Conversations with Armstrong Racing 090918

Sunday, September 9th


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These conversations I immediately and today. We guessed that we're super excited to welcome the president and the founder. Of Armstrong. Racing foundation. Him more us hi cam. Oh well we're greatly wanna find out more. About Armstrong. Racing foundation can you walk us through what is this foundational about. I am an organization and my dad is about helping kids stay active in sports. But also given them opportunities to get back to their peers and give back to the people in the community. So how do you do that what are the opportunities how do you facilitate that for these kids. I'm Molly Daly is and we have to pick him to that I wanna get active in sports and the me am. After unity so many out of the community service a year affirm our support and. Perhaps helping them. He'll be able to do that spore. And we can get me. We have traveled of 1980. Outreach program is one of her backpack type event that we do every year. We get completed back in delivered over 15100 backpacks to take school districts and we can count me. Which literally dot com and those backpacks ski he is I can't on the McKinney and tell lists which have a homeless kids. Kids reckon that Colette inept at torn up backpacks. I can think that don't have them. Our kids that happened and happened at a backpacks that the school year and then of course have them available on hearing for the it's gonna need them Lapierre. Particularly hot and they can just have a laugh in in the backpack of paint and also clicking backpacks from their friends their family. You can generally went for a ticket to get back to their peers. I mean transplant. Timely felt stockings for homeless kid Dominick he'd been alleged and those are two different school districts within our community. I kid that we know are going home that aren't. I don't have a home to go home kill. And nature they have something for cricket match. And that's another one of our eighth and media outreach projects. And mainly office delivered gifts to them and elderly and long term routine care. Another day Father's Day and Christmas so that kind of late in ways that it can impact to their not only their parents don't go their elders and the community. And they can just love doing it in. Now the music is an opportunity Taylor and compassion and in team building and how to help other things and how to get back in two with a pretty awesome organization. It's a great teaching tool. For the children so not only are they learning to be athletic and compete and learn how competition works in sports but also. You're you're matching that with their community outreach and their efforts in and it and then make it to see. What their work. They're hard work is getting really get that return nearly get to see who they're helping in their community I bet it just makes it a huge difference in these kids live salad because they're hoping. But the kids who were doing the helping. It as an Alfred is normally it schools. Where you know being able to hit me become adults land a workforce kill. And held them to understand how to communicate with others how to work together the team. How can I have empathy how to have sympathy. It's just there's a lot of Tobeck come out of the organization. Besides being able to participate that's more. Armstrong racing. Dot foundation please tell us please what is your face that pay Tucker we find you there. I don't think that he can kind of at arms are only thing at eight an advance. And if someone is listening today. And they've got a child that maybe they want to get involved in Armstrong racing foundation Harry did that. And he Inca dialect I hate in if you go under the cap the core there are forms to fill out one has racked in fear wanna keep your kids involved in my aircraft that supports it erase it from autograph series. That the it was a parked in my entry fees travel expenses. Parts to different things that they need to be able to meet for the feedback. An alien don't have another form for other sports so. If your child involved in karate competition care. Soccer anything that's not supported by parks and recreation and I schools and they can go online and on a farm and get immaculate. And leaking weeks apart by a copy cup car washes bake sales. And he's doing things to help they can raise the money to get to wherever they need to be repaid their ancient fees that are travel fee or whatever needs to be done. And you talk about howl you are helping kids stay active in sports by a I giving them the opportunity to give back to their community let's talk about the different sports that are involved. For these kids so someone is listening and thinking gosh you know my kid is involved in soccer you know and I could really use some help from this foundation. What else sports do you helpless. Our only public look motor Caspian Max karate competition care. It helped keep sponsorship or soccer. We just haven't had a lot of and a lot of sports come q.s. Except for my aircraft were pretty much known in the light aircraft community for supporting kids and my aircraft but we want to open up more sport and more kids believed. Only I can help it an extreme sport because that's more independent and there's not really a lot of support for that. There are sponsorships are business at a discount trickier and. Things like that and apps front entrance fees and travel fees and things like that. There's just not a lot of support when kids were really really hard. To get to different competition and are they work really really hard and then Alec and they something happened than their criminal breaks down or their gear is getting worn out. We wanna help attach. So it doesn't matter what sport it is and tilt freed up on the application in particular we want to help kids and I'll work. One of your. Biggest things that you support our kids who are getting into motor cross can you tell us about that. What is motor cross and me because for some of us it seems like a French sport but there's a lot of kids are really like this. Allocated such an internal unrest or in the kid capsule in Lebanon and such against corporate it'll be ADHD. And give them a place to get get out their energy eke it out their frustration and and help he turned the focus. It keeps his ban to be able to ilk. I am just staying on task. A lot of kids with ADHD actually give that part because they helped calm them down and helped them be more focus our school and other means that my aircraft is just a very exciting part for these kids that Piet van Allen crash it. Extreme. You can just have a blast in not only did god as we tick on my kids. And only paid for they can beat her six races. We paid for their travel expense particular track down an art and and we help provide bailout graphics for the bikes and a bye click cope with a tracked him and only outlet part and well we needed it it gives them the opportunity to have a seed than a motor cross and relatively exciting. Watch cool kids and then we had to expand writers which were amazing and I. That helped actually couched their kid and train land includes and the basics teach them techniques we had one kid. Chris McCarron you know. Never have been on attack before I was kind of tacking on a bike and look. It tech. And let from the back of the pack to the last QB to gain at the top three and we'll get he's just been amazingly in the we have another a young kid named Michael. And again and his stiff everything about cam. I've just been a mean little his confident that went out me would be quite cool that he's done better in school he would be more focused. He had to look forward to give a part of something bigger than himself and yet watching his whole attitude and demeanor change in watching them become more respectful. His peers and not in it in the family eat. Potentially pay because he had come and look forward killed any actor who really exciting when you see kids. Growling not only in our sport but also going in our income they're Al headaches and learning dad told to be count as a woman don't. And they need to learn how to be competitive but also be it inquired and have good sportsmanship any. Is that an eagle on Hackett had a bikes are looking their bikes and their air. Any peek at them basic mechanics of a lot in order across. They get it on the right in writing can only try to help each down in all aspects to be fixed that's when I'm on the mark and also in life. I can just picture on the going to organic and being able to roll out in style their bikes look so great. And you know they've got all the training they needed their feeling confident and strong because they've had great mentors to help them get there. And then all they really can be focused all they have to be focused on. It's going in and being successful in their race or whatever that way that means to them so. You know we applaud you for all of the efforts and all of the work hard work that you put in to help change these kids' lives. It's exciting. It's exciting watching these kids just become. Just an Avian and Donald England. Even on the expansion opportunities that they normally when I haven't been really exciting and allied. We actually helped it get the kids that it righty we actually wanted a car wash for them to get to return man. And that smile laugh because knowing that they revealed on how to get there but that they worked for their property he did get an eleven to ponytail band. And guess watching them be so excited that the you raise the money themselves. And they got there in need get a leaving Japan China and became doubly important apparent love the fact that these kids. Aren't just been handed some and I haven't earned it stamina work for it and just the pride that these skits have money earned the money to go to competition. Aren't being out there you know when they're involved in helping ease their peer than doing backpack type events and Cunningham gets on Mother's Day. Her father has gained just. Deficit if they hit blessing not only to the kids that are involved but also to the people that are receiving the gift from the Internet all of its. It does make a full circle on that the pretty awesome program how we got it all worked out it's not a PM for a program for these kids into their hand out. You're listening to conversations ideally with our guest Kim more she's the founder and president of Armstrong. Racing foundation if someone is listening to conversations today and they wanna help. How can they get involved him. I love you can contact Nancy that the handling had Kiki let him get there. You can also contact is still are let's try not to have a PayPal account we can make Indonesian. There are web site and also increased. I am throughout the yearly collect and backpacks that the barely collect. Go to pipe snapped the yearly collect small stuff animal and Anatoly for the kids where our Christmas stocking program. We have handled differently he can Tony loud funny volunteers are mentally ill. And we get our big east caravan any W a thirteen next year. And our he'd he'd driven and that's where a large majority of funding comes from O'Reilly he volunteered about it and asked her backpack Travis and Al will be held at the skyline drive and next July and now he's. Monitors for the out of any because adamant we're hoping to get really big and every year maker got a little bit higher. So that we were helping more school districts within our Canadian not just to feel bank they wanna expand that other counties not just me encounters. What encouraged you. To want to start Armstrong racing foundation. I am letting current skid as my old so I let my camera into the water crock nanny. Pulled it helped you still have. And heavy hand and about seven years ago and negative trend either for him to give him there. In at Henry they're just really good on it kept growing and growing in our sponsorship they were asking for him to have. And Kenny in the media out we turn a partnership. And had a aren't Carolyn who has really got some he had a few thirty hours of community outreach every season. In Callaway came up with these I guess I don't be in a community outreach hours. And then it gets there from Manley try to help and the tragedy that happened and that's that the attack in and we became an organization's. Thank you cam for taking time to talk to us today and we applaud you for all your words that you are doing in that you continue to do for our community would be Armstrong racing. I.