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Friday, September 14th


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Welcome to conversations I mean host Greg Thomas that's thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment. Is doctor Jamie Reynolds is the author of world class smiles made in Detroit and a lecturing orthodontist good morning sir good morning. Absolutely pleasure join us as we look at the issues affect us here at home and our region and across the nation ought to apologize to doctor Jamie but one of the things people enjoy doing lowliest it would seem is visiting lead then tennis. And as many children experience a costly uncomfortable couple years of braces can follow. Those things that needs to be done though for oral health and sometimes for maybe even vanity reasons. What options get pricey belt from another some people participating in the terrifying solution. Turning to the Internet for DIY methods of straightening teeth. The doctor Jamie. What was your initial reaction when you heard that people were creating their own Greece's out of things like rubber bands and Bobby pence. You. Fear I guess maybe it that first word that came to mind. I'm concerned. You know median ahead at the cool thing and you know all of us including the use it all the time per great resource for information but. It is integrated resource just think that Philip not there's also a lot of misinformation out there and anyone with a YouTube channel or FaceBook creation. Can discredit him permission that. You know many people believe. Other people they hear on the Internet more than they believe you know doctors are turning to professional because. And so on would get an update or else became a lot of people. In teaching other people ought to have a decent to movement. Move I can imagine learning how to hang out. Picture on most starters in the north on your wall is one thing when you talk about adjusting to human body the stakes are a little higher. They are you know and and India knows some of the principles viable things like Horton on its hourly worker are reasonably simple. And any kind of what you don't know that. Quality. Concern. For example the most common thing that we see people try to do is close a gap between the two front seat. So there's all kinds of videos on the and that that'll really cute. It's something I'll have to put the rubber band air or something like that and and tied around your two countries and leave it there. We just find that you know reasonably similar to what we do. Amber what happens is when you go to sleep a little rubber band can make their way up underneath your gum line and the person he's doing it. They think it is it is that they fell out what they were sleeping to them and actually put another woman. Same thing happened again an increase in Mosul rubber bands work their way are not up on the into compliance where you wanted to extracting it gives plenty. Some it happened but that certainly on the one Berisha said. He's on Good Morning America a couple of weeks ago that. And are sort of gather that app would actually. 25 years ago and custom you know forty or 50000 dollar to pick everything different from what we've been normal again so. Look at that what you don't know that it's the hard part. I guess the way that Barack teeth alignment and north of onyx and particular character changed I think about being a kid and it was mainly. Just braces in the and they and other kids being teased for whatever that was but now there's a hold. A range of different procedures and different things can happen how does that change the perception of people with braces. Change it done in fact. There's a doctor but your neck that was from Spokane Washington the government collect payment. We changed the profession as much as anyone so. Back in the eighties. And an earlier than that when you have a strange he felt sick either 65% of the all people culture Britons would get people. Nor to make it peace straight. And so doctor Damon has been a big guy isn't that the bracket with them which we use them. And not hit quote did not take you don't have anybody at the we've reduced. The amount extraction could go on what treatment and offers a weapon 1% down from 65% mark you were. When we were kids. And so having to eat out you don't need to do that anymore apparatus which is kinda used to be there's also a lot of the static option clear braces there's into the line now. The period of clear plastic trays that constrict UTE coli outbreak is literally that's better. And there's also a bunch of ways including breakthrough technology and the ways the mobbed by the human physiology stately. That can make key move faster than that you can get treatment done faster more comfortably more efficient. I refer to the Internet from a about a year ago or so I saw a gentleman who was a college student that you couldn't afford to do braces and so. He did the research from the college library and started 3-D printing it his own braces to make the different steps. Happen but just terrifying when used in the wrong hands I would hate to say is it possible. That he would get it right but by quickest of the dangers there. Sure ground being lucky he managed to do you think pretty well you know. And so there's there's two things that the article didn't discuss yet you know what they're days. They suggest that he kind of did it in the garage you know but he also was doing it with hundreds and hundreds of thousand dollars and very sophisticated equipment. Don't think like scanners and software and three different cures. That are available most people don't have a garage. The second thing it's very clear a lot of companies sell their likened those lines hold patents. All of these. Vapid and things that do and so. You know doing in your garage venture of the line thought was cute but I wouldn't be surprised if their attorneys that conversations with this young man's welfare that's why this curriculum you you know. Doing it for yourself and find it stopped there'll still be allowed our attorneys they're billion dollar companies so. There's many think they can go along what that's news for example you don't capture all that he'd been leave one on the back he out of the clear trade that people over grow itself and then. Really message here by 81 of these distractions root canal struck surgeries that have had a reminder because they're so. You know although there are people out there like this guy who's been skated in and Raikkonen got a bit lucky that nothing bad happened. The key. And in any health care procedure we're changing things and human bodies that have someone who's educated and trained to monitor progress. Chart. Will. You know I think it will I think all of health care is going to be changing the future. Up startled and things like contact lenses. They can get 1800 contacts seeded after the DR Doctor Murray can get collapses that way. There's not company called the smile direct quote which woke unclear trades directly to your house. Because they don't have things like the doctor or you know the doctor's office certain doctors back involved and they can do it. Significantly cheaper. To one doctor's office would do. But. You know there's also no one monitoring your progress since there's many things that go along and still thousands of dollars that you pay for the apple tree the I would expect some mayor and other you'll be able to get some diagnosis of blood sugar or cholesterol levels from your own. Them and that eliminate some procedures that happening doctor that. You know as those happen that's also going to be consequences of what we don't know we don't know how the procedure work and I'll be real people who spend real money and market as well we're looking for. Doctor Jamie Reynolds is our guest today he's an orthodontist and here to answer your questions about the racists and the dangers of trying to do it on your own. The open you're talking a minute ago about it you're sacrificing overhead costs in order to bring down prices. Are we seeing the prices are coming down at all or have they can continue to grow as part of our healthcare industry. You know you've been in north economic braces. In the United States. Typically cost between five and 7000 dollars they cost that much basically since the eighties you know when I was a kid I think I turn it over ourselves and also person. The difference is that everything else we've got more than it is to be able by car back then took up golf balls. So you can't do that anymore. But what happened is that there's efficiencies that happened that allowed in or about to keep their prices. The pain and be more patient and I profitability is our look how well a lot of work a lot of our system they now are much more sophisticated so we have the ability to leave and people peek into the computer and custom make all their braces for them so every two had been mathematically perfect. Well braced to move from point a to point B. Or a couple of clear liner to do that and then those technologies are significantly more expensive expensive in the britches of yesteryear are so. Ought to be orthodox in order to provide the highest all the high tech treatment includes. Perfect example of why not to try this is from an Internet video they're watching her from any idea what you do comic goodness. Up how do you see in the future the automation. Of this type of procedure going to blow into robots are stepping into our world and the different ai systems a bit obviously that you'll see your industry utilizing. Sure Martin the first step in that it's happening now where treatment is going from one side the ball approaches customized approach. So they can get things like that McKenna she's made now and so. Clear liners you could have made better cup until they are only for you won't work freer you can have digital breakthroughs that are customized then. And made only for you especially in the break its. Segment there's a handful of doctors that are really have adopted this technology. Many. And it will might think they're cute little expensive and supplement their technology Garland had to try to come down technologies. More more people begin adopting indicate you can do treatment he could take two years and in in a year or less than it is. Do you foresee getting to the point where will be able to go to our everything in one shall stores where you can get the discounted glasses or contacts are being able to do and asked. Except when the sale. Maybe I think we're a ways away from that you know. There's the human body is very actually then especially the mile. And and people are really different they're missing teeth they've been lower by thunder by BP multi. In in order to get. A night's result repeatedly across them a wide number of people you really couldn't have a why breath of knowledge and that only happens whether. Intent studied over a period of many many years so at least in my opinion for the foreseeable future and or cannot also be involved in the treatment. It'll become more widely available but I don't I don't see the orthodontist being taken out of the equation any point in the near future. Overall time is coming down expense is not really growing as other things get more expensive and getting it done correctly upfront is always going to trump what you have to go back and redo later in the future. Exactly and and many many opposite you know we understand and it's an investment for people to do or economics and so most doctors. Today will be very what the rule the terms and so. It's. People will be able to focused on the affordability treatment so. You know monthly payment down payments that come down dramatically. And many officers that help people. Get the treatment that they need and make it affordable for the budget. Doctor Jaime working we find doctor Jamie Reynolds looks as we work we find out more about the work we've been talked about today. Church you can visit that they are consumer website trying to answer some of these questions more of a blog can so some articles are written information in my book it's called apt doctor Reynolds dot com. I asked doctor Reynolds dot com. Yet and so are you lie in Columbia. Excellent so we have questions we have after hearing this we can go to ask doctor Reynolds dot com to find out more doctor. It's been my pleasure and not. Mr. and mrs. we are listening their their parents that my remains from animal welfare and health Washington. One batter them. An excellent. He did thank you for joining me conversations and public affairs program of this station.