Conversations with Battlefield Addiction 091618

Friday, September 14th


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Conversations 1980s and Lee. And I'm really excited to talk to our guests today. It is battle field addiction and the co founders art Dolly and and anti key eighty. Now we're gonna talk with art first art thank you for being on the show today. So are you guys have solution groups about a 120 or so family members. Com each week can you tell us what that is and a little bit about battlefield addiction itself. Sure. Will leave with you are counted approximately. Or three years ago. And it was technically. A reaction to. The current cut their current. Epidemic it was going on with heroin. And we had lead. We saw a necessity. They. The family probably would there. You need the most help and I. As opposed to. This is youngster as a problem with peril where he would be to get put into treatment in that would seem to somehow work as a solution we were trying that solution that. We found that we weren't gaining as much a progress as we go along with the entire handling so we do we kind of reacted to that need. And formed a nonprofit battlefield addiction to. Support the family threw everything at they would need to learn. And everything they would need to do to maybe transform. Transform into the possibility of being dealt and hit it into helping another individual in the camp so. We created the group to. First there's an education group but it kind of transformed into something different trade transformed into a possibility for families to actually. How predictions show opener apparently. And then benefit from Matt showing up because it would then. Teach each family member what they would have to do differently going forward to maybe deal with it or. Maybe look at themselves as a family member and see what part of the problem they're playing or. On how it could turn to an opportunity for them to grow as a human being. So then it really battlefield really became this not just an education pink Laura. Opportunity told family came to let you might if you look into little people you might be not not like a part of the probably you might be. The majority have it and now as a different. Kind of out there than most people are taken because you can't just assume when the addiction it shows up in their handling that. There's the person with the addiction is it is. Like the entire problem but. From our perspective. The problem the family was already there for the most part and that they addiction just kind of showed up like an indicator that the local problem. And then after that indicators showed up in your packet through. Every person looks like a team not as. Not as individuals who much like a team sport where we're gonna make you better team. Arts what a wonderful thing that you're doing for the community where is battlefield addiction located. We have a copy how to not burn it which is kind of not really the purpose but it wasn't concerned copy but the purpose so it was kind of vehicle or or an opening for the community to walk through. And we set down some loot here in Auburn because. You're. I'm on a good relationship with Nancy Backus the marry. You we have how a lot of our family members from popular and then we had an opportunity get. The kind of start here and start trying to make an impact. In the smaller city person and trying to grow that now or expect there'd be a deal with the coffee house was it was just game. A peak and they're just a place that people could walk through it and allow them to come and feel comfortable with may be starting a conversation. And then once the conversation was started we we have opposite federal way and we have. Content partners that we currently. Both work with but control equality so if there's somebody comes into our battlefield and Lee knack for instance. And we're gonna distribute. To the services that that Hanley would need. We also want a collector quality control on those services and make sure that there's any complaint they have with the services or anything like that we hold them. Our partners accountable. We right now we're operating out one at two locations where he could find us. You mentioned this a little bit abouts baking the families your first priority Q talk a little bit about. Your family first approach. Yeah well I mean I would say we had just found it. That is apparently can be so detrimental to due process of recovering from addiction and I mean. And not not only detrimental to processor recovery that they can also be detrimental to the process. Addiction itself. They can to help and in a human being. Without enabling me peace is it is sent a lot of it. By a lot of people get known by very few and my my my opinion. And I think they it becomes. What it means to tell someone becomes a real. Real big question if you take a look at it and down we we we became and started to look into being. Masterful at helping an individual without enabling and down. I was the first indicator that the first issues that we would need to solve when dealing with apparently is make sure that. That side and it was a it was a basic fundamental need to make sure that they weren't doing very human being good things that they. Should be doing consultant and robbing them locker to robbing that human being and the opportunity of growth and so then that was the first. Think that we needed to get clear what effect on the first approaching them. We really had to use C. This sickness that is shown out and maybe this is going to be their family for like seven years and what that. What do apparently was all consumed by something percent in years. That would be like. And you need to recovery from Maggie need you need something there it says wait we are the problem here and we don't need to do some work and a work. In our opinion network becomes. Transformational. On an individual basis. And and we engage everybody in this same type work of the country. You're listening to conversations and we're talking wind the battlefield addiction and co founders are dialing in an Angie key eighty art thank you so much we'd like to talk to Angie for a moment. NG we're talking about battlefield addiction I know this is something that is very near and dear to your heart and you guys. He needs help you're raising money and you're raising funding for treatment how come we helpless at the word out. Oh gosh yes well we rely solely on our monthly partnership in donations to survive as an organization. And so we have several family members batter their when he. We even have them isn't it better I know element to partners and this is how we survived. I'm until we need everybody's help in order to continue doing what we do. If someone is listening to conversations today Angie and their thinking. I would really like to donate to battlefield addiction how'd they do it. We have art donate button on her web site www. Battlefield addiction dot com we also have our eighth the page which will be. People directly to our web site for them to donate. Battlefield addiction dot com you can also find them on FaceBook I'm assuming Angie that. They just type in battlefield addiction and that will take them to your FaceBook page. Yeah sure well and your community work is very important and you want to stop the in cabling can you tell us more about them. Yeah absolutely look the motto really work from is a hater of the by the model. You know addiction shows up in a gambling and it actually put you in wanna get out whether Europe can remember what your community member no matter who you are. That's the heater camp or the current by the camp in the Gator camp over here you know angry. An angry and wants that person does stop doing what they're doing. There they got within the by temperature which he is the enabler that is speaking out and in this person it just trying to help that person is. You know China BD zero and what we do what battle their addiction and where we stand it we try to teach. How to interact center. We need to be at it and forty addicts. And if we can get the family and the community being expanded being in the banner vs them wanna eat you can't we can actually create a check. We'll talk about hoping to information and a message. Art can you tell us about that. Absolutely you know it is mine. Opinion that addiction. When used as rat that. An asset for transformation one that one for me personally in my life that's what addiction was and wasn't a tragedy it wasn't date. Ruining a mean you look at me like that addiction and you look at that and I was I was an active addiction for twenty years in my life and and recovered from lax active addiction perhaps as turn that liability into an asset through transformations. And I think when we take a look at how addiction shall not in our community in in their family. And I society whatever I think it's huge opportunity for right now it's an opportunity as compensation. Hold everybody accountable for their own personal growth and her own personal situation. So we can take a look at that then you actually we actually have a message. A responsibility. Which says it's not the problem out there it flew this self or that person inside me that out the problem with the problem out there. And what I will lead to do is not complain or blame about the problem only to create a strategic. Wait being that helped in part of the solution and I think we got to be ripped to get raw honest with ourselves about how each person is playing a role. And you mentioned hater it's it doesn't monolith. It's what we've seen years as a tool also. If you're having hatred towards a drug addict will that your own fear it's your own insecurities and you need take a look at that. And if you're trying to save another human being and do things for them that they should be doing for themselves he got to take a look at what you're doing that true. And so we think it we just have an opinion that the way to help another human being is not true. Doing for that and it's not circulated image through actually just. Helping them with the transformational process and the only way to help somebody with the transformational process to have won a bureau. So if it's if it's something to do may be with a possibility of spiritual fitness. Will you would then to help somebody else how has some spiritual fitness at your home to offer. And so then it's a family would like to help another family member we just. Teach them a spiritual transformation and an after they've learned Dayton or our senior and being part of it. There certainly hasn't language or an impossibility to gain ground. For the people that addiction and show up differently is that something that you can only then gains common ground on and works together and has a language to become better human beings together whoa what a beautiful thing. So we take a look at our community and see what's going on the pain the pain on the streets for pain and everybody's going through. And we don't look to have a conversation about the pain not about the problem. See everybody wants to talk about the problems with the problem is the problem the problem is that drive the problem is the pain that this. It's forcing people that didn't stop. The not a we get real deep and talked about the pain and then talk about each one of us maybe being responsible for oral pain and so that. That is. A language that we. Turned into a possibility and then if you come to our solution groups you get to learn the language and then you get to have common ground which you can remember who might be transferring currently. Art AG thank you both for being on the show today we really enjoyed having you. Thank you very much. If you're listening and you wanted donate battlefield addiction dot com just click the donate button you can also find them to donate. On FaceBook to serve battlefield. Idea Italy and you've been listening to conversations.