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Tuesday, May 15th


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Welcome to conversations idea Italy today we're. Really happy to have Kathy O'Hara with us she is the president of the twin lakes youth camp high Cassie has a gallon. That's gone wonderful thank you so much for having me. We're excited to talk about twin lakes youth camp today first of all. Tell us where this located. We are actually located I have on out dirt that can check charity but it especially. Considered to be Belcher Macon county. Okay. And it is twin lakes youth camp. Well I'm very camp originally. Started act in 1966. And that the chime in blood and. Four H can. Andy and 2018. Are Washington think you know hurt he had to economic grapes. He cited cute relinquish. The deed to pull out back. Are over. Spews the original owners which just cook and Cowell and it's because they can't we needed a major capital recruitment it done on at an addiction. You know really shocked that they didn't have determined that energy each year. Dedicate see something like act in the group of that have been involved in the camp I've been involved in the gaps since about 1971. And I. What camper out there of action counselor touched you know waterfront director. Pushed I went to camp coordinator and much recently Mike bull has banned are at the environmentalists are you out. Working with kids are pushed in on our metal. Can teaching him you don't plan idea it's just like matched anywhere towards a group that about Chan volunteers and that's one thing that I pitched like you mentioned about. Our nonprofit is huge completely volunteer driven. And show any donations that we Kristi Ernie Andre can we air go to hackers that in Chu of the camp itself in the camp program trying to wait we took on. It's working. She looks. You know create a nonprofit which we get each. And you know reading our Bible. Yeah. And all the things that are required each in creating a nonprofit he had the arm ended up yen. January 26 mean. Officially kicking old bird. Derek. Good stewardship. The the Tampa landed. And so we are currently each. Not running camper right now because. Over the last you know three years the predominately what we had been doing is China are seeking showed that we can. Yeah you know do the capital improvements that need to take place you right now we are. You know pretty yet are you skeptics who concur short she captain and after a gap will be etched in arm a new water system should hear their twelfth. Touched and that actually you know as you all know. Several Al got a thousand and thousands at all or interruptions you know we are argued constantly teach you know working toward on improving that the campgrounds are so attached. You know art art school age is that by 2019 or twenty. She starts happening can't sessions up there. Still a little bit about the can't get out here erected near rock in the sense that it is it diet it doesn't have. Captain that's like that you know when you can't pretend like you can't you know you're sleeping in March. You're digging a little trenchant addiction around to protect just got and the rain you know there that. There's a main kitchen area where to eat a meal to your four year. But and it can very rustic. Setting. They're he had obviously which they translate there are curing extra Turkey it Chitwood the property. And the kids learn skills you know we keep an alien movie you know we each went left and into effect honey you know we have like 136 mile. A walk for. Ali around Kitchener where potential action and so. It's. Things like why are still looking like at her you know really fundamental to lurched in an area like Jack. But we also have archery beach thinking crap and you know a lot of our crap that we do works. There eight environmental. Need. Kearney and try to teach kids to buy a cattle ranch and a variety in like that but one of them really off control. That now that we're an independent. You camp will doubled open art course we are currently each are partnering with the Boy Scouts here in Japan account each. We look forward to working with Girl Scouts and other such huge groups throughout the county and outside of our county we've been contacted. Trump's take it outside ever Kenny because cancer being closed down all of that it washed generally a crack in actually. Because the testicle trend in energy and managing a ranch and show we have a very unique caddie this year and we got that out. Standing group of volunteers pitched better Jerry committed. All of us like myself you know what Tampa she said other have. Their children and gone to camp but they're very dedicated crew opened we stand beached in a countless volunteer hours throughout the year. You know we have as Eddie. Jenner that we do without auction and hand out silent auction that. We put on every year it's one of our our major sundry churned out she ends in March and we had other events that we cue it up throughout the year. We're talking wed Casio hair as she is the president of the twin lakes youth camp now this is based data Kitsap county. More specifically in bail players of your listening today the camp has been around for a really long time and and you might have heard and chassis Mitch and that she's been involved with the camp in one way or another since 1971 beginning is a camper herself and now. As the president of the board of the twin lakes youth camp. And it's interesting you talk about the story that evolution of the camp it's done so much great work for these kids in your community that the right now. You're in a transition area period where. You're looking for donations so that you can get the septic tank project done the water system updated. And if somebody's listening today Cassie in their thinking gosh you know I'd really like to help out those kids. In bell fare in Kitsap county how to date. Go about that how do you reaching let's say they wanna make a donation right now what are they deal. What they can expand and we have appeal parked it at healed our Q8 chick short Gilbert L Washington. 98383. And they are certainly. Welcome choose contact catch. Riot Saturday can contacted by the what is the matter is six feet 04716990. You can contact Casio here or she is the president of the twin lakes youth camp that number. Is 3604716990. You can also. A centered donations to the PO box 286. Or so over to a Washington 983. 83. And yeah I would be wonder yeah that's what we're doing here today you wanna get people motivated so they can help out the twin lakes youth camp because it sounds like you do so many wonderful things there. They can't sounds like a lot of fine because it's so Wes stake your your sleeping intense you're digging trenches because of the rain I mean truly a full environmental camping experience for the kids they not only learn how to camp. They learn about the land that they're camping on its and want to be able to help you get back up and running if someone wants to volunteer to be a part of the twin lakes youth camp how they do that. Actually came later and give us a call or we are always looking for volunteers you know lived up. The boy captive for example in Kitsap county each you know they turn out and I'll volunteer at a speaking out all the try inched. You know eagle scouts are doing projects out there. Touch. We we do not turn volunteer who say you know we're college your speech group pitched and former. No we aren't you know eager to encourage anybody wanting to put the time and energy in it and you know one of the king cheetah I'd like mentioning and I talked about you know from the depths that craft and asking that we do is get. You know we eat have a strong belief from the recycle reuse can reduce the Arab mentality and heard some of the things that we won't. Helped teach kids about you know I'm. We also believed to chat you know you'd development start with you a handgun beer and creating leadership skills and things like crack troops. Participating. And I ache you know and learning responsibility you can think like action. The traditional camp the kids were broken up into color groups and they architecture responsibility. They would go around and do. A certain activities that they'll have a responsibility like you know washing dishes cleaning cable pinch and things like chat so I can't tell you how many. Time. Parents can come up to me after their kid in the candy just a week out there are explored each and talk to me about. How much more responsible they'll worry get in the homes homes shedding you know notes and things like that and yet. Eric rich arrogant bring your heart and impact the positive impact on chickens in a week you know went over the years you know I touch we've got people that have you know gone there and yet our campuses today your lawyer groups teachers are archaeologists. And nurses and things like that you know I have sort kids it's actually coached kids with Cheney that my unfortunate truth that. That can't church gumption you know one of my daughters actually both my daughter anger searched you know and one of them has shed you know you do you have here. And your stock gaps she'll come out volunteered her time because that meant that much to her growing up. You can beat air and chew you know participate work that you can't. We're talking wet gas Leo Harris she is the president of the twin lakes youth camp now. Right now they're closed down for some very important improvements like the septic tank project there installing and updating the water system at the camp. And so they are really. In desperate need of donations right now so they can complete those projects and hit their goal of reopening. In 20192020. Self. Before we let you go today Cassie let's remind people. How they can get in touch with you let's give them that PO box let's give them your phone number so of their listening and thinking I really wanna help out here's how they can do it. Well certainly keyed campaign shut she'll bark. Q8. Chick for children Gail Washington. 98383. Are you can contact me at three fixed at 0471. She's 99. Pure. And let me to take personally think you we are nonprofit and so are donations. They are in a tax deductible. And a 100% of them stay local they go to the camp. This is impressive work that you do and you could tell me your heart in your soul is and it's and I know there's someone listening right now the wants to reach out and help sell. Again they can do that PO box 286 force overdue Washington 983830. Work. We reached Casio Harris she's the president of the twin lakes youth camp at 3604716990. Jesse I know you're busy lady organized to get back to it thank you so much for taking time to talk to us today. And thinking so much for allowing it to get her magic out. Well we love tab via its Casio here the president reach out twin lakes youth camp. I.