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Tuesday, May 15th


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Welcome to conversations. I DNA police today on the show we have. I personal friends someone who I've known for many years David Wells he is the current treasurer in the past president for the Bonnie lake lions tight David thanks for being on the show today. Thank you for having me. About the Bonnie late lions. So our Bonnie like lions club who we were founded in August of 2006. Unless I'm not volunteers they're we're dedicated to serving. It ever changing needs have been greater Bonnie lake area through service. On a couple of years later good friend of mine. Her name's Carol wells greed no relation to. Oh and she started a program called the alliance for kids house which is one of our biggest programs. At that time she got me. Involved in the lion's club in its. I have been involved since. About 08. Loan trying to keep up with the rest of the club the best I can. It's not like kids growing. At a tremendous rate and it sounds like you're doing a lot of really great work there in your community of Bonny lake more specifically. David about your role with the Bonny Lee clients club. So one of the things that I've been elected to do this year is to make sure there. All of our sons our overall giving spent correctly and we're not overspending as the treasurer. And to make sure that we are coming up with some good fundraisers. To be able to support all of the different programs that we offer. Just because we want to be able to give back to our community like we were setup or are we doing in 2006. It sounds like you'll offer a lot of different types of programs let's let's about those what you got there at the Bonny Lee clients club. Well we we support a variety of programs both financially and what their personal time. On some of the programs include. The lions fishing derby for special needs children over an Auburn. We also support a regional program called hyped first. There's a lot and I glass recycling center which we should choose who work. Which are club goes around to different businesses all throughout the greater on lake area and we collect used eye glasses from those businesses and then we take him down alert. We told them the right prescription then. Only illegal arms that we didn't know what. Prescription use. And then we send them off to the sorting air rule and all those glasses. Are taken off to developing areas and remote countries west Lyons and her eye doctors. To try to give some of of those. Citizens. A better chance you know to see. We also support our local seniors that are. Senior senator provides. Low cost holiday meal every year since some of those seniors might not have a hot meal order for the senior center so our lions club we assist with serving the holiday meals. And we help setup and cleanup then we make a substantial financial donation. To offset the cost for the holiday meal for the seniors. Auburn this Saturday we had like King David. Which is part of our northwest lions foundation and its underage do we do. Threw out when we do one day a year on all over Washington and northern Idaho with all the different clubs. And the goal is to help blind children who told the Northwest League in their blatant self reliance. And we typically raise about 500 dollars at a local club each year to help support that program. And our club truly believes keeping money local. We keep the majority of our money working in the piercing King County area with only a small percentage of it lead in the area the support. Otherwise activities both regionally and nationally. And then one of our biggest programs that were always excited about is our alliance Richard's house. It's a boutique clothing bank for children in five different school districts. On that encompassing areas in and around Bonnie lake. And those children have to be on the free and reduced lunch program in order to be invited to the boutique. A lot of fun stuff happening him unlike. How do you pay for. All of these programs. So we do a variety of fundraisers. Throughout the year. We do some. Garage sales every year. People go easy on throughout the year to the alliance for kids palace west a large variety of items such as clothes. On no drop off furniture. And other similar items that they no longer have a use for that are still gullible to somebody that could be in need Obama so we can mean I don't and then about every six to twelve weeks we will hold a garage sale at two lines for kids house. Didn't sell them for as much as we get forum because we want to be able to use that money to buy it and the kids. Brand new socks brand new underwear. Personal. Hygiene items that they would need to make him a better success at school in that life. We also do. Events such as big gain those. With a program called death by chocolate every year. This year we're doing two huge fundraisers throughout the summer. Our alliance club is being given the privilege to post a beer garden our weekly concert series in the park called due to cap and we also have. Of beer garden and a program called tapped it caps December. This first time build and I think you guys are gonna be apart of the taps it tabs in the taste it taps. And these are all new events right. Correct. We have been trying to come up with new ways to earn revenue for our our. Organization. Because some people get tired of going the same old event all the time and any opportunity we can and create a new fundraising mechanism for us so we can serve that you need better. We look forward to it. And so. Last year we were able to raise. A decent amount of money for the beer garden for the first year and so we got the privilege to do it again and so we're looking for it to be even bigger event. And then our first time ever worked coordinating with the city upon you like to do a big beer tasting festival. We've got a couple of different organizations coming out to help us win. We're looking forward to being able to raise lots of money they're. Mainly support our alliance for kids house. Let's go through these because these down like a lot of fun and I want people who are listening to date to be able to attend these events. I believe you've got four including the beer tasting so let's talk about all the tune in to taps. The taps taps the taste it taps let's talk about when they are where can we find these and how can we attend. So we'd do the tunes perhaps in the city of Bonnie lake every Wednesday and I. From July and August. So our first event will be July 11. We'll have a beer garden while the city is having. Her weekly concert series called. Choose it cannot. Post concert starts about 6:30 in the evening and they run certain. Ninety minutes so we will have a beer garden up and running before that. And we'll have it running a little while after that. We have bands such as heart by heart coming. To the salute to armed forces night. So we hope to be able to raise a lot of money or the program. And then our cap hit caps. Will be on July 28. That'll be from eleven to 5 PM. And we're having a number. Food trucks come and that day such as file smallness kitchen. No we have a number of local. Breweries that are coming up such as half lion brewery. Dave has been a big supporter of the bond flick ones are in and they are willing to do whatever they can help us raise money. So the tinted tabs and the taps it tabs where are these events held where can we find as. These are going to be at Al in New York park. And those are going to be right on the shore of lake taps. Into the sky the yes you've been there a couple times and it's great to have you out. Yes now though at the other event that your gonna have there is. That taste at taps. When his badge and where exactly to be located. So the kiss the caps will run the exact same time. And they as cap app. Now we've only been bringing the kids go if they want you. And so 117. July 28. At Allen York park in Bonnie late. We also wanna talk about how people at their listening today. And there are thinking to themselves gosh you know I really love to help out the Bonnie lake lions clubs stable well sounds like a great guy and they're doing a lot of wonderful work within the community and we'd love to help the kids out. How'd they get in touch with you and how they donates. So we have eight FaceBook page that we try to keep updated. And we also have our Bonnie lake lions dot com. And on that page had. As opportunities that people can get in touch with us to either volunteer. If they're interested in becoming members. And no one of the most important features as we have a donation window on there so people can either side that you don't need a one time. Donation or they can sign up for an. Monthly or even an annual donation to come to a cause we try to serve the best we can finance we have. But every little bit help. Also Amazon has a program called smile he you can sign up at And a small percentage of every purchase will go to whatever nonprofit organization he's trying to war personally all of mine goes straight to the violent crime club. Retiree David Wells today he is the current treasurer past president of the Bonnie lake alliance club there and Bonnie Lincoln. They have some really great things coming up this summer that you should check out there Alley New York park it's family friendly. We also mentioned the beer tasting that you have going on is at a separate event from the taps it taps. So capped at caps will be the beer tasting. We are working list five local brewery is one of what you decider green. That we'll have to disagree. Samples for each of their products. So we're getting pretty excited and people can sign up for that I have the bunny lake lions. Dot com web site and you can purchase your ticket there. How much the tickets David. They are currently 25 dollars you get five samples they pastry cup there's going to be free music going all day. And if you happen to. Know one of the local breweries which we will be listening shortly. They will probably even have a discount code located on their social media. This is conversations ever talk you read David Wells today he's the treasurer for the Bonnie lake lions clubs and great events coming up this summer to help the organization you can find out more. On your FaceBook page Bonnie lake lions club and also. Online at Bonnie lake lions. Dot com David I know your busy guy down there helping raise money in those kids for helping the kids in your community so we appreciate you taking time to talk to us. Thank you very much for the opportunity we look forward to hearing from all your listeners a look forward to seeing you this summer Dowdell and your part. Ideally and this conversation.