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Sunday, September 9th


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Welcome to conversations I'm your host greater good morning to you. I just beneath some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Andrew San Stella. In the procrastinate or an author of the book soon good morning thank you for joining us thank you to take a look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. It's across the nation it's the human tendencies to delay. One in five of us are procrastinators. Hand operate over here a third of all American undergraduates. Call themselves appear procrastinators and staggering. Hundred minutes of effort workday are squandered away by employees. For Abbott to double that and radio could progress they shouldn't really only stem from lazy nests. Spores of the human treats you may think otherwise and you factor in the so many of our greatest inventor. Artists and scientists are considered members. Of the same procrastinators club hosts can be fantastic in his new book soon. All through Anderson told offers up a very entertaining and thought provoking exploration of procrastination. And so of history's most notable procrastinators. Wheeler to dementia is part of that Frank Lloyd Wright the architect and look what he did. Not so clean and precise and it's crazy to think that it was the opposite of that and is the end of life to get there. And Jersey Brooklyn based writer for numerous publications you've likely heard of such as GQ with the New York Times slate the Atlantic dot com is concerned about the habit. But not quite ready to get through to Q senatorial echoed from the human tended to deploy let's jump right into this and talked to Andrew. First question are you procrastinate or. I am the lifelong pro Christian lyrics to the point where. I eight undertook this book project. Looking to justified my lifelong habits that I wanted to. Guided to their history have progressed to nation in the philosophy and psychology behind it insurgent. Some. Rationalizations. There's some kernel of information that excuse my head that. Not sure I ever found that from them that justification but. But I do trying to that it served a crook estimation is the real B almost universal had a and that made me feel a little less alone and does. A little a little less bad about my about my habit. Seems like reading a book about progressive nation would be a good chance to give yourself something to procrastinate on. I asked if can I definitely had my moments. And end and would that it would do I guess that's part of the story the book but. Yes. Applicants are writing a book about procrastinate so much after rearranging the living room furniture and checking your Twitter you Twitter for the thousandth time or whatever what do you start a research project like this. Well I think the first thing you do is you start rearranging the biblical furniture us. Doug spent a lot of time on the Internet look at the cute pictures of dogs and but when I finally did good work up the nerve to do you know start doing real work on the project register. I I dug into the people who are doing you know professional hold scholarly academic we're search on the topic. Not a psychologist attacked behavioral economists I talk to. In which biologists to geneticists. Also just dug into the history dying to. Yeah you know some of the great. Achievers. But who could hit nevertheless also had their moments of procrastinators. Of those storage with the most. Reassuring to all. So what could worsen common threads that if you re social these different areas were some common threads for the people but procrastinate. Well how little things that followed was that. You know that there are at US about common thread but what I found and what struck me was. How old many reasons there are. Article Presley don't meet different ways that article crash data in comedy it's different explanations of their work for it I mean. That you know ages comes in becomes and so many flavors it's. And it's hard it's hard pitch it's a topic that group I think hard to generalize about because. And so many of us had little way of doing it and moral reasons for doing it. And even the experts I talk to add their own ways of conceptualize and the problem and you know solving yet or addressing. It's it's it's it's it the more you dig into it the more you find out it's a complicated. Topic. Kids it's just more human nature than anything if it's so multi facet of Blake that. I'd bet I'd bet would be exactly my argument and I I I do you think that it is human nature and I think that's why we ought to deal more tolerant of other that's not to say that I think we should although. Almost be you know completely irresponsible procrastinators all the time. I did I do like having some. Degree of reliability in my life but you know I think it'll happen to people it's it's part of human nature as you say it. And we ought to be a little lower. Tolerant of other than others and it ourselves and stop. Feeling so guilty about at all times. He's Anderson televisa procrastinate or an author of the book soon you mentioned previously that there are some pretty. Historical names you found that have achieved great things that were also procrastinators can give us an example or two about the place. Also looked Leonardo Da Vinci. Is a great example of how intolerant became the but toward procrastinators. Because we need to give him as. You know create. Renaissance man man of science and art and I created a achievement but his contemporaries. Focused more on the fact that he had a really hard time completing projects they were they've heard that Britain Michelangelo look you'll Leonardo. So about that about that problem he had with. Completed project effect you know he only completed twenty. Paintings in his place and we are such. Oh will embolden the artist but it's based on a relatively small body of work. The precisely because his mind was selected that he was so legal Polytechnic he had like slightly different interest he would start out. A portrait at some patrons commission to. But then you'd be distracted by eight to some fantastic machine that he would you know was thinking uploaded sketched out or. Nice to me anatomical studies that you wanted to do or something whatever was. There was always something else a commanding his attention. And its contemporaries saw not to genius so much as they sub the guy who had trouble meeting its deadlines. So I think Dan Brown has sold us a little bit short under events she'd been previous. Yeah wasn't just talking this psychologists and group. And on people that are starting has progressed as she also did according to the information I have read that some are traveling to New Orleans to dig a little deeper wide there and what did you find. Well New Orleans is a sort of beat north American center. Forward devotion teams seem to expedite it. Who is the patron saint of procrastinators. Else I think I grew up in the Catholic schools and I thought I had heard a precinct storage and listing here but I have to confess I'd never run across the media machine expedite forests are working on this book. But maybe you know he is held up and and and I I I UW is held up right. Some believers around the world that bit there's a huge following receipt expedited Brazil among other places. But can he the United States being beaten bid it is interest in his story is pretty much been trying to do at New Orleans in the area around the world that's. But didn't do these people are anxious to be the end of the reason with the agency to procrastinate engines you know he's held up as. The paradigm of not putting strings are specifically. Not putting our pure. You committed to a life of chiefs don't wait until it's too late because if you wait until it's too late you might never get around to. Devoted your life has changed and so you know Bibby you blushing as it is is portrayed as that is as of this is that. The state of procrastinators within its interest to those that. Everyone pretty much agrees that his story is just election bed at like leasing expedite never really did exist and am I find that revealing because it's really only a legendary or or you know mystical figure of some kind that can be dead. Resolute about it is doing everything on time for the rest of us get colts QB missed. Good procrastination and didn't like we always going to be an issue. What did you learn it in the way of overcoming. Procrastination. Logical first things that struck me was for how many people. The only thing that seemed to be of interest about the topic was just you know that just overcoming infection and solving it. And that the more I dug into it and that was certainly open to live like exploring that. But tomorrow I don't into the mind for a bit there you know the beach stink stuff was was you know more along the lines of what procrastination could. Tell us about ourselves. I think. Procrastination is likened to being an occasion for like reflecting on the wall what matters to us and what our priorities are so that if I'm always. Putting off one kinda project. I might ask myself what is it about that project what is it about that that's saying that. His. Guilt freaking out in some way he's eating making you anxious or order. Making me ambivalent about it to a point where I can't bring myself to do it it by. Asked myself those questions honestly try to reflect on an MRI might learn something about. Myself my priorities and maybe even ninety you know emotions. And side I think I think that's the way we ought to approach procrastination. Go to comes at the office place that are obesity territory economists and so how how are people. How are people's misty usage of time affecting how we would get to the daily grind. Yen there's all kinds of statistics about how much. Four Christian nation in the workplace affects productivity. And you know so Christian if I were pretty. Human resources. Person I would be alarmed by the prevalence is. Progress that is just the thing I find interest against the extent to which you know. We have adopted all these standards are culled from the work place you know standards about efficiency. You know and being. Really be I'm Ty being negotiation gonna use that time. Which I think it perfectly appropriate right for the workplace. Do but they've kind of seeped out and expand it out into the rest of our lives and then like every moment of our lives and our you know effort to be the best we can be. What is considered foreign by these sort of school workplace values and that's where I think we get into trouble you know we're so who invested it being efficient and be the best we can be all the time and and that we end up feeling guilty about treatment like Q occasionally put an estimated. I think picked up that's a cultural attitude. I I I I do think people ought to be responsible and made about a about advocating for round the clock procrastinate should be new responsibility that. And when it does happen I think we ought to be a little more tolerant and a little less hard on ourselves. She's Anderson hello blue book is soon it's about all about Preston needing work we find it. He could find it anywhere books are sold. And you get my website which is introducing a Pella dot com. Thank you so much for joining us today. Again the book is called soon an overdue history of procrastination from Lynn wrote to Darwin and tease you and me it's editors until. He's very entertaining factual defense of the nearly universal tendency. To procrastinate. You to find out more camera he said Andrews Sam tell it's SA and TE EL 08 dot com Anderson told not to pump up his new book is again pulled soon and overdue mr. press nation from Leonardo and went to UN meet. This is one of those opportunities or I can say don't find it now rather than putting it off till later because that who works here. Hopefully having a beautiful weekend and that continues. Conversations with the public affairs program of this station.