Conversations with Beautiful Soles 091618

Friday, September 14th


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To conversations. My need is to him. Today we're really excited to have a snohomish county lady on the phone with us and we're gonna talk about. Beautiful souls I wanna welcome you to the show it's Corey Blevins when the board members and volunteers hi Corey they should be what does today. To tell us about beautiful souls what is it. Google Talk is a wonderful. Non profit organization that was started a few years ago by only Dmitry alarmed. And our main focus is providing new shoes. Are our local homeless and low income kids in me we also. And provide emergency shall care. Former unpublished family and helped them get in Choo after a permanent helping. So we're talking with Corey Blevins today she is one of the board members and volunteers for beautiful souls won a wonderful. Nonprofit organization because of the homeless problem that we have here in our area I bet you guys should state so busy. It is overwhelming. And they. Intel you actually. Get involved and eat you know how many families are affected you apple now I yeah. Our shelters are overcrowded. And in motion much are just Laura let. Tragedy wanna medical bill one paycheck away from being in different situation actually now. When you say you volunteer. With beautiful souls what what kind of work he's doing. And and meet personally I only collect shoot unarmed from people who donated at this point is stony. And we provide cheap content to local school. Which is I'm basically have big box and she is that all frightened. That the schools can eat and an opt social work. Wherever and they see it can't do you have older machines they're aware that you would achieve tight virtue you know. Just don't feel like they can get going I can grab the air action and get back to the child in need. We also get personal request further you know family members who have. Little income and has. Children who you know are in desperate need at the collection in the world personally handle Lipper and you parachutes to those kids and a lot of times it's the first colonel. A Calvert ever owned a brand new pair of shoes and it makes hatched at different they're so happy and can you feed a competent. Skyrocket and they're learning around in comfortable. And I also hope we are. Excuse me. Are you drive and then Amelie do you have a family that we play in the hotel. Where extreme emergency shelter. We organize donations from our community. And get that deliver Taliban and while. It is so hard to believe that when you give these kids and you pair shoes it is the first time. The they're getting a new pair of shoes it's really difficult to imagine that. Well when I first started at a gentle character beautiful children what release something that I got about it will miked up. Always good fortune and asking you know they outgrow parachute or. Staying at you know. Drag them on the ground while riding their bikes and hold. I can go get down and you parachute cash and when you start looking and seeing these kids. Who are quite as fortunate. It's just the the change in maintaining. And you start thinking about how it feels when you don't look church in how comfortable you are. And it truly a distraction couldn't get it in art for them to church collects school make it hard. Let them to learn because there are actually in holes and repair uncomfortable. And they also run the risk of getting bullied from their peers because. They assured it'll art upped the standard or well any. I don't hold them in a bit in the coming EB target could be made on our. You talked about having shoe closets at some of the schools in snohomish county. What's schools where can they find the issue clauses maybe some of his listing today and thinking gosh you know like really use this kind of help. Well that's cool what. Once she knew I had to get edgy crowd couldn't all the ineptitude and the traffic the message from our FaceBook page. And really how copy. Katie. That put together she can't court I'm antech. Refill as we need it. And feel any teachers all our staff members. And networking and school think that there could be an. Good fit for them to a contract to be a private message on our faith but it can be happy to help you out. What schools already have the issues to clauses. Look physical format as long and pray and chemical peel off school construction. And hopefully scare me. Night and you also have a big goal you wanna get a small commercial space for beautiful souls tell us about that up. Our dream is to get a law commercial space that we can have a shoe store as sort Derek. Any nonprofit called quote for kids in a little school district where. Almost single and can get income in actually shot for their school quote. A group of school district can believe. I'm a little bit like could you would have a similar concept where is it can come in and I'm actually try on you can pick out the style that they would light. And you don't get kind of grab and of course you know Al low charged in them what so I Turkish. But it gives them a little bit more empowerment can pick out exactly if she if they look like to Wear. You're listening to conversations ideally with Corey Levin she's a board member and volunteer for people's souls and as you've been hearing they are local nonprofit who provides. New issues for local homeless and low income children and you also mentioned that you do provide some. Emergency shelter can you share more about that with us. We you know we can. A lot of requests. Vieira FaceBook page. And we also tried around his volunteers can we do chief Stanley cashed in standing on the corner asking for help. It began phone calls from local churches and local businesses saying hey I met. Is small with these kids and I met at gambling you can't play. They're living in their car Atlanta Nolan can stay they don't feel safe. The local and with the gambling if we'll talk with them. If they didn't meet our qualifications. Then we can put into the hotel for a short period of time. And while Denny and working with yet they can't and two and one kicking it directory housing market can international terror. And with that I had. We could not do this without the help from our community. They community. Welcome to lift out and African nation for food for clothes. For anything he formally might need. And the community can rally content together and they ring the beast donation to the hotel stay eighteen at the hotel I. Being leaked all of those donation for the toilet in the hotel. And we encourage them to meet with our family and to make a connection with and because these are real people you knock it could be. So we had. Volunteers and people again meeting come and actually. Don't get to know are homeless families and build relationships with Eminem have become actually very different slipped quite if you look. So quick out the support of our community there's no way that we can do to test how ball. So so does listening today and they're thinking. He might really like to help out Corey Blevins with beautiful souls of like to make a donation. They do that how can they get in touch with the. The best way to make it and they can't donation through our web site beautiful full dot org. And that aren't so yes like the contributions. And illegally come they're cute meet a director nation be had a hand PayPal. If you wanna donate shoes Wear except initiated and we do you have for a drop off location. In south Orange County. We have carried toy box which is located in Alton. I won't top insurance. In Alfred. Harbor quite well at the Dominic and Michael piano on the wheel and deal in Illinois it. Got it and your website is beautiful souls dot org soul spelled SO LE as like the bottom of your shoes. About your story how did you get involved with beautiful souls. I met our founder through and Dmitry learned her face that contained a mom hates. And she had actually. Started beautiful sold because. Her son Adam. If peak peak at a parakeet she to a friend there playing basketball. Different couldn't play because he shoots were taken properly. And Demetrius got in need just am. Can hurt area on her neighbor had. And we skated immediately issued fishy gesture. Reached out to a local mom's Facebook page asking if anybody had an extra parachute could donate these children. And that. First little grass or at hurt her over 800 peer to shoot the and so she could I didn't eat a good. I actually needed to complete search and got that there. Are really an organization that solely focused on providing she can't children daughter in law. And silk or pathetic aren't you looking for help and it became current with terror and actually packet volunteer. And her relationship just blocks and primary and that could be armed that your passion of mine to hop R&B opal. If you're listening and you're thinking gosh you know I'd really like to hope. You can make donations let's talk about this again where they can make the donation online and they wanna drop any issues offer they can do that Corey. They can make it get shin directly through our web site at beautiful old the word. As well he had like the artery could shoot. Aren't you want to drop off nude shoot each are asking for are at an issue. Aren't carried twenty box in open then crop insurance in ugly. Her reporting well epidemics in local you know we'll look at who deals in liquid. This is such a great organization and you don't realize. That children need to. These things that we like you said your kids have grown up fortunate enough that you've. Been in a position of their shoes get worn out you're able to go and get them a new pair of shoes but there's. Homeless children and children from low income families that things like this are necessities. And they're not getting what they need so for you to be able to provide this service and this wonderful thing to change your child's life is just. It's touching Corey. I don't think it Israeli point. Touched the hearts of so many people and our community has been so support and believe. Could not do that without them we actually beautiful children never applied or received grant money everything that we do has. IndyCar. The part of our community and their donation. And Adams. You know if you do want to donate a collection. Keep in mind that we have older kid he became excited where you know newborns are going a senior all so adult. Sites and they're needed as well as that little. It. We're talking with Corey Blevins today on conversations she's a board member and volunteer for beautiful souls if you like to donate beautiful souls dot org souls are spelled SO LE test. Beautiful souls dot org. Corey your doing great work in our community and I know you're probably a very busy lady so we thank you for taking time today to talk to us about people's. Thank you so much for having. Ideally and this is conversations.