Conversations with Seattle King County Clinic 091618

Friday, September 14th


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Welcome to conversation that I'm your host greater thanks for spending some time with the students weekend wanted to talk to you today Elena take the time to make you aware of the Seattle King County clinic taking place this coming week tunis is with a at the issues that affect us here at home and our community. And across the nation our country is an interest in one compared to many other western nations where the citizens don't all have the socialist medical care and what we do have this complex expensive hyper politicized I'm not here today to argue the merits of our overly complicated nature of our system today and said today the bullet should know about you really clinic that takes place a little earlier this year at the Seattle center where people who need basic medical maintenance and attention can get it for free perhaps that you were someone you know the Seattle King County clinics starts. Thursday that's the twentieth here in just a few days and runs through Sunday the 23 to first come first served system. For general health dental and vision care put on by volunteers who were worried about our community's overall well being it is a long affair as well. And you have to do a few things to be old be involved but it's all pretty straightforward and won't address that all here it's Seattle King County clinic in its coming back for its fifty year. It's Key Arena at Seattle center with free dental. Medical and I care services for those who struggle to have access or afford health care. As a lot of people we know that are skipping out on that because it's too expensive for the acute because they don't have a cover people that you probably. Even work with that you're unaware of it's happening again Thursday through Sunday of this week it's a one month earlier than previous years and I can only guess that's because they're about to read model Key Arena and they wanna make sure to give them before that happens and since Kyrie arena's gonna remodeled over the course of a couple of years one of the Babel was still hosted there are so maybe this is the year you need to jump on it to make sure you get this type of coverage. Now before before maybe your options are more limited it's the largest event of its kind in the state of Washington the Seattle King County clinic brings together over 100 health care organizations. Civic agencies nonprofit entities private businesses and thousands of volunteers that's who makes this all worked. To help underserved and vulnerable populations of the gulf. A helping 4000. People over the four day period maybe you'll be one of them. Over the past four years the clinic has cared for. Almost just just shy of 121000 patients and provided fourteen million dollars in services. In four years how. We're hearing from the community the people of all backgrounds and circumstances have to make choices between housing food and healthcare says Seattle King County clinic director Julia Colson amid the current affordability crisis in our region the clinic provides needed support now more than ever. Statistics from previous years shows that many patients who come to the clinic do not have health insurance it's almost 50% at 49 there are unemployed 34% of the people. And more than 60%. Or acts or below. 200%. Of the federal poverty level. Lot of numbers it's just say that people were underserved have a chance to come take advantage that come from all over the region represented. 262. Unique zip codes and speaking. This is mine blew like 51. Primary languages. Patients or parents and children. Older leave veterans immigrants refugees. People living homeless something we've seen so much more over the last several years. And a large part wage earners who struggle with the high cost of living. I think all of us at some point has taken a second to big man things are expensive now. If you have a little bit of buffer to absorb that that's one thing but if you don't. This could be the perfect opportunity to help not be broken by the cost of health care as one patient last year stated we are the working pour and the financial burden of medical care in America is prohibitive even for those of us working full time with very basic health insurance. There are services. I need that I can't afford. Sad to hear that it's really can be a bit heartbreaking so here's the Seattle King County clinic works again this is free healthcare opportunities starting Thursday and running through Sunday. From dental. To vision to just general medical maintenance that you might need to take care of client. Susie clinic patients receive trip treatment on a first come first serve basis. Patients may park free of charge at two Seattle center facilities first avenue north and the Mercer street parking garage on each day of the clinic. A giant heated tent. On the roof of Fisher pavilion at Seattle center located at the corner a second avenue and Thomas street. Serves as the ticket waiting and distribution area. Organizers distribute free admission tickets for the day. That's starts at 5 AM and tickets are limited to the can only see so many patients every day so again to first come first served basis we'll have a heat intensity can stay warm and dry doors to Key Arena open at 6:30 in the morning and patients are admitted by ticket number. Into the clinic patients register as they enter. You do not need to show identification or proof of immigration status of its purely voluntary basis that this medical. Services being offered and they're not making you proven to him that services are not limited to residents of Seattle and King County seat can come from wherever to get this taken to future. A bit problems taking care parent no limitations to what they can do because things like a cat skin can't be performed at Key Arena but a lot of other stuff like just having your teeth with dad and clean hand inside Key Arena all procedures and services are provided free of charge. And interpretation services are available for those who need them so we talked about 51. Different primary languages are spoken at this event and they don't have as many. Interpreted services as possible for the people who need them. Patients cannot receive both dental and eye care into one day you can return to the clinic on other days for additional services. It's expected that Saturday and Sunday of the four day period coming up here this week. Will be heavier traffic furthest because people who do work like a Monday through Friday job might not be able to attend on Thursday or Friday so he need. Two of these may be could do one during the week and one on the weekend to help. Lessen the burden of having to stand the whole time and away and wait to get in at this early time today. Seattle King County clinic transforms. The form and function of Key Arena it's not a venue for rock concerts are to see the Seattle storm lead their way to another championship. They have a licensed health care professionals that have taken over the floor on the hallways and all the different parts of Key Arena to make this possible there's tons of general support volunteers. Our staff did and they donate their time and expertise to all make this happen. Patients receive real and in many insisted instances extensive care including dental fillings and extra actions. I examinations. Basic physicals. Behavioral health care and social work prescription eyeglasses. You can future immunizations. Updated. The laboratory testing is gonna happen mammograms so important Alter sounds an X rays. And so much more. You can find out exactly what's available what's not there's more information available at. Seattle center dot ORG. Slash patients. A Seattle center dot ORG. Slash patients if you're just joining us thanks so much for joining us your conversations. The Seattle King County clinic is coming up this week Thursday through Sunday. It's a chance to get free medical dental and vision care over the course of four days for people who might not otherwise be able to afford it or don't have. Basic health insurance or the ability to get in to see someone normally. It's all made possible through thousands of donated work hours as well as cash and in kind contributions. I mean the communities helping make this possible. Either from the expertise of the individuals or from donations from companies or interest of organizations. Donations are accepted at Seattle center dot ORG to help make it possible as well. Healthcare professionals in general support volunteers may sign up for a variety of work shifts through an online registration system at Seattle center dot ORG slash volunteers. Seattle King County clinic is a beacon of caring and generosity says Christine Enqvist is the executive director of Washington health care access alliance it provides immediate dental vision and medical care and connects patients to resources beyond the clinical walls also raises awareness about who is left out of the current health care system. And demonstrates that good we can accomplish when we worked together as their first partners to serve others. And effect change you could instantly learn more right now about the Seattle King County clinic by just going to Seattle center dot ORG. And it's slash. Best case seed clinic at Seattle King County as Casey. Clinic so Seattle center dot ORG slash ask Casey clinic or by calling 206. 6847200. Again that number is 206684. 7200. I will repeat that number at the end of the show as well. As a patient just to recap. Everyone is welcome you don't need to show an ID or proof of immigration status or even that you live in Seattle or King County everyone is welcome the clinics are people. In need who struggle to access and or afford health care the admission tickets are distributed at 5 AM in the tent on Fisher pavilion at Seattle center and again that's the corner of second avenue north. And Thomas streets there's no advance registration so it's all first come first served. Highest demand for tickets will be on Saturday and Sunday they're saying the Seattle King County clinic is saying Saturday and Sunday. Will there be the busiest interpreter will be available there will be free parking in two locations the first avenue garage that's 221 avenue north or the Mercer street garage 653. Avenue plus is great bus service that leads right there come prepared for a long day you'll be food comfortable clothing and any daily medications you might take as you could be waiting for a long time ago at the free service. All the services are free but you might be waiting to be seen throughout the day see my needs to carry yourself from that way. Fillings extraction X rays deep cleaning all included in dental care vision screenings complete eye exams reading glasses and prescription eyeglasses. You'll bring our current eyeglass prescription older than a year to skip the examined just get our class is also not cool and the for medical. They'll be physical exams pap smears X rays EKG's mammograms ultrasound foot care wound care. Select lab test behavioral health immunization and acupuncture and natural path picking chiropractic care physical therapy consultation. Nutrition and pharmacy counter counseling skews meat skin cancer screening and a little bit more. And can get a ticket in the tent the official pavilion at Seattle center the tent opens each day at 12:38. Am. You can find out more Seattle center dot org she slash patients. For a map and details the tickets will be distributed to 5 in the morning. And then the doors to Key Arena open at 630. Here's your big chance specifically if you can't afford that you don't have benefits that allow fort for you to get seen for some basic medical vision and dental problems. It's a super cool event and we're lucky to have all these great volunteers that are helping out you can go to Seattle center dot ORG slush volunteers to find out more about how you can help. Or Seattle center dot orgy slash patients if you need more information in general it's the Seattle King County clinic in you can learn more at Seattle center dot ORG slash SK CE clinic. Or by calling 2066847200. That's 2066847200. I have to give a huge state Q2 Joseph Hammel from the Seattle center will we get all this information together today so happy to be able to help raise awareness about getting some medical care for people who might otherwise not be able to please spread the word. Again the phone number 2066847200. Or Seattle center dot ORG slash ask Casey plan. Thanks so much for listening to conversations a public affairs both. Programs of this station.