224 - Floppy Tacos

Monday, September 17th


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And let us start. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's the worst. When I say 107 what do you think you know seven. During tournaments elude me for me. Think if I put my phone and it's like seven after 1 PM until Osama narrow track probably ninety to 121. On the clock yes is station in between yeah. Today it's that that was the first time that the baby won't compensated beautiful full. All night long. Crying and screaming not. He is a miserable little dude for the me tea. I got back to sleep sometime between 259. And 325. Vicious Shaq O'Neal and a player arm permit 341 the first one goes off 350 the second so I am a U zombie of a person today and it. You're men in my home my jokes were one point during the showed that those like it. Clinton did have the good I was going to be turnout tomorrow is going to be odd. Disaster yes yes that's how that works today is adrenaline and tomorrow is please hi feeling better I'll miss at least. To catch everyone up we didn't. DuPont on Thursday. Because on Wednesday the kid got sent home from daycare. If they proved themselves too badly twice in one day at your home. And so he came home having some sloppy Joes do. And dumb that he couldn't go to school the next day so mom takes care of him in the morning as soon as I know what my show I go home and get him or heard meter to get him whenever. Could take over then. Friday a wake up and I was off I was burqa broccoli yet. And so my stomach was not digesting properly write I can figure that out and finally I mean you saw me about 10 AM I was like. Listen good ma'am and no hum I'm hurting here I skipped karate unheard of amazing who skipped alone to beat T unheard of and I went straight home. Crash on the freeway on the way home pool for you as rational for no turnovers and there was crashed a drive by in my once it was just one liners who backed up what's going on here. Car. Three quarters the way ruled over my in Reno like against the struts that hold the group for strong enough that it kept it in tackler but I was like Miller Vermont problems are. It's not bad. Another there's almost construction on the main road of miles hour and ten minutes for a third the 35 minute drive off. And omens like is the heat on in the car looks good and select frustrated by the Mike. Owner and annoy you a fever yet. So. Yeah it was within ten days and had 201. Plus beavers. It's been not a good not a good spell on grandma but it the space tribute grandma had it twice as bad as I did. Just you can do the math and count the stomach flu yet and then non. On and I'm still better Saturday night Sunday morning. More kept getting up lower sleep pretty fortunate to be a porcelain is asleep. And look it was a real case like no I'm not okay they're an evolution doesn't mean I'm to speak to many accurate and to shoot she's sick so. I've been sick a tartan she's sick the whole family does not like ever a second person the can kind of help outside has been stress city grows. Play Missouri Saturday. Abdul love play football you know boy let me tell you how cool that blood is now Ryan Max occasions were low. I was excited to do it the Max citations were a little bit you know he knows to expect and probable block and man who was it a good time. We've played in the crohn's and colitis foundation football term it well I did you do not know who. I've been a longtime champion of this thing in so yes. Items around people who have Crohn's Disease and so I've been like. Visited the production before is a new pretty Lorie like it was nice sausage and white so endemic problem. I'm from her for a long time and she'd first army recruit to do that which school. Yes it is critical I get to play iron. Walter Jones perhaps you've heard of him he is a hall of fame football player wears his ring around which I think it's kind of funny. Yeah yep already Carolina. I have most of that he must have put some money away you can walk around battering not Iman were not selling its America must have been pretty Smart about turned about judo. And so I got to play with him. Cliff April it was on my team which I think it's doing. Fisk he's a cool guy Manny is that he's a really down earth gave Manny was funny I was good with them it was fun like. You know. And then to market Hannan was on the team pull a former goalkeeper for the United States teammate played like a fairly teams he played for in Europe and the use over the pro am which is rat I feel like the Seattle sound is that c.s can of the big vocal on the people who don't share also that. You famously MA US open cup I think it was. After the end of the match he ran over to V beer garden and pounded someone's beer. Which is that's believable quality teacher I sing yeah yeah I got to know him I get to know him pretty of the I hung with him. Throughout the day which of those that it was going this crazy. His just due to America he is just to do yet he's got a plays like a ticket finals like really is like yet they can you flies don't tell anybody else like you. I won't tell anyone that doesn't estimate podcasts and who are no windows they're great they all eighties you showed up. Keep it down on the nose really cool. Gust recorded back which is really fun promising is that on to run and which is great. On and we did really that we went to out of the three games. And every quit. We retired we made it out of like it was like a pool play scenario and in the top teams advance yeah and we just force it it of course on the bench because he played it seem that way is not supposed to be in the rec league. Clearly a lawyer Malloy who was on that team. He intercepted me which at those critical care I was like ninth you have that's that is really a picked snapped. That's out of that prison you pick from but I think dude I got to throw a pass to Walter Jones. But his throw past cliff a row who was like nice toss of the yeah. It was a game like last play of the game type scenario thing that we want on socially very dramatic and very exciting we did I bet if you make a run chess thing that is like I think is so corny bit. It just felt like directing me do I get to share their favorite. School in the moments yeah has those really fine man it was really fun and like just like you know raise some money for a good cause. And then just to be like. I did that like all dressed that day houses like floating I was in massive amounts of pain from being sore from playing late. Houses like Connor an event as it. Who is to do that like this the coolest thing in the world super humble about it and as it's like wow. That got to happen because he ever Ellison's gully lake is gonna be like lame and is going to be weird and like there's always a couple we've only team they're like. Complaining like through the blue man come on blue line that was like on number of them for a team Ollie I haven't I know a couple of not always funny thing here yeah I was really funny. So those are really gets out and it was fun in the weather held pretty well so as I was little people Jose Marino no he was very good and he is very fun he was actually he is such a fun hang museum fun he was the manager is coach of the team. No no I know he's not the tone people you then come out and yeah it was really funny it was really funny and make. First I kept on trying to get the ball to Walter Jones 'cause like. I mean I just wanna do that in any justice in a dead. And he's like ten feet tall and for whatever reason management try to throw to a sort of present it which is pretty impressive when you think about it like that's it. Throwing me all Heinz not impressive John it's over Walter Jones said that's pretty impressed I mean were you throwing it seventy yards over his head or pitched fifteen for no I'm just saying like. If he's. Fifteen yards and two turnovers he had like cuts. But listen at an angle right it's not you're not taking this away from me Greg this is amazing it was as it was funny. But it was really get time an editor I've blast this could really surreal about running on the field or by making a player the Seahawks logo goes underneath yet it like a century link field and like sand that's endorsed Bolton we've got to get on their bones and stuff that's who threw them to a click. So crazy to think that like. As soon as you walk away from working here all about dries up when Iverson and so those that's like it's it is there's the rule due gratitude listened working at the gas station and as a is that Miller it's like we're sitting there. I have been. Lunch with Walter Jones emerges like. Shoot the breeze. You know they were just chatting. Ultimately Dubai can count how many times have Walter jones' name so far you are beautiful big man crush on -- run announced on. William is the big man with a big man I don't hurt and I'm not no not me smack talking you know it's just funny gees are clearly still like both of about it scale is so cool it was like fun to be like it was athletic and it was like it's kind of a kid ice breaker for me like I'm weird and not good like starting conversations but like. We clearly a sports staying it's like I got it's like let's go have fun it's like you know. You know stomp around those guys and I'll let news people in the TV people were there and it was kind of funny because like half of them are like feelings spots for whatever that I like to be Obama's plan economic oddly okay. You know and they'll really fun and they losing and have I guess we were on the news last thanks and a couple texts from people are watching the news on fox. OK we just on TV and as it was I don't know was mixing there. We exceed who exe. There were about. Six that is from Q thirteen boxes yes no. He's the just we're just at that post a look at article I will not do and not. He's as we. It's very there's a few people that are like that you see out there that are out there a lot and me. Ellen Taylor resorted wolf do a couple of years she may Doug Baldwin Mandelson and extolled the senate or not those that she does those inhibition to show up and then the crede didn't show to the very end in these two. Which is kind of a bummer now Moody's on tour he doesn't like when Pearl Jam is an active he plays but when he's on tour recant their demands yet I think they're an active are they really don't want to aren't yet. Isn't over yet I think so none of the recording. Maybe that was pretty close usually like it'll usually play if there's not a risk to me is being able to play guitar. On yet stinging hands that mark is tenement flat. He may make four interceptions like the first game which might as as tease them all all the game is going to get creating interest occupier. He's a goalie I think after. It's good yeah out of the lifers as he is that while good hands first oh way. That's right you're go now but it was really fun and thank you for helping me get involved with that and it was really I did nothing well Crist just hit. Now a man that that's not my style you know but is really fun and as Nicole NASA can can can it's it's a it started I was kind of like a fun like how do we get on the century link field thing in became weaker blight projects for them the I'm Chris and Jan who put that thing together and ammo food hustled attorney workers there super cool I was good bomb because. I gave my favorite part of the whole thing is too it's like really fun to get to kids fired up to do the forty yard dash at launch. It's a bit sick the silliest thing before advocated anything I have really enjoyed. Making monster noises and running around with them on the field it's like it is just. Most of them are too little to understand that there are on the load professional football field what that means or what to access is like whatever it's father's death rundown that they don't know that he's running in the kids just love running yet and so there's like a part that was the I news Friday that I wasn't gonna play because there was like no way I was gonna boom concentrate going to go engrossed in Gaza. Who Pete Carroll's sudden there's a good note I'll drop off a home. Yeah I was like really bummed when I look at Morningstar fever and wasn't novels and I happened in Sonoma unaudited and should just one of them got to make a phone advantage kicking field goals no. That's another. Earlier it would not happen one here and that's like silly thing to be able to line up to try and artsy was chief alone all day just goofing around and yet gains they bear likes chicken that I was saying yeah gasoline Jose's to BA collegiate punter he was like I get picked up I asked I think yet picked up by a pro team for a minute and so these characters so yeah his immediate. Ten minutes. That's determines the those specific people were good people and they the put on a fund that it's just so crazy because there's a ton of people there but you put everyone in its and you could feel wooded just doesn't mean it's a massive civil right. It's funny secede he. Like there's two divisions there's like the recreational were always there to have fun celebrity teams are in there whatever you wanna call them. And then there's like the competitive division and it's really funny to watch. People competitively for a flag football now because you like. Kids. It's cyclical but let's do you think anyone ever says that about you guys when you would bad baseball. And she will I mean Teixeira but we don't know and takes yeah I guess so but that's a competitive be united surrounded by. Other people goof around he's still playing for charity yet when you're not likely also it's baseball it's not like. It's it's like taking softball too seriously or share did softball league baseball's like. Yeah you may tackle football like yeah I get kind of got to be seriously thank you heard otherwise yet can't goof drowning head speed now are passed law. It's hard to do you hear him softball like yeah I think he's received bow and arrow wood bat like army in baseball and who yet leader claims soft spots that you can Wear shorts to. Think it is important to bunker you can drink a beer between ten at bats that encouraged that so I feel like the CAC ID it's like the guys has a soft body isn't with pants on. But based hot pants like really. Sound like softball. All that's been talked about when I went to Europe and the amount of kids and adults in full kit. I hope so. There sold much. I have a clear Clinton. Barcelona full kit going on like tilts at welcome race track wearing me I. When you're raising event wearing a fool. Real Madrid yeah kit and Mike what do you. What do you do or do you think is your weight is a Christian looped. No I don't get it hasn't gotten and I don't think that I won't get those he looks different TV you can just sit here and you're like. It's pretty incredible to see an African number matter who we're kind of finding an eagle feather or something like that I have no calls kids in it but adults. Are not because kids get a handle a man absolutely every religion like the kids where princess costumes every day first six months went by my nephew Shasta sunny socially. Lou last Christmas he got. But Cedric he got a full kits for her. It. Slots kind pod to. Two teen you know. And somebody else. And it the only person who's still on the team of the kit that he has his pocket for a flip it. That's tough man it's tough to ever invest easier it's hard ever identify who's going to be legacy player man it's like I was really funny that was just like with elect. The first month of candidate like well me and likely Utica teachers like so I knew that if your kid. Like when I was a kid all along it was like a Troy Aikman jerseys Arafat and if you just gotten mean and football's a terrible example because if you don't have a number on the football Jersey looks weird what's the point but like now. If you got me and me. I always want to invest in a player's Jersey share. Because I want to support our like really Beckham or whatever yeah like they are not there for the team they are there to make money. Because as soon as they can get a better offer or not everyone engine analyzing obviously over the Susie get a better offer or move to better league they're taught me and because it gives so few years to make enough to make a living doing that when emphasized a loyalty there and say. But as both ways there's no lets you conduct that neither. And if there's LLC coming back today I mean there's so it's like. Yeah you can't blame anybody for doing it's a crazy real examples is the Ferrari racing team like if you are. Driving for Ferrari like if you are your own term maverick they get rid of these they don't want anything do you have but they're also a big Italian family I take care that he can become like. I guess you become a real star in the within. The communities of Italy if you're a Ferrari person but that's a big deal to be to be part of that and so. There are a lot of places that are still like that I'm sure like in Green Bay. And did you fear packer that a community really embraces an earth when the night. The team doesn't I don't know about that movements owned by the fans here are legends at that point now I don't know it's it's tough to. Like I have a Doug Baldwin. No excuse me I became chancellor Seahawks Jersey and now I'm out on NFL Brett. Com I'm trying to just follow the bare minimum slow way into what's going with the Seahawks have someone like in Seattle wants talk about a half info. I'm all I'm out like I don't support the NFL I think they're like a really weird. It would super organs. Haitian people you missed a lot of bad football got a questionable. They've changed the rules only what the rules are for hitting quarterbacks now and it literally cost my team the Green Bay Packers the win last night. Like it was like that and it was a deciding factor than. On a garbage. Which you can literally can't. Tackle somebody you know I got a solution. With the flight booked. Sport of the future. Really ever safe it's crazy how old. How old the NFL is having its significant challenges right now. Much like NASCAR is the same way it's gonna and its shares and series a bit of the same audience like the NASCAR races used to have 300000 people there would be chair off the change. Football's always been more consistent and done a little bit better but like football commercially blew up in the last fifteen years so big. And now I think it's finally coming back down to. Would expectation should be a little bit and the you have all the politics involved and then now on it's just not a strong and then. You look across globe water it's you're up and all the soccer so massive. The same commercialization is happening but the difference being that like. All these different countries all play by different political rules so like. Kneeling during the anthem. Does not affect an entire sports they Graham played in them yet it's so formally taken over by an American. But an American company bought it. And now the on the TV coverage they require that they played the anthem. Of the country that's there and like they make the drivers welcome to the front Mike stand their like watch the stupid and the first place they don't care about play. And to sit and watch a soccer here is guys from South America that are like. Why am I standing here and all of this is stupid Bruce is in mind come to there nationals and I can understand it is that's kind of cool. You win the gold you play the anthem for the go to India yet only Emily will make when World Cup teams like win in LH. You do that anthems for the teams for the match like OK I get back as they're represented their country but yeah like. So so at the end of blue. But the into the Formula One race the guy who wins the plate anthem for the winner and the anthem for the winners team. As the butcher ransoms it's a really boring four minutes you have to sit there and fast forward through but like. I did what the purpose of that is it's like a little bit awe inspiring or something like yeah and you. Look like a lot of those guys speaks five languages and don't have really much of Tahitian with the film of the Monica because it's tax free and certain Alec. It's gets really. It's interesting how like a controversy in our country can do you really excelling at this conference in baseball affects the entire. Sport of baseball other countries plan again it but not nearly to the same success that we have it here. Right decent night gonna compare. The question as a question BC baseball still being thing in fifty years chair you know share. Went up by a just. Our attention span is so bad I don't know figured out that it and at some point they'll all be Smart enough to go. We have to shorten the season a little bit minority I don't know what they don't do that Eric is a very bastard eyes all the statistics with the steroids so there's no point and make. There's no pull that they really screwed that up because that was fifth baseball's a statistic. Game. I don't care how many touchdowns and yards. Aaron Rodgers throws of your I had no idea there. It's you know there's base miles on stuff like he's a thousand you'll I had a cube share drew 200 hits eleven seasons in a row that's like. Holy crap but also like. I don't have baseball's based on the stat in you know I sit on their sit around going like. For the game going Aaron Rodgers to competes like 60% of his passes awesome yeah whereas you selected the runs of canes and 320 that's crazy put so what's at Rogers quarterback rating from last week you don't care right yet I don't care exactly. 130. So. I think baseball if they were Smart of I think all these sports they are Smart would start to understand with streaming you know I kind of stuff and on demand. Learn how to view. Broadcast commercials with out stopping the gains and that's what football screws up on. All of that want to do in life is all or it is the worst thing you can do in four seconds of action and then 45 seconds of got a Lin Dan and I did but that's par that's part of it I get a push their right to be go to commercial every four minutes now probably every six minutes on average yeast or change in the rules so that and baseball's. Toying with him now think that the clock and all that kind of stuff like I get that. Smart like it's only a minute gap between innings now what you gotta go now which got it that's a serious balding the pace of baseball's getting better it feels like maybe I'm wrong but it. It feels like it at least. So for me I have the MLB app I pay the twenty dollars a year to have it because. I did. All of I get a game. All the big. Scoring points in the game all pop up until I go to bed before the games approach to my phone and in five. Notification I know exactly what happened in the Gambia I don't watched a mariners game on TV and more than a month yeah. But I still know what's I know the senators out of control via an at the marriage are out of control back. Like it's I can see that from right so I don't need a three plus hour game. Every day for 16162. In match ups like. I needed a peek at it every so often to be able to understand it's a break until late. But I also agree with the U and the question I think the baseball will be around I don't know what they do though to make it more exciting. You love that flipping his celebrations in and managed a one ass hole that flipped his bat the salute grew at a slow guys the police stand there. The guy hits a home run Minor League Baseball player he hits homer who robbers that and then he just stands there like with the handle those hips is Dick forward breeding like. Yeah got that as many starts to take off running flips his bat forty feet in the air may be. Rounds the bases at the slowest pace possible like that one kid like totally try evidence to super slowly and the catcher tries to stand on the baseline and he just straight up shoulder checks the catcher stomp on home walks off. That guy's going to either be the biggest star or the biggest burnout ever. Because that was impressively. Asked holik. Slowed check the Japanese he does it that's a big thing now there's like the bat flip like that is the thing that you Q and if any culture if the Japanese culture is going to be OK with it then everyone because they are the most respectful people out on the planet so late in there and I guess it's okay now. It's okay now will the Japanese. So Smart because they've built in opportunities to to let go of that respect there are. Overly uptight. Right so you're allowed to get drunk and yell at your boss because that's what that is for and it doesn't mean anything because the rest timing of state buttoned up. Whether how true that actually stays in fact people start feeling to take things prevalent. But like that idea that like this is the moment where we celebrates. But somebody letting their emotions get the best of them. Yeah and the home run as the coolest thing in the world so any game is turn into you sound it's just not it's just a home run. Derby you know which sucks like I hate it personally about baseball purist so on the worst. But if that's with a ever gonna go with it then. If you're a real kidding you see my China you know money's runs on bases elect okay cool cool. While that went far cool down but if you're a kid and eight year old might turn it's a foreign 55 home run and like. Does cartwheels on the base has it this guy is nuts I love him now Bryce Harper or Everly he's looks like a punk rock guy crushed a home run and makes the sabathia like cool stay. The technology like with the mariners' stadium also the emirates does it to him in London. But the with the LEV channels you you can immediately flip off the lights this should have a spotlight guided the sooner that happens turned on the light to spotlight the guy who just had a home run and want absolutely and you know Dick around the stadium where I get to go over the top with it like there is Nina confetti guns and Latin I don't know what like. Why not gas. Make a bigger because there's an opportunity there to sell some tickets to one time now created the fireworks signing your ISE candy you've spoken confetti is that why not. Why not. Here's the poor pitchers here at the of opposing. Team's feelings after them yeah don't through garbage yet don't get hit bro. Don't serve up containers. I think that there's a. Certain amount. Of I like good sportsmanship like when news she wanted to do heart and a guy you pick him up like those types of thing where you're a competitor you know plan dirty. And so I did so there will be people who take this new baseball too far but at the same time like if it's sanctioned if that's how it is when you do it. I think all the unspoken rules of baseball with pitching and hitting him upon that guy all the stuff our. Hilariously. Obtuse to me I have no idea what's going on like well let's just look at these and it always give him okay oh no this time it's going to be if all of stuff all the little more nuance from having stood out there for five months playing this boring ass game which is cute beautiful wonderful Bolivia. If you're you know fielder you're out there. Stick around for a majority of your life share paid for a pardon I don't know its focus of the figure out based on Michael Taylor. I loved us starship troopers moving. Okay the football that version of football player were their narrow northern now the better humans and they flip can do all that kind of stuff for a became more like that's the sport you wonder where it's going to be fifty years as football. Now and robots like the robot league football. Madden. Really Madden football so it's interesting I keep references misunderstand to a right now Linda always put our Formula One now they are actively promoting sim drivers like the idea that you racing is like a -- deal all. And so they had like a huge contest routines and huge contest and one of their simulator drivers for the team now is an. Because. While you might not be able to get Maclaurin had connect your head torn off at the neck by the G forces you're generating. You could be good its steering I think around a track and figuring out where the parties to be developed so like. He used to be my first or watch it twenty years ago was that you had a guy that was the test driver and a test driving days he'd be out there pushing the car out. But now they don't do test driving anymore answered that guy is now a driver who also sits in the simulator who can do both now they're just switching straight up to like. Robot driver certificate guy driving virtual car. Yes I think football changes that it has changed in a big way. As somebody put blazers too much money involved man what they're gonna just keep trot these people up and totally kill themselves. To make a million dollars and may get it would you say if you know hey bureau oil hit fifty earlier and give your entire family. Set for life for generations to come ankle I put it the thing I always worry about is the guy who. Like who's the first player to ever miss and a ten million dollar contract. I don't know the answer to that and expect you to either but like it had to be thirty years ago so Montana tonight and I hunter and Kyra July. And how old much is that money from then worth two day share of course and so becomes a low key. First of all. You wanna get out there and smashed and his brains then man. You go for it like. I'm not here to tell me and that they can't play football I think that football is like. Crazy and brutal and you see some people there electrical cables the world to can't play anymore because their necks broken are what do you like. That's. Terrible shame but also. If that's what you can succeed and that's which can do when you choose to do it affect pull sorry you're not a gladiator. And get in there and do it may run on but like also will. If I think it's brutal and not a one watch it. I should just turn off right there's going to be in my stance to see rather than complaining about football on dislike all I just won't engage it. And then there won't be a thing to me today I watched zero football yesterday on Sunday. A public remarks came a little bit tonight to receive. Kind of the bears are really garbage and not like that they can be good maybe. Or fox or garbage or not I guess plan. Kind of had to do their prime same spot. Awesome movie at a garbage that game could agree bad game in big good bag and we're about Russell Wilson today with tech we'll Mac is. Beasts that he skated not so. We'll see bush go to this Yusmeiro Wilson. That's been the rumor that the starting now no way they developing around Wilson then the bill mountains alone foreign relations I will look good look into that significant maybe just maybe. There are gonna do though doesn't sound I don't know enough again I'd I am a lot so I can't really be. I I'm excited for people whose teams are doing well there are excited that's trying to be judged on kind of have an ankle now select when it's most teams doing great right cool to have fun they haven't determined that elicits the patriots. Which case. I'm trying Nazi gets you in a football this year by it it's been two weeks and I'm like raging already so it's like him and like that's that you that didn't remotely. Ten years ago. Much in las yesterday on some. Ten years ago that was ruined my weekend now. Instead it was like political at a time whatever you like I'm good. Mean and Ballmer yesterday and I missed on a chance to go to taco time and I'm disliked. Men. I went soccer time yesterday I only back from Ballard to my apartment. And I assuming it was the storm parade of some sort some sort of thing a day the chamber to print there doing my ten minute drive from Ballard to my apartment to me. Legit. Fifty minutes now myself my heart tacos but I got back soft on us soccer. And I like the good like the bottom it's little saudis it as a break it was like water from the lettuce seeped into the top of the shall not like there is. Billion floppy docket that Naimi something worse than soggy bread of any sort like soggy bread is disgusting the ducks disagreed. You've been listening to our dumb podcasts they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter at our dump podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Karate university. As heard on 1045. But those rock.