incredible train yard there. Barbie trainer graffiti chair. I don't. It was just it was very bizarre how old. Belgium didn't do it for me on the south side the French side of it. The media to the Flanders region not one loaning hundreds like it split and a culture war in the states are like similar to ours little battle in much smaller yes and like. The Dutch impact on it is like Q. Oh yeah well I think the golden. It's unlikely very curious about how these people get along why they even need. One whole country and why they couldn't be to win yet all that stuff also went into the ground plus. Which is the the main palace area I guess is what's called pass and that's where the EU. Comes together I guess that area it was a huge wanted to goes like never been to these places where there's a square and that around there's million year old buildings and just acts out of today you can't flags and significantly no apparent at the calluses are marks everywhere you ask a once like polls and dealing with that they went down Blake don't worry about it. So at the triples crazy there's a million more details about that I won't get into because it's just me and a good one ever does not but. We had the day we fly so we take a train to Paris and the day that this happens right we're on a four hour delay for three hour and no four hour delay from. Amsterdam to. At some point or standing on they imposed on these 23 platforms everyone else is over the territorial to do the trains and we saw a note trains are coming in around two we have this investigation Gerald. And so the people from this bullet train company are like all right. Four there's three train loads of people all on one platform. They're trying to get to Paris. Us. We're like what they're like we can't leave trek have trains leave here so we're gonna go downstairs for gonna take the metro to this. The random stop that you don't know because you're dumb American a bunch of like fat doubled Americans are all work I can't get my back donor and like them panic that must be for them as shares but there's no trains human error until late that night right until we get onto the subway which they're holding an opening for free for us and reverend rushing through it we get on subway we have the next stop and that ash transport like get on. We're like OK are we don't we mr. connection in another city and so we just stayed on the train tour got to Paris where we were trying to go work we'll take a local train. Out to where our hotel is that the airports we can easily fly out the next day we get to Paris. All the people with Paris train station are being told Dix. And and Paris for fifteen minutes and like people are so much out of there go all the way to differentiate just yelling French at me and being Dicks I was like. Everything I expected about Paris has been so there has been confirmed in fifteen minutes yes screw you guys. Paris and we got into the town with lovely and has in many nice things and the people were very nice to be but the and that moment and that train station people were such turns. Turns out to the train that we need to take is delayed by three hours because of any crash online. Book crazies had it. Believe therefore are really take off and everything. We fly back the plane was delayed by two and a half hours. Sitting in it it's like now a ten hour flight has now become a twelve and a half hour flight with the baby yet he's being totally cool everything's crane. Finally land in Seattle and I think if our system that ran so. We stand up they really turn off the passing by outside everyone stands substance to do this stuff out there like we didn't blow up far enough. It's good to get a thing they can't. To get everyone at the right down so they just like gently push the plane forward to slow or no would confused looks good targets to the matching that they had to go sixteen feet of snow that. So how did uphold close and I think this. Let's north fired airplane man you're such a bad Parker Clark high noon for the but it. I had a bad idea to at a very embarrassing there are few things more or less it a few things. More emasculated thing. Then it doing a really bad parallel park job chair with a woman in the car you know I mean. Blake's been doubled my wife Kendra would never even attempt to parallel park so she kept him and that she would still say something that's known Elena she wants she's like sue them she's terrified of that act I get what you're saying. I didn't other women who would be enough I have to look at idiots if I had time to do that. Like it was just I just won in bad the problem is he going bad first start over. Jab which you never want to write you and our guy in practice there they can't know something you like sixteen more turns and you're 600 feet and little Jimmy and then you have to go like. Then you have just come to there is in it I'm not gonna make it I have to start over and then of course you can't just starter yet to proclaim it can make I have to start over I'm so sorry that I. And then she's a silly game they like you donkey kicks we have to undo all the wiggles it did to get out and then try again. And she prides herself on being apparel Parker's from Seattle race yet so this is like double embarrassing. So it's like I dislike egg on my face pulling back out of it. And it wasn't even of publicity and a tight spot as the embarrassing I just went in bad and didn't just didn't do anything to fix it at first. And just pull right back out redo it to that I got pulled back out. Paul right back in everything's fine sixty seconds I was like soap at. Adjustment turn Maggie seven Delhi well when I first lived here I was going to an event in Fremont and there's space and there wasn't like we were like there was not a lot of time. And debris across the street from where we're going and she was like get out on the marketing you can get a table wherever I was it what's it seems like you don't know what you're doing shouldn't he be parked all. And I'm greatness and I was like you are very yet. No and no other way around they get this very messy but I she didn't know I was good or not she's kicked me out and got in the car parked it. There was she was not willing to find out if I was doing or not she's just like get out it's all car got out she hop over those seed in the parked. And we have the table when she came in well with the crazy stuff. She forgot our ideals littlest so we do all that and the Jews I can't get in America and director thousand thicker. So we pulled to the gate right we have been pushed for just a little bit to get there into all standing up and it's like really awkward to the public's area around I turn around the guy behind me and he's like him and can do Great Neck all look so cool. And from across the plane and a woman don't split second are you gray not now. It's amazing. Man I don't know what to do with that because here I am talking to somebody and excellence like you know in new excited where recognize are issues like. I thought I saw you earlier Brunswick there's no way that a guy from Seattle's on the plane but I heard you talk into the sky it's definitely you have to ask Don and hello this is the she goes out we do every morning and husbands and about a behind her doing a home. Did you go to and then we do one. I'm the. Do you need reviewing in Paris this whole looked president only flown from London today and I think. How close that how cool is that. Plane famous pro clean famous. That's twice now. Twice slice that someone on the plane is recognized and remembered Bluetooth. We talked about the one tiny flu next to the guy who knew you were the whole time all bets are perfectly for the typical. Then. Famous gun near had brought you remember that CAA's. And it was showdown on a reply I'm listening is going elicit that you won I can hear that here right now just dropping slowly down as they. Get that tattooed on Demi you may know she's been replaced just a G. But as they've done in your face us in the bad faced equipped in and so it really wants for Patrick and remember army war. Exactly yeah yeah I. Southern excellent trip and it was crazy dude the saddest part about and so bloody break when we talk about the episode that talked about it because. The days we got back on Sunday you're crazy did overshoot time. We had to Labor Day off on Monday. I got up on Monday have like three because of the babies jetlag and it's just nothing is working writes I was downstairs watching. Recorded soccer from getting weaker whatever like to say it can become public so delirious but got to David and Mike and I feel I can got a fever. It's got to be just jetlag is what's going on until by 9 AM I don't take my temperature 101 point five. By noon I had a 102 point something and buy an afternoon I was pushing 103 with this fever so. Monday Tuesday written off to fever my least favorite way to feel is like I hate the wind. A cold wind is the worst yet and fever on the opposite and his full. I do miss and the guy that had to send my boss a text message on Monday being like ya know I've just been gone for eleven days but I'm the sky just with a picture of that just like oh my god OK stay home. Then the next day same thing to own. There on Thursday I mound again. That's when we think that I just have like a virus until better than fevers I limit temperature now not a fever yes which is the differentiation is a hundred degrees and and and so. I'm much I'm gonna come back on Friday and is gonna get any haired gifts and some relief on the team it's like having to carry all this right. And I I moved from my junior Miami Thelma minor middle finger and I'm Mike. Oh. I have with the baby and Lori had a month ago I have hand foot mouth disease. I mean I won't treatment but I have like swords forming on my hands and on my feet. Title mostly that our boss and she was like it's old bulls. You won fair good good good for you. Fever breaks it's always go way here we are. But I had a full week of sitting around with like I watch a bunch of marvel movies and getting caught up. I was right in Iraq there was great spirit really enjoyed it yet I really wanna watch Doctor Strange. I need to watch. Captain America. Civil war so that the that the rent Yahoo! wants that then they need to see avengers too. Yes. An and I want us the Doctor Strange yet to that looks awesome just as you like that unit you'll enjoy that money just as like the weird it's it's that it's appear and they do really good job of his appearance in rank Iraq it's isn't the way that they like constantly change things in the he manipulates at Mike did Harry get. It's like it I'd seen a couple now leading up to this were futile or products whole governance wanted to keep watching from there. Not an and I want Lori Lewis black panther because that movie I want civilians it was so great. So give into the ease of marvel movies but at some point I just run out of movie energy I watched interstellar twice. Because I was on my fever and this is area waiting and I love that movie. And then I woke up in the morning and friends it was the who's married with children yes candlelight are Al Bundy yes a dummy. What's a couple episodes of that content in Napa woke up from friends is on and I never watched friends are very few episodes and lose the ninety's. When I was on originally I've ever watched that show myself I find every character in the show. Both men and women are sorry to say very punishable. Oh that's a very comfortable show you know and I'm saying again that it's not one of those people. Seems excellent that would be my friends circle so I want to benefit at Phoebe I think is probably the debt that's the only reason Kudrow death. But she's so weird that she'll be in knowing OK so hold on though so I tell these things to write. And then I start watching it because it's on its bet those sneaky about the dog so the credits don't play the intro just go from scene to scene. Fit in more commercial break somehow is unnatural commercial breaks with. Then in a manner and Amanda. Starts but that it's not and that it's just like for one the next and then they're playing in the bottom screen new export screen in the bottom upon another credit to stunt high speed in the mail like intro. I could totally cheese or how what I have to do to get the people actors and directors the credits and the French. And now I've watched. I would have probably watched twenty episodes of frills in a couple basis it's one after another front for hours at a time and I'm not feeling good and then the day isn't doing better I'm still can't comment because I'm a diseased. Gross leper type person that no no you want meaner cracks. And so I watched a ton of friends. And after all of that I realized that the age we are now is just a little bit older than the actors. Who were portrayed people in the late twenties. Like in the sixties and seventies. The first or they were in the early twenties but seven years and years later here they are like portraying Pete let us and I was like. I can't Lisa Kudrow as hot. But she's a good looking woman and she's she's not a 21 year old or rich it anything now militarily collect. I was a kid they were adults franchise that was either like old growth people know nothing and now I might. And almost person and I'm like oh my god these people are incredibly good looking. Yeah I think him. But I have opinions on all these people but Lisa Kudrow her character is much more bearable as an adult who's been through some of the stuff. We had no frame of reference for the jokes they were made and it's been a lot of sex jokes right. And I don't know how dirty the show was but like you better apply and are appealing to the these are late twenties is what people do okay Fred not me but look at them. And so I have a does Riordan sort of affinity for the characters now that I know that the actors are my age how. Interesting to watch a lot of friends he did us what's one of the cycle racing like it's. Love well Espana. There's the tour France's when everyone knows there's three grow on tour which are three week tour throughout the Sonia. And they so there's. Juliet Colin. Two fronts and then the Volta I'm watching every every stage of the bullpen now because. There was nothing else man yeah that Franzen might 400 general guide. Between those two things is there ridiculous. And comments I got hand foot and mouth disease and go to as a kid probably has either come in contact with that are knows what it is I did not know this existed until now it is awful I hope no one ever gets it. I thought it was like something that only and realize as like a common thing. I did neither it like in the main news now like FaceBook puts different things MEM. You know good and all the different search results around now like. You know like Washington State hand foot mouth cases have been reported from king five in the international reform. There's the militants grazing and not much to Don and looked polio loses. Who Laurie got and I was like oh my god that's crazy. Oh. As you question after question so are you just saying in not saying you're just thing now. Facebook's gave your wife and kids foot and mouth disease and foot and mouth disease. Mitchell a brief look. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Karate university. The worst dog flirts upon return have so blessed. Little.